The Office Thief

Monday, March 5th

What do you do about the office thief?


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Something stole from haul it makes you feel slightly taller guy and. We've got pork petting it happened at your home is one Patton but where it's what happens your job I have had something stolen from me. Literally stuff lane around ever what are you work and although Jimmy thinks that it's such a little amount that I get my mind yes. What are we did it I don't want to held accountable because you have to be real Psycho to steal religion it's only do so I'm at work. Stole three dollars and 85 cents from a it's. Period did you leave you changed later on our desk all day Islam I use a soda machine upstairs I change left over teaching what are your pocket each pockets. I take it sink your are finally we have pockets are put in a cup or something if literally just laying out I stacked end nicely I stepped my quarters and dimes nicely placed second there everybody can see them go I used though. Right he. Three dollars and another saying it's not like they're hidden by any means you have it go looking for that I didn't think it would have to protect. Quarters on ads from themes. So last week. I did at least singles so you went to my emerged each age after Pam and I rewrote it. And it's legal and somebody stole three dollars and eighty fives. OK so anyone in Dubai I wanna sign unless it is easy to figure out you only get three suspects who. All right Cano out its. Mud the guy does afternoons are boss so I don't pretty sure Cano and mud don't need your money that there were would be the clear people. We don't notice that you've ever been to people who also could still not taking. Who QV stars in the ocean and you all just told me at three dollars and 85 cents exactly four bags of peanuts without my interest is more three okay. But I don't Jerry god dams today gets changed and it does give me emotionally. And taught me. I mean he's six he leaves as soon as ten and it's it's Nike came back to steal from the apartment. How do we blitz right. Many many. It. The fact that it was such a little amount of money and it's a modem all credit to begin with a work this build it but that's what makes me so angry let's look to twenty on the desk for an okay. Etiquette to the next day it was gone I wouldn't be upset because twenties enough to let I would blame myself for leaving that out and not being you know what's right. But the fact of three dollars 85 sets was stolen off my desk. I had no singles for the so she should it disrupted by whole metabolism. I only tell you quick story. Involves the FBI. Installing Christmas cookies aren't. So my local is an FBI agent for thirty years in New York City it. MIA used to make Christmas Turkish used to make these these cold rumbles are cut him delicious or chuckle rumbles. The best so he had a hole canister of me took into the office and had on his stats. So this is the FBI man and it's that the but FBI agents is secretaries in this joiner. Goes out on a call comes back. Eight of got dim rumbles up on his death school somebody swiped the raw balls and they canisters they're gone middle of the guy DM day. And and it's one of those cold case files of the hey guys how wild goes out of his bike as he was coming back from lunch yeah dug it up a couple rumbles for dessert you know my desk they're gone. I so even in the FBI. These guys are old federal agents in the 1960s pretty buttoned up organization Edgar Hoover and already. Caught Dillinger red handed. They still couldn't figure out to the day he he still would talk about it tell. Detectives in a joint couldn't figure out who grip these rumbles. Food though a different story if IC food out like outlook aren't a good idea desk you know literally going to somebody's office and steal candy all the time. Dividend dates. All. But it got to know Maria yeah radio but picking like it but as food. How on his debts are ready to see I think kind of thing that's like you know aren't gulf gulf for winning but what if somebody like that you find out to that change that's that's I'm suspicious of everybody I am because it's altering how I deal with people are also looking at who else knows it would tell leak which makes it accomplice to piece of garbage. In teen is left out I'm assuming that that doesn't want that change. Shasta and sadly your pocket it was nice. But it's always there you always have change on your desk definitely glad he's not gonna use that I got to get it takes them then you maybe it's like. Bodies that are called manic of little or community chest editing on and on my Dachshund mix my other thing yes. To do to this point. And two reports. Pushed to record it's obviously not a double obviously if there was a hearing and report real effect since the but. If something of value was taken from you work you to help to tell you don't how does take it in the you know wearing a move on which day and then learn your lesson. Lockett up believing your car Rory that god damn salvage it's another six pitches that's delicious subs edict yet yet find a different system over there. Forty years ago now eighty differences and I now have a different system and I tell you guys you guys have been on its old types stupidity. Three dollars and that's cute but. If I go to the bosses looks I had my wallet while looked like little bits for reporting might waltzed into the wallet yes oh yes. Affirmed wallet why they would do would you leave your wallet any law I would also I left my law that Thabeet took I'm telling people just because. Aiken evidence of the exit be able to take a wallet don't leave your stuff out it's a big intake if you're stupid enough to leave your wallet out to blame very likely he'll leave it all she'd Afghan allies have come back and I always leave it almost up so for a while stay army McCartney's stay nominally demand personal. Leave the it's your valuable stuff and write your mascara you your wallet. Here their mom's phone number. Supposed to let us remember to give us. Everybody's got to vote is over okay. Did. You notice if somebody walked it Greg your person walked out right. I wouldn't leave here and then like go to lunch and come back and think is is going to be sitting there I wouldn't take that risk. You're so used to east distrust distrust of people you don't think it chop man I would trust anybody. And you don't know everybody that while that works here Nina like all the people there half of them. You know they get a drug problems. Like you say hello your friendly like you know another good background of their history but again in an open radio which makes him. I have to scum bag to begin if you're if you're in radio Europe piece of crap I. Anybody it's it's a firmer these microphones has made very pour decisions that are life this Justin now your piece of crap at a microphone that's true so you can approach of faith and my wallet sitting near to this person that barely got through high school. The other thing that's funny I seem to Xanana hole. I'm doing this thing in my head that we all do when we have something taken from us and work in the thick I don't who did it but I have absolutely no proof what a basic it's strictly upon their previous reputation where they also never going to be that rock let's talk to Michael 2226008. Mike White body. Another thing I gave it in the air as well I was summoned to our. Earlier work in it would other people who may want and need even Eden like scene stealer or can't seal him. Record yet who. All eat it that's certainly now launched. The final. They're Jennifer who looks like the idea. It just jolly good from him that nobody is that it. Now I had a buddy you know on two Lebanese have these novelty Tuscaloosa were pretty funny and so there is when you combine the gag story that I have gag stores and politics so it was a wallet that if you touch it which shot Q. We give you were shot. So it was a fake wallet you would leave out and in a funny thing was he somebody criminal law and jump in its hysterical. Do you get one of those things some traffic exhibition be nice and like return your. It's even money there then the date. Is a nice thing yet and it's sharp for its funny but Izturis aka. It goes to exit BC in the break room you know you can drop this time Aniston operations is at deals underscore mafia if you let this go created. Spirit thievery trust no one the only community chest around here is Timmy. But it seems if he did do donut to go to small claim to a. Aren't doing like a sting operation Staten let's see catch somebody taking court are you desperate. How sad does that make you look we have to bring this video to your boss I would say it. Look I set up a camera and I caught so easily Taylor fifty cents and I don't wanna hear that under virtual wallet being said this is their busy Knoll I don't know what you get a got fired over fifty cents that's the other part of it is if you go to your boss us of these taking you have to weigh how much that day is of value vs whether you want someone to lose their right because I guess they're stealing. They're in a bad way it's this feature because the cycle will just take food has got rid it's fair. I don't understand. Never eat their evidence faced a messenger company he can always get us at the BC MF or the break from FaceBook page weighing. It's like where office where you aware sport coat every day. Left my sport coat on the back of my chair. Went out alleged came back it was missing. Two weeks later the guy who stole it warms my sport coats as war locals say they've tried to tell me that he got at the same place that I did it was the same measurements in tags everything I could technically prove it was my sport coat but to Wear the same code that you stole back in the office is crazy I don't get. Like even businesses realizes how much thievery goes all their employees so. I guess the difference is what I expect. People to wanna steal from their exit to meet this based corporation and screw you anyway so take this stuff uptake in the chair has sort starts but he's that. For you to steal from a Cold War world. This desk all in the same boat here. Maybe here's another thing and I think about what's it may be just may be nobody election. I'm gonna do we're with you that is on the regulation you know you registration fat mouth all day right now. Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah I'm so climb over the comedy club it was gonna show generally it is always going offered to mouth. Amid bigger circus than maybe this is like taken down upon us and they really showed him to get three dollars and 85 evidently Eddie that he sent a message in different chapters as over the weekend I just worked my ass he's just totally champ and so like them. I'm turning it. Back in Symbian that taken history books and change. I just think it's Utah obviously aren't you stink it as running a mile quarters agreed to coach Mitchell to. There my amendment and our European karaoke you have three dollars and 85 cents when the G men candidate had the legend Tommy had a report his man purse stolen. Scrap looks likes or just a hearse collector Shea case I think you have even a couple of brief case you have to do to the department of tampons. You pitch. Shot Google has learned CNN positive all brother. Well coast flights at Austin somebody perseverance. You work urged and so he's on my lunch out of her. Other refrigerator so that makes him off. Hash brownies and didn't leave the label and now we found out that our viewers want to get this stuff out of the bridge and interruption in the breaker and just you know stared at the Walter about 45 minutes. So you poison somebody. To get punished for seal stealing though hash brownies probably the worst thing about a Latin America grows still more ahead. I got round. Shot takes to tell you all of the excuse you're giving used to use the suspect room where the crowd your immediate you should report it. Reports that it's exactly. Did it. Datsyuk departure stupid you buddies who never needed debts. Disturbing he's right here's and to get resuming goal root around his desk ever I didn't see you that there are few times and it leaves the room where you are alone. You procession as best I didn't see you do it by the way. I leave the room pat leaves the room you hang out here the most and I got out there and I. Do you also showed hasn't let up on me. See that's what these regions. To each other everybody you're quick but I mean if anybody's here by themselves the most it's Kenny but I give me broke I trust him how why. Want to be average and I get but he also never does anything for you like every time you ask cadence doesn't like. She's the last one I don't do anything for now and there's nothing printed out sitting next year there right now that you know needed. You do use the print are 40 my god yeah one blight needs the kind of like dealing Mother Teresa.