Bonding Beer

Wednesday, February 28th

How mad are you at another parent or a family member giving your child alcohol?


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Eject people Joseph I know you have that was again don't drink I'll start with Thomas L Cox he mayor of call pocket he's accused of giving a fourteen year old nineteen year old alcohol Cox Ted. Heidi date he was arrested. He's known not rested and the issue has become discussion has become AG comfortable giving nor Katie. IC fourteen Sam crazy team evaluate alcoholic right eat late. Now I'm Smart I know the dangers of alcohol yeah. For your not Smart under the dangers about all we could you tell me you're out there. I wake up drunk every morning to you at the I see you folks don't get Tina second because I'm gonna make a prediction Aaron at UC ED only guy that it's like giving your teenage kid to be. I am. I. Like I you know the dangers soda you. You know fastest after tennis. My child to be responsible and all the bullets I am so lucky I'd dodge by accident that I should be debt. Don't why do not wanna give a kid that opportune I got lucky dog block. Com like I didn't wreck a car kill somebody. Whatever. But I don't put that on located handing kids back because you're handing can responsibility. That he's not used to we can't handle it is like panic it'll loaded gun going to try that out. Now I am gonna make a prediction that over the next decade. Underage drinking will decrease because we're just weird moment right so there again it is it's gonna go under age drinking because I think a lot of underage drinking is much easier it is sneaking around most of it comes from adults work giving kids alcohol. Because I was high school there was this weird Dick and mile and is it he is it easier to their. It when he was in high school he could drag the age was eighteen aren't so all of my parents' friends my friends parents and didn't really have a problem with giving us alcoholic 1718 because they drank it eighteen and they could handle it NL get a bunch of drunk. Under achieve the millennium what I'm saying is now at this point in history and most everybody that has the teenage kid. Had Drake 21 term you did not have eighteen year old director colonel. You didn't know that freedom aren't so you are less apt to give your kid that booze because you weren't doing it eighteen as well as accept your chair. It's a learned behavior I did it's usually don't exactly it was really weird because like you could see eye of was killed but like. Buddy's parents who would give us beer. They would always say what you have to explain this to be they would to I could drink at eighteen so you guys draped in your team at all you have to explain that and. And to be your shots and is justified either men X event. But even what parents give you that beard thing you know this is probably that the greatest idea idea that's why you're doing it behind closed doors in the house to keep you safe to drink anyway that's your latest hot. I can keep you safe. For that bureau and giving you. Now at the when you're gonna sneak around in tree behind my back. Only saint Peter is the one I'm looking at that you whip right now you just don't like stickers this morning not tell you make it to me I would raise I would races drinking age to 25. Yep countries like Hollywood. I mean you're saying yeah edgier. Doing it's a you don't get behind my back. Kind of thing like kids are so the idea behind your back at that a lot of parents give their kids alcohol hoping that they don't sneak around duke behind their backs into the ground work to be open and honest with them I would know what I mean. I think it with my parent is giving me alcohol that means that I can it's OK I can be I can be honest with them if something happens 'cause I know they're not gonna judge. Me for doing I think it would be a process to. Agree with him your backing your point that it's dangerous because you're saying. If something happens bright because the substance and giving you is dangerous. Eight you lose control what is it alcohol source calling the shots when you start drinking right yet but that's why we kinda like it takes. It takes your mind off putting for reason that I can call my parents and not for it called my parents for help instead of trying to fix it myself and making it and urged that's a that's a phone call I want to do to 6000 Derrick since he had met these final twelve minutes ago might. Editorial. And I doubt I agree with on the island should island I responsible man I wanna I wanna. I'm right I'm blonde gave me alcohol and out like fourteen and he magnetic I'm not that it that it. But friends moment that's not parents porno start what by the way she's dude that's our mobile Poland Turkey did this these entered alcohol. Which you're trying to molest you broke it stopped a station when you think so would a woman is a young boy appears Joseph so what's a pedals Lotta moms PB Peter. It's the body. Yet she was trying to get a lay by some young star IC we're doing this thing everybody deserves to lead the state mature enough to go to Derek where if you do have bearden and did become an alcoholic that's why if you did appear fourteen became an alcoholic it's like. Do your fifty it to become alcoholics I don't think that's a valid argument gear and that's not your mom or dad giving you about politics are different to that somebody else from the outside in it and plus Derrick your alcohol ridiculous workers. So thanks to all you do. They get the bag a bunch mob was banking evil I heard he brings them want to hurt her wrist and her. Just next question. Monitor what's on TV QB is one Dayton if you fly outs when Steve you're can be adding cool at all people that you're so pissed now because you did that's your decision let's us and let's talk to Sebastien first decency and 'cause nobody. I don't you guys. And explain a berth because there are no problem that occur at I can't connect these guys eggs civilian needs kids have actually. What do you want basset hounds know comparable overseas. So. Let's ask what you. I actually go out and it's being reviewed this Chilean I Lanka. Very ego. Goal. Every morning and I we get me. Our world I warmed up and the shot of Marseille. Gold or your little. So I get dessert wine and innate yet. He brings up a point you just whether and how to cook if you you're done it. Yet today editor all the over Sicily. You go she was the Palermo pump wired into elite taught me you're up it's not out of the question for teenage kids got to control better half naked they stink. Talker rush job and she's in her face it washed it down without whining stop with their feet. That was going over and lunatics. I. Now I get away from that culture. Great of Christian Americans as an ad for New Jersey there's spelling too political at its best face the comment that Esther got to take some advice from some. You your. President why didn't stick their latest news footage to ease its phase is listed degenerated difference he takes bats and now I keep it a little crowd definitely. It did and it was apparent. All right so. This if you that you work. Buddies your kids buddy's parents offering game I can have Jerry gets high in my bag at a nine out. Now did you confront the person yes. You do you know you might get alcohol. Gimmick that I your decision to maybe if you want to confront them I think it's no most people won't you make your kid cry to think what it socially target figure like mine. Life now and her children if somebody gave. Those kids alcohol at fourteen she would flip the FL and she be justified because that's the right. It's a dangerous thing you exposed my kid to a out mine now I don't disagree with you which are not big. Steve is OK. Well Steve I don't think it's. But I don't think my wife we care what anybody's opinion is at that point she's gonna going to mom beast mode. Can't let yeah it's so what's your wife. And like big help I think I protected you or your wife is right now we just suns' screen. Gotta be asked if throws out all I'm if I'm if she beat your wife would get pissed off. If your daughters are over somebody's house and Iraq have an announcement played it ended but sons in biscuits and said it's okay. I. You know to be out that argument would flip out maybe not like media fourteen yes but what about 1718 McCain graduated high school and apparent gauge your kid. Ledger to drink beer at their house I think most parents who not to have Hewitt that the Paris and I know would not dig not happy at two weeks of the two very different that you don't do something about it you know to withdraw your hormone. Or how. It means you're drunk how mom. Tweet a commodity goes tweet us at WC MF breaker for. Under the Smith what the hell is going out with Tommy normally he says teenagers need to be three to sneak around to make bad decisions normally he completely that they are now I don't. But now he wants to drinking age to be. The body isn't. That. Round him up Revver is the over twenty minutes or anybody. Are currently your only your daughter the little aggravated burned. You know our government goes order callers. I don't know these kids are lies about who gave alcohol. It just every catch everybody have a majority in late start this discussion because the miracle Hough did Thomas Cox it's cute to be in a fourteen year old and an IT alcohol every you're right but I assume with a guy at this kind of power in that village that the police did their homework over the be an arrest. I have a lot at least that's not even realist that there there's a lot of let me the other the other point is that is that when we're gonna stop and think all the the current bit of program. I mean we can cover a couple of new laws and I got all lies the government. But I don't know any port in the news does or did you get caught without all the food borne out autos are all my body. Delay is senior ball on the run their own. So you're saying I'm excited to demand the teachers and Tommy's the man. There with a lot. Cincinnati American flags. No American would pertinent on the bottom line in his blog you know I would have a bad over Greg where we will about it shook ability. Or is that the quarter or. You know I mean. Much as I should vigorously for just having bad taste in general sham pale. Well number I mean that a government paid that was what we've developed. Now I was back in the dale so broad it was more than she failed to loosen up. I've already bought governor. OK you can do it on the continent in the news that is part concurrent remote that would call girl. And it could very. As a failed Obama Carter there. Everybody Connecticut the guy is Smart guy know last week called a big pharma generous gamma and big pharma. Target. Well and a lot of them ideas that it will you have all but even if they can leave law more laws or laws or laws and we've got more people life on the line there and I. And beauty there'd probably got the ball well somebody than all that I wanna get their. People are it. If you met situation worse. Apparently the benefit of the game today. I wouldn't that you political divide has sold over today drug drama get up there lovely water match. Regular dude there's my house is now free alcohol to a fifty year old man. I didn't.