01-18-18 Seg 3 Mens Room Has Chicken News!

Thursday, January 18th

Emails, Ted's Meat & Potatoes has foods that make you stink! Plus No S Sherlock and the Shot of the Day!


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This is the men's room. Listening to. Hi count on the record doesn't sound as annoying and another out of profile doesn't mean it's only Bobby dropped off the line you literally just dropped buffalo. Has suggested an odd man as far as his new porn name and I guess isn't going to be Maria you. Well just as far what's the most popular film last year ridges when last Jenna down last that I something about what happened and I guess. You don't play as bad she had been through it wouldn't know. Our board. The left then back to smooth it was your mom there. It was may donate more parred 99 Ayatollah who has earned that is consistent and play negate that you. Hello Matt welcome to the men's room. The. I Vancouver and Philip Luther. Painfully over right now and then look into the show. And had a miserable would you rather watch a movie star an apparent source it was your parents as they want to porno starring you. Happy go at this a while porno myself. Quit my parent all right you may be doing any bonds. I hear you might as well make the best of the situation right Jeff. Yeah of course that we can bones are damage. Of a person suffers a hostile injuries. Steel ST hey Alex how store and didn't say that foot. Foot injuries I'm. They'll move. Rig crew that's terrible. That's important I'll orient and Laura and several radio. And Schindler's List. All of the itself and so that probably already have in the movie you image didn't show it who's eating Gilbert Grape. Those who won't like in rebounding and some underneath. You yeah yeah yeah Schindler's List UK it's all right what notable Karl offer and Robert Lee reject before we coming commander of the confederate army. It's great and president of the united data from. And it. Oh help prevent them. You endured confederate. Safely portion. Yeah all those guys just talk to get. Got to get to Mexico right so in the states play it's weird al-Qaeda. I liked it right. At an awkward. Awkward position to be world about to go to war understand. We're Gordon slaughter each other. Yeah you won't believe this satin Mets that. They really masculine from a yes and as. Makers among the moment. Started to question. Who were the three female characters created. And Gilligan's Island. Oh. Who meet. People and we'll go to Baby Jessica. And remember song or something breaks down. That's Gomez Simon it's. Great knee hit it fits your agenda. On the ground there aren't too if they. Everything cameo from both physically Dresser or note Marianne ginger or is this house tried misses out. Force can go. If he if he corn on the fourth of July Indian bones and simple in a top loans. If it is it is the the main department car right in those questioned how what continent do the plea for Mubarak originally. Group bought when he's roof off. I don't somebody like I out of it or we're just like. And you. Know it's tough for me. Our muffed this president very different. It's a bet all the little things improved after. It's red plump little right incident allegedly used the stall this morning schedule right I don't it doesn't offer me they wanted to rhubarb yeah. And surely group are about Cummins adjustment. Room Barbara rhubarb. Rhubarb but I think I think I grew Barbie goal. Haiti. Now I mean it's yeah. I mean there's this. It's. Our local formed part of the border between the United States in Canada what river flows through the Canadians to ease of Quebec in Montreal. And Lawrence river. Yeah now cracked area Gary Taylor. It was big dummy four point 999 alone who's our next contestant may play the big gamer you gunnery more part time while they didn't governor and see we have the Blair witch project hang on in the Blair winch project. Lou see. You know the Clooney's. I think I watched Jurassic pork. Florida the horse. Up Perry Peter in the chamber of regrets the game of bones. Pulp fiction. Yeah the great. And eventually load he can happen. And you know it did not talk about how. Half a million blank check. This. They dominated the game is more parred 9990. Alone who has learned anything that's the president played the big gave south and I star and that should tell you. Still knows who it is today and it's. James you sober now for over. Thoroughfare. Or I didn't look good for the show Ross introduces. Miserable James watching porno star your parents are simply your prayers as they watch porno starring you where you go. I'm happy days are relieved it would be quick and painless. You're going out with those groups. It is what it is bad. I love you baby move I think for me but I just knew. We've taken off there quickly as the police. And I'll let David if it. Okay yeah. Beauty in the used. And I even hit it a river runs through we're. All right here is you question. How many super rule rankings to Troy Aikman win with the dials out. Our man I now. Court question I have no. Birds are regular in my proved it Norquist make straight guy girl gone but it got really worrying. I guess tries to three rounds and and quite to run their back is saving myself from Ryan's privates. Pulp friction gridiron gang bang. It will will anchor this guy is a game a four part 999 although it was our next contestant red blankets in a hard trek the next Federer the penetration. Belichick as a coach welcome to the man. I just got you so where are not over the other. Right just there were so happy to get stranded on an island to. Just got a new poll what word would you rather watch porno starring your parents or sit with your parents as they want to porno starring you. They don't hang in there and guess what I mean once during. And cared for Edward. If I'm correct that's definitely different with. Your question there which code three is the Nobel Peace Prize awarded the other. They'll prizes are we boarded the sweep for the win the Nobel Peace Prize to a country do we get. You mean other than the estate. Can be very vital. Voted to remove. On snobs quarterback that's. Hi I am I know you're going to get I can feel what's first Korean words in the Bible. Among the first hey. First three version of. Forward items. Hello. Still the beginning in the beginning. Oh yeah absolutely true that. It's how the movie. From the emails Pete's dragon who think they pick it instead of Pete's dragon. Close encounters of the third turn. It. And I can't read them is what. James Eads the giant each. Got a all right request and what appeared to be US into World War I. And 1930. Got mailed to Sony. It's hard trickle ransom has owned. Yeah. Our right to question. What is the name of Washington Irving's 1819. Story about a male opponents in the woods for twenty years. And let it all about and. There there was a group made little freedom then maybe they'll find no food faced him. Q does the world based out of it. And the freedom the pilgrim health. Yeah. Are there this is kind of ironic. What's the name of what the US state has the longest official. About the more we called earlier this woman. And it's very ironic that this particular statement of the longest night. Republican California. David Rhode Island. Questions for. One international capital city only gets two to four hours per day of some light in midwinter. You are sitting and being into the city or country. I stub their wants and Larry and. I think he laughed and Callaway we really lately I got back and I. All. All job the blond hair in the blue eyes paid off just hear you got that would drive very get our as the game is big guns still a job. Hey Jeff got on designated Daniels has foods that make is think and some chicken news. That's all coming up next you are listening to the minter radio network secret. Sure it's. Other paranoia as Sherlock and death had yet been announced as the generals almost too good news and foods that make you stink first. Time for a few emails here for the men's room and then survived dot com. Whole Gaza is my best friend ravens' 22 birthday longtime closer to the show. And he loves your guys is beer can give a big only broad Digg ads ads and dirty German thanks guys keep up the good work. That from colds and AKA the tricycle and a. Yeah. I'm hoping we'll blow you look to remake the people stinky. Yeah yeah. Got to tell you face now agenda now yeah Vermont voted birthday today please app from Irene. Is yeah. But just today is a best friend Reagan's birthday he's a tall lanky low flow which who always edged back. Please give this gentleman and scholar I cut that bitch off next dollar and a fish sandwich thanks guys you're the best that from drew. Not at all sandwich guys there's miles a man Brando's birthday all that. It says he wants but I would guess that she wants is a fish sandwich in my heart talking about the blundering thing Bronson area that at that. Thank you guys that the man wanted to go we have I do it. Anybody about the amount of it is has done better if I voted him about him in the battered Edison should not have been a better about it but it innovative animated better better better it is better anybody about a bit about about a. Alleges are wondering if you gave Johnson a brother Madison's birthday NFL weren't for me he would have even started listening to you rock stars thanks guys that from the lovely Ashley. What up guys it's the birthday gonna get I'll look out a jeez Louise and dirty Germans thanks guys out lobby of that from Teresa don't look at. And weeks. And I do know much about Cuba about to find out once maybe you'll. Now mind you could. You can choose who. Tito got stuff. Does it ever Derek does not bunny doll these saudis say Cisco with our European as is too small. That from your buddy Brian. It's hard damn rocket the dirty Germans are work today tears visits are Matthew how doesn't go to John. About so we will fight them into your blood to look at Boxee. Now the self improvement over his heart. Attack. I was always my son Marshall had a 33 maternal I think your penis is too small in the middle of the Amanda from then. I. So I don't see my driver husband bill very happy thirtieth birthday I know he would love to hear some dirty German doc and some Ozzie dead. I love you mr. sue thanks for being my Dwayne Johnson. That from barred my Duane Johnson and I. So my heart I was so we dozens of rockets into his home. Dad speaking. Did if Melanie AJ Czech Jana since they relaxes a lot of Wales sixty. Guy who's not brilliance and smoking hot wife chris' birthday today. She put among my manners for fifteen years and counting could you please wish her happy birthday and some superbly dirty German talk cheers guys that from Chris. Job traditionally put you above them and but I'm a vegetarian who prefer. John and Germany who suffer. And they can take your hands and he couldn't be unfaithful. Guys there's going Stephanie 35 can you please give her a big old LeRoy. 35 and Australia. That from Bryant. Moving. Dan that if Melvin d'antoni back to big deal for us Sheila. Banging heads into and when he he Steve's birthday step particularly with the law. Hello you dinosaurs. On nitro customer they set out to my girlfriend Emily had a 37 turned around the sun amazing person and she makes my life much less bleak. And red festival she really love that dirty German beer so because the have a the dirty Germans wishing her happy birthday that from Friday. RR I miss the vote they were taking to my personal power. Shoes you have this. Now don't forget she. Grafton choking to death. Why is that. Tuesday's launch barrels per day should be losing with the data the car on the way home Herbert fail she wants is your peers as do small. And the dirty Germans thanks guys that from Kevin the random nets fans. Oil above them have some meat and drugs stupid. Now she's suspect you're familiar with the. I'm pleased to the very German who has my cousin David had a birthday as well as to jump to get a damn job thanks guys that from Brandon. I'm not sure what kind of job and the continued to. Now just remember you didn't do. It's testament to cost you can't afford. Guys ever did they say always to Tyler why lived to be forty and only half deaf that from the lips fresh salads and would you also rockaholics please give a birthday shout out to my husband Baier who's 47. He requested a LeRoy Jenkins and a kid faced sandwich because he makes me lose it every time he imitates it would driving. You guys make you happy on the drive home and I'll make you happy when he comes home on his birthday and oh thank you human is ambassadors that from his body. Me. Sorry guys every rule. Abby had any OK I have this habit OK. I'm yeah. Dietary iron play good you met today. Does it did you German drug. All available through he's world in a men's line doesn't come another sign retailers. Need him shoreline fly. There really Diddy dirty guys it doesn't read dirty every winner here of an Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I'm with thrills knows nothing more than a pain in my past during what are have to snow shoe and places where work instead a walk attached or pics of this BS. That for our buddies get out of there. Our guys are as far as ice skating and hockey we talked about the fact that if you're not from the north in the cold area it's gonna let you play hockey Italy none eyes gazed up. It is guys Google this video. I claims Mahler chuck injury. That's the only reason you need not to ice skate or play hockey a great show guys glad you're on Khazei indeed out for money clip of an Anchorage Alaska. It's a very specific entry. What happens. I don't need to see all of you go do you do need to watch this video I don't want wants a bit insert a hockey game in the duke gets cut by the blade about oh yeah yeah players medica. In the face assault and that you almost pleads out he's saying I thought it was just going to be a video link arraigned do you try and Daisuke might break my heart is near south lake. That's a very specific injury. But it's still scares them and Janet hook eyesore break anything. Now I know or or pull some finger care something I don't wanna hurt so I draw blood during its most holidays coming up also the return of no I Sherlock both urged. Did you. If you. You are what I tell you eat the foods they might you be a little body right and obviously we know somethings are going to be on this list because it's pretty simple right not garlic and onions right exactly live basically the holy trinity is an idea. Stinky but root vegetables and sticky sticky stuff. They think he's in his six foods that can give you body odor. We'll start a number six there miles number six on Carl let's do number six. Coffee. Doesn't really make you spell worse on its own but stimulants like caffeine can make you sweat more in depth out of that war those other owners. They're kind of groups you know what though when I was. When I was younger. I could smell coffee on adults because it was a unique smell like a breath of jagr that now goes to us. A storm or you could smell coffee on someone when they're drinking and if you don't drink it normally is a goal that's coffee and coffee late. It's funny coffee and begin our two cents that really stand absolutely and you could be anywhere like permits and he's got a pop up coffee brought. Or there could be making sure yeah maritime attorney tells the times. I can walk in Norway five walking down the street I get a with the summer like a murder and the MIT within the gay Republicans that got crock pot I was gonna called a school lunch but then I tilted for hours and I walked back by ethnic. I'll manage here in the meat to put him there now I guess had just the smell. Of the kings for brick at sliding I can smell the barbecue. There's nothing on it yet. No matter the result in the lyric guys on and off. All that's changed heritage oil academy to go to put on that. I only was no food yet but has really been under in Hungary and. Car. It it has another dose of fear called compound. Called called as well as slim Aslan. Alan castle as soon as soon as they gasoline ugly ass and Valero yeah gasoline. It's not necessarily a bad smell but some people actually turned on by at some people are not Billy I can go back through just garlic Fries. Like I like the smell the garlic but right in certain situations in trying to get all hot and heavy it's leg that's also right now an overture about garlic the other day and somebody says this is famous restaurant in San Francisco called the stake in rooms yeah yeah yeah right that's that famous girl stuff I never heard this famous car crash. Outs tremendous yeah and a look at day later my body was beaten. I wouldn't bet the great state. What's that did he think. Audit you got the gold and that hey man I want parents of the food was tremendous but he dropped duke later and said there was like mind blowing we've bad ice imagine if you either very Karl likely place like used. Separate beds that he knows. It. Broccoli asparagus because they both have a lot of sulfur. The thing is so they're both very good for sale want to stop them. Basically they said also tried boiling them in that steaming lump in my make us think a little less emotional emanate a lot of the smell. Now with the spirit yes and it's true that some people PA out the bad talent to be able don't I do I know. Definitely look I don't eat asparagus and I can go about two weeks goes in the back and another doesn't the next to me and I instantly knew that he beat ms. Ferguson last twelve hours is that I mean it's it's like the larger over some people. You can I'm with you my peace terrible actress fairness. I'd only seen as a Jolly Green Giant. I feel like every. Robert Tom order below colonel. All right mark Buddhist learning you don't learn the rules are there any meat on here know what to their felt OK and registered. Okay Osmond yeah it makes some people smell bad there's a metabolic disorder called fish odor syndrome damn they could go mullah. You don't want melee in the medical world right everything has some clever long pass Latin name. But yet not really disparagingly it does some point you know you can explain some what to do it. And this one to right now strait of smelly to fit all that. Yeah exactly yeah I recall the team. I'd like the fish basically said look. This is pretty rare the fish that you smell like fish who but it you have it you know it in everyone around you knows you can't write and kids these are out foods that make you stay. It's. Alcohol most of the gets metabolize by your liver but a tiny amount comes under sweat. CN that's moment the stale beer ads out rank and budget to coffee. It's push it out this way and that is ask my dad. Red meat miles I was gonna guess slam. It's hard to digest it leaves residue behind in your bag dished it to shift. Track Texas this weekend and that's exactly what I guess I don't fight the treasure forever after ethnic about a flat. Funny throughout the sixth found women were more attractive guy to a budget adds to differ trumpeter puck. Luka that a bit of Angela Burt well let me ask no nobody even if you knew women be more attracted to you if you know there right. But yeah it's not a vegetarian no. The advice throughout. I feel like I should have made some more and I do enough. But an exciting opening fitness with the first time we've ever done it but I theologian losing you don't have some exciting open. The other thing miles what about what I did make your I got when you ready. Stop the ticket. Won't. So we got to get at airport to. I don't have a good airline I don't think having check into an airborne behind you what you do your box and the world will for the for the explosion and Andre looked. The. And now his game. A good job. It's salad that day. You know so you juggle possible harm any data into a debt. If it cleared an official dance to. There's a grocery store chain. In murders he's a paid. Messy side England they just put up a job listing for chicken nugget dinosaur. When. If they're looking at similar that it took a profound. Taste testing. Chicken nuggets fish sticks more frozen fruits the computer open great at it but at. The odds AZ I do. That you re going to play a big problem either drunk and urban stone you're when he was backlash but nobody becomes more effect you 150000. Jews don't gear this process taking it. This there is a downside it's only a part time gig. The total gets in around all day Jagan and its people do would now immunity get paid. I look I know at the part time gig of say that he did a great job. But would you do today I quite a nuggets fish sticks other frozen delicacies loop can adapt to. I don't that's weird stupid right. To prove. You guys like cocktails term dork you like chicken yeah. That it. All right why you only what you mean what is this about it deeply Alabama and miles yeah generally it's aside the issue would have the project did it. Nice day today Albright. I hit. A Iraq the KFC is coming out with a cocktail recipe and using greatly. Talk the Brady very few is why the how about good gravy. You don't use it's like an outside group AD today it's. Tabasco. Worcestershire sauce act as a horrible with all the guys that believe me the million a year that is offering recipes you can make little. As well as their suggests that I need to be honest with you there suggest you don't interceded greedy and make peace and hope all old favorites adjust it a exhibited greater demand departing tonight a million gravy punch they even seem to be greedy mayor heat that you should garner syndicate at city. I may be very. Own grave America. I don't a lot of people who think right now but I don't drink vodka drink with these border raids that. I was gravely we got you. But also apple a couple of southern twist but Houston's urban. To a fall outs is a great low black. The brown sugar. Didn't see on sounds horrible. But what it's going to put the burden they pick up there. Get back in here somebody write down their cargo intent I don't exactly it. Identical Hamburg Roger dropped I got no problem with the gravy not rom but they say irony injury to QW exaggerate. As gas. And. Graham is now valued target they got one called the finger lick its corporate. It doesn't mess now. Fleury out too simple keep me. Sherri liquor lemon juice orange marketed. And an 81 lap okay our revenue of yeah I don't know it's there we need new taste as the degraded cocktails like in the script. The bio Lotta gray need to get over this drought really needed a drink after that well I will drag it does count of the shot of the day is on the way the return to know as Sherlock is coming up next few are listening to the badger radio network. It is you. How graduated does show up his job today is moments away the first our own Steve the throw hill Combs the tools. Gave birth storage room headline didn't do and it's show. Poison control calls split due to on my laundry pod Chapman. Mac. And shoot not. Violent crime and murder dropped massively an American state which of legalized weed. Monkey's uncle. Sherlock. If you wanna be left alone by due to the gym for attending the far as the way forward. Well and trying to diatribe that I was on that I'm Gloria. Like three or four times I'm constantly being you know my question is how of the otherwise if you want anyone to leave you alone anywhere and I just to do in an elevator gross romp around miles in the ground and landed right. Forms that is people believe you learn pretender parts it was a just action. Party got to make make a fake sound good and and and laid off say this about him smell quite the right is mad about Monica producers record of experience no militant. Most dog owners would rather hang out with a pet them people. GU well occurs are you kidding I cannot believe that notion. Sherlock. Proposal to electrocuted tired truck drivers to wake them up. Met with the resistance. And should not. Cohen the police have not heard your phone men. No Sherlock. Explosion warnings as volcano spews lava. Sure and we. And finally the minister of Britain. Confirms that Britain will not leave Europe geographically. Hall where LA twelve and couldn't do and I'd now not in a limited period now. Deserves to be ready. Men's room. Justin waited. This usually had the very best dance even throw a thought on nortel's yes indeed and today we throw 57 year old Daniel Gallagher. If Hackensack, New Jersey. This guy basically had a bad day. All you need to knows that as fast Tuesday he was crossing the street lights Indians are getting hit by pick up for now he was taken to a hospital. It even know them released a lot of info on his actual condition we do know that he survived getting hit by the pickup truck. Because the cops just gave him a ticket for jaywalking. Third that he was not a crosswalk when he got hit so we got to take it and the guy hit him is not facing and charge the guy. I'm I get not charging the one guy or a marriage Crawford crossed it gave the guy a jaywalking ticket on top. Worst isn't. Hackensack new jurors okay and one thing about it does very well ghost. Yeah I mean at least delayed everyone Jindal is a love what you do now Wright do to get the as knocked out of there are off of the yurigan managed under the G ticket that you put pressure you've learned the lesson we got hit by the car because he didn't use across that. Rattner got hit bad pickup truck he got. I'm jurors not much money but he who has slowed down a man that's is piling on. Hey we heard about Jackson we're glad against bad manager came are broad fortified vowed Sante and son. Yeah crossing of streets illegal I almost got by jaywalking was good I do not know of an actual. Body found that. Ivins was straight to report the food and drink this booze because we think it's Yemeni out acts all over the tongue and down the throat to party in our Tommy's. Down that hole out of their zone. It's like Hillary and I'm alive right now control file their state 44999. All love. The show and many pins continue on the men's room radio network.