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I spent my formative years in Brooklyn, NY. At that time, it was pretty much like the TV program “That 70’s Show.” I was influenced by some of the great New York City radio personalities on stations like WNEW-FM, WABC-AM, WLIR-FM and WQXR-FM. I came to Western NY in 1975 to attend SUNY Brockport. I started paying rent in Rochester in 1980, and I’ve been a resident ever since. I have no regrets.

After 36 years, I still enjoy coming to “work” every day, getting with all my friends on the ‘CMF Workforce and playing all that GREAT Classic Rock n’ Roll! I really, really do.

I like a TON of music. My “go-to” artists? Stones, Beatles, Allman Bros., Dire Straits, Hot Tuna, Steely Dan, Springsteen, Led Zep/Robt, Plant, Grateful Dead, Supertramp, William Orbit, Eric Clapton and The Who. I love Blues music, and a buncha different Jazz performers.

I enjoy cooking; therefore, I enjoy eating! Especially with friends. My favorite beer is Labatt Blue or Labatt 50. My favorite book is the Dictionary.

I have always enjoyed good crime dramas and movies. TV favorites are The Wire, Law & Order, The Closer, Breaking Bad, The Sopranos, Lillyhammer, Hill St. Blues, to name a few. Movies favorites are the Godfather I & II, Shawshank Redemption, A Bronx Tale, the original M.A.S.H. Plus - Martin Scorcese flicks: Goodfellas, Casino, Mean Streets, The Departed, etc.

Super power I’d like to have: Invisibility!

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