AFC Wild Card: Buffalo Bills vs. Jacksonville Jaguars Highlights

Sunday, January 7th

The Buffalo Bills season didn't end the way we would have liked it to, but hey... who really expected us to be here anyway? Here's a few highlights from today's AFC Wild Card game.

Thanks for listening... See you next season! Our thanks to the Buffalo Bills Radio Network!


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He would Cole the rookie wide receiver who caught 42 pitches like that like that's not gonna run. To coordinate following the pullback lackeys metal could drop Jordan important stopped him. No gain on the late Jerry Hughes helping out as well accept a peace plan short failure. Plus the 25 the first down at the 26 and a half yard line. Let's down buffalo Avery Jones brought down a thirteen yard pickup for nickel you put down bills and their own 27 yard line shot. Instead they've. It was tipped to Logan Thomas Gary Coleman of the of that while the jaguar and celebrate. And real football they contend they think. Street Vincent tonight. Round draft pick of the 42 yard line. For the 37 yard line rather Preston brown finally brought him down a lot of forty aren't as confident on the field Richards in the first round of the sixty. Negotiating at the middle little shaken bacon gets the first down all the way up to the what do you. Hardline football coach for twelve feet and and half minutes left which Champions Tour this. Players down the middle the one caught the 35 yard line it's going forward goes. McCoy he's got a first down at the 39 Aaron Colvin brought down the school in this game on that important suitably birth. But boy he winds up as the slot receiver right side. The problem the mechanisms that stepped up in the pocket but I can keep himself on the run at the fifteenth and is now on the eleven yard line to be an appropriate sound. Wild Jack. Makes the tackle it as a couple first down. It's the game and gets another first down an eight yard pickup on 37 the bills written now first down at the Jacksonville well. But that's not going opposite field double to into the game it's. Gonna throw it plans to punch it. Inside the club and what's that about Mike Gibson. The four yard line unity yards and expect that this will be thirty when you're at cumulative perhaps good on the left hand. We should be behind him contending with the at all and we go happens down it's hit anyway it is not it is but the bills happily. Minute 49 left to play it and they finally. Get some points on the board in this game now that's Lambeau. Your player is an am nineteen to twenty and is due to attempt this for the time with seven seconds left in the first man. Is now live. The game is tied with two seconds left the Jacksonville Jaguars take advantage. Of a good drive start their own 47 yard line and get the field goal 44 yards from Johnson I voted tied up with two seconds for me. First and goal jaguars at the five yard line Chris Ivory the backfield. Here in my practice fly through life. They're probable to stop them. Then started second and goal from the three here goes Florida. The bills will bottled up but stopped him at the one yard line Ramon Humber of their dependence on third and goal from the one Jacksonville getting quotes. For those who snapped. It's not a good. Alexander yankees in his legs kept them out of the end zone we're gonna keep the offense on the field ugly. Not Maroney the colts offense. Days on the field. For fourth and goal from the walker had 33 game final minute third quarter for the ball look at one. Indeed but and jaguars now absolutely. He's ten to three Jacksonville on top 42 objectives that third quarter this is Buffalo Bills football. 34 seconds left no timeouts down by seven here we go. The throw it looks like it could quickly it is to. Intercepted. Not like they've never empty. Picked off and the jaguars we'll get this victory. Jalen Ramsey stepped in front of the advance ticket in the air lifted it to himself. This stuff about Buffalo's chances for a miracle.