Your Kid's Social Life VS Their Health pt 2

Friday, February 2nd

Duffy vs His Wife Pt 2


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This is less about. The small issue I'm dealing with my wife and I. The rights respectable all the fathers listened to the show right now in the breaker among Zia met him just recap of the quick Durham. Flu is everywhere monitor people drop and you like panicky probably my wife is panic and you want to send my daughters to school in surgical mask and by seven he was socially crippled them do that to happen I've put my foot down. And I of Cigna to out right aisles at the box mask weaknesses your foot does enter. Your I had to do that I see you guys on Albany's. There's a double standard here and our wives want us to be involved scary thought yes and we want to be in this generation of fathers. In comparison to your father to him and all of our fathers are more involved with the accurate about me is very caring nurturing. Secede took. We take initiative the rise of the six dead and we do with a good dad didn't yeah rights. When it comes to have an opinion on how market should be taken care. We don't have the same on apps I know. Just read that nations the reason I had to hide the surgical masks today is because my. Delightful and not there to make an executive decision about the children and it is completely socially acceptable. It's here might do something with the kids that she doesn't agree with or without consulting my wife and I become a monster. And it's it was going to be no it's not because it again I nearest you like United Nations that. And they all get together rate even like the bus and as soul like loser countries are well Michael the powerful by crucial answer it. So like everybody's got like a little vote let everybody vote straight but only like the powerful nations of all the bombs. Get the veto power isolate exam BA QB issue its mouth off about sub we need more water I would it's so one whose sit and shut up. So because like you don't have veto power in your house again that you have a voice. But you don't have veto power so basically. She wants should be a Sissy dead but she was she to be her version. Of assisted death and that may happen an innate right see you have an idea what is secede that is in this and ship it to be good fathers will be assisting a little bit of assisted you see this match. She'll copious CC debt RSS CNN day and I'm shoes. A man he gripped a sneaks the world's greatest generation sneaker. Minutes ago there weren't beat anybody believed to be you know but when you were a kid if your mom said something your father had no say if you're so. Here's IC in this situation. When it comes to like the bills and hockey and stuff like that. Tell your wife really tells you don't matter should be teaching kids about hockey up and and coupled so okay out at a at Jack when it comes to choose this sickness and their health she kinda she I would expect her to figure gonna tell. Her how to handle help pay for this doctor had their Friday and she hasn't been that kind of agreement no I I agree with you about the surgical mask thing this is kinda in her realm witnesses heard tiger ran around our ancient Rome. I wouldn't I wouldn't blooded and tell her how to its. Bake the kids healthier says she hasn't. Doctor's degree and she's a doctor. Europe fat hot piece slob from the west side try to tell her about. Disease control asked. He's kind of had to do with socially acceptable it is about disease control at Jerry's tunnel for fifty minutes Gerri can you and Ziad Apatow but. Hate and girl marxists they need to hear girls looking at that site that I'm going to school when at U. I'm the girls to knock out they might Wear. That was my girls idolize my wife which I'm proud of everybody is in lockstep and Annette Siad yes Jerry if my wife told my girls Wear these things my girls would actually do not even question. They would have knelt down in the morning about all I want those maps. It's not gonna match my clothes and. What they're all I'm so mean this is the director Clive Jerry. I mean you don't operate at the net and knelt down on in the morning. Newton at the chart or are you gonna help. You know. At what is Eleanor compound and no meltdowns are. It might get some might be pushed aside. Hi this Gerri I. I get what you said. But my daughters get some like TV she tells them to do something for their she's Oprah meant they listen for gods which isn't it debts that are roper. Jerry makes difficult but it really like your wife puts up to Oprah and the little ones looked up to the mama oh my wife looks at a mammy she. Every black woman loves Oprah got six she's that Tom Brady women. I think that we need to take more stand as men when it comes to good bloodline we played and it says every generation and our secede had to tell people to take a stand when he went and hit its original if I was. If I was this morning I would not have to hide the match and I would say exactly what it went images that we've wanted to elicit. Do not touch these adults of both through these don't like and welcome back get money back because. Because he had an outlet. Because of what I said. It can make it executives without EB it's fine you might do without wife in my. Because there are children there where my children. Rivers over fifty minutes. Are pretty. The so called Bob. UK he's got to see this ten. Oh are where. Here's. The latter being and ordinary north I would you'll lose to the blue white. About a half hour is impossible broad daughter's amazing want to alarm would go there. There is no patient isn't that a little bit more of a full bio or do. And that being quiet mornings you'd know hot news. I would that would we got it in the that you would alt. I went back and spoke to go out it's the popular bottle. Because he's afraid of black women but he turned on by them. I knew I could do better than that though there are millions of good we've been going up but are there but. If you argue with your wife are confirmed earlier talk. I don't know that quote don't pop opera. Are enormous. I don't orbiter. Fake or wherever they got a lot of happiness programmers voices. It is men like this and men like grammar. Who go against the better lives of men. And it's the reason that we as father and husband still the situation we are. As guys like emerald just give words attacking our our pro because you're terrible husband and would be a terrible father. There are we don't. We don't know why maybe they are beaten bruised that are we will we don't know early dad uncles so yeah tennis say that probably drink deadly things about the gray skies them. Your knees you allow Jordan needs to huge empty apartment when she was in high school to have sex with a boyfriend without telling her I never married for thirty years thing and she could've gotten knocked. Look at it tell me. It would be a good father I all I am trying to do is be active in my children's lives and look out for their social like Jersey but the by the way I always let surgical masks at the apartment for them. I love my wife throughout. She is very Smart you and I didn't know social things right like no people react to things and how it will be picked on. My wife was oblivious to that great up because she was so Smart jetliners I don't think she fully comprehend his. What would happen to my children if they showed up at school in surgical masks trying to protect. Karen but all the prime what you read see you own this now here if you say no mask. You all. Everything that a decade comes almost cut throat. Think I would ever that kid gets it they're gonna get something I. She's gonna blame you and a lack of a mask and your so your betting against the field it's the worst bet you can take great. I am willing to die across so my children can live socially comfort brocade. Jesus thrown out there you said and I did not. It's the greater rise from the dead in three days of ball debut at CNN about the goma. I'm Gunner I like it today. Urged all they can't comment. On the camera right at your light your way is how. Going. I know all I saw her as all of that and out of their kid big guys seem. One's. In sixth grade taking your nose at people so called the case. Are you that said get. Just gave this birther idea let's. Thanks I appreciate it yeah it's hit our high school kids only disagrees with Opel on radio alleged that. You. Aims to be totally Toronto. She wore her bra on the outside shooter shoot at least some of the men were pay as. This agent a mustache. Or just. Click ticket accuses panned out anything any day you do municipal once in lake elementary school. You're known that from white there was a kid in kindergarten kindergarten I'm 31 years old who cried when his mom he dropped him off I can tell you decades old name and draw you a picture of him they're it's what. 25 years I mean. But it is that the eighty I thought those school changed now with very got to be nice no bully in. No racism that ray be cool kids can't control kids with no place they took care of it okay there by the way this anti bullying no smoke and don't do drugs. But there was error that was like school was nice now. Tweeter company leaders tweet us at the BC MacBreak group that's relentless mutt. Mean Duffy is it your wife the breadwinner the fan school years and vote would pay for the majority of the things for the kids including medical bills they end up sick yeah either way. She's the one that it's agreed. And puts it in the a military for that I did this with police have Tommy explain how we can be anti flu shot and pro mask for the wreck. Records are meant that both pat be mentally wait no leave those masks on the countertop and that's that's the that's. Here's Rodham here's Adam pro keep in the piece okay at all costs. Us twice. As I get it peace you have party pieces of the marriages that are still all over the floor. It's called. It's an alleged journey as. Even learn on race fight on and on slow work in progress has all things are. You know yes. I do make mistakes but try to correct them at B of I try to be a better guy your beat and you failed on the betting you know what. And every day I pick myself up they keep getting up and keep moving forward that tied.