01-18-18 Seg 2 Mens Room Needs A Title

Thursday, January 18th

Once again we play the game known as Big Dummy!


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This is the men's room. Please tell your friends about in Iraq when all three in Fayetteville, North Carolina that would be Fort Bragg to mean you know 33 to four rocks in Fort Wayne, Indiana and also our listeners on NBA point five. The cat. The cell based classic rock in San Jose fox down Anderson thanks for for more than enough Galileo program yes four lane Gary would be really email from the guy rather try to get another four ways we do not want your beer and can't find American he had to turn better. Does that RD debt. If you wanted to give into ownership and open to get our big W I death and exaggerated Ted knows as foods Vegas say no I Sherlock is all coming up we have Sheila online play for teams sober. And right now Sheila you are on question. Let them do that at all. You related development by the way coming came in dolphins do not little pod whose lives and partisan in a party apart and Bardem are now. Am on down don't regard. All right feeling here is your question in the military. Would then match Stanton. And you know repeated. Isn't the TV show in the military what does matched sample. Yeah. Everybody's got us here and there you go very go tied the game isn't enough and the TV should pay 449990. Love that was our next contestant ready to play the big game is that not a real term that knows it is a real power arms they heard noun and a month I get the feeling this is for watching match. Just the sense that again. Hello Millie welcome to the man drew. Little or no doc. I really sober now for over. Really what what is your feel on the men's room full address the watch porno starring your parents are sick with your parents as they watch a porno star news. Our and so would my porno it and like they. And a home video or it was like a produced piece I don't know what would you rather choose from what you house. I don't have many Lou it's going to be limited. Oh and just up no I meant I'm listening I don't know what's wrong with my parents. Kick the professional work if you can put this next thing he threatened. I think I'd go I'd like professionals. Thought that Spielberg produced path is really ladies all million dollars got things like photograph those big lights and stuff. He had just. Real hot class towards toughest permanency Yemen PN's Beirut buy into the whole mind yeah special thanks very. Hard to question this is also the planet who was the Roman god of agriculture. Blood urine and. At the right answer to. He did but not gratitude what do. Mergers investors deputy head coach Carr. You can remove the balls margins about a war purposes dirty needles is beautiful in this case that banner whose. Standard and seeing how about standard after standard and Iranians never get it. A brother look Saturn. And you'll all agree it's a talk about no if is this Saturday oh yeah. He's still talk about yeah why why. Until the moment you. You do you don't know why so I can't really you know I think it's just festive yet period in time equity analyst at Moody's. Yeah just coaching baseball I think freshly married at an early days or so kids yet they're still out going out all of our regular Pierre I think that it is better years it is but obviously he drove that they don't think we took out the miles we shouldn't stop her dad and nobody bought it if it was plastic. I know his capabilities that you ought to get the door every time that Clinton people like companies like 67 and retiring and all that stuff yeah I mean they you guys could present and that's Saturn unit takes it all locally here it is gonna Alia that in years about still runs. Carner the question. What fictional character broke the world record for most portrayed literary human and TV or film. Oh. And I'll worry Terry Sherlock Holmes. Now that's out of the like Superman and you know. Then I thought about one of the super heroes that are games they've done it 4499911. Was our next contestant ready play the game. Hello old Josh welcome to the bedroom. Are not okay. Hi guys children out there over the other so we're just hoping to show. Johnson remains remarkable absolutely driven much importance during your parents floors of what your parents as they like porno starring you. I don't know I have the they have we're Rwanda which I don't. Very much you're. You know oddly enough I'd like to want to portals are your friends as well and I don't stay with you while we want a nice people. How bad do you think you would be. I'm sorry how bad do you think you would be. You TB free here than you ever imagine and he wanted to hear your honor your death. Oh. I have no idea I think you're dead. Is there a zillion things I don't know why I know nothing about your your family obviously your dad very did you surprises. Let god damn bad anime had an idea lidge who do not know you've had in new. All right here's a question which composer's music was featured in the movie a clockwork own. I. I had no idea that they're can yeah it's. He's definitely enjoy it's just. Craig don't don't. Like that the labeling your return and a lot. Cleaner rounds here in Baghdad as we've gone. Governor all like Atlanta Falcons are to be secretary of Wendell white hired to question which residents first wife was actress Jane Wyman. He was an actor himself. There you go. And Jared all corrected McDonough is again a four part 999 all of the we have another contestant write a play we do comic came in miles and sir you will appreciate this long attendance as assault license plate frame on a Saturn the other day. Said if you touch my Saturn I'll kick cure rates tonight's that's SATA people funny stuff yet they're good clubs. They don't it is a 449990. Literally had to hello Zarryon welcome to the men's room. I've been okay right holes. AIG. IG IG on how I felt that. V aids fight and they'll say better you know we're not self. I am that desert. CHY. Faith in what Theo Dorgan Hunter Mahan goes and thankfully things in the family name or your parents have these planetary. It's very and it means golden lion golden lions are new developments that because look. If you didn't know what my name man I would tell you some cool like that you know I give me a golden army. Good luck on anyone John. What now you're Claude anyone. For me you know honor and a good earth. Did your black your friends noticeably may view golden lion and that's involved and we just got to the quake on mad at. Would today we what is sales that's why his name is. The rest is. Just keep it simple could we ask you terribly. Culturally insensitive questions. I had a bad thing worry we've wondered about this for our entire lives. OK if you go Persian rug store why's it always going out of business. Piano pertinent are also the wise as well. I'm going out of business identity going out of business sale but even if his only five years. They're not going to act like they did their grand opening are they going out into other business that there are these symptoms at all. But they've been doing it again authority did you know legendary but didn't go out of business and has been a person drugstore going out of business figure results since we moved here when I was thirteen years ago. They're still going out of business we gotta find this out for us. I have been seeing at Purdue weren't. Sure it's a probably they lived in California had the time doing a brilliant people appeared. If it happens that. Well guess who unveiled the storm and still going out of business models and NGOs place. Yeah you probably could go to dispassionate. We know we just need to get somebody told us that relates yeah yeah yeah whatever man and then somebody small little some back channels and all that and you gotta get a similar on tires and go to Canada bringing back worst. We connected to a man gonna do we can't do well wherever picture of death I don't know this guy friends are carefully might be able to get back in that's your voice. I describe it. And I knew the map what does this make use two here. Here at all. I don't daylight old army unable news. And ended. It's. Yeah. We'll have to. But so abruptly flew flew into the left here yeah that's what they do a conflict. I didn't practice piano. Bitter about a minute later it. Although told us that little sort of five minutes tonight the embodiment of our what cereal is the Mona Lisa painted. And all to me it's him it's not. Woods in the woods. Twenties. And his wife look is not a big our trust me he's the least sentimental person but it's like it's the African. News and and has more Lisa several Vermont we scientists who are lower as a matter. Is that sorely disappointed if I can its own wing of Olympic from wall and it's is teeny tiny itty bitty pitcher who are correct. All right. What speaking event what is the second most common international crime. And and talking. And check in Kenya and. Dylan are. I would just say good. One of those two elusive businesses are more likely to contributing my funds through a thing I know you're talking about. Art clearly didn't it is our world yes. I don't want all I go okay give me an original Picasso. If that's bond throw got some Picassos is called Pablo dude I've been down. Zero for Pablo. I brought a glut of Bob laurel 2530 years and I singularly he had that Rembrandt all one of the most nights molecular reverence he so clearly phenomenal. What bird it turns its head upside down to eat. Well. Pollinate their ball you know and you know they don't wanna be you do get me back I have no idea of the they're very. You wail. Al. Didn't. Know until they're paying on the line for a club and Loveland. Unaffiliated you can be ignored conducive flamingo. Oh era and underground fever and had. There's Madonna if you like big 200844999. Although more big dummy on the way you are listening to the men's or radio network. Soon you'll know as Sherlock is back. In the head Jeff announced his meat and potatoes as foods that make you physically staying and some chicken news that is. All coming up in the meantime game is big dummy we have IG on working on that teams over there and I believe question number three. No I'm sorry is six. Cop yes there's six we don't know horrible maybe it's. Hi hey you know my boyfriend and align dealer well he's not telling is gonna help he's of these just feet and even aliens in the Persian rug quite you know as they dummies good lord's all right. But now what you did on the wire leading dead beyond doubt me are gonna be a bigger dummy and you are doing real well Heidi the goes on her friend who's dumber you are you're. I am prepared he's pretty. I don't know I luckily it. OK I don't know I don't know I was doing just had that discussion and a minute there's a defining line between you gotta have one or the other end and Norway were you already knew about my daughter and her inability to put on a short. Put upon totally may god day war and peace geoghan Ryder click in this invasion. And happily give us more. I get the pants on backwards now it this what an immense I'm told miles away on what am I don't get my daughters and bombs man like who scored you can read anything you put the primary in a match since you've. Remarkably intelligent but then there's other days from outside the room or wait maybe you'll hails from backwards and like. Dark jeans you're really doesn't work big bank he's not right but the president got the way anybody voice. How did you not notice but today as she's computer school on the kitchen. And basically headless monster ball some of those tough to pay are running out of our she's trapped in her shirt employee. Almost. Isn't. I don't horrors what he's got like ahead to get out and are blow. Out Arnold and she did what none button topics and look I don't understand I just don't understand. Are ignoring and start writing direction frankly and resolution cross. Scenario could a guest on rural area craft good lord. All right what personal hygiene product and her grandmother they look William Addis invents while imprisoned. The person what are. You know I hope never got to the very good against but it's for flu. Hope for the tooth what was that in West Virginia. Originally wanted to do golden key for us all of us and they've continued to sell there. He dropped to number two. Carlos stick with our personal hygiene problems what personal cleaning product was originally invented as a gas mask filter are world war. So something you can use about the place. It was originally developed at the gas mask filter. We prominently all bad boys in the studio for the last two or three week. Oh. RI and local law. Open. And I dream. Product that does it relieved and yes now. Yeah the but there's a gas masks filter you've played this inside of the gas mask multimillionaire so when that filter some of the gas out correct you just use this product. Everybody. Specialist at they don't all hole. Life business. We make fifteen. Question number separatist boyfriend looking real good right now. All the court's current seven Coca all he's got this we'll soon as those guidelines are smarter. Golden like old line and pass and I am the senator for the which US states telling you're gonna get those answer I just tell me now that you're gonna give this answer. And Linda and Eric Wedge US states produces the most potatoes. I. But soon. You think you have the common sense thing. Now all of political potatoes. But then there's the list the devils deliciously matter what you do prime you can make them do what you want but there's still one of the most boring foods and still the only state that openly and actively celebrates their big table volume is defined state of Idaho correct at all. I totally. Relative or toll yeah man I mean the to a place of ever heard of potatoes coming from side aren't. Class and economy is there yeah I don't know I don't know I think played horrible day Edelman idols I know. We got the best we didn't sweep the lesson here is be careful of the personal relationship says. They're the Smart one Eaton who the question eight. What is John F Kennedy's middle name. Don't break that long would it wouldn't against. All. I read only fair thing for a president dressed aloft. Great you have to really go after John Greg Kennedy who is down credit Kennedy. What it is a baby whale calls. And you know it's the end of. I love loyalty will clearly my favorite animal cool in this audience I'm no real wow both. And I know that split loyalty and the gold diamonds being nor do you like Wales what is it called. All the doors aren't. Well so if you call me a dork as well be right be a loyal little bit and I go all ballots. All but you all don't believe people who need all hope you don't. Oh my boyfriend is only out. Finally got down on what I'm I don't know let's does everything and man oh man oh man wow are my favorite animal I knew of good news is called a quick summary. I'm the Smart one and our relationship of the common sense compounds on the books. Pink Floyd is my favorite band got that question are correct yes I love whales I don't know what the bigs are called and I know but Venus is going. Game is big dummy par par 99911. Is our next and doesn't try to play the game they'll get some insight into why she likes whales. Hello god dammit hello Tyler welcome to the minerals and. So we're not sober. Practice from the first feared side devastating not so with. Look at the showtime refusal would have very good group. Yes that's amazing. Bedroom home would you rather watch a porno starring your parents. Who are sick with your parents as they want to porno starring use. I would have dead vegetation it would appear to want to porno mean okay. He did to be impressed and disappointed. Cool I came fast and dispassionate seem to have well sure this goes too far in sacrificing their be impressed us. I'm moon if he's. I have always full and have to get my parents have been divorced for probably fifteen year period twenty years now OK and they would be impressed that actually know what I'm doing all right. Just like your father and you hope you never hear. Yeah definitely keep it real value to say now all right here's the question. What is the world's busiest cruise ports by a number of passage in the located here in the united states of Mallorca. Port town might Annie. Then I heard others say if it's my cardiac death have Libyan land of one. Airport sure yeah it's a cruise ship terminal catch my name is is that by the mayor big dummy for 49990. Literally their red black game hello Max. Welcome to the men's room. Silver medals and show. Net down liberal Paul would rather watch porno starring your parents or simply your parents as they once a porno starring Hugh. Starring me as being. I would have to live longer with the guarding. Oden watching them. And they would have a little bit guarded me. I think though what what mild or those that. Doesn't do that. Guys you don't know ma'am I want my in my might just be this. Never should make every able turn the corner and maybe what they. Let us know how that goes. Well that if the war. Here's a question of multiple sources of 151025000. Or 50000. Dollars how much money as the US Olympic gold medalist award. All. We'll say it doesn't. Probably most. No he's not guilty if tanks in the country it's made the money again and then their money gets taxed once it enters the country did you live. The question who is Mitt Romney's running mate senator wanted twelve presidential election. Still over in prominent person he's the the very prominent position in the Republican Party right now. They are proud. Are you looking at. I don't know about the same thing I did my government. Familiar with five. Our mobile Joyce when Captain Cook. Playbook won't be Australia for English who is the king of England at the time it was a George Ball was George the first second or third. I. Glory days the third man. I liked and it can claim Australia for England. He probably saw three animals and you know a man we're gonna go ahead and start this is not a place I'd need to do. Who was the male lead in the 1996. Summer blockbuster. Independence Day. Oil. And marry our allies work our will Google Earth. James McDonough and powerful are 999 alone who's our next contestant ready to play the big game. And what does co pilot. Eric how are you coming junior yet yet Carrey's yes Americana coming up today on Harry. I'll drum up by the play and you've seen that total now are so small man a son Apple's so what the hell I was through Christmas break I'd so. Does that the TV on a dog star wouldn't let her cup action parents or my Aaron Harris. So walk out there and I wanted to begin with and her comes our way it's these bills saying that he's just such from a guy all the time and then they have this weird thing which. I broke the news every day of April 2 week but I don't know hours like hey now's Tom DeLay. Perry help sort. Harry lives Henderson I had Harry Harry hands right some real. Under and I whom I am mesmerized by the is it is random people in the audience and I'm sure the pre selected but. Hair cut pay them go right where different from a manager oh what. You know a little limb Georgia let's listen to how much above of what Jeff what a question I had some it's always about relationships says as they look me in my lap and people clap. The guys won't pops up high parent page where you for a moment and she looked weary from led. New York City it doesn't matter receive from he's been mulling over a little new exit you can sign it and then I hit improve breaking Botswana. Polish hill memo I'm actually not all of us will hold a secessionist from buffalo all the other one Chicago you have a well behind me is black yeah Bob Smart Botswana eleven beta thank thank you for your question. It's a terrible show like Paul Simon but me he could hit hit it yeah. Hello one need now welcome to the man. Yeah. Hello America welcome Lola put a lot of time relative there right now live once we. We just had the best. You remember not to get the best you can win even if I had vocal Clinton went a Burnett's mother. I wanted you that's overnight so. Over and over wanted to look at the show all right so we're running. It was clear miserable watching porno starring apparent source it was your parents as they watch porno starring you. Don't parents watching for me or one lead. They've interviewed dirty dirty dirty now. Think in the shock. Well we shot in the most would you bring into the equation what comes out of your mouth what would be there will be a thing would take him back one lead. Or they might think Carolina today do. That I want. Your parents rip you off vetting amendments. Images do the initial work. Why do you're lawyer early the most important thing and in the lawyer's life is the moment that he can neither take its first initial middle initial and now officially embarks on an eight there were Darren Jackson and Terry jobs tell me your last name doesn't start with a no. OK good thank god. He spells Duluth. Art here is your question. Colleen Johnson who's the lead singer of what British EB es bay. Who holly Johnson colleague to colleague Joseph and a massive one hit holly Johnson. A little bit towards T shirts that quoted this. Horrible I have no idea how way to yeah. You were in school the missing persons now it's less automated thing. As a left to spend locally he goes to Hollywood. While that rely outcry Connolly went out and never got that I was go with a female leader named holly. It was his name. I don't know whether that's why they're quite Hollywood's how believe Johnson. How Mohammed crowded it's really down there it the roses album of the year. God Ali and me until I urge you to the holly Johnson can't how he hair and I recognize first ever allied out of the are you question what continent. We do not find to beat this could. It. I doubt about her eyes very good game is big dummy thing for Ford 9990. Look who is our next contestant ready to play the game hello Lucas welcome to the men's room. Oh are not. Hits over an outfielder. I am so over Lucas welcome the show he's. I'm in Drupal look at would you rather watch porno starring your parents receive your parents as they watch porno starring you. I would have to go where they watch my parents. Just because. Like I would be. I would be the only one with that knowledge nobody else would love to know about it yeah but you analyze do flu you couldn't turtle. You can by the third hole I movies are you the guy with a hot mom Debbie this is difficult if you have a very attractive month. No. You know I don't know probably you know your minds there's a name and your I hope your mom doesn't Lusa news show you do don't. None I don't know you know what I took him I guess that's every vehicle to make affordable and close together I mean look personable. The loser roadways up and it is the right way to answer the. It's always that other people's my mom's or know him yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah if you got but there are you you know if your buddies that you miles do they know brutality of the column you got sucked out. About the way as we clear this up all right so we asked a question by Independence Day. They entries Will Smith overcome her come into renewed and government and so that was like his co pilot. So now England says who typical blue loses Coca looks good as. Harry Connick junior down co pilot he was another was another pilot okay but even the pilot Jeff Goldblum medical pilot he was simply an African spaceship with. As for the whole time in our our right. Yes good golf who was implied crack and only god damn thing in an auto play. Hope I played at the end though no if you look hang on hang on what at the end though right now he is technically the co pilot may have the flight alien ship. But are right now and Michael you're a pilot unemployed and and you'll allow me to sit in the cockpit with you know even if I'm the guy that understands whatever his delivery is like I got there with a deliberate but my W far I don't know anything about aviation in my vehicle pilot might just dude. Riding shotgun in New York in your still the copa. I think I say Jeff Goldblum is just Jeff global media job for the next Star Wars and this character David B Jeff Goldblum and it could be believable. He's not a cold what he got battling removed correct in that vehicle pile and you know. Our here's a question. Who provides the board is the voice of dory in the movies Finding Nemo and finding glory. Dad is on a plane outfit. My girlfriend and on the shoulder. And should do oral. And all Xeon Lugosi as you museum and their ideas and young. The itinerary and guys who. You know he has to listen. Yes I do I go to Ellen DeGeneres all your one and done. One and done and done I assure you of that underground guy. You don't I'm saying Wednesday that gentleman's been news and I'm dog killer great job our favorite trainer so I'm I had seven house says meat and potatoes as foods that make you stink and some chicken news is all coming up the game is big damage if you like to be contests and 844999. Cola. You're listening to the men's or radio network. Big chill and gentle men's room. Had seven now says they've dealt. As enough food to make his stick like you physically think cam do you eat these foods and the chicken news that's coming up. Where they had ship and Ted's meat and potatoes in the meantime it is big dummy a four point 999 all lose our next contestant ready to play the big game hello nature welcome to the men's room. Oh lobbed it. I think her name is over and I felt. I'll man's best eighteen knots over dad's parrot they welcome the shift. OK also the staff with Daniel knows there from Twitter by the way appalled that these Nathaniel Jones and what are we need that Daniel Jones was what an honor. All right Daniel and I've been listening Datsyuk and years are we call Vince Coleman we appreciate that may try men's group only got a period as we now want to porno starring your parents. Or is it would your parents as they want to porno starring you. Yet to meet my dad and high five me and my mom would be different. Your mob would be indifference. Lucy was real hair and he always was I never really you are so well guidelines earn dividends Martha and the kid that's that's a feeling emotionally mighty currency. Yeah maybe use your hands by guy. Your hips into. My you don't even care. I oasis stalled by idiots did so who are you supporting columns from. Yeah machining. Where any new list is Louis. That debt is about thirty miles up the interstate slam or. Oh got. That helps a little bit yeah I mean it's only basically 95 and you just keep going dad clueless about what can you get off on actually Sega. They're Rios Gonzalez. Lighthouses to see Natal tell him. And by the you know yet there remain at their army and ironically no doubt your part that got. I'm sorry glass remained you know we we never made out of the way down. Here's your quad which anyone man. We have to go physically get yes that's I would do man but it's is no they knew that yeah. I Genentech got man. Chooses to basically we just got to go North Sea if we can hit somehow all. Go listed Vermont's maybe New Hampshire governor Manchester we can then go back east and get up I guess we could actually get New Hampshire we just in Portsmouth on the way just seems like a lot of trouble you'd like or a million in July also hit. Plan to do a little bit that might. I'm Alex states like Montana pop up it's like all right laurel Montana teacher asked you know. Didn't know who my candidate is way different decent estate believe you are heavily when it's immature right now. Eight is about twelve degrees it's fantastic Luke he way we have some lovely this time here I am listening those 45 degree winners. But you are there yeah they're big question who blazed the rule of April O'Neal in the 2016 movie teenage mutant ninja turtles. And shadows chat. Well gee I'm going to be one and done guys sit Megan Fox. I'm no no no I don't Megan Fox of lord that I now realize I was tiny colonial and are there. Brian Austin Green new. Jamie they don't ever not on just in tiger there was a picture elements other than they are again elect this guy is this guy's amazing and a nice pulled it off after all these years do you the only his eyebrows this on the Golan he knows the bitter battle buddy good to good crop that's he's auctioneers and flip the script and an anchor baby with her. Big John is a game at Kerr parred 999. Dollars in its consents and ready to play to get it tried to hear about it. Hello Bob they welcome to the men's room. But we welcome to show you sober now for over. Totally overt welcome I don't know if miserable today. Would you rather watch a porno starring your parents or sit with your parents is hey what's a porno star new. Definitely didn't watch it for a start hey. They get away. And cared any day of the week good to know once multimillion dollar and one well even by the parents are right. Hard and got it I don't. They all have good titles you've got to look at the latest releases right and then figure out the most popular movie. And then you need is thin the that title in new subplots. I had been I like it but mind you right now we're gonna disregard the but technology book I'd see it yeah. I heard it requires her who I. Are the post and still work you tire data through impose so. Because they hold the line important and we ended question. I still supports up to fast forward column that is if you put it to fit. Home at all. Had Jeff got on designated attend those those moves it to make you stay again and always Carolina is coming up to play big got a call 844 at 999. Cola. The show and many things continue on the men's room. The radio network.