02-05-18 Seg 3 Mens Room Knows These Streets

Monday, February 5th

Emails, You're Guess is as Good as Mine is between Streets and Beers!,plus Ask the Mens Room and the Shot of the Day!


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This is dumb men's room. I'm listening to. Was thrilled. Are clustered around a bar fight the reason for the random question question guys and hospital right now after a wild west side shoot out of the saloon in tombstone Arizona home of the famous frozen pizza. Are you reading this from like the 18100 news 1917. Apparently others is a rerun from the apparently a 47 year old guy named James Robertson got into an argument with another guy in James wound up shooting the guy in the Lech. He was arrested on suspicion of aggravated assaults. Tombstone by the way is where the gun fight at the OK corral happened back up 1881 which included quieter than Doc Holliday. And has been featured in tons of movies the shoot out on Friday night haven't at a bar called up Doc Holliday saloon. So nothing has changed now for all down. Yes and I say what there was a goes a bar that that Steve and I were in the in the house of god the gas lamp district of lovely some Diego California move. And we might as Spencer always been a little bit of time they're probably three or four hours. So now think which report. They so the bartender you know he's just talking and asking him some questions ago outside a cigarette and come back in a mica that Wyatt Earp hotel building across street does that have anything to do with water. He's like well yeah include this requirement called his eye in the east of the gaming room upstairs they had like he is a steakhouse was downstairs in the old that old building and ran whatever illicit activity he was doing and there. Yeah exactly and knows just like no kidding the wider but what they'll be doing the things they're like I never thought of wired to like all going to solve Diego over the weekend you know maybe. You know my vote in my thing up and his little with my dog is like a you know Tex is guy or something yeah I thought what wired her by like OK it's got to be steak house you're golden America it is demand or somebody merriment Bonner a lot of flow. Ran down my relic hunters you have learned. Hello grace that welcome to the men's room. Oh I. Grace let's go to superior and question question what odd things do you enjoy. With thing out there there might be a little strange but you really like it and. I don't like listening to older according to my teeth they're teeth Sherlock Holmes. Now it is a absolutely fantastic dancer and his wife Camilla that we support that kind of thing a 1000000% but I'm I gotta think. There's not a lot of people don't want to spend time with you know and hey I'm gonna fire throughout a home. Came back in the day when there was live theater on the radio they would have the Green Hornet they would have the Lone Ranger they had Sherlock Holmes do you know anything more about it like how many. How many episodes aired how how many years to show was on her how do you find that stuff I mean is it pressed on vinyl her way what or even collected. Tiger tiger Kabul's old vinyl copies of it let them maturity of that night bootleg Donald on. Is it the same actors voicing the parts or is it different every time. From what I've heard her. Unlike its when he bit short armed that I listen to almost always the same actor. That's goal because that becomes a relatable does that that's really the character that you're hearing the same character that your reading when you read the book America radio while Israel like the original social media the original entertainment all kind of stuff any other does that you branched off and any other shows if you listen to. No not really watched all I watched one woman from the sixties on television all the content match but I. I just really love old television and all ratio because there's just so much more emotion packed. Allow little radio and I have Nagin Lynda Carter that's my thing right there while you and it during a lot over correcting back in the day about but I think got to write my oh my god I was I'm flipping through the channels last night and what those who is now it's not it's not Colombo has admitted Colombo there was Colombo McLeod who broke into the other was Peter Falk. He was Colombo Colombo all right William Shatner is on there William shatters playing a radio talk show host mobile so I mean he is really going over the top on a shattered it was the worst television I've ever seen in my life it was absolutely horrible and what kind of radio I don't know why wasn't I cannot tune away. He was the one who was in trouble for murder but they were never gonna tensions to currencies the ships. At exactly. Reason I ask what odd thing do you enjoy life. People love popping pimples even though doctor cells not to do that line and lots of people even love watching YouTube videos of other people popping. Massive temple I have to admit I follow one of these people it's there that. Doctor Darfur hopper that you told me that I needed to be turned onto rattle oval was her name. It is she goes by doctor pimple Popper doctor pin spots it did free exams and treatments to people when it for I don't she's still those but. When her kind of online social media campaign for started she's like tell you what coming in let me film it. And you'll get treatment on the house. Okay well I can tell you what I can't sometimes I'll look at somebody and like how do you not know that that black it is so big you haven't gotten a would you ask them well have been an outgrowth of the bids and how close I'm. But I will then littering you know and how closed door to him physically I lament about the new bankunited seen nothing about yeah you or your vote why the blob that things had to have this thing and a simple and that was for like 67 years ago whatever may have been longer now we're living together. It's like this huge bump that he had an asset yeah he's like dude what is that I'm like I don't know man and I'm gone and I just squeezed at and it went to. And you shot a round like it's pebble. It's so good road hazard everywhere that's so girl last week you sit in the office managers mesmerized by doctor purple box so. The way our does work we're kind of facing each other and mercifully I do not have to see which of wanting. I walked around once a solid two Obama might do that I'm Alice disgusting I just can't speak so Daniel Kelly is a philosophy professor at Purdue University any studied why were so drawn to disgusting things here's his explanation. Public a pebble is the same kind of thrill people get from say riding a roller coaster. Or bungee jumping. And activate the experience that typically comes with a real kind of danger while actually being protected from harmful effects in other words. We're wired to get a lot of enjoyment from doing dangerous things popping up double gives us that same quake hit an instant gratification. But it doesn't put our lives in danger to our earlier big deal the people like do it it's. Look I think everyone's located poplar owned nobles you just take it to a different level. Good you'll offer to pop other people's Pope throw more I brought pop open but look what we do OK you say hey man. You got that thing and eyebrow yeah yeah metro says that let me topic do it for two hours and Barkley knew quoted you can't apartment guide. Those as do many uses and for me and I school and the same is Robby and Robby had the biggest black kid who's right in the middle of the back of his neck. There's no way in hell he possibly could have ever seen this thing the only person who saw that was a whoever was responsible for cutting his hair right everybody else who walked behind. But this and I watched it grow and like I watched this thing get bigger. In big they're doing nipple big Hurley did you know it got to the point where like it was bigger than a black you know led type thing that it grew. And then I got yellow is Erica here you lighter I do then you could tell how does get deeper. You know man and knows everything that I could possibly do wonder just reach out there get rid of that thing just. You're just focused and well now I didn't you know and I wanted to fit I really did you and I mean I anything other than then. I didn't feel comfortable discussing the topic very much. There was a time you were not comfortable bringing pretty much you know I mean like I don't want everyone to know I marrow Bob and that some pebbles and act like him and high school so I really just wondering took their grab at things would you think you would have felt like mental Robby had you know like you know there's some kids ago through really bad acting short on the and he was fair skinned he was more redhead. And so he would get these boils. I mean like big boils it kind of probably affected his face today either he's from sure he's popped up a little bit just how bad acne was. And I remember that he was on tetris cycling or something like that the made him somewhat crazy but it seemed to make his acne worse he was. He always look like someone just mere two degrees. But there was no reason forty was is going through puberty it was a worst case scenario that you had to locate a good job bagged an infantry every single pebble he had let in his neck and he'll scratch tomorrow he got rid of those they couldn't see this huge ass black and on the back never told. Well I'm sure someone that eventually are just popped out how eventual eventually the damn thing is a problem round. I'm friends friends and hello Ed drew welcome to the bedroom and all aren't. Create reasonable rich. I'll talk about right hander Andrew Miller. And I mean nineteen years old. Yeah it did my golf we'll walk off of him before you do really occasion in my miles over get popcorn. It's unbelievable all. Of the warmup. That. She would be among you let's go that's when you're young enough Devlin may have excuse is what was your best excuse. Was the best excuse you've ever used. You. Learn I don't like this man. Based on the severity of what your punishment would have been if you told the truth this excuses to invest well. Two others doing the teacher parents cops. Anything when a camera gonna come down as somehow you shoot your way out of it with her slick crafting of words that's your best excuse. You got you pull the wool over your apparent size they've Roger do something else. You somehow smoothed it over what what what what excuse to be used for anything you know out of work it out of school. 010. Martin balloon he won't let off on all levels. And of the war afford to block. It's Wednesday and I didn't want to I'm not I'm not working through lunch or did drop my friend blast fireworks. Can the I am getting out of the other doctors. What I do and I go to urgent care and how much doc I gotta I gotta headache. Believe there's no way not knowing today there are lobbyists out of whatever and little did he go on Michael shot I wanna I wanna get shot ideas I had talked to Nadia out here. And than their and then you and I are on the view you view it is literally look at something got much ledgers you don't know it's it lower. What are you getting your ass and us really know I gotta I gotta put a shot in half on like all man. It hurt to Ellsbury and I don't know what it was. It hurts worse when you have an SE deal because than you know you have an STV and. You know I have I've been in my opponent patent. The reason we ask what was your excuse you've ever wondered if a cop we'll let you off on a speeding ticket abuse that I have explosive diarrhea. I have wonder that I wonder that not in Austria. Through I was pulled over in Western Australia morning the other morning go on 123 miles per hour over the speed lemon and on the ticket. It says the guy told the cops quote I need to ass because my kids had given me diarrhea. The cops showed no sympathy for guys looking at a 950. Dollar fine and may even lose his license by the way guess what happened after he got the ticket was he tells the truth yes. If I'm writing the take and I relish he is number Tampa's own pants in order to go into has taken up. My apologies that's at home and handy because I would I would justice in the U go put the the hazards on and just drive on the shoulder if you got that bad. You think I don't think you can take it to that and even look if it's if it did it comes down to actually crowning your it if it if it's gonna come out man right I mean I'm jumping in the bush is undo our I won by how Obama coming illegal that I should be doing to get rid of trauma care you're on a bridge just pull over approval. The sign read a question question still to come the return of NASA men's room your guess is as good as mine we will drink and tell us with a shot of the day that is all on the way you are listening to the mental. Smiles. How will break it tells the shop the day is on the way also the return of Assam and Truman first time for a few emails here for the men's room momentum live back out. All guys love Michelle and listen daily news show is the most secular and everything in my life the first is my son David. Plays rocket is nineteenth birthday today is one amazing son has his head on straight and has become a great man. Love you. It. Yeah there are a lot of time you say I love you. Can I get done eternal thanks in original faced sandwich say what for tell the police. I love you very much set from back. Asks back in high school I used to listen your show every single day. A college degree in a real job later I remembered about your podcasts and and is now what gets me through my workday glad to hear my favorite segments are still around on the front big old LeRoy Jenkins. For my 26 trip around the sun thanks guys that from Britain. I. I don't know today's my 29 birthday thanks for the great show and constant labs can I get an Allen think and some turtles thanks. Cheers guys that from Joseph thought look at. Tiger needs a salutation is gentlemen and lovely Robin I'm writing in today for a special birthday for my old shipmates. Ear air Apollo I believe. He's always been one my favors the most frustrating sailors and today's a special bank please honor him and with a little turtle wax and a couple of letting PX. Also as it is my birthday as well please blaming and I'll think oh look out cordially that from cookie these sunburns and ginger. It is. Oh look gone. Tough cookie ballet lessons in Tucson Arizona scissors please. IPO lord god that will drive on them Tucson tonight. That is all I am state sales going on I didn't. Our guys longtime listener first time emailers by 26 trip around the sun today housing if you guys can give me a birthday shout out. Can I get thrilled talking some smack. To me police thanks guys in rock comment from Dallas. From ballot bowl as a unit is doubtful you got a big day UN got a Big Dig a little rainbow bridge. Mitch is happy birthday poke ass right to the do you. Today's iPhone Ellen's birthday together they do good to go out and make it I don't think you'll they've dialed I call them big debug bug because of the shape of the bella. Okay are you were not yet if you were on the same route ever seen a map of the Dallas Bellwether goes all the way around Arlington Arlington and tell you this early on it's a giant piece of him. With no real there's little pee on those Soledad a map and like oh my god they they they secretly made the Dow's beltway. Look like a giant penis and I took all the big. Policy. Do you hearing me. Ollie can really tell on this one but before it was I'll show you better picture of it's it's absolutely it's a giant penis. That the that the that and how does today's my 27 dollars and you guys ever they work unfortunately so does my brother. And I know he's too damn lame derided and saw bill myself. Gonna get doesn't dirty Germans and miles to sell me some slacks thanks guys that from Steve the DHL driver. And we'll look that would be shown in my little heads the white knights didn't did. We'll go to foot if you need any and all kinds of selecting a pledge flanked got brands like implants and a black slacks. I got two weeks lacks. Enrollment trunk. The Lusa. Guys is my husband Alex has 27 trip around the sun even though we moved away he's still listens to your every show. How to make old LeRoy Jenkins and a birthday song thanks guys appreciate it. I. Guys as my dad's birthday neither one answer my phone call but I know he's listening to your show. He's pretty decent so would you wish Jared happy birthday get McConnell Joey chestnut thanks guys for ebony. How does our dad like to request they had a birthday song or maybe some Shannon Sharpe dirty German. Legacy if Marilyn Monroe sang it to JFK thanks guys that from the lovely Sylvia. Yeah we'll pay you good focal my faith is open to a couple of. Until a third on 45 or brown is another my friends are Fam they're cool enough to listen. At the in my own John how can I get turtle wax who oh look out in the middle thanks guys that tomorrow. Overlook go to. Spawned. Noticing the positions of the end of the key on the keyboard keyboard analysts say that Marin is really mark my OK. Not affect my arm as he stated. I'm told today my 45 trip around the sun gonna get a Joey chestnut and oh dear Jesus and some dirty German. Thanks guys that from Jason in Spokane. There aren't that bad to lay out with a chip on its goal mouth to be full of nuts a hold Israel today marked my 49 Jerry Brown the son. And houses nobody on social media has said anything about it and only an honorable mention from the family. I wanna juju instead give me a shot up personally. Please start me off with a LeRoy Jenkins and a Sarah Palin has sucked it up cupcake. I've given a shortened suites that from Bob K. We. Oh. Guys is Ryan from the red supermarket is my birthday and the Big Five oh can I get and it's time to take off the leash thanks guys. Sorry guys here you go. It's. Okay have you have you had to learn OK having having this time. I played good debuted these no bid. They're two Germans brought. So available through these world sings on men's line doesn't come another sign retailers. Know him shrine fly. September if you extreme Nelson mayor. Couple lecture is it just says guys you put on a great show. That's from Ron Ron thank you. Run your advertisement yes. Did he mean we've got those obviously Rudy shirt that's what melanoma but I you know I we don't get a lot of complimentary email so why not why we hack other radio shows emails and notices something does that boy have we we use of for a Jason has a lot of questions go boy. Guys that are Ellison men's room and once you know. How long the show us because I see this for hours on some radio stations and some radio stations as two hours and I wanna know how long the show list. On the show last four hours in its entirety. It is two hours on some affiliates a couple in California mobile will look. I would like all four hours of the men's or radio show and what radio is it on on the LA area and is not on the LA area. Well we are only area if you mean California yes exactly how they fall on ya Sacramento and San Jose's yeah that we are on in the Portland Oregon don't listen to LA area known and really just go to another blow West Coast as he drives all the time to us. Us or Jack guys that. So yes well don't go GON in Portland don't go any farther south the sandals and we are on the fox and I am Jose we San Jose Sacramento ninety Iraq and Sacramento go to Portland did the Seattle and a drivable Agrium there is and it. I drunk golf cart. Driving guys mostly what I worked for a designed to build company that it high in homes every year they have a big golf tournament and renounce the entire course. And we get hammered and drive golf carts I ended up flipping mine with my co worker in the passenger seat and here's the kicker. It was in front of the entire management staff and my boss and the owner of the company sought here's a second kicker. My job is to drive the company dump truck in it was my first week on the job options I left the job after he must come electrician. To saucer are working for new company later on down the line not realizing that they are contract into my old company through. My old boss walked in the job site sees median from the new boss testified flip that he vehicles lately. But cheers guys that can Trevor. Hi guys demos and live from Boston found the broadcast. Would like to say all look love Ted's birthday present from his mom that was great. Hello Mr. President you have the best laugh it makes me cry during my boring workdays you guys rock love Wendy's hot and juicy not available on the dollar menu. That's lovely windy ironically enough talking about the restaurant yes OK guys those in Honolulu just last week it was able C. Turtles having sex lucky you Lou you're welcome that from Sam the parliament also we get a good test online for your guess is there's mastic or nine right now 844999. Cola. Story about your parents there's a bad ass story. Well my dad turned sixty he became a long distance runner and completed in races throughout the country and even went to Russia look up in the summer of 2001. Dad was training for the Iron Man competition. He was when three times a week ride his bicycle every day and jog around the town. On the last day of August he was run over by car and left for dead on the street treat enemy look to good air look at the hospital. Spent does several weeks recuperating for the next three years he spent every day rehabbing and trying to get back on his feet to ride his bicycle jog in swim in the next ironman competition. Then on the last day of August 2004 while riding his bicycle through town. My father was hit by a semi truck and dragged down the streets. When the emergency vehicles appeared on the scene they were shocked when they realized it was my dad because it was the same mean tees were rescued him years before that. He was again led to the hospital worries in the next several months recuperating from the accident unbelievably. My father survived and is still out there kicking around he has a very strong person thanks guys and rock on that Greg you know makes me feel really bad about that let this guy. Gates left upright in retrained to lead to dire when there's nothing wrong with me I have no desire and that lifting up being there to do Iron Man out let's see here. I'll be just my dad was very cool guy RIP grew up Italian entry New Jersey in the forties and fifties today walked out of a Trenton high school assembly when Bill Healy in the comments reforming alive because they were bull us. He was jazz so natural Sinatra driving a 56 Chevy rag top skinny tie I think you know the guy. He graduated from high school worked his ass off midwest points they get going married my mom and Evan pretty great life. Would you like to visit family in 2000 I've never been there's my dad wanted to show me the little house he grew up and so the entire driving down chestnut avenue a lovely Trenton, New Jersey went to chestnut and unbeknownst to him. We are driving through a crack neighborhood. IA CE please openly. I see open deals going down some heavy dude staring us down as were cruising down the street. Boy this place sure has changed since my dad really I kept trying to slow down my seat so when I get shot my dad replies yet. They really clean this place substance broker detailed he was totally serious the from a son of a good. You had gentrification yeah drug dealers who represent that. I announced our brave little yard goes is as good as mine it's an easy game play and get a contested online and the parents are due to get as many right in the category before three strikes and you're out. And we have those categories ready to go Steve who's our contestant may play your guess is as good as mine hello Patrick welcome to the men's room. All I thought Iraq aren't magic. And Jack. Patrick your categories on your guess is as good as mine. Ten states the love beer more than any others. For the most common US street names those of the two categories where you wanna go today on your guess is as good as my. Go with the clear if you go to their beards and check. A survey was just done finding out where Americans love to drink beer. Why is fine for dinner so they say or if you just want people who think they're classy but a new survey found the new overhang in what brands we overwhelmingly. Go for beer. 36% of the population by the ways and beer is their first choice when there tomorrow with friends or the top five drinks are. Vieira. Margaritas number two. Why number three cosmopolitan is number four and gin and tonics at number five. I know the tune that the bartenders hate making your soul which state loves beer the most. According to the survey they found the ten states in the United States pillows beer more than any other. Also researchers in Germany just released a new study this week that might explain why having appeared to combustion a better mood. Obviously just been more relaxed his life doing the little I had to do with the compound the Marley called. Sporting mean. It's not a wider most liquor and activate this interceptors in your brain is a feel good drug don't put me. Itself there are ten that states that love beer more than any others when we play the game as you need to get as many rights in the categories you can before three strikes senior out. What is your first guest there as far as the ten states that love their beer. Washington. You must Erwin Washington. Washington not on the list man out at for me I feel like it's always northern states and don't quote me on this I do not know I do not have access to the list when I'm got to like Ohio Wisconsin Minnesota those guys Jones. I think you know in my group that good but I. What do you. And it. Wisconsin. That is a great yes Wisconsin is the number three. Beer loving states in the United States of America they don't break this down as far as of it's based on sales of it's based on cost none of that based on number breweries. It's just the people who love beer the Mosul they askew in Arizona a site. What's your favorite to beer choice it was favored I'll call us right and you were to save beer that's kind of how they did the service. Okay yes he does what they man and your family Washington with a number of Marines but. Phil again Ohio Minnesota maybe Pennsylvania. There. I don't like Joseph. Pretty similar midwest like. Checking your. But it touched. Kentucky coach at suburban capital out though most people there you say they love their Mervyn more than they love their beer do they knew organized through the urban capital. States and the world. There are certain. A hole all but. Or are they good. We're. Boring state like Kansas. Push. Around. The world that you may have been on man let's roll aren't and makes Ohio. Now unless truly coach. Famous and I've been there a cable. Minnesota. Not all BlueLinx. All right. I thought for sure he's middle cold as states. They're all pretty close together for the most. There's a bond girl alone. So no I don't doesn't like day. So it's a remarkable as he guessed what joining our yacht was with Stanton cards. Like Colorado Colorado is on the grounds at number ten that is correct then. Pat Colorado unknowns of satire Coors Light would be the big American headquarters something about a moral matchup as well. Because that's been entrenched for a long Missouri Missouri as I found that. If you're you're old standard go to is also in Massachusetts Massachusetts is the number one people loved your more than any the occurrence so so far you've got Massachusetts Missouri Wisconsin Colorado correct. I'm thinking more along the lines of the southern states because they tell like it's simpler film like a whole lot of mixed cocktails or anything like that it's other beer or whiskey something and some might may be Texas or Mississippi. Texas or Mississippi. Coach. Out there way my coach. Staff. On say we used to live in Maryland the Maryland. Oh yeah there really love their beer they can and believe or not and number eight and there's a few other mid eastern states there that can assure the Simpson. I guess PA the alien unless you ask. OK I guess maybe the North Carolina for Virginia's New Jersey near New Jersey there you go now to number six on the list love their beer. I'll. Freshman is a cosmos state. I was stunned by this man and some Obama my surprise when all the ones I am with the genius West Virginia unless damn. They like dementia put about like the bad. Now abandon not on the list of cocktail cash. It is manipulate the people who live there are different than people that visit to America has a hard time and again do you want to guess Massachusetts Missouri Wisconsin New Jersey Maryland and Colorado. Before that you missed on the face of love beer the most that would be Oklahoma for whatever reason Arizona for whatever reason. And Virginia and New York. New York me I would have never guess Virginia so those are your tails best of beer loving state scenario on your guess is good as much. To make it back and we're a drink it tells with a shot of the day that is on the way the first the return of ass amends or Mets coming up next you are listening to the men's or radio network. Around profile has done a business in order Intel's for the show that they both lose. It's been said that there are no stupid questions. We disagree yeah. Because you'll keep us get over. Yeah this guy. ST do you. Oh yeah. Is my mom who are questions that need answers and yes we can help. This is as good men's room. Got a question harassment germ to shoot us an email from the men's room and men's in my back comic Pacific gas and other Damascus and craft I guess what guys. In a mail goes into most all in the men's room. When there are working yearns to illegals into the stall. Does that mean he has a small member I see it all the time and could only imagine that as a reason that they don't wanna be seen why else would you go into a stall that from seven. Seven I think some people just get stage fright when they TV does. I don't know about you and this is just me but as I understand most people are pretty much ice forward. Down so I can be next to the man to make his famous I can be nice to mammals most famous and I will not know who loses. I'm just added I'm gonna be right. I don't know of guys had to get over breakup fully gentlemen round. How do you guys suggest getting over break up my boyfriend broke out we'll be on Saturday night the night of my best friend's wedding. And I am devastated I'm 44 years old as my first real break covered again for two and a half years seven losing your show ever since I can remember. I'd remember I'd skip school and go to work my dad Illinois listen to you guys felt good I'm never missed a show that's set up to you guys are part of my life and about your opinion and advice he was somewhat controlling our relationship wasn't the healthiest for right now it's hard to think about the bad times all the good ones. And I never realize when you went through a break up your heart and just actually hurt thanks guys will be so much that from the lovely Jessica. Just has great taste personable I mean no doubt are ready to go into movies I just I think the first break up via you have with anybody is always the hardest to doesn't matter if you're sixteen years older your 24 years olden like anything else. Time takes care everything but here's the good news in the meantime you're gonna lose atop a way to look great so there will be able to eat fest that you've ever bed an active president on the other guy look. Time is the main thing time north and really sold the Padilla does it get over so we'll get under somewhat. Don't get away I mean did drop a note how stupid and irresponsible maybe it is but everyone I know basically does is just drunk. Get a responsible ought to have the night of your for can wife and you might be surprised that's. Usually easier to move on that's. True stay busy and just you know I remember the bad times of kind of important right now let him use controlling it wasn't healthy relationship and you can. Say that at the drop of the hat like that. You knew it to be treated the entire time. And don't contact him yeah gold does go well no no no don't do that guys I don't like him it's my wife into a three way that from Trenton. Turn ma'am we got to meet your wife and refused interest in anyone of us. We can make a caveat and that's highly may come to one of our events and we'll see if she's down with a double three way and will will try to do our best from the do we do we cam and our part to do your wife to do 35 no problems I see your wife. So what I would say is yes however come to one of organs and and trust me will will liquor up just understand if she's blonde with big brown she might just take that she will you know also you're gonna be careful what you wish for you never know. Other one is for its government the black guy Astor well and she's gonna have to pick and then we'll go from there and Trenton we do have I you have individually double rules like you can't rub your hairy leg up against mine when the closure should still be no touching other than enough Haifa. OK so let's and so it can have a pleasant brass amends rendition as an email to the men's room men's in my dot com. And make the subject to ask the Mansur MRI am a manager Greg attack. Did you break. Israel knows just. Shots. Not as good as usual we had to do during the Afghan Stevens royal find out who are toast and yes indeed today we don't 51 year old Joseph Mattel speak. Of Lawrence township new Childers. Now I don't know what you would if you've been to the mall recently you'll know the one of the things that the malls are those of self massaging chairs oh yeah you drop a little money and it's not only does violin and our man mostly amateur pocono back the door and all the stuff. They don't feel halfback and I got a man in the airports everywhere and airports they have a little malls and I was say that most roles I have been through those church located very near. Wherever the children's play area is as well. I don't know this to be the case at the Quaker bridge mall in Lawrence township New Jersey but could do one year old Joseph. He was so comfortable he decided take his clothes off and not a few disclose he got but. Ass naked dropped his coins and massage chair and just let it work its magic now. When a ball security. Regard as soon hey maybe you should put your clothes back on what do you think our hero did. I jumped up and attacked him you are correct miles he punched him in the face now the guard than Adam Russell the man to the ground before police arrived which goes back to my theory that if you were to the police officer or security guard. At least in my opinion what I see you do make you people. Much more liberal stuff so now you got punched in the face it the Russell guy down on the ground the cubs finally get there early charred from the lewdness. And civil salt the guard by the way. Not seriously hurt. This guy he cannot be located currently. To get comet a guerrilla all really look at our road in the wrong way. Just like I mean I don't know ball security guards who pay them very much you don't need that now. Let's drink report does Boozer only drink this booze because when they get the main down and it still over the tone it down the throats of Barney in our top days. Down now oh yeah did you know. Get Duckett does not live for profiled as we will take our nine now 8449990. Loss. They should many things continue on the men's room radio network.