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Tuesday, January 16th

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This is dumb men's room. Listening to. It's no good sitting by real thick collar 9844999. A low profile this coming up and mess. And we do at your headlines on the way one hour from now first quick check in in my talk for some of the stories and headlines he is not working on all right for Martin Luther King Day porn hub honored Martin Luther King Jr. by putting up all of them at the top of their web site. I would agree you wouldn't do before you master fate. You remote mountains seeing these celebs to rule on the moon and it says which just seems wholly inappropriate and unnecessary. I may want us civilians do a mile and look at porn hub is entertainment and we respect those guys. There's not a lot else they can do and sale interracial former army yeah segments Americas but beat. All of God's suitable merger wide to disprove Cortes. While I'm on the people walk. We did almost Sokol. An awful awful awful awful and all the won't really be sought it nor good news. Charger Magnum rounds nice event and discredit benefit anyone think of files would do it better if the only one doing the call or sell for a relatively presidents' day go about cars. But I'm sure they don't really ever come on don't go toward go to oh yes. They'll let special sales there scared and look at this should not be like people have a day off there's sale. Look I'm who's gonna say that they may miss the boat on which you can name Black Friday. Like instead of doing it on Monday it right you don't promote came late payment this to be black front. Horror. There's a new feature on Google's arts and culture Abbott makes yourself the output faces in classic paintings yes yeah Owen is seen that all over the last few days that is sure and fifteen neat thing to do everyone keep doing that. But it's not a do I have water what challenges alone NN. I don't know. Mike but I guess what they're doing you take out pitch here and and it shows a picture here of a famous person in history. That by 42%. Chance you look like. And that to me is so funny. I laugh every time I see one of those then it is such a funny idea and so highly original that I've been laughing for three straight days. So please T would you be doing back there. If it's. I didn't know that it was burning you so much miles look mail on the bandwagon goes out examined does get on lingo for graphical global pop up up up up up very seriously. I now got them developed anything original. Oh yeah original. I don't cronies it is can't deny that it will not everybody into your ma am very worried reiki and radio show every Franken newscast every every anyway OK we get it out of the home with friends and I think mortgage arms and blood it's great I like with the money is what you did you don't need post but if you know lead shows the video every goddamn night when a watch TV we did. But that was the whole point was to show the video call people out. Friday if they were doing to me like there's like a mightily this money goes to charity right don't you put okay all right okay I'll put up with a for another day. Yeah it's a. It's kind of just with social media is. Yeah and this is a real quick little thing yet again another very little idea then Philadelphia. The government worker in Hawaii who pushed the wrong button and sent out that many the missile alert warning on Saturday has been reassigned because he has. Somewhere away from the button right you have one job to help push this button if you don't. Need to over the what was religious government and the woman were discovered and how what the button. Whether it is a computer to have or whether it's an actual button it'll what it's directly next to the test button right which is. Obviously we knew designing that that's a bad idea. If you had an injection. Button under card you probably wouldn't put it where your windshield wipers but don't put it somewhere where people saying don't put it next to turning the radio are. Well here's here's my theory with that one and when an emergency does come down the line when you are freaking out about this you're you're actually going to be for you night yourself there's a missile coming your way. Right so now you need to panic and forgot all yell where's that emergency button and my first spot is going to be where the test is that. Really yeah come up now I would tell you this is so Harold but we have a button here right now and ovitz on the new ones but in the old. And it literally just said like for engineered to use only they do not talking and apparently of a lake shut down everything but it was still in there. So that's what I blame the operator a little bit because he was. You knew I do whatever you do you doctor except no I don't I have. I blame the Arab rated but I also argue weight if you put it directly next the button you're going to get the most. It's probably a bad idea because consistently you all the chances of this fluff but even then he can't. Just double check would but you're about to push. You could. I didn't but it didn't happen I mean this isn't this isn't you know hitting a sound effect thrilled this is a massive but like you're gonna authentic. And heart attacks a tad above the as a drop down though many miles is a working correctly there rightly rated computer. Cursor is not following along correctly and it also uses of that you have one job. Helped push the button if you don't have to do your job and create an apple and must. And that's a thing else that mail a push to find my bad because if the only action I ever get during a week or month and I screwed it up. Again this would now obvious story it any other group racquet exactly fifty. Let's. I think they're the reason why people believe that we could in theory maybe they're about to get news. And sat back and they're not worried about that then there's no need to worry about the thing. Businesses added I've come close to the list of the ugly is building in every state according to people who live there. And card and probably on some kind of architecture old protection list based on the error of the decade the architect style as weird as it is still unique I should never. Considered that that might do what it is. Well there's like what package architectural style that was you'd like SEC school a blue blue blue. In every building assume is the ugly this got them build on earth so. As times have gone on this place cities across America they go to like knock it down both open and like historical preservation come that's okay. This is our final day of liberalism but there's a reason why it's allowed final exam and are the reason why I've called ballistic it's uglier than hell to the. The marrow of a town in northern California is facing charges after he was cut shooting squirrels from his truck right next to his town's airport it's. Stock down my annual Gator news Gallup yeah it's hopeful. God and I have school our own room and we're martyred or. Huge jurors. Went less acorn who read you flew you need boot. Could be the start shooting small animals and he's got the oh I'm in the beginning of down and has been going on for awhile and has it been BB goes yeah I'm nicer when I move out of my house in Baltimore that give the movie and send it to them with others due to venison. But shoot squirrels reveals pleasure in the grass well coma only field killed on the first shot steadfast. Set. Man I'm totally run the ball roll until then you issued when a man millimeter Jerusalem and after the fifth I want this about the threat right. I don't want to Robert De Niro in Cape Fear like we do not matter which you did these guy have been rats was the governor did you. Brutal way they're all jumping in head off and somehow inevitable imagine everybody that is look they are the meanest guy named Brad summer. I did someone climb a ladder once. This run after run after run. Thanks. Three men a New Zealand rob the store and didn't have a getaway cars that started knocking on people's front doors asking for a ride. Did you know there was still worry romance or they really yet sold an ordinary cat so when you go ahead with our. And you tried to lie about midway need to run that you wearing a mask the true word when you run reports. But they're Smart they're protecting their identity yes. Brilliant even greater rod put on the ski mask right. In Newark California phone was responsible freight twenty man brawl inside of a pizza joint how that erupted I'll tell you an hour from now thank you I got headlines are on the way one hour from now first the guy does not. For recess. It seemed drug to please everyone else profiled this is. Playing a short ten miles it's the simple gate where we share with you real like news story something good happened right here on planet earth. Her. And as you listen to the store and based on the stereotypes you believed to be true of people in the decisions that people make well let's go to do you think makes the story a story. Hello Conrad welcome to them and Olaf are. Our comrade you understand how does your game played. I do a fantastic here is restore. Woman Phoenix has been charged. With leaving the scene of a fatal accident. After hitting a pedestrian. And failing to stop. Even though the 35 year old victim. Was embedded in Winston. The ceasefire a grown woman she was driving home when she struck the guy. Now she's starting her car in the parking lot of her apartment complex Holden from the windshield dumped his body on the ground. Then moved to wriggle through government parking space Russian ground. Know what decisions are holed about a from the windshield and the double to the ground. Naturally they called police that she told police she believed the TV today quote straw man. Not a few women now to our knowledge Felix is not completely known former. Holy please straws stuff happens optional mobile robot that's her story and she was sticking to a and they called a friend at Fort Myers and a friend told her to call police instead the police report says she retrieved her groceries from the car. That's you made things that you unaware of the G-8 real human being and tools to remove doomed from the windshield and you know after realizing that she hit a real life man. She told police she did call my home run because you kind of afraid of imprisonment but more than that her insurance rates increasing. Now while strong men accused remodeled warmer feared imprisonment only valid she's looking right now locked up on 100000. Dollars bond. Do you believe this idiot that blacks and whites Mickey or Asian. Good luck and luckily you know on this form where the money that racial profiling thinking it. Felt in Arizona your concerns on. Definitely don't want to go to jail there. It sounds dumb. I think it sounds ones. Yeah I'm thinking lighter next the other plus snow. Hit somebody in the heat we're seeing cab driver and she did not to get to Q did she thought he would be strong action hits in his view. The guys embedded in her windshield to drive home. In the parking lot of reform accomplished pulls his ass out of the windshield rob him on the ground. And the bulls guard to the government marking grab Grossman goes into the straw man to sounds like a white thing to say in Iowa straw man yeah she has a strong man. It's scary home distraught man the scarecrow and went around anyway your roles I got him scarecrow you have had this down mighty Mike. But the straw man with that and the fact that the only thing that she was worded Hauser insurance. I want to not only dining at Doral will not going to jailed on any of that stuff you heard about her insurance going up the sounds very like it she thought widget sane unsuited to Ellison's. That's I think it's like to go any thing and. I'm gonna do well. I let that I think that it's too obvious obvious delight I'm gonna go next beyond the song's final answer. Yet. Our estimate to find out if you have like why makes Eurasian next. Teams you are listening to the men's or radio networks. About a fake just to Arizona analytically it's gonna rain over a guy and around stood on drive and gently pulled over and Santiago you know straw man after she says the settlement straw men don't bleed blue embedded into wind technology to go now until then seven in the corner someplace and continued to drive parked cars and called friends when that guy got a grocery. And all the moments a friend eventually gets talked turn calling the police they shelled out so he says you wanna go to jail or. Don't want her insurance to go up or those who remember Gregg Conrad we ask you do you believe that the this woman that's in in this story is black white mixing your agent and he is UN Maxi. Makes you what max's and wonderment. Actually you know it doesn't match. Oh yeah. Alison white the Asian. I am had he beaten 30. Everything else based on stereotypes of Asian drivers right everything else about the story says that when it's in Phoenix and only gave a quality in light. I don't know I distinction right woman a white woman hammering red wine and tried he'd come back at this comment the straw man. Strongly that I. Now brought me news go to I was Sabatini Sabatini. Yeah sure. Countless hours in front of the talking again in the presents. Obviously. You know everybody's been talking about this and act listen what what do they call that the Minnesota miracle. No I don't America Minnesota miracle are. So basically the Minnesota Vikings come back it's a last second play they win the game it's a you know he what they were called Alli walk off. Which I still think that really just pertains to baseball. There's going to be a very and other places and they'll walk off deputy go back out on when you walk off the field is a game's over it they don't walk back on April more players that are really walk off. Yet baseball just in general allows you to do. Yeah I gave it over yet. Anyhow so what are the best things to me about the NFL honestly is the red zone the guy I. I have a hard time sitting there watching the complete NFL game back watch the reds are proud truck. Scott Hanson is the host of medical red zone you see a hundred times if you ever watch red zone not. So this is audio of him sitting there in a sky sports studio. If you don't know what's nice for Tuesday's late ESPN right in England and stuff and great seal here's an English was his or whatever but this is he is just generic. Pure reaction. To watching that final play Intel. If this doesn't get too excited about sports I don't know look good. Yeah. K me. With that is that the greatest that the greatest finish in playoff history divisional weekend history. Well. Zeal my keys failed or AM oh football all the likes NFL football that much roughly you want to be a convention FaceBook page. You can see they're just sitting there like in between a commercial be between out later like I apologize Mike post. And the sound engineer. But that was piercing right we have to bring that yeah yeah. Yeah but I mean it just we watch a video it's crazy really did just got to sit there Chad and then he realizes he attacks and matches his initial reaction just like. Oh account was the greatest thing ever game we have fun we got our little ball gave us. I'm with you right did you feel like on red zone he's always got him into their pomp and gotten that he's got fired up the him. He's a fan. He had flu if I am. He got a great gig doom and he works hard but basically he just does seventeen weeks but one day always great and others are all he's. I do more than an hour before he does though that's the main right that's how we know. I know he does other stuff but generally if you say Scott kansans like right in red where I mean I know that's I don't know him but I certainly I would have to think he's gonna be doing radio or something. Maybe general we was talking about does he had said I guess couple weeks ago that he would be broadcasting in the England. So I guess that this was part of it took Boyle Susan you won't hear me here in states where Obama broadcast babble about a problem. Yes I mean is that American football usually NFL I think is is it's catch and hold it there. You probably like a friendly is every other thing greater English premier league's been on for awhile now in the states we're all used to hadn't if you watch more passages elsewhere might. You don't need some random channel. Or specific sports channel but it helps I think if you in the United States you can watch an English premiere league game on NBC right they go way. Bright and I I'm she I don't know how they broadcast the games any number of its own sky sport you know if you're on a big network like that people can actually access it. They're going to be into it. LE two rounds at burning man some of the English books wanted to talk NFL's right from the get go very straight look at other guys like football on their dinner or get into it as a gallon arsenal fair. X. All right what's always funny is when people. I shouldn't say always funny it's always funny to me when people screw up. And confused people for other people only really worry a little time I wells actually. All right you elect we have a few things from jeopardy so here's a jeopardy question. The answer they're looking for is Jack White vinyl for twelfth a. A recent final resurgence has been aided by this musician who built up pressing plant in his Detroit home town Juli that Eminem now. Rebecca thanks Jack White Jack White yes and without you go to 7600. All right. It doesn't sound that bad but you gotta keep in mind they put up a picture of Jack Black. Oh it was like for and it's like Johnny Depp in Edward scissor hands it sits back at them. When I first learned I went. Next kids need Eminem might be the most famous musician from Detroit. But the fact that they actually put up a picture Jack White she's those like them and have this immigration because of Bob Seger Ted Nugent did Iraq right. But it did have the closure to kid rock. And that's the whole key to that nightly chief as the picture she's like oh let's Eminem. It's like you know. We don't all look like. Won't. I guess Jeff Blake and it Eminem I think I was amazed just don't look at death. He looks like good guys fox guys got fox Guy Fawkes mask. And Eminem looks like Genentech Hebron. Very strange patriots. Eighth obviously you know Lou the president says stuff we hear it so big thing going on a going around was the that he had said some. But he'd have people come here from asked all countries and now. What are the issues when you have that is the present United States did say right so than other news organizations or whatnot kind of went back and forth do we say it do we not think it is it okay. Says so I have guys notices Saturn and and I was kind it. It's got a strange it is the first time in weekend update which Colin Jones brings up he calls it castle right but then he does. Quote the president and say the actual curse ward. Yeah and not only the evidence and L had an unintentional F bomb and one of the first sketches so like even if they're planning on casting their product I'll man for a Wisconsin only going to be able to get away with tonight. Yeah as. I don't know they just such a weird because he's quoting the president might look FCC's FCC who mental note but I do believe that a foreign news go to the gonna quote someone like. He called common racial epithet but that's not what they said they would say hey you racial habitat they said something right yes you should go to court and brotherhood says as a whole new way you should be able to quote you're not trying to be. Yes I did allegedly looks nice aren't sure what this is of the free can quote him if you can't save the quote of what some insider you're not truly delivering news. And it's not on the news people but this is the idea of what look. You should give them the leniency to look at this with a quote double stated that you should go to quote precisely about percent of the votes of any import at all. Yeah well and obviously the version the senate and I've put up patsy and censored or if it's red is back on across broadcast network. I mean I. Yeah they have a dump button I didn't hear it. They even though broaden the profanity out for the more than likely that she's just doing to get a kick out of the audio recording of the work goes feet and even though those lives we still got dumped. Yeah yeah there aren't yet. I was like oh because of their rubble drop other odds Soledad there. Yeah but they probably knew that Joseph who's going to say and I'm sure although that was absolutely right at you ruin them by now let's go shore yet have bomb and it terrorism prize was going to be that the next time we actually set it. That joke was ruined by the host dropping an epic Bob Brett for that was kind of stakes are way goal. All right so we just. Thing right out of. Brad Brad Pitt recently was that Sean Penn annual benefit for Haiti I have. So who if you watch game thrown Fuhrman Lovie. Bulow go to Haiti other out of it and they need. We get down there. If you watch him throw and you would know the million Clark she plays to our CDS. They're Cain yes you sense of confidence to our city's police felt. ERY. Yes. There is say. Yeah of that date are Sinise. Mike you let him with the growth. Is that listen to me and Ares I don't know. Yeah afterward so she's the blond chick right she's attract a lot of them that's how I would know workers and by the way. She wears also has a little dragon on her shoulder. If you ran Halloween party confused somebody for. The frozen chick. Pay attention. Did not sore shoulder condemned what it Mike's got it and it's Dinara as a man Dinara Sedaris. Low. And now so she's the blonde moment some sympathy. Brad Pitt right there's an option that you can watch game the throne with her so he needs eighty grid gets up to nine B right they'd kit Harrington. John Snow he's like you know what you watched your episodes you donate that much money I'll sit in with them with. Right so now the government 1000 times against Leonardo DiCaprio is there he's egg and a mom like a lot Brad you gotta keep that. Gradually he jumps out somebody paid a 160000. Dollars for sale to watch game of thrown through someone who's on a game of them but yet with two actors from game throats through. Mean I'm just. Nano will go the 730. Everything you see right there the only thing I can see is a big green screen. And I'm actually not talking to anybody so I don't know I mean military dog and I can't answer that question as for the producers. I do like it ID kit Harrington guy. I don't know a ton about them but I saw video and he was like getting thrown out of a bar in Manhattan for be in the wasted guy early the next vessel with a Golden Globes easily. Johnson out good if I caught late and didn't really see go effective at all. I do like he had the patent and move though were against. He's just got it over served over intoxicated should they ever served you know people out of their system for the balked at a that that's the bodies of work apart. I don't these kids the door for the governor Mark Barton. So I guess he did so and by the pool table and they were like paving you've got to leave but then what's the classic move when you've already done the correct thing you left. You come back you come back to save our puppet lady got Africa stuff back it's as if I think that's the video what viral. That's the code but it's the trouble but I just lately is really the classic drunk roof edit what is always such a crappy thing right hey rack for camera phone and magnesium and you know aren't they may analyze your freelance from frontal. It's just you've already made the right decision is when they should leave you left laughed and then you're back in there. Cause trouble Fineman is stronger. To finish stronger right now the shots have assimilated into my bloodstream it's amazing what happens of those fireman's. You've found a barrel reform. A law. Korea real grand mound yet it's unbelievable and it's the Entertainment Weekly put out best and worst TV shows of 2017 is any new shows you guys are watching you thought there was a great show. I don't think so I. Well the number one show it's what you like even violent TV especially now with. The how many news how many other sites are out there short though I'm trying to leave a way to think prolific but pro with. The city of Netflix and proliferation proliferation thank you sir what did you say. Pro offenses to the pro he hit it I prolific does it. If you like Al Sharpton and they go words and has yet to get live in the name is Cindy the petroleum intensity. For a so a it's obvious they gigabytes of these shows were really big for few month and and then went away the number one realistic political aisle. That's the one about the female wrestlers and everything on net flip top eight in the summertime I wanna say that was that was it. Is it based on gorgeous ladies of wrestling. Jeff we was remembers. Yeah horse OK I'm slow down gorgeous ladies of arousal and write about Jerusalem probably get out I had no idea to use that to me that data that's our clinic Rockwell I was OL had a nice glow that they're they're gorgeous ladies of wrestling. Know that yes. Twin peaks of reunion made the list. Big little lies the good place I will say I've watched some of the good place. I've probably had a bad boys I have is not a good day at the fan now I think it's only I'd like cheers was a little ahead of my time or. But I think it's because of Curb Your Enthusiasm but I like such injured all he's the worst he's very well like Ted Danson out of the good place pretty good. Ricky Moore to young adult swim. Insecure and HBO. The hand maid's tale. Duck tales. American crime mister robot so those are the ones that were the best of 2017. Now I wanna do you couple the five worst basically just because this person made the list. And I give her credit she got paid out. But Megyn Kelly today. Aria at oh she did make a fortune aside all our. Just what she's still there's still has a job. This is still an issue still there obviously she got paid out when she left fox oh yeah absolutely. Yeah. But again they did Kelly she isn't that weird spot where she got famous arena on fox. The broader and NBC. And now she's kind of trying to tow that line of flight. Serious and has done a glass of wine with Cat Deeley both such as that it would also you know are you talking out your side your face because of the most partisan. Right in front and we know what I personally regulations or guard while we give a that viewer for NBC you're Amazon is in Nevada mountains east Portland period they were you can hear me defending Kelley and she's she's in a weird spot now Richard the party and conservative people right she's not conservative enough and then there's other people that are like used to work for Fox News Ali can Brett. But Amish fox and fox probably should not a letter ago. She did a good job when she was there are people like yeah finally loser here Fox News is still dominates the news all around the world yeah I think it ended the day they made out of hopper per minute. You'll yes they do that I all the money they saved a match in the BC all around come on now Matt Lauer Dillon has things they did BC more money than anybody cast through an elegant by home. African bloc in New York now that I hours on the hey it's never synergen I've got out my cock you are listening to the men's or radio network. Swiss miles. No see what's happening in the real. Hi Erica let's face it boys looking for a very installing Wal-Mart shoppers credit card and then they got on a motorized scooter and scooted out. Meanwhile man's search baggage fees by wearing ten different outfits on a plane waddle about. I'm going Virginia's governor leave new incoming pillow with a space. A missing foam found after Tony people destroyed at pizza place and mormons make 93 year old as their new leader it is time for your headline. It's here's my car. Out I've got Charlie got to Newark California where a missing phone told the brawl inside of a pizza restaurant. Tony you learn involved in the melee that erupted from a patron of the restaurant having lots right. Doesn't quite explain as to why the fight started good they accused the other tables daily that be my guess Piaf. The violence got so bad the police had to call please from the next town over from back out the police had to call the police right days and witnesses said that everything else used. And I involved in the fight for the cops. Half the golf shop there and we need help pay a memorable moment that I found over broke through with those stupid idea you gotta get their novels it turns out that the missing phoned was actually the last thing done of these restaurant. Mom go figure. Maybe look there first cancer death. It's called lost confirmed well and he did the for a far seems so what did the second you know. That and romance I just don't know if I could get that fired up over. Even amoled stolen phone unless I absolutely knew that they Dennett. There's. This is under you want Mike wilder and I'm aware of that mild but at same time I'm not gonna say mild I'm almost positive they did I wanted to kick your ass. I that's my only question still. Like did they aggressively accuse these people are moving aggressively deny it because now and you're offended then all of a sudden I'm I'm this. This suspect. New what is it about him that makes me is suspect and you know and then you've watched fact. Mike you wouldn't be a suspect if you run video's better for. Well you can commit any crime you want the art video doing it and people would look at you in now believe that it was I think just someone in the let me get away Oded Ben resonate. Hold off he told to go where high quality armed video of Obama and you rest of that I don't I don't do it did. It's good putter and my good man you could imagine heard anybody did you ever try to stop and surf. Right logos I regardless we're. There's a huge around the world a bed Albania pleaser on the shape for a pair of Wal-Mart shoppers that are suspected of stealing another shopper's credit card however they've not catch these back the whole. All right ascent on those guys did scooter it's shooter and a does say OK I think they. Our that is among the bill Goodman didn't test there. Duke did not catch these people. She's just brightens up a that's after un security. And so that you didn't dad. What are goal that would normally no way. A Wal-Mart agreed earlier went how to do it I guess people. The war reported her purse stolen was cash and credit cards inside. The cargoes fame of being used that as at a nearby gas station and McDonald's upon surveillance of footage of the robbery turns out to support the Hudson eggs. It's through the labor on this thing in a more prepared to cooperate actively answered this I mean there are both single both keys indigent dead now the easy integration. They live flag held did you not catch them. Some. I mean Columbine hell Armstead and on their hands really film and you hit the wall I imagine them and catch. That thing is that they're sneaky about it that's the only thing that got away I would say is getting leads me maybe we can again be that big and think you have somebody in those things run Indio. I have yeah that's how they give you because you're so this stuff about the bag that hits yet that you didn't actually notice that they grabbed the players. Man out but look. Maybe you're right but Hillary's web part didn't realize a man maybe the maybe they they do is they screwed me over I didn't walk in cast. I just remember that a teacher did that to me when I was in elementary school right she was a little scooter she had a bad you're someone that she was on a scooter we were coming out of an assembly and sure enough on my ankle. It's illicit means is my hopefuls like relics OK I get out of the way expect meatloaf crown maple had to get my ankles. Did you knew you'd take your best for a moment. In Virginia the tradition for the outgoing governor to play some sort of a frank on the incoming governor even to turn. Out. Didn't let you know as pregnant and good tomorrow by nice to. The matter and I can add a break and a good living a life sized cardboard cut out of himself on the shower hiding cellphones in the elevator shafts and calling them to annoy him. But now late is that going governor has pulled one over on his successor but putting it could hit his phase on the new Phillip but he is replaced on the bed of the it's of the buildings. It's rather disturbing oath to mention that a City Hall got let's. If Virginia is reluctant. I'm gonna since we live. As a grandmother of how much the uglier version LLC an example our turn up those socks last nor profiled as a we'll bring it tells again and do the shot of the day he has indeed it is all true we'd be all about the threats we return tomorrow so until then please do what you do best and Orly this thing. Staying. Beautiful.