Turns out, Tommy is a giant hypocrite in regards to lecturing people about their health.

Thursday, February 1st

Turns out Tommy is a giant hypocrite in regards to lecturing people about their health.


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This borderline scary analysis did you really gets for the last few weeks immediate. The flu. It's crazy. Going on in New York State all over the place Tompkins at hospital 315 land has had. The world's stock touch and everything and my little girl came down yesterday it has become a nightmare because now I have to worry about people like you make me well. I get out the breaker brought to class racked many 65 to BC MF Sinclair Fieger often is she's got the flu or something Terrell and her dad think that they touch everything you start up all over the place yeah bright she's due to I root of the Israeli. But sucks is like yesterday I'm very concerned that anyone else get the look as bad to people in Texas died of the flu. In. So it's a big stage I'd take Lleyton yesterday and I'm very concerned because there are idiots like you Tom Heaton who I don't want to get sick why well because. My daughter is sick if she touches anyone like you didn't get the flu shot will now I'm risking your health could he get it. Well Patrick more and more one. Because it's hosted wegmans yes shoving with my wife really get into our market and and she sees hey they get the flu shot yet so she has to get it through school ripe and Imus and I get no pusher. So I'm going down to see my brother. And she thinks because I'm traveling. I stood the solution has some blown up blown her out she makes a huge stink they say you know she's talking to the guys you. And now she's ways to me over the guy gives me to pitch. And she's like you've got to get this done. So you shall know this year against Lucia. You told those bunch DS ray a diet Alyssa not gonna tell guys business well we went mr. pollution act. I do get to push up the commissioners just just so I can keep to peace accomplish. You got the solution. Oh. For the last two. You've been on the show she was easy called out yeah. To urge you to know she was like she would wanna go she's been saying this for a month she got. The addition usage so much garbage about the flu shots that we had. Us who you have to sit. And that I'm not convinced that acting even more. Tribunal rendered that would go. Beckett will give me was saving every street date top he has to say to use against him a job can't take this top last week. Talk about the shot. At the top security bush and he goes on every year next year. We'll be back Mike Ellis as the giants thousands of people would thank you can't think thinking we can do. You have a flu shot yet but what you write got the flu my I think open knowing that you should get a push Erica you're traveling you're legacy brother and going to be. Fixing and in my neck blows up I feel like crap. You know my doctor tells me that's a side effect of the got the needle a case of like didn't get that by an equitable and up I would have been fine legend died. I mean die but I didn't need the needle than ever that the flu I get a reaction from the dame shot. So violet eyes I get the shot ray and that psychotic. Ago Friday. So Saturday night circuit and body aches again I can only get the chills this isn't your. Last week. It. Possibly a national retirement. And then I surrogate the shelters open rain but it with a similar hooked guy and I know seeing is that god damn shot it's got the floor as his. Are you can't really be Shuler. News Asia or you know that the love of and visit and it's already been do you suspect she should explain these at that she's done expert. I think. It's whatever he's my pick is there. Yes about why are you sure it was the shippers get shivers from the flu shot as did when your parents but it is dot com your part to wallow. As a Mexican mutt. So yeah I got about listen man I'd I'd just did it to keep the peace no I know it doesn't work you we encourage people on the air to not did it. Called everybody who got a quote it's. And yes. A little niche Y. Yeah yeah. States the thick of it but I built it in its people that didn't think I got an early because I know it would probably. Pursues a patch. It's how you not did you know I would isn't to wipe it just she was equivalent ago. So I just it's so that then then those that I do what they didn't that this shut did stop. Conversation about the shot you got it to you yeah so alert that delicate and shot works and keeping your wife quiet about the flu that's the only big economy cures. You could given the pitch he gave us about how less time and done it you don't address conversation did that happen announce like ten times since pretty confident in the. Everything was ever I've never had a flu shot in and around the flu. I stand by I'm my record. You have pretty you got a flu shot of it like she kept stable you're gonna get you're gonna get it. You're getting old or older people get a dog that. I got the other show you're like in their ninety's I will be honest and tell my fight girl having the flu right like and that's the other group the young ones. Sit with a dermatologist today announced he gets his story hit the buffalo hides such flashed across get a little ones needed because there that are. They touch everything in their hands are in the face amount they get it. But about walk around lick and things in touch and things they shouldn't. Which still got it Alicia most of then toasters and tension that would hurt if you keep from having any integrity but it did he's got a flu shot the two little pitch like a little. Well integrity didn't come. To did you 6000 feet to the breaker but CM FA TLA. Hey I think this story was not the weather channel him. They had this doctor Ayman cheated explain the player but he did get there's a lot of people that got the pollution. That getting the flu like Zack and when they come when they come out with a string to do quite restraint become a book like. July or August and to fight the winner. Strained well they got the wrong strain of flu. That's why everybody getting sick because. Don't worry yet don't works as good god yeah. Thirty dollars to have your daughter's future daughter Asia so that's the other big guy had to Google little little pollution that's the other probably happening so my wife thought I took them I thought my wife took them so that was a huge fight my kids to get a flu shot we didn't know I I saw a deal that would we both up you want it done so. So loving and caring parent you are. A lot. Awed by the way I did it did ducked into the amber not arguably the economy assist record under a little bitch you it's your own channels or shut bill or maybe. I'm would tell me a bill Lucia this year is not a but that's what so many people are getting. Did you get a picture get a solution. No he didn't Tommy did you disclosure. Under duress you've got under protest. Monday so GM but I don't you feel the guilt that I feel that you. Eked its. An occasional false sense of security this Solutia sprain so I got to the wash my hands I got the flu shot tell you. That's why this thing doesn't work and people think it's like this invisible barrier again in the flu you're a soccer has sucked us your side. Suck you got Obama. Socket. I had. To do and I had to do think in in war and peace pat there are some ugly realities you just like marriage the you have to do some judges get a hold your nose. And do what you gotta do to get through today all really so I held my nose took a flu shot but Mattel between my legs and went oh okay it. You wanna call me a loser you wouldn't eight mile let me go that's what I'm doing happy to do that you have integrity you got to get food city don't be like yeah. Do you do. That might be the best advice he never did and don't. Like the day after the break let's see that as we fight out the top regulate who was vehemently anti flu shot left to get people laughing adopters who were begging us to tell Tommy stops say that he got the plywood big pharma tell me what to do they debut at C about. Well then so we all know that viruses through lake anchor eight and change and you can't make up blue Shaq. For a virus that it always changing. Can't prepare to prepare for something that are changing every year changing. Shots that I. Exactly members are derivatives out of court he's having a flow. Just got a slap. Shot my entire life but ice buildup of you weapon you have to have a shirt not your. Yourself on good days and a lot of guys dead beat dad. Does debut logic I want insider. Why everybody's. Leasing land and. Do what does your five here's the thing it's an eighty is in cahoots or bad for up you are apartment. You know you are a topic that's. The idea and I did think about what. Would it meet cute between. So it's easier said hey here's how they do here you sit Daniel why since 6 o'clock news and and every other and is a pharmaceutical or you don't either my bone her blood pressure. That Tamiflu crap the flu shot. Then here comes the news. Little blown peak in rural and Amarillo Texas. How do little boy dies in the flue oh momma for who was also marathon runner drops dead of so they scare you with these isolated stories of flu death to make it seem like it's an epidemic from coast it goes yet then the big pharmaceutical companies. Are scaring you with their ads that get you to march march lockstep. Down to get the shot like he doesn't work that costs money they said big money making machine. Adjust to be clear wanna make sure we're on the same page. Yule gave thirty dollars to big pharma etiquette TD run those ads as a giant hypocrites and the guy who defended huge it's called up and said I just got over the flu but I'm anti solution. We're all the same page I am a little confused OK I'm I'm completely. But I. Did say you guys does but people hold up my tummy side which is that I know of became Linda peace with your wife John gutsy about eight Johnny Elway about it. Good brother Oreo it's. Well I'm I guess they use item on its Powell knowing about the flu shot say it works or doesn't. Either way though the last time I had a flu shot was when it was mandated by the military now has twelve years ago. And will the jobs I do I'm not very. Gentle and I cut myself all the time and I've done flooring so I had to rip up foreign wood at old folks homes and there's fecal matter net. All I do is wash my handled good take showers. Streak and all every day. And on and the job ideal now I'm my I'm always getting dirty wherever it and I don't put band aid down my cuts but yet I don't walkway Louis Louis and I've never had the flu shot. Get that guitar immune system but the military gave them you have atomic. Pretty tough amuses and I've never out I don't widget what I deal. But I do you have my kids get the flu shot because it doesn't hurt you if you take it with a little ones are needed. It also it's like I I'd rather they take it and not need it than not have that and need. At a crawl in elected in touch and I are they cynical but I appreciate. He has all the watches a tyke is actually wanted to talk about the fourth out of the top lead to push it as a hypocrite so. There is a my mom like my wife's subscribes to be blog news. Her mom get together and bitch. I about it now is it to nag walks like follows all of these mommy FaceBook pages and read some rock on ball and it wouldn't care. That's the flu and it's just a matter time before you get older parents put it yesterday I noticed on I'd take care which. Is to do here and there's like me. Save one parent sacrifice the ROK to accept. How do you do you both and housing got to do dodged it once these weights in the kid it's impossible you're in now. His touch at the same stuff reasonable that child you look at six the question becomes if you have to sacrifice one deceive the other. Who exactly you know has to take Shia and yeah I mean has to do she has to do get it would mix the equipment is XTC. Which the flu in the unspeakable thing with Tommy did after he told everybody got to get Lucia. One its release them she did today she's a little bit better. Does it. Really that in quite some deadly kuril she felt like garbage put her best she's fine but some yesterday I was on. Daughter Erica and it's only a matter of time you know pure or when your kid is sick as the clue until you get weaker mitigated this weekend I know. But there's a new idea for parents when it comes to. The teacher parents to get sick why should both have to gates to prepare the break of putts to class weapons expire at the BC met but fifteen minutes that. Describe sucks because you can be victims. But you also lose your jobs and hold Jesus as lightly over to it about 52 minutes in the break. Unseat them path so yeah this mommy blog that might wait for her and more border yeah. DC just sacrificing one parents' health. For the benefit of the mile or Paris down that does an Oprah but here's a big there's that there's this belief with men and we York it is it that you also need to be helping your wife quick caller was there an apple is so I'm holding the bag. Get what does collecting stuff it. Also lesser delegates. And I'm going to say listen this story and lightweight suggests. That. One of us take care of player are LC an appeal the other Wednesday's far away so AltaVista it's trying out the bar. Who you and you can ask your list to be a bit more why. Because that all kids want their mommies straight mommy does a nurturing. The softer affairs sex don't need your round so taken as a brain grown. Immigration flu and get down on their for a couple of depends kid my fighter wants mommy when my seven year old needs like sick or hurt she Wednesday. What's the fever talkers was confused I assume there is my down took care excuse home during the day. Where's my anomalies like January about going into work and stuff so let Elena DOS first few days you know he's he's is that caretaker the last thing I want to skew his stick would be my. She's spoken. Booze smell and dead I think it's different for girls because daddy's that is like the protector so committed to protect her from the central. Don't stay in your Brothers for a cup no I don't leave the house to get cute but the thing is floating out there why should downgrade ideas. Say let me go spend a couple of them are Brothers totally blows over. And I'll be fresh to take care of things 'cause he still needed groceries are still lingering Dario sign on and all you're doing is prolonging giving six and woody and do not sleeping as if your wife get ticked you're gonna eventually get it she looks it's easier to my wife let's get you to sleep and a separate bed now. All the testing out its final ever. So it ever touched a year lights whatever probably fine with my daughter. The second I pick up. Leader dear contaminated eggs it's over right I have to serve my daughter food basket the site cleanup mess after a pushing them you know all the skills that your wife already has wild atmosphere but she's does like all women have those built in skills they do better than I have the skills to our wisely you know and it is. Here is seal like many go to the circus and they'll elect some 80% might write a bison glorious and stupid animal is kind of funny to watch. Editing good at it but it's comical. It's a dads are now how's their big stupid bears stranded too would like human thing there are a lot of fathers having various lists gets dizzy don't Prius is he dead honest sociedad yeah. Holds he's got a flu shot. Think about your Brothers spare bedroom. It's quiet they don't have any kids I don't know. Any old and a world away but just leaving the house or let Hollywood sit your kids coming in an abandoned you when you're in your time in the area out and we bing gaining nearly. And now if you're in the same kind zone you're not abandoning anything you're just. Around the corner too you get better also I want to help my daughter when she's I want to be force can't educate contaminated and you gonna give us afloat. That's what I did it justice I Donny wants you to leave the house that Tommy doesn't get sick of studio. Bra wish I could have their own house all clearly said I'm sure that'll be fine. Now means we were tied of this. Six net available sooner were entertaining when kids are sick sacrificing itself for the sake of the old one great idea. It's gotta go on the Verizon has it on mommy's Sarah's in the recruitment CM FA Sarah how aria. Mario. Shallow. Right you're you're gonna get it anyhow. By. I'd or that like of course at that and makes more money should be the one no ma'am take their pets some. Governor Ed. Take the job Communists but the mob is better suited to tackle this in the dad I'm Maloney. Yeah. IRA but not anymore. I think it's the national mom. I don't know may be out there. Crappy guys that. You. And dad think you're right buyer and there. Are out. Sarah that you vehicle when I'm sure you. Are right up. And not a little luck or try to you know like if I am very passionate about and shot and edit it. Thank you Sara appreciate it resident I was really that last night to you yet people keep tweeting at us it doesn't help throw and a staff. Whatever it is it's a virus we get it going it's contagious it's a highly contagious where like the monkey has died now is the matter of time before I dive right in it needed. It sucks to your seat colleague Natalie. I also I don't know if we need to do this to I know I'm not sick yet but I I'm doing what you did the other night after he got the shot or look I feel sick I don't got sick. But they don't get a get sick is making yes it doesn't help anybody. Allow us right into the breaker mansi about it Bryant how about. Mario. Well so that the let us in your having about which. Parent and a stay home yeah I think there is exempt firm you and your weight right now. Because getting did you get the flu shot so you broke the derby get this. You've got a doctor in the house. And yet ego back. So you want to know what how guys are so funny story rarity for the brighter thank you for the call so Saturday. Night littlest one had gymnastics and there and builds wanted to run errands with my so I have my Honda Pilot. And it has one of those. Pushed starts and Turkey. So my wife's gonna run parents are staying at gymnastics and my wife calls me half an hour after she's the post up she was hate where's Corky. And it's on me and she has my Clark. The car won't start it was I got a car that are take over the Carl was to launch of the car drove away and what is she gets to cartridges that kid eat so I was close declare next door to get a flu shot she was it takes delegate a flu shot really now I hit deacon who vertical drop the key awful might play all the how crazy this we completely forgot what we're supposed to be doing but I did I know that I could drive a car where that kid that it is kit started. Platinum records too negative way how much. Can anomalies like I don't have the keys so homage to. The it might add a Spaniard currently it started was saying intricate acidity but it's all right so makes up. But I do it. To whom. Can we get a you don't wanna see your kids suffer them see your good dead in the cooler if you did. But dead tonight coming on I don't guys think they're nailing it and everything beaten I've been to do. Give it to the ivy event. But your buddy edge Jimmy be bigger than I but those don't you hang with that tailgate know somebody that your father's what are those don't say he's. Well I'm not buying what you say hello. Fathers socket dad didn't they do is do I think I can elect a fund's public on outside skateboard fission on but when it comes to the nurturing nuts and bolts and and this it's. Here's the thing about the flu it's it's it qualifies as skirt work. It's for the ladies to deal with like what you think it's Florence Nightingale that frank. Nightingale. That's your pin. Nurses what do you think there's nurses. I back in the day. Is not okay today it was old ladies at the white stock and signed back in the white shoes and a hat yeah. That's gone basically is still if you could even have that famous photo of this sailor kissing and daughters to be too dude. It's a chick phase raises coveted retarded about sacrificing one parent with a kid is sick from the the health the other. I'll is that businesses here Jim Smith excuse me sets Jimi sir I. The father should be the one states on Medicaid because when they're sick because the mother knows how to work she goes medicine the kidney she probably does most of the grocery shopping sheet that needs to make sure the house runs okay. I'm a good dad but I know I can't run the house from my wife is down. For all you every run you is. Give by cereal and milk that he's right yet you pour that coffee. Jesus shift right NA he's right my weight has got to be a moron might late as a routine I do wrong she's achieved its stated that demo I played this letter dole at all. She can finally get your bases would approve of what was said mr. two conclusion that I at a solution so I don't. They do an old house ordered scrub into the crap prison and and vacuuming. You sweated out honey unity on telling you that they'll tell you man like a little exertion mania might break it to be married. Understand content column and I've done three times. All right notable level of political nightmare she says it feels like notre. This same because. This person. Who was a victim of this alleged crime him it seems like he did nothing liberal. Then it could still cost them every power there of spectrum they're not being scammed it anyway. We cry Jess but we all this weight Tommy all of us it's a bad. Personality trait was there when you see someone who's a victim of crime eagle all it's terrible but what did they do to be put a message rule it would exit break many 65 BC about.