Monday-Friday: 3pm-7pm

My name is Mud! No, not Primus' "My Name is Mud"... I'm the original Mud!

Married, one kid, one 9-pound Poodle, a self-proclaimed foodie, ice creamaholic, Chinese food aficionado, Italian and Indian food lover, coffee swiller, Classic Rock expert and an obsessed New York Mets fan! 

I grew up in the New York metropolitan area and made my way down to Miami, Florida to attend The University of Miami. My freshman year and first day of business management class, I sat next to this other freshman who kept talking about football. I was thinking stop with the football already... I'm trying to learn something here! He said, "I'm on the Hurricane team. My name is Jim Kelly." Yeah, me and the future Buffalo Bills guy! Jim got involved in an extracurricular activity and I knew I needed to as well, so I headed down to the college radio station and got me a show!

After graduation, I took the show to a tiny New Jersey town where I was named Mud because of my strong coffee brew and addiction to the java. "The Mud in the Morning Show" moved to Atlantic City, Baltimore, St Louis, Orlando, Fort Myers, Nashville, Miami and now I'm your afternoon host on the legendary WCMF Rochester! Rock on....Rockchester!

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