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Wednesday, February 7th

Emails, Who Sucks Less is back! The Word and the Shot of the Day!


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This is the men's room. Listening to. He's thrilled about. Whose size plus or go to Bible are black and white names and our question today why were you talking to the authorities say 44999. Old article look very drug quick Ted I think you'll like this comment came as a ghost busting should be when a guy's face an orgasm. So stocks lose busters. And look a lot of people in all of them arguing the spouse really us in the early and gathered it's called when a video game freaks out yells I'm. Neighbors called cops right that they something terrible that. What one day of the week do you think the calls would. Come to get the least number of calls in spite of the fact into your lots of yelling and cussing come from and it worked out Sunday. Phone Paulson bet right that's blonde look like like it's gonna have a domestic dispute. Hopefully it happens on the Sunday. During football season that way noble actually called to console just to suit your team getting killed I'm TV. Are you seen the videos of people just destroying their entire living room if something goes wrong with their own people all the time broken copy tables throw in style fools of steeler fan I say I've seen every team represented. Yeah and like I never had a lot of apartment buildings. Yeah I've had neighbors that would argue. But I am also there was one neighbor that it got so loud even I knocked on the door and say hey man my. Thank you what he's got a leaf but it leaves you notice that you mr. that's a total of all the cut right to say there's a certain tone of voice you don't mean we're just like daddy's. It's genetically yet like you know religiously nobody can lead that angry without almost beaten by. Threats charge. Why are you talking to the authorities say 44999. A love. Hello rake welcome to the men's room. Yeah. I'm dart tournaments. Are you. An early look you know go bankrupt and it's got kind of a long sorry I'll thank you do believe it's possible. I'm out of high school and had a good buddy you have every day we with. Did you homer together and had little motivate her. We will we weren't and dirt and marijuana. Upon completion and I know their little ritual. We live for because you showed up I think after downing. One bad act you know make it over glittery demanding and ask if I could you know backers apparently done today we go. In Vietnam do whatever you pay go and do all that I'm night. I'm still peculiar about this guy attitude that you wrote your and I want Berry obviously you got enough that it hurt pretty much on top kill. I'm. The other good background with a few little option Bradley out of it and go back to you now going to be more dead decree did not indicate that. In the band we're aware of me and dad if you outstanding fielder Dylan. There's an obvious and so I'm thin at the bottom a bit background I heard it that way he protected there hey you're gonna come up. I am and an editor at parity that they've done that macro on one of the top she's pad dragway. There's going to end and she's very low. Well obviously checked me I am car that didn't seem the forum on the background and it looks sketchy. On the back I'm I don't think he hey I'm gonna come down the cops competitor that out. I go out badly did you ever come back down Internet rexrodt. The main road all eat the months that weight cut that you important. I can't make that decision at that point Beck I have heard other really I didn't really need to get pulled over that day. As well as paraphernalia in the car could probably win the worked out very well. So I I think he left that they'd been that cute in that universe let and a country. There's journals I think my left I had these numbers come on not just stomp on it. And you know don't go a year ago around the first corner and another cup have you gone the other way it. This planet I mean much adrenaline my body back into seemingly possible. And dad. I know around there's probably. Not borne by the greens that number in the sixty degree range. Carner I'd known about 8590. And he lost control of the car from the air. Did get a couple and that luckily. Many can't thank you on the road and that was in the proper direction. The only problem was my car shut up. That is a problem if you're trying to only got a hundred cities yes. It would not optimal mountain bumps aren't so I don't understand just pray and she turned the key just won't turn out or just want to turn over. And a look at her premiere and I can feel it creeping up I mean it is late June then they get out there and her in Berlin when he got out of their cars. It turned out our who didn't get that. Got away essentially was when was the deal. Wake up the next morning and pat. My parents they're looking at meetings in a way that let you know bit mirror where black hat. Yeah I'm beat the police station and called in you know essentially told him what happened. And so now and not a great day. I'm the home from school and I'm I'm I'm the only one com. And dad I don't think he's happy and in bad air and accessible that. And I wake up from Manhattan Q take knocking on our front door then obviously completely unmanned therein. At adopters then. We're in Chicago. My. And the garage. Area where the peace. And it. And you know I'm asking you probing questions I get injured you know potentially say that I would a person. In the car. I didn't hear it in and out buying. I'll. Yeah now I cannot I cannot just fine. What do you think their their big guys it is behind minor possession all that stuff driving under the influence initially within Bolger. Yeah he had to say they couldn't add anything when they went back. I know is your guy that they don't know well charge for OK now well thirst that part right but look you know all right get the more I understand that as a team you basically get away with stuff you rolled over does it seem you're terrified but that's just not as bad as retard doesn't all sold that said. The few interactions I had with police when I was underage. Generally try to scary it is what it is out of sweat that but once you've got home and the police announced when you do your parents. I really wish the cops hadn't left leg I really wanted him to take me with them so. Power because look guarantee your parents know urinating Lieberman constant charge you what what is your parents responsible. You know it's it. It's been allowed out seven exactly remember I don't remember I might I got out of the way and Billy beer without saying I. Really fast and I think this. Dat you did great news background look days you feel like you've done more thing of all I'm sure he's got like three weeks. His job it would then had him look man as well we do just know this lead through our that I would get up all my sons as yesterday as a graduate school of literally hundreds remembering word for word about volatile reduce insert his name my problems and and and it was amazing as a as a legitimate kill normally. This has really works it really did it to me and I'd be all feel all bad Obama's Laporte ever and now I'm donors he might give responding late. It's the psalms one Tom and and as you know those like grandpa pops it's not familiar enough. Down into other people's kids wrote an amicable buddies and have kids that are you know teenagers who've ever attacked. Think they're old enough they know that it sure what I try myself sometimes even being like hey. Am I saying a line you're saying it's not the back just like act again I thought even my kid and just like additives like you know what worked as for that the cops in my family was my youngest daughter. This usually allow its so proud owner why are you talking to the authorities think or 4999. Lola to some degree you should be prying America offers a person initiation everybody makes mistakes but I like it she found a way to make you so much worse I needed to like that's the vet is impressive nice one. Correct that's nice work but let's see the good side without miles and doesn't like you. You have the ability put a lot of forethought in the things little you can play an analyst on the live if you use your power for good except able you know Joseph Gregory Superman flew floor. Hello Joseph welcome to the bedroom. Polo clothes on it. So about ten years back did who's got called for more on what he called me that's come over and I told you know micro was a lot of weird I just got all the nor do these same. Totally voicestream does not moment audiences quite as detective William Joseph wasn't would still PD we need your help local and so one could become overdue right now. Scared the crap actually sped over the air quality and and not only your detective in this yell PD is also an FBI agent in an ATF agent with friends thousands this. I thought maybe you know little brother dramas and he's tied decree included Melinda storm walks to news. We know is it creeks and let voters may be him on trying to help RW ETF manipulative they're really just so you remember a guy named Jim Acosta streets of do you hope to move copy your back a month. Oh yeah the guy he just keep more and so do I need help with a coach who wants to make forty bucks select others is his local address. Couldn't take his word is new addresses you remember that it. Sure what's going on what we rescued the current royal bank of Seattle and does his son's school larger consumer militia moved picture. I so wanted to help other Altidore number I don't think they're meant that doesn't let that's why don't give us all well and we don't want that the worst. So this that you don't we drug can drive was over there was close from the get go miles away. Follow me so early and I realized. That expired. Yeah. That's. Oh OK you are only they let that pass bank robbery higher priority than. Play for take you so much looser you tags or doesn't exactly now given nine million of your dollars for a new tab. The funniest thing was always little kids' movies to building this is the first abominable local disturbed while left let's look at we'll check double. So saying downstairs I was talking to the detective. And his you know give an incompetent information disaster and questions. And acuity over their agents go upstairs. We come back about who has cleared to slap in particular hadn't known. Respectively or book formula to Obama's Philadelphia all of you over there obviously both. Nachman they restored you know the same thing as the DC Jim you're a little personal papers kids look if you inflate. Oh my god who beat humans it's nice person I can't believe you didn't why don't you do that and then they found out it was a different guy named Jim since the right neighbor. Yeah OK. Yeah. In many gyms sellout and so wait so that end of that building on the left and this is that they. Felt there and addressed more beloved. Absolutely thank you might help them just late stud so on and walked a damn thing they knew every month it's slightly Lamar but they didn't do particularly we public the golden dome tomorrow. Now a small window I was at last that we yeah we had a guy called shows years and years and years ago. There's been running drones over the Canadian border lol yeah so we're right aren't meant to you about some radio and the next day the former Homeland Security that. It was a bad it was an afternoon these cats and a medley which doubles the after all look how are inflated view or an active criminal broad you're now 13 of that vote me out yet. That's a turns out it only on main listened to that only two loses the radio in his go look at your FaceBook where you post that there have been given all these drugs one of the Canadian border there. Why are you want talking to the authorities to get your emails on away from the men's or mad men's or live dot com you are listening to the men's or radio network. Pitches you'll. True a question why are you talking to the authorities. Here come those emails on the men's room mad men survived dot com. Here's what on the hot air balloon to have guys there's a lady in my town that has a hot air balloon in the town of sequim and we've seen her hit houses in the field below us. Or Chinese parents that's not good she's good that's our guys we throw Halloween bash every year the year we decided to have any real ranger and have my band play. We and of speakers to blow your penis off and with the drums we were a certified concert most of the neighbors are cool except for one. Before we started I notice all the lights were off of their house so I was like sweet it's on the let's play. We played for thirty minutes then I went back out for a smoke a noticed every single one of their neighbors' lights were on even the porch lights. At that point I knew the constant show and sure enough about an hour later we had a cop standing outside I had just smoked to so I was stoned out of my mind but. I had to be the one to go talk till he was actually really cool about all these city can't really tell us to be quiet but I also didn't really tell we had three giant speakers and a drum kit either. So we're on for next year cheers pitches he don't look any of those situations where it's a noise ordinance was as domestic. Situation going on. I have found the cops to always be decent you can still do they will give you'll warning before they come and even of the place is just. You know a fog of marijuana smoke of its illegal where you are whatever the deal is the third just called their for that he had no comment and say look guys turn it down and if not we're gonna come back here and we're gonna have to be cops right don't be stupid act and act. It is yeah you didn't like Randy and I know where you. I Greider of PG county your they were always very cordial and nice some of those complaints the next county over the did not attend a crime. Those kids always got busted for a mighty power all abuzz that one party that happen Mike couple weeks ago I don't know Rosen. Massachusetts or may act either way. They busted like fifty kits yeah yeah for absolutely no I Rihanna George Tiller was ever know read as they were outside of Atlanta. And there is less than announce that we theirs they charge likes I would think seven Yemen with seventy minor possession when I come I think they dropped the most all of except for like five and care. If a long time ago for my friends and I were tripping on acid one night in around 2 AM decide to walk around without a construction site. And ended up messing around on the site. Well look I've showed up because someone called and said we were lighting fires and spray painting the place constant fighting fires or paints about we were all peaking on asset. Firemen show up with a K nine unit he is dog smells no drugs because we didn't have any as far as they can tell we're just abuzz dumb teenagers nosing around late at night. Firemen yelled as for being dumb then let us go I won't ever forget the crazy lights in the cars and the look on the dog's face. The red timer a few extra emails here for the men's or women's in my back down. Only Joseph I want as my daughter Sophia I'm happy birthday she turns the big one Mitt zero today double digits. Always asked to listen to your show after school. Could you please have a little kid's face Sam woods and an original barbershop quartet fish sandwich thank you very much love mom. And I again if it said OK so you know oh my god you run. Brother can I enemies and man it's cheese and it's harder on the sun. I only jaws guy and birthdays on my beautiful wife Michelle she's an amazing woman always in need of others and deserves some recognition on her special day. Could you please give her a couple of Joey chestnut thanks guys that from Ryan. My husband David 32 he'd love a time to take all the least some turtles eggs and you like that thanks guys from Kelsey is kind of tick off each. He's an unpopular for all end. Journal sites. Yeah I had simply as a granddad. Guys like you're shot onto my husband John he's the best person out there even though he's an old ass dude. Today we still love them can get a bong rip and some super dirty German talk thanks guys appreciate it that from Alyssa. Yeah it's. Our outfield Boca. Needs to bend over so I can go starfish. The role play the dvd out clean and tell me how many do. It takes to get to metrics. This is on the birthday shout out with a love barber shop they sand wedge you got that that would be awesome man from Camden. Is it do movie Laura vsan wins. G.'s daughter on this. Cody Stanley is he's still really can't see in the morning and afternoon afternoon. Our guys really oh. I mean obviously. I've been I've been bodyguards. Behind him beyond a. They have donated to you midday dot US or here as far as he's a big gamble yes that's exactly right for going to be the big. Doesn't guarantee German drug. All available through news and world sings a men's lives doesn't come another sign retailers I am sure I plot hole. You know we have sausage there you can also order write your door if you download the men's or Matt but I absolutely freezers on the way using you know as well if you haven't had it man it is some of the best sausage you'll ever taste the product that. I as far as other drug charge right cancel those concerns. We had to sit and spin that was basically covers over the last couple years some of the you've heard some of that you maybe have not heard but. We would under the covers and does some suggestions on if you like a great cover the name Leo. Moorad shielding. It is later this oil a day I don't read Q okay great covers on the U proves my favorite is a song from the movie frozen Steve. I'll beat you that from Brandon there is some covers of songs you don't like that can be good. Man look don't do not know from for as a quick aside. My kids who are father daughter dance on Saturday I. And a DJ you why would probably just a thing as a scrap iron Carmen different car but. The response to months followed daughters with little girls in the grown men aren't sold. The dude played all the Israelis hit songs are going on right now and then he announces these little three songs that were huge into hero the response of these little girls are. It is like when when The Beatles showed up on the Ed Sullivan Show little screeching. It was the hokey pokey. Really the chicken dance and Derek and out lie upon reviewing your goddamn Fam is ability and we love but the ones like he did not announce he was going to play he just put dishonor and none of us filed to recognize what was but I mean it's through this thing started. This place speaks blow wounds with glee and it was like god damn soft and frozen letting it. Man I cannot explain. The power of this song has overloaded girls and earlier could teach. The outlook as far as the home. I do DJ then I have now Tony Snow here you know they're like he knew what they knew he inaudible Roosevelt didn't tell. All man it was I was lied to you big prints came back from the grave how moms are my mama do that everyone's Lester Cohen here well. Nancy's had a party first time he's graduated you don't know a DJ program here do you. Know mom no I don't know these days. Another vote for Leo mortality he doesn't pretty awesome metal covers as well so it's either Leo mar Chile or according to Brendan it is Leo brat she only. One of those guys people early group and our thoughts are common just came and that's exactly what sense. We welcome Taco Bell mobile effort. It umps are no that's followed by are as wrong number rock number which is my back no reply when we want from tiger I'm gonna let Iowa would you welcome doc I really didn't go to the giant meals it's a little goes Todd goes who aren't yet so locals talking (%expletive) I want to come cool Rick softly and for sure again I want to lift ticket doctors flops. Have flowed out guided them all eyes while nachos and she's still small lunches and owners. Let's get doctors and what you can talk until. Fifteen and a Mexican pizza soft they still have Mexican people of those you know forward credit crunch have supreme. Contrast screen for my. And she actually try the new prize is England try and cruel and Leo yeah that's all get in order process five voters prize. What the doctor pepper as cheesy good either crunch. Chinese Igor Dieter crunch nonsense has acknowledged on sentiment. I as far as the covers we continue Alien Ant Farm smooth criminal that is valued SI cover song ever that's such as they come to solve eight. Never reached as high as it now. Losing your show on the on the crash testing day of work I thought of your attendant cover songs in missing a great rendition of zombie. By a band called bad wolves the original course done by the cranberries and from Justin wasn't in the Kansas City my love put him in order to compliment also it. As far as numbers guys my number is 32. Met in my younger days I could smoke cigarettes in 32 seconds. I guess token so fast that there would be an unburned spot of paper by the time I got to the filter. If you go to prison do not share that story with anyone there that from Kyle to hook like. The top Thomas hit particularly proud that its bid is the number does surprises people about me is that I have. 400 in 47 rubber ducks almost all of them are different from each other. We set for the first ones out for Christmas and thanks for all the other holidays that from Brett who has. 400 friend 47 guess you need Brittany has now Bret Bret. Brett. Guys I ever come on man. Well what's wrong with 440 says actually he should have 450 this going to round up there around the bag and I'm confident they're all original. In on him as probably hard to fight these creepy. What. Goals do you know Michael Bush rubber boats and our renewals you know but certainly a deported to a 400 and some rubber ducks you've gone online and found some form more than the Robert Ernie alarms sesame eastern right that I have dressed as Ernie multiple times. For different events you I ever covered up with him. Well why but I'm not collecting a bunch of rubber ducks even creeps out of may have the dresses like Ernie that he had. Not editor dressed like Ernie. I throw I can bite you. There's limit marriage project is Robert button on drugs you conveniently multiple times that's cool again every day and make my way to the the union dues and when you're. Time the little villages cute yeah lynch being I don't even remember the crowd though he does he rubber ducky you're the long run that's not an exact time so my son. Reverend Bernard you know especially fond of her journal some debt. You guys do they do my numbers 53 I was in labor for 53 hours with my daughter she still plays buyer own rules two years later. Rock on guys that from Bree. And we continue with the numbers guy nobody was the fastest in I knew growing up in every sport couldn't be caught fast for about ten years and we end up at C fair. Guy had a few too many shard days and on and was swimming behind a boat when the engine got turned on and the propeller whacked off two of his toes. Somehow. It was a hand fir and anatomical reference it was the ring finger in the middle finger the got chopped off once he got to the hospital in one of those hard work walking boots. And when he was crossing the street and didn't make it across across wanted time a cop gave me Jay walking tickets now fourteen years later he's still the fastest guy no. He let his adult men's basketball league in stolen bases or baseball league. And what does kids are being a pain he wiggles is one of them and threatens to grab him with a claw. A peace out guys that from speeds. I got more comments were OEMs Taco Bell thing might they wanna leave ask you specifically if you quote step around the cool rans cheesy Gordy the crunch. I think attorney wants insisted that in the interior matters or answer and the W I Brett was the guy that collects run run out Tia for dad 47 on the ground as a curfew wrote my wife collects them to. Count of the word goes to popular black and white names around the country vote burst yeah. Israel wants to know. Yeah. Yeah. A diver who thugs last even throw you bring us three stories from the news it is up to us to determine. Which of these three stories sound the least now you like the men's room on FaceBook or follow us on Twitter events are live. The debate is already underway in who sucks like density you know is a fun time and I like to think that today I have what we can call. A handful of doozies smiles and a handful of games and as we do every week it's three competing stories I'll give you the synopsis first. Don't go back give more details on this case we have a man who. Pleaded guilty to raping sodomizing and threatening a thirteen year old girl he was given fifteen years. Probation. And no jokes. They'll be competing against welders eleven year old girl she just gave birth to a baby. She conceived with a fourteen year old broke all golf you. And finally they'll be taking well. The Tennessee sheriff who was caught on tape ordering a suspects killing and the Nepal that what I love this yes but we have to his story so. Let us start with mr. Benjamin head you can cook at a Baptist Church camp and Oklahoma. To my pleaded guilty to kind of a thirteen year old camper draping her sodomizing her and and threatening her and she told him. Remember we pleaded guilty despite him pleading guilty to the three felonies. He was sentenced to fifty new probation was no prison time earlier this month. Now while authorities says his client certainly is being punished they must Wear an ankle monitor from 24 multi and ready for such a political. They'll find that the symptoms right beaten just a little too late now be assistant district attorney David bar. Does he didn't push for prison time because. The states the Kennedy's vision quote. The big thing is that mr. petty is legally blind and affirm to the victim about a state in this little girl lived out of state and didn't wanna make all the travels back. So we could just give fifty years' probation she's no jail time only 24 modes. And an ankle bracelet. Because he has bad visions of new. Now let's go to I believe in Spain where an eleven year old girl has given birth were fourteen year old brother and faith. Counsel investigating the child's mother said that the suspects they suspect the baby's dead at the sibling and he was thirteen. When he got a break now the youngster gave birth and hospital. A little bit and in south east and court consensual incest between adults is perfectly legal. But that's adults. According to local reports of child mob of rushed to the hospital stomach pains with the parents believing. Does she had an intestinal this order but upon arrival. They quickly realized corals in the later stages of labor. And don't give birth. Now police officers are beholden to throw the identity of the dead in the believe it was elusive going on the child. Now sources close in case that the brother will not face even proceedings under Spanish law. Even if it is proven because he's under the age of criminal responsibility. By the way in Spain that raise it to consent from thirteen to sixteen matchup when thirteenth. One exception is made it senses consensual. When the boys of similar age. And developmental mature. So is there it was eleven year old sister. But in my bag department for better. He's also followed. And I look go to Tennessee were surfing being sued the but arrested he's being sued for using excessive force after he was recorded. Boasting as he told Oval Office usually shoot a man rather than risk police crashing the car by ramming them off the road. He says quote. They send more ram and I said don't ramble and you don't have that as a military my callers. May have been I arrived on scene shortly after police did infection the victim in this case. And this is that the conclusion of low speed chase that clearly upset. He express that he was mad that he missed all the action quote I love assess gotta gotta tell you what I thought I about it. That they don't think I'll give the damn ordered till that moment from the bullet pass. Did my new slapping themselves take a map I'm here on the day and wrong end of the country. In his work. People while blows BJ's this guy isn't there and trample wall whereas driving a suspend a license to come pick up truck and hauling a heavy Astra O'Donnell as a top speed you do fifty so they were gonna do some of the pit maneuver that we know. When the golden share finchem and don't know pit maneuver to shoot me kill. But from a rescue. Running the cup. If you like humans are month FaceBook debate is Arian weigh on who sucks less summit says cubs Sox the least everyone wants to kill somebody write a loyal. No well yes and I was editing out the cubs isolation and the guy I was a criminal everyone else pretty much was victimized. Elizabeth agrees the third one damn that's a messed up that slope. Millen immense as a love the show but I have to say I really hate this segment. It ended Aaron I think you're right speaking individually sheriff Suggs the least for shore and Paul says sheriff. First. But I have to say number to quit the eleven year old girl in the fourteen year old brother that is pretty messed up as well. So you don't bring it tells coming up with a shot of the day the return of the word goes to names both black and white. And exclusive two boys and girls that's all coming up next you are listening to the men's or radio network. Men's room was smiles. I've got another round profiled as well bring adults with a shout down the name of fire. Got my Tahoe and learn and from our friends and ABC news. And as you would come as no surprise news team. Study the president may have found that people would black sounding names are less likely to get called back you have got to be yeah I guess we can put this woman known as surely. They took 22 pairs of names to the test. Posting identical resonates except for the names at the top. Now these resonates with the white sounding names were actually downloaded 17%. More often then. Black sounding names from job recruiters based on the same exact resonate so the only thing. That was different within the resonate with the name you don't say okay this is stunning to now one of the some of those names you might ask well here's a list from the book free economics. By Stephen. And they basically explain. What the top twenty widest and top twenty blackest. Sounding the boy and girl names are we made the comment you ruffle some of the top of the show we've been an elevator not the core group of some of those who worked in the building. She's talking to her coworker and brought up these tea leaves for work with them something that affect what I. Carol I didn't got to be blocked by it we would then put the white Neeson so these comments came in earlier so my wife went to school white Neeson. Followed by my mother went by these white is now. You want dumb black boy black girl white girl white boy named Jordan on stuff. You went too slowly when we'll get a guy that name is Bradley and I'd like Bradley that as they white boy name that. The name is jasmine. I'll write (%expletive) black girl I like the name is Daryl. Black black male the name is willing. Are really really white dude doesn't well. It really is black. So the president of the liberal Michael. The name would lose more weight saviors and of white Jamal's the famous cold. Cold cold sets definitely when it first thing black plastic that is a wife first named OK I laugh heartily and and made their child cold like look I don't make you. Race is already exist don't make it easy the name is Jada. Black black black female the name is Alice. Why the name is Alexis. White black black pigment the name no one is Bradley. But as Bradley you know why why do the name his wife. Why do white and I did the name is Dominique. Like one woman putting out the Dominic black boy the name is Malik believes why do like dude the name is the Andrei. What look like you're in future NFL hall of Famer today and as Marty said that if the alcoholic my name is Luke why didn't I think aren't pitting him in the name is. Diamond. Flag my life be about the name is ray that. Black black female thing yes holly. Black or white woman always it is notably they've to wow I don't black woman named holly ten. I've met a White House that haven't quite I don't think Catherine if you're white kids it's what I and you start having to do you just pick a black may just like you've only black neighborhood wolf it's wide it's a stage name could she strips. If you're black that's her actual god given my brain death yet elect calling intellectually I know why it is we're going into new Bruins. What they're now that you don't want to lose why the likes of what does she do Pulitzer suffered a very I'll be top funny whiteness and blackness may according to research in other words that I really got a perfectly mail that was that we deserved that so they said Malik Amy Claire Emily Katie Madeleine K England and you know that's going you just made in heaven now read certain adjustments to that's like I heard the daily dose of drugs honor imaginary doubt. The NT six to be ranked. It's just the way it is. Great job and then as usual we have the very best. And Steve throw vilified out nortel's. He had to for Greco I comets is my god son's name is Cole and he's boy. He has a long road ahead on bro I'm glad you know and it. And the business is my name is Shasta and a white I would use my first initial last name applications she loves them I think to be nothing about Osama every person exact. Him only great grandparents. I but today we tolls 24 year old Bruce grove of Aberdeen Shire Scotland. Now Bruce recently moved into foreign content and news story and so our house warming party and basically. I'm making this up he was showing off his bright Big Ten certainly big deal and so. As he's outside with some of the deaths in the first of tiger stalking on his property all the guests go back and side naturally he goals you authorities. And in fact the first for spawned the first jealous sort of on the scene he spots a tiger he what do you get out of his vehicle in this tiger raised me stalking and address. And stereo depriving cattle you can see what was calls for concern was now eventually other authorities including lake wildlife report is they all showed up. Based that they have a state governments tiger but the start getting suspicious because after 45 minutes the stalking tiger. Just wouldn't counts and at some point they realize it was simply stuffed tiger but someone put on his property. He has no idea who put it there it's just a big stars eight boys aren't stuffed tiger and look at the couple pictures of the picture from up close. Igawa obviously it's stuffed tiger which you have to remember no one tried the ball close to it because the thought from faraway look at a time consultant. 45. Went for the booze imagery does booze because we've taken Yemeni counter act so over the tong and down the world to party in our Tommy's. Now an a hole at a time. Delegate does online profile that we'll take dollar 98449990. Look. The shenanigans continue on the men's room. The radio network.