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Thursday, February 8th

Profile This, TV Time with Ted and Headlines!


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This is dumb men's room. I'm listening to. It's almost day by color 9844999. Hole play profile us in minutes. Better headlines only one hour from now firstly check into my cock for some of the stories and headlines he is not working out all right Starbucks is heading into cherry mocha drink to its menu for a short time. Girardi moat cherry mocha Jerry mocha. To his beloved Gerry I'm not a fan of the chairs Jericho Lou Jerry mocha knowledge of their own thing Nigeria a late smoke I just a moment we're just gonna call for. Yet in chocolate and Paul did that entity be it to be like a chocolate chip equipment case. And I MIU got me I thought that some terrible but I do love the chocolate covered chair. And one half drawing. Dead to me it's a little bit different and others did. The bitterness some of copy I don't want anything that sweetness. She let I think that's elect now and I realized and you're not a bad bad guys act act. Edit you out involved says good news German business folks may be as a kid from Georgia named Lucas and is the first time they've ever had a girl or baby with Down syndrome. Are you supposed maybe we can't speak. You could be a drool baby with the could have made that no person and Gerber baby never talked and how they wait it out through his line is giggle. I'm not the sort of irreverent. And feel free to spend up sleepy you know such as of may be spending our our right for some new do sweet potatoes. Nice of it is. We'll Graham all the baby foods did you not simply all the sweet. We don't hate our kids let's not do now I do like peas I can't honestly be so. It just the consistency where I'll like death. For me that's great aren't they are in the food did the basically baby yeah but brilliant food as I could put him off so I don't mind if I'm races to like you know like sometimes trauma that. Alec a let's watch Barack squash soup for some of my dad I think it's fantastic there's something called the Golden Retriever Hague challenges trending online don't do that they'll put an egg in your dog's mouth. Well thanks for getaway miles well I know exactly what a world are right when I got blood segment of the day whereas you put that Baghdad. I had a hot and Dallas. It's nothing that's going to hold on a damn thing about advanced. What do you do completed the dogs now yes a basically gave you see if your dog and hold an eight units mouth without cracking at the but the real fun part is trying to get back out of the mouth that. Without breaking it or not on the shelves if he does break of the go to his mouth and Islam is dog dog enjoyed this my dog did it. I'm sorry let me preface that by saying she got into the garbage and loved egg shells are okay she loved egg shells from. We've always I don't know if that's doesn't sound like to be really good for the intestinal tract yeah crunch it up Rogen okay to protein in the car morals are just regular no regular race. I figured it so than the crunch is just drill holes doorways like methods they never stopped chewing. Do you don't like dude you have not even for an hour why are you still chewing at I would I would be concerned the gold or cheer how much right now I just looked shocked. And it was not afraid of his particular struggle to get it in their needs that aren't as very good mama. Bureau does this you know. A group of backpackers and Australia or traveling in a van painted like the stupid and S three machine got trapped in floodwaters. God. Always there and again. Kinda pesky kids it. How much we they find out about it if you keep it that final those who respect from new Leah. The mystery machine around rob McCall nose guard you're just asking to be pulled over the other thing. Really adds I don't get was the man has vowed to don't think we'd listed as mystery machine even Alicia are your cup someone drives by the general Lee and Dukes of Hazzard beautiful car over to see what looks like it check it out. Now see I'm a bad job that I would. Ultimately got to listen I like neighborhood if I'm in the mood to mobilize and driving someone got to go back we gonna get a minute ceremony both lofty and I are out of the neighborhood new drive the general Lee for black remembered as the enemy GPU to have the original Bo and Luke duke in the car that was there would be improper it would be a problem. It's daisy in the car. Yes let's abrupt. But I. Well I think she would be okay mind if we dance related to pick up our. Act I think there's only one lady. The world's biggest broads up for sale on eBay it's about a hundred feet wide. 100 feet wide some emitted jurors or raise awareness for breast cancer back in 2000 Arafat the chick who has really see your prom I was a little Little Rock fall off while I'm not demand. Are Lloyd you know no thank you I'd. I'm flattered if I'm creeped out though don't we have a list that has a buddy name boobs. Yeah we do and the dude perfect yes definitely sabathia. I think you call somebody who it's just really gas via. The group's. If you have you called someone boobs hopefully it's a guy that is or sometimes they just have to be that ridiculous trade goals and loops. Well I think I'm thinking of a group of people I know in my. They're all attractive and I don't have moved to a similar figures and the support for the just one girl particularly if they're all like hey man you. The first thing that I think they have to be back into the sky around. Speaking of breast cancer that a new study found that an amino acid in a spared you this might help breast cancer spread. Spread of yes hot. That was not brother that was gone I asteroid your veggies like you and tell everybody Morris various injuries or lied to bring a lot of those that are. I was on my meat. Provide more tolerable vegetables were more a bit about breast related it is the hash tag. Sagging boobs manner has been trending stuff on the media why wise and health. Man I'm now working on an island off organize. Sag he moves man sagging boobs matter to me and they do. They certainly do have this quarter what happened that they they need at the moment. And I'll make it. Because deadlock in Philadelphia's win at all I didn't I didn't find anything bit lately that has put in sag units like hash tags and you move move through movement. Voted to think I was OK okay you know why not in there. Mrs. true your your miles and I we did just kind of quads I eight. Once a week kind of sports over the woman that we work with and you know we let it get people make me. But I just couldn't do that she was nice Jewish friend made it's a tough but her name was Maggie licks. And I mean every time a sore and you did was they get you some nice but you know the juveniles like Maggie lives says that. And I never said it and I never set now the bar wants it. If 48 year old woman at a hotel in Florida was arrested after he got into a fight with a boyfriend. And we're pleased and Jefferson she can grab her stuff just trying to still the batted for her hotel room puffed. Someone who walked past the bad news from your hotel or getting arrested and your Clinton mania is acting up if you want the bat Morley you've just say he used condom on the track I. We. This is more concentrated. Yet you know like you got a good point. And a lot of people that have stolen sheets for floats Ellen just cringed a little bit. Well it's good that I do not the only person who slept at those establishing dispute with touts. More than extra blanket that they have the club. That's good like I always forget about him as a please please don't do that. Others that type of crayfish that a different parts of the world at the mutating so females don't need mailed to procreate well good because of maybe he'll stay alive. In the pros they go after something like come on and if I'm on it. Texas and Larry I brought him yet really a woman outside of the church in South Carolina shock people when she ripped out her. Own eyeball car. Oh no. No that is shocking view I don't cheer now do or jockey gas that is the shocking thing why oh why why did you time this had. It. Drugs. Out of it. Amended Alabama zagged his roommate after he ruined a box of his favorite cereal foes that uphill battle and are now thank you might not get my darkened and a one hour from now first the good news the Kris. Struggled to please everyone how profile this is playing I don't Dan miles it's a simple game where we share with you a real life story. Something that happened right here. I'm planning a world. Our current and they do listen to the story based on stereotypes you believed to be true of people and the decisions that people make. We'll ask you what it is you think Mason story a story. Hello Tom welcome to the management and all the. And it's. Thomas and army understand officer Davis play. Fourth idea fantastic. First are gonna save you the trouble of actually do going how long can you go about who we've done this sort. Now the question the sort of come off after reading about a bizarre case. Or police horrible for calling who watch and actually tweeting about. This is after a suspected drug deal is believed to have drugs hidden inside of his body. Has now Oklahoma 21 days. Without whom he simply. Refuses to boot while his goes 21 there's been three weeks. The toward a four year old was arrested on January 17 he's been under supervision since then the department's operation raptor team that's team and arrest them. And remember Riley updates on Twitter right. Daytona want three weeks far ma'am I'm group watched a little movements no items report. He will remain with close until Friday when we're bad people or animals see we can request holding him another eight days. So those guys playing as an MacArthur out to go back to court to ask for more time to hold on he's open he can hold out. Long enough where they don't get the grants he gets to go home with them when and whether keep in mind. Now last Friday they tweeted that the man is being watched by doctors and otherwise he's and find how he's at the time. They decided to keep the public informed of the men's bowel movements in an effort to quash any illusions that drug dealing as glamorous. The man reportedly has a couple of days away with murder of police believe is the record. For a suspect now blueprint which by the way is 23 days and that's part of the result in his hybrid surrendered to Obama releases smiles when anyway. Do you believe that this guy who's not Cooper three weeks trying to hide his grosans out of himself is black white Nike or Asia. I personally all do we know that type of drive. I do not know decide the drugs are just as drug dealer they believe he swallowed a monitor and arrest them indiscriminate. Three weeks as him refusing to boot from. Okay I'm gonna need a little at third of guys that on the. On. I within three weeks three weeks he has improved now as a visitor might be 22. And they picked him up on a drug deal. But the mom on drug charges Italy's suspected drug dealer David Levy and he had his contraband my swallowing it. He has refused to be remembered not just there for three weeks. I mean honestly. I'm leaning black for this reason somebody who was unfortunately spent a couple of days in jail. Sometimes some of the Brothers just don't speak. McDonald's beat anybody you can ask hundred questions you can catch him literally selling the drugs no that Ireland drug that is the yeah if so much the MVP his religious. Committed to the call and he is not who. I'm gonna guess I I would guess I'm gonna guess Asian. Well that you feel very strongly about black. You know now I'm a 50% at best that was him that's good can come up with. I looked all right final answer all right I'm gonna find out whose black white makes the or Asian next. That was fatigued you are listening to the men's or radio network yeah. True it's just silly. Please man has done drugs on them specifically they believe that either ingested them or had them stash up in his rectum. Well I tell them they figured they just wait and see what you produce and then wait too much and they waited they waited they waited and in three weeks later there. Still no outcome as far as we know is just not done momma the record for a prisoner holding their school is 23 days. So part of that part of a compliment Phillies beat the record. I Wentworth retirement in the way this guy refuses group and we ask you do you believe the discovered black white makes your Asian. Marlins. Bayesian. Edwin black and not someone. Total black. It's too late I artisan light environment to look out I thought it now I don't know what's left on idol and their parents I can't go back to the test the defense. Consume more right. I'm normally do. Amazing. People guess all combination of garments draw different reasons my favorite so I'm just does an agent goes as it would person believe that would have the discipline depth. Pull that off off off. Now brought David a Soledad Sabatini tab details and how. Time to countless hours in front of a talking. It presents. It's a David Letterman hosts that lately chill for years and or the late show. Crash until late late show that comes on after him. You remember he started out it coming on later in the night after Johnny Carson in the news or CBS you know David Letterman right he's worked forever. He's gonna retire. He's got in the bush I think is it a his name should go well beyond Netflix will be called my eight my next guest needs no introduction. All right so they put out a little preview for it is just a small snippet of it but it's kind of funny if it David Letterman who's a massive massive TV personality. And George Clooney. Who's arguably one of the most famous movie stars in the world short but just couple guys eat burgers. The guys though from pocono I thought about six or you'll restaurant I am at the restaurant yet look what your way to the truck is Travis Travis places they are gravity. I was actually what is that is that have a thick chocolate milk shake cause they say it again. And and she didn't dig down to give again gratuity. Fiction epic. I've even if you have full clip over them interface a page I think just go watch it it's just surreal that it just Clooney and Letterman sit outside of it in and out in California. Just talking burgers Fries and added when the film group. Well. Correct miles your right out of the rather but it. They're pretty relaxed and just kind of funny and other door probably comfortable frozen and lets you honestly I don't you guys like that I'm not used to seeing David Letterman athletics. Ozzie wearing shorts and I just feel like you're so late I'd only known as did other stuff he did a monologue but to me like those that make IGI which is picture behind the desk and so it just kind of faintly silly it even looks different to see him like standing leaning against a car. Is that likely Letterman. He would go out to the street in front of his studio and sure sure but lake delightful on leave in the studio lake James Gordon does here. I mean Jimmy you know like that that's got to manure Waverly that's old school guys might go out from the studio that was an analysis there. Yeah I mean even Kimmel rightly how often easy to play well I should do that needed to respect for awhile for those code and those doing the live prized. He started yet he was the first guy you and I'm just like let's go do stuff in the car. Yeah and and James Gordon took Gooden and along with a singing and everything else. Yeah of people love karaoke. I have a name and if he does that almost every night it's his bread and butter he does a great it's a monologue ease it is not a bad showing all the that's kind of just what people know him for sure. Dave Gordon yeah yeah it's a good thing. Actually stated James scored he is English and we talked about the Scottish police department going after stuffed tiger. Your thoughts on how to responding to a cool from a frightened pharma. Police in Scotland found themselves in a 45 minutes stunned off without paying gold saga. Guys until they realize that this is true it was actually a stuffed animal. And we Blake was then they realize it was the Bengals my guy and they were in the middle of Scotland's. I'm pretty funny situation exhibit and I across town it was getting mugged while the police were monitoring a cover. For battling these are obviously animals please keep from zoos but yeah. Well listen they reached out like all the local anywhere though what happened tiger went man we don't have one missing so there's entirely this is this is a random Bengal tiger in Scotland. And the rules only shoot animals went wild animals like their behavior like I just saw video today of accomplish chase and a bowl. Any like in his cruiser and you like chases the ball into like a little playground area and has offense he tries to shut the fence in the Balkans Boston threw it. But it was like with what you what point is that like our temples downtown was taken out. I think at that moment. When you happy I mean look like if you remember the rose however many years ago was not an Ohio. And there's got to have all those exotic pets he determined he was going to commit suicide but before he did you open a ball gate to love animals go for right now. Normally you cannot go around to shooting tigers and stuff but Nicole. Rural Ohio cops say cures and corn field. And summer and cornfield. Dollars and tiger a Siberian tags these guys are open and are we talked to got him. Hamels had Harris Harris terrorism and you've won and I've been telling him all the owner and this event may decide look you know as it is the most tragic thing because nobody wanted to shoot these magnificent and what you want you to tighter but. All comes down treat you want to be killed don't shoot the same thing coming at the okay. On a limited school busses either on the property right well that's kind of my thing railing on the Scottish cops. And really the English bodies and they get guns I don't know well they got to have a tactical team either way that's in the long stand off more remember the first cop that showed up wonder about this car and that tells me at least they probably don't have guns will try that area also has no shortage of big game hunters Brett. And it's kind of it's kind of Jim to call them over there to do it right. But you come round Robin. Yeah. Do you worry oh okay. So I'm a good name. The nice. Remember and openings and Edwards here as if there's a way maybe by the end of today's program proud that we're on the south comments about her long time today is. The shower show us the best place. Think this team you can breathe a blow that out of Iraq. Let just thing I would do that love showered I'm like I'll main you don't study is that throughout the year day off the shady lady that may be needed good humidifier. Yeah let's go a mile under no that's my mom would recommend against in the bedroom all night that the that the that. I dead Daniel Stern now most people know him as a bubbling. Cries Arab bumbling thief on how mu coach York. But it's not just that Daniel Stern also was the voice of the wonder years for years on the track. Right so he was always the narrative guy was talking over top of it so I did a video interview the other day and make an ass about the I got the job in a funny story about getting fired and then rehired. Be in the narrator for the wonder years. Interesting story I got the part we did the pilot and my my contract was that I could just go do movies is that where I was doing. Had an audition. Four a movie. That took place in Africa. Mentioned it to one of the producers say hey I got the audition because you're gonna Africa's I don't think so what if I get the gig the next day. I'm fired I assume what went wire to wire my dollar worried now. That you are not going to be available to be doing the shall assume going to be available. They said no anyway they are to me and they aired it a dear friend of mine are you gross did the pilot and it was on after the Super Bowl. And is the first kiss for both of us. I never really talked about it after. And then the day or two later they call them saying we want you back to. I'm like why. I mean like evidently. My voice. Compared to our he's police are he's great actor feels wonderful friends my. But I don't know why I went back to me. I never knew the wonder years ever had another narrow radio besides being stared into the right that's crazy. Also I should mention deal stern you would know him a hug from rookie of the year course as Britain. So then. He talks a little bit more about you remember how the show and it. Right the wonder years the page on thin basically. Now. Fred Savage is character after you with a little cute boys nameless but you don't know about you as you're right he's grown up. And then he's got his own kids so this is how the show ends and he got tied in this and we tipped. I'll be right there and we did that last line of the series a kid comes in and says hey. I can't throw the ball I sail beyond a minute match sort of the end of the show whatever that was that's my son. Henry and our state senator from California you everywhere you guys but that's like OK when showbiz for right things I did. He did ruin them by getting involved in show business for a minute but he was Smart enough to get out there who don't. I'll be right there. Kevin Arnold that was made here as filth so we started with Winnie Cooper so I was in the wonder years we recognize is that mayor. An air narrator. It was their right yes and I had to say that I have your list of some of the year outpacing the eighteen best shows ever that had never okay PRD no number one. This is the wonder years I'd suggest I mean there's eighteen you can even just guess and showed your members and shows that had an. Are they know workers is a bunch that are new or that are popping that formula whether it's a Goldberg's black finish the day on ordinary yours as well soared up but the generators and characters already D'Amato. So I'm really Anderson and is just as it's not him in the future passage it's okay all right. I close to lake don't get started out like I got different I got act and parity Waylon Jennings to do all yeah. No I didn't do Boldin didn't know Lulu Lulu Russ Cooper who dreamed of balls at all wouldn't would have read a subtle miles and Roscoe miles that's a good call that is not on the native diversion was narrated this is not very popular but you know example like sex in the city was number two okay. With a man in our Dumars is so I had no idea yet the list is a little bit tougher than you think. Grey's Anatomy. Guess yeah I Grey's Anatomy is all man all right rob and I are both I think more hospitals that funny or. Rubs scrub are OK if goat and there are get picked dean. Let's see. And robot there through. I don't president no no no no no. We circle. Was a joke family matters no. What does the defense is the robots rules at the Carlton this robot. Well I don't know that your none of the fairly new. Almost taken to a wrong they have in common with the problem is that if that something that you both have made it all there My Name Is Earl. Carly professional funny dude I tell you that's a weird thing about these this narrated stuff is like so many shows you're just so used to hearing it that way like much when I get them especially they're tough front line. Now there so this city on what he daisies my so called life. Jane divergent Desperate Housewives. Arrested Development. And then I you know what Dexter was on there gossip Darrel there was veteran. Yet they think again Dexter Morgan in the main character we were wrong about that here. So he's got to talk a throughout OK I don't think one of the narratives that got on here that I love I think is a very underrated show was Everybody Hates Chris. Sorry three times in right that was presented very very very funny little cartoon. Now though this is a real one Terry crews as the dad okay it's really Chris Rock is an acute or whatever but it was a super funny show and I wanna see that the the data Activision Chris is even make him a bigger things start out. But yet that was of those narratives to that was always on there. Through all the mirrors. It's so silly do you forget every shows actually have those are just like they considerably the best eighteen house still say this and I mean Taylor as I was you would have been right black issues in there and get this far. As our own TV has played I believe he would introduce shows we save us all the time where. Back in the day whether Brady Bunch Gilligan's Island. Threes come or of a free to Love Boat whatever it was like. If you saw the beginning of the show you some opening credits and when it flip flop the song that they say to Beverly Hillbillies they explained the situation was authority to do. Yet they don't like that that's like a lost art no fresh prince is probably last one you know you want to Reitman. Us a TV song that sets the stage for the ship that is always fall guy right well listen we have to lose in Britain British currency swings exit. Whatever you're going to see next I'd just we just say it to you and explain the situation. Sort of apply does doesn't matter you understand why am. Does that count for Family Guy. What is the feet. It's been a towel and then dependent on the scene about the family want a fairly good at it it's great fan lead guy very much. Okay I think Miller works aren't quality quality of that authority in there and Susie it's working for Rick the Star Trek nominate them listen let's say this enroute to call him. Rader but it is always captain's log rob rob rob rob rob. So Jennifer can map from a commercial break he was still site recently. Could you could the other people on the on on the Edmonds never know they never saw him talk to do is log no I would unity with him talk to a large images be they weren't sure their crappy special page the ship have gone sideways through space and neither captain's log. Schadler blame whatever the situation right starting now we're in trouble plotted sort of cool I especially agree more than ten and when he was gone mid doing his. Blog entry. They would click back to the action. I wonder space shows or even space movies it's a ways people can get there reared like RS actual nailing him absolutely very much so we're Shatner. One of them and I never thought about this right so the show comes on in the sixty's original start right in one of episodes you beaches. Nicole Nichols or replace lieutenant corporal okay. The black chick and even the situation on the episode I literally forced to go to looks on the want to. Innocent people wait freedoms racism so rampant like people freaked out he said the thing that bugs me most about that. Was that I'd slip of the blue tick. I'd slip of agreeing to know what late. We can't do it or five you'd have sex with an extra terrestrial sex with a everybody gets the black chick like bill also mines yep that's a different subject change. If if if if I think a lot of people have been in this situation. Maybe somebody tells you gives you a great tip like man I could've made a ton of money off that but you didn't notice got a pretty funny our commercial here for a hindsight. What if you purchased Apple's stock before the launch of the I thought it would if you would but Amazon before it was the only place people shopped. At Heinz say financial you don't have to wonder how could she could've been because you sure you. Tale of advisors will walk you through every single opportunity you miss. Sure you luxury items you could have acquired. Things took up. Well I think distinction that could have been yours. You just listen to your co workers tipped. I'm telling you man I it's all right I don't think so. Just 20/20 it's also incredibly frustrating. Let us show you how many years earlier you couldn't retire. Beautiful in college loan. Meet the spouse you could've traded up 20. And life if you wouldn't happen. Now you're probably wondering will we then help you learn from your mistakes and make investments today they'll bring you will tomorrow now. Today. Hindsight financials. Could shoot what. It still has some of the best writers. So easily ending his credit to him and his staff seemed to go out and get new people all the time. We gotta keep that stuff fresh written but I just don't go through the day about Deon Cole. You know you don't from black issue now and I even have to go through the DR Cole show on Comedy Central for all of it. But he really he was already doing comedy but he got famous for basically being a writer on Conan Andy irregular like biscuits and everything else yeah but I just. I was told through it Blakey told this story undies and Merrill that he was he was like I went like my agent called and he was all giddy like hey we got these jobs and reduce it nothing Tony just like you could your comedy. Come on in right force Lisa after two weeks the almost quit. I'm easily and nobody really like write jokes fell to incorporate this and that. Obviously the correct decision puts to stay yeah yeah but legislate right they turn and it was a good job keep people around and then I mean price between him in. Andy Richter the price at the emirates and funny skits on their own. Some ratings I don't even know if I had to say in this time. Super Bowl number one yeah while I was number two. Super Bowl pregame show post game well dreary. Pregame. Wrong we'll came on after the on the whole Powell every hole and rattle Italy all of them all as a family knows all and it writes we leave this this is it. With the name of the UR it. This is us god is real it's all there previous. AKA YRUS. Acquisition of Soledad did you hear what apple this is us now so it makes everybody cry right by and they were well. They're gonna find out a giant thing about that dad and this and that but a lot of people sit there DVR and consumable rain over that. Got off with the last few. The new. I don't know what crock pots are safe are okay. Didn't realize OK thank you Delaware Brazilian TV cemetery we've got your headlines going oh my god you are listening to the men's or radio network. Timely and Swiss miles. Now let's see what's happening in the real. I hear a man myself by as a Captain Crunch cereal because it wasn't sealed correctly so he beats his remains acts yeah. We're gonna Florida worry toy claw machine also has a toddler inside staring at you behind the glass. Maybe now fly around a number of miles to turn play around that cops say suspect has reviewed the book for three weeks so the drugs will be found and a Girl Scouts had a chance in on the legal weed is Dampier had last. It's Sunday. Is Mike Cox had a job curry an Alabama man was so incensed about this serial idiots act his roommate for ruining ruining yet. He blamed Israel me for not sell it as sealing his box of cabin priced properly which made it goes stale. Don't you think filled his serials deserves a better closing system on their back yes it does smiling bright enough as they receivable bad I think that a third web page in leads into a Jeremiah serial. The gap crowd stood aren't perfect at the capitol or the regular and has forever look at confronted take the skin off the roof of your mouth I can't imagine what would happen for that stuff to go state is that they are going to enjoy march serial. I'm world part of the monkey in the matter of just because you have the opportunity. According to the story the man was especially angry because quote his missing teeth made it difficult to choose the stale cereal absolutely gonna wait the only four to soften up in your mouth he's gonna sit there with a mouthful of milk and what this doesn't nasty old be easier than the than hard. Well I don't know a soul he's got his guns out of what was it eat regular Captain Crunch. Does any doubt about the glove because he doesn't have to win half as long for disciple of the milky not even crunchy Gavin Grant easy mid when it's all waterlogged. You know on exactly why would not be roommates with the toothless man even a man that is remain remove his dentures and eat the cereal so you could feel his pain. When there may refused the attack in which lend him the domestic battery charge. I think that if you don't have teeth Captain Crunch is pretty bold cereal sadness I think things are you angered. Don't have teeth around the world in Florida boy I want like this little game on our review. Of the if you lose a normal moment camping I shake your fake teeth down his remarks today. Take your mouth rinse and Laura cowboy wanted to stuffed toys so bad but apparently wasn't good enough about the grand game to get it fairly. The boy climbed into the machine and managed to get himself stuck inside. It to about five minutes for firefighters to rescue the boy from the game and I repeat that story in the eighth. The defense starts over and over again it's like below it's like the world's oldest person does it has never not going to be a story. Useless so happy amazement almost did here those who gives a damn what he got all of the view on the reason there re played all you gotta live literally almost I'm going to be a ticket home. You're definitely in that. Another jackass crew of the flight forever won a flight from Anchorage is Seattle's forced to turn around after a passenger locked himself in the bathroom on the plane and stripped completely naked. And refused to follow crew instructions or tomorrow. I have no idea I don't know why that's so Linehan. He's made him but he isn't a bathroom don't care. I don't know why you an apartment about them down warmup. Friends I wonder if he came around people like Ellis put your clothes back because how would that nobody was naked. Until they open the doors. He may have gotten naked and then went to the map not look I understand that's not me I wanna serve quite well for a man to lead. Once the flight has left the ground if that does not make chemical emergency. Just like draws the passengers take care. So here's this. Well no emergency was claimed the decision was made to head back to Anchorage to handle the situation the plane landed at 38. And all they're already halfway to Seattle that's. 3 AM visited deaf dumb red IU flies and it's late or early in the morning I don't wanna be here anymore there is a one hour time difference when you cross over but either way you would have to be an hour and a half to three and a half hour flight so you'd have to be and bush did the ES I was there in the air almost halfway to drum up. We're not turning around now yes and that's what about the same amount of time and in the right. Have that naked dude in the bathroom. Right movement on the one hand you don't ever want your flight to be turnaround and on and red eye flight man I just wanna get run going I'm gonna hotel room with my name and again is not from a hijacked it doesn't have a bomb is now threatening anyone. There's no mechanical issues like look man. Believers make it ask them back grad does that doesn't that take you and about this FBI agents who scored a month. Off out of the back of the plane. Yeah young man federal everybody on the plane nose just absolutely on hand to talk to naked people and girls got in California has made a brilliant decision that land near the ability to sell 312. Boxes of cookies in just six hours stamp. Any idea where she might set up. Well you know the answer that he's and other from a pot store in front of both we dispensary yeah yeah. I'll be able to kind of give her give a crap about it I thought I'm the first rule of economics. She's a Smart kid location location location yeah all your democratic friends are mad about. Right Jesus Christ as it's inappropriate for the goes guys to leave large American Brothers Matt and busy like the boy scout said now of popcorn sales outside of an Al all star. While at the same heat at Wallace now from the people are getting a while golf. Still it's thousands again today ads are realizing that my guy I heard senator missed getting into NHL you can do is favored download demand drew level as the previous episodes and all that we'll see you next after the return of dead vs the FCC. He and bad jokes and actually get mad pursuing eliminate some hot day. They do is we are out until we return please do would you do best and parolee has saved us today beautiful.