02-05-18 Seg 2 Mens Room Saw The Scuffle

Monday, February 5th

It's time once again for the Random Question Question!


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This is the men's room. Took another turn and ask the men's or my before we drink and tells with a shot of the day in the meantime it is our random question question 844999. Hole. You that's a question about like a weird encounter with a coworker rat pack and that is why you think he came in and this a little weird the little weird. Doesn't make the mistake of mentioning to co worker that recognize them from elementary school. Even though he was a few years older well apparently. It could lead to a whole new fatal attraction level and started following me to my car after work in spying on me. He goes on they are local workers noticed one day it's another I was seeing a focal worker in the lawsuit. He followed me in my car he was cart pusher and he's started crying and demanding to know all the super personal things about her relationship. When we were sexually active because in my house of mad because he hadn't noticed him yet which is how I found out that he knew where I lived a total wasn't comfortable with Thurman. We needed to talk to management then he started yelling I just wanted to know everything about you while you're making so hard for us to be together. Are there other coworkers at inner being manager came out of him inside contact with. Parents oh boy you know we were in our mid twenties which is how we find out that we had been one of institutions since he was a kid and apparently. Was off his amends for a number of disorders new to say he went away a commencement of ten years. I've not seen or heard him cents while the go workers can be weird but Robin you were saying that and you're saying in radio things you weird and someone confessed he murdered who you. Oh yeah there's a coworker are definitely a coworker I thought the yes going to be like someone who called upon the rumor though this is a co worker. I will not say his name was bill and it's. If he essentially he'd married a woman who had been married previously controlled her. Based tennis started seeing each other before the hold divorce was final with that guy. And suddenly that guy disappears don't know this is down on the Florida Keys and this guy disappears and is a whole investigation underway. Well. I guess they had to go through. A lie detector test my whole nine because they wanted to know if they were in on shore and made big head disappear. He was found in the main groves with a 38. And they put him somewhere where the crabs and stuff can get to an anti tied. He told Judas oh yeah and he came it was like listen you might hear something about the size wanted to cleared up if I also wanna say closed door behind him when he came in. Scared the hell and brochure Doleac and. Beyond you know another raft to drive guy I know wolf. They are you know older we'll find out Alia that will be plagued the bonds in a row. Frightening so he comes I was trying to clear this up you might hear about it and the ides. I know that we are cleared of everything there is trying everything I do you cleared up if you admit to murdering so I don't clearer than murder accusations after our children they move them body brace he was found with a 38 in the main growth of mobile and yet all of the details today Everett had a analysis it was really eerie and get out of here ugly for a second minions like did not have something you do it because she collected here. Violence comes like tonight we thought about that one of Islam and so far I allegedly Korea special overlay a Marion national forest or a political flaw aria abort we as a because so many weird people at radio because nothing nothing but we are proud god we don't don't know our papers we don't of one murder one and those cores we. We are living in same apartment miles moves out of most of the day before me two days before. And he hired a local moving companies and they'd move us off miles calls me says hey look man but you want to say moving company message he had Richard greatness of listen and and I'm not camping with you. One of the guys I think as a murder or come to America is like no listen the guy confessed to me that he murdered his wife normally. Was he joking miles is like I don't think so I do get a much laws so companies pass the movers show and the guy that miles is talking about now I was having this conversation with me eagle and yeah all the way he said it was my likes to my wife's dad I'm like I'll do you know most are here that rap about the bump and maybe take a load balance the stone Tom Killian. They come back upstairs OK and I think in conversations over but that's exactly it. They were found to kill you might they keep interviewing me though OK at the and you come back over the mobile load and that amazing at some point they still don't know that a killer may come up you go here's never even over the double load. Even if Steve had to baby grand piano he just put both of them under his arm to watch him walk out there. So I was there critic so but after like the fifth trip he has confessed. That he is murdered his wife that is what I am understanding what he's just as well miles understood and there urged. There was nothing big about it I mean basically you separate but as he gets to the point that he's walking into my bedroom in and cut your look. Part of why haven't you do a book. And while some of the bedroom in my dressers possibly goes hey man I'm sorry a Boston Dresser like water under the bridge. How about your door and you're worried about rendered good friends all got into bed Dresser anyway. Hello pat welcome to the men's room. Our top OK time now aria. I think it includes the agenda I'm here you know each no must pay a gas that doesn't move. Lara titles go that's what might have to go back a little ways the world was. We're would you see as the nasty is lazy juve has sex. Who else. Good bit about your car in high school could have been a hotel room you. Probably do wanna check into the good on the floor of all local Baptist. CIA member in high school you know those sitting there like perhaps circle a huge threat to shut down on it in about it and they're. On one of those meter near high school. Jack I've let my par for the course. Don't appeal event agent does doesn't matter as much right now you're just you gotta break a limited parents house compared to not encouraging you have sites it's unlikely that compared to the girlfriend or courage you have six of the daughter select. Where you can't is what you would do down and out. I especially today cheerleader. How about all Hamas and how volatile as you got older in life. As are many of that you know just craziness. Mean obviously a bar bathroom wondered why it's. I that's conduit and obviously that's that's why they're of their artistry there for a while in college now arouses Nalen chicks analysis was great road they're just dirty filthy stunt like dumpsters you know I don't want to win the alleys are both OK I think all of listed. But yeah. They don't get run the event Allison excellence. But during the same thing it's like there's Seattle really only as an Alley so if you look down an Alley you just look down now incident ulcers in order to be hidden you have to be behind a dumpster right someplace that it's not like the ideal location to be in the Alley. Other easy passwords a nasty is placed event sex 26 year old guy in a twenty year old woman were busted for having sex. In the woman's bathroom in an Irish pub in Clarksville Tennessee. I makes cents and someone called the cops in an officer told them get dressed leave find a ride home that's that real quick when you. I've gone by people that are having sex it never occurs to me to call the police I did it someone did. They got dressed and left but they didn't go well instead they drunk at least doubled and all Porta potty in the parking lot and kept getting on them there. Well the cops watched him leave the bar and not go to their car into the portal body. And this time they didn't just get a warning they were both arrested for public intoxication indecent exposure taking the jail which is probably good thing. Since I'm guessing the next stop on their sex tour would have been someplace even grosser but either way it. I don't have that I think drugs are enemy must idea. If you're cop maybe you can explain this and and you don't make the laws but. If I had sex and report about isolate Eva you're waiting to go to the bathroom luckily were finishing got Julian which one site I. The door pops open arms open up my pants here comes this woman with me. You know we had sex yes we had sakes. Does that matter is plate no that's all no one hurt and really were just kind of filthy people that I am judges I don't understand why that matters. Like in the bar OK I get because. Other people go into the bathroom why your bathroom when imported I've never invited someone else into the Porta potty with me like. You gotta go yeah c'mon man Japanese direct video fad you know what sort of punish Iran. No I'm caught why that's the only harness trying to match. Hello Tina welcome to the men's program and what I saw hello Dana are you. It can't get called ground I do have a goal and you know shockingly you're the first person to bring that up in east while have been on the and really no no no sicker than dogs this is this is the best I've felt. Think what a few days off all congested and I'm feeling much much better thanks to behind medications. NIC knows guns. And Dion now you on FaceBook. I ask are you on the Twitter. The world. I am not on a world in Bagram to. Yeah every man and character he got a double social media accounts. Tyrant let's go this question for you. Do you take a lot of pictures with the your phone. You do. And Jack. Is it where is it when you're out to dinner is when you're with friends is a family is it of your pets what does it traditionally about. Credit and we had or quoting I see okay and how often would you say you blows per day. Added avionics. And each comes I'm doing okay but for the most part Google something does that include pictures. All right what what is the coolest thing that you think you pose no reason I ask just one growing up pretty cell phone if somebody showed pictures you have to sit down further slide show. In 95% what they showed you will not very interesting to see them are people taking better pictures are leave more selective about the pictures of the put up like in my mind when you say hey. You won't see these pictures I'm nice and I think shore but honestly I mean absolutely I think that north who I wouldn't wish them well here's where things that I read about all of answer Graham anyway a survey says that. I was just say you were to take the most the picture of the most beautiful sunset that you've ever seen in your life are and you post against her sure. All right and then you take the most same beautiful picture. A same exact picture with you like sticking your tongue out. It twice as many alikes if you were in the picture than if you're not a I feel differently and I look at people's pictures let's of the bikini shots on like what eventually Eiffel Tower. I don't leaves either you hold a diploma in hand I don't care. I'm Tina this is why we asked you take a lot of pictures with the file their people who take a lot of pictures with their phones are people who keep the phone of their pocket they might check something but they don't necessarily take a lot of pictures. This is kind of weird it shouldn't shock anyone I got actually giving us for no less a new study out of the University of Georgia found that 86%. Of people. Say the only reason their motive what they're motivated to go anywhere to go places in general. Is to get social return. In other words. Likes on their photos or videos on social media so it's not that I want to go to this location it's that I want the pictures up. And then I wanna get the response. From the pictures to post it to social media. OK maybe it's pathetic maybe it's sad maybe it's as a big thing about him commentary with a hose us. But I will say there is a good Jocelyn is pleased to get some somewhere I would get a like this when I was a kid. In my parish to drag my brother and I somewhere we did a couple of cross country trips not because they want us to see the country it's because we had to get from upstate New York to say LA and they were by appointing its that simple so. We were spent three and a half days and call it both ways and we acting. Hate to this we hate to do is drive more than anything. When I look back now to get my and the only reason I got to see the country multiple times and learn about all these different state of trust me state the state if you overloaded with countries the only reason I got sampled the food and see the things that they may even do it so. Whatever reason to get your ass out there. If it's good enough. It is not a clear from the study people only go on trips because they want social media validation. But it is definitely a gigantic factor in what people do where they wanna go because they wanna get those pictures and we'll put eleven when the president I. Credit question questioning four point 999 all Amar your calls on the way you are listening to the men's or radio networks. Shotgun near Kansas goes minor categories streets and bears are random question question 844999. Hello from the question though was those paying job B ram here's a follow from the emails. Our guys on the ice conduct firefighters I was CDF cal fire of firefighter for a long time. There isn't a single email and may not convict on the crew that doesn't wanna be there it's one of the most coveted details. It may wait years to be selected violent offenders and hardcore felons not allowed any shenanigans and all and you are off the crew they are treated and paid way better than those on the inside. And they are some of the hardest working guys in the line and some do transition to full time jobs after release. Program it is amazing and helps inmates prepare for release by teaching them skills habits etc. And they are paid more so they have more money when they're released as well keep on rocking guys. That from my Andrew our random question questioning for 4999 old. Random friend sir that I could only people who actually benefit from a fire. Randolph when you think about it in our mailing. Not good for anyone except god how things are very dangerous way. Lately there hello. Hey there welcome to the Denver. All love Paula I. Male domain you do not be glad I had two million up today and say you don't like the name okay. Think hey guys echoes give Islam what did you swallow Hector how aboard. Another swallowing question what do you swallow would you eat those weird if you smoltz on the accidentally triggers once I'm in college but it just won't pull it. Soon there is being exploded. The mood. Thrown. I didn't know we have to tell you that you start to catapult. There are laughing their night for a woman dying laughing and he had like a debate they're did you get a check detail from the severe remotely they found that I didn't even though the approaching. You don't drop thanks for about that Canada shenanigans thing and people always make fun having. But for many reasons why I drink out of a glass or up plastic couple of all I can man I've got a guy glass or plastic cup rarely do I have a straw. And it all happened from. Family reunion or some don't know seventeen or eighteen years old. And they had Blake whatever the cheapest brand of soda was that you could purchase at a Garth restore the amateur rules like big K coal low or whatever the hell was good all the flavors you know engine derailed the imitation spreads are literally lose that the big one don't even bother cola you know Revere or whatever they had and there are regional program won't eat Coca-Cola here and I'm hanging with my family doing whatever I want to think during that men and got bit on the inside in my mouth and my tong buyer by. And ever since that point in time house like and I just feared the canned you know meals or go weird things I couldn't see inside the canyon. So it was more about not many would it like I can see in several bottles some bottles on his short but we can't aspect of the kind of freaked me out so then after that any coming and can Apple's a cup around. And always poured into the cup just like to see what the hell's in it doesn't hurt that bad it's your. My father he's not a wanna got stung but a lesson in this about ten years ago. And it swirls things that I always noticed but never thought about it realize like same day he was very mechanical goal we were outside this hand is sitting on top of his hand and I looked at that moment I deal as far back as I can remember to my childhood if he's outside. And music can amend the beer soda you name it his hand restaurant atop soy as a Muslim and that's. It's got a weird you're warmed up your soda and some luck. Savings of Famer union and you've probably about your age would happen but he says one of my uncles. He took a simple whatever they're drinking at the time. He screamed. And before anyone could say. What the hell lead dorm is a local tribes I got stolen the lip by beat you said basically reverted ideas from Obama were Marmol exactly. There's like after that man he covers a lot manipulation meet paranoid so I'm include putting in the last but I realize I'm all. Rest my hand over here you got a paranoid I last year me and I'm sitting outside. As of friends over. Grunts like talking Bremer went waiting for food group we're number and portals for you I'm there all yeah we made her point I don't buy you so I in my arms off on the chair. And I'm talking my buddy. The one I don't realize is that they beat. That's flown into my short leash Erica and he's hanging out basically went armpit hair. But I don't know the social and I'm actively speaking imagine that. I'm talking it was apple that comes scratch my our big I feel a little it's no big deal and that is being lied to my ass on little punahou. Back you don't double not a good bit hurting you know those government. So what will that happen opponent and here's this beat. Which was probably stomped on the Guerrero and Merrill are relentless and outside that ABT my arms down upon murder short sleeved shirt of the it's knocked down. Salaries and that's what they just follow here's a fun story for a twenty year old guy and England named Sam William was fishing off the pier was some friends earlier this month and there's an old. Superstition that says it's good luck is the first. Fish that sketch of the day is why do people can't get jail officially given it gets. And in this case it was a six inch fish called a Dover sole. And we don't know her so think about Dover console thing about when you love when you buy soul it's like the smallest little filet that you could possibly get in on central theme in tiny look in you know they're delicious but it's just as the topic of the bigger black. Shot forward and shot down his throat and got lodged there perfectly. So I could pull back out because it was too far down in the barbs on the dorsal and we're stuck in his windpipe. So we couldn't breathe and anyone and a cardiac arrest. His friends started CPR they call for help but luckily paramedics got there a few minutes later played I think the soul train to be a house and now they can only see the tip of the faces tale that a paramedic named Matt Harrison managed to yank it out with force apps. Then they restarted his heart and he is okay. His doctors don't think he'll have any lasting effects Rodriguez he almost died by a Dover sole big law and remember his throat because. It's good luck to kiss the first friend. Friends and friends and I think it was literally. Ran hello unleash welcome to the men's room. Ran. Oh yeah. Gradually shift. Yeah we're just a fish. Yeah I have to go the way yeah why why did you kiss the fish. Heat because. I had my first stage than ever all right so the same thing a good look at just the finish. Yet these tests that they surely do that's what you've been a wedding or to hear your life. No I have not you know what I weddings. No I never need to know letting. Our branded apparel that I do thank you don't miss you if you play your cards right you'll avoid ever going to one and I'm gonna give you as well and well. I'm I think my first wedding I'll be actually my best friend Riley's. Air next year actually I'm learning I'm. And Jeff. I diiulio get a crappy light blue dresses or weren't airing a where an ugly dress slips. Early in my color and play blu. I'm not I'm not helping them out all right our random question question what would you say has been so far your most humiliating or embarrassing bathroom moment. Oh my goodness. I flew back from Montana and I think keypad airport couldn't. And has gone about human adored elapsed. And they cannot last a little and other good hit good enough and it's the go to bathroom. And I those torment him that the girl in nineteen slammed her door and my door opened and I made eye contact with the lady that was washed her. In the air and that it was so embarrassed she that a lot and I mean. I can't I don't know worst part of an eye contact is the thing especially that they think it now that someone bursts into you but he isn't even though they do they call that deter burglars yet. But the eye contact is the and that's the hardest part about that but I will say I will say oh yeah like is much as we try to be. Conscious of the people around us situationally what's going on it is pretty well understood. There if you are in the airport bathroom are you wanna read all bets are off you you we'll Jim luggage yen. You've taken off a code and then on the back door like you've been waiting for this moment for a while and you just bill. Iron led him all of this moment and his men and one thing and I don't know women do this Toobin guys for short right so. The plane that he's out and there is a mass. Mass migration to the bathrooms everyone understands that and and I've done it before myself quite often and are realized. When you walk into the airport bathroom. I just need to go on their fart but it's one of those I've been pressurized cabin partially it is big. It is indeed it's going to be loud discordant responders and our rules and a walk in there you're just here. And general walks back out like we did NAFTA peak. You do not approve this was all about the form of double time to got a it's just to drop past may have ended his amazing. How O'Neal to people go where and we would've blown up into right nobody cares I will say this I wanna beat the entire story but. The reason the situation was difficult for me as because I was trying to lat. But miles of any stall handling his business and it's a late flight so there is no one at the airport. I've taken a lead to durable were happening cumbersome oh boy miles is now on their conversation to me and I'm not talking so unbeknownst to miles and is getting very explicit and very colorful. About a situation. And this dude walks there was this maybe five year old son you know the kid has to pee pants around my ankles dads they can leak next little. And my tells us reaching. Every LTE adult eased streaking adult thing he's to me some barrel. Range rockets and I don't wish I could doubles part of my going to buy. I see the filed look on this father's face like he's gonna kill some one announce he's not mad at me because I am I don't talk. And he doesn't know miles is talking to me or was just some crazy guy on the phone. So I've got my eyes forward but I can see the sky look in my direction and I'm biting the inside my chiefs not to laugh out are okay. And then he hurries up he makes his kids finish up my local Salome. I gotta go government I have to laugh I wash my hands are quick run out on top miles gets out about the result. On their man why don't you tell me those who would you Lothian is today kids and here father and son alert but as so fantastic actor I would try to repeat what you whose second I was like you do that gives life has changed for ever met Kidd had questions for his father and that is popular local we eat. Well that's speaks again of the word that you heard for another thirteen years with him. There was that bad it was. That bad this was that this was Super Bowl teams other US the most humiliating or embarrassing bath for a moment I think this is a great idea a politician in Sweden is trying to get the local schools to start playing music in the bathroom to cover up the sounds of kids are making and there's they won't be embarrassed. Counsel's gonna vote soon on whether to help with the ball but I truly believe this if you putts music in all bathrooms. As soon as you only everytime you open because of the Cold War. I think orderly help expedite the power. It is unhealthy there's nothing I think. He has not people are waiting for other people believe that there's music on they can just go to get it done right yeah. I a big disagreed. Make it out of importance. Okay see like you can hear. And apart Arizona Nusa breaking news that was a that was breaking news but but I will say this I think that's look you. It's a rite of passage to be embarrassed when you go to the bathroom with you joy he's I can take out of the kid go to the bathroom and I got a drop passes like right. If Marley humiliating guesswork out that a million times you're doing a million times more in your life and sometimes I think it's great when our kids get to suffer that kind of embarrassment. So if you're going to put music in the bathroom I think it should be when you open the stall door I don't think it's a display consulate. We knew it was sold or almost. And little played into you opened the door again and it'll stop that way you vote least announced anyone waiting outside. That you take an adult commitments and underground. Friends. Ran yeah ran my simplicity scoreboard 999 alert hello Taylor welcome to the bedroom. Whole oh yeah I. All right Taylor we're doing good since were this is actually repeat of a show from December 15 of 2070. So we're gonna ask your Christmas clusters because it goes with that period I'm. All right so on shouldn't be in the Christmas spirit. Far OK first of all do you like Christmas music and itself while I can say is your favorite Christmas song. There's always one or two people on my alike father Christmas from the king's wasn't Iraq a little bit there's a few that I. The more traditional ones that that I don't mind now mine iron left. Still undeclared cricket ball. A bit choked until the. Iron goes Bruce Kennedy and probably all ten well is there that some of it is just the Christmas or Christmas so I really old jets are nuts now the new do you get in the spirit do you sit there and you listen to it's Christmas music. I think they are both black and mine aren't yet then lawyers. You ruled. Just I mean it's just so what felt like all the bad radio stations in town no matter what town you live and in you know the station because they're not very good now the missile Miley gets significantly worse. Every Christmas and they play the site I take the thing irritates me the most by Christmas music. Look I don't like it it is what it is but every year. Every news people who duping you all right Mariah Carrey puts out Chris Osama Barbara Streisand for the people flocked and they buy the some like man. It's the same god damn songs that you have. And every other Christmas somewhat little bitch when bands put out like a remixed version of the CD they put up twenty years ago it's the same thing. Yeah I mean what if we put the midterm Chris was albuterol it's gonna be the same crap that that you already owns. Scott while not a Christmas album it was horrible roller hoboes with a it was a horrible thing we were hurting them not not too long after that he passed don't trust you if it's secrets and connect you know I I don't know I just don't know like I hated to talk mad about it because I wanna do the was not very good because it's not about Scott wire that album he took Christmas music and made it worse. There's a 41 year old guy from Iowa City, Iowa named Aaron holds some last week he got drunk and apparently Christmas spirit him. So he put into the street buys apartment and started singing jingle bells and make sure that everyone was part of it he used the bullhorn to really projected out there. And he started singing and five minutes went by and ten minutes went by and fifteen minutes went by and he kept singing jingle bells into the bullhorn. So his neighbors and called the cops he was charged with disorderly conduct guest who by the time the police got there they estimated he was singing jingle bells for four or five ministry. You've got to it and now I just in all the one by and I've never had this experience. Is only happens in movies Arnold this has happened to anyone honestly. The idea that someone rings a doorbell you open it and it's not Jehovah's Witnesses it's not mormons as such a neighbor naming cup sugar played a group of really happy looking people. Break into a Christmas carols. I would actually lose my ass and and I don't wanna be that guy. Because people here in a really happy around Christmas and look Christmas Christmas. Is fine with me. The songs are horrible and I just. I don't wanna be the guy that you wring someone's doorbell. And we started singing with a goofy little smiles and that the little head bounces and a seeing. In your realized look at my face is like either record deterrent to the hole or Jenna rebel golf club can be as luck because I would have to tell him look man. I'm not trying to be mean you need to shot the. Well here's here's the truth of the matter. No one has ever knocked on your door randomly with anything possible. It's never happen. He will never happen if if someone's knocking on your door you know exactly who they are you know exactly why they're coming over you'd expected him to be there at that time. You know them personally. They are there for a reason. Nothing good has ever happened out of our random door and a and an ad to even if you open it up and there's twelve wonderful people there to seeing you know. Got to stand there yeah thanks very uncomfortable with the situation because you're the only one in the door. See that's the thing I don't know got going through my kid you have to smile god is great new hope it's a short Christmas but do you do it and excite I did sometimes they sing like two or three. No no no no loan and and and I think it. Good thing exceptionally presumptuous. Thing about this aren't so. And it did just get away with it God's Christmas doesn't just made things better right so I walked a few door to grab my buddies. And we does that reducing fourteen karaoke do you like. Have no problems in haven and you know this is weird this is unsolicited. Did you plea even if we sounded great going to have to come out no one. It's a private performance and that's why even like with a birthday song at a restaurant if there are six people singing and one person at the table just like waiting that's what accused is gonna start crying. It has never gonna hate you never want that you can go to we show what you're there with a 1002000. People you got no problem with someone watching this performance. If you're a table the Mexican restaurant and a merry out you've been comes up and just plays for the two unit daily like. Oh god this is on television set up a wrong man I wonder how many thumbs are gonna play because like you just don't want a private performance that way idea so. Were you embarrassed boat why and Christmas to people think suddenly. So we'll. Don't let you know how things are in this country don't like sending back into the matter what your deal is had to go through hatred for at sources understand that a two week. Can we actually make use of that for change or Christmas so. Look I know we'll call for unity and all but maybe not right now let's wait until after the holidays I don't want you to think it's a good idea to knock on my door. And seeing Jimmy. Just hit this Christmas that I'm glad you're in the spirit fantastic I hope we have a happy holiday. Did the F out of my face death or sing something people wanted him you know what I lose a reason why eagle there could confuse it once a year into the lead get enough to be played the rest of the year can't. Think of the last time that anyone has ever knocked on my door with something positive shorten your neighbor came into gold good of our car around lightly regularly Medicare funded gross who repeats I had nothing like that is ever had as they toys like give me Manny. It doesn't amounts and are basically to. So once you're asking for money OK I got out and tell moment however I don't really wanna get minimum payment and just know exactly no I don't wanna cup debut on our view at a pizza I'd give you money. Credit question question aid for far 9990. Amar your calls on the way you are listening to the men's or radio network. Pitches you'll. True come. They show your guess is does my categories today streets and bears will do your guess is as good as mine right after emails men's room Edmonds or live dot com in a few company. Are we do and it's not really bad idea we we brought up the Swedish politician. She's lobbying to get schools to sort of play music in the bathroom. So kids can do local roller got to prove that's the long and short of everybody and why everybody but you want to start tools which I disagree with sorrow with as we've we've paid the price look at kids understand the humiliation but. So only the suggestion of some back and it's that. You guys. It's Cassel should avenue since spend the top ten songs to prove to. So then there is legislation did come through Barack as you know you can go to these top tens the last approved that's been over a lot less. Dropped a bomb on me some you to have to mr. brownstone black water from the David Brothers overnight while Ari did all right let's not go to the next back. That's when you're this far back as well that's why I think and really think this like okay. You play the music. But I don't think it should be constantly fight through you open to close the stalled door and and and based on how long you've been sitting there can adjust to and so I got to every effort had met with absolutely. Over aquatic he got an open tournament for a brand. Ran down friends. Rendell Rendell and Anthony and yes all right 8449990. Look and we've lost their phone call we had random memory and I was right guys we don't know. All right Robin Euronext. All look at the joy very fair. RA. I think I feel that. No I just. I don't know anything about funnel by the bill at all to. If I don't know on blogs have you ever been in a bar fight or seen age a bar scuffle. I don't really seem bar scuffles Rivera been a military town. Plus Arnold are quite nursing. I've seen. I've seen a pool stick. Broke in. Over someone's neck who it was nasty because the annals splintered there was blood and I've seen a bottle of liquor grabbed from behind me you know good those coolers that have the Jaeger Meister kind of tipped upside down and you can get your old shot sent. When grabbed that top model. Yanked it out of there and third at someone's face when did the bartender was this a patron is the patron that reached islet went behind the bar. I'm trying to think of the an entire table of food flipped over. That was the most dramatic is that our street Laurent yeah I say as a fight on the dance more than just kind of spread like a wildfire. Does very strange. I've been any more brawl and in an effort to break it up and it just to play brewer's art in Baltimore. Cannot explain three guys were asked to leave just cut most of the story out some drunken kind of frat guys and people were kind of shoving them out of there we're gonna leave but they're gonna shove them out of the door and Doris one just gigantic. Massive dude I was with them. Any turnarounds and he said the like this. Still all torture in order to bode suddenly put several back when he pushed double back and suddenly he pushed twelve people backward it. So people got a ball and other people and most of the people of this or know each other was an industry Boris will be glued to work together or you had worked with them but. I don't know what happened this thing in escalated. Instantly but I worked there my manager were so we were trying to break this thing up because this has it has come out of nowhere but it is now just acting on an. Everyone. Is involved in this right so the big guy. It is just laying waste to everybody and American ally our economy to the point. Not to get near him so much. But we're talking this calm everyone down because I knew a lot of implement called our god take a few hits aerial extracts Arsov Sosa goes on and on and on people go out the door the cops have been called to comes down. To this massive. Huge due to obviously has just as I could Jolly Green Giant he has. Destroyed everyone. I'm working this guy named Carlos weighs about a buck forty other time. We did not know what Carlos was an amateur boxer until these two guys scored off. Camera that can corals no cultural W does do in the jaw and it was just like watching a redwood fullback ran. Well let me do let me start that. Radicalized in question made more full 9990. Love. The show and many pins continue on the men's room radio network.