1/7/2018: AFC Wildcard - Buffalo Bills Postgame - Hour 2

Sunday, January 7th

Schopp & Bulldog with the postgame show from the Buffalo Bills Radio Network


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The post game show with a show for the bulldogs brought to you by northwest make the switch to northwest and get back to living. Phil's fault to Jacksonville in the playoffs. But they've made it to a playoffs. Can't be seated near 103 that is the score scheme was scoreless until late in the first half. Last night's game took a long time to get going and really the rams never got going Carolina New Orleans are playing now finally some point. 00 lead in the first quarter Carolina dismissed a very short field goal. So McCain is also offensively challenged enough and I think it was clay dropped on capacity and that was right on the money. For a touchdown that preceded that feel ultimately. Lou a couple of opportunities there Carolina did just Keylon point Kaelin clay conscious error they have their problems. But injuries in the sport seems. You. Are much open the Bulldog here the season ends with this lower today we'll take your calls at 8030550. All the way up until 6 eastern. This portion of the bill's post game show along the bills radio network is brought to you by independent health. From your every day it's your unexpected independent health's Red Shirts are here to help. Let's go to Brian next hi Brian. Yeah these all it does earn below asking for island and they Oki dot com that. Elise who want more a year are right we're looking at. The fire or back. Or hacked well. And it eight I think you all are well I mean at the direct and I do agree that the call. Yeah need to go after it there at that recorder correctly is that. Well we need to happen look at the peak. Eight Katy Kirk and I've got it can mean for our backyard. What god and and it did at the throughout our client that let it get here when it was that the people in England. Right I don't think drafting linemen is gonna help me play with the big boys like New England I think they'd. I I'm going to be prepared advocates for them to use at least one of those two picks on a quarterback itself if not packaged them up. And try to make sure they get. One of the very top guys have if they can do that that's what I'm that's what's that's what's on my mind as both the bill season ends. That doesn't have to mean the end for Taylor but to me it seems likely that goes. They were prepared to move on from him last year they had him for another year yes they made the playoffs. But their passing game with him. Is just not very good that doesn't mean it will necessarily be better there are some other veteran in his place next year while the rookie develops or the rookie players right away. But I think they have to draft a quarterback bet that was. Thought to be the reason for the trade last year on draft day they didn't like any of the guys that they they they could have picked at at number ten. So they got out of their and they got previous white. To show floor and a second first round pick this year great. Now make that work for you. Because you have shortcomings at quarterback. You can't get worse there if you move on from Taylor like I'll I'll make sure that I'm at least known to have said that a few times. I'm not a big fan of and they need to be better there but they can easily get worse it happened when they took about this year yes Seoul. I think they need to address that that is the thing they need to do they need other things as well yes but. Head and shoulders above to me is figuring out who this team is going to be quarterback by moving into. Multiple years from now not just next season is the you know building a team should now be about just getting through the you know the next year. With the best you can find would you be appointed god you can build toward franchise around that's what they need. Please make sure I keep their short. So the question people ask is that there that's the thing people say is he's not good enough. Heard it thousands of times sitting years Tyrod Taylor's not good enough and my reaction that is usually to think. He's not good enough to do want. Well they made the playoffs this year he was good enough to make the playoffs this year I feel it's right to point out that. They were as good or better on offense or maybe as an entire team the last two years but this is the year they made it so this is the year where you can say it as a fact. He was good enough. For them to make the playoffs this year winning candidates and what does it for us so what are what are you waited for the fact. It's a little color to would've may be like. Won't you can't cut the quarters alike they were you kick at the quarterback and ended the drought. You have a little bit of freedom here because you got in the pressure. To make the playoffs and Taylor was arguably along I mean I guess now we know you he has good enough to make the playoffs. So you had this may be this crucible a well I've got a guy right now. Maybe good enough to make the playoffs and that's the thing that this franchise hasn't been able to do them. Now you've done that does that. Change it a little bit the other way where you can say all right will not want to do better than that. Just in the same way eat the McDermott said at five and four. When he pulled sailor wanna be better than five and four are going to say are we better than it seemed this course three points in a wildcard. I mean I think it at at five and four if you're willing to do that all flow through the kind of passing performances. They had gotten. Right before Taylor's fencing. Van. I I mean going 43. In the next seven games. And adding the passing game be mostly what it was brighter his benching mean it was 56 yards and three quarters which is what was right before the benching. But. On that tells you all you need to know. You know I I I I will have a hard time. Whether or not fair and agree with the are not in that you know that's a different thing than talking about what we we think the organization is gonna do what you organizations cards on the table. And I think they've told you what they think about it now they also asked all season he's still in the sub acute. Which is why I wouldn't wanna close the door it just conceal it says there's no way he's on the team next year. Because they might not end up with a better idea of how did that happen. That happened when he had a certain high dollar contract out there waiting for him and the bills. Proclaimed will only have you back for their smaller Ramon. And then he eventually he said okay baton that scenario does not apply this year there's a contract is still the high dollar. Thing out there for him but can you imagine them. Making that same sort of straight goal this entered Australia equity rebel again and limit testing to do that and no it's over you either take command his pay which is a lot and there's the money is part of the analysis or think Palmer Camby. Or you just you just move. Here is Alex next hi Alex. They I do a good arm. I just want to do acknowledged such for the most up to land in the well. There. We have a cold here. There you know it's his first year and he took it to a boil and I feel like everybody talk about the players. And not acknowledging the fact that we have coached that you know did take it to the playoffs in his first year. They typically we give coaches for years to you know prove themselves. You know I are typically not as optimistic as most girls and I'm still pretty optimistic right now that we have a culture to go so well. What does is the them if if they were to take a step back next year may be low in large part because of what we were just discussing what they're going to do what quarterback. What does that do to your timeline. But as the deputy maybe it. Give him believe wave to fall back to like you don't worst record at now be in the playoffs or you're supposed to keep going now that you achieve that level. So you're saying. If ever acknowledge you made the playoffs the first year my giving him more than three years that would typically give a coach. Sure yeah okay did give Alaska too. By the way I didn't give it a Little Mermaid and the owners did. Right the only applicable example for Terry Q school is two years your fired. You know cope coach coach or or quarterback I might series it's couriers for yourself. And you know maybe maybe a short and you have you know not performing at all but. You know it would take a step back next here. I I wouldn't I wouldn't I like them I think he's up a and that the quarterback situation it thought I mean para. He has he is capable pick out the playoffs and purpose and is he can't let that quarterback now. Well but he is a he's gonna pick up the play out so I guess you've got to decide. Franchise. You know you want a quarterback is. Going to be the guy or is he going to be somebody that got us you know. He'll be a factor. Yeah yeah I mean I think what whether or not people fans you anyone else out there. Will hold it against McDermott if if they decide to move on from Taylor rather than. You know. Bid they've got these two picks in for the first two rounds and you could fill the team in around and try to improve on 97. And hope that your passing game improves if you get another receiver for him more orbital well get a get a more dangerous backup running back than what you had this year. Are you would supplement. Taylor's appearance you don't tools around him. If the jury chooses to not do that and they eat. Are as good next to the playoffs are a reality. Because of that decision and no wonder fans will get mad at him what do we use you wanna keep going here because you made it and this year was so much fun I mean I think it's a it's a tough. Thing to do to. Swallow hard and be objective and go this was great. Bought it's not the greatest and it was really fun and rewarding but it's not good enough. And we know soccer and often we have to take two steps back to alternately get ahead of where we are right now. You gotta we want to do. I think the entire notion of like when they replacement Dermot is so far out there right now I can I can even take the first step in that. He got these echoed that theme there in the playoffs it's a big deal he got a lot of credit Andy deserves his share credit. He got away with one with Peterman and they got lucky they were team that was. Actually pretty bad terms of point differential was not a high performing team in Cincinnati made a play they got in the playoffs and they went right out like the they are not a really good team yet so at the same time and giving no thought to how long McDermott gets. I'm sitting here thinking Hamels sat mean. I think the conservative cited him helps you get beat. Over over time. Although it's a little ironic right now thinking about the past Benjamin at the goal line and the end of the first half when they threw a couple passes and been Jackson goals are able to kick a field goal after that. I mean that's not conservative I don't know how much she really deserves that. Saunders and I'm nothing at all about a long he's here but I'm not either thinking I'm gonna be good for a long time and his team. At worst point differential on the Buccaneers and the bears like they weren't really good but they made it. And that made for great week you know it made for a tremendous time here are celebrating that. That super drought is over and they don't have to hear about that anymore they are to live with that anymore. And that means a lot. Here is Brian excite Brian. Tornados and yeah I just want on about the all all like on old tires gave me. Are bleak album Barron you're. It's first and goal on the warming either shuttle or yet maybe just the thought of it is but I am very it is so. The ball is not on and that's play on our blog or downs and oh. I did well I'd I'd love coach there. Over his decision making is does. It make you look up. But at. Well I mean this is how fans talk about pass plays at the goal line they work a lot the only touchdown in this game were scored on one. By a team that winner for that they were actually on the one yard line when the bills were the government to if you care but. This all goes people kill coaches for that and this coach during your point about that. The penalty was the key thing for the past was not intercepted but he got ten yards neck and upper honoring Plato that does happen on running plays too which is that. This is the fact this is a finger at fans have late branded into their brains that this is always bad is bad for the Seahawks in Super Bowl was bad for the bills today it's good a lot. But we just crossing the copper. A man apparently out we'll see if Taylor talks about that sequence and is asked about it because again I don't know a 100%. What what went down their victories answer was curious when he was asked about it being his color taken McDermott to task for it maybe he is the head coach ultimately. And their American head coaches Maher comes to mind who handled the goal line play calling themselves. I don't believe that to be the case with McDermott so it's either Dennis that are Taylor someone made a choice there and McDermott it was critical. Whoever decided to throw that ball we know that mildly my mildly Jimmie you said there's some calls you'd like back. Your decision as you'd like Buick publicly back calls you back. And whether or not that was called astronaut I've watched the replay of a couple of different times now and the wind is definitively not one not ask why. Assuming yes now that's why they're they are pushing ahead like it's running. So if that's Taylor's call then you don't maybe you'll own it and and talk about it if he's asked about it in the locker room I don't know he's done yet. I would advise against any sort of discussion about this play that assumes LeSean McCoy would score. What you just assume he would score for it didn't score well it was three wrongs. And he's good visiting like that's just can't assume that. There're there're probabilities and I guess it would be early good but you don't expect the penalty there. And they got it also be treated for Benjamin for that. What do they get Benjamin for now I mean I it's for that. Yeah I am I might like make a point about getting about her role on either one of those plays. I mean Benjamin Bibi is guilty of interference about a water on that second one. But there's a play right before that. Before the bills are gonna try to feel able to get the panel William and some downs where they try a one on one. In the corner there and Taylor throws it may not point to the stand and it never had a chance to be complete. And that's a ball with Benjamin skill set if you throw that. Behind them. And Benjamin can just anticipate that's gonna happen in just body the guy up. It's a waste of a play the way it went yeah I mean that's that's the play to make bets were used Benjamin and his size is to not even make them have to go Walt Ford just. Just let him box checked out and use a six foot 5250 pound frame to just don't go Karl Malone how many president Taylor threw David landed out of bounds time. And they got a 38 months or ten passes and throw aways or a couple of in the end zone. He missed O'Leary that could have been a touchdown. Earlier. Like that mature that wave it and it out of bounds but whatever and he Bemis throws if if if writers if there's that saying about. Them throwing it whether it's Dennison. Or Taylor. That would have been Todd is that you're not good for it I mean you're just not you're not could throwing even so when you get down there. Be who you want is what I think you know I'm hearing from bands that I I did it mean those plays can work if they're executed but. I'm not go to sold you don't. Of course I count me as wanting to do the things that he didn't do because what they did did work. It's easier just another one of those guys on just one of those guys Florida didn't score against buffalo. McCoy would have had to score against Jacksonville those things are different yes they are furious and next to Laurent. Why are still on today and thank you so I was wondering about the last minute of the first Al. Well we're treat things. And somebody decided it was a good idea to have Iraqi street passing play. These two. Keeping it on the ground. We're not the clot letting us go a little locker room with a lead. If you can do it. You still you still have to do that like I mean still have to. I mean he doesn't and fourteen seconds ticked at bat they got a field goal right at the annual. My empire leaving her with screening Koppel wired. It's questionable with a bit of the first two passes the first one is perfect. Thompson drops rates Thompson Thompson drops. Brand the next one mr. Jones and the beast or nine in the giddy whenever that once write me at the right side right right right so why am I know. Not a great. Parent sure. Over and no doubt know it was it was it was a tough sequence and it's made worse by you've got all horrible point. Yeah I mean I don't waste a lot of time analyzing the punting game but are their guy is really good at. Putting it at the sideline and limiting the potential for any kind of big return barred boxing guys in and mostly I didn't I see him kick it off. Took the rightly all the right side of his foot that kicked right from the end zone camera behind them right away when Koppel left part of his foot. And it looked like it was trouble and Wallace was a lousy column and he gave Jacksonville if I think the third twenty yards further backbeat 200 worried about the time he still would've. Wanted the bill to make them use them so I don't disagree with the news analysis but. The lousy Claude is his. Bigger culprit in that whole sequences anything. A lot of material there how did Jacksonville get into fuel to arrange poles running. I met set that that became bowl game in Munich what are there was an historian told that the sword up portals until I drive was he can't make a throw. Then on that driving had two or three runs that set them up so you think about Jacksonville not needing to use its timeouts on defense they were glad to have them. Because they got their yardage running the ball with the quarterback I'm I'm scrambles a broken plays you know if you're. Thinking the third and throw it and maybe they're not is in need of those timeouts and it really distance up the you know wash but. Today. Have done because the bills through and they spent them to give the three points ten to three is the final much over the bulldogs here on the post game show the bill's fault. In the playoffs to the jaguars this is the Buffalo Bills radio network. Homeowners haven't always growing never ending to do list ten years with a home equity line of credit from northwest now get an intro one point 49% APR for the first six months. After that it stays low points 45% under the prime rate currently 4% APR. At this rate you'll be done in no time like today he's at northwest dot com for stock into one of northwest's 36 offices in upstate New York. Call 18888844626. For details about credit costs in terms member FDIC equal housing lender. How do you wanna live as a decent person not a bad guy a good friends is that good. Of course not. Can they feel better. 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Fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance Seyfried Mack sixty PA a top 100 largest CPA firm in the nation by Eminem report. Western New York's premiere destination produced her truck parts you pull hook parts you'd save money by EC MC. Go with a bills go and by Selena when guards injured don't wait call or text me. No timeouts down by seven here we go beaten back the throat looks like it could be quickly it is that they. Intercepted. Picked up quite came in the Ramsey. Picked up and that jaguars we'll get this victory. That's how the bills' season comes to end Disney computer and Rosalie interception close out a ten to three loss of the Jacksonville Jaguars in the AFC wild card round. The bills defense perform well today holding the jags to just 130 yards total offense but. He cannot contain Blake portals on the ground is rushed for. 87 but he did manage to throw the game's only touchdown and quite actually the third quarter. Buffalo only got a 31 yard field goal from Stephen housed in the second quarter while Tyrod Taylor was pressured throughout the day. And eventually had to leave the game lead in the fourth quarter after slamming his head hard on the turf. It took Sean Dermot said. Taylor's currently in the concussion protocol that happened following the loss he ended up going just 1737434. Yards. And an interception that bills now return home to buffalo clean out their locker room tomorrow and prepare for the offseason as the jaguars they had to Pittsburgh this Sunday. To face the Steelers in their. AFC divisional match up the other AFC divisional match up will be to the titans as they go to Foxboro the take on the patriots on Saturday. Just one of the game aren't action around the NFL right now as the saints a seven to three lead on the Panthers that one with. Less than thirteen minutes to go in the second quarter. Apple's the second NFC wildcard match apiece yesterday the falcons come away with the 26 to thirteen win over the only ramps. And one quick no from hockey to savers they were actions afternoon in Philadelphia in the fall for one of the flyers. Right Reilly scores bubbles all legal loss and a buffalo were returned home to keep thank senator face Winnipeg jets. On Tuesday night. This update is brought by north town automotive sales service and selection to the nth degree that's north tower automotive. I've read Wilson for the Buffalo Bills three network. We're a good spot in the before you know your other school I pieces. To build on the success we had in the pieces that we have here. But we have a lot of high character. Tough you know competitive guys I think that shows over and over this year thing you know I told them. Before the game and after the game that I am I'm extremely grateful for them all of those guys in the way that they. The way they play in the way they work for me fitness to be around the recruitment. Kyle Williams. Signing off as a word of bills lose to. Jacksonville is not to imply a bit I know we won't be back next year or anything like that I have no idea. Whether that will happen. He was done a great part of this story. Maybe the best part was watching Williams celebrate with his songs in the locker room last week might have been the the best. Image of you know that's right the a good last week. Yeah and he got dumb you know with this is the end for him. You know he got beat he keeps me. He got a lot of bomb you a lot of well air time this week to me was not a lot of national programs. You know with the drought ending with his tenure here being the longest tenured player. And yet good for him I mean fur. For weeks here. As I was. Sort of sheepishly admitting that I'm not dying for them to get in because I'm more focused on what the big picture's going to be for them moving forward. Of the face that I'd always think of the person I don't think of when making that point about not really caring that much about this thing ending the drought would be columns can now be just. Like he's heard me say sit here that don't lead and it and the drought. And it turns out I was mistaken about that because it was well while I'm still focused on the big picture and what this team is gonna do in April moving forward. I wouldn't trade this week for anything. It was a great week they got in and Barings. Who have never seen their team in the playoffs or just weren't old enough to rule would remember them in the playoffs is of course not the same thing. Had a great time with it and aidid I IE. Enjoyed taking that ride and being in the seat with you wouldn't listening to people talk about it. And seeing all the fans that went to wring out every last drop of it today in Jacksonville. Really made me feel good. Going to parties last night there were supposed to start at seven. That sold out of beer and wings by sixers seemed to. For example equated door Rabbani the nearest gray morning really. You know for all the and in the NBA and he Dalton part of this the Chernobyl. Donations that so many fans have made. Because of Dalton and bagels role in this also should should get mentioned here. I don't know that I have ever been prouder of bills fans you know although although a dead spin table smashing and of course there was. Some of that today in Jacksonville is also that they on the NFL today with the power. If I guess that's right. You know for for all all although. Airtime that reputation. Has earned bills fans. I think they showed up agree. In the last in the last week. And I've I've never been happier to be appoint affiliated aligned with the standings are am with the way everybody behaved and and handled. Themselves this week and the charitable part of that is a huge huge part point here's toting excite toning. OK don't is not ready sorry buddy. Erin is next siren. You. The one I I I wanna get credit on the government. He did that on job readiness to wary where. It only needs change is the people disagrees some people. Agreed with that. Thoroughly I feel. Why as far as the band's eighth goal we did a great job this year and we're gonna Morgan at third of its server yet batter. I'm John McCoy number street rusher and we are well. Can't eat can't take that away from our our bill stand and take it away from they are Barrett. And remembered it got to nagger already camped out of the bat about these and any he'd air something here. The ball on hurt one side O. Betty we did a great job. Yep that's the up most popular sentiment of the day it feels right. Not somebody who says you can't be negative because you wanna be honest and as we try to do but. I I feel the same way Bulldog does mostly just like I didn't expect them to win today it wasn't. Really. I wasn't just grinding today like I would have 25 years ago about the playoff games. And I just I feel like you know they were lucky to make it they were okay which is about what they've been there were directs. And they do that this time and everybody's happier for it but. Unless that person that when I say that and you hear it feel like oh boy gotta gotta double Beckel because that is such a soft that it could be. Are you guys just happy they were there. Yeah asset gas I applause. Please don't totality body you know it that I would like to us. Well I don't think meanwhile while it feels like you know the I've already dirty set at all don't need to go revolt. Speech again. There will be talking to be critical about like what needs to happen here moving forward. You know and and I don't think that that will Missouri qualify is negativity there you know there there there were people. You know during the course of this week who you know. Then we'll take anyone saying I don't think this team is that good is being critical being negative light. Trying to be so sensitive OK we can't we're talking about sports it is sports team how good are they matters you know and they've heard that and they show that it. So that that that to mean. Doesn't have to qualify as being legally or not not trying out of reach really hot to find room to make a point like that. And you know I think. That it has to be said it puts a part of the narrative here. But if you want the bills to get better you want them to be like that about them about themselves obsolete and that they will be and and I absolutely that we will be I will be always made the playoffs now so why change it right I mean of course not gonna do that of course not gonna think of this accomplishment. That way. The caller mentioned McCoy. McCoy had a better day that I saw coming with how he left the field in Miami years and just all week. As the week went on he sounded like he was gonna play. But against that opponent what would that mean he did find the holy cow somebody had told me you know caught gotten through and told us on Friday I see 25 touches and you know over a hundred combined yards in the scheme for McCoy I would have been. Boy I'm I'll take it. But I will take a second cup problem and you've got that and more and that was his credit he really felt that note let's hear from McCoy in the lock. Room on the U completely lost it he's playing well as if all else control the ball. Tom position kept them off balance and did everything have scored everything to score in. And penalties. You know matters. Mark bird dropping the ball. You know mommy can I please. Russell those are the me. Doors on the pleasing India which it is. We have this game. Are the opposite him is he. You know via telephone game we've ribeiro took it they're good defense. And I would never team which meant anything else. Mostly known known him for sure you know from the back end of slow it down so that the Garza for a the they're tired you know who were loose veritable battle. Makes they keep more about. It. All well known for that we can you please. If the matches will take it you know. And so. When he was up you know the disease is relevant Fuller. We have on it and our only fight that battle should rooms and cars and we've vcast or school were like that. Are running I don't get it. Guess apartment you can do scored once. So. We need to score in fairways artistic growth. Where there was a person's thing reps situations. You know two week. And that's that's that's part game really hurts there's smoltz. Went up to you via. You know regular price and are pressuring him Islam. And we are you know it's myself or this month over I think we should football program these weren't put. Then again if someone calls you know and I just because of the size wrong things and some needle and it works well on the vice Versa artists wanna run a play. Was a play now with lobbying portal Tom and rain it and it didn't work so. You know so are listening. Here today so much still there and that was the issue there. With guards differently that it. Keeps nominating race please. It's hard to sound and third LP we dropped some passes that the world taxable you know and then you move states. It just disrupted and their parents. And news. That name now grow more. We may hear something uses those it does give school with a one game. I've never won a child you know so does this big to him when his game and and he wrote we have a solid team a team. Great defense. Plea. In a bunker about does the building blocks. I lived down among. Malone is the coolest game. I think my future in Austin lumpiness featured. Team on now we industry now. When this thing go Houston's. Best teams will be for most part we play well now. Still the team in the fourth that could. Be close in Pittsburgh while. A careless about it. The representation of bills answered Jackson for you guys as something else it's progress you know confident that things and in China where. I think buffalo fans don't be. Now in its arsenal that the parents extremely disappointed let them down you know Charles foreign to our darnedest things are looking good. I mean stripped them sore and kind of. All right LeSean McCoy his thoughts after today's season ending loss in Jacksonville playoff loss. For an in my Mike Christensen came up with the us. Seven games including today this year the bills played against. Teams in the playoffs. Named their offensive touchdowns. Little boy. Rule him. Mum. Non against New England that's two games regard. This game today obviously three hum. New Orleans they had a garbage time touchdown to Kelvin Benjamin oral O'Leary maybe was that. Peterman to O'Leary was at Benjamin. I think it was I'd I'd put Gillick it was Benjamin the president have to talk a bit was little I think it was O'Leary OK and either way they're not sure there was garbage time there. But here's the same that's one Carolina they did zero corrects that's five games Atlanta they had to. Jordan Matthews right that's total of two and six games and the other game is Kansas City. Right that's Zeta-Jones. Scored three touchdowns on offense. In seven games including today against teams that made the playoffs McCoy didn't score any. It's a holier your Benjamin from your lungs it's Matthews remember him now in nine Atlanta and minutes Jones against the chiefs. We show the bulldogs the bill's post game show continues next this is the Buffalo Bills radio network. Only AT&T gives you HBO included Ford no extra charge with the AT&T unlimited plans so we ask people what they thought about it. Did you hear yeah. 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By low seeing gantry Buffalo's workers' health attorney working hard for hard working western new Yorker. Stand by Catholic helped the region's first place team in health care quality and safety. It's just confidence and motivation is knowing that. We're capable of north of the games they saw at least it's good enough of them get off of it. And in another thing is if you can't take this statement. About how would you play game two of them playoff game and looking for as well so you never know. When definitely some actually the whole new year yet to have that same type of Casey doesn't have yet to have a say homeless seventeen year drought. More educated so consumed. A lot with the mail last year when it happens. Lorenzo Alexander he is right about that. Nothing. Fifth the it's almost like. So obviously Jamie Sale but you definitely that would want to assume the scene respect him and if not the correct for the front very cold this year. And Alexander good luck to him the man of the year announcement comes tonight for the Super Bowl is a hero's dinner you'll hear Rudy MVP of the league is. That same night he is the bills nominee this year. So. This was as we've all said and known this was not a season. That. There's not a sees where this was expected it was not supposed to be year where they were going to make the drought we we spent time talking about. What are the odds goals forty years or 45 like what what is your what is your plan here. But the cards fell right for them this year the conference was weaker than ever white tie breakers against the right teams and they won enough games nine games. So now what. How much needs to change I'm thinking is this offseason starts. McDermott wills will revert or stayed true whichever really is to what he was thinking needed to have happen here are needed to happen here. Back in the spring and summer. Put one over positions that army had things that evolved in May be changed but they're still are lots of areas on this roster where they could be better. And so we've got 21 round picks 41 and 42. You've got to second round picks in the fifties. And that's a start. They both see if he'd go to golf with with this season to make them. Desirable. To any greater extent he got Micah Hyde here it's pretty good yeah got a second team all. Oh don't Pro Bowl. Golf you know. Talk about what plays that we didn't even bother me examining in this in this game. The best look the bills head of the total over in this game was called Anderson diving for an errant little bigger boy portals past. Anderson is the player motive was in for Micah Hyde who left after getting being in the head a couple of times ultimately that Kamal a field and took from the locker room. But Hyde was good at making that play all your long and Anderson couldn't make it one little play there maybe it may be its wings. Things that take away but yet they come. You know bill will continue to look for their guys I think to fill up the roster and I mean for now gonna defer to their judgment on their guys because they're guys help end the drought. May ship the lot of people lot of your they faced one of them today and arias who just got dumped for six from pictures to get a body your exit in the like his style. Tom Watkins may be met the same fate. And you got it don't they get better players in the place of those guys but they ended up with a better results so. The process. I'm I'm bomb on board such as it is yes don't forget either the play were poles got hit and threw it sideways to format. Cornet on likening the players on the falcons in week forest Murray realized he should probably keep playing their. And if he doesn't. That's right that could be a scoop and score because that was ruled that he that was reliable. A threat. All right well thank you everybody for listening to wash this year. And this sentence for a season of post game talk. Here on WGR buffalo meat Geary will take over you'll be able to talk to him about today's game and the season that was much over the bulldogs this is Buffalo Bills football.