The Past Isn't Always a Good Place to Explore

Thursday, February 1st

We all want to know where we came from, but proceed with caution. One of Kimmy's friends found out something uncomfortable about her great-grandparents, and now there's no turning back.


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Some big Z you should know. Broker at the reasons why we lie about our plans start Reggie one. Picture we left there you paint the rosy picture possible on companies like Ancestry.Com. And once liked them near and they're getting to the ability to look back into the past of your family and find out where you come then you roots and it's cool is that is. You can only deal. You'll find of some things you don't wanna know. What's that can be spread to her case is yet to break boxed glass rack he's tried to be UC MF so what happened to a friend connect and so. My friend's mother. Did it is like really into their family history owns and I think they're German selection Michael Crowley. Lou I do know who. It. This you want to know more about like her ancestor Daniel whenever. Well she took that DNA tests along with like it Rihanna you dig up your past that you wanted to know like if she's anything. But German and so she found lots of stuff that wanted her parents my friend's grandparents to also do it. Well when her grandparents did it they found that they share some of the same DNA with which doesn't make any sense it. What does that mean which. So then they'd start looking into documents and stuff like that and they come to find out. Her great grandparents were cousins. And Nazis. Hayward. Incestuous Nazis. This is a that those were good on as the student or not but it seemed panning out he says that they know if she's glad she did I doubt that her great grandparents. In a roundabout way. Advanced. To death and so. This can happen so when it's so stupid because like a bomb German rate I don't wanna go too far to say yeah. If I'm a black person you really want to know. How somebody was shackled we've got hearing what's the point would you yell at commercial with the Blackley and it's issued a cup every time it comes yes because it. We all know how you got your honey. It wasn't fine like what do you expect to find its pleasant documents from back there still is can you say well. I don't know I mean if your history slavery of your history is Nazi. So. I'm Sicilian. It. Really wanna go magnified outweigh grandpa made being connected to back in Sicily or Greg Graham Bahrain it is just because every culture. That exists has something it's past which was despicable horrible and they may be attached to end you wanna know that day led. Why would any southerner. Political look at their best ideas and opinions in there. The thing is went eagle back that you supplements. Is shocking is scary as can be you don't a look at within the frame of that time period Russia but for example. There were things that were socially acceptable 810150. Years ago there were horrified with like a married your cousin. Figure that was not a big deal back of adorning a person well let's stick with the cousins were out of the American president's Mary their own code yes right. Cut bait because there's kind of therapy it X sign up here and that goes for racism and socialite is as well I didn't but keep your great grandparents were Communist sympathizers in the early twenties and knew it that's different than if they where in the 1960s rightly you don't communism was really what to do it he sought and received big goat with fascism right there was a large contingent. Of Nazi supporters in America or they realize what the hell the Nazis were it broadcast you can make the argument well if they know will go on it's not as bad. Know you're connected to Nazi yeah I don't. To Iran and but they show is only a rude term returns notable history and poke bears advance. Those countries hang out right next to each other. Six senior from gates are from. Greece who you want us from Greece loose piece or these same piece of garbage. That's self interests me though like if you let's say you think you're a 100% tell your whole life and then you find out you're not well that kind of change it's that things a little bit I think upstairs aides say you're proud of so mind. Brothers was and this before this all became a beta keys Adelaide research that stuff you and it turns out that we had. Somebody on my mother's side. Served in the civil war cold so what would you do detailing which part of but. I think to guy it was a deserter who because and other documents has come a tail off. Who decided not to die of serving tonight brother kind of glossed over that point that no. The Middle East documents that it just kinda goes away news yet. But something like that leads us to another reason why this Ancestry.Com they might be worse than it is better and we don't know. What in the world they did and why they did it because they're not your answer forthrightly he did dessert rearming okay. Well he would've had a good reason to do it. Let's say the York family was a Communist and I Khaled in the eighteen hundreds may have been a reason why right now we don't have the benefit of the able to talk to thinks that the biggest economy using Nazis he dessert are rarer. I bet people. To do to 6000 is a reason why people join the mafia right. Maybe they added desperation was are only paying such a potentially get dead guy over there because he didn't pay for those tomatoes. Give me spreads find QBs friends finds out her great grandparents were co exist yet beg each other from one of those ancestry that's president of it is due to the DNA test comes in the break room on CNN takedown. Eight mile long one yes of course this content NRA respectively. No big picture Huntsman but it certainly isn't it. And are hurting all the news about that certainly don't need a little better and he says about the people look. You know not a total. You can find prison in. Prostitution. Drug dealer and god knows of fire and that's just tell me some immediate help. Darren heeded the Christmas but in new. Tom thanks for the call but am really appreciate it delicate especially today that we looking at a meeting differently remember APC culture if you can't do not anything that was done in some these past is held against the and I loved it right or wrong. But now there's almost his guilt like. What you ancestors did is being held it can get what you had to happen but you're right particularly connected to some body horrible and history. Yeah going even further to the U never know what he did the things that right. I I talked about the I did as I did it as you know conflict and I took the month I get as deep as I could like an eighty mean etc. they fork. The only reason I families and much story. Because apparently my great great grandfather was arrested a Massachusetts or are we know what he was much sunscreen industry. The juvenile presents Andrea. And I don't know what he did I can go find out but I don't wanna know. Andrew Madden I would teach would have to put slate and something peek at the move to out of state is a teenage kid. Can't those. Tell us that just explain what he'd certainly did it so all you have a these facts at a piece of paper are shades of Gretna I doubt you'll stupid because I judge my great grandfather for something we did what he did it. And I feel like a civic you would create because they had. He relative. His bears because he did something terrible he's got to figure like there's a certain. Ethnics it is it is have been very dark. Criminal element in all I think every ethnicity at some point marriage as something Tehran was to watch a first came out here Dutch are gonna go added Dutch Obama from. You know is one of them Sissy country wasn't the Dutch did tortured people over not make a mechanic and I haven't that's next but dark history. I think I think the Dutch piano kill the budget as we get torture somebody it's the votes allows you spice early reviews and use it twice a year there is not cinnamon on my go to war over his got a country or culture history and that hasn't done something terrible and they beat the course of the awful that they've done. And right. Ordered us from some busted Roger what you wanna know but that they were just pour. I mean how I wonder what you would know is that what the records are again beat America pretty vague of your browser you know some. South America Africa should it and you know it yet into where you keep that big records back to their program on rocks exactly elicited so you don't European countries should updates or write it down there. I I am always confused by this commercials about how excited people look up button is. Gonna show well we're leader wrote them. I also mess with me if I found out I wasn't what I thought it's only been lied to I did a lot of pride and be in Irish yes love Saint Patrick's Day. If I found out that a teacher my whole life. And I did too she's hit. It definite that you I've got you are this city all but wait greed drinking Beers what you just can't carry on but at that point but maybe in a fraud. You were dealt a unit of work that is both of those culture usually enjoy their beer okay and the hatred. People that don't look and act like themselves as a civilian. Since the race everybody the wrote a good grip people get a guy but no totally agree exactly deceit in the in the Minnesota drugs which it seeded goodfellas with a tablet Sammy Davis junior Tuesday when I wanna know OK it's an overview of the quote of the regular electric Mercedes. Can't let. Error. Accra top yes he is Sicilian and what else such a huge. Yes. Have a lot of senator. Nobody cares like if you tell somebody your society and it's critical history tolerate. Those of rated Dutch think a wooden shoes and Windmills what I hear. The government Dutch person before. So let's set I have done them. Gotta strip dutchman kind of judges did I am Dutch I don't think about the Dutch nothing at all and you know at any news object you can read what's he look in that Sicilian Israel it'll look. But here have this and have cool. Gotta go I have problems. Hikers still Dutch Iowa food at wegmans. Very. Duplicate their Google killing over Mickey's in the breaker once CMF eight shaky ally yeah. I don't carry out. My daughter is not anywhere an air batted Kenny and friends but my grandma only equipment is Antarctic. And so I letter duets unfortunately he passed away if where we got our hands they're ultra lights it will let the issue of the eight Americans. And she took such pride and after Japan maybe action on actually has no native America and her at all. So what Texas. Did he. Get a look at that TP. There she is these tickets he's so Blake street warrior tribe. She's straight up Irish open line I don't know Ellie it definitely an idiot that you look. Any native American in early they have a lark. I mean it's he had leg. Tied it again and I got pending an announcement Alec a native Americans even anxious on it. I mean it's what got said a nightly look at the modem ponder things so that's good yeah so. I guess you're gonna play the role big political really precise it is you know there was I mean native Americas are very there are dark skinned they have they tend to have long. Black streak here if you have any of that going on right now on native American. Thanks so. It release all the satisfied that it Mickey Wright's because we got to face the bus is coming in Dave says. Everyone I know the state of the DNA test turns out to be some small percentage gain of American I tickets scam to be people who can take. Barca well. The thought data in America was not native aggressive penetrates I'd be an interesting idea and like this company uses this to make everybody realize that we're all part of a giant melting but he can't Haiti but look at. RA ME real crawled out there is start opening each other Tommy just confided in all of us if he's half yeah. Does the requirements of FAA Gotti bell Atlantic. He's answered your facts he knows I could just get so little Dutch court to look at what the wooden clogs. Am I don't ruin report ordered. Yeah I really appreciated. All like due to look like the Dutch for the sport. On the pain care you look just like it now I don't he's got a heads a minister no no he's a good looking kids that it's sacred to you look early Aryan Nation cared. The Dutch boy is a good looking kid he'll have to take a little Nazi negligent not to get any farther than that can't wait for debts Tommy to show up on Twitter yours and he broke down at Kevin role. I'm looking at a picture of the Dutch boy any easier. I don't like it is arson as a result it does its steep still smile you have. There's a pretty for a pretty. I don't tormented that. It's like you I well we're able bodied jets beat feel free to use all your Photoshop skills at the BC that preclude a Twitter don't encourage this kind of bedlam we should be celebrating your debts as that we despondent normally have Dutch. Did you have a Photoshop and remember yeah.