01-18-18 Seg 1 Mens Room Watches a Movie

Thursday, January 18th

Once again we play the game known as Big Dummy!


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He would sure love to hear is real the members of this radio program are simply. Trying to a friend anymore. Invited to join the party. This is. All gathered in secrecy. They say. Or radio more than three times. Okay. I don't go to Arizona or 2751. A myth I. Along with Steve the throw he'll. Do kids to bed. Well I wouldn't call us. To my car. I didn't enjoy a I want to really play big down day. Ted's meat and potatoes has foods that make use. Think no I sure like his back get ready to play profile list. Plus headlines avenger shot of the day fumbled as your emails and everyone's favorite. TV time with the flak you're getting guys aren't new go another missile alerts in law may prove to be a false alarm at. Porn hit soared by 50%. If you see a dear what they chicken fingers stuck to its head wild life officials would like to know where it went. Nebraska may go to dominoes tries to buy pizza would nugget of weeded. Millionaire hire strippers for his son's birthday because at twelve years old that's what he needs and format called 911 report his wife is a spider. That is all going on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's a question. All that bad news good. Dave see you and your like a lot of you out there I'd too surprised to find out when you pay your life going to end the 50% of people choose to circle. That is the damn thing. Today is the days that we played big dummy that's the game showed that rewards you for your studying it hurts. And Ayers now works you call us we both barely category will. We need. Do every freaking week guys say hey three minute from Wales. Right you know fifth wheel spin from their brother. I return. We spend it got to where we are and that we want. As to a question from a category but you scored big diamond separates itself from your average home reputable game should. We will continue to ask you questions until you get just one right because as always we want you. To leave here smarter than you showed up now today our biggest W ever to do had a bathroom. One Barnes is the lonely Kimberly the other part is the equally lovely Eric both the vote. Found a way to answer the nineteen consecutive questions wrong. Can you do better well of course weekends ago was an all and all we go on big dummy you're let me get. As a play big dummy call 844999. Alone like the midterm on FaceBook follow us on Twitter events are live answering your emails to the men's room adventure might dot com. You are listening to avenger radio network. Pages you. Dolls and I know I haven't done over 2751. Blue amazing show we have Rory today I guarantee you this will be a future repeat heart coming up not dead meat and potatoes the head Jeb is in the house and today. The head chef brings us food that we knew eat them. They actually physically can make you stink depending on your make up your metabolism and everything else. And as you said in the office you have chicken lose chicken news chicken Tuesday night news just in music news item. Room then you lose. No I Sherlock obviously on tap and out of the game profile this end once again we play the game. Known as big dummy it's an easy game to play well spending category we'll all we need is one the question. Correct from you now every time we played big dumbing period of playing for team sober or team not sober. And we have a men's room poll now last week the poll was quite simply. Would you rather be. Rich and ugly. Or pour. And really really really good looking and now believe it or not as far as the contestants on big dummy is concerned. It was poor and really good looking at number one the and rich and ugly came in a little bit behind and either way area a better scenario than you probably dealing with right now sure. Did you probably neither of those are probably not rich in it here we're not really really do you logging in hours and ugly dominated Twitter absolutely it did it oh yeah rich juggling our OK well good putter normally has the higher numbers and that's the browser probably the way it it leaned all right so. This week on our men's room Paul this is going to be kind of a difficult one depending on them. I would all agree on about this and I still I'm not sure my book now you got a big one here would you. Would you watch a porno. Starring your parents. All right you know I you'd have to watch a porno. Starring. Your parents your parents could be in this really sick stuff by the way that you have no idea that. You couldn't even maybe imagine. He you know when you sit there and you talked your mom and your dad how long the no it does some of the stuff they might be into it going to be your debt may be is just a fact that your mom is just dirty dirty dirty woman and she says some messed up stuff. You cannot believe what's coming out of her mouth you might find out why damn lights to go now does he never saw me walk the hope that you I don't know about Toby you don't know music nowadays are gonna tell you you're gonna get the audio you're gonna get the whole deal you know I mean bill whatever the hell are phenomenally that is what our why do only better. And that. Okay stop them so you're gonna either have to watch a porno starring your parents or her. Sit with your parents. As they want to porno starring you. So. You've got to porno. You parents are gonna see it. You don't want to win you have to sit there as they watch it. And watching a few in my would you watch a parent support are you want all of low but you still have to watch you're still not closing their eyes you are watching this so that's too much for you yet and you say to yourself well you know I'd rather my parents watch me put that's fine. But you'll be sitting with them they being given some played up play. But again we are all. Take that one I would take them. I would take sitting with my parents it was just Jimmie gets this season and I really think this depends on whatever one of these moments happened to you when your child either you walked in at some point and your parents having sex. And there is no mind to bleached there's no I believe you still remember the moment you remember what you saw you remember what they said how horrible it is it is still Matt. You still don't enjoy the moment so I'd I would not want to subject myself to that I got it but if you party walked in on that may be. The scarring is thick enough that you Goosen to want to be you know maybe you don't wanna see it. At some point alive that you discovered the joys of masturbation. You may or may not get busted by repairs are mad and decide I was never boast about a month I don't think oh I'm sure they knew but they never physically walked him had so. But somehow I feel like just the way the average household works. There's a better chance of me getting busted in the flow also must offer porn that they did find for me right. It's clear don't want you only own porn for one reason. And yet I know. For the articles but for the rest of us we masturbating you have a porn no party you know you don't by people over asylum he won't go off and tell you you want to double the new releases but somehow so I feel more comfortable the idea that my parents are subjected to me. Have access went down with. How I'd rather and frozen I'd rather than sit there with me much of cornered me even watch them this is not an easy decision because I really don't like you lose scenario but I just feel like look. My parents are probably feel the exact sounds like it or not we'd rather you'd be mentally scarred for mark miles and I get it but man I can't add as a kid. I can't build and look at my kids like look I hope you never see me masturbating hope you've ever seen me emphasizing gonna ruin you man difficult hole rule when you. I jail once or porno starring apparent to us it would appearances they watch porno star news of that is our miserable for the interview rental of birth parents right. There wasn't let's step parents are doctors stubborn have been the other long enough where it down your Oprah who you know to be use your mother in your offshore. However you had a good the last people on her do an actor Kevin Sites I would watch my momma must above. Yeah. Well. Easier though he's not what I real debt that's why and who don't mind the real well it is his real mom but my parents divorced when I was like two. Yes I know you know one guy to have be having sex my mom's and that's got to be the guy. I mean I could insert anybody that would lead to say you know like it's got to be the person who said my pick your closer in Beecher you would rather sit there and watch that. But not enough I'm just saying it never not Ohio yeah yeah yeah no harm America and keep asking me to fill the role I'd. How do it crashed through my of the guys rise toward Palin I think we understand it was Afghanistan didn't need to get out we went on the week ago the problems you know your parents to right. My dad is sick SOB. I just I don't wanna see what you need. But he sick. I'm taking my job easy there's one thing to be seen is another thing to be sexually a little bit more adventures are you saying that he is. I have a feeling I have to watch. Stuff enter him do you think he ODD was seeing show two to power and I am I like that I think you just tell you many sick. Just wait why do you on this theory. She only had strange horns but I did all brand magazine to this day I've never seen again to get a mortgage debt and like special order for us from country very specific stuff they handled it for a visit Taiwan in northern is Maria let me get better or worse to watch your conception. No no it doesn't look man ever won't let that the American sentiment is big romantic moment I'm here to let you know kids have been listening it wasn't. There was that got drunk on tequila in here you or bat. That's internal power away drunk on tequila you do things that you might not normally do when I drove down the field I mean even I. You were still conceive that they you don't want to know I want you to have life I think also believe. Look maybe you could have been a new wouldn't bump into over the friction tension tower was scribbled a thunderstorm like you don't knowledge economy they can do not gonna tell you feel like well it could be tequila mom faces its like at six package let's. And like it it was meatloaf guy our parent doesn't mean I know it was not like his romantic that they don't give. There is one of those things like IE if you leave a lot of Knoll would turn your parents on to wanna go to the bedroom to have our was that a song was that a movie was at a TV show that provide much of an African Bob Reno the wanna got sacked my mama you wanna watch after you knew I didn't all right or what would average around three alert playing both play when we're when your have a cat food and he's gonna do our own thing we know at least a lot about it seemed like more prevalent in your early twenties when you're in the place. It always seemed like your tunes on when you're having sex right or storm and there's always soundtrack like these you don't on the cover of the so that we silence it's not a whole he's that there's not music player. It's just like digital put it on and it's interesting that when you're younger you listen more to just yeah I don't know may actually add music that I put on the set a mood chill out. I don't know that I ever had a music like machine and any sorts my bedroom though that I I don't know I really. Sea island. I have read how I want and I let out our laws threaten lavandera wrote please keep getting a drug told me about it I heard all the South Park is I did hear their voices but that's different death. Fine let's do an Iraq that I just don't equate music to like sex I don't equate music so I spoke Myles is right like in my younger days of just the idea that. You thought of all I hardly the only. In the older you get like man if you wanna say is let's have sex you have Saxon is great but when you're younger you know you try to work all this stuff out so you're. Playing music and all the rest of the script look man I've had sex smelling my top pockets Maria you know army knife that maybe I won't be that maybe don't. Get adventurous we can do karaoke sex. So like you got the machine you know I mean as an adult in the heavily there as a great idea and then you know while sex is going I need to sing karaoke you know a very. I'm so tired of having been in the mood. Well my small bowl Momo Momo column as you. The as you. Come again. When he got an attitude about next to Brad. Pitt at it as a Mike would you I would rather want to bird's eye view of six where you say no we're going you know we took a woman cries out for a grand dad would be proud of you are gonna do that yeah qualified as of a movie so avenue that leather thing that they pound on the dome I think I don't put this in perspective for and I need to be this guy can your father do that same holidays the limits on its image I'm a might allow on the ground are on now that's also due. And there's all my there. Your favorite I'm more. If anybody knew you served your dad beat one of those leather straps on the thing leather strap explosives the black community gavel miles loves you know to me like a little hope. No I've never let alone the world about it I only and bring in the panel dabhol bear would they it's Reagan and when they auctioned off cal and stuff. They don't use a letter to think now the miles leather rope is a cover for their microphone hello I'm summer you know. There's a microphone bad news I've seen them use that you have to use the microphone back yeah it's called the microphone bagged to my leg to the microphone drums then all are always sort of unit after the break we have microphone bags you removed my hair no I yellen in my car why. Because Dickey I don't know Boller but do you ahead you're old my microphone and arsenic a new hook hook and do what a world. Because there really kind of swell up on the microphones and when you're spitting mad that fast you really don't want arousal outsmart Arthur I got an and and then coming right back to that question I aides have too much shame for my parents to see a portal of me so I would dare through portal my parents. I'll and he did. Do better gotten better yeah that's all out. This isn't rough that doesn't ahead and while Barnes and about a yeah it's dad's name I don't wanted to tell you myself am no ideology that is odd yeah that's is that none of the removal removal whose name is they do it his name's Tim and helps an axis of accidents my dad's Democrats. There about a month. His New Delhi a four point 999 alone who is Arriaga do as the first two dozen red play the game. Hello Sheila welcome to the member. Yeah. Q are you sober or not sober. It over she'll welcome to show. And a big Demi are miserable today Sheila would you rather watch porno starring your parents or would you rather see it would your parents is they want to porno starring you. Dot I would not watching one of they have quote I am way crazier than my parents my parents want and. Does that look you don't know you had fluoride that you don't know don't be fooled by that. I I feel good at bat that I played through a lot of them while I don't think so what did you download is like jail dirty daily and you didn't know what you need to. Actually did the missionary style. You have what they want you to believe all of man I'd tell my kids to eat their vegetables guess what I don't do. And mormons go on missions impressive to boost their whole life probably more exciting. I don't know but no thanks William Hague goes you don't even know about cannot which we get home and I'll take those JC yeah. Funny without brown belt from the. Got a lot about that because I'm I didn't convert into my other the other about the you know I. I got on the radio about mormons and that's. Yes well what would only say what once the deal will morons and masturbation. Well I don't understand why that church has got. That whole thing about if you're gonna be a match today. The good. Everybody knows that got in and outs they added on my mom over and eat right while I don't know any guidance. All the old while club. Well whatever what I let the as yet but adding so I'm saying they go very got lighter. So you know what they primarily why you are having heterosexual sex right so for that now. They're completely in the trees that point so maybe you'll branch out a little bit right there not having an awful gates thanks so there. At that employee right. They're doing the right things aren't they may be loyal doing the right thing like it is get a little leeway what that we can't they get extra credit Donna does to other kids are to being good. I. Assume my new way. It's time out west invest more aluminum knew what we do you never know the government. All right here is your question. Between tabs birds people and miscellaneous mammals. What is represented the most by NFL football team. I'd be my guess birds. I. It's well OK everything within their fighting. Minor. Steelers. Giants tires. Packers have okay. Talk about your father moment that PM Washington. The other people. So how the ground and he's a girlfriend Buccaneers is Buccaneers bringing. Then the saints it's. And guess one piece. You gotta Mike while Fiat and the thing. The thing I made it difficult for me greater numbers in the moment TDs he knows that the saints run exactly deities but like giants. Chargers whatever those were believed credit cards where I am so for the people IE I don't lack kidding around that I was we've got to be much as the browns because I was named at the creator technicalities. The Packers the Texans the chiefs in my view you and you to log some of the questions today did you speaking of giants. Do mascot Mike the question about a Jolly Green Giant TV noses on tour false net result of the zones us our OK true or false and Alitalia of the Jolly Green Giant is made of to Brussels sprouts and the disparities. Your vote. Should it's true that is true it is true it is. Talk him into huge Brussels preference I. That was actually the governor John we have finally gets asparagus can Duma's Jeannie have you seen besides Lisa you are it's a huge purple heart euros is hands are always on as if she's always happy all is. You I don't know. Guys that's quite stock. It's all just small Finland's receiver bug was like the bigger ones that amount earlier you're the biggest where I think what she's a big ones they're not big enough I'd be proud you did he would be obnoxious fan and remember kids like diarrhea and gnarled. We look good drew little skirt guzzle brushes around to Brussels brown and Alonso Brussels sprouts produced Brussels for a over enormity. All right she'll lay here is no question. In archery. Targets the bullseye is and what color. Our third Clinton's. Endorse the threat as against resident. They can yellows underdog tale Red Cross. That's our practice and on our believe it or not Sheila for the first hour meanwhile we have your actual audio or. Daily double this happens rarely I don't know what it is but if you look at the overall. This is a man. While our Q I'm gonna ask you this question no we're gonna play the audio kind of and its multiple choice. Is this the sound of a flawed good Paul Byrd. Or attacked it. Okay. Now that you could be me orgasm. This bird flu. My friends if they crawled data hit an all these people are going to literally holding the crawl where they've been holding you for a few minutes and is reasonably say medium best. Question for their Sheila. Question number four. What were the rival gangs in the West Side Story. Who'll I don't. Know what side store via the enemy smack fight. I don't know well. Oh. I had him the sharks are the jet you guys what they're shocked you're always a shots. Right and I think that's what I guess euros hit a tremendous NAFTA region Arab Cuomo what warriors you look. What kind of company is setting. For the American version of TV show the office. What kind of a company. The American opera yes. Like the I don't. I have a lot of work to get to know we have another film maybe online or on their Mifflin paper company and correctly being effective. Two big guys down if you like big identical eight point 4999. Although more of big dummy on the way. You are listening to the men's or radio network. Its sales. Still a job as Kevin Powell says we have details has foods that make you stink and also owed chicken news is coming up was I think that shift. And did meet. And potatoes we have some comments here before we get back to our contestant Sheila working on question six yeah you know as far as today's poll question would rather want to porno by yourself all of your parents having sexual would you rather your parents. Watch a porno view having sex while you're sitting with him. It was a look parent should be in a room while you watch them a porno that would be the better option they would rather watch reporter older parents. Why is the parent instead of them not being there yet they're like in case you have any questions I need answered I'm not drag two of them I misled you know we up wonder about when we were mimicking what we thought you might hear in your parent or pretty we. You referenced the name bill just randomly depth guys a man that's messed up because my dad's name is bill and a back to do we see in the middle porn. I'm line all run on live online home and your dad is a pioneer is that really you found the videotape it was actually our line like oh my god writes McClellan going does that mean he's a professional Laurie got put up on and amateurs and probably my colleague and our early average anyway and I am sure. And bill BioWare having revenue first set at that who's one of the sleazy is politicians of all time to build will do all. About a I had Islamic law if it is those says we'll see my parents showed me the actual spot I was concede the spots usually the virus that there conceive a Mobley the location at the spot you don't always look back cushion over. Mike by the way people as team they don't know the rhyme the number references you gonna say that you can do that I figured we won't will be happy viewed. Isn't the media performance a breather from recess and enough. Auctioneering telling us. Anybody about the matter but he's at this those bitter about it in my betterment my battered indecision about that a better about opening dinner better battery meter data about a better such as that are very about a about a bit better about each other said. Oh bill. Go for man not trying to get out Sheila we have a Y model I see how we answer those questions she said. I would fall asleep watching for my parents it was a Morgan's cars that meant. Don't fall for gold to. Comments came into more girls freak. Won't say I'm Mormon mother daughter fund or it'll plug your home and oh boy oh boy evolution to where does like some cap. I'm Mormon my wife and I were freaks yeah a lot of people curled up Mormon ruling did a look at his finger that no it's not as I think and act. She'll welcome back to the program. All enough to know thank you know all right Sheila you're working on question number six. Target in the sport of golf. Wolf when you put in your shag bag. Ball then breakfast well yeah. The whole goal. In the same draft. But shag flies through your mind I would go to Finland. Yeah I think I haven't asked. You were entering what. Are you Ali yeah. There are other country on this earth. I here's the question what type of fish live and Bahrain's. Eleven I know BI India married. No there's let them. You can make salmon live in the mind. Never looked very didn't. It's Google. I think the delicious. Wholesale and I just never would know that they look and I think everybody's in the school. I think all the elderly and those who are familiar to school. There are beleaguered deli thin thread that smacked salmon or barring that. Like he or houses on the Internet whales give them back fish go right exactly that this isn't a pod of dolphins as well I think I don't know all the human product. There are totally all the Fisher in schools and then it breaks down ranked. You need a ton of people they're all on the art than they have like a unit Ariel yeah I got the Susan Smith right at the sharks than sharks. The fish the fish is break it down group by group. Almost smack your my got. Okay yeah because the other pod filled separate with a podcast and Wales is to their podcast album gonna throw all the cards that's exactly the original broadcasters. All right let's stick with sea creatures according to the Bible sea creatures and birds were created I'm which today. He didn't hurt we're getting on now. So. Fifth third. Djokovic got a little bit who worked through them today in fact they follow their do you feel like hey I'm McDonald's before that. They've got. Day five loads Clinton to get to think. Either festival where it's like it's day five are heard it correct our I was going to be like defiance. The boys are against the wall it's completely inequality decreased support Hubert that. I'd feel a question nine. More the first false teased made out of what material. Well let me let's all keep you got. You're taking the easy it's. And I take an average and can't possibly play Vienna I know I don't make any American is if you think that. Yeah. An album by the naval papers that they dates of don't I was the first album by what meant. Why did they got them correct. We labels really don't look. And are employed in the globe. Well yeah yeah jealous Sheridan you know everybody loses that merited you know I. Otherwise all kinds of crazy stuff Uma Uma saucer full of seekers. Animals who employed by the way is also good nickname that my game's greatest love true fact. All right. What the. I had a grounder to do is go second this democratic new engines are paying her. It's pretty good run there lemon question however I will say that type of the gates of dawn is not the easiest question even if you are things like this isn't your brains ripped it and it's her first album I realize that but you can probably hear who would who wouldn't. I don't think none of that Devin how Fed's named Ted knows all about food to make mistake shenanigans continue on the men's round radio network.