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Friday, January 12th

Emails, Ted vs the FCC, plus Bad Jokes and the Shot of the Day!


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This is the men's room. Listening to. He's thrilled. Now I get busy coming up Denver says the FCC bad jokes governor and yes we'll drink Intel's with the shots of the day our questions they weather from you or someone else. What is your big fart story 8449990. Are you shaking your head and it disclosed the comments have been rural woman strong all day because again everybody farms and on average down fourteen to choose from. Today but you do is suddenly came in and says I've ordered in the doctor's exam room while my wife is getting a pap smear. Numbers is a trip to Brazilian jujitsu with a bunch of guys what about 200 pounds and I'm 135 pound woman well one of the guys drop all the way to my abdomen. And I wrote one is so bad that the guy gave up so buys the foreign exact amount you'd have to mount another far this 10 enjoy it lament my husband first started dating is right after the Seahawks won Super Bowl. Well he'll demand Kumble food and he Favre so let the cat ran out of room. If it pissed off and they are made him and his and to give and a hello Bruce welcome to the men's room. All right it's. Time. Happy Friday Donovan gas. This story about thirty years old from Iowa to you about Dearborn. All right Dan and in high school I absolutely. Love this gal this is the G news story. And I caught up whether she was a year ahead of me and it caught up whether. When we went to college. The issue here had a knee and we heard it coed dorm together. And we're we're in the the game grew. I hate finally got enough nerve to go over it talked Turin. Are trying to help heard learn how to shoot pool and she leaned over and kind of ripped one on my legs she was mortified. At the end and we are the only team they knew it. And I can now read that story about it out payback from time only evening went on great guy old drum we ended up in her adorable. And after her. A good session. I was sitting across server credit to clear whether hair. And we're bowl as kind of straddling over and I thought oh here's my opportunity to pare back I'm just gonna giver. Kind of a raspberry underbelly. Well let loose it's I would run on. Our newest hot. And let. I really. And loan. It. All I know why we didn't win it anyway I'm very. Where. I. Knew it. And older her. Well I mean they're okay. Yeah. Older I mean did you ever get another day with hurt. Oh god no this is Olsen. Yeah. I don't know I'm sorry I'm a bit dull bit. And right in the mid the middle of this not immediately up by the had a with a textbook. So freaking hard. That I fell over against the little bookie there she bailed out we ran in the battle through these jump in this hour. And I still he gave little white lights float or all of my eyes open. And and pounded on the door let me and I want it when that Q I'm so sorry AG's. Just scream it and meet again out in what do they got a lot of nature and I look at the bad end just like all my I didn't look like yeah. Burger eaters don't they. Dole I got to leave right so I user cocaine sitters letter to try to clean up a little bit. And yeah it was a round school. Before the weekend was older than ice doesn't. You all gone. Off. Yeah. Water mixed water. You don't years when you first heard on a college don't eat so good everything Baird peaked I don't know. All it was a horrible and you know right. Ever know Honda and I'll be driving by myself and I just closing my. It birds that can't think back and I mean like I get a web. Just in memory of that. So let me ask you double question here that are very important number one iron it out how often did you run into this this girl after that happened. Obstinate enough to be very uncomfortable did you try to move Brewster again and apologized. Several times I got and what happened. All she just what is she put her hand up. Just don't even I want wait a guy friend I think today early years there or Canada. Henry Ford junior college to get take it could couldn't get it out of my own school did you have a nickname. Itself crawl is hiring thing and it'll hurt us here. Yeah yeah now OK let's let's OK don't what is she Lleyton yeah I'm sure you know what she's up to now he's gonna crush honor for all that time so. I see happily married are you happily marry willow worry guys stand now life. She's very happily married she's still lived in Michigan. I mean I knew I had torn disk I would've had virtual. If you did not do that you did not do that are right. Did that ruin your chance to maybe date her for awhile. And marry her the whole nine yards a meeting it was what I slip a little fart that changed your life. Yeah apps absolutely. Here's the funny part I don't reunion tour for years ago when I was backstage and per funeral I went back. And I reunion tour. Out local local bar that was still there that's still going on from thirty years ago. And it aren't so apparent how posts sound like anniversary party. And yet I don't even know that had no idea. He was the DJ had to be aria. Our hearts what's his face again he was legendary when they moved to hello. I don't I don't agree that Ali yeah you got three years here definitely pretty and then another. And and I and I told her as she did say she saw me from Chrysler when they start to walk over. And she developing that they are you don't hear OT the warmer perhaps we're. Elevation goes you know why. I think just in the last moment when I saw you look I have finally forgiving. I hope that our guys actually funny. Twenties they enjoy her she is now gunpowder GIC would now. Oh my god she's amazing she does. Q did you triathlon. She retaliation got this long. Dark ring to it hair aged. You doesn't go three lives on earlier who. By the way year according to the government your nickname is now William Shatner. I think I look okay at. I really do I think that if you hadn't slipped on this thing I think it was one of the people don't know when life changing moments happen to them they don't understand that the time. But I truly believe looking back. That one moment in time changed everything for you. I we had gone down some relief a realist school knows you can't get a date Brad get to go to did you go to get a day at least if you delete this you lose you lose the love of your life. You're doing basically and you don't in my yeah that's I mean I think about how that impacted your life just wonder why cartel one Y note cards and everything in your life changed. Yeah and I can't blame Americans shouldn't start any urged. I would never done that. And they're right there call did you tell that look meant hoses trying to did you backlog. But you did explain you're like look that's not what I was trying to do I'm sorry I was just trying to get to bat that. Exactly right that we're under the theory that. Okay she prob don't believe that he was sorry would have all of them since that employ go ahead but did you have did you did you did you guys hook up that night hook up. No load ordered all I was. I would go duke or spread and happily with somebody now you know. Anyway back and carry these that you know we knew when you guys got together when this happened original episodes post court day you said you also you've you don't have sex with a. It was probably noted that sexual experiences. In my entire life what would. It would have picked. What's so great I'd finally enough what the Barbie bag who helps everybody's worrying that are really hard and her current. We're talking about you know. Well we're gonna do that we can then you know he'll just say it was just say great things and tell that one moment that I thought I was gonna be billion funny. And didn't happen. Now when you go back home like you said you did for a funeral it is is still get brought up before she you know gives you come here for a minute a motion the dear friends still joke about like oh my god. You're not gonna believe he's in here. The drill you crap up. Absolutely. Absolutely my friend. Actually told me that she would probably be there. Am just like why are you guys still keep in touch when it goes well and good quest for union think a lot of my friends were great up and a great down. As you know and I gave them. Did you meet her hotel did you meet your husband. No you thank god you'd be dressed LeRoy would look into the life. I really got to move done all my now bird that's both of you I got very rarely does the Nazis that you and your browser. That's a weird and then you meet like their access and like I guess that's kind of heavy weird being like you're that guy and it poop honor. But also and that's why another guy whether. If you could think too that maybe because he did crap on her role in it I think he's built it into beat. Is there and I'll be off fifth on the low volatility have a story that tops that she's a triathlon runner she's got beautiful black curly haired you know I mean beautiful body the love of his life he probably actually. Followed her and away going to the schools or she's going to be there. Seal the deal you think maybe you're gonna get another chance of any crap all over those old enemy unsealed the other deal wow wow. Ever pulled that move now I never have either an improved on and I was that's a game changer right there if that's the most of us the bulk of us I mean I'm not bragging about global bragging got a book on about these guys because yeah I've moved on to another human. It could be you on the phone that talking to your mom moved in if you're one of these people. You heard new girlfriend boyfriend whatever might hear this conversation going on we'll let. There was one thing that was said in that conversation that was a deal breaker and they don't know chore unity or or just one little thing that you might say or do. They just take someone's opinion viewing completely changes that one where the other whatever that is and this is a guaranteed aren't you role what this is like I mean it's like. There's been times where I've been sort of proto mayor Mike you know like what what is it what's the deal. And now you. There at the end no doubt. If bird print out a little to tie the Rolex who else but this is definitive book you know more they say they know I don't know why and then there were you even as do you think did something a very good move and I told John part of that girl on a date if you're an owner I was crush on her man and I it really ruin the whole thing. I mean it just stopped everything at once they she's item one on the other. On. Doll on the housing you know it it was an accident but I never we never gone out lead we never you were going to do what you're calling Jim we're gonna you saw you guys were handed that right now I've started right. But this man a man next this is epic he made me feel better about oh you should pick on you definitely feel better about your nearly as bad about that and that. Whether from view our someone else what is your epic Clark's story get your emails coming up men's room at midterm live dot com you are listening to the men's or radio network. This is my sales. My question whether you are as someone else what is your epic plot story to get about your emails here for the men's or amendments in my diet god. When I was there we want your emails more emails we've probably got in the last year entirely everybody. Big bar. Business saw this one night I'm playing beer pong different cells that they'll be so like any guy go outside starting letting your flow of blood flow part rip well. A little more Mac came out I didn't think anything of it winds are applying our room was wondering who stepped in dog crap. Long story starts snuck upstairs and got my underwear turmoil just left the need to say goodbye. Guys near the end of the year we closed down and do a physical inventory all the guys play the fun game we eat foods that are a guaranteed to give us gas. A few years ago I grabbed aid to meet John daw off of a roach coach. Later that afternoon I crop the island the Pallet racking I'd strategically. Part they forklift where there was no escape in the I'll. My boss along with five others were trapped in the cloud it was bad what a great time LO well that from day. Guys treasury college we're performing the king and hi. So during the death scene everyone the musicals on stage as you would imagine this is a somber moments and a very quiet one. I was kneeling and was surrounded with small children yup I let out this little yet audible toot. Stickers turned into giggles which way through the entire stage of people including the actor playing the justice ceased king. Guys those in the navy out of submarine years ago bit of an explanation first on subs when the atmosphere is bad. Like from a fire you can't read it to allow people to breathe that we use special face masks the plug in the fittings throughout the ship. There's a pressure regulator on your belt and holes from that to the masculine screws in this is important. Running a fire drill and everyone was wearing the masks when someone had the bright idea to unscrew the hose of the guy standing in front of them holding up to a spot and let one rip. The guy he did that two had just enough time to turn his head toward me and I saw the sad expression in his eyes as he threw an economic actions. And filled it out if I watch those sad eyes disappear. Behind a wall of vomit. I laughed so hard I almost threw up myself. That guy's thing attacking is fit and 2007 I was deployed in Iraq that was a Gunner a five. A man up armored humvee and we're in this village north of Baghdad was known as the Venice. Of Iraq that means every other blocking a cesspool so little the summer when it's a 120 degrees. It's not exactly the greatest smelling well we're doom patrol and one day I had this huge gas bubble and departed so bad the guys stop the truck to get out to get there. In the worst smelling place it in the worst place in direct. And the guys had together truck so that they can get fresh share. Last year we are waiting for our new home we finished I shared a queen sized bedroom my son Calvin who was six the time. One night as I was reading in the bedtime story Allen out what could have been allowed as long as part ever. Most of rumbled out of my blood for a good ten seconds I swear I heard an echo it was so loud. Calvin and I looked at each other and proceeded to laughter we were crying he asked me from time to time if I still remember that one time off part of real laugh I do. Rock on bitches that progress prepared to move right there. I does well maybe one of my subordinates had a part problem in care. So I decide to get him back for three straight days I'd milk and eggs per meal. I was in my desk during field day in my desk was under stairwell where it went up two flights of stairs I let it rip. I admit my nose and I started gagging cry. Has the smell what the stairwell and I heard someone take a big sniff oh dear god if what the campus that was set above me the all five subordinates ran down the staircase holding their know a breath and moguls in tears all I could do was be a proud parents and laugh. General of several years ago my husband and I were laying in bed with a dog would all the sudden the room smells like a dead skunk. The bedroom windows open so the possibility of a skunk in the yard could have been probable. Hubby gets out of bed to go check the yard percent skunk no skunk he then proceeds to yelled the dog and kick him off the bed for laying down such an offensive part. Next day hubby starts talking about how terrible the dogs far was the night before I burst into laughter and tears and say it was me. That gentleman is the story of one pretty ladies nasty dog fart that from grows. I guys while working as they patrol driver for security company California I was doing my rounds one night and had stopped to lock up and apartment complex. All making a pit stop in the recreation room I've fart it. It soon became apparent the my Bal sprang a leak forcing me to come up my boxers and continue patrolling commando. Moral of the story don't eat at a gun truck on your lunch break stay safe pitches. Goosen is never have the correct names. We've got got track Roche coaching thank you use roam the death. Our guys. Let's see here. This occurs while I was in the navy under way on board a summary. We're in the middle of an inspection preparing to start a fire drill. As is the same wooten this is a different geez it was submarines do you same deal observer for the station next to a water tight door to prevent guys from. Doling themselves on the door in full fire gear. And find navy tradition of messing with the inspectors my buddy had been eating nothing but onions boiled eggs and protein bars for the last three days. Upon the start of the drill when everyone but the drill monitors put on breathing protection he let one loose. This thing resonated off ball like a semi truck using a and the smell I do not exaggerate when I say it's still haunts my dreams could I have never put it smelled something so found. It was so bad as the rest of the firefighting team was entering the space their captain ordered the door sealed his only problem is that the ventilation was not turned off fast enough. So some of it was such throughout the rest of the vote and lingered long enough and spelled bad enough that our CEO ordered the boats surface and penalty if the circus instead of playing this act and ventilation they can't be easy or cheap. Now allow me guys we're in Vegas round and I drank the water without being warned of surge into the water in Vegas. They want. You are thought about I know her not to my journal water in Vegas at a gym one time and as I got this face like national road was awful solve wondering if that headed into the store as it was the worst water no place to be fair mail in debt currencies with some of the Vegas don't drink water bond no water in the womb put everything on alcohol rides I don't know I don't know vote actually the only thing good mustn't drink tap water's got to the middle and I contracts understatement stuffed him under the safeguard turnaround. I says we didn't have any other water hazard a hundred from flying he was ripping one after another after another all night the smell was more rank that are rotten possible. You know most people mind their own parts not this night even he acknowledged how terrible they were about uttering a small hope god. And needing to leave the room after particularly heavy gash is released we have a go back to Vegas but we know one thing for sure buy bottled water when you land. That from nick I didn't realize Aaron I guess an academy it's there's a few mile wide and are getting frisky in the shower and I let one slip it's Mosul badly both gagged and had to get out of job. Wasn't this grave are part of it clear glass remained three girls puke. That's impressive. This what I enjoyed says I bargained in class and recently to the principal's office Momo we showed up on the thought of stuffed dog and so my guess at home and they man I'm a reporter so bad that I got disciplined for. This person says colossal me bags fared servers there awful and when the after it broke the bag boy did they state. And once my buddies started so bad it made it through chemical respirator. She's a whiz that is impressive to have time for a few extreme out there for the men's room at men's or live doc job. All quite a lot of these knowledge is like Hubert H onto amazing girlfriend Serena she's 24 today. I like to get her little kids they sand wedge in for her to meet. Zaid dirt Dade Germans are rock on guys that from Brock pronounced like truck but with a B. I don't know if you remember objective that was so you have quite this way. Sweet slow chopper. Yeah I like that launch. I can bring their love over here and happiest Dina Eastwood fan. Don't tell is my drug and raid tanks dirty thirty his name is knock out pronounce stupid not got. Gonna get a LeRoy. Moving. Solid jaws as my beautiful wife that his birthday today on me the world dirty dish and a former favorite radio show. Would you please give her now hitting the window in some dirty Germans may be an all the Ted as well thanks so much guys that from Logan. Oh. I'm not so yeah. You should be a rap star buildup could you have a very big. There did its eleventh pitch of birthday good news this new little Mayo a tough email. Guys nobody cared celebrating his birthday today he's mechanic in Burlington beloved ears and dirty Germans talking about his love of the Pontiac Bonneville. Celebrating was amends or black and I finally found thanks guys that from cedar Willie. I don't know about a twenty. Listen to reduce the amount of time to get me. He of the car. You'll find it now looks like the women who enjoy this fifty. She's my brother had a Bonneville may have another note I don't know if garner wrote what we've had won because of the blue leather seats and I did a birthday shout out to my sister Emily Elena fish sandwich and maybe you'll turtles exempt from James. Sandwiched. Lol I like to wish my husband's not a happy birthday from Kerry he calls me booties slap. Good targets and dirty German thanks guys that from Kerry. Our field bullpen to. Who shoot a good Germans can Wisconsin. But unlike most awesome when I played there will be very high and pumping. Guys are birthdays on that my wife and friends won't ask you I will guide your turtle wax with the European is is too small. Thanks guys that from swift. I. This is my scored a thirty hour notify you get an Obama dropped the bead incident dirty Germans please those new guys on my way home from work every day to make the commute a lot more entertaining thanks guys. That from swamps dolphins staff and he probably. Your stuff they're lucky star but this storm can intermittently Doocy has. You know cruising crude. Yeah smoke started. Instead city Tucson muskie she met and. How do you count me in skies at about 32 turnaround is on what better way to celebrate with a men's room I can I get a what to have does that Burrell and a little dirty German thanks for all the laps sincerely. From time yeah my that would. Crawl you open a book that we will put together we will make German student I was and I will add this. Underneath us and I and I'll be happy as a child from a clean yourself. Tonight Georgia friend Danny had a birthday she's one of the most intelligent and attractive teachers I ever match can you ever ladies' man face sand wedge and I Andrew penis and an extremely dirty Germans explain what they'd like to teacher. Thanks guys from her friend the Franklin falls toward guy. You know value of these sandwich and broke in his job through he teaching you and your geometry. He's been allowed to Tony definitely loosened differences. Never teach you it's like to make the Germans down moose flexible slips and many men. Guys burgers are beautiful fiancee Amy had a birthday for 47 Joe Brown the son. Can I get her a big old bond riveted geez Louise thanks guys love the show that from Axel the arena's large factory Gatt and I I had to America and avert the health care. We'll wait guys I do is emerge today into my best but Chris who has 4080 would like a LeRoy. PS you guys are hilarious that from Kevin. Can. I because my husband Doug 53 we've had a rough here and he's a big fan of the show us hoping that you guys can give him a fish sandwich and some dirty German talk thanks guys rock gone from Heather. Fish sandwich and moments like when you woke up to the golden tickets to a championship to. I need to play with my Mexican we weren't. David Jose about 55 birthday the double nickel you guys are awesome gonna get a cut that big job next dollar Anson dirty German net from Jim. I know. Natco. You are always on the back to Melissa content featured more than likely agency. Cold slowly. Yeah under the balloons choose the Germans shoes she. Hi guys you know. It's. OK I did it and it. Okay. He had to be done. I'd say I'm glad you'd pay go. Mid day. They're two gentlemen brought by men. Also available through these we'll stay on men's line doesn't come another sign retailers. Trying to fly do. Losers. Losers here. I'll look fellas I'm not narcissistic but in regards to your question of the day yesterday and I have been a really good looking and really more. I had a great time as a teenager that I did not have a car or money to go on dates but I got laid a lot at parties. Now 47 making good money and I have a really good looking life. Being good looking has gotten the easy promotions better grades in college from female teachers and better service at bars and restaurants. Being good looking and 47 I still get hit on from twentysomething attractive waitresses hero work. Being Smart and well hung helps to life is good that from Eric the very good looking well hon man. I you know what I emailed him back gopher and now help me take advantage I'm not to sound arrogant or maybe just tell the truth and what you're right I was Boris help people gave me. Asked if that's popped and get omens are not alone let them out like they held told heels a 170 to Melvin. It was only a 105. Are glad I did during the last men's or rather are brought back to Melvin as so I can send some more the natives would be most appreciative. The other still does not understand why every Friday our teacher with two turtles having sex on it. They understand even less the sound and invariably gets played afterwards. Rock on bitches and I think the next like they should be from a Melbourne beach where you can get stung by jelly fish. Have your skin need not by carnivorous sea bacteria and even by a shark all in the same day so many different ways to die here. Cheers at from Erin in meld a graduate that's my fault make. A center with a good book I found Texan. I think it was 42 I think it was only forty new is. Anyone else crazy thing that have the Samoan guys. My friend one of our friends went to the airport too big of a guy that she was talking to online. They waited for his old plane to commit. Is playing gay men and the guy that she was talking to online on the flight. My friend called the airline to see if the guy was on the flight airline told my friend that we can't give out that information. Because of security issues my friend and waited at the airport to the last flight that flew in for the day. My friend was in denial that the guy that she was talking to online did not exist to this day my friend said that the guy is real and he is not fake. That from time. That's a little weird man at is a big big red flag right there India won't get far rosier coming up we got the bad jokes on the way right cancel the drug charge communicate goes up the first. I think we need to go back in time the last Emily played Ted vs the FCC so the good let's go back intact. For Richard goes right to Dick has lofty luck. Didn't lock lax player playlist luck for you know fund leaves Dix split in funky. But no one buys Dix funky front ambulance doctor Richard goes like this Dick has lofty look Dix locked lax player playlist luck for fifth. No one wins this split the funky but no one buys this funky front ambulance Ford Richard goes right to it hits at stake as well good luck. Did one last flight playlist my predict. Know when things did split funky twit no one buys this funky front gambling do you Richard goes like this against won't be locked. It's luck lax my playlist like for Pitt. No no Fun League fifth Witten funky but no advice picks funky front everywhere. First one of the or get away their dead birds as the FCC let's do it again. Time and show. Whose three. 140 plus. Go way. Carolina. These seeing. We're working hard they're working last night and I was never arrives drills for Denver's the FCC very productive on my bet. I'll do the good of our best nights I've remembered Jersey or new brilliant trucker speed into do you just leave well it was Cleveland added an a bit of the flu shot yet. It's back to when you stroke the address with your nose and cool new coal and oil boy we need that. OK but don't look at the H one truck one that hates what drug you've had a reporter Dan you totals about about your gas that's flat and had flu this year. But I believe or not her head writer answered jolly Joseph wrote a bunch of self last night would you let us know we can't stay up until now it's unbelievably messed up he had H one truck to hold out. See it and he sends us out as we stand vs the FCC it's about whether tenants about their Japanese goes on the like this. And it's whether short city Shelley's sits in shy city Shirley sits while sipping city each let's. The way we play the game is. Eatery that one time be early and then three times fast in a nervous Trout and we're. And attend. To use that's down at slip there. Short city surely sits and shy he cities show he sits while sixteen. City shuts. Down back at where there short sitting Shelley sits in siding. City surely fits our. And. Some folks I didn't take long. Now scenario as psoriasis. Normal online on dead birds as the FCC there you go all right did you get those bad jokes ready to go 844999. Elect you can email the bad jokes to the men's room and men's or live dot com coming up bad jokes are next you are listening to the men's or radio network. At town coming out they shot of the day is minutes away the first time for some bad jokes a four Florida 99 on nine all of the first do it German ass jokes last for generations to come we first let's bring you these rules. This is the official men's room I jokes rules a bad joke isn't so bad Joseph. Necessarily how dirty joke for instance a guy walked into a locker. We know how that. And you know we all know about the man from Nantucket. And why he didn't do so bad joke. Not necessarily an offensive one I mean we all know that Jews don't Hollywood. And what's better than winning a gold medal at the Special Olympics. Just keep these simple rules in mind. The drug charge here to kick off the bad jokes in your wheel house tonight head all right. What do you call alliance with Stanford. Black dancer. What did was no mayor say to the other snowman included one snowman studios snowman. I'm proud parent. I don't even last month while you were able to carry those and a Bob police gall to tell me about life was in the hospital hallways TI asked very critical replied the officer good god what the hell is she complaining about now. Let me go boomerang it doesn't come back. Frisbee stick it. All accountable doesn't float. Natalie Wood. All. Lol oh. Oh come off you're also why all day I just I did not expect that one come on those rove like thirty years though Bob how are you organizers faced party. Big barrel you planet. Bob that it was why it was digger why does anyone play with Tigger. Including a blaze of whom. I was always wife toilet or tigers had the toilet if you don't look at who grew look at drew what do you call back now when he gets church. Would go back memories of your Christian Bale. I am and go to the bathroom. They hate standalone guy. He called off or they are putting JEZ color is girlfriend before they got married. The stakes. My include all I'll say. They. You have artist John Madden knows every minute and arrogant. Money out there exists to do you rank. Men's room knows just. But as usual always had considering death Ted Stevens trial find out nortel's yes indeed today we Towson unidentified 73 year old man from Brittany from. It's now as he's done multiple times before at least according to police records today Donna Reed he decided to drive drunk. Unlike the other times and he's driven drug this time he let police in my high speed chase now to be fair he sway years he swears and neither salt. Nor heard the police sirens but the counter having a hard time believing. Mostly because the entire cities consisted of him driving around in traffic circle. Seventeen times Cuba is a good traffic circle he drove round at seventeen times with the Braves got cars. Chasing him when that fire only bowled them over they confiscated driver's license in it took him to jail. That's impressive I'd love to see that I think he ended up stopping because as more cup cars joined entries like this they were and problem. Dylan in I'm every kind of a their loan but now the front of you. He drove around at seventeen darn good for a probably dig through stuff. And if you go more comp Garza is likely still learn. Copies that thing though man I worked out why when you just stop your car and light traffic. Here's a better drivers were leery Jason this guy in theory could may have just blocked it before accidentally being late. And to me that they could right he could just drive it circle for now they got a staff took anywhere but nobody gobs and and join blue jays that in spite of the fact they're behind them eventually they were in front of him and me in front of bonds put on the breaks like gears or solutions. While important is supposedly drink this booze because we've taken to Yemeni our bags so all of the tong and Dow in the throes few parties in our tummies. Down now hold a vigil. Your car online right now go to 984499. And only a profile that's coming up. The shenanigans continues on the men's room radio network.