Break Room Hate Mail - No Tip For You!

Wednesday, March 7th

This listener had a problem with the guys for calling out people who don't tip.


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It's funny very rarely do I agree with the resembling the angry old man stuff that we get. Yeah just say I agree with this angry rant with a weighted tournament blown off. He mixed up I picked the people to hear this go you know what. You might be mean to tell you might get lucky you agree with them. You're gonna agree with the girls rule and Brantley and angry ramble your regular market. The breaker ruts guys crack me 65 to BC a map before we get to hate mail to meet your word right now. Salad salad salad to 78 dateline. Texted for your chance that thousand colleges Saudi and it is Kate except doing. What what does value added to deny that they did not give you another word to Texas and to anyone we were jets that thousand dollars all day. Every day here in every group unseat them so. We took a story couple weeks woman who was a waitress Outback Steakhouse and yeah. She had a Phyllis was 300 dollar order for church group. It took all day to prepare all you AA NRD attempt except a completely yes she went on FaceBook to complain about indeed she lost her job. Yes the church. It to their credit they didn't eager fired Dave actually given the typical trying to help provided job but. Discussion. About to make this Somalia yup so so they wrote this letter. Every week 8 o'clock on Wednesday's coveted envelopes with stamps that people hate us one aspired just generally agree to package today's theme of the week. Your Duffy. I am so sick of you in Tommy's bleeding hearts. But you've gone too far you're telling me I have to tip the waiter base and ordering something to go. That's why I order something to go so I don't have to pay extra money to someone who doesn't need. These people made a big stink about wanting more money for nothing now they make ten dollars an hour and they still want it that I've shot tipping when I sit down why am I giving them more money when they make more power than they did with my first job out of school forty years ago. It's what you're a card from my dollars and cents. It to me it makes no sense to just throw it away at some purple haired waitress who has more things in her ear that she does in her head to cowboys get a job it's actually hard and earn the money you need instead of crying about how hard life is expecting me to flow alternative lifestyle. Could tires signed. I. Politics that he. Well it's a fifty any state does on the exit right it is crazy as it is to set a handwritten letter over this topic on the radio station. Bruce raises interest to question. Now waiters and waitresses in New York are making ten dollars valuing it Richard ten dollars and now I agree with you. But are you still tipping the Saint Lucia and because that's a sub mustache job. That. You get treated like crap that up and usually get Richard Tim box and our great team of family. Hi I grade you're you're on your futile act you do with people hunters serving people food you can't afford. And you talked earlier you know whispered just anywhere really people who believe that they are entitled to whatever they want when you -- their server if something goes wrong you're the one that he casting your body in the hours sock and there's greatly future and it rang and you're right nobody is buying. A hole in Lauderdale and I don't vote. With their money from beatle waiter waitress at the green light and there is pretty funny. I X. Reason tipping existence. Existed to begin with is because these people are making no money so I was paying them to make let me know now. They're making ten dollars an hour upstate here. Do I still have to tip the same issue you look down on somebody who said that making ten dollars an hour to be 10%. The I don't I I get I get pissed out because I just tip on the total bill rate I always have and I've been. Kind of a for the working man. So I I knew Blake Sally on the old show right super cheap. So she is she would go out to lunch and us in a minute she ordered like a glass of wine would her lunch she wouldn't tip on the wine or the alcohol or the tax. She would just shoot break it down to just put the food cause and that's which you would tip or two minutes and sheep Matsu yeah it's like. And there's no way if you can't afford like stay down how many to Bologna sandwich I think a big difference too is somebody who's never had to work a job like that they don't. Really understand like. They don't get. The whole idea better how much of texture day you write your numbers right and I think if I go to outback and I have a 300 dollar take out or that I'm standing there. We got a tip these peoples of the men I mean that's a they're not a take out joy 8% rated either Britain or sit down restaurant and bar so this guy started treat it like it's a McDonald's. I mean and even McDonald's or would Dunkin' Donuts I would you know I would through the change that thing. Brown it would take it took it don't. Like court. The other night but like big dog damage yet at that chip it or didn't happen out there anymore but they did I can dosage used to distill the luge changing something. It's what exhibit to those kind of places can they do leave if you use a card. A lot of places where you lead the line for tips Olympic I don't know I should or shouldn't feel bad not to always at least Culligan dollar hurts you're just conflict I don't wanna look back kind of pisses me off that because there are some place yet where that little charge it's just walking while yeah I have no please deceit and had no legal tip lines now. Now I have jackets. Doesn't cut it. TP edit like Obama and Taco Bell it's midnight. And I am just wasted them get my food probably knock at the rate maybe I'll leave change but I doubt. But I mean most places that your sitting down you know. It just didn't go I'll bring a waitress and him being at concerts every personal relationship. You think about it it's conversation there but there are serving your food they're talking to you are asking you questions and some that it's multiple times to come back to the table hopefully. So I mean there's a lot more to within just slide to plate of food in front Micah for. You to to suggest that every time he just needs for. Given Italy's pleasant I would tipped them. As I keep talking to you. It's men do you. Wait till all all the time a step in a good deal today but it is stepping away from buy your birthday cake for stripper. To deal the basket slim. Are you some idea though like if maybe they're not paying as much attention yet they should be or may be like in service wasn't the best are you gonna take from the tip 'cause I still. Tip them Meyer's post and I always do I always tip. That's 1% because I don't feeble little countries like judge their survey most women yeah. So my hand I know I did that doesn't ice in my my aunts. There's sisters to go over the but the highs visited the formal go out to dinner or lunch or whatever you know one and it waited tables for years but she still bonuses so the fellas you know. My uncle Bob hello Ron you know they laid on a tip. My ain't Donald slipped back in all I'm getting used bad image she will look and see and she is a corrected that's too much. Choosing that much and which take a couple dollars on the table sheriff's cold blooded it is but that's how she would and she was in the business issue that's too much Adam. TD 6000 outlets outlets of the else's guy in the letter which makes me laugh a lot of today's out of politics and all but again it's an angry over other transgender people in there and we now because leaders wages is in upstate New York making ten dollars an hour he does not tip anymore says he's not it is hard earned money for these people that fought for this money to make double out they did six months ago hornets at the 1940s why should be up to tip top that CMF eight top. They wanting tips. Back in the old days you used to tip before you can walk into the place or when you're locked into place I knew it was kind of in the morning and ensure proper service. I never and I've been around long time. Never did the upfront tip how to help them work dates would lot of us are. Are back to 20s30s are not that old but I just know that pullback beat some yanks. There's a little speed ahead of him to open the doors because it's free dot. But the other thing too is there's a high end college that comes to our club and visual and I recommended dispel our place for. Food to be delivered. Because they have meal allowances. And they would order. Around 160. To 200 hours worth of food from this place and this cheap as college would only give them a two dollar kept. Paul it is any deliberate like why don't ever with a two. And I'll broken down that every kid's. Our order wasn't just like keep that wing stuff like that it was. Each individual can head like a twelve dollar meal allowance for them to come here to. Later matches and. Who I looked up they just go but I appreciate it is amazing how people with my thing are the worst of Nia. Maybe goes back to what can be said is if you never had a job whenever hustle pizzas here and murders and Shankar is in a parting line you know it don't hear just about this. Does the cost of meals going up in the last six months have you. He set out that while this is more expensive now and restaurants that have closed restaurants there say your feeling the pinch they're of this I minimum wage I get that that's a whole other discussion. But if I. Not being personally affected if I'm not being charged more. Why would shortest person who's just trying to make a living when given to save a lot of money that I always been right. And it's a and it's Alec the end of the world it's just a couple of dollars deeds in the breaker on CM FA gave away but it. Yeah out dawn. About opera that no one in the way at our reds we took it well in Florida I used in awe of what the school of Florida and you Google a couple waited. And they'd be bringing it and like 400 by order book in my weight is that it probably restaurant. No I would like a normal restaurant down there that Koppel on the at a news. That's not the norm you know I don't think most places in Rochester. The waiters and waitresses working at these regular Obama out Joyce. Are walking away I don't think pitcher or condemn at the sea breeze diners make him five pills a night. No ought not been around air but there are places where okay. Enjoy it goes awry and joints were they throw around here that we don't have a lot of high and joints. Where people throw around ET I need clothes. To check prices pulled five titles ready today. Like play elephant terrible play. An apple be. I based a couple of Riyadh and apart from maybe it may be valid change you know these millionaire waiter waitress also let me go hired an endless news that some places yeah. Is this in every profession you know someone who does really really well. But for 95%. Of flexibly table and these negatives may bring it right then and you're working your ass off so Bruce writes us this letter eight now the week this week. Says that he's not gonna tip because waders now make ten dollars an hour at 500 dollars a night. To wait boy that he made it his first job out of college forty years years ago filling gas was 59 cents a gallon even hesitate. We all kind of do this and in our heads we know the first that we hadn't and how much money we make him and for the rest. Lives that's what we assume a young kid. Your ability yeah when I was sixteen I beat six dollars an hour scooping ice cream network in place before and separately. In my head today I still believe. A sixteen year old kid to be make six dollars an hour antibody to go to college it's stupid it's wrong because everything's tripled in price and Juliet. We barely knew you were able to do. You couldn't live hits with six dollars an hour backed annual Boston that's the other part two we all have a little bit revisionist history going all these guys I gave up my. As far as we can remember. And there are very few people who got no help personally and opera like Hamilton. My parents could never give me money to eighteen or nineteen but I do laundry at their place and be better boys and I eat when I was over there in that CB a ton of money each year so. Everybody. Everybody gets a little help himself it's a city to close the allotted in my dad RI it. Proud of what we did that I guess the rules because there is one rule talk about it we talked a little antsy about it we owe anybody. Yeah. I agree with Tommy and that one off your duty to him. Metal on their idea is to box that's like a wreck sisters found that 20%. And I do beat dock for bad service by. They got to make a living to how to make it on money but. I tip well I also backed out former conversation out of the closest since that's how you get. Seated before other the. Oh that's also how they don't you're Jack Butler and that's as well Nancy then hey guys when. Lew take that. And we. The I'm a guy that. Are you a while back about are dependent for my father went out fourteen. Overnight yet Ahmad. No Larry I don't have a drinking problem. I've achieved DL license and make. I don't drink. That honest they'll double clicking it and talking about it and think Gupta takes that to rest today what can always it that well but I dug for dead service agents are drinking. Who he tipped the hostess and an accident and slid it. It's cumulative ever receive that was a good fellows when he went a table in front for the you have young men show is currently goodfellas and fellow. So I just saw a great cook fellows and you know what I meant huge bag. I'll put it Robert.