When is it Appropriate to Dumpster Dive?

Monday, February 5th

Is it Appropriate to Dumpster Dive?


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There's two kinds of men in this world comic aria yeah and the value of things in a rush job a little bit dirt sates and cat. Hatch and in his arms and those are the bombs out there. The other kind of man who are teams duty to saves at the abuse from being destroyed Tuesday wonder what a buddy is it. Captain mr. press that big of a unified very quickly who fits which roll it Israel because the fact is gets. There are appropriate times as a grown man. Dumpster broken break much glass cracked and is excited to BC and if they keep showing the video of said Tom Brady beads at Israel is the greatest idol this to register them over so month. Feet deep in its world dragon asked this morning noon or jets I probably had too much to eat drink less and about. Well three of ten people will miss worked and all three at 103 intent upon everything the government shuts down we talked about how corporate America said they want. Super Monday to be a national holiday taken name go home if you work this morning in the basement somebody doesn't show up and needs more work for yeah. And you know your guy you work with full of crap. Bewilderment at. Best and now. We get to it 1520 minutes the breaker unseal that subject du penfield last week and my daughters have this likely room and our house. Half the kitchen area and they need shares for these little desks and I'm driving by this dumpster on the side of the dumpster are these two. Kids' office chairs. Curious things university wrote it is certain that there are obviously by the dumpster it's obvious it's an east side person or business but other team businessman went out of business. Sell a O I stumbled onto a turnaround on the road and I Poland's sparking. And I hope my trunk is to throw the back my partner and I go to reach an ICQ guys that look like. East side collared shirt and sweater over and ugliness did what. Yeah they're both shaking their heads that eluded his gun problems to go to Columbia and I regret doing yet but I let them get to me and close my truck and I got my cock and I drove away. So yet because you know what you daughter sitting garbage in the house to clean the chatter you know or the shares have been on the set and with. And by the way the wintertime I mean bird crap and everything else a way I can clean chair now you can you don't understand things man. You get your kid's gonna come valid mites okay. He's going to be full of like bed bugs in my since. General Mike does what's the Borough is it nick to his skin was like this show girls and it is a co host of news. In radio station if they think they give me a facet. In Iraq are appropriate times as a grown man where you are plus an Anchorage like during college. Still it was good these things got hot you know knowledge and I could of saved hundreds of dollars but people like you she'd be okay what a Wal-Mart does of PGA event Wal-Mart 200 dollars. Breaking eighty cheer you up on him. But I think like that. It now in your head you're thinking. Why let this go to waste this is their garbage debit I gave you can't wrap your head around wife and Greta but I happened to present a unity cabinet for lunch today and went to Georgia 6000 explain to Tommy Elaine on the other besides dobbs listening and. When it is located dumpster dives grown man because there are times we should stop your car to take a look at that think that is that dumpster and I'm not the only one. Now my boyfriend is guilty of this twice I guess you get married yeah. Congress that none Allentown. Sentences later. But like that a Christian nobody wanted to once. So would lead first bid or less placed together. It weeded it took us about the like you know get all the furniture and we still didn't have a kitchen table so my boyfriend comes home one night. With two TV trades in his hand and ago and I hope to get those the only at our neighbor's done via a street and I know he's of their garbage and ago. The thing it's like you're gonna dumpster dive for what would you get to the you're gonna eat all the traveling away. And other neighbors know that you sit on top that this is like at. This is only me now you know it's in your neighbor would you let me anxious if your neighbors yet in your neighborhood had those same chairs out front. And it would you nonchalantly walk across history and we all those back to your house I would ask them for NLY. 'cause I would I don't bitch jump here's Johnny Miller what I like because I don't have a steeler got it looks bad but if I asked the permission if I could take that somehow bettered that but I would take that it would not be I would not be too good take a minute I can program. I don't know I was so it's it's trash. It's still there still you do understand that you all understand verio. Group. Trust me also said she misled the I. I've Clifford also came back one time was something he didn't even know what it was it was like an old. Filing cabinet but he thought it was like a Dresser and of likely you know put your clothes in a filing cabinet like. Still haven't you need it either side they are like those my underwear under the bees for breaking 'cause I got. I don't get about it Dresser continue to go to U is to this at ABC that break what man's garbage another man's treasure says actually attention and it's a classic tell Tommy that his wife them. You don't tell me why is he got there wouldn't occur once or twice she still scooped him up. True you are second hit human behavior to you about it several times the tight. It's not just the team you're supposed to be it's not just taking things out the garbage. Like. You take BP has been used by somebody yelled go along to that just dissect it and it keeps the breaker mansi about achy body. You better clean those up real good with Nippon oil. Ike murder sternly and there. Poll well there are a boat and going to accept Keith thanks in golf are owned it before you ice. I mean it's kind of cool what's the story attached to these kid that's we what previous shuttle. It's you blame pretend office always dude you're the one message you would move in house for some murdered you would about the tan house I have read it and how so what upon the death skewed to evict I got wasted. Up. You assume its duty. And who sued EMI you shop at thrift store. Now I don't put my ass my precious balls the axis of SCSI has to underwear and a complete idiot. If you are not open the idea of shopping with restore as its high stuff rocked a sudden I sweated agents and it. And ends alludes to you know he she it US citizen rails this blues you. Watch it if you don't get all that out even with. Hi is it detergent. It is it says in a bag they actually shopping and pick up Obama tied in read the warning in the back ruled that remove all's pollute your safest city in a chair and that is wholehearted split. Homes blew and strollers are bombing rivers ever censure say it ain't nobody knows haven't had sex over there. Don't think anyone else that sex that your who have sex in this anybody that's here past 10020. You know hasn't had sex and mr. you can be sure it's used RS audit chair. As a junior LA de LI executives there. I still shop at their stores I love shopping approach towards its Broadway especially at east side or store gets stuck with tags still lot a Q yes she's right yet you I. Ever going to Resnick this stuff is all brand deal you'd probably Brooks Brothers suits I bought put fifty dollars at her stores really it would present Brooks Brothers. Are you going to. Let's restore suited geneticist who would Wear and Bruce bruise I'd be completely honest with the if you're guy who works best where shall I work every day I'm sure it's expensive rumored to like five bucks and it's restored their perfectly fine those ties to 3040 dollars but to access. Okay. Really and a programmer thought god what you're not a guy who understands value and is cool let's that I had no money I've still wanted a regular historic up my stuff toll had no money. On moment to do it is 6000 when it is appropriate to she's dumpster dive has grown ass man George's in the breaker Muncie MFA Georgia quiet. Or right. But should I adopted I would note I did not shoot very look back well I yours or he likes although one beta yeah. Call me up how about it is all what I call by. Brand new electoral portrait Trout is Eric cockpit door and what their lawyer. They were orbit they got it back out they put all that stop by the schools. And get all that. It's hysterical. They need to go where they're at but ballot each ballot by I I respect you anyway. Idly traced the college at British I would think it's. Whoever grandparents look at the terms of them so there's nothing that you would take New York. No. It's my body man it is my clothes aren't that expensive got old navy target the backup break them no excuse me side. Should its political ads in the paper where right now is a little elbow garbage coombs. Somebody else's so wet arming you wash the clothes. The notice you sporting goods like if you can't I'll. Yeah sports like hockey or football field hockey it might be the only way he can afford it. And I think that the majority of parents will do that is really when you have young kids in the girl lot of stuff. From season to season evident neck on down to the huge huge I'd jock straps or can't. So new ball holder she used cleats. Eddie you're you're stuck you're wearing and sweating and yes. Really this could you. Look cute you gonna get cancer meant to -- Q how do you now I think is a raise cancer they don't non happens okay good government thirty clique about furniture. Iran used furniture. Never even when he broke in on his stick our head of heroes and house that was a whole thing like don't have those empty rooms in my house have wrote to us in my balls about it. It'll go get used for richer or upper Watson lake when I move I got to just. Putted out at the carvers somebody else furniture is all we still good and women are so quick to throw stuff away you have written. My child in my entire childhood. We never had a couch that we bought ourselves she was no kidding it was always couched its. You don't have a decent job you can go Donna ray Moore Flanagan get decent I can't just it's still good still good. So when I moved to this town. I lived in a little studio apartment for a year and a half before about like a regular book a apartment to rent soul. They can't tell me hey it is still getting used mattress for a year and a half. I basically slept on the floor win is blankets. And I didn't wanna use measures does that thought that they would be nasty gazette Bruce's leg his matches by Israeli ago. So I go when they're like. The camera grain cattle look like what's that it's kind of thing they can sell it it's. And I've taken just make it so I'm not targeted wanna sleep and somebody else's. So blue to blue jeans the first time. Islip on a mattress that was given me by somebody else. These when I got married and moved into tile. And they result the first time ice matches that was used for high. I was twenty regulators like the best investment you're gonna make is a decent mattress Amir on average. Eight hours a night just put all the dollar amount comes over that's all good if you did it just starts for actresses actually. Just saying. And. Judge threw out to host yeah. Sooner. Or whether Isiah ideal alibi and let go anywhere I would except they use mattress of its family gets. Some might get ya wanna know the history of that match with Digg gets more gross because now watch out because I don't like David I know the history like I can also take a pass on and on and my Brothers grossed an OK and I don't know the history I want. If they had like with the use cars that they had mattress mattress facts. So I know how many kind of exposed in the mattress how many ties it was cleaned. Then MI score matched that's one thing you never Clinton but that. Can't clean a mattress you can put a company sheet over it. It's still stuff loses in two said mattress that you never get that who's out yeah he's sitting it's appeals is. Men imagine protector and it's fine to ten books. Most people don't though I'd say candidate saves you 500 bucks on a new mattress or it did you do 6000 were talking about. Dumpster dive that I I thought too cute little office chairs from my daughters cited a dumpster at a business and you've got the car opened the truck and two Tommy look at. Now we get a bodily dear black donors team why these handouts to examine. They Byron became the Jeffords should you move and on ups still they got to get the way waiting damning them nothing bothers me more than a pocket chance I'll get to adding a year nothing to sit in somebody's whose view more. People who disregard. Have my eye and by the way how do you eat it up there for that might be broken tickets are a wobbly really you can expect you can't they call rabbit and but at the show for five years in him fixed that yet because the wobbly we'll keep showing up at six lead at ten I was Wiki until you said I can get it started to fix any thing jobs the breaker but see about patriotic ally it. About real. I used to work our furniture company had it for two years movement urgent appeals houses dot. And it was gross. This they would had they argue bottom mantra is murder robot spring wherever and within seven days a border region you don't like it. You can return it. Thing is they would then turn around rapid and then still solid as brand nail. Senate colleague bang too early on it ten times bare ass and on and and Silvio skits. That match and exactly how that as cigarettes gross I would wanna have a really paying 500000 dollar whatever early this mattress. And it wouldn't don't Hollis. Which they horses. Slip. Okay thanks for the culture that today six Mac I don't believe anything aegis mightily and protect. Also that kind of blows it your theory Tommy. Yeah children. All take a shot at the new historic deal when I know I'm kittens somebody's phone him my head and in my body. Speaking of fun there is font color on the small and you had her little bit. Well yeah register at gate too much questionable hangover it was pretty quick gave X double standard yes. Yeah pretty fast and us despite its that's where the old days ago but to Americans will not be worked. Premiere of so high we talked about dissident that's gonna happen that everything's gonna fall apart what's. Corporate America asked to make suitable Monday's national holiday which scoffed at note that the power discolored or her cash probably should there if you know eaten that the guy you're next to. He's here his daughter that he's taken. You got proof his FaceBook will provide proof to federal provide you proof. Goldman as good of a decade we'll get into next break 96 BC.