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When I'm not dominating on the rink while playing beer league hockey, or sitting in the parking lot at Ralph Wilson Stadium drinking and getting ready for a Bills game, you can catch me in The Break Room with Tommy and Kimmy. This is the best job on the planet for a guy who's a lifelong Bills fan, seeing as how we're talking to and hanging with players all year long. Other than hockey and spending all my money on Bills season tickets, most of my time is taken up by my wife and two young daughters, who have no idea about the awful things daddy and daddy's friend Tommy say on the radio together. My wife is a doctor, which means I have no say in how we spend our money like most men nowadays (*Editor’s note: technically HER money, since we all know Duffy gets paid squat). But I will lay down the law at home when needed...just don't tell my wife I said that...

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