02-06-18 Seg 3 Mens Room Gets Under The Covers

Tuesday, February 6th

Emails, Ryan Castle is in to Sit & Spin with 10 Cover Songs You've Never Heard! Plus Ask the Mens Room and the Shot of the Day!


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This is the men's room. I'm listening to. Apple coming Olson fan now covers you haven't heard some that you have maybe some jam in the ten songs under the covers testament term is on the way our question. What did you do and was it worth an 844999. All result of the guy that basically got set up by the undercover cop right past double double yellow line for hours or so guys has looked. Having been arrested on what I called that a thirty years ago I was informed of the setup. Requires you to be forced to do something you wouldn't ordinarily do this guy clearly you know if your best you MW line. Which is always a legal nice drive bitches I think you missed the beginning of the conversation brother did you need to hear that entire phone call and you'll understand appointment. Idea were the same elect right he was setup it's pretty basic stuff. But things. Hello Kevin welcome to the men's room. Hello Kevin is Kevin listening to smooth easy favorites. All of lob bit it is our. There are you guys doing a terrible cannon the worst was he possibly can the masses. Yeah not yeah we're all doing terrible I guess yeah David let I like this we can't look at it. You guys' interest and yet been talking about likes steadying hand and a lot of like road rage and kind of stuff like that. I mean my body is we were in the more California and I don't know if you know that that. No idea other Lou California. President. There are gentler and okay. OK I'll go radio. Sugar. Please keep working at night. We do not a fan Terrelle ally all Italian blank check out on the radio he can't 'cause on the radio. Continue your story you can't say he has solely not present a United States. Oh so now we YouTube but you can't say that word. I'm Dana OK so anyway so my buddies and I we're we're we're in the navy and we just all. Graduated from Bahrain school. Pretty much like. Boot camp and we all the try to get like motorcycles. And we're getting my crotch rockets and we wanted to go back right. So. Then the more California just up the most straight roads. So we decide to go. From Fresno. Tent has no beach. And there's this area where you could. I think we got her piped up the last to go 1155. OK I get pulled over. No no winning it all over but there was a there's a sharp turn to we really had a slowdown yet to the brain dead he's out yes that the united body to learn not been on this route. Did not know that Sochi latest spike down confused on the brakes like. Maybe 40200. Feet I don't know. And later bite down and he got he helicoptered out. He'll come and I'm yeah regular koppers. It's like well don't say it rank heat attack in the continuity of evil genius. Topic you know I'm right. Yeah. Please keep working night. I've got to put a model that's gonna put him unless he's already on the deck Galileo was the little unless. Okay. Firstly can I wanted to ask them like. So right of some he curses rate we'll throw one whole torso area miles of places places thing but he's on hold still talk in its. But flew with peace here green. He still doesn't dissolve that prayed that he just talked right through it until he was still and we just nothing of his story I'll visiting owner. We need to have a story telling 101. Class you know and in my life what do you tell your story do you think you can tell a story but you really can't we're here to help you. It's not ours does this tell a story that just some details that don't need to be in there. And I went to a friend's house on Saturday morning Parse Saturday afternoon. And then we grilled salmon had a nice time. I can also go. Sometime in the sprints out you would ups and rape I root problem or Marysville and then going up there it's not a shopper what is stopping accusing a really good south of Bob you know it's late. The point is about I think is the Internet so what what did you do when was it worth an 8449990. Hello Megan welcome to the men's room. I hit it on Romanian. And now I'm gonna off Ali they're my church we pedicure a matter. And whereas I really competitive. So I heard about and it's in the outfield. I don't myself midway. I tricked up my knee a stubborn my eight yelled I minutes. Totally not our decision making at all the ad. Not only didn't win that yeah this is game 12 or three. This atop the sit there third our rights and at least you got a chance to to know to play our game but not lot. See when the tournament is essentially what now knowledge and all of you play softball since little resentment. I'm you know I wouldn't you know and I just cut my artery and number or hate them hello I have now. Good ball in my adult league pick up style not on the regular I have played flag football not on the regular I've played softball not on the regular any top pull something. Heard somebody really bad it's always softball. I don't know if that's just look at the draw blood whatever apples on there I'm not warmed up whatever it's always. I think maybe it's the beer inclusion. Because when your plane I'm gonna drink and they'll be here to just the pace of the eighteen is different so even deflate you Jim played basketball for years it would you go out late. It's still basketball also just more competitive or is like right wrestle puts you just have more time to panic. Down time to rest again yeah I had with and it's still baseball a forum so as soon as that line drive is hit now you either got to sprint from first or second or for me out good units per during gets up. I'd take a Raza last summer they got pulled somewhere playing softball and got him through to end it just it didn't occur to me I now warmed up and take long toward first base man and like halfway there and what all my god I just also my thought I would think so many and first baseman Todd play at all because I don't want to make our way out of seasons threat. And it hurt the rest of Britain they have. Yeah solve all the tough sport to of the serious line outside an out of this recognize him as an export your eyes to look man you know you. Fall ball's one of those things may not always get hurt really low and human irregularly I get it right fielder myself somehow I don't know how do it really highlight features we have like an OP the good scheme and go on stuff that's super dangerous sure. Right but then then you make. Policy token they'd be they'd be like wanna dive for a ball softball that's great well yeah after murmured to the other people who can ski are always really good at skiing. Yeah the guy who's 4550 years old he's still playing softball there're certain guys that really just like the camaraderie spending time with friends and Barley whatever. But there's the one due to. Who still hang in on goes in the batting cages and it's his job to yank the mountains like 45 these guys on the team and really just like reliving lord. You know nor can they always DePaul won the all local Rica that pretty much normally it's like you in five uncle Rico's who care so like you know if I don't care and I show up like. I don't need to be and it gives people who really want to play. Because you really got to play like you go batting cages and everything like I just found my glove that went to be like two hours fine. What are they the same got the calls files on pickup basketball game. But dude everyone far and everybody were amateurs were point we're just trying to have a good time. You know and I wanna actually be one doubt on noble to view. Or Ted you definitely blame the guy played with a multi and that was late every day even as he drove the lane couldn't score it was a fact it was a fun and he's my foot one so is probably no good struggling to score what did you do and what is it worth it right. I also not take the next aren't what they what did you just Raymond I mean I'm bigger than you. But did pick up this our founding of wanna know it's not the right I don't got to charge you're gonna charge you pick threaten its pickup basketball relax man dale. Hello Zach welcome to the men's room. Yeah time. So what do you do that was worth it or was it worth. I'm definitely not worth it. I'm not. A we're on canyon road and show up. I'm gonna. We don't learn that. No no it doesn't matter we don't know learn as we got what happened. So that's what I don't do tragic quickly on my motorcycle OK. And another bite the atlas and took her particular intersection drop their bike and promotes the cars are struggling behind. And I ended up sliding underneath and assume why he's the guy that cause he actually had a only out. Charlie I I didn't suffer haters are just really cherry. Feel like you did the right thing you know you know I get no you know when you got to lay it down and you don't want LA endowment. My project I'd know. I dispute reload and trying to lay it down and into the back to our Colorado guys out there I don't know I don't know I had purposely lay in my bag done correctly whether. I think if you're imminent danger like that's it it's like anything right if you said hey man. Joseph Beimel third story window of those buildings you flat out say absolutely. If the buildings on fire there's no question your image above the urge to not think about I think yeah learn one thing today I do have two wheels and around a lot but if it seems and this conversation today that if you drive regularly or have been on two wheels you've lost a lot of brain cells or sure you know just somehow walk away like you let. Go. I. A lot of diligence law of averages out so that much time in the car on a motorcycle. It's gonna happen welcomes the reverend and in theory with our scooters we should be able to step through in time. So should be safer right it's not like a motorcycle itself and you that you have been millions and I just up there yeah. In theory I think that I guess I'd like fifth and all the time I'm like Illini quick and now you know I now at all edit that it. Jump off the platform Susan rhetoric impact jealousy like as just Tyco. Well I didn't really get a Duval and now of course and do little what does this every tumble and roll them. Policy. What did you do and was aware that a 44999. Cola hello Don welcome to the men's room. They got all the bad. Lou I haven't done. No bomb. Our Dave Weldon steer I want him to walk. The girl walk long form I I did not that it. Did you do on a dare did you accidentally walk get. I had to go on. Wall Street that a ball and ball. I didn't look at digital mobile and keep up the actual command here excited often got all my long. On. Though. Pretty night on that Doug is the other one of data that will. Always in the friend zone don't want to go rule mark but that's like yeah I'm just turned down. Poland where the subdivision while an hour care where they go I'm I'm going happen yeah as far as his soul what's wacko restarted. Betsy to give the best reason yeah I was gonna say it like being around those registered sex offenders now. Locked in their daughter and I go to Florida. Store well you are going to be out they last does Torres heard about a guy wandering into the woman's genre that let him know do. In you know why aren't some guy animals they ward have a guy walks in do good though women's locker room and engine. Because lose dudes that a wall identify as a woman. Now we saw all the guard he does not it's just doing these things. Doing what Toledo. They don't they let him go because he simply put you have a penis in you were in the women's locker room. If women don't identify you as a woman to me that would still be illegal if I would guess so. What did you do and while that are doing get your emails go up and Ryan castle drug charge in mrs. Clinton's odds on the covers of in the cover tunes. Coming up that's all the way next you're listening to the men's or radio network. Did you know you don't have turned the men's room. Still come right gasoline driving charge in decision's been what ten songs under the covers we'll get into some new covers are coming up with a drug charge drag out the first time. For a few emails here for the men's room mad men's or live dot cops. Paula Jones today is my daughter Kearin eleven per day can you get aside good up cupcake and LeRoy Jenkins notre relax thank you guys appreciated that from Scotts oh. Oh. Yeah. Would resonate and had a birthday he's fifteen to begin now hitting the window do you like that thanks from Chris. Oh. Like get paycheck you. I'm birthday wish request for John and I to which our friend Tom happy birthday can you do a little turtle wax in some dirty German dog that from the lovely Maria. Throughout the great. I. Thought Lugo. My mom only has inflation. It's PE MI NS. Yeah on the goodness you had an even like the moment. Thought Tom. There is a wonderful boyfriend Mike as to when he if you're on the planet been losing the show's long is that you guys have been on and got me hooked as well. Another dirty use of Germans that you've got to divert him I love thanks guys that from Christen. Are out of striking the puma and dispensing machine can. She's not quite that as did the Dallas to come over via the Bundesliga and Dortmund. Guys on the Tyler turns the Big Three oh he gives me crap about being is old lady even though we're only twelve days apart but he's not so bad end up hubby. And always doesn't see you guys who love a shot that was an extra dirty German now from Laura. Yard line I want to William but she slipped on the field if an optional and hopefully win. Now my husband did over come over Mexican makes him clean up Shapiro some. Guys studio men's or birthday shout out to my forever man Jackson scooter lucky he wants a barber shop fish sandwich thank you guys so much that from Joseph. Well it is Stanley is he's zero RL AZ in the morning and afternoon and news and and not. Each guy is the iceman Ryan thirtieth birthday he might not be working with ice anymore he's working on your Alaska Airlines planes gonna get the dirty thirty Germans please add from big get Rick. Yeah I want the cinema content so true you have a new book everything we had done newbie. Don you're gonna find out why in Germany because itself. Just days my younger sister Leanne thirtieth trip could you please help her celebrate by giving Europe. Here comes the dope pusher and a big huge bong rip. She's a nurse so I think she'd find that hilarious gave up the great work guys that from dean. Just let my 31 birthday can I get a what that adds is that an enrolled penis BS myself our entire hangar mechanics and lying drew listen to your show every day and love it keep it up that from Levi. Yeah. Crawl and protein and say today avoided two years and keep forgetting to send a request but I would like. A dirty English Mike. If that works for my birthday. Faithful listener for years at from a Tony as a positive thing is a dirty English might do even losing a may have been do you have anything that dirty and someone English notably a birthday come on Novoa giving Gigabit to joining Roger. Couldn't hit some blood that you'll give your digits you giggle bits adjuster if it. Could you please give my pal Peter a big dirty 38 happy birthday with a dirty is the Germans thanks guys that from Tommy. Are we dog I would hope at soldier. Yeah if you don't come over and bring mixer I grew enough to. Livelihoods at reverted to my wonderful wife JoAnne she feature show finds everything you do childish and disgusting. So please give her to her turtle wax with a wedding puke. And maybe a LeRoy Jenkins rock on bits is that from big daddy cool. And. Yeah. No lawyer attended a birthday wish him 59 years old. Yard the good of the local local twenty mode you can expect to nine interest. Now with the white stuff. Is there would have been my mother sixtieth birthday she looked just ten months ago she loved you guys and always smiled at just the sound of Steve's voice. If you guys who you are a little kid face sand wedge in a big old bomb hit I know she'll have a giggle thanks guys and love you mom that from your loving son Daniel. Saw you guys do you goals have you tabulated. Yeah yeah we learn. Have you had any contact. You don't even pay you met today. Yup yeah. Even Bronson but men's. He's also available through news and world fame on men's lives doesn't come another sign retailers. And im sure might apply to. Miller who. As far as the subject from our last men's room poll would you rather fight a six year old the size of under the giants. Or any number eight firefighters Peter and correct. Guys I feel like a lot of people are choosing to fight the giant baby without considering a lot of factors it's not a baby it's African 6 year old I am a professional fighter. That is somewhat bigger than little Peter. So I would obviously take the MMA fighter even if I wasn't a trained fighter I'd still choose the MMA fighter. I want this question from the viewpoint that I'm getting my ass kicked either way. So which one do I wanna get beat up by in MA fighter all day. First off he's a regular human not a giant mutant baby. Also BM MA fighter his train to stop once he wins or he doesn't stop and you have a little person beating your face him. The counterpoint. There's a giant mutant baby additional lost this giant mutant baby being much more violent. After after everyone's bright idea to take a giant of the need the mutant baby will cry as a beach you know bloody pulp. Last point fighting the baby is a lose lose fights he did you get killed by enormous infant or you beat up an infant it's a lose lose. Well to show that from there but there are again the kid is sick so don't feel so bad for punching him and they you're just punching and Gerald. Consulate billion you know about that dude is the second run on the professional white fighter yeah. Professional fighter and yeah Atlantic. How would you should've seen guys in the Marine Corps while during a field exercise on my friends got bit in the left testicle by a black widow seats I do came walking in the tent pop it out to show us and it was easily the size of a cantaloupe. That its intent and that is seared in my memory forever. Worst part is he had to get its act as paraded and for those of you who don't know what that aren't they come little slits and has grown to relieve the pressure from the swelling. That from Ryan my did have an operation down their one point. And everything just blew up black blew the whole deal. And of course at a coming to workers all my friends up. Left it. Look at death and a third did you like this thank you for that that is insane you know Ramallah like hey man you got as he doesn't do we're I got a Simmons festivals like watch television but no I wasn't running as though I was wearing gym shorts and you walk into the office and he's like check this out just opens it up there is no preparation because you do you wanna see them as if just beyond the scar you for life I learn what you had my testicles under about it and it was amazing I mean they were belatedly blew harder you or doesn't golden color of Mirant blue green I mean you name it every color and arranged. Colin landfills. You guys talked about the magic number minus 255. That is how many days I traveled for work last year about 200 of those were spent a beautiful golf courses that from Joseph on the Jumbotron dad works for an object. And Ole lady and gentlemen. Since the home game we'll profile this is such a smashing success it's only fitting to have a travel addition to pass the time during road trips and your evening commutes on that and I've come up with one. When you see anyone driving poorly swerving and speeding by over twenty miles per hour driving fifty miles an hour on the way and a fast lane. You need to decide whether the offender is. Older Asian a thug with a drug and hats for a millennial on a cellphone. Trust me bitches as a local truck driver the poorly skilled motorists are almost always one of these content double points are awarded if you're correct in their driving a Prius. My licensing fees are minimal stay classy that from a upside down skipped. Another number I tell most only three and Luke 23 times were of those homes I lived in for five years a lot of those places were less than a year. It's come down since then but I moved away more times than normal. That from Jarrett and one more got a few numbers for wells in the fifth grade also jealous of all my friends because they had boobs and I was still flat chested and wearing a training bra. I went home every day. And Dick exercises in the mirror trying to increase my bus size we must we must we must increase our bus that's the song she sang how did you know that a must or must I must increase level. Heard that as a kid and Aaron I don't know I never heard earlier weren't you hear them. Ali several door panel also girl's mind because she probably still lives in Rochester New York where you've been listening to our program right now but. Some ambient but she she stayed flat just longer than Neil burger Elliott a huge boost and Powell. Look man by the time we move it apparently her song worked yeah that's the that's when. Song that that AJ from from New Orleans saying a must or must I must increase my bus over and over again. They finally came that I sprouted some boobs so my mother took me shopping to get a raw. And makeup. But it didn't stop there a week later I was a B cup than a week later. I was a C cup okay and then another week later I was a when I started high school. I was a double. 34 years old and eyewear 840 I brawl she had another number for you guys too and has twelve as the number of times I master beta consecutively in one sitting. Love you guys that from the lovely AJ down and listening to us on by united five point seven in new walls can do is estimated amount that we ask is and I am at times there. I still account or turn NASA manager we will drink it tells with a shot today the first drug charges in the house once again it is sad to see it and spin the. Yes friends it's time once again vault him six and spending millions gather around the old radio and listen to some sweat. Soccer for a good cover version of a song and I love it when a band puts their own twist on a song at. Tom. I know some people though and I only know you can't cover that. Some things should remain sacred I completely disagree I love it when a band and even. Even if it's not the style of music that I would typically like short somebody takes a really cool song and does their own bands like funky twist on ethanol into careless whisper wrecked. Yeah the other indices either rest either did Kerry did a good I never left the saw over the new here and do it like this is not a meadows and that was fair. To the original bright object right you could toll recognize Chris Cornell that are version nothing compares two U which was beautiful there was a hug disturbed that a version of the sound of silence may be the biggest song the biggest rock song of the last ten years there's certain some some answers like there's a bluegrass band that'll cover. You know he's deploys the songs are SEC say media all less of a Metallica it's almost everybody else here is fairly taste so every now again only to come in here for since then and I'd play some of the cover versions that I have on earth I feel like it's been awhile so I went back a couple years and found my favorite cover versions from the last few years for today's sentence that. Under ten. Home the crew around this is up from the suicide squad soundtrack that's a panic at the Disco to win at home but that's why does it seem like it and I think he tracked him and his. If it's portable movie soundtrack no matter what Mahan is somehow you're okay to do cut down Riley used to recover put unravel maybe some fans get there is some don't put. If it's a movies are drag. For whatever reason it's absolutely you get a boost because it used to be and I don't know if that's still true the band's song when an a on a movie soundtrack it will be a song that didn't make the album right it would be something that they have sitting on a shelf somewhere so maybe these are just like what we need a song for the center now we'll just balked at a comparable player I'm writing a new song era. These are ten songs under the covers on. We'll return right. Thunder rolled out. Okay that that was played well I had no idea yet. Instead what are you know this would that I nor do I don't know how you could not know Garth Brooks with them. Man don't look at me like even you should probably know the items you are confident now maybe I haven't heard it may have a new I just. Look confidence is through did you ever hear the original version had the same reaction I am a new finish them and who's doing. That's the band called all the remains although I don't know I don't view mirror thriller remains on their lives some came out last year told madness there is a cover of Garth Brooks thunder rolls ten songs under the covers on. We. There were some. He passed when this happened. This was why Lincoln Park back in 2001 because Lincoln Park with her from Dell saw. I thought they did a great numbers should cover song on your own job of you mean like that the whole point is to expand a little bit and bring something else to the table than you would normally do those the iTunes festival back in 2011. Lincoln Park covered rebel. Ten songs on the cover until. We know that there. Defensive. Oh okay so I don't know last on the stage of the pictures. I'd put it bluntly I want to do things a lot about us on the stage they did as the element come out and they kept releasing these cover versions and kind of expanding. This album and one of them was and what's which were here they Austin Beach Boys cover that was sprinkles and only got no. Did you ever think they're on things there. Numbers say. Everyone I could definitely feeling the great person on break I. No. OK okay. And I'm version of the album. Ironically I guess what's called death the full snuggle up to ten songs under the covers attack on city. Wonderful. Gone away by the off spring is sort of a dark song because it's. The offspring doing it it is still as an ounce can of pop sensibility to it yet five finger death punch on their executive destruction on the came out last year made that asks dark. Perry video that take dogs on the covered mountains there. You're welcome. That's been home. God they must Jonathan Cole that there's numbers are Obama. Bitches they pass this. Been pulled discovers there's. Pretty dry and a great brand as well they might as this so this is the only thing analyst this cannot do not 2006 with a little dots on his. One thing. One thing a week I think a week volume one. And of course that some excellent they've got about ten songs on the covers Thompson's been. And under the sea dance. Then back to the future and now imagine if David Lynch of them to. That's a great it's a great rendition prom queen and done the album is do walk. Like I do want to do well so there's a bunch covers on it does suit they do a tonic covertly on November rain some. Since August under the covers six. It's. Gone he had. I think you'll only in the room that doesn't. Come on I circle and yeah. You know mile a minute video buildup in the news about your great Amazon Barnes command like no way I act and our values. That is really this is one of the best country album of 2006 seem like widely recognized as maybe one of the best country else to put us in bloom. That's sailor's guide to vote. Ten songs under the covers three minutes to. Number one. Well. Okay okay. A tiny bit. A rocket man I try. And that's what we're doing rocket and that's about 2013 and still. Five years later maybe when my best. Favorite covers of all of shore and a really pay your high gasoline version there you go since then ten songs under the covers to Montgomery attorney tells shot today is on the way the return amass the men's room. Is coming up next you are listening to the men's or radio networks. Men's room when my. Five coming up we're gonna wanna drink and those who shot of the day as most away blood purged. It's been said that there are no stupid questions. We disagree. Because you keep us get up. Yeah this guy. It's. Is my mom who'll turn. Questions that need answers and yes. This is as good. No question harassment termed issued as an email to amend term events are live duck comic the subject Assam and driven away we go out there we got time for one make it week to add. You're sausage dip listening to one of the shows is tense sausage dip recipe anywhere online I'm tired of hearing about it every year and I'm curious to try it. Now for more feet. If probably yes. May end and who gave me the recipe was that your family cigarettes beat somebody else's that knew so many in my family. OK but I don't give a sworn to secrecy so yeah. Okay Scott. Which you have no idea you know it's of course but you don't need it anymore because they give you harbor this if both our stuff are you willing to about the recipe at someone stuff. At some point in time okay tango. And I felt that we ask you have a question residents are just an email to the man German undermined economic the subject as some other Murray wanted to admitted to bring it down. Severe range. Men's room knows just. Great candidate and as usual we had to the great death against the withdraw notified of nortel's yes indeed today we chose to. One team two year old I delayed they can't look I can't say the name right Butler from somewhere in Kazakhstan kind of so. I LA beat out 4000. Other contestants. To get to the last stage. A the beauty contest namely mr. virtual Kazakhstan it's of some computer thing whatever now. I always said quote my friends and I we have a debate on beauty and I decide to take part in the pageant I've always been a champion of natural beauty. You can see that many women they look identical with the say make up the same style and they believe the the beautiful that they follow trends. I don't think so well he proved sport by winning and it should be pointed out that let's say the women have gathered stay in rapidly but to do. Oh yeah and eat eat an apple and EE says he has female. Oh look there's a picture of the guys so. The picture the repose of permissible to cause expense but I'm mistaken way aren't you would not know to do there's a picture of him without lipstick and a week next to a but. Again I don't know many women from Kazakhstan. Comes can be desperate that's. But not eye candy when the eight dude beat out four. Fouls you honorees are really look good looking match I mean give them credit for fouls and another good look at Duke's here's they have. The good moral those boos and a drink this booze because we think it's yummy down national over the tall and indelible Thoreau to party and our tummies. Now now allowed a job. They're good just online profile that's Keller 9844999. Old La. The shenanigans continues on the men's room. The radio network.