01-19-18 Seg 3 Mens Room Goes To The Tape

Friday, January 19th

Emails, Ted vs the FCC, Bad Jokes and the Shot of the Day!


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This is dumb men's room. Tony you know that cheated the system how they do donate four for a 999. Alone. Say hello to nick hello Mick welcome to the men drew. I'm yeah. Are you guys are great men are you. All words like cute stories in the one get so when your broke little kid and 7-Eleven you know they got the double double double gold cup. And so and so you get and resource for double wolf what like a dollar dollars home. So what we would do my brother and I we'd. We tackle bunch of those unique way purse you learn about the at a terror parents hockey slack jarring nasty Internet horrible like the Valentine's. Chopped candy eggs. I only go so we are a bunch of those two due to our double gold cup. And then go to a little bit all right Susan Soto on top and go paper refill. Well you just got I don't know 3040 bucks in quarters if you suck down a little bit they won't fit into the post. You know the gum ball machines there PR machine is an eminent area kittles. So we go to the arcade and we salute the blog bags of scandals in Boston baked beans and whatever else. Scandals in Boston bank believes. I get it. The wide menu right Rula. All well we had everything that you could imagine. Per dollar because he sucked down those little necco wafers. There are just going to select thirty seconds maybe a minute and it's a perfect size to fit into a quarter machine. Clock on the damp OK that is available wherever I. That is because I know I've never as per dollar and you'd think this would still work today now. Well on older kid when we did this to ensure that probably put some in their analogy that you can be in the game again. They've they've they've updated the system I figure that out as we get the cornstarch. But I remember it what are they well they just know. You know me like you don't have an exact penny that's exactly like you has been it's made out of the same exact thing it's the same exact size maybe it's like from I don't know Ken Butler made knowledge knows managed just spits back out like don't even try. Well I'll all bets are. Coinstar machine one nobody I mean there's obviously Rick as a coin we have to think you wouldn't be children notice nobody everybody's name weights I only do they okay when they had to do for Jay I didn't know how many times put it back there. Oh like 45 Jena because I don't think that I mean does sometimes is just a regular is that the quarters fun is just not taken quarterly can be annoying though wouldn't like I don't know man understand Liam and the personal front a few pages we'll fight. Fifty cent piece. Susan reading you can get it because you know it's going to be party or can you keep auto ma'am it doesn't even go I know. And it's ridiculous like well like these is to be eventually do it doesn't matter how would had you get to what it's worth one dollar and thirty you know I hear the system how they do and a 44999. Old 28 weird. I don't always think you would imitate my thing to the corn stars I'll save for awhile. Like 300 bucks right true wow I'm always think that I'm president did somebody get that mean I was go home get pizza and B a scorers go yeah. I really I 170 bucks I thought I hit the jackets are bad guys over a year or is like an element to the counters that you know in college do it. Stop blame for the bus the change ladies and I did it you know enemy and I just go home then and I put my change and it. Every day and an enormous double in the bust and I got to transit card a little on that bloom all this change mysteriously disappears in the mama did you see man I don't know I might give this article for the says it's those same thing again whom apple to change in my pocket does go through mr. And I notice not that long ago like me out a sort of put a lot more quarters. Into veterans is your daughter it's awfully Brooke all I want to overpay you may think weighs like 704 programs are like I know exactly. What's gonna cheat steal from she's given all the time as you've got to be skimming off the top. And that's got a kid she is coming and going on there really was gonna ask you realize there's an easy way to make Maliki is what the stainless steel in but she didn't realize that I finally notice did you say the majority not yet meant a lot more like wanna I wanna put her in the situation where she knows have done something right to sabotage somebody lose. What to call me out on it you have to confess to which you've done so it was like you can either stop doing it. Or yes you can come to me be mad about whatever I'm Kamal what she's stuff teeth fall out. Not as much but a few. And maybe the Tooth Fairy said that the said the residue that there's only. Calling. Not how you roll okay. Part of every few what are your big event already have been bought out couple they had they are that if I definitely had all this money he has that he saved on top of the account that he pays the Tooth Fairy to pay you Lou merely someone stole that money. I don't know what to tell you park she takes money back for Kennedy's. Through to your knowledge is the system and how they do an 844999. Cola that might that just seems harsh there that's just steal money from me as like Ted. Near our lows in June thanks dad hello Eddie welcome to the men's room. Although how that all I. So yes we're not funny story about your government artwork. Is hilarious. That's. Look further LP FM at the shipyard overwhelm them and anyway. Out there's only time that. We would get a job and half the time the job done even the lady former. Not. Not even available force period end we would be getting the job and then go lynch sent the high. I'm like literally go I shut down and out and stay away from the elite upper management. It. I've pretty much just well we two everything but going home basically. These are you gonna go hide and I sacked by how long would you be in the shack did you little bar. Did you join our. No we can't we can't leave that would get rid of the sort of clipped yeah now police. OK I have to be on premise you just can't be seen nor heard. Exactly and air proper mental note to become into the area road that you're working. We get all caught all of our separate deal Capello quit you know look as we are pretty much immune and that was all right Ruth Democrat carrier if somebody. Hawk well so you know wait wait what they. Assuming that you guys actually did your job then what are the jobs that would have been don't like when the big manager comes down and he says look busy. Would you look was busy doing. You have what do you do great you joked that all but. Look at what the Eudora Pro Bowl okay in order. I'd. I have install net foundation or something you don't you don't look like you Milwaukee not pretty much. There site and how long of a stretch of time it may be a day would be fun but after lobby like to go we just do something. If you don't they I think I would begin like Brothers are digging a ditch and I just get bored you like we do anything here. I wouldn't have to put the government works over there that would probably let it wait liberal. Also like Hollywood. I like how this man it's like Ariel bit late hurry up and wait. So you know its users and how they do they scoreboard 999 alive I'm with you miles that's right heard the most though. Hello Matthew welcome to the manager. All it is our job. Are you guys did a great man are you. I'm really invalid are those okay cool they mom stock goes they crabby ground beef and hard shell. Don't realize that six aren't Boylan. Beef in junior and in most places in world and although Oceanic thought. I may. That's going to be as I mean that's a really good use of corn or flour tortilla that Fred. Our attitude under the broiler but you don't talk but she felt so cold out real quickly saw that saw Indiana they're only gonna veggies on top. On and I got Eliot you know is Youkilis can be able avatar those show lettuce cucumbers and Hugo you can receives any diet supplement its natives. On a bad time. So my story the subject that's on now now wandering eyes is say hi I'm kind of aren't talking about the amount of cucumber I. So I knew a guy that spent five months in Mexico courtesy of is unemployment office. India to sign up for unemployment. Probably airplane went down there in predictable plot looks totally awful important. Exact not legal or let you that would only had not allowed to travel fifteen tomorrow they got stipulation that he did not your job search. So the Watergate David you're allowed to travel and we're here now. So it'll go anywhere you want but look for god damn job I'm in that like the I don't care where yet hired. Right. You would gain normal you know that that would be Europe common sense it statutes into your own money but no I had a stipulation so. What you trust international border also still apply no more. Starting jail he can't click on. I enjoy doing get a direct deposit that he was able to access overseas. Yeah direct deposit all the computers as we first started doing. You know Internet unemployment so work you know chicken IP numbers or anything like that she. Did he then did did he facility just basic any good look pretty even makes Gomes and upload all. And we'll make him come back. Where we got a job OK I love us is that there's a lot of tolerance LC IO while the exact. I don't know that allows out of Mexico for four months he might never in my eyes again I might never come back. Two on who you know that to achieve the system and how they do an 84499. Alone. Hello Dave welcome to the men's room. Yeah it's. Today the guy than you. All of it all delivered a very nice. The average down. That rabbit cute eight yeah. They do it that they haven't quit can promise you we could pop that metal bracket on the bottom. We picked a quarter rid. Popped back by the black that it can regain. Plate he got down don't want. Quite flat back out it can't walk brigade they're put the ball labor quarter. All right you know they did that they've got to be damn Diane no question about this part of Texas. Loved how limit to him a quarter with a string none at all he. Kind of like corner of the street that you don't need you don't get quarterback. Total cost of the quarter up. If you came up figured this out. You're the manager panel at the drip or it's. A mistake and entomology. No none whatsoever and I hope you know we nobody knew about it well but there's just a couple of the that knew about it. The other Mozilla. Has led to the owner of the 7-Eleven as we guide I did your boy and obeying the boy you need to move the main picture manager in 1000 the president he's an owner only are probably owe machine. Bad guys with the manager they are not there they'll sell those aboard that we would do all the time and it was all the jukebox which he not old jukebox machine of the Dubai it's probably do is look at vinyl and it. He had no CDs house CB can deal but either way he knew. Did basically if you just push the button on the bottom of debt it would reset the entire machine. I sell some they look come on like meatloaf paradise for the neighborhood. And you could just see them look at is this is not gonna last minute longer. And you go to go to the bathroom and right when you walked by go through the push that little red button and follow what is sun would go over and a whole machine restart but his star playing a different song. Because it was condition to played every song for a little while rhetoric so no one knew. That they just Monica skipped went on to the next song within that solid golf app which they played us on this is the males go for the money and you sit there and go out here again. Now now let's in this craft but yeah this I. It apart and a button I'm all right oh yeah you can change the music all of their biggest hit like a you could solve could change it but Italy's one of the bargain like. You just get to him being cold. You know the cynicism how they do and a four point 999. Always get your emails all the way from the men's room amendments or live dot com you are listening to the men's or radio network. Smiles and I think who did you know that here the system how to evade. I hear got those emails in the men's room Evans or live dot com. Guys remember allows a middle school round of the nineties and a Coke machine that had a conveyor belt where you would select the Sony would drop on the conveyor belt and would move it over to a little dark and you can get an out. But if you put your hand inside the door and blocked it from going through. It would drive for a little bit and then stop and assumed that it did not have a soda see you could select again and again. And again for one dollar you could maybe get ten soda it's. That from Ryan walked opt out guys that once entered a model competition for a nightclub whoever got the most text votes would win. My FaceBook got shut down for spam posts and and a cold so I couldn't go promote myself my boyfriend suitable program on his computer. They would randomly text in votes from random numbers at random times for two days guess what I won that for Michelle. Guys a new guy who cheated the system of the navy supply inspection. There was a few aircraft parts missing the cannot be found so to cheat the inspection team. He got boxes that would Kerry said missing parts but rocks in the box the way the boxes down to the exact weight bubble wrap it up to revenge people from routing around. I can't say this was on board an aircraft carrier on the West Coast and that he is now senior chief petty officer working out of the yes. Good sense that from a cold Mexican and no Omaha Omaha Nebraska you gotta get out of their manned. Our guys not hear the system and the same thing the movie theater guy did except I would prince Al passes to give the customer. And pocket the entire ticket price during the cash drawer count to. There it's pretty good record there it's only Danish. Katz good jets to ask do we we sent guys in the coming in never back in the days to be able to sit at a bar in the brother money there bright. So we would just make change they didn't care how much they tipped us or whatever score so we would just always go back to make change would never take any money helped within names keep the Honda 130. Our guys for years I LA LA without paying its all the five Tony bridge what happened was I say new license plates in the mail our place and back license plate but couldn't get my front license plate off. So all of the old one in the front with a new and on the back. Every time when across the Bridget took the picture my license plates but I guess for some reason because it'd match up they could never process the tolls. It's been years since I've used that bridge now and I still have never received a bill. Our guys we did drive through a Taco Bell in a semi truck not a trailer just about tale but it worked almost didn't fit because tree. They get through the because of the tree not the truck and exactly see a few more. The minute about. Voters go about where to fast food place all McDonald's goes it's the monopoly best buy buck season. He would walk out the restaurant after closing with a big black garbage bag full of cups of Fries and big Mac containers. He did this on multiple occasions we was in his bedroom peeling in sorting stickers we never won anything let's put a few hundred dollars invest buybacks cut. Working you know local amusement park in the game section cash was exchanged blaring salsa the games no cameras. I pocketed the money every day Obama's oval glorious luncheon played ski ball all day in day. A great game I would have to think your Carney in new and is just a matter appears. Three darts for a dollar. You know or whatever the deal as I mean like yeah three soft balls knock over the jugs or whatever hell they got the milk jugs that you are pocketing. Mad cat Kelly mad cash and it's just one angry got to come spiders like at that they like about money for today and I'm friends with an IRS I hate. But I guess and. I cheated the system I graduated high school old about 510 years ago in order to graduate my school he needed to do a senior project. Some school district stood differently than mine I needed to complete fifty hours of time thirty of those hours were actual project time Tony for volunteer. He also need evidence proving that you project. I waited till the very last second to do and of course and had to scramble. And actually get an extension on it I told the teacher I would make a wooden baseball bats and what I ended up doing. Was just buying a wood that online how'd they pics of an old guy leather and a Matt Dowd told him it was here's my manager for the whole thing. And also my grandpa. As for the volunteer time I think the signature of the boys in club teacher I know that had to show the whole damn class my project and go over for twenty minutes. That was along with twenty minutes in my life teacher toll bonnet and I passed and graduated two weeks later. That from time. Are terrible that scam I had I was in college for a year and I can't run of the class but the whole thing was. You're supposed to make two different books to read from I don't know two to philosophers or something like this then he gave this big long oral presentation. And dissertation of class and it sold. You got picked just randomly to go to do and I hedge my bets a couple of friends old school with they were quite passed easily in bad. We put a lot of time and effort and was given benefits and I've done absolutely enough. A hedge my bets I got lucky in my the twelve person but the called to the presentation this Monday to basically I think everything that the other students said. Change some of the words they usually give little presentation ace this thing got me. I don't really think Obama lied about it at all you had to rewrite it he knew the material I don't know whether it be that in literally walked up I did everything written Daryn I took some papers of their group like I've committed to memory. Roughly do the right. It was like a debate about the only a month or listen onside but this is the others are basically has presented the debate out loud that every kid had just told you about land about the authors and ace that mobile. Guys it was a guy in college that had a fake car boots they would put on this fast and furious on the civic. I would see this car parked everywhere walking around campus without paying for readers know parking areas at center. Until I saw it with two parking boots and belongings police department. And from beat up. I'm back when blockbuster is still thing I used to get out of my parents browse ten and I would rents APS. Video game and would Burnham because I had a mod it PlayStation. I can't tell you how many video games are written for five bucks is having having to pay 3040 dollars per game. That from Daniel we have any comments from the peanut gallery everything it is very long it's important to have a time for US females than in German fans are loud knock out. Hey guys my name's Michael longtime listener to my buddy Justin get an Allen they can now hitting the window and finish it off with a little wedding view for the birthday thanks guys appreciated the look gone. Oh are. I've read sanitize my 25 avenue losing your show for the past ten years thanks to my good old dad can't get enough. I would love to hear some dirty Germans thanks and cheers guys appreciate it. All right you lose the endorsement studio she might cure asthma can't touch him about them. God. And flew beautifully with my youth yeah. Just like it was my boyfriend's are like have a joint fifth guy get a big old bomb ripped and severity Germans from here lovely girlfriend Kendall. The outfield Boca coach could take my team was good watching the new feature on the swallow that. Johnson thought they seemed to get a special K maybe content. I was always my lovely wife Marisa happy to any six we're expecting our first child a male lover so much. And she got me into the show and you guys been the subject to many conversations thanks guys have a second up cupcake and a little German stock that from nick in Olympia. Oh. Well when you book them treats you like a man who shall we intruders then we can no rules. Young and for that you can. How how big your boat people from something else. Only as well as they have ever d'etat amazing son Marcus he was born 28 years ago in Harrisburg Germany. So I'd like transfers and dirty Germans talking about ice hockey and for Robin sang happy birthday to him. In German I hope he and his girlfriend Ashley will have another Beagle trip to universal Orlando how could they not have funding universal Orlando c'mon. Lamond at little brother Danny and our pubs misty men yacht bear and it moves. Gardens ice is very well. But I will put. Yeah he's coming out of my pocket. Goods and so means you can idealistic. Young looking at bush sat. He's the only good moods I can look for the I was very happy to tell them that because it. Guys on your shows and as my wife Anna Johnson listens every day she's 29 when motherboard they shot out maybe some dirty German from thrill 'cause he is her favorite rock guy and after Randy. We were going to look turned emotional about it finger you're looking. I'm not her favorite holiday Errol. Guys today bedside kitty is very air dirty thirty I'm emailing from Palm Springs of Washington AKA yak about. Please give the dirty is Germans please love the show thanks guys that from (%expletive) There are both have the dates all the Catholic working with your million school. I love it squeezing things we'll keep the whole ten. It is always our co orders a man that Murr taper at thirtieth Jerry Brown the son how lots of turtles thanks and the very dirty Germans thanks Deb from Edwin and Keira. Our own local teacher of the public to give. Yeah. To put my finger into Bundesliga. I did my boyfriend or 31 love you guys really deserves that shot I could get an original faced sandwich and it's internal thanks thanks guys ever bullies fish sandwich. As I'm sure no one's gonna ride in Robert days I would do for myself I'm 43. Canadian original fish sandwich and some dirty German talk. That make my day thanks guys that from. Now we're going to renew the boats in and out burger. I don't worry the standard for us we'll be live. One push myself Demi had a 45 trip around the son I know my boyfriend will do so here goes nothing about a second have kept gave a what the hell is that. Oh. My god would be the admiral. Oh. I'm 45 years old today I would love an original barbershop quartet fish sandwich thank you from J&J and I again if this and email so you know oh my god do you bra. Brother can dying enemies and win and she's and it's harder on this. He's our guys here know. Have you had to be done OK I've been heavy handed it's. Happy it's not good. You figured you but today. Young pitching Germans brought by men's. Also available through these world fame on men's lives doesn't come another sign retailers. Know him shrine flies from. Electors there are guys that as far as a subject of the boot knife. Yes it's as the toilets are small in Canada. And they constantly get plugged after three days of five drinking we use a stick. Ted you're you don't allow proving in your can't predict I do not know as a union groups sticker on their who did it myself governor on the steak I guarantee they got rid of Likud knife. It's an actual you console that does dude had hazy and there's an area in a camper right there's a reason that other people said the Pope right at home right and and tour buses you're been on the tour buses go to open a lot of tour busses either and have a pretty nice toilets Suarez mother nature I'm approved a everybody that we bring through July saying hey guys you know even toward a lot we we have a goal to lead the group tonight. Now it looks like one of those wooden stakes negated the Payne Stewart rockets hit it guys driving North Dakota back in the seventies beautiful sunny day turns dark and it starts downpour. Grasshoppers. Grasshoppers yes and I went well and plays and I guess I think Correia 2000 trading of the month. Of infantry guys about a week in the field as you know we eat a lot of them are usual route training when training for days. Charms are like the old school life savers they came an identical packaging except it said charms and they were square they aren't. So they only came in and Marty's it is said that the when you ever eat these in the field it will always rain or there will be extremely bad weather in the field. I thought it was hilarious that a bunch of trained killers were afraid of it Mari candy. That it happened I finally got charms in my in Mari the guys saw when they fell right out of the bag they pleaded with me not to eat them citing the story that they just told. I smiled and pop one after another after another in in my mouth. I didn't believe in it and like I said it's funny to me later that night here comes couple inches of snow and six inches of snow than a foot of snow. Now we have five days of snow going on at this point the guys were pissed off at me. During today's trading I was carrying the 240 Bravo which is a machine got up the hill. I slipped on the snow the gun went nose first in the ground the but in the in the stomach I lost all my air and proceeded to tumble down a very long hill. Needless to say that I now believe in charms that from Fred from Baltimore. We got a comment came to witnessing birthdays two people that says. I pictured you guys would love to know this but because of your show my eighteen month old yells bitches at the end. At the end of birthdays the homes even when someone else besides you will see good blue and I think that hasn't happened birdie say nothing to do is you're never bears fans are guys that video or never happened the reason is that good yeah that's fantastic Dana down I was eighteen was hiking while drunk he fell off a twenty foot cliff and his buddy had to get help because he was unconscious he later woke up in the hospital was told he was being charged with a minor in possession I'll talk about bad luck. That from Sandra bathroom moments about two years ago my mother was visiting to see your new twin grandchildren and she was staying at the Hilton in. On the way down in the elevator on my stepdaughter I let out a huge Nancy what Favre that lingered for moments I'll just before you walked out up part of again and left not moments later we both your group of children and women screaming about how horrible itself as I was against Lee in the building. I honestly thought I was gonna get my mother kicked out of the lovely. Hilton and final thing I think we need to go back in time the last time we played dead vs the FCC's so the good let's go back intact. Am young man that's lived here. Short city surely fits and shining city Shanley sets while sixteen. City sure it's great contract that's where they're short city Shelley fits in so I think each fairly stiff. While fifteen cities Flynt bought. Actually they're short. Guy. There are no match and it was a quite well last time let's do it again. Any time. 120 plus. This is the FCC. We will do our lives and I didn't wanna walk back my group is the time God's. Missouri's birds until you wanted to your rent is just Minty fresh and it's tough though did you wait. Can only get that out pineapple or math okay. As I don't taste very demanding the burden Matt do you look at wolf I'm that in fact it can win here feel the blood off of your face in his stunts your abilities you know you've had a great night for global youth voter pour everything about her friends I imagine you're surprised but must do our chagrin the government today and someone else Rhodes and Ted Garcia CF and I is that without that it. The village put in the dish wanted to indefinite and we are joined as usual by the drug charge right canceled bringing eight religious site DA. Andy drug charge well they had a drug charges could be this Guitar Hero and learned our lessons are. Here levels and here you dropped a nugget of news of letting people know that they in fact could play you vs the FCC and in fact you did not lie to us for the first time ever if you download the immense through map now you can play a Jew verses the FCC. Which is a big deal and and and there's new there's a new low and tongue twisters are weakly ground. OK it's over it courtesy of rural. Jolly Joseph was sore and of course regular what do you have to meth heads who were played at night and I'd pot head engineer the broad market will pot Mac O Jamie to produce guys and as a dead vs the FCC today guess legend introduced guy you're gonna get up there on the app as well as you play U verse they have to say. We'll have courtesy so you can you can try this one at home for yourself now operatives who tries to life. At about the group and I've heard now today to try to get Ted back in the winning column we've got one from a Jimmy and it's a short and quick Ted vs the FCC. And it goes something like this. Spend swiftly shift shot sea shells safely to sushi city. The way we play ten vs the FCC. Is you need to read that one time through and then the three times fast. Seven swiftly shipped shocked she shells safely do sushi city did not back. Seven tripling chip shot she shows save lives usually city wide seventh with Wayne chip shot so he felt safe way to sushi city dual. Seven point wish you. I'm just into regulating it. Be the last two sushi city wasn't. The other is. Let's get Shannon Sharpe said that you late date teaches. I've downloaded child than anybody would know what to catch it more I don't know if I'm not gonna go to Moscow on I think that goes is able. Okay all that attack on Denver's is the FCC for we got was a little bit do we get a drawn tempered. Bsc did it all together and I really don't play good we do for you thought that. Bad jokes coming out they did they four point 999 hole you can email the bad jokes of the men's room at midterm livestock out we will kick off bad jokes coming up. You're listening to the men's or radio network. At no time made far far 999. Hole and a way to go where the bad joke. I'll hang up man hello who Andy welcome to the miserable. Oh let me tell land of aloha. County W golf when it got targeted tell when your girlfriends getting back. Went to fit your wife clearly. You got that hey get down by the buzz again he'll tell you why. Hello Brian welcome to the bedroom. They are okay. Not a Clay County US surgeon at west by god Virginia this gentleman takes his daughter to the doctor. Just what's going on eulogies have a woman brought. While the doctors are little walkway issue sexually active and you'll know shooters laser like tomorrow. Hello Michael welcome to the major. You know what Leonard and all that crazy man. What kind of out of what you expect that tornado where we'll get about that would you expect an attorney to where. I also of course. I'm. Glad and so dairy and welcome to the men drew. Put on top. Look at it says when it sort of middle wall put the face they wouldn't slam into global. Scale dance and. Hello David welcome to the bad jokes. They're they're scared her out walk in the park green's ability says it's hard ball but me. Think it's OK okay. Why did it did cross road bike. To get to an ugly bitches now's not not the chicken. What do you call a global masturbating gals. We'll go beep strolled down. Windows the dead joke when the the joke become a bad joke but does it jump become a desert when it becomes apparent. Ohio is fixed rate of seven. Now it's 7879. Because I haven't had to run through sex offenders all. I read through six of under the rule. This and other Natalie Wood joke why doesn't Natalie Wood shower on the boat. Why because she refers to wash ashore because. Robin and ignited during your draft somebody else and just zero X to be rich. Jessica who it is. Out of this and as usual we had to do very death can't see the struggle to find out who. Cells that yes indeed today we chose the 73 year old Jim that all the given us from west dips Lynn gives slid in Australia. Are you need to knows that he's a beet farmer and is a beat former he's happy mall Latin back. Is beat by accident as he's been former are probably the toughest son of a bitch but you never keep in mind this is Australia so this should surprise no so. He's only three soldiers riding his motorbike last month and is looking for grasshoppers on foreign when he had to debit he goes flying over the handlebars. Led the Dallas head. And broke his neck when he realized he was still alive. He knew we had to get in SoHo so that he can call for help. But because his broken neck. Instead wouldn't stay up. So he grabbed his haired old deserve a straight government comes spike. And drove himself more than a quarter mile back 2000 pain gonna go broke mistake in the hospital with only had two fractured vertebrae. He had surgery and is expected to make a full Rico can't. Strengths how tough is that medicine to office. I just want to point out however for the record as a bald guy I feel that he has the advantage. Well having the right of right media Ted could not do. We did have the same reckons an animal my instrument can do. Seems like a weird episode of they offer us. This that is. That is the bad as the I do I rebel like three times that way we acknowledge could've done that. That is what you guys held his head up by his hair got back and a motor bike rode one handed back to us if that's the route one off. Hybrids is less the British reporters booed the greatest truth. Because we think at the Yemeni national over the tone and down the throat to party in our tummies. Down oh I bet tell us. Until now online right now if oracle are 99 you know it's continues. No man Israel radio network.