01-15-18 Seg 1 Mens Room Hits The Button

Monday, January 15th

It's time once again for the Random Question Question!


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You want sure nothing here is real the members of this radio program are simply. Trying to look. Offend anyone. Invited to join the party. This he's done. All gathered in secrecy. This is the they say. Or radio more than three times. And your. Satellite radio there was no number 2748. Hour. Along with Stephen Drew hill. See Ted spread. Love Limbaugh. I could lie Cha. Yeah in the men's room. Okay the random question question is back. Your guess. Is as good as broad categories web sites and the beer. The return events the men's room get ready player profile this plus headlines events or job they've almost three males and everyone's favorite. TV time what's it like factory ended their own all right you know this is true Procter & Gamble is now asking teens. To not eat tide pods. Teens teens today. They were all playing in Turkey's slides off the runway had Tennessee as passengers prayed to the guts. Lawyers grammatical errors so bad that a judge sends him to school teacher to review the work. My terrible losses submitting stories about how your bonds is a complete and total jerk and a cargoes airport in Orange County ends up on the second floor of the building. That is all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's the question. All of our big kids good day to you and yours all right you know as technology improves a big. More embedded in everyday life. There's always that fear that it's gonna replace officer I got automated factories self driving cars the self check out of the grocery store. Well now thanks to Germany yeah goes abroad are full of nothing but such acts. Got there are no living prostitutes they're just the latex Knowles. For real men who don't want real women in you can say what you want about a book business has been brisk. And no matter what you think of these people just keep in mind this is not as sad as I average woman. Who no longer has any need for real man she says she has gone through bad she can't find an ideal mate. And that's why he just married the ghost of Haitian pirate and I said exactly what you think I'd say. Or at least she thinks that she married and Haitian prime he ghost. She says that the ghost proposed to her. After they've been dating for about two years she said yes she says they have a great relationship and trust me when I tell you this much. Her story only gets crazier if he goes on and explain the relationship with a ghost. This is just scratching the surface of surface of balloons but according to her she just couldn't find amendment she wanted to be worth. And as usual put. I'm not sure how many mentioned Davey people were dating the ghost but let's face it they can be bad. Aziz ansari who has won a Golden Globe for whatever the hell he won a Golden Globe for. You would just called out basically by a woman who went on one date with her mostly the details but long story short and I quote. It was the worst out of my life. I'm not sure she's gonna date goes but you don't need to do you grew up. But then lose some of the stories we saw that led to many questions questions we'd like to ask you in the form of the random question question this is now works. You call us we will ask who question the complete random and after you share your riveting story with folks we will share with you all the story that inspired send questions. The brother John ran a question question call 844999. Only collect them intra month FaceBook follow us on Twitter events are live and in those emails to the men's room at men's or live dot com. You are listening to the men's or radio network. Sure the money. Hotel a panel I go to Minnesota over 2748. Little. Aren't they guaranteed is going to be a future repeat this is gonna be a monument so don't mention that today is MLK right sure. Are coming up on the program your guess is as good as minor categories web sites in beer the categories being the ten Beers and Americans are not drinking anymore who fortunately midterm original red is not on this list in this deal. Ford generally it's actually signed earned run average and pick up ailments your original read from a lesion you are benefiting the three local fish traps we appreciate do and I'm. Of the other category are the ten most influential web sites of all time. After the beginning of the Internet these web sites and have done more for you and the world of the Internet then that any others so that's coming up with your game or the hub on. You know let's. I wouldn't say right now it's not on the list. There's got to be a porn site I I've won a legal okay what porn site would you think it or even in our mind. Is bigger than what porn hub is now they can't think of and I can't get I don't know more mainstream Amazon.com kind of place to go to the Lara Logan all right some slightly cricket clubs like the standard answer to do is eat that well used I think that was huge because the thing about porn hub is the president what you mean miles that it benefits Amazon important that's assuming you're into legal or. I may have that there but the once you click on whatever thumbnail takes you to a different site you know it's an aggregate of all things that you might click on. Whatever loser in Juba decided or they are those are partners the best partner those partners they're not just acknowledging correct the seaborne hubs are you cover your tracks rank and has just Cornell but the truth is no bulletin porn hub community click you're not really important hub anymore giving him a more universal site. Then now everybody in the United Nations the poor as we get to attend Beers Americans are drinking anymore we've got to the ten most influential website of all time their turn a massive men's room is coming up and today is the day we do our random question question. For the fourth Brandon Knight 99 old man hello Maureen welcome to the men drew in a did little oh we're. I don't let. Them bring good good good right there were no good event workers working hard and here. I can imagine path. Okay. Here's a question. Did you win or lose the bats. What was it and it who had to pay up. And. I love that I can think of was on two World Series appears back to one of them when the feeling great and I think I'm. And I lost and Alicia dinner that's not bad but. It was an odd girl but still one. Do you lose that bad I mean that's the primarily is read I don't abide by dinner but those little girls like a lot you know on. Exactly like you would want to buy her generally entitle people bet certain sex things cows I don't know does that it I think got my brilliant because flag look when Luke out of my pay an up and I'm on receiving like shore with a bad unless the book that's when he gets still like. You've been arguing about something for like two to three minutes short and now gets to put were all right now related down are you really think that. All right then you go to bed is the standard bat the bat we always have very fingered when they you don't I'm talking about you won't go to that route you really wanna go there you do it's all you know in the absolute dollars. The gunmen boarded you might have gone to a dinner. The German placed over here in that universe. Yeah. It did become easily see a little. I'd that's not a bad spot map that is OK well here's why we asked what does it seem that bad blazer or did you. I'll just tell them they didn't and never troubled us and and we know of us have been there to try it did you did you get lucky as a result of taking him. I'm not that night OK the very easily do that argument anyway. Yeah. You guys have heard of the the fantasy football. Bets that certain people on their leagues have whether someone has to get a tattoo of their joy that it's actually not a statue of the of their choice at the beginning of the year. They show you with a tattoo is going to be a skeleton. Relative to pop culture at the time short shorts so whatever is there somewhere yeah whatever the deal is you know it's it's it's something like that but a guy in Wilmington, North Carolina named Justin. Paula check came in last in his fantasy football league this year the negative kind of and this is one of the best punishments that a lot of Minnesota have ever seen because there's a built in escape hatch but the escape patches even worse in the actual punishment. So we're coming in last he had to spend 24 hours in a Waffle House without leaving. If if they would let me I think I can do it but he could shave off twenty minutes for every lawful that he eight. I can now theoretically that means he could've spent the first twelve hours donning 36 waffles and gone home they're waffles by the way roughly the size the template. They are but they're thin yet so that's tall task a speedier named ever tell mold of brutal Lenny. And it's a the world record in 2007 by eating 29 of the waffles and ten minutes she's obviously this guy just does not SP leader. I he's a normal guy but he did manage to eat seven walls compared. He saw the Nat. He shaved off two and half hours basically meaning yet it's been 21 hours and forty minutes there before it finally got home. He started at 7 o'clock any and Adobe leaving at 430 east at the entire time. My that's pretty impressed as bad I think you'll save an establishment okay yet. I would rather new best friend and after your best friend I think brilliant that you know really bad idea what you see a while while the return it for a plan. How big everything man I would say. Two fights. Three bedrooms and at least one screaming match that was not a physical play that's my guess. I think it's funny you just see the time. Got to go in and out right. Just to be drunk people come in late at night you had an analyst but I would think by like seven or 8 in the morning Yeltsin to see families coming in I think even failings of the morning. I really think that the witching hour is not only drove we've become an affiliate dream about. 11 PM and 1 AM is your best bet for fight. If so how these people aren't quite drunk Butler. Already spirited into normally doesn't drive people coming and they're not really fighting could just throw them while the stupid double people throughout the fall asleep in the bathroom but generally not a lot of fights. But I thought when air bubble wall plows fights it's about 1130 at night. Something goes back. Hello John welcome to the bedroom. Always I'm a dole and I don't mean. Wow dialogue in the program the random question question we're just gonna get this another way to does need to be addressed. Would you say John as the biggest mistake did you of ever made it work the biggest error. When did you just mess. Show. All of that failed and well here in the know. I brought some need. Milk so works include my locker got we milk. OK if I don't eliminate that and did he do it and take some you know I. Straight out. There in my copy sort of thing at all and then I adored Letterman got in the end they went to knock them out didn't put. Why did they go to the locker to someone's at the mall that you have looser I aide I never thought about. Solve somebody to have somebody else about that I mean I do have been that the only bad way but I am pretty much cooler and everybody there. Mobile got a job was it. Ellen Garrity because this is. There's no doubt how would you record. Hello there. I mean. I haven't had any I was. Clearly they've had any previous you know like noted did the right up Ernie Banks aren't the guys. I was advancing pretty well until the last half. The reason you lost your job as a reason I did yeah. That's raising the bombing out and shop there and pretty much did go beyond that little hill. I think one of the bigger mistakes they're related work was. Wanted to inject the Burger King schedule after they changed it it didn't tell me about it and fired me because I didn't know the schedule been changed and don't call me let me know. I mean I've made allows a horrible mistake swirled amid radio it's even worse just took a magnitude of what you do like dropping an F bomb to eighteen affiliates who wants. Turns out magma take note just last week one or not pay you to be on the air route it was a bad situation but as far as my cookie and he goes man meat and there's a roommate wheels to work together. We're originally covered ships together and we knew we it was a pizza joint. So the shaft with one call at that point says look mr. Ono just just make it's like a five gallon dope or whatever basically made five pounds of dope. Global deal. You put it in the bucket. Cover with plastic and supposed to proof overnight and it's so we are very can we do we always knew. About 7:30. The next morning phoned him and say who the hell's columns we work in the afternoon. So big about the dunes on the line and yet beautiful children actually kind of deep voiced thoughts lonesome. Boards made the dough last met some short end ma'am it's an office. We go out. I got their notes and ball games are getting covered tight enough it's the block everything and walking in discovery would go us now is like. You need to bring your ass and here's what we're not inconvenient. Until you can see so I need to understand the magnitude. I'm like I am. So we address regard them but what they do what you can't be that bad. He's just being an actress in me if it's early he knows right from what we get and he was not exaggerating so. I don't know for bush too much spin what the deal was but it's supposed to prove a little it'd blow in the plastic wrap all from the top right so and walking a needle to all those like. Medal greeted shelves Leo. So between all the groups it blew through all of them in it climbs of everything so. There's milk in this quarter will attaches to the milk and it is now absorbed it's in two don't would this image of all the we have basically two results in order is in a sudden he's Australian it's because he's Australia's top. If he had grown that threw everything we've just been basically retired good. Nobody well we had to get over to the dough with a were nothing wrong with food embedded intact but is like you need to wash the dual book. You need to watch a golf. You need to watch golf the tomatoes it took over everything but let's alert we never did that you don't do that was TJ and that same guy who used to work with threatening the real exciting repeater yet at 2 o'clock. I shouldn't say that he had nothing wrong with on court only the and I O'Reilly did I don't know how to. You can always Cooper. And then you know I put sorting out number you want so much public chip armor may I never I never thought about unreal what is your boob and I just you know what. I got Crohn's Disease wait. Okay I've never said to be much improved my arms to do not make an I didn't know the please. I did so I would do they DJ gay so them so one we did finally he's like aren't going to Ocean City we're doing prop. My prior comment it's like extra money Bosnia led the beach after today we stayed the beach I buy a thirty pack I think his wife had like one beer. Whatever he had like three and was done. And I might get. And if rightly you are you go to sleep after three being virtually co unmanned science they have rifle bunch of Beers Bobble off. The next day we get we set up everything in its latent in Ocean City and the biggest town. So it's like they're convention center or whatever so we tested music everything's good ego. I'm a little hung over then follow Obama go home take a nap welcome back please at night. So Leo to get that we wake up the phone is ringing off the hook. Since the people from the convention center and what you voted down here we got a situation so be different but air. Fire departments there imagine the biggest room you can imagine it is full of talk a third guy huge load up a fog machine just turned and are no reason to watch it. Owned it will go all all all alone it's a smile back at the final form Asia without it. I mean do you think if you look at eighteen year old kid crying does that fire departments like I don't know if we can have a problem. Okay loan and. All okay you know like now crawling. I'm really video news we get eighteen year old dude just cry loud and that maybe isn't high school proud. I hate the don't worry folks while the crowded. How did the bomb that was how do you resolve that the fire department shows love and I would call DJ nobody in the D. J. White you know I called the fighter for him to Portland what did you do diagonal booked on a fan and I don't. Basically yeah we walked around and opened every door we couldn't fit in all the bad news so much foot hog if that it Stephen there's a Shelby alarms because the fireman out of the just look more pissed than anything yeah. Yeah but they weren't. Wow man. Reason no we ask the biggest mistake you make a war can you know what happened in Hawaii while the Hawaii worker who pushed the button has been reassigned after the missile alert red. The Hawaii emergence army fired employee has been reassigned to the state agency he works for has received death threats. Amid fallout from the botched ballistic missile alert the trigger panic across the island. The tenure employee has been temporarily reassigned. Pending an investigation into the incident to a job that quote does not provide access to the warning system. The agency created to protect the lives of hawaiians must also deal with a death threats as well as they've been getting a volatile and people are just pretty fired up about this whole thing so the responds to thinking you're going to potentially die in nuclear annihilation. Is you do and threaten depth bombed people. You might have one person but threatened at that everyone no worse than this place. Because immediate hit but look look you must know they show okay obviously you value life you listen to the show you losing the opinions we have coming out of our mouth you realize we have one of these machines every year. Now we can't send out. Any kind of warning the warnings come to us but it's our job it's the same one of them went on the air and say hey hey Kerry good nuclear missile we have to we have if that comes out of the thing right we have to say that we have to tell you what the hell's going on whether it's African law whether it's a tornado whether it's hurricane me. The only time that they didn't send the damn thing off with a nine Madeleine 9/11 which we don't know why but they didn't but but but more when I most admire anything different than living in Hawaii. You have had months of another country saying hey we didn't do yeah why are they met back fires off the button by any other time I. Absolutely get in or the reason why look. The for seven years ago ten years ago mapping would have gone off you know be electric car alarming new neighbor like maybe of something but generally does want to sound to go away a market to check and I don't care. Obviously in the last year with reason to British we believe like hey man you know it's absolutely something you believe right. I mean you did it we all understand why but way. I think the worst thing about this as I understand the story it was so the thing gets sent off in it did not take. Authorities long to realize that this was a false alarm but the authorities been did not immediately disseminate that information to the public so. The authorities knew for quite awhile. Who we did wrong tomorrow but instead of telling people who believe it or not are now kind of glued to the radio there's gonna happen that they don't bother to tell me about obviously got it just seems like that is the button you know not that hit ball why would you put that button anywhere that you might accidentally hit it right because that button like that's the big free can but Matt is the major what. Even a third liken reject button in a plane. It's not quite anywhere that your hands are normally counsel allegedly did in Asia I eat you alive alert button by mistake. And basically changes are already under way alerts are now require activation of verification by two people. And the cancellation command has been written and to be issued within seconds of the error as well sort couple things early but where is my my point on this is is that they have a named the employees are not going to. And you know damn well the day I'm 28 when he in a year this guy. He's a ten year employee he did not think that this would be a funny thing to do this was not a prank this was an honest got a statement you have to realize. How horrible this guy has to feel because the presidents and you have to write the director of the FCC says yet. The only bad Governor Palin well one I don't we don't freak right right they are good at that but that's EV DO apple at like you. Just don't do his wind blown up. They put the difference is like when you're done with your job the president about a like. By the way don't eat the pizza pizzeria you don't have to pay bracket is and we don't know its animal like this is such a bit like I clicked. He'd get a guy lives in Hawaii might get beat too bad but at the same boarding time I mean I've that he just feels. Awful when he sees video of people putting their kids and manhole you see people cry yeah. All this oh I know or not you could neither did the man holed one dude just knocked his daughter. We understand why because in his mare hate kit we don't have time for this as little girl those who want to get any kind of takes is not and she just drops it and some. How now that his has done nothing except actually take his daughter who's been told to mammals now. If there's a nuclear attack he feels very good about what he did like hey man there's not a mood you wanna make the to survival protecting their so I take their installment able well I tell you don't cry and you have to console and should they go to the students opened. That he's protecting you with his life that's why did this we give a false alarm go into lighting up 302 listen here's the truth now now daddy is just keep due to a man yet and I'm so sorry. None of the people who live there may be rubbing a tourist Ari when you're in Hawaii it's the equivalent of goal of having the threesome. It's not that it doesn't happen it's not that it can't happen it's just that it doesn't happen every often very hard. You wake up on the beach in Hawaii you know you're a special places. Once in lifetime deal you get there Saturday morning and the next thing you know. He got a nuclear warhead governor Jim if it had you been on a plane for ten hours to get to this place Saturdays always referred Friday to Saturday Saturday I've been so good wake up Saturday but like all my god. Yeah I flew from breaking Kansas for my vacation dream that you have a guess what I hear I am no third Hawaiian. Random question questioning for 4999. All the articles on the way you are losing to the men's or radio network how big is your. It's true it's. Still coming your guess is as good as minor categories web sites and beer. We'll do your guess is as good as mine right entry males in the men's room cabins are glad that counts. NRA to question questioning for 4999. All of you comments are enrolled in yet what we were talking about the situation when I'm in Hawaii was a Saturday morning they get those warning that a nuclear strike is imminent. They found a little beware and pay our refs are bad press wrong button. And several storms throughout the hell do you hit the wrong button so a couple of cobbled touch came in lieu says. The command was a drop down menu with the test in the actual alert. On the same tag someone else as according to my sources. Under control board of the missile warning Bodden is right next to the test morning so weathered the menu or iPhone Biden may be shouldn't have test and actual back close they should even be on different tabs would you think because we have to test our transmission of the emergency broadcast is a little once a week and month to month as well up until we even in new in this Baltimore reloaded and we we have to send that out just to make sure in the event it's a thing like this were to happen but test and they send an alert to us that we would be able to send a real alert out but most of the time they say this is test the merger Bruck. You hear euros and even earlier today urgency we hope wouldn't hit the wrong button it goes you know if you don't want to think about bad though is. You think about what happened and why OK so one who things people do it we always say if you're lucky enough to have your come to god moment. I'd like to give a deathbed that maybe you bring your kids didn't tell them stuff they didn't otherwise know because you know you've got to him and I think this is true of all people so. I'm losing it you're in Hawaii how many illegally untold story but how many tell what percentage of people. When they hear you know hey man who nuclear strike is imminent. I don't know you have parting with your buddies or it's like a couples retreat and finally they do. If you haven't seen you wanted to listen to use all of that about I want you know that they let you know and our lady find out. Yeah are bad do we take well Michael I want you to think about the situation were some dude like him and you know border have an admiral down moment we thought we're gonna die are pretty sure you said something to the effect of you've been out for Matilda over here. For the last fifty meters by how awkward is that. Because you know what had to happen or some guy probably says listen Jews who want to know loose among real follower promoting open round she never wanted to develop one now they know all of these things you didn't need to know I think I got done I hit the wrong but I don't have a narrow I would take all my clothes off run to the beach in just start vast debating vigorously in right. I've always wanted to do it. And then if I'm in my. Mario and then any of the newly disclosed I got to put my dog come all god what a month is a liberal to be able to of that. I don't think any guy in almost things we don't in other guys who are gang you can think. And the plane levels now it's instantly. How many of those moments gave my little boy if you're on hold their vital if the random question question you just been around so try again a 44999. Only barely managed a brand New Orleans drowned. Randolph customize what's industry. I mean I'm in highly rated stuff that we can't. Stay here don't bring it up redneck huh. Which is to rein in math okay. They threw read about us. Yeah I'm looking for a good one all every golf. I think this is something that you could answer. More so than anyone else and of that makes you feel good or bad I think you should make you feel good. Other Asian regular was have you ever again you're right if he ever dated someone with a fetish. Street I don't think I have come on the other they've shared was neither I could remember. I mean I think and remember unlike. Our lot but it's. Anything new was one how much did you like it from the ordinary well I mean it's not well is that it release specifically would you. Dozens of status doesn't mean it's weird but if you like it that much ground and insisted that table we do that like the aborted by the such a fetish. Do you count the fattest hugest of fighter. Yeah why aren't they have got to play is that is that most extreme weird is but if that and that's what was going to happen pretty much every time and I'm just not a fighter. And frankly sometimes it hurts your heart's delight in this film like where is he she was very much enjoyment. You bite me aggressively and hard during sex like. Also like yeah so you're you're Biden did you go to buy Hershey like I would like Aaron which is very nerve racking wells and they'll tell you generally don't bite another human revolution or no skin you know and yet did you gonna get a muscle memory to know specifically how hard bite. And he got a new through tests were blank Leo it's like when your play with a cap. She bracket right we just got that knowledge of like I know how far can put backlogs in the UMIT's most of the time and I'm not going to go all the way with a yeah are like a dog when you're kind of maximum Steve price the Pope was. She just bit me a lot harder. He sure she beat you or are you just more so good that you don't enjoyed it seems works right like she's like big you could have been them they're knowing her like a pit bull what does she enjoyed that she's like. That's great you could have been a tomorrow won't buy it but if you want to be bitten by the two while the main thing is I would just forget and then once a while she caught in the moment a bite me. But then for me and my little soldiers this was the best flight during world Peabody. Thank mayor who only like really weird like where we're places it would hurt to get a tattoo I would think yeah. Yeah yeah residential area golf television I knew I was good stuff right if she got fired up throughout a fight. But it was also bad isn't got to kill the mood of a guy. I just screaming how. How and did you ever any attorney ever not try as hard as to avoid the late ladies that if you're crushed in it you're also being attacked. Correct or did you ever comes than they have in on them a little happy in the stock no pun intended when I'm gonna give it half my effort to battle Philly get mauled the apartment. That's what I would just forget. That it would have been the only by every actually just cheat don't pay for the fifth isn't taught differently to how. I. Don't. President Michel anywhere previous episodes you can order men's room sausage being men's room original a red deer finer. And yes you vs the FCC if you download the men's room app that's available now for your iPhone and android phone get that meant there map rather listen daytime anywhere. The show and many games continues on the men's room radio network.