Hate Mail OTW - Angry Greece Moms

Wednesday, February 28th


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You get people upset. Ordered their tell that. Our raw political subject about people who we because I did the entire town Greece is pissed off at issue aren't sucks because in my view green yeah great people ruler of the west is an individual that I've kept vigil here. The story two weeks ago beat Greece at a school district is canceling beat trips to Disney that they take annually for high school seniors. ID said the trip to become too expensive at half of the schools. That's high school that qualify for reduced price lunches learn that they were excluding out of hopeful. Arens said oh that's not the case. Experts departure day. Majesty are happening on. These duty troops and that's why they're kill other kids started the game out of control and K we kind of side went to school and my parents are pissed off at its all be subject of this week's hate mail. Of the week. Breaker that's it's classic rock many 65 BBC about having the discussion community nobody got debt what. The discussion a lot of people called but not very very pretty riled not only that. I get emails based the last 23 weeks from these parents that say we brought their kids deserve to go to Disney because they already started fund raise merit but the best of all easily and we got from. Woman who wants us flight. They're apparently her child goes to one of the school schools prepare and apparently her kid at fund raised for the trip. And I sit back and present to you this week's hate mail of the week. I sit back and present zero but it circulate this week's hate mail of we. To the management and her trap. I will not tolerate the incorrect information instantly under its come out of amounts of your disc jockeys. The bit they do it and the Disney school tripping Greece being canceled. Was stupid offensive. In just plain wrong my child worked hard to raise money for this trip might child will not be able to go one mr. The the lack of money from other kids. But because other students were being inappropriate. Is they have feared Tim my child lesson are we teaching these kids. They are responsible for what everyone else does because. That's socialism for your DJ is to insult parents that were upset is a fireball affects them. I believe what my child tells me more than the school administration I trust my child to be heap on the strip. They had an opportunity to show our kids what hard work can accomplish in the dropped the ball. And now the whiners it could trainers have won again at. I hope your station is happy never a wc in math and again Anthony. Here today asked the idiot right he wider group leaders want you to complete utter. Management they shouldn't just takes a lot of these web site months with this east side attitude outlook teach you talk about. Which might separate this out but only big itself like that it can't the tenement on action. It was never you can't figure glance Adelaide got on jetBlue right there are so many things in this. The fact that you should you should mr. king called peer pressure if he's the app the fact that the strip is. Set up necessary for your team efforts of the educational value going to see Disney. Extra stuff in a year where it already having the world and to them with prom and graduation is graduation parties and turning eighteen years old and fact it here and it's expanded off your credit. Nobody should can't get your kids go to Disney World. Don't care what do I care white is outside youth group parent does it does and I don't care. But the most important thing is that you folks and Greece should take from this whole Disney situation. This. New. York kid would ever get in they're like oh and teachable moment ready for the last rather live less. Sometimes things happened for no reason. And hard work doesn't automatically mean you're gonna get what you want. Toward model chart though that's a lesson not to. I'd be sense of entitlement from this whole thing that's fashionable west cited title when that starts it's why. Ago because you raise money you can still get the money to schools said they're gonna probably sold the most but sells a fake sales. My grandmother's recipe but the school's gonna put the money towards other things your. It would have had to pay for it may be like lessons it learned if he's a scooter and he if he Imus look who's talking book boost all I can I buy gas to Rudolph he put that work. Should go to an event without it if you put your deposit. If you want backs additional pitched right video to pissed off about what's because junior. Or the little princess is nom opener on the house (%expletive) and moan and and me in Iran digitize that they got to take it out on somebody why not the break we'll they feel like something was taken from their kid. Because it was never there to begin with less. Here is like lets you should take this at this with York it sometimes enlighten the matter how hard you try you're going to fail and would ever tell you that when you grow up. And it's something that should be told to these kids it was a great philosopher Tom. Richmond James Ingram who once said. I gave my all but I guess my best wasn't good. Spike get the cigarettes the food and the games in a bit. And I gave my best but at best became a sure. Instead you just got it figured breads and he said Eric guy goods but instead. This lets that I am getting email after email and letter after letter this is this. Oh for parenting my baby deserves an all generation review people. Mike people then you people IP westside people I meet people a little disappointed at least a little disappointing not to sound like these side but that's exciting is I thought that it was a different type of parent. And apparently. Fees. That they. If you topless sort of doubles as the previous ammonia lines and pick up the treasury drink adult who flew over the legal copies to ourselves to eastern stated every. Everywhere I shot by the people of the region to meet us that we brought their kids to his errors are finally like I said. Thank you can't have this world. Airports wide open men these numbers and all. I we talked about this initially there was a mom called us and we try to be sympathetic up Friday she is crazy honest this is who initially talked about it turned to what might beat these elements. Now they are angry. And Mike had I mean you have over year to be able to pay for that strip. Aren't so it like every month it's a 150 dollars on the excuse me. Go on. You can't sit here and tell me that parents can take care of ordered under. I'm yeah I let them tee it's a little bit arrogant to assume that all families can afford a 150 and isn't this title and some Israelis. I do you buckle. Who are you calling bull prevalent and the fact that a parent or. Let me till I skit be the numbers don't meet us half of the senior class qualifies for free or reduced price 150 dollars. That's he's his skinny that's a ton of money Tina and I listen I understand the disappointment he can't I understand the disappointment that you feel like it's up to be taken away the child but. What about the feeling of the kid that whose parents can't afford to send them. While they're saving money on lunch break. We did teachers. They're saving money on my aunts debate site you bet on our psyche you his parents get together. And to send your kids in Orlando. I mean I don't matter to me you aren't going to just right now. Well I relative dizzy do you take you know at least happier I just want points of the not really quick I take back about feeling bad for you okay. All teams are like hey I never mind that every scene Sox. Right L week we're talking about. You work sometimes you fail. Lesson that it should be pointed out there. If you can work started your kid does work but possess no matter how hard but she's apps. A thousand kids that are working harder and him together on these because the gap. I'm really really just read our motto on the west side. Go bust your estrogen are always gonna come up just a little west you're feeling like your top anger for a different reason he's angry because. It's west siders acting like he suggests but we think yeah. You think these kids cart web site kids are chauffeured to take to score your throws at the library and the bush Andre and I are going to the grease library. Slice of pizza I ever had. It looks like you've never been a library I've been custom. Library library but why they put that billionaire. This tinsel and Turkey at work and a thousand kids carton and no matter how hard she works someone who's working hard and make it to you so. There are a thousand people better than you so stay don't know you regarded the luck is just as important as hard work Tommy and I are. Prime examples. Like you. Were used so ye who you occupy you know. To look at your child. It's eight. I know would stick to this and work out and I feel bad that you don't get to go but it's something you need to hold it will be full and might that I urged Israel has to be harder kids. Every hole I hit it. It's a hard lesson learned and nobody wants this. Disappoint they're cared enough to. The parents did this to Mark Penn has relished. With UB console does put all the time there was only take a look at historical moves through news tip to note. Library. None of the parents did this to their kid but that's so great about this sudden it's like you to say I would've looked like you go but they well. Here is the less it and everything in this is what you Schuettler and were. Should parents have done that but the ones and see and get my feet. We're so you know him well look I went into this happened besides that hasn't happened they say Americans they would have been to Disney World I. She shall place right because of these two of their children. While and also lead. Of the legitimate ones the ones that don't shoot. Each other garbage. Apparently does this I don't see a journalist and I haven't seen any web site fathers getting killed by their children yeah deceit that. The reporter got them bullets. As they reveal that but it credit. Basically as his committee you know it's it is at W see him after the break and FaceBook page although I agree there's a life lesson here he is he responsible of the school to tell the kids at this point that they won't be going to Disney. These goes on from parent aren't I greet him into the school dropped the ball and when they should cancel nothing but it over and over. Sucks for you junior. Focused committed to do it to 6000 Mike he's in the breaker let's see about hey Mikey away but it. Hey elect Barack aria and looked at you and your side web site grip won't even let them eat. You come home yet you that your parents. Are equal to pick Aaliyah. Is that only got a tough row how are you the truth yeah. I am my god it's roiling he tries to Nightline that relate to stress and make it currently. Has. I beat him there as we and I got a little wider. I haven't added yeah it usually. And of like he's just he's just a testament to all of finally. That's what the ultimate statements. What you guys but it is there to draw at a certain analysts blitzed Tommy elite technical. I would see would Doug's got floors he's axiom that anybody. Hey I'd tell you don't get me. So I've outraged. And I was very fortunate when I was might split two year high school I was so my kid was able to afford semi new orders. Well anyways they hit the February recess this type fear of them was like up all week. And they called it intersection. OK so they it was mandatory that you stay at school and they have that type of programs. You can do Ehrlich go to our floor. Are you know as a group or you could go to you don't sup and whatever for a week or some. He's done that all right the is it but it India operation so. How people put themselves. Yes his phone gets a four with a call. I got his cellphone we're gopher and a massage it to UW and Obama.