02-06-18 Seg 2 Mens Room Jumps In Back

Tuesday, February 6th

Mens Room Question: What did you do? And was it worth it?


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This is dumb men's room. Listening to. I love this job and on WA AF Boston's rock station also on an 89 Iraq in Kansas City and our friends of one boy 105 point three the mayor. In Blacksburg Virginia big show for it's they write guest come and sit and spin what ten songs. Under the covers a much coverage probably haven't heard some the media have a return investments are just coming up and yes we'll bring it tells the shot of the day and we're talking about what did you do. And was award that goes a streaker at Phoenix Open through the fight for only 15100 dollars east. He did streak for a pretty extended period of time before they get a hold of how long he was out there he was out there for a good amount of time I show a lot of his debts to be fair rights are more insecurity of Phoenix Open. There is a streaker. You did a little extra time because I had to convince myself and have to tackle and they can do. Are you know I'm not in the months to tackle an 815100 dollars is a pretty hefty fine. That's not what he says he said it was absolutely worth it to go out there in street in excel but do we have a guy almost died from chugging 25 energy drinks he wants those band our question. What did you do and was it worth an 844. I don't. Expose CJ welcome to the men's. Hello all I'm re doing the bouncing Howell asked. Well Dudley demolishing a howls. I am that he'll end underneath deport with a blended or Enron actually I went god that's going to be heavy. So what that what I did now and then I was with a Marine Corps back in the late nineties. And we were stationed over at the base of Mount Fuji. And my friends hey we're gonna go party out of Tokyo I was on restriction because I was not an exemplary green. And so they decide that landed it was their buddies it was an MP front gate person steal one of the green card that lets people up based. And sign yet of the different arena was and they got it down. 02 hour train ride out that to Tokyo. Which I would suggest anybody appear anywhere close to Japan go to Tokyo they know how to rages out there. I was gonna say and do our train ride you probably still going over a hundred miles an hour on the train aren't you. I have no idea how fast it was going I was well lit the flurry this gets put on the reins on him. It has hit and so we got out there I don't know how they found it but somebody pulled out a big bet they'll be blue smoke that down we walked down the street. We take that sort McDonald. Somebody came back with some double stack Superman Ecstasy how don't know how they sounds us. We ended up at a nightclub we danced our asses off I got pulled up on the top stage which is three cheers out. Listen really hot yeah I mean ladies against the telethon over backwards jumpstart that I was OK everybody looted or reached. Had a blast and came to I don't know like. Or in the morning and I knew I had to start getting back so that I can following the formation in time to not be topped that you had to cover clan and everything we got stolen two hours in the wrong direction the whole thing trash to nobody knew which which trained to get on. And eventually somebody told me I was going the wrong way. The three guys that were with you were cast doubt we got out where you're supposed to be I don't look at these guys dot betrayed you just leave my the pavement to start hook and expect based. Already an hour late to get a about a block away from basic somebody walks by. First sergeant so bad it's huge you can have here and a lot of play and so I ran right into the why not let this go talk the first sergeant. Involving his headstone a little thing to clinch his talent in the desk just predicated accounting. Tell me didn't go to Tokyo less elsewhere sergeant I did this. You get a drink did you select yes yes first sergeant I did it just tells you didn't use illegal drugs and yes sergeant I did in those particular. You're on restriction want to know what you do that I looked like first sergeant. It's Tokyo. If I had another chance I'd do it again this is. Yeah no restrictions for the next few months so instead of legal and out build battlefield maneuvers with the rest of the infantry unit. I went down the Italian officers spent three hours and basically everybody is opposite of that and the rest of the time I spent any motivational murals on the walls. I is out on top of everything on now wanna think it was worth that they did you ever go back to Tokyo. I have not indexed Tokyo but it's it's on the bucket list to do without it strictly military. I guess fundamentally coming came management on the story coming payments that are bubbles bubbles that Superman Ecstasy he's not kids. Yeah I thought yeah I think it's. Chances are doing and give my guys do you normally death and normally dance. I'd I don't know one week it's got it like hell that some sense Disneyland I'm quietly because if you're really good dancer you don't need the drugs to get up there on the third tier dance but. If you're not a good dancer or you don't normally Dan thanks to these claims draws and our culture health and they're really Abraham it was a reason people bands of weddings it's not because everybody's welcome reception area yet and later on yeah. Right what what did you do and was it worth an 844999. Cola hello Maria welcome to the men's room. Our Perez chaos. Than an hour you guys today it's our hope you don't earnings per. Yeah along that note dot OK here's my story OK I think that cannot afford. I thought oh actually. Student. That particular game I live in bill that at this time I was in high school freshman year choir class. We had a that day people what are the coast slacken off so I'm. Where am I don't mind like a bit that there are three I'd pick up my kids sorry you're good at. Tried to unleash. Don't let him out just like to do priests and now. Basically you're a girl next in front of me one behind me in our pocket as a backup of fresh meat beat that might fire lack. I dumped on there at the electric problem. So. I got I look loud enough to hurt everybody at my direction what I was trying to alt. I didn't get in trouble they got me period chapel aren't that. Well good. Well you know yeah alaves there was more than. I have let totally worth Dana I would not go damn why you let that happen. Were you especially these stood yourself or the organs of response from the. Yeah high functioning as you guys know about McGill I'm black I call though. I know ya we are gonna dog and amid debris when you don't the only time they she's not very high function she is not our fault at all wavered on this known that if they don't Olympia function I think she thinks she's high functioning but I mean that's a little more intimate feel good and I don't exactly but sort of debate if it's high functioning like is that. Rhetoric or is it like up and functional alcoholic I mean does it is a back on the thing. I know I'm I look like an out and you know went and grabbed the outside world I'm normal but I can't. Peter writes they're. Well. This look at how quick are all right what is the week OK and not knowing win because I haven't thought about it deep when he does that really come into effect. Is it when you're really IR restaurants I mean when is it really like a down right. And I had no street I ain't that you caught a and I can't look at people I talk to them I can talk better when I'm sure I'm we'll talk to people better what I tried to I don't look at that. Weren't you it's totally impersonal way it looked because. Look guys I'll like what you women's breasts tonight how the Obama high functioning I just can't make eye contact I'm really I'm not being creepy I decided to focus that I know you're not being creepy and I'm being chronology husband embryo are you able to break those barriers with them I guess you guys are kissing having sex in the news or you look and you know at the ceiling or some holes because they like come on maybe. Or is it normal Ireland. Item can. Be easily. Beat the global market and what. I mean that's. But when you kiss your generally met staring Eddie till you're lucky BW or you can but if you relate to some of an open your eyes a new backlit it's weird how about a number it. About numbers and numbers you that you couldn't read but does that include numbers is. I can read more than I can right. But it cannot hide it from people. What do you what if I gotta do what you gotta build from electric company would you be able to pay it. A casino you recognize 69 dollars and fifty cents or whatever you needed a credit or. OK I'm. We're romance easy read or you can even teach yourself now your brain just won't process the ability to suit. To be able to pick that up. They it's been a lot. And I've gotten my hair they pick our. That's a totally different story altogether my budget does not think about applied challenge it from my Jim. Although it fooled lots of. Hello I'm Butler was my answer is no doubt about that so what about your kids get older and like the good luck man I wish I could tell my kids I can't read or write just to get out helping them all. Now they re Courtney Avery or they're eleven and thirteen he talked my thirteenth hole before. Oh. Well I'm well read. That's that's got to be handy that they can do that now you know having. Yeah me out but and I can't and that mom. And this capability. Diet bait and it you know they can't we'll. Yeah yeah that if they can't have that they're friends that yeah I think we're going to my mom keep. But today do they ever try to run com on your. You don't really let your mom and leave man and so bad news about a report card your son has run for your today paper drive and do you value standing in glass right no social issues whatsoever fervently well ahead of unbelievable that you are such. Brave non. A lot of mud I'm not buying. It. OS yeah that's right so like Mother's Day or your birth there barrel times they want these days that people get only stupid call you out more about that you're cheap date I mean like. I still obligated to buy yeah I did give me some cards and give it to you. You read it in the lab we get teary eyed or whatever it is that than their like do people leave Obama to give you car. Or they should give you one of the singing hard bread we open up an apparent act. You know the doorway is a man is an assorted guys Emma and I hate that so many car drew musical. I don't know again birthday and whatever it is we eat you go to the store in my McCarty were obligated to buy card in in you pick the card up. You re the frog says the new and make a determination about what might bar it based on what the follow up messages inside. The new open those goddamn thing and it's hard salient or something advancing I feel like every time I look for car of the first hand I pick up our vote when you pick up all just fun. Sorry second ain't so probably whoever you give it to. Bradley is not funny that now even if it's an implant a car and a humorous. It's not a lot of pick and pro cards are really for only. Thirty seconds and interaction did you go according to read and like this has nothing to do with anything about the spurs basically a card says remember this date. But the all of it as I remember the eighteenth century. If I really. I mean higher art it's what a united view. I'm right there with a mouse then went to my mom's it means so much earlier than I was then had like why we still do here's the difference your money goes a recycling look you're mom will keep that card. Now if my kid Cindy Carter give me a card I keep those cards I don't keep cars. I can do whatever life wrote an outfit like daddy I love you whatever I'm there I'm gonna say I haven't had a mouth it's just I mean there's two months of them forget they gave it to me in the number recycling day shore. It's like there are work. These sports. What did you do you hold it for a little lucky no refrigerator instant stuff. Golf and was it worth an 844999. All hold the line calls on the way you are listening to the men's or radio network. Smiles. All flawed Philadelphia. Fans literally went nuts after the Eagles won the Super Bowl in in this case literally is not an exaggeration because one guys celebrated the championship by. Eating horse crap. Just got right down on his hands and knees in front of a pile of feces and took a bite and of course the crowd of his fellow philadelphians. They would wild gathered around an egg demonic. And of course they filled him. And just reminder this did happen in the context of celebrating a Super Bowl win which they hadn't had a long time though there's no context for that yeah today. There are many of philadelphians who did not eat poop but he did celebrate by having their own good time. City trees are being uprooted there was dancing on top of cars fires set all kinds of which you would expect after city who has won a championship in 56 years we do but. Eating horse crap is a little bit different than all but. Well the real Zia hours after the cavaliers won the 12 from twenty dollars in 2050 whatever laws got a horse who respect he denounced squad down he picked it up off the ground. So that in his mouth and I had made the comment maybe if your city is in championship drought that's what you do and and a bunch of comments came and said hey man. The fourteen comes from a one World Series nobody was eating portions you know give you early coast fans they should have a complete if that's the thing to do. Everybody does something different it without having a conversation about the Eagles fans and even before they went to the Super Bowl when they were in the NFC championship game. The cops are gone and they grease the Paulson. And they use Crisco and something happened that he range of one of the deal wasn't wasn't as efficient so then some. Somebody said hey we've got the you needed sorrow yet this it will put all over the poles and there's no waiting climate and of course people climb to many anyway right yet but that's what they do in Philadelphia mean that. There's no other city that thinks they won a championship he got to go around a result the polls there where that's strictly something that they do well as far as for late colleges yes but be belligerent palatable to an eighteen to twenty they do dumb stuff run. A professional sports team right in the bottom of the city in general is just the geographic location and how they celebrate an intent and I were talking about this in our area. That Maryland and West Virginia the college kids and burn couches they'll take accounts on other out of the place it's furnished. They'll put it in the middle of the street they will light it on fire in the name will dance around and industry to have to be shut down because of the counts on fire and though right and basically make it a block party. Is the way they do because. Until you get that counts on the road no cars are coming through a group gathers round. Party starts police come and try to disperse it fire comes with taking get in the block either the same movie every single time but in that area. As we can do it and you're down there. I'm from there but at no point that I ever to park you know like it always seemed dumb. And why you liked the phone for my god I just don't found them late. But with Phil do what it is men's Eagles think if you had to grease those polls late. That's part of I think it's almost a decision put grease on them now people are determined to do it right yeah I think they've got to live up to something worse and here's what it is you're absolutely it's cheap housing. Itself. Furnished apartments. And number of those apartments for the same furniture and on for 1015 years. That they counts every probably most broke you know piece of crap anyway and people just look around the room after summit happens like. That was a discounted and they just take it outside and they yeah they burn it down of those moments because somebody says like well we got to do this. You know we're really go isn't what we do already wrecked you write in at some level I can cut it for college kids I out and show the filly won just seem like he was such an expectation in minutes late. Natalie they went out destroyed stuff I didn't seem to mattered it's like our sports science is the last out via that would make that I eat and poop like come on mayor Mike. There's no way the adulation of a few people watching you dad who was worth it wasn't word I mean now get your team on the Super Bowl but. UA horse poop. What I did is like Heidi Hartmann who if you lose like you all the bad right now I gotta eat horse prove because dammit the patriots won the fury eagle. Like a lost the bet you mean that is yeah not I've volunteered the eagle or they are a ball I'm just so happy even throw I'm so happy I've been waiting 56 years the horse crap. Right back that I finally here. How did you do it wasn't worth an 8449990. Look here's what the question really you're sailing didn't have a Chicago Cubs went pretzel like the Phillies. Right Philadelphia Phillies have won a couple Jim lake where they back crazy for the Phillies to yours just like it's the Eagles they haven't whined he gives us carte Blanche to be I think if they act. Man I just think the Eagles have been so close so many times and they have failed miserably every single time they finally get over that hump right. The thing authority notorious for being jackass is so and that I think you're right once they announced late hey. These are the propulsion for him taking Casey go crazy basically what you just said all Philadelphia's. Go crazy. You go do this thing because we wouldn't know good routes. It's gonna happen any time against suited than the last time it happened and it took 56 years championships. All right it's even myself is that I remember leaving. It still living in PG county. When you immerse him elements are national championship yet that given by the year before we barely had blown look at twenty point lead young the final form. So I mean people were really pumped for that and especially when they won they beat Indiana. Maternal gonna burn the other I went down there right good it's going to be and so bright and at that point out that get shot with a rubber bowl practice you don't I don't think they are defenders burning stuff for almost victories as Julie Bieber just gonna torched the town unless you're a fan of sports teams that are very successful most times people hate those type of fans and those people because not. Because a team always wins that they don't like people but. If you're fan duke basketball and they traditionally have a very good program that they're going to be in contention to to win but for the most part. For the most part you're only gonna see a championship of your favorite team. Once or twice in your lifetime if you're lucky yeah lucky if you're really into it people think of it that way the mammoth give a favorite baseball team when's the last time they want the World Series one. You I think I remember in my life I donated through the whatever was yet your third fourteen you know I go 1880 for can three right and you don't realize it at the time but I think that's what the last on the pirates one was in the seamer memos of higher paying for all 79 and I know that that will be my one time to see Pittsburgh Pirates when it's amateur that's it it is done it's it's over like the windows closed. I gotta I can imagine what would happen and only the saudis have been more like. Right now the patriot the long summaries blame the problem and are actually got to kind of right we know that Red Sox fans cubs fans yankees fans teams and have good people in the front office get good players competitive every year Jersey the lakers failed to going to be a Cinderella story every year or every once in while some how long the cubs and yet. 100 Maria I'm right I have to give the credit card to a level of baseball and our they would the World Series again when Biggio and they got on the detail what he believes Shockey and bush still pharma comes fan I'd. I'm hoping that went to the World Series a beta and there's no guarantees or moment so aid group after the the sales one MRI the Super Bowl or as always horse who went down what did you do it wasn't worth an 8449990. Crowd control. Easier deceit did you see and I know that probably of the police horses out there and get some fat but. It does seem like is is that horse poop specifically if you will wake up I picked up a dog heard and what he is available equally important locally and stimulate the saint Isidore there's horse who prevailed yes it's there so that that's that's not what you're saying there's that as people is available. But you don't have that I just delete. I think it's crazy right it was in a unified if you litter by every time you walk through any city downtown new of those in massive pile of horse crap in the middle it's been run over but I never thought you know they. I'm a good mood I'm gonna pick up a handful about it and I don't stop this in my mouth because I'm feeling good about things. Hello weighed welcome to the men's room. Well probably July the laugh. People are getting my story outlined. Did something. Squared away free huge thrill as far as that airplane and all the plumbers all that you were saying there's no blame him. And general what 85 plumber throw claim. The plane was in the air for forty minutes within the Toronto Lander because there they had toilet trouble. Right okay. I've been an aircraft protect her almost thirty years like dad aircraft and Karen pearl reported. And that being news is it do you tamper with you're looking at dean arrested and find over point 5000 dollars for tampering with a mantra. Well I did debt out of sight like my thought was it also was having a stroke on employment and same as or doctor implant. I just feel like those are wrong with a toilet in my option is to either go back to the airport is to golf for more he doesn't happen to be a plumber. I would have at least asked the question. Look at. He Bob Zoellick the plumber and have the planes and wheat are collect money were on our way ma'am. It had to do my system it's pressurized system and the whole nine yards and over have you ever sprayed results include dealing with the no not personally but judge seemed to happen. Aaron and the other thing it does he duck blue liquid you ask I hate the corrosive. So it is quite get all over and spilled out all my gosh and you know that's a lot harder. Bio barbers for their columns in that stuff because of previous feebly and ankles all the bugs although. I was put all of it normally. So and so and so what did you go was aware of the way. Are sold Bachmann I would I'm almost fifty now. It into you a heads up I'm got to call then about beaten speeding tickets he gave me a hard to armada. I'm a anyway so I was back around 190. Did Boeing and written in blue dog on Mount Rainier not had a GS six are some big east slingshot. And it was cold Oakland's second shift saw a jump on the 160 assortment and I started bombing down inside shoulder. And I ended up passing two cops fitness highway eighteen under the underpass at night at a buck buck sixty. Sand. He's ended up religion back in. Pull up my license plate so it didn't catch it NN. Ended up having it and Libyan twelve of them in pursuit are lost then. Then turned around they crowd me and then I lost him again and then I would literally about two miles from my house I had. Another radio. Children there. Some wade calls are gonna ask him what when you get on the public road system. In anywhere you go would would you move word did you feel this entitlement to go like. I'm going to drive whatever vehicle I have as fast as recklessly as humanly possible like really do bullet. You know like these trying to run from the cops every time you get is that they think Gainey felt like I was gonna gun drive around to target account is get on my ass like his guts. My father a man he is a notorious speed right I mean it rarely gets called the began its. A lot of times you'll have a conversation among and you talk about road trip and so well how far away is police aid from point B the biblical. Man maybe it's a four hour drive and Rosalynn my filed normally in his mind and it's a two and a half hour drive. We wait for hours but to have Rudy driving across the country in really bad dude I'm telling you it does is pedal to metal. But he's always that cold and it never seems like he's reading. Don't you know even so this but spears or word weird bunch you know. This is a B Wynonna who follow the letter of the Lowell to everything I did in those numbers but he is cool eat right you know like. For whatever like. And yankees got to meet the adrenaline wears a little dislike it and like I would be even think about it. They're just remember all other government goes a 65 miles an hour though some signs flashed above apparatus that I've got 55 miles an argument. Malone's. Any sort of fit to fat and I was like. It's still hide away you know an entire planet different part of lame idea even if that. I'll see you letting him I mean the car's gone my good fight it out. Give if you already drivers have to download to your left and right and all the cars like this. You might be going too slow going to governs my don't drivers have a different I actually don't jump off the cliff that's right it typically immediately. Just get closer to that is like tabs don't care about your review because I mean. There is no reason for them the care. Don't care for gold dispatch from terror usually they can give a rats that so I'm an old ram 8000 miles an hour doesn't matter and look I like going fast so please. Ghana but who were drivers you all got their wildcat does not want to drive 55 and I would know he's worried that your ass is giving him a bad review it yet what are you doing. You create. He's dating do you think whatever you do do not question the the directional system that is in the car and a bunny wasn't hammered right parodies hammer but elsewhere around town. That's where in the car and he just came to my place and we're going back now we've got a couple things we'll tomorrow. So this this app goes like it's taken as any in my in my friend's defense he's absolutely right sure but he opened his mouth like you do that. That that. GPS you have is completely wrong he's like it's actually believe it it is taking it this way. And he just turnaround is I I follow the GPS the my RA okay all right so where they do and he's fist down in and my buddies back on. She's from cot next thing you know like I've got like now a one star reviews online order buddies technically right this guy is technically in the wrong but he asked me on my number this is the fact that he did not know. He was even close it was like this then you gotta give his OK you don't new order. We're like well and you still got a battery we tried but uniter African year you know and you're all the way over here like you know language for Israel there. I'll get you there. And you will give us if it who tomorrow you will get puzzled by what what did you do it was aware that a 449990. Hello Rodney welcome to the bedroom. All it's. No I did at the back of the movie and then turn around and I'm not very good whenever you're lucky you're alive. Now I doubt I ended up in arbor mute for a little over seven days. Back of the head to the pavement. They didn't. And man oh. Man you look better and our hearts. And actually it might note that there really. Yet to go to special surgery registered this and put a bag of attract over the silverlight a lot of pride got in Australia heavier you're symptom is now not to recruit anymore. Yeah yeah well how all nine plate might they now Jesus Christ and how old were you when you made this decision. The Quebec and human and I'm now forty years old come on ma'am. I don't normally here they think again a little bit of fire ball. Oh boy we know you're drinking dirty tricks included a fireball that was closest thing that lets you have a little bit of fire ball laughed at that. Well there wasn't much fireball left when we're done that we're out on my buddies property pre party for party. He got forty acres so I'd in the back of my body. Really a black man 48 guns. That's a weird in the back of loves my belief starts. You decided you know you're gonna go like it came out now. If you know at fifty miles an hour is fast if you're standing on American will be. It's not a bad as the general would have mistake you make up Google's what you just lose your balance I guess. Or what I remember reacts coconut but they told me I can they did tell you you're lucky to be alive right. Yeah British air and cracked vertebrae on your alone. I don't follow I don't follow a lot of the other. Teams in the NFL as far as their individual players when they come from but if somebody goes to West Virginia and I and I know who they sure are based on that I've file folder in a poker just to make sure look at a map the dire turnaround yet. So others getting Chris Henry played for the Cincinnati Bengals he got into a argument with his then girlfriend slash wife whatever she was. And she jumped in the truck and was gonna take up track and a girl and she would leave or whatever deals domestic thing. He jumps in the back of the truck. Tries to get a stop these coming on the back window like a slowdown though Brandon or things album on he falls out the back of the truck canals in that that's it fills in that. What job what did you do and was it more than a four for a 999 hello Mario calls coming up you are listening to the men's or radio networks. Right here Philadelphia fans celebrated Eagles went by eating horse crap. At the Waste Management Phoenix Open a streaker who was out there for at least a good 45 minutes of one assay said you know under for awhile even only had a 15100 dollars in fines. It was all worth it he did spend five days in jail again said it was worth it. At a guy almost died from chugging 25 energy drinks he said that was not worth it. And he wants them banned our question what did you do and was it worth an 844999. All hello Alex welcome to the men's room. Oh you are gentlemen on top. I he would do and man are you. Don't get it and thank god. Only act so. The whole thing out of me I just happened last week actually. Pollutants but Kirk I'll leave your house you weren't. So I decided to try to catch up all the time we got down the main road and there's a car Bernard going about five miles an hour under this include. All of them for a little bit was kinda get sick and tired of it so I figured screw it. I'm gonna pass him so I ten didn't sir go around them. And by the time my front bumper got up about up to about their driver dork. I saw AS spotlight on the window there are so turned out it was just pull under. Car. All day all they do that to you. He asked all turned out that they don't like getting passed in the double yellow line. Yes I am only look on his lights he pulled me old. And yeah I got a 136 dollar ticket on now on the I came home. And obviously our I had to post on FaceBook and I did. Come to find out a trend among got pulled over the day before by the same exact comments on same exact its and I guess she did not get a ticket. Look it's the same thing as flashing high beams to warn the other cars coming that basically there's speed trap ahead it's like. This is a sad. This is a set up there's nothing else do it it's the setup man select. I go to court and say this is a setup Manila give his serve blunt used it I hope you still have to rather slow as humanly possible to give this guy is involved in a setup that Obama isn't the only way you got to make money. But you gotta Molly isn't there a better way to make money is there anything that county and city. Could you come up with you said in a meeting and came leveled this mean you Gonzales speech anything this was your idea like. What are but most bizarre little analog integrated audio well you know the people make money you put on the brakes on the persons claiming a Mac government plane to turn her right what's that do you make hello Mike you make more money through insurance fraud. Just put on the breaks but then slammed into the back if you take the money that way you knew the car crash police car driver out of fuel like when your hand you think you more money. You can take that personally the insurance and you do your rehab all that you can cash into the city can cash and his catch the opening up the Obama only look at our care if he's sort of a speech. Grandma is out of the speech but when you get pistol someone flips or lights let people know there speed trip. In theory when lets someone flips relates several slow round isn't everyone driving safer now. Yes they yes there's I'm going to sound good right that's that's the idea that you won't be feasible closer but likely came nearly a trap set up. Everybody slows down so if you read what they have done is made roads safer yeah. But the same thing after Matt marijuana march or keep an estimate a month after that 100%. What what did you do and was it worth today. Okay. It's. It's okay. OK okay. It. I you don't have it. You. Well and it's got hurt. At all like I'm here to connect. Somebody did you when was it worth it. No word yet. Don't call it pipe gold out of and I didn't get our feet. And no like well I'm concerned. That they want to content source gold. At the end date equity unit that you called gap games around right. No all anybody can tell like LA though it certainly. Direct everyone in the courtroom treated. No doubt at all like hey I don't think I don't need all the police do you that would lead you. The American people like okay well he's got the other night it all on them. I don't got alzheimer's. And duper. And give credibility that I. And we the other is not good night but. Out of England part of it and very easily Internet guy. I think bogey and I thought it was okay. I attacked it left that you get together he got it out of your iPod battled back I act act. Well yeah completely alert today. I doubt we're planning on and you know I think all the little girl people rainbow card I got pregnant and when you really do know. No doubt he got it real quick outs. Ought to have a lot yeah. Now here I'm with ya. I know they you know that's those people love bright brat but they'd be they'd really. At a with the term is but basically they just want you to yell back of course but his defense I heard that one of the new and I'm trying to bump in spring and everybody to order to make it. All right Zain probably you know it's the same those people who have the makings. Our senate vital organs similar you gotta wonder is there anything in common between the two groups. No locks no one dollars and they have anything in common joke it will make the what are they haven't gone. This seems like that's the same parents when north the north of us. Until what did you do though and was it worth an 844999. All I hang up drug charge right gals coming up Wilson's been with ten songs under the cover. Shenanigans continue on the men's Wear a radio network.