01-22-18 Seg 2 Mens Room Feels Their Age

Monday, January 22nd

It's time once again for the Random Question Question!


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This is dumb men's room. I'm listening to. Lot of roses out of box us out bass classic rock station in lovely San Jose also by united fat point seven New Orleans. And at our most recent affiliate our friends down and lovely Joplin Missouri at big dog 97 point nine. Everything that rocks at the same story at the big dog girls slowing it down there yeah I only look at the malign they've requested a future. We do they have the same as I have my own big dog saint everything Iraq's everything Iraq everything Iran is what we need a little big. Big dog 97 point nine. The Dodgers everything Iraq's I can buy figure he's ever do I want to more than you are now dog leg to do a job on government and three and then. They dock many seven point nine everything that rock. I don't know if the apparently eleven program to show for a yard just as good as my another word random question question. Our lives ran question question what is the strangest thing that you've eaten other than a tie upon I will say with his story when I was growing up Jose in this is the same exact deal. There's a volunteer fire department they try to raise money every year Soledad good cook thing that every cogo thing and used to do a rattlesnake feed and a rattlesnake. Competition where they would put renal six in a bag I'm not sure which you call that rattlesnake road where or who knows what what's the competition. He's what we rattles and he's you believe what all these rattlesnakes in the pen and then they put seven or eight people in the pan and they go on trying to collect as many Reynolds thinks they can insert my time. And Drummond a back in either closed bind us. You old yet did tell you oh yeah our daily press mementos walker decree could make his cook like chicken. No kidding I love the FDD I a in the market dried up at those speeds saw some odd no after. Eighty years 82 decades. Platters heaving with pieces of deep fried must scratch will not be passed a law at all and had lower Callaway is great firewall they. Are in New Jersey we're just putting a pause in the tradition according to the fire chief Steve Fisher when we get a deep from a trip. The must read their well look David go to from this would have been the eightieth year but deep fried Maastricht has driven the eightieth year it's a tradition. It's a fund raiser is when they've been doing to the fire company yes they don't leave entitlement and they have all these are volunteers but apparently there's double problems woods. Well start tomorrow's threat. That's one of the factors that's basically playing into this year's decision to put dinner on hold is that the lack of must grads means that it is in carcasses are. They're not as hard do to come by anymore. They sectioned them. Par boil in the in deep fried before serving what does that mean it section and it was section mean part of oil was means a blanched. I yet blanket and then defrag before they they serve OK itself. The guy who is the fire chief Fisher tracks them trap some himself. And he said that due to the heavy icing caused by the hard freeze in recent weeks it is impossible for trappers to work in the marshes where the most grant slipped but adding to that and I. Our belts are only selling it for one to two dollars and you don't Amanda Martin on the radio ads is gone so much down there's not enough must grant meets after eight years. Canon rural makers two cancel the mosque at feet probably the most for a it's like eight groundhog. It is in no small Ilia yeah I mean. You gotta be a certain size for new character Pat Riley no thought of squirrel just don't nobody wrote that I've ever heard has been eaten. In other words a never heard anyone say Bieber possum. Any of that stroke positive birds world is that considered a rodent delegates and it is yeah. Well and tinier Peltz though lake. The most expensive jackets of those Chinchilla is you got to take some agent chose to make that makes sense yeah that's the fun Huntington kills. Really since shows jealousy of those jackets like the most expensive because. The AT so many I mean guys sounds horrible but to so many of their little bodies. To make an offer your message I got like a Chinchilla dragon with that you are tremendously and I never finish in Georgia no but I mean I watch rap video. Oh I don't know what I did Taylor yeah Harry and I didn't kill kill is devoted to until that debt as ozone rules due to meet code. I don't know much about it amendment be read my opponents overruled the invitation to the jacket they just one clubs. That's higher up yet ruinous fir in the animal kingdom talk that's not hockey so much energy by. Thirty G Anderson Silva. Who's if they don't quite have Bremen have brought rent. So those things. Home and expect that what the rap music I would know what they are good thank you JV yeah dad plays you ran. I have no idea that Joseph had one for a while it was like how much of that one call whole I'm such a move that for. Fan all I Jindal about the threat to know. I knew nothing about that hello why Lee welcome to the men's room. Both are Mitchell and all wow sorry while it. Are still pretty good while others go this and I think this is a good story. Bad one way or the other when did you blow a whole lot of money down. Mayor as a bad expense may do as a good expense. Maybe go are buying behavior improved the last caller. Go to of the flowing. And I wouldn't. Have to be Daniel when they came to Seattle. Well that about ten years ago San Diego are. He just blew money can you bought the ticket. Young welding iron nine winter like 2000 dollars wow how did you go through to. Thousand dollars guys who bought three T shirts. Daryn you know they know we did those demon that's earned. We did the limbo we did. What was that how broad ticket. I was gonna say yes filling up did you guys buy like a VIP meet and greed are one of those deals. Doris 2000 I was giving. No wasn't quite the meet and greet. But it would it was three tickets and it was down on the front end. Actually in the like the horseshoe portion of the stage. You know totally debt that's aging and it went out there or shoot around almost solidly had a crowd downing each side and we're down and there and then just kind of legal party know the whole day was just a big story that happened nineteen. We drink don't cobble wobble tequila. I know didn't get my hands on and if they came back around and did another two or would you would you spend as much money going or would you still go to the show just doing a different way. Like I don't know I don't think single white river let's say they give back to you know Sammy had a so basically instead of did they live around there you know I mean you're gonna get all the Sammy years we do the same thing is that show. And yeah I'd probably have it can I'd probably have to go all out again. I'm pay look. As far as spending money on sending if you really wanna if you really wanna see something. Got except for oh god Hamilton. Other shows coming around in my daughter's I don't know I guess he handled those we'll see how much tickets were over a thousand dollars yeah. I don't think my god what honey I'm sorry go to a you know hired an outlet goes and Amazon did Jenna Marie get the exact a bit but I do believe that experiences if you wanna go see something worth money I just think the team because. Uncertain things are getting a little bit out of hand well sure I saw Oregon with with the Super Bowl bought ten tickets for. Oh god it was unbelievable 23000. Dollars he's been or something like that to our right to rub. Thirteen hundred bucks a ticket and domain and India I think some of those things are called what I told I went to Vegas once watch UFC fights and that we had a blast but I would never spend that much money. Again to watch a fight their afterward but we've went to the Super Bowl must the most money outspent him to go on an individual ticket at you know but one thing I do feel that's different about sporting and if it specifically your favorite team new. And I couldn't. Assuming your not a fan of the patriots you don't know when your team point two ever go to the Super Bowl and the patriots don't understand for most it was don't know or teams in the back absolutely worth spending the money on it. But I honestly and I saw the smiles after we watch the super Boston man the the thing that truly made all of those were looked like these experience was great. And I happen to be New Orleans light years you're gonna have a good time that right everything was great. But the fact that our team won saved everything good we still little spent the same amount of money and a new one thing that we have no control over. Is our team plays that day and Whitman we made every decision a viral eight how much we're gonna drink what we're gonna go what we wanted to do what we did in the stadium ability don't have control over I can really make or break old trips so. Based on the fact that our team won the I would say it was worth every dime if they didn't win a bit my act immediate. Immediate feeling at the end of that game. That every single penny. Was well spent absolutely without question because they want and still were in the tree Alicia and I don't know if that's gonna backing up on this but I think he's probably he's got my back on this democratic. Because I'm pretty sure I'm right aren't so it. Prince comes to tap into these planets little club there's a tiny little club he's gonna do foreshadows his wounded two shows on Friday night. Two shows on Saturday night. Maybe it's like eight days or seven intent I can't or want to deal with the noise complaint about Tutu that the numbers are up right. Bum rush for tickets we get the opportunity to get tickets get through. How much the tickets sold god that they're 250. Dollars apiece. Okay thanks to fifty. Oh why are you guys and our role models are angry 58 I don't it was a mailbag are voted in meantime we're like all of our notional or Rory. And we about a tickets. Go show. Great show much like prince he plays like you know 80% of stuff you don't know well back witness the back against the united companies as of promoting smirking Moody's and a club or. Fifteen feet away from friends at school shows musicians are great bands great when all that. We walk out it's not like the Super Bowl I don't go like. That was worth every president elect wells a great friendship I'm glad I was here I was lucky that was awesome and and then when he died I went home that was worth every figure it out what it's worth every penny that through Super Bowl right exactly like it just at the. At all then I had to there was more bad. It's an even bigger museum again you know they do they know. That prince thing like that was so expensive but it was like for me I was like I don't see them. Brett yeah I mean like I don't know that I would they shelled out any amount of money to concede if it yeah but it was nice to be like today I saw him in a small club. Good or bad you know what up my allegory of the population and it hasn't been able that it justified. Yeah unfortunately that's as deep down you guys we don't like human cool yeah. I think every team in another arena at 10 now you're storage school this interview was still alive which went to wood and fifty creek without wrong but now he's dead normally when you only had spent 250 bucks we have seen political Yelp which doesn't so let. Media is bad now works on you when you have to click that button while yet about the moment that spotlight naked obviously you take that nobody is just an idea yet. If if I think Nick Cage was once worth 150 million dollars and now he's talking. All of the money that he has lost his first goal advertising space on the for a included fifteen homes. A Tony five million dollar waterfront property in Newport Beach. A 3.5 million haunted mansion in New Orleans also dropped more than twelve million on two castles in Europe not to mention a nine foot pyramid shaped tomb in New Orleans to resided in his next life. Then there was the gulfstream jet the private island in the Bahamas conveniently located next to Johnny Depp silent. He also had as pads and octopus a crocodile. A shark and to albino king cobras storage he's thinking waste of money all the sounds reasonable this is where he thinks he's wasted his money he spent 276000. Dollars on a dinosaur skull that in the being stolen from the Mongolian government had to return and if he also ahead. And legit. Who has the bad the problem pygmy shrunken heads and a crazy comic book collection and included action comics number one featuring the first appearance Superman. Sold effort 2.2 million. Cajun and a four closing on several properties on the iris millions of back taxes these days. He is were 25 million dollars so it's not as bad is it could have been. He said look man I didn't I didn't do it for the awards are made some mistakes I made all kinds of movies but I startled about victory. Now has 25 million dollars with some interest in birds out we could survive future. Randomized neglected they are barred 9990. Lower your calls on the way you are listening to the men's or radio networks. Is smiles. Your guess is as good as mine analytic categories today mariner and people populations around the world in the meantime it is our random question question 8449990. Well. Rendell are and Matthew welcome to the Lutheran friends. All it's going. I. Started there at you when you're not yet been very mad hum there will stay here and again for you okay. Talk a little bit about this earlier not intentionally but flood. Would you say turns you off more than anything else. What is the biggest turn off free. Bad team bad breath runny nose to tail. But it can see. Concedes they conceded. Yeah conceded you know just. Holier than thou attitude. You know their cultural. I'll follow the law. Well he's married so you know and good luck with that good down guys and you you don't like be losing a whole lot about themselves. Now yeah exactly you know I try to overlook celebrated a little bit. Yep okay and that's it hey look man if you're with somebody who thinks they're all that then yeah I think they'll be and I'm just never know someone who thought they were all that again. You're talking about them and don't let. Anybody. Well yeah I've personally that's you know people ask other people in general look and you don't get the most distasteful or about some underwear when what the deal breaker for you. Oh goodness gracious. Selfishness just. Total selfishness that's certainly but first let's get a divorce over darted to the sixty position I got you know style you know them. I'm kind time and you have a you have with anyone now. I know I'm single right now bill great yes or entity it is to be single. Okay. The reason whereas what oh intern job more than anything other that are to disagree with a man a lot of the points or one way or another gotten pretty soft. I according to a new study today the biggest turn off by far for men is trying to have a baby. Seriously when men were trying to conceive. They were 22%. Less interested in having sex which makes it more of the mood killer than oppression being tired or even erect tile dysfunction issues we will researchers say their two main reasons one the men feel like they're trying to conceive that takes a lot of the passion away into it can lead to serious frustration. If a couple of seven problems. Portland mayor I think it is easier to say hey look either our mall pill or rehab say if I. If I get pregnant that probably answers no limit doesn't cross your mind now sex is still sects we understand biologically how it's done. But anyway it's not stranded make a baby like hey man no offense but like when you say baby all sex drive leaves it just does yet if that's if that's the position you take on this like Yeremiah I mean that's real and that right that's how it works but like. I don't know generally you don't think all of that attractive person or make up eighty let them know it's nice to have sex and we understand what mayor remember this is understood Billy did you bring it up a relaxing and pay memory wanna go and hopefully Microsoft completed just say hey. Were to let's go for better. And then eventually down rather like that I mean you're not hungry now always says is would you want would you want to do to force poop out later. Was so bad about that right to have the same thing like let's make a baby like food. How about you say wanna have sex oh or do OK good. Radicalize the question they portray our 99 mile round rat hello snapped broke into the newsroom. Or Iraq. I've Gallo gonna show it is of the random question question. What did you forgets. What did you forget valves. Maybe you missed a date to birthday and anniversary. Maybe you left your favorite sunglasses on the table to borrow what is it that you forgot. All. Just pretty much. They've got it right here oh yeah. So morals and not as is her question right now there's a chance. You had not remembered that you have to tease ago. I'm sure a lot of good. I but you never forgot any big dates you've never forgotten any anniversary is any birthdays or anything like that. Okay. Eight. Oh god maybe you'd I think he's in Rome today that is that's impressive. I'm really loving this keyless lifestyle later today it's not a radioed Theodore code punt play and have a car here which it doesn't really necessarily were the greatest for me but it's just like your card does not doubt they're putting your wallet and then at home I got a touch patent. So now I'm like just on Q what I he's if you forget your number on the amount of triumphs group OK but I will never locked myself out or I'll never forget my keys ever again I'll just forget the code and I can feel better about what have you allowed yourself out it would be yes but not in a physical stand. It's like I did not lead your life now here's the thing. I'm not gonna get a feel better because you forgot your code of the US cute he's asked our blue but it's the same problem you're locked out no I not know it looked okay. All right. We did not. Okay I'll tag adorns lie in your. How it is OK I didn't mean you're locked out what do you do if you did you realize you let junkies we left too while some are curse someone out. You go back in you retrace your steps C York with the keys all right I think that they are physically. Someplace that they are not and I'm gonna lose my freaking mind going. To the last place those with a Cleveland last bar so that maybe his restaurant let's keep delete cookies were repeatedly rejecting what the league rookies in debt maybe he's in the gap Mahmud. With the knowledge and I'm just an immediate. I don't have to go through all this did you feel better I don't have to drive around looking call your senator and the only good news that the bull or payment through remote keys at the restaurant. They admit it I don't enjoy that thought well I. I just dumb but how can I give in now you feel any smarter going back to a bar going again get my house I forgot my code and I believe my keys they don't have Toobin on a coat. See that's an insane like I'm on the physically. And did you legwork afterwards I just know I mean if you are accepting the fact right I'm simply log does stoop to your problem is the same you feel better about this one don't you know the feeling losing hope they matter because you know I have to cold anywhere indoors where to try to find it OK Margo really dishonest I think my of them I think we have tomorrow what are my usual remote control right yes you gonna go nuts school run your apartment trying to find out shirt no matter what yet. Okay that's the same as the keys. If there are no keys to lose this I'm not gonna go around because I'm so OCD and I know I put that thing somewhere if there's nothing physically for me to find. Half the battle for me is trying to find relatives now can't you just say it let's back up you that I will never get locked out to get. You're still locked out of your home not that that's true I could be locked down but I wouldn't have to face this thing you don't have mental torture of like the legal wall Magloire to believe in your delete because that's gonna drive me nuts that word and a hello good drug units outside the rain I got it but now they won't just go to the just to get the code after retraces steadily more five million currently did you forget to go to like I'll you the code people are clearly probably come what do you do Americans now like look it but not my right may have the locksmith who got mobilized but they like he could a lot with this in flight. God damn it man Greg who knows Michael does not meet I'd like somebody important thing here and what happens it's summertime everyone's shock going to be here you gotta Keon. I had open you can ask if I get what I literally above the premiere episode civilized you know borrow your he's jacket have been you can answer I don't have a problem with its attractive I am above beyond governor of Vermont the reason we ask what did you forget Duff phils got tired phils get a little Johnson last week that he would sign that the recreational. Pot bill. He's that is gonna sign that state marijuana legalization bill no problems can be great. But I promise one thing that he would get it done before the weekend. So Monday rolled around I guess what he forgot to do you kid now a all the bills you forget he forgot jaws are guys that know unclear vinegar Gomez Zaria sided today Celine and of signing a Monday is that so well that he forgot to decide but that was reasonably tell Leo it's still I don't feel that this is not among news KGB and is. Main thing is it sign outside of that industry doubt that if this act of all the good dude got signed we build. I then got bit random random friends friends hello and justice welcome to the Lutheran. Our job. I just yeah we're doing good man. Here's your random question question based on your appearance physically. What do people assume that that you do or do not do. Based on how you look. You don't lift based on your physical appearance meaning that you don't look like you go to the gym but in fact you do. And are now how long have you been going to did you. I. Up again. Yeah thirteenth the owners that didn't you tell any difference I mean you know you look like before you so when you look at yourself can you tell that you go to the do. But no one else on earth could current. Do you approach that you did that go back and they'll order it but I am. You can do it building and there. OK so you're is you're trying to bulk up a little bit. I can't get good they can I married my dad just bit their elected Bieber cut that. Brutally and that leaves. 24 all right I would. Maybe not I would think it is age goes on they'll be you know what I'm saying is enjoy this period of time in your life and other seems like a tremendous hardship for you to be able to eat whatever you want lady human trash compact or not gain any weight cannot be it puts ten pounds of muscle on the 21. Trust me when I say that 99% of the population. Would change places with few if they can eat whatever they want to. And metabolism and go to the room. I think you're gonna are meant if your friends already that took place if you are a 180 and go like right in Georgia excellent but if you're 145. Because you into the dim. And that's a B enjoy 155. Draft. You're since he went on you went to Mexico and you announce to the beach and when you're out there bituminous forcibly tried to sell you we'd based on the way you look but I love the Bahamas and yes well now again it was the Bahamas. Understand the full thing I mean literally I have just gotten to the beach and these two guys Syverson and I would pick up. The gentlemen we'll tells us our walking tour and party don't do either they're gonna rob me of Jerusalem and I'm happy to say that and so we did they buy a new wanna buy some we'd regard transaction the lead sucked mightily admit it was we yet but it was not very good week anyway so all the risk of bad week you know I will what do you do I I think understated sucks that this is open I had a lot of but it was not about stuff so a model from most of man. Isn't that he Marmol walked and I got to button up shirt and it. And that lessons that that obvious. But I gonna buy we'd like menu button to Chicago and I looked down low poly to buggy so long columns way of villains have done much else to Mike. OK so it is judgment call wasn't like me EU so much of the world the fact that. To me though not a button shirt and clearly has been a warrior disorder for hours he might be yet anyway right. Terry fats like you to. Al one body that everybody thinks is a cop I get to analog to hers stopping to get some buying drugs in people always wanna sell me drugs. Although I did yeah I just of them smiling enjoying at the festival whatever skywalker had held. The in out. A minority be a little buzzed up for whatever reason people always think and then make what do you do you want to Wear but aren't you Wear light Laguna adjuster Paterson craziness and blue lights blink and offload stuff on people. Good sell drugs to that guy and he didn't really study the Kentucky through the day at nighttime whatever people are always trying to sell me drugs Oka the. Yeah I get I got a lot of offers you drugs for short and out of out of it makes me happy but it sucks in the fire and walking with miles. No to an offer me that no one offers me because everyone thinks the miles account but I don't know towards someone wrote me I know you don't know disguise but act of promises. Let's she's deep. Deep deep deep deep deep undercover I mean deep undercover. My man is in Africa but I can telecast. That was the big joke and money man was the one guy was all freaking out next door he's got my body was a cop he though we are same same guy. Yet you know and I didn't yes exactly I think somebody is our neighbor that was freaking out right he might have been you know like. 23 days since got to lose in his mind. He thinks are cops and somebody else talk about music. The one nestled a lot of splits for an undercover cop. But he's thinking exactly isn't spoken people which they are muddying the over and got up they were riding bicycles and Hub Group who Greta yeah. Lovely yeah I don't think that's really is a constant and they're Smart of them. Other who has based on your appearance what of people assume you do or do not do Russell Miller 23 Butler county Pennsylvania. Faces felony misdemeanor drug possession charges after police say they found and holding to rule 145. Tag. Heroin the good lord Conrad dollars in cash during just a routine traffic stop according to all of this the cranberry eagle. Mayor reporters that he is now facing felony and misdemeanor drug possession charges. He's in jail Ed to 50000 dollars bail which makes this a story interesting is as as a routine traffic stop for speeding. Turned into a big heroin bust in Western Pennsylvania as police say eight. Clean cut passenger thing in the speeding car turned out to be holding 245. Bags. Our power on. He was a clean cut face go there are saying is. He was a good looking men could look quite good look at Mike Gatling gun being we never would even expected he had like five pounds of junk in the back of the trump let the guy tries to lead. The I estimates that the no question about Bob white is clicked on to be cranberry eagle dot com yeah. Honest to god I'm shocked their website and relive some striking up a local news look see you in some political. Upend our crews are keeping wrote night a route nineteen clear winter I don't believe that and that I think Don hasn't done anything in years I was supposed to do that officials blaster birth certificate wording. Mean look at England did I have a buddy that lives in Butler PH and he always told me about all heroin out there I'll sleep. This little town but it claiming just the way like the highways connect to whatever showing western PA that's like if the threat there and got a bit. Do you read those random random random friend a load Joshua welcome to the misery and go enormous oil no bill would overwhelm. So quick sort these guys are like their second so you guys always talk about you mean by small rodents cats went nuts go right back in the great pressure. My great grandma you what did she ferry port so you would have bloody. At our house to go on the neighborhood electric have to mention strip from and so forth rabbits and nobody knew the difference. Wow stay out OK. To do so cats and rabbits. Yup apparently they take just a sick and they look and they want their 10 o'clock. The session address. I'm very glad some and so I was want to let you think I don't go to the skinny rabbit discontent. In the he's people's defense though if I brought in Singapore connecting a beef he could tell without telling you which is which pork and beef yes. Should maybe maybe I mean depends on the cut more than I am maybe not important lamb of its government and appointment great European like there. And jet pilots go through question what did you need to Majorly sick. Who. When it touched her who. I saw there is we'll wrote coach Holtz and John got breakfast burrito. No they're doing some light got very question we've all heard all the casinos. Man our cordless and it's so what I mean god true. Probably 72 hours drawings are both sides. Both sides and like I committed to it would. A. GAAP and is another worsen the feeling. A bright food poisoning got an all out sled systemic guard I will say and look I'm sure it's the plays but just the sound of break this to Jimmy John like I keep my globe have anything good right. It might be delicious and all that but I just feel like. My day will be different because he's the doctor enough Fresno California just shared a story of patient who came in last August guy said he ate sushi based everyday salmon but the last summer started feeling kind of strange looking at some bad diarrhea bloody and all that. One day he was on the toilet and has diarrhea and it felt something dangling out of him you know. Down there. He was afraid it was part of his intestine but he kept pulling and pulling and pulling and pulling until we came out. It was not as contestants it was a five and a half foot tape worm. Hesitate or most probably a piece of salmon that the guy need grew inside him for only six months fortunately guys older. But he says he's done eating sushi. Yeah friend requests are questioning four point 9990 Morey calls on the way you are listening to the mantra radio network. Come guard has the least popular names in American history from me late eighteen hundreds in there are some doozies in there for sure that's coming up right before we drink a toast. With the shot of the day in the meantime it is our Randall question question. 8449990. Now hello Gary welcome to the man who ran for visual. The only time. I wish list and call a long long long time what he appreciated Gary thank events welcome to the program. And they don't yet. Gary well would you say that you officially. Canon knew that you are an adult. I mean obviously it's eighteen years old is when you're legally an adult that's what they want when your legally allowed to have a very friendly you don't feel you might feel that if you get arrested two under again because there was nothing like when you're fifty now but you you definitely know when here when you're right in that adult lifestyle maybe it's a fact that you realize you're gonna stay at home for the first time on a Saturday night. Nolan is you know it's you're actually in adults. You. Well. I consider myself how young are certainly I access you can reflect my age by Tony units that. I'm going to act didn't do much so well. When you gotta go I'm medications are like high blood pressure got past yeah. Yeah yeah now manner does now I'm not that certainly changed. You know once. And how all aria. It's at 52 book you know I mean all things considered that sends a bad things about right. What do you have quite what does the reality of and it might I hear this matter and any medication but obviously as I take older years every time you visit the doctor it's just a little different than was saved when you win your one friend and I did that and it's. You know the day is gonna come by the way hey we're now say your bed help you should take. Whenever there I got a physical coming up by nominee has the same thing I hear every year you need to quit smoking as soon as possible about the same thing you're gonna sabres in time to me there's going to be a couple of things but. When I know my now want to give us like Iraq and I know like I know that it's different on the always gonna say you should stop smoking. You mean it's one lead you reiterate now it doesn't matter it's different when they say hey man smoking this is what it calls so what does select what are you supposed to do when your on this medications are certain. The home has used it. Just won't solve all your basic got a horrible person medication very important that accomplish all laid back and look who's a little. I don't smoke so also an issue but yeah look at the Latin America. How can you cut out and so that means you basically cannot eat out. Yeah you're right you heard watch what he does not his offense and yeah it's it's gonna change my whole life change. Hell I don't how many years have you been do with the change. Try like amongst. I don't let friends and he lost any weight and on the change of diet or whatever out. Council are OK let that that's got to be encouraging news but no I don't overlook the all severely overweight that you will be tricky to you know your detective got a little pact on New Year's. But would you rather would you rather vivid eat the stuff you wanna eat you keep them out are you happy you're losing the weight but not even the stuff you like. I will always want to lose weight you know I'm just you know. But don't all look like you know I didn't know what color are I turned what could wanted to. Cello JoAnne but it's never won the doctor tells you you really need to do lose vs. May like a lot of people they decide whatever January right. They're gonna go to the gym bad rap rap rock and that's our military and it's because they chose to do it it's entirely different when your doctor does he have to do. This is yeah what I. Am sure I'll say it's a little satisfaction moved effort. Raise glanced what did you know that you are actually an adult and we kind of I think we can until on this line that would near. In your lower younger twenty's. He's still kind of get a pat now did you get a pass is still gonna go to jail but as far as the dumb things that you did in your lifetime is. It is until that dumb well known as throughout the eyes of the law but in the eyes of other adults you definitely get passed in lake. You'll understand why I made a stupid decision why you drink two bottles Yeager Meister and still want to work but I remember that we get. So they like the cubs don't care who believes that the judgment of other people they get it back. Sold the business science kind of concurs facility illegally become an adult when you're eighteen but you know you're not close to being mature enough to actually be considered an adult. Scientists say new study in Australia found that are brains and bodies don't actually get all the way out of adolescence and into adulthood until the age all of that gases 3924. Point out to tell us about it when you become an actual adult as far as your brain. And your body your concern. And the researchers say it may be why people are waiting until there older to get married have kids move out of the parents house and of the dealers it's just let me also 24 like. Yet they for the most part even if you went to college but you come under oath. Yeah jail you know any ballot mid morning for your bills volatile IMAP support systems are kind of gone an engineer just left with a whole lot of debt. Brenda Brenda Brenda brands out there is no longer a friend. Hello bad and welcomed illegal friends friend all. All relax. Debonair man Owen Lars Erik. Pretty awesome and OK then let's go you're barely nature here. Oh what is it that you of those stolen what did you steal. Salute what did I deal. News we salad with even type. Too much I mean it really says. Worst thing at first stolen one of those let's see. I popped some tactic goodwill one time doubt about it well pretty. What do you mean you slot tags or you just tags off and walked out without the emergence. Saw the tags they look like got pink tag is 80% offered some might that I got to. I really. Expensive bing in I really wanted to I swapped it with the pink tagging got up early cheap. How expensive is an expensive thing goodwill. A lot of like in high school and I hope there aren't matching he's like time then that. And I made like two dollars and it was stress due for a choir performance. So all my I mean he's just give you the damn thing in their mind you I'm delighted he's logged their gun on him on him and guys go any suits require forums and you just want to bacteria get what let's let's hey guys I know I mean I don't I mean. Ran out left. Fred it was a question 844999. Although the reason we ask the question what it just deal interesting story coming out of polluted city North Carolina. And a doughnut eating champion. Oh yeah okay about eating champ and as I don't appear sexy. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.