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Monday, January 15th

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This is dumb men's room. Listening to. I was thrilled. Greg Jones day by car 9844999. Hello my profile list coming up in minutes. Yeah headlines on the way one hour from now first quick check into my cock for some of the stories and headlines he is not working. I had a man in New York recently pulled a gun on a cashier and threatened to quote blow his head off. And still bag and she doesn't left. A bag of I don't know about Ito. Gonna blow your head off for a bag of judo. Government has is pressing guest I guess so I mean day I'd be offended about. You don't realize for the magnitude those a message to me was he was real aggressive defense of money with a weapon and your mother had off and then still teed off balance and it. The 58 season you would instill that she goes first to confront GO. Backup a blow you away right Iran or Iraq that's still a reasonable way that makes a hell of a lot more surprised than he came in thank Jimmie and I asked about blow you away. Now still he Tito's of those they just to keep. Would you steal cinnamon toast crunch yes because I would like old Amanda got a point but I would not all the women go for how threatened to stab. Person but don't trust what I would ask you to annual. Perhaps you were shown to. I'm trying to think like what proved what a pull a gun on somebody foray what food is always so I don't know what did you go about what was your first thought. Chicken wings me. I don't know if she can. I think it had to be some really high and barbecue. Fried Jonah Nolan boulevard and one particular project and look you can find everywhere. We'll tell you know I don't laugh and although that's still the fried chicken would you get a whiff of a minute didn't play anywhere. I don't know bottom to this may have thought we go to would she goes viral you what you say you sound better than this gas barbecue he spent twelve hours broken it. Not right to hold if you didn't just get a little baggage she goes from the vending machine okay yeah you never buy a big baggage she goes no one ever buys a big bag cheap if you live. Could you eat the entire bag of key deficit if that cheat a little bag was bigger you need more of an even more moral more. That's what they had decides between got to grab bag. Mean brackets. It just shows what it is still legal thing to think even the whole big a deal that offensive she knows. Well it's up to get out together we're gonna do article pizza delivery guys and meet him at the north again. Ulysses why you let you grow up the crime do you like that that's the later you won't even go somewhere in Obama you're gonna bring them to your home for. And then like you wanted man I don't think you'll look I I have heard of people in a pizza delivery guys and for money. But I hear just like you need a pizza I still took the delivery guy sitting here you Jane is five bucks for gas thank you believe. It except my pay for the pizza. A pregnant woman in Atlanta recently did her maturity photo shoot at a Taco Bell and vols are going viral. She's been craving their food the entire time it's been pregnant and says she wanted to pay tribute to rhetorical ground. I just a June 4 drew. You have to Paris sergeant I'm Terry I divided on what other moments in life that you need a photography shoot four but I guess that would be one of them. That's a much she wants Taco Bell then he got a hell I'm. Yeah I have a right now and it's easy when your pictures. Yeah I think that's always been there but it seems now the journey is fleeting miles. I know that it's a special title game or your mind for a few months man yeah a picture with like you and I get like posting a picture of like here's my belly. I it just seems like the photographers are making them steal and got a favorite actors think they're gonna convince you to board does that do whatever take a picture like whether or not showing him. That's your pregnancy pictures like I just are not afraid that an emotional at all no no I can't do that the only the only to make sure everything's okay all of us have a mother that's how we got it right short. Has anybody in this room ever been like hey mom. Get a picture what you look like when you're pregnant with link. Yeah I have to Clinton and a picture like two Jamal look like a college which she was younger party inbounds play that seems at a very young dynamic place. I've seen it if you have an older brother so invariably they're taking a picture of him but she's there than. There I am I member removed well sale of those horrible awful day on those back in the mean Leggett first it gets all the pictures all the attention you're just you're just the after the I like it that way yet. You don't see. For that purpose you know Ted like you were saying if you would ever like I don't know why you what but hey moms are officials when I'd when you were pregnant when they won't see me know if you give me a photo so I'm gonna ask why you're in Taco Bell. We'll see that warranty stranger obviously posed as though it's not just take your standing at the counter or bring your posed inside of tackle well. And I'm guessing you lose conversation goes like this and rob Miller's unless you disease that you can't afford college. Crept back half bad bets were usually your money was a photo shoot Taco Bell saw Matt back criticizing youngest they maybe there's. Better places to. Spend that money K and that defense how much college money do you think it really blunt talk about I mean you could tell yourself about Donald offer enough she did a photo shoot most of a couple of has blown on the team's defensive coordinator for people. You global global hot. That's when your derision things. A deadly church in Albuquerque, New Mexico had to lower the volume of its church bells after people in the neighborhood complaints. This Saturday at 6 AM and rang several times a day enact ADM they've played a full rendition of amazing grace. But they've played a full we have a free day borrowing boom box that I find that out. Pong pong ball eight ball yes how you must. Upon all the good old days and why noon Ding Dong. Like Cuba Sunday you'll have a service I hit the church fired off the bells little morbid. At 6 AM seems awfully and it won't we when we first moved to Seattle we live directly across the street we do not realizes that the time. From latent heat Catholic cathedral in town and I. Literally that's cool what do beautiful building you got to went stunning stunning bit. Our first Sunday here I'm like I'm gonna going to be someone's ass and they ringing those bells it was so god they might lose every Sunday in the starter is six right. It's like it's I think they do you think they nine point oh there was no goal Bob and there are pretty sure every Sunday at six like. Amare I want to go back to the days were you tone how many how many times need for the hour in the there's a guy on top of shallots the thyme and all's well. I don't know alive and you want to go way back I do man. I was I wanna feel safe. Just because he's yelling all is well yes but as is Jordan figured I was limited run yeah. It was the Disney movie Quasimodo or whatever I thought that in order to end all is now well new graphic well that's why you didn't say a dead if you bring a metals. Things are going wrong if he doesn't save them they are going wrong I. I feel the passion home safe but what if it. We Jason is you can CC position. Earlier this month lottery officials in Florida announced that the man who recently had a mega million jackpot for 450 million dollars. Is twenty years old yes he has yeah and retired rice. Fresh at a high school but I am retired a look in a weird way I'm glad he's got his whole life is ahead of them to blow. And so yeah I wish I had an opportunity. Right until often you hear about the woman had the 450 million dollar jackpot is the 79 year old woman a man I want this is real. But it's like come on man stooges with his girlfriend in Florida is like you know write this gotta look diagonal moderate ex girlfriend whatever you season. Yeah as of today are a time that life. Really Lego Batman movies they keyboards gotta love it proof a couple of lucky you learn I don't know I had a beautiful women and apple now. That's what I agree is there a million rich just a few. Does what has created a team on Holloway I I'll play I think. I don't care what age they are anything and they play like he won this lottery she won this lottery there Ager got cats. Stupak Baghdad you have got to give it to somebody buys 37 effect. If it's a fantastic. Others industries teens please stop eating logic detergent. Yes it is from Procter & Gamble there's just there's some sort of vertigo as a challenge and all around the word apparently need to eat it I don't. I'm now working on its I don't know why anybody it's. Actually even though this sort of like a week ago it till it's all you have to do what they've got DM pineapple on pizza. It's everything's going all formats is somebody to the frozen pizza but the high tide topped tied pods yet. So my thought it was a joke and now by this week people are like Dodi Al. But did anybody actually eat the things are we not that Smart. Little kids accidentally but not a not a sentimental pick in the big bright or gamble goes out of the way to make them look like they'd be the most delicious thing that he beat. Yeah so I get a little kids but no more of an ABBA and zip bag. That is the commercials I don't look delicious we've sort of an is that back and I got things that you're did at least forty minutes to get to a now. Was taken that much time before detergent into a company into it yeah road was that is just do know that Mike you're right it wasn't gonna tell you what I'm a slave to those Fox News all the talk about the thing in there he's. For now people are you number I don't. Think now. To clean out loudly in public diplomacy anybody chug and a gallon of audience that I Joseph thank gathered yesterday and I'm pretty sure I put the plot and yeah you know value the reminded me I'm high okay I'll put the body and sometimes a Bluetooth plots and that's why analysts say we gonna California our car was found in the second story of a dental office how it got up there I'll tell you an hour from now. You might not penalized on the way one hour from now first the good news. Precepts. This is prohibited please turn on how profile this is playing as search and miles of the simple game where we share with you real life news story. Something and have a great year I'm Winterthur. And they do listen to a story based on the stereotypes you believed to be true of people and the decisions that people make well as you and it is you think makes the story a story. Hello Josh welcome to the Madrid. Well I'll lock our Josh you understand how this year's games played. Driven to wanna do your own guy in his eighteen year old for him. They're blood guitars outside of you senators in Akron Ohio when an eleven year old kid started an argument with. We'll learn the boy's mother authority one year old woman she pulled up in the car along with the other kids from fifty. And instead of being the adult she started arguing with the guys going to talk to. Then she watched as a fifteen year old son picked up his brother's wife and swung to let you guys to be one of them in the head. And while the two boys kick that dude I was on the ground my mom had eight year old girl who faced with the tire pressure game. The story continues now someone eventually ran in Brooklyn the fight but not before the older of the two men actually suffered serious head injuries. As it turns out this all started when the eleven year old as the two men the foreign cigarettes. And they refused to give the eleven year old child a cigarette and I was not clear the mother knew that but we wouldn't be surprised. And by the way the mother revolves around some 2010 for child endangerment and again it's 111 after one of other kids fell for a second story window. She introduce arms now facing charges from assault I'm a blog long story short you believe this woman and her two sons are black white mixed. Where did utility and outside of Akron Ohio. My days. I'm not positive on this one. He asked her to be anywhere and. And Julie white black. Yes it's never the most fortunate to so he's running back into the black talent. LeBron did it. Well I'm not gonna Ohio and then another you know I'll let. Just. How that Bentley got involved and and I would states and they didn't slack. Final answer and thought well if I'm gonna find out if there are black white meg C or Asian next fat entities you are listening to the men's or radio network. Casey is you. Thrilled about it tonight faces do Akron Ohio and then eleven year old girls look you guys should too high schoolers teams are just playing a guitar on street. I ask those guys for a cigarette and of course they say no you're eleven years old when I can give you that but either way they get into a bit of an altercation. I guess the mommy to pull up looking for him and his brother arms to a level of fifteen year old son did funeral song climbs out of the car. Six of the eleven year old brother by smash is one of the dudes in the head with a mom has gone from a boost in the end the entire friends from ages one. Eleven under a team in the mom wobbly bits of just 31 that she's thirty wonders. All of them are struggle we did you believe that this friendly is black and white makes you or Asian illusive man family got all them do more cash. We all know. Why you ask why why. Us. Yeah I welcome several shots yeah. They nun and a man to me into the video for you that you guys were on the street playing guitar why equally evident why why no doubt about it. Do we know look out yet and we don't know what kind of security asked for or how we asked for. We don't know what it'll man and the only time no reason I would've guessed right personally aside from only answer to the story. If you go either way I have been a lot of what indication. Of who you might think it is based on stereotypes we believed to be too but the one time that I as an adult and as my child. Were cigarettes but the little white you know multiple. They may have and probably about a let you go. This figure a man whose home smoke I just up golf balls and I looked at a Muslim. Now I'm like coma can't he can't come on the case they do it. Did I didn't think. You know when you're like old enough to go get passed by using crack you're like 181000 they didn't she's too young. Yeah I think typically you can come I'm actually in my outcomes than 111000. Now man when it came out and think who blew it. Then went off. Sort of viable competitive and things just like cats. I'm feeling bad accident my eleven year old is why I'm here do and I don't know him right. Yeah I can you remember today it's like that thanks might be such pain is now brawl TV is volatile it's our role to meet our tail. Countless hours in front of the talking again in the newsroom presents. You know you're working and you station right in your tournament. I should mention this to people I got in this conversation this weekend I didn't know people didn't know this there is a difference between beanie whether a person and beanie meter for meteorologist. It helps him to bring in meteorologist. They're trying Shelley could go right to a handful of schools even offer that degree in the United States one of them being considered a guess as one of the best in the program. So I was talking to somebody and they were like. They were like why you really needed agreed to be a meteorologist with the yes I'm never heard that like that's the that's the distinction between a weather person and look you're the head chef but there's only one of view. Aren't you everyone else is done that they can't be ships is so they aren't shows the right now you're the head show food where you were Greg. Correct so it's the same way like most news channel's well they used to I don't know the strategy is now probably good looking woman. But it used to be meteorologist in matter. Male female whatever you just had that degree and then. Everything else was like like going up all our puree Johnson's exclusive you know act Q yeah when you're all dual forecast but it was the guy on the show the woman on the show. There was a meteorologist if you're meteorologist. Meteorologist Jesus Christ if it's equivalent of being. And Oscar winner. They won't put that whole procedure and in good that they say. We have devote your whether one of our very own miles when government. A war if you actually our meteorologist in charge your local news to me was stationed in the 100% of the time. Meteorologist. Miles Montgomery editor for they will say displayed her Oscar winner and he. Even some of the moment dock on the weekends will still be meteorologist absolutely you'll notice some news stations Levy chief meteorologist yes what he's the head you know hedge I don't want to say it yet. So just I didn't know people do and actually don't act out there if you did it known you do. They were like oh yeah no bull you're meteorologist where'd you get that degree as a I don't know man is an anti religion but think of the good and restaurant pretty with the goods and restaurant they may whatever the hell they want they may whatever they like but the edge of tells them. What to cook what's on the menu how it's done here is that jeopardize the chief meteorologist says same thing here's what I'm thinking and here's what we put out. Those are you can tell you because Streeter row if you wanna know who's a meteorologist for weather person when there's a significant weather event. Listen how they describe as so to like whoo man. Really big hurricane is headed toward Houston regularly given this name this is bad. Winds of meteorologist then what he's done tell you that's style they break it ban goes deep down inside they're very excited that this is what they study. Yeah man made it's okay I'm fresh shirt almighty god they'd nerd out I pulled graphic she never knew I had man. Overall they fight to not smile while there telling you I let it obviously I heard that horrible weather guy again yeah. So this weathermen. They'll like Letterman and a I want aren't regulated like a knife but there's I weatherman good weathermen whenever. It's a weatherman is a weatherman. So this guy Danny KE TTU. It's in the Bay Area and he's just given a normal little forecast demand now little body shows up. Doesn't stubborn overcast here over the city. Look at this. They totally checking out the camera mark gap up. Oh my gosh yeah. Oh yeah grow a mighty little more time this weather segments it just because it will visitor thought up that occurred. That's like OK I CNET and that I mean that at all here that's it that's no little short loves shortly visit that interesting there's our lack. So the videos of the mentioned FaceBook page you can check it out easily at least do an NBC stops but you've seen make birds get near the camera whatever but the macro or something. But he just puts his head over and I just staring into the camera is like is that guys do they have make nice to see this. Bad round ever shot of the listeners I knew that says they cameras job in the crow puts us at Dallas is gonna look in the the crows as big as you know the wall that they're walking in front of a new one question if you if you work in television news in even told me anonymously. Our anchors contractually obligated. To laugh laugh well well well up up up up but at a is it just doesn't seem mad but it only have a little local news. But the problem that we only if they have a legit tough to give up jetlag and they're gonna go viral at their act. Yeah that's true yeah any measure certain things we have to do so now you're talking about browse like. I'm not trying to sound like that. Radio person but he just he can't help it sure should I think on the desk late. Pics of them are a little Lucy you're. The little looser than we think. But yet he's getting soft you've ever had over yellow today laugh at it's gonna go virus that are brought everybody off because they're not used to being real. Mean yeah. For the most part that the stick to the strip that is this is a good time of and I'm alana had less time it could do it's often are removed. More than I used to being alive they're used to just reading their rules. Obviously civil. Bigger news so lately has been in the NFL football playoffs short. Anytime there's huge plays. You can always listen to the national feed and it's pretty good but it whenever you can listen to the local feed but those people describing the play it's gonna be awesome. Give the Minnesota Vikings. Minnesota keep in mind has never won a Super Bowl they'd been there four times a thank you. Mean you say a few times for of those Super Bowl this year is in Minnesota if the vikings could win this would be a major things the vikings are playing over the weekend. The game is basically over right. The saints are winning the game they though last second pass. Does that even hail Mary B didn't easily relate to get through into the end zone they're trying to appeal to arrange it jointly and here's what we got to go out of bounds and and and then history that is his radio or TV this is the local radio play by Ali and I was like you say TVs that is not bad this is the fact that I think the radios that much better when they have to describe the game you can't shore so the seems like the excitement always better on race. Oh he's fired up and keep in mind as is what happens time expires pony for 23 saints vikings have thrown 39 it's third down decent deep. In the pocket he fired the rights. Okay. Yeah OK yeah okay. It's. Okay okay. Okay. Your year or George here that's all I gotta say it's beyond. It's. Yeah. How bad for. Cheers dude I'm tired after I had Ryan T think finally we have this moment we're probably break my heart right right and I get a dollar and brother as gold. I will say they're pure enjoyment it opens to death at its what's the millionaire here how quiet the crowd was initially right. Every want to quote I don't watch the game and a bug game over whatever you do your thing like let you know there was no sound in the Obama embraced in. That plays goes crazy. Yeah Stephon digs at the University of Maryland unity council and don't count on that part but the turf so you like that I I don't I don't wonder that after the saints. I mean he did that play is gonna follow him for a long time old woman who did she do a whole and we got underneath the. A geek you went low you'd dog you whipped you missed it you close your eyes every single thing that they would tell you to not do is precisely what you. I did watch I don't doubt your own player so if he would do is win if I'm map flavors and log are from the same may be warned you're away from right. And only added to push and shove and trip promote anything game zone but you don't miss it even if it did didn't move he would have missed anyway. You took up any goals of your own players are now literally there is no woman confesses guy and no threat and look there's a million plays in the game monopoly cost two to put an old. Digs looks surprised you why he jumps off the catches that ball is government Elaine and sleep it he's said this the visit. You could tell when another human goes underneath you yeah but he's like I kind of felt a little bit like when he puts his hand down like there's no that's on the spotted it right Emmy people waiting to get my mind there's like what two or three seconds. So everybody gel and get out of breath a once we get the field wall. He's Smart enough to just. Stay in and go day in and go. I now and then they go down in history see other crazy question right. So the NFL that goes on and on about how there against gambling. Not doing gamble on this the Mac or hype bright exactly you know and I mean and then I mean it's a rules the most gamble things on the world and they know it. I don't understand the game is over why you think you have to come down kick that. Or because it is when you did in the event of another down with a gun sounds you still have to try for the extra point. I just don't understand in the case where it's not like it would be a tie if you don't do this and also right. There is no I have the opportunity for the other team to still somehow all touch. I mean in theory but it's false because nobody is going if you fire off on that last play the finishing hole Nugent goes so save your defense did you fire off when they snap that thing. I think you did a piece of crap. But it should you had who knows within a graduate they have don't. Nobody does that's my point they need to change that rule but if he were to sit in theory. But everybody knew they were gonna kneel on at the saints barely try to back out there and it's like all right but that's. Little guys like out there who weren't even in their playing positions just tonight guys in the field to line up to regulate the play happened just a mere oversight did you did you lose the debate is a million resolve it. Right because they kneeled on it they didn't kicking it so then oh win over the spring government and a threat. And so basically if you don't say you want. Obviously an outside of gambling I don't fathom why you need to go out there and redo. You don't. Yes I know you did the you have to but he's the right to get in theory it seems like you'd be fair but it's like nobody still the only reason that it could be is that if the team that scores. Let's just say the third down by one. Instead of waiting. Okay flat out point wise and so what are saying is like look. You know one more player remaining. You've mounted an extra point you can go for to try to play will happen you have an option to go out there and play one final play of the game came in on that kind of a score. So it's the reverse scenario more so than me out today and why that rules in place not worth your clearing you went about 543. Vehicles we drive McCain gets the game was but. In their other when there's nothing yet. Hate that is not a doctor behind it helps international and admits wreck but I don't know if they're eight and a half I think it's a boy just discretion feet. Distresses and I think it would be yet the rest he uses own discretion in gun you know what this game was over or even if the Safeco you know we don't care. They're gonna be on it we're not gonna try it okay. But this guy will say this also this of my brother being an official but the ref made that call. You might never see him again. Well I mean like if I know right let you run left they're absolutely revisions let them. Yet he said look man it really doesn't mat and trust me. That dude I guarantee is like I don't give an F about this I have long in the spring and needs to do. Can we just give it otherwise I get in trouble even owns baby. I mean just for me if I played for the saints we blew that game it's hitting the captain and my hats are off in the NFL team. Also I don't know is that power roller is a man I gotta hit it to the states was in charge back on the field. That's the last seeing I'm thoroughly solid over there classy about it came out organize them. Miami Heat in life like man man in whom much dame way grant. Okay over right now that I'll be right out the way but did an excellent how did you get analyst pat so quick Q where did you get that peer through the the price is over coached it rectum it out of the fact that made about a lot of dirt everything. Eight do we need helmet minds the dumpster and that if it. A couple denied. A. Just. All right Minnesota obviously waited awhile. Try to get into the playoffs to do so in the basement got a lot of work to direct you kind of go wind energy Jimmie chipped in when the joy they play great first half not so great great second half they. And they came on and for most part things give them B of you know until. They didn't put Minnesota's who wait a while like most places have never won a championship won a championship. See you get that right with sports you gotta gotta put your time. See what happens in this in that effort TV shows daily not to do that a game of their own is not to general TV show. A they keep its five growth picks it up but cut the quick. You didn't throw into heaven and. Year put but he kept it up up up. God typically would they do that goes by quicker than you think in the end you know I don't moment I feel come undated Q out. Breaking damaged by that you don't sixteen months between seasons seven and eight. And possibly up to upwards of two years Mosul is its quality. They want my favorite shows is Curb Your Enthusiasm into what coming years and particularly the Fed will host of the awards including unique thing now we're coming back right. There was no wind that's the good I'm not on the hook for what's gonna happen with Iraq. If he never came back to your I used to be great show but he came back to go oh that's cool game of the world like that mothers and stuff you wanna know we know will. We'll get right to it it really Ted governor of the locker room. Well we'll be right there they've thrown for its. Common front. A really good news to you could you could wait and worse sucked two years for new episodes or sixteen months and then navigated this isn't a final season comes out of illicit substance. Okay. And. We always say oh man this. Yeah always these thieves are they do it's well within language drag of the listeners. That in light and I thank you for watching their shows so law it is stuck. And so he's not so bad call is a game bonus UN's food being both of those. Brad you know the fifth. Two years to wait. At the video that they and ears think that it's literally that. Bad today he has really went all out that when didn't he. I said means here I Jerry Van Dyke passed away and a Jerry van dike. First of all for somebody like me his name is famous just because of him and his brother Dick van dyke show. Which I went through phases like she heard different and I think he laughed the and then I understood the plate. In his brother like this great comedy each do well yeah it did a bunch of stuff but I honestly. To meet driven dike although east its media Luther van dam from the show outage yes yes I was so. Right and and lake like a dozen might probably didn't watch coach it's probably a little right. So not only was both of any damage the greatest character on there but the other crazy things Craig T. Nelson. It is Craig T. Nelson is a child to me was coach the coach Minnesota state. Like because it was so early sometimes heroes Craig T. Nelson. And then as an adult I know is almost everything he's been he's just a real a home. So got awarded does I think he's going to be a problem with whom he. Look he's got the face playmate hole and he knows I'm planning a hole but I really thrilled that Alec Baldwin thing. Think Al balding wanna light breeze and I think enemy we just as soon as you the Paul Sorvino and talking about Harvey Weinstein is gonna treat him like a mob boss yet telling Noah might I think there's a little bit blurred it and not think that I don't think he is a mob boss and he wouldn't be disaster all of these scenarios are believable in my world of the blurred lines of who this person is a they character are they playing themselves into select Jared haven't I think you probably do should back yeah yeah he's quite an out of Toronto Greg poured over and out I might be dead wrong about. He strikes me as a guy who enjoys playing my kind of guy because he's not. Like the fun of acting is that he just gets to be just doesn't feel like the overall. Bulk of his work is Symbian and eight all no one really nice coat well let me tell you one of the rest of Tom I try to you know it was a very decent guy to move real life serial killer. Yeah Murphy doing buck but when he Erickson a movie Roy winner of the guy wanna eat lunch with men and realized he would eat you thank you Ted ferret out there you telegenic. Internet lives gotta look my cock you are losing to the men's or radio network a timely and Swiss miles. No let's see what's happening in the real America loses true Procter & Gamble is now asking teens do not eat tide pods. Meanwhile played in Turkey slides off the runway head to the scene as passengers prayed for their guy. Lawyers grammatical errors so bad judge since in the school teacher to review his work. My terrible loss of submitting stories about how your bosses being a jerk and a car goes airborne and Orange County into the second floor. All the dentist's office it is time for your headlines. It's Sunday it's. Here's might call. Our job star in Santa Ana California admittedly under the influence of narcotics while driving. A man lost control of his car and hit the center median head on earth cosmic Carter fly into the air and land in the second story of a dental office building nearby. Hours later crews were able to free the arguments and bring the card down the two inside were treated for minor injuries yes. Green movement glad nobody under the influence of something if he's one of the times they've driven but it doesn't make your car airborne no. Oh I saw got pop up last weekend on one of those half concrete bald tires they users see how stupid things Gloria go around turn in Fremont man popped another hole he's on two wheels basically for like a second day like I told you like a big talking about this for years he has a new book if you look bad to have god only ball in the middle of Rahal who we launched this car in the middle of the road. I they did it. Yeah intersection and hit the accelerator instead of the breaks and I'll know what he's got airborne and airborne and wanted to somebody Oklahoma well has different than six inches of driver error on the street you know they can price. Clearly is a pretty neat picture did us military something else like an avengers movie. But really does fit a playoff hole to the rules call or to a building that tell you should market that this office I got a lot of media honor. Around the world more about vehicles going off the rails to go to Turkey award commercial planes landing was less than graceful. A bomb landing a loud noise was heard in the plane began to swerve and eventually losing landing gear. The plane began to skid off of the runway completely down for the black seat next to it. Luckily it stopped short and just dangle their old crews were able successfully emote everyone inside safely I get Zuma blank C referred to our wounds underwear when they thought their about the state all of the main runway and plunged into the water. And when you think about it one of the most to nerve wracking times on a plane for takeoff and landing. Are gonna say you've been caught masturbating or nonsmoking event. But Mike you're probably right yeah I mean it makes me nervous and is whether those will detach and and that's huge break that they had. Friends of the Earth. Stone echo. Okay. And I go yeah Allen's they're both I've never been an aside is that the small plane behind the wing and you can actually see this smoke coming up the tire. I have nothing in my analysts alike it's a little nerve racking fixed value of going on filing a legal complaint just got a little more complicated if a judge in Florida has rejected a legal filing agreeing with the opposing attorneys that the letter was incomprehensible. Literally. Citing broken sentences grammatical spelling and punctuation errors the judge gave the accuser another shot at making the filing the required him to include an approval from a certified English teacher in order for to be except the. As opposed judges the guy on Twitter who correct several. No they lose judge goes hey man. This is the court of law. Jetty right but really what the judges saying is your client let them know there are about to lose. If you look there are McClellan when the public defender right you have but you have the recently the kids you can get raped a complete sentence I didn't do my tale that you gave me. I mean I wanna get a look. At that original document just so I could see how terrible was two or even the judges like I got no idea what you're asking me to do here. Yeah I mean my arm and you gotta get around as we said the rubble law man on trial for murder facing the death building had some issues collaborating with his attorney. He Hughes wanted to approach the case pleading not guilty despite the massive amount of them evidence against him falls attorney wanted to take plea deals in order to spare his life. Long story short they find card realized he's on death row right now that's a randomized. I I am I could Brazil's he would exempt for the drug charge right gasoline has since then and the return of the word plus profile business shot of the day yes indeed so until then please do what you'd do bats. And morally this thing. It's day. Beautiful.