Using 'Handsome' to Describe Someone Else

Wednesday, February 7th

You like to think you're a secure confident dude, but sometimes all it takes is one comment to bring you down.


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As it may you do not actually be insecure now. In your strongest relationship the one with a lady your lighten. Guys who believe he can be dangerous to show any kind of sensitivity when it comes to your feelings being hurt right. But he or she gets the upper hand if your wife girlfriend and started doing this in front of the can be tough to deal. It was a according to experts pure white states tell you attractive other men are. It is a good thing for you how's that Emmy she's looking around to pay out the breaker I was already sick run praying that's why she's looking around because she's over there to audio may be looked. It's a topless and sit at my like a few weeks ago watching the NHL all star game over to Carol. And external we care what your wife and so she this guy comes up is Regis so who's. Yeah strangely places it was Clinton oh heat hits. And days. And some that keeps on not only look like he's harassed on an eight hole and yet it was a good looking young guy. Got things you are not okay. That's the problem right there you're none of those things I've made hockey player tall good looking young guy no no all of you know. Anything else accompanied about a little statement yeah. Those things so chic she's been doing it for different guy since then she thinks it's so I had taken my daily savers once and and lo and behold they played at saint Louis blues to electric car. Like three Isaac Katz got it right. Asking more questions about it and I don't look like a little pitch and so let it help if I'm being completely honest I was cheated a little weird. You're getting jealous which ranger also getting a little mad. Guess that's what it is -- I -- if you're jealous you're mad did you just for the energy goes nobody in your jealousy you're happy it was jealousy was insecurity again you're mad insecurity has yet here as your your any time your tweets like that you're actually mad being you don't know what to do with a treasury guy. A turnout down I should stay just as well I because men only have two emotions you're only allowed to have two motions of Bernie Wyatt listen. Happier mad you can't be scared RA and you can't be said it is a new trickle Sissy boy okay so you only had two motion you can share your wife so if you're jealous or if you're fighting this uncomfortable you're actually met. Well I have good I just lose your mind. It is that there are no good faith and her. Get your man a few emotions so I got really bad don't have a lot of. If you got little blurb do you little bunch of emotions and your sister's one year I think you get yours that you can only showed those two emotions that doesn't mean you don't have three more channels and emotional thing you have to channel at some that's why you're an alcoholic is what you are saying yes I understand that every guy has something I -- good news for you if your life and is telling you look around out there and dawn are indeed she digs few super technical studies show that women feel more comfortable telling their spouses who they think is good looking if they believe that their partner is good looking ahead to secure a cadet. Our secure RX. Yeah. If you don't look like any of those staying which they do that means she actually buying is that person portrait that they knew to a at a hockey. Pocket and I still look at you could look attractive is the more thing to put over your face it is there something to notice I I do think there is but. I will say and I think it bothers my boyfriend if I'd tell him that some of these attracted that doesn't look anything like him right. But so you can only what I. Katy come on in those guys are. But he finds it. A confidence booster if I tell him while that guys really get looking and it's kind of like a dude that resembles my boyfriend and he sees himself and that person so well while. You know I'm Nell but if he doesn't resemble that guy he does and I usually don't say anything because I know it's gonna bother great. Today I think yeah expert casually it was as it was they estimated a player like Richard to home grown music you think you like ice that you deal. It's like let's say. You who conned you were talking about it a lady on television or some places such and you said something like a subsidized by eleven ago. Wouldn't you think she's attractive ranked. And I never answer I do a complete political answer like I don't see any capital to complete walks and it was this is just there's no good answer here Reagan only I can only go downhill from there. But it violence you have matters a block and managed jugs. But again that is a smoke at Hyde asked they. Is she I ate my wife would my wife and I would be done. Done. Yes but there are things that you can do your wife that you can't do do you advice and resented our Genesis one album and soul. Everybody should just shut up I could hear him. Just because like. You telling me that that person is attractive does nothing for me. Nothing. Like you saying you'd like that person. Oh what do I do with that why you're telling me it is my point. I think that would find it suspicious of my significant other Ehrlich was afraid Ehrlich was avoiding. Telling me that out loud like China hi is that what the blowback today there's nothing to hide I don't with the blowback of you getting jealous and now. What do you think she's ready and we all know that you find. Other cute things attracted about other people right so if you're sitting there tell me bill I think you're the only one that I eight have ice score exactly what you want me airmen. Exactly know if you only crap right where where where where what of your boyfriend sees detective movie story I guess it would probably wouldn't bother me. Probably how to you know has he done I know he's he's fine with so you like girls would make up a nice hair and eyes closed at a decent cars here. And proper lady like habits and etiquette SA today especially died and another of those actually a celebrity it wouldn't bother me telling him it's that good infielders look at around and go look at it this in the I think the more open you are about at the let me you don't get. Let me know it felt. Let your legs. Bit less impact it has when they say. Right there in a wide open configure it you're only seeing a once in awhile he finds me attractive what wild Sunday finders and I have had at a boys it brings wide open kidney Grigsby very good point early Friday and there isn't it. She's not gonna mess around you'd just because she finds how do you think it starts if you look in to any other regulated I don't look. It's given us the political editor of the Hazmat. We find all kinds of Trenton right. She watched them the opportunity came out sort starts burning a hole to gateway so why would you assume your weight is gonna do this thing. Because your insecure and you. Here. Every man's it security desperately want a human beings are insecure by nature it's would exert their protective coating that we have on our bodies undermines that keep us. In check. Two it would motivates as if you reported in securities it would motivate you to do better condition scared. I'm scared what Conan thing especially for really. At six guide banked in brains and looks yet your pride of the crystal starter look delicate. The specific older you get the less it would bother you right because you know you can never. She says like a young movie stars attractive okay let's so far out of reach this site. What is it what might think twice about it is able check appearance Menem sorrow here it shows the breaker Alicea FH. So like organic is my life and silently Michael sat standard you know it plays young and you know. It. Well I'm gonna say the only reason Tommy's in Sunnis insecure about there's just no disrespect is likely never signed term projects. All I but it was about their exit. It's not technical whatever it took note thicker probably brings them. What did you set to get top did you aisles and looked at such adorable but understood. America under and then I took a quick assessment on it and I think separation here because I know you'll handle it celebrity whoever. Is worse kicked beaten. If your wife brings up how attractive somebody real life is as opposed somebody on television or how do you know yet again in the realm of people quickly especially if easiest person often admitted after Ricky and I think about it every time he sees experts like bush you can also grabbed. That don't that's a little differ button. QB added features two point one yesterday were talking it is net. We like he sinks appeals is attracted to make huge some purpose she can be traced to heed to that what was that oh so. Let's say she comments on the guys haircut or something bad something that he's doing amazingly make himself look better maybe she's trying to tell you round about way. Use should also do your hair like better you should also Wear these types to close issues or whatever day maybe I could be more like well I want you to look. I'm comfortable while I beat OK I can in my you'd tricolor on the Telluride you know it's a district that didn't awareness. New news or two up and things just slip in a 12. He can't change your hair I don't like it can't have any doing everything literally the. This is a way to say it without saying it you can't say you any way I don't like your hair by hate look at hit it looks nice like that it looked nice on YouTube Republican moments at changer that they get sexy I think most men would be fine with that you though because you very particular about which way I don't have a lot of hair last the other is something else that were missing in Alton. I don't think most men care if their wives line which he did wrong. We have people like to be Otis in mind that appreciated. It evens traditionally and what it looks like he's the most important the relationship true if you go in 1950s rules via. White is odd man breaks on the bacon might guess there are a lot of men out there who believe big enough to the relationship yeah. Where they don't think we have to be looking at it here the weight thinks they're good looking and a round every day and a lot of attractive and. But if I get old of of all my boxes reject rate everything's good undo what I'm supposed to be doing. And we're good there should be enough focus of that what's the problem she finds someone else handsome as your work. You wanna keep on this. Oh okay. They think. Go to the they're play the game Alec that would open up the board game to read the rules against Ole her house alone on out that's her house not yours that okay. The car surgery in you know Indian and mean. Shy to ask yeah sure we took our again okay. And I out in chino is that a numbers game. Okay we're keeping score here who's got what when I was just trying to figure out what she's keep it around this communal again. Is scarce they're looking a single guy I Kenya. Would be gorgeous man. Broadly by by neighbor to the uglier when you look like that's you'll get really upset if your wife find someone else attracted just like my should be enough ugliness and for you really be looking at somebody else is patently. If your wife and find which active if you believe she does which you believe with tons so what's the matter she plans objectives and you can't serve two masters and that's biblical baby each leader of the history book. You cannot serve two that are faster. Yeah yeah. Was just wish the best of what you're driving at deer out. There. Investors say he would go to Columbus, Ohio and that's old news furniture just have to try to keep everybody happy with a masters did you his Lucia. When he did get as Lucia because that would they've talked about masters I would say the live scenario with this a couple of chinks in the armor but I'm still doing pretty good job over.