Buffalo Bills - 12/31/17 Post-Game Hour 1

Sunday, December 31st

From the Buffalo Bills Radio Network: Hear from Coach McDermott and all the key players from the Buffalo Bills victory over the Miami Dolphins, enabling the Bills to advance to the Wild Card berth of the NFL Playoff next week.


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This is the post game show which show that the bulldogs. Brought to you by northwest made the switch to northwest and get back to living. All right welcome inside the Buffalo Bills post game show I am a Bulldog Mike has day off today. The bills beat the dolphins 22 to sixteen to do their end of things and we are on pins and needles here. The Bengals have the ball second and fifteen. At their own 48 yard line with a minute to go. Down by three against the ravens. Meeting well meeting some yardage here to set up a tying field goal attempt and obviously. Meaning more than that if they would try to win this game in regulation as a three point game Baltimore is ahead of Cincinnati 27. To 24. Dalton throws second down way and they are facing a third and fifteen now again from their 48 yard line. This is what it has come down to the other games are over. And they did not go the bill's way both the titans and chargers won. There are games so the bills' playoff hopes. Resided. Within Andy Dalton's right arm. And maybe the Bengals field goal kicker and a potential overtime. Third and fifteen. Is a short pass well short of the first down so now they are facing a fourth down there 53 seconds to go in this game. And the Bengals will have one last chance to try to get a first down and keep this drive alive and keep the bills' playoff hopes. Allied buffalo won their game 22 to sixteen to gut. A little dicier at the end maybe maybe very similar to the previous meeting between the bills in the dolphins. When bills were pretty comfortably in front most of the game with all of the game and then only Miami touchdown and an onside kick it got boxed by the bills. And recovered by Miami and it got a little tense and ultimately. Interception late sealed a Jordan Porter this time with a pick for the bills it was a fun game for the bills Kyle Williams had a rushing touchdown. But really the big picture is what matters now in fourth and twelfth for the Bengals. At the Baltimore 49 yard line. Is what. Were looking at here waiting to see. If the bills will. Play on and play next weekend or if the playoff drought or reach eighteen years. We have got a. Did you hear the yelling. Bet the Bengals touchdown. That isn't pickles touchstone Andy Dalton. I've poured in twelve. Just hit bullied. Moving. Nights for a few Baltimore defenders and in the end zone. Eagles just scored a touchdown on fourth and twelfth. To take a lead with 44 seconds to go on the Baltimore Ravens. Brad is in credible. That just happened. Barack trust app. Wow we are pretty tense. Do you love few moments here I think. Thirty to 47 pending an extra point this is obviously a pretty big extra point. Would force the ravens to go for a game winning touchdown as opposed to week game tying field goal and the extra point is good. The angles lead the ravens. Bite four with 44. Seconds to go in Baltimore. Get the kick off in rare and people waiting to see at least seventeen year playoff drought. Comes to when and barring something miraculous. From the ravens with 44 seconds ago. Holy. Is incredible. All right it's not over we're gonna have been able me tight I'm sure the bills. And Sean McDermott and everyone are doing the CB were doing which is watching TV news. So normally we get into this post game show edits. You know coaches news conference right away. But I think I would imagine that they are holding off. On that for now I will. While we're waiting for kick off in Baltimore to get the ball back into avoid just doing like actual play by play of this game. Don't worry I'm not I'm not take my eyes off it argued he expressed martz tests of the game right now check out expressed are not your average convenience store. What we've got on the day passing for Tyrod Taylor seventeen point 54178. And one touchdown. We've got that David fails played all of this gave except for the first series in place of Jay Cutler Eagles eight to fifteen beyond the stats aren't. Refreshed. And I. These are partial partial game stats sorry waiting now from my computer to load the final sports stats. The 38 seconds. And it first and ten. Deepen their own territory. To see if daycare and stay alive date they obviously need to win here. If they are going to us stay alive the bills need. The bank tools to get this thing to the garage first contend that the 27. Yard line for Baltimore. First place a short pass and out of bounds to Ben Watson. And the ravens are off year they have all three of their timeouts should tell you the need to use them on this first play as though. Pass catcher managed to get out of bounds. So. That is where we're at all three timeouts 38 seconds and the ravens need a touchdown. To keep the Buffalo Bills. Out of the play offs. Kind of hard to really do much besides just watch this game so let's all just what soldiers do this together a Joseph Flacco is sacked on second down. It's a pretty substantial loss. Expected timeout be taken here because they have all three of them. And will go from there and see what we could do. The other games by the way if you if you care mean it all comes down this one because the titans beat the jaguars fifteen to ten. And the chargers beat the raiders. Thirty to ten. In those games that is. That is what leaves us here hanging on Joseph Flacco and the Baltimore Ravens 25 seconds to go third and fourteen. Ravens backed up around their own twenty or so. They have two timeouts left down again by four points. And meeting the touchdown to knock the bills out of the playoffs and go to the playoffs. Themselves. That is that is where we're at the titans are in the had a win and in scenario so they are there. I don't think right now there's a scenario where the chargers can make it despite their every one comes down to watch the Baltimore. Worn the bills. The third and fourteen play. The is almost intercepted it. Incomplete. Near the first down marker doesn't matter fourth and fourteen point four seconds to go. That's where that as a bird don't happy new year. I. Did pretty good. To be pretty good fourth of fourteen. More than fourteen. That's where Iraq. I'm not glad to really say much until those players over. Flacco throws shorts. To Watson and he is tackled. Just short about a yard short. It looks like of the first down marker. With fourteen seconds to go if that's spot holds up. Visual turn the ball over on downs and the angles will be in position. To Neil this game out and the drought. Will be. History for the Buffalo Bills seventeen years. Out of playoffs. I imagine they're going to take some time to review this spot and make sure it's right no they're just motioning first down bagels. The Bengals offense is coming out of the field. And that it's gonna be bat. They are snapping at the bank rules and can stop the clock a couple of times here. By. The bills are gonna go to the playoffs people that is happening the Buffalo Bills. Stock stranger things fourteen seconds to go a couple of kneel downs in a couple of Baltimore timeouts to go here. But it's it's all bought. Clinched year. They can stop the clock twice this old. Boxer in real bound Cincinnati. And I've stopped. The teams are on the field that is it's official. That game is over the coaches are shaking hands the Bengals. Come from behind in the final minutes. And beat the ravens 3127. Coupled with a 22 to sixteen win for the bills over the dolphins the Buffalo Bills. Are going to. The playoffs. How about that everyone. Everyone in here taking self these hot cracker. Or. This is pauses of up big super bought an eye on the ball like happy. Happy. New year. It is our new year. The bills are in the playoffs for the first time since the nineteen. 99. Season by virtue of their 22 to sixteen win over the dolphins tonight. And the ravens. Falling. To the Bengals at home the bills will be the sixth seed they will go to third seeded Jacksonville. Wild card weekend. Don't know at what point you're gonna have to forgive me I am paid attention to when exactly they make these game times and days official. Because the bills that have been in it for so long. I imagine at some point tonight they will decide which games are going to be on which days. But the bills are the six and they will be going to Jacksonville to face don't own a Blake morals and the jaguars. Who are very strong defensive team. How about 8030551888. By fifty to 550. Any credible sequence of events during the last 15 minutes I am but like sweat pouring off me. I mean I just had just adrenaline I'm so excited. What a night to be here. Bill's fans drank it and the drought is over. They are in the post season. But it won't play the Jacksonville Jaguars in a wild card playoff game next weekend. Day in time to be determined. 8030551888550. To 550 those are the numbers. Menopause. We got one of the producers. Do little wrist I think we got to do a little less let's get a golf ball up. TJ is first up here on the vols pollster and show I TJ thanks for calling your army air. They know probable gaga just wanna say congratulations to our Buffalo Bills Stanley around the country in the world. I think Sean McDermott Brandon being typical honestly and enough. And then when they're billing it as 70% chance. But wherein we are being. Let go buffalo. Davis love the call appreciate it yeah I mean they keep. There was there was not agree we talk about it all week there was some not a great chance the the teams that the bills needed to lose. Were all big favorites including the ravens. And they. They were lousy most of the day today this game they didn't leave this game until the fourth quarter the ravens they were sleepwalking nearer three and out machine. In the first half of this game Flacco was terrible. For the majority of this game but they got a couple of big plays. And managed to. You know get your turn over the going to be kick return. And they got back in it and we're ahead late but the Bengals rallied we are just getting rolling here on the Buffalo Bills post game show. Let's take a moment pause ten seconds for stations all on the network to identify themselves. All right. Thank you very much Buffalo Bills post game show. We'll be hearing from coach Shaw mature shortly and I'm probably gonna get a little more locker room reaction and then it is normal. As you know here we are with the playoff drought having ended. And Ole boy they just blows through it and I dare we saw I think I saw Sunday 1 o'clock. Sunday 1 o'clock bills jet bills jaguars. And am almost sure that's what I just saw on TV is it flashed through the brigade times. That were were announced there. I'm gonna have to oh yeah there it is nobody in my just Texas beat Tommy sought to Sunday 1 o'clock. Jacksonville bills that jaguars that. Is York. The call to the call it weak state team probably not right sorry you know a lot of practice I don't know what the kids say anymore wild card weekend the bills are in and will play in Jacksonville. On Sunday. At 1 o'clock. Yeah a man. Sean is next up hi John thanks for calling your on the Buffalo Bills post game show. I I got there won't have a pretty good for damn good how we don't graduate. Hey Kurt congratulations are order him for copper up our style. Hers at all. That yet that was really cool that was really really cool. That really got I appreciate everything that is Donald inferno nick get at that touchdown run. 81 class. And probably a little bit off. Well he's gonna play next weekend athletes these Terry's got another game yet it was really cool. And you know the way this game was unfolding. It sort of felt like at that point they were coasting to a win then and it got a little tense at the yen. The only thing that took any attention I head on Kyle Williams it was a great moment heartwarming moment I'll bet some bills fans even got. Choked up pretty emotional. About that the fact that he scored that touchdown in that spot in what could have been his final game it turns out it's not. What took my attention away for what is was hanging on every single play. In the bank Eagles ravens game there's a very weird did experienced today needing that result in the bills being comfortably in front. I found myself watching. Bagels ravens game on a computer monitor in the newsroom more than watching bill but it did not have. A great handle on what happened on that crazy sequence where the bills thought they had a nine mediator 99 yard fumble return by Preston brown and jarrah slanderous ruled who have been out of bounds and then they they scored on the next play and there was like at WWE sequence where people got tossed out of the game it. I was paying attention to it but I would ought to Alter his game that was more important. Bob yeah obviously a cool moment for Sean McDermott to give. Kyle Williams the opportunity to score there from one that was set up by a along pass interference penalty on the dolphins that put buffalo in great shape down first and goal at the one yard line and talk about the called the punched it in and it was a pretty cool moment of celebration. Was something I don't think most bills fans watching are and forget any time soon Matt is next up here on the bills posted shall I met thanks for calling on the air. Let me put up or are you don't get the puck or emotional roller coaster right below. O'Leary checked that our army and the old grandfather watch and an immediate title onto it and want. I played what that you're watching it should be thankful but aren't at the end not. I got it probably bear the 1980 and it the area. Pretty moralists and midfield sitting in. That is the related. To well little old Super Bowl. So you clutch are well but I net there mr. I'm out on water out and how you do singing. And that did you really listen we're all really grateful to you earlier asked to leave I think the bills are going to the Super Bowl. No I don't want her. Don't don't have real world a good mood this is really cool the drought is over the got a game in Jacksonville next week and that's possibly I hope you can. I hope you can hear the smile on my pace is some talk to me. Do I do and here's the thing we you'll go back or Portugal or law. Laundry on a geek and what they'll stand but I say look you know what I hit it 400 very what you don't want. That goal for next week oh well that's right reports one more what more RT gold ball below are right here. Don good. Good good good job Matt thank you very much appreciated just the bills are playing in Jacksonville. Wild card weekend they defeat the dolphins today 22 to sixteen stand. The course one important thing one thing for the mangled. Brian do we need to whom think about a break here at some point I do wanna hang on for the coach like what do you suggest we do. We should take a timeout we should take a time out are regarded got you the express mark stats of the game. Not your average convenience store let's take a timeout if the coach gets to the podium will erupt this break and when UT alive. But in the interim will squeeze in a timeout here. This is the Buffalo Bills radio network. 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The Buffalo Bills post game show was being brought by northwest make the switch to northwest and get back to look like Geico. Eighteen minutes could save you fifteen. And number 1000. Pick of the year and he continues to bless us and thank you Cincinnati Bengals as well Marvin Lewis but really just you all the sacrifice that goes into this. It'd it on the players' behalf on on everyone involved. In this in the building. Back to buffalo for all of our fans. All the families involved all the sacrifices that are involved in this. I can't thank everyone enough. Congratulations to everyone. It's been a long time coming. And then the best parties were building and I'm just happy to be a part of it. Also say congratulations to be to Kyle Williams. He's worked he's waited he's led. He's put heart his heart and soul in this city this team. And I couldn't be any prouder. For him at this moment. Really our players and our fans just congratulations I'm just I'm just happy it's hard to imagine this happening. You know what I'm a firm believer in faith and I know god brought me here for a reason. And hey you've got these this group of men together for a reason and so you know that's what I that's that I fall back on times like this. Did you manage the balance of concentrate on the task at hand it and knowing this this held yours together and having that impacted your eyes and minds of players. Yeah you know he's you've heard me say before as a mentally tough football team. And you know that's what you saw there today they've battled we have some guys go down other guys were ready great job by the coaching staff guys stepped up. And I did and did their job is well. So. You know the hard part was just trying to closes this team now's a good football team and in the locker room and give credit coach case in his football team that battled them. And Don Nickles in July we've got to lock in third with faculty and staff for. And they were down to find out how the leak was the only their situation and outlook. Yeah you know there's a lot of guys returned all right away. And I felt like it was the right thing to do regardless of what happened for our players given the chance to watch it and I. Lot of guys brand now again as just hold hands and and I was just great to have this guy and when together you know. No no get in don't know where I'd rather and this season and together whether it was gonna work on it or not and to be able to celebrate to watch. A lot of grown men in that room cry. Because of Wear and another going all the hard work and sweat and tears and going this thing. You know this is what we were four right here. Paul Ortiz. Shocked by how active how to score a couple of you know it's unfortunate and on there's there's a winner there's a loser and a coach Harbaugh is a great coach coach Pease and those from what I revs made in his last game so. You know. You know they've been there before so. We're just happy to have that have peace here right now have a chance and legacy before we continue to grow continue to build. And they get better each and every week so strong quarters. Yeah well I don't know yet at this polling still being evaluated. Think we'll know something a bit more in the next month for what you know. You'll I don't always trust that this happened pretty recently that was set in the book half. You know just something they've put in. Over the last couple weeks and counting great credit Rick Dennison luggage you. Her offensive line coach and well well designed well excuse you back now. Knowing that the Cleveland tee boxes and Andy there's nothing to play for today come on play their tails off these cars they didn't nothing on the line for them. And it. Your team was in that position do you feel a responsibility in the end of the year to play hard and there's other teams depending on you. Is that is that something you'd like your team while you can look them straight. Any thoughts of all situations are very different right. I know you know there. That's it that's a Marvin Lewis coached football team they always play hard and and you know. When I would expect from the plain different and and but every situations with a different we know this we go out play hard regardless of the situation and we play a certain style football that's Buffalo Bills on his sister yeah opposite. About his vision to play also. He was in the locker yes excellent here kitty kitty here yeah I'm going on. You know and I'm happy for him I felt that's pool was put a lot of invest a lot into the and eighteen. And the the entire city and now I can't thank them enough for this opportunity. And obviously it's a happy to be part. We first took this job you knew that this whole self into things have been sitting there. How much of this place was so that you were content yourself knowing that. There's any way get this done for you and it now have to have been doing I mean how how important was it too because you know in the community what is it. We're illness yeah I mean that's that's planned. Such emotional moment Tom I know it's my first year as any coach. And we're building and that's that's exciting part still Lotta Lotta work to do a lot of work to be done. That's that I was you know when it got beat when they went ahead Cincinnati against the 44 seconds on the clock I was. Sammy got hate it when it announces it is so now you know so I'm happy like you said. You know for all the work that's been put him. The fans that come out as a came here to support us you know it's not it's not an easy flight. They traveled to solve wherever we go it seems like. And I'm looking forward. Seeing everyone Jackson. When we entry flags throughout the game toward the end jets focused eighteen after that or any concerns after that happened. Yeah always concerns. You know I don't I don't like to see dead. On either side and you know it's always a tough officials have a tough job and those things don't want to identify what exactly went on. No I believe in discipline. In order to to win you've got to put this football so upset that. Oh that's that's that's whether those moments right. The final. Any kind of take you through them for. You know a lot of lot of happy guys in that locker room. Lot of emotions you know. Brian running pretty wild. Guys just happy if part of it and it's a good this is a team can. You know as a team these guys on the play as a team. From day one though and in the chance. If people thought we are tanking. And get a lot of credit to grand means our personal staff to do great job and the guys continue to battle we're not. We're nowhere near where we need to be. But we are. We are very grateful for this opportunity. It's a Weller Weller an opportunity and so my hat goes off to everyone involved. Thanks guys. Big old that is bills head coach Sean McDermott in his post game meeting with the media. Here on the Buffalo Bills post game show I'm the Bulldog the bills are going to the playoffs. For the first time since 1999. They'd beat the dolphins today 22 to sixteen and got the help they needed late. From the Bengals a long Tyler boy touchdown reception from Andy Dalton. Port the Bengals back on top lately fallen behind by a three but they win the game 31 to 27 in Baltimore some angles giving the bills that help they needed there. And that has the bills in the playoffs for the first time since 1999 and if you are just tuning in and have not heard they will play. Next Sunday. In Jacksonville against the jaguars. So bad is. Bad is that. That is what is happening wild card weekend shapes up like this Saturday afternoon the titans the five seed in the AFC will play at the number four seed chiefs. Later that night falcons and rams will play in an FC wild card game and then Sunday at one. The bill the succeed at the number three seeded jaguars. And then the nightcap on Sunday will feature the Panthers. At the saints again. That is on the wild card weekend. Playoff schedule we have to take a quick timeout we have lots of time for your connection. And I'll bet it's going to be yum what could pump up the stick it's gonna be emotional when drought is over after seventeen season. Season two tease me the bills are back in the playoffs I am Bulldog Mike has the day off today. We'll get into your phone calls at 8030 by fifty and 1888552. By fifty a quick timeout this is Buffalo Bills football. The playoff drought is no more the Buffalo Bills that beat the Miami Dolphins 42 to sixteen and get the help and out of town scoreboard that they needed. The Cincinnati Bengals beat the Baltimore Ravens 31 to 27. In the bills' game they got started early scoring a touchdown on the very first drive. Snapped to run play action now lofted into the interim government. Did Joseph Biden predicted and that yeah. That was Taylor's only touchdown of the game but he did have a pretty good day statistically in nineteen of 27 for 204 yards. And that touchdown he also added 36 yards. On the ground running back LeSean McCoy left the game with an injury in the third quarter he was carted off in did not return accord was having a tough state anyway just ten yards. On eleven carries you spins at a show after reports that X rays on mccoys ankle came back negative. The dolphins did make it close late in the game they had the ball down six in the final minutes Bjorn employer sealed the deal. Second night at the buffalo 48 yard line. The snap the field looks down the middle blitz is what players are. I'm. Here. That was porter's fifth of the season the end of the bills game the Bengals were down three to the ravens. Faced with the fourth and twelfth in the final minute Andy Dalton came through for buffalo there. With that touchdown the ravens were eliminated from the post season so the bills will go to Jacksonville and play Doug morrow and the jaguars. Next Sunday at 1 PM. Elsewhere around the NFL the other scenario the bills could have made it an involve both the chargers and titans losing that never got off the ground charges dominate for readers. Thirty to ten in the titans at Giles bill next opponent jaguars. 1510. So titans and bills are the two wild card teams. In the AFC Buffalo's freezing magical place at Jacksonville the titans will go to arrowhead in play Kansas City. Elsewhere are on the NFL in the NFC playoff race Arizona police boiler beat Seattle 26 to 24. So Atlanta secures the final wildcard spot in the NFC Atlanta took care of their business anyway. Beating the Panthers 22 to ten. World juniors going on today as well here in buffalo team USA gets a big win over Finland five to four. Also are going on right now keybank center Sweden and Russia are currently scoreless in the first period. This bill's game wrap up his brought you by independent health from every date your unexpected independent health Red Shirts are here to help. For the Buffalo Bills radio network I'm Jody B Osce. Yeah. It's 200 at crowded made it a lot of people. Hit it in buffalo and bill's fans all over the world relief after that was fourth and wealth. For the Bengals. At the ravens' 48 yard line. Erik forgive me I was not paying super close attention to I needle just there yes forty yard line and Dalton to Boyd touchdown. Baltimore got the ball back. Turned it over on downs ultimately the and we had wood under a minute when they got the ball back incredible the bills are in the playoffs for the first time since 1999. They will travel to Jacksonville. To play the jaguars. Next Sunday. At 1 PM. Happy. Freaking new year everybody. I am the Bulldog Mike has the day Al this is the Buffalo Bills post game show. We we'll have a lot of time for your only action now will get the locker room eventually heard John McDermott. Already. What tonight. What a night the bills are going to the playoffs. Let's get nick in the just rolling here this segment hi nick you're on the bubble will post game show thanks for calling. Well like I go man. I'm awesome or oh my god you I'm so happy right now I just. Forty years old dude I'm trying my eye dogs I got a couple quick things that's where death a death. They keep forever yeah they. My dad passed away a year and a half ago. Our great man follow the bill as a whole life was there with a double play out. Ron I wouldn't awake or online at that time you know I would not count I was eighty bikers all they they made their last period. I weep in Wheaton man so long. I didn't stand up routine for so long uses such a jury is glorious day. Un believable manner about shaking and crying and and in jumping up and down at its just slightly over. And I it to what a great thing for the city and what a great thing spurt. Our armored me and I just got also say that. You know New Year's Eve to build drought is over please keep your eyes open on the road you know it is designated driver to its gonna be crazy. Net Jeff thanks a lot to do it probably will be quite tonight and dom you know condolences on your debt. The precludes a pretty cool night so on so good you know good for you to thank you for calling I appreciate it Steve is next up by Steve you're on the built post game show are you. Are doing great they certainly have yeah I guess I want to say congratulations to everybody in this is that. This is a great win for the bill if you know this is a long time comments for a lot of people he's the best fans in football. To be able I heard it you know go through what we've gone through Indianapolis came these guys it's just a great win for everybody involved I'm just so happy to be a Beltran. A great game. You have a man how am I here you have it really you know the bills the bills did. You know the bills just sort of took Arabic today there was never really and mean. Any reason to be nervous about their game they got a little Dicey at the end. Onside kick and early up IE. But by six points at that point. A key got a little parents but. You know boo. It was funny the afternoon. As it became even being its first one because the the ravens were behind right away Rangel scored. And were in front and they in front. All all afternoon into the evening until the fourth quarter and the ravens managed to. Did in front and it started to feel very much to me like this was all gonna be for naught is is how it felt with the bills that take care of their game and they were in good shape. And it started to feel very much to me like word just gonna be left with not getting the help which was you know always kind of predictable the bill were favored to win their game to them beating Miami. Wasn't going to be any big surprise the big surprise would be if they would get the help and again as the evening started to where I'm. It was not looking like that help was gonna come through but the tangles. I don't seem miraculously but stunningly. Comb through at the end on fourth and twelve at the Baltimore 48 yard line and and not just didn't feel glories to force overtime. But did it came winning touchdown. From Dalton aborted and put the bills into the playoffs it was really quite something. To watch and experience and I'd blows on the airline does that'll. Indy is next up Miami you're on the built post game show are you. Hey Chris are you happy new year Lisa do you pay idea and just pump they couldn't be more excited I paced around my living room for four hours this afternoon nervous attacked. And I gotta say I'm excited for Kyle Williams most first and foremost because he finally you know not only score that account is awesome but. The guy's been here for the longest time it played a playoff game. I what is in the best part about the next year. No more Mike Stuckey technology. No fortunately Northridge at least two primetime games next here that they can't north adult and I think for this year and technically pledged here happy new year I couldn't be more certain. OK I think her apology was really stark he was religious blue living in in in and you know in making the best of we can make the best of but the drought is dead drought is over so that's right that's gone it's gone forever there's no more no more we'll. Look drought through more and more Hoosier favored over the drought what. No more me argue with Ryan about bland Mormon being the best bill of the drought but that's all dead and yeah I. I ma I think I'm happy to see it go. The bills. In the playoffs in Jacksonville Don Moore owned by the way if you want them is there. Aren't happy new year Mike is next up on the bill's post game show I'm like thanks for calling you on. You are able you're the collection at why is everybody doing these random function I'm sorry I'm glad you're not probably. Yeah. Finally. I can only we've delayed this for such a lot of time. And again and everybody saying it put out certain mentally I am super center for Kyle Williams you know he didn't for so long he's looked at. Or the build organization for it and you don't offer the best and topple ball in Britain Newton opting out she could say would be and. I do a giant duke gimme gimme another one of those communion the best when you guys. Who. Thank you very much I need that was that was that was nice like like. We feel good. Kristen is next upload Kristin you're on the bill's post game Joseph thanks for calling. Yes lol so I called and when he had that game of the now game late. That didn't got that right you don't we do not go to no you did not but I needed. Good for you and you said that Irene you're in that he had them by 20% crack what then I beg your pardon. I pay you raised your enthusiasm by 20%. That that day. That then yeah I'd I'd I'd I'm sorry Chris didn't forgive me I don't remember that but if you said that Celtic to report lately it all on me. You did OK act. This evening. And I was in my brother and I actually watched the a couple of games ago at both Brothers. And my mother is looked. Looking down at and she made the Bill Clinton and I and I know I just about the other guy heard the other guy call in it I'll let emotion but. It along in the I'm in the layout so. The fact that I called in place in the pac past two weeks is awesome and the bills are going into the Super Bowl. Thank you for the call. I appreciate it art and the good that was supposed to understand nothing about the COLT game is and I totally missed it. Which she mad at me or something but I totally did not understand which was talking about did you hear did you catch Kazaa yes no I idea I do remember calling but I don't specifically remember. OK like what transpired. Write me a meter are. Okay our protocol yet they're in the playoffs come I'm glad your mom is looking down in this happy to clues like everybody should be happy the bills are in the playoffs for the first time. And you know a long time seventeen years yes is a long long time in his sport where every one. Gets their turn. The bills finally the longest playoff drought in the four major North American team sports is. Over. Seattle Mariners are on the clocked. If not into the post season since 2001. But bills with some help from the Bengals tonight. Dot yen. Hand that is awesome. Ben is next up on the built post game show I've been thanks for calling your on the year. That's how I love that about what right do mayors are on the clock actually look man are minimal care and I'm 37 years old my son. Will be eighteen in May he's never seen the bills. Might get into the playoffs ever what you just obviously we know the tremendous courage. Everything that happened what could spur though maybe a lot you'll get beat Ryder Cups and everything like that expired. I don't understand how around the national polling even though we're in the position we are now on the playoff maybe we'll hear a little bit about it. How McDermott doesn't get the can not only start coming in May have played are on top of it. Well we stockpiled crude future your grandma. You living in the Chicago region I know exactly what it has to be with good leadership and gun ownership what to Chicago Cubs and how they got it. And breaking that route and and bully thing the ball on the line and getting employees who. Look I was sitting in my grandmother's room and 99. Shell rating right after Rob Johnson had no wish. Yet are we missing warning now look you'll stop wanting to remain with joy. And having cheer this way after the music city miracle. And it. We're gonna long tar and carbon man brawl would still stands an idol to people wanted to talk about emotions. And not appealing them when you got 300 pound title Williams in that locker room. Growing and that all golf right because we finally achieved what we wanted to do a show got mortars she did it feel doing good and everybody that all the emotions are gonna go long and hard to assure all the emotions. I saw a marked the whole bill. Emotions running high try to try to keep about a week we got it would try to keep it under control it is not try to keep a keep them control. 8030 by 51888552. By 50000. Public good time to review the playoff schedule. We'll stick a stick of a breather from fault it would watts does your reaction. I don't keep just keep keep the girls folks keep clean. The wild cards schedule. Is as follows on Saturday the five seed in the AFC east Tennessee Titans will visit the Kansas City Chiefs who are the four seed. The evening game on Saturday will feature the succeed in the NFC the falcons at the number three seeded rams. On Sunday the bills who got in as the succeed will travel to Jacksonville the play of the third seeded jaguars. And the nightcap on Sunday will be the five seed Panthers visiting. The four seed New Orleans Saints if you're curious about how the bracket shake out if you. You know. Wanna know. The bills are on the side where they would travel to Pittsburgh sold with a win over the jaguars the winner of the game between Jacksonville buffalo goes to. Pittsburgh. That's how that's how Belichick's. I think is that how the bracket no I think there's receding they receive are thrilled with our renewing right I'm looking at a bracket and that that they haven't drawn that way Mike that's a mistake that's right the lowest seeded team wants to they would travel. And we console wind. Or Jacksonville. Has them re matching with the with the patriots. If Jacksonville wins they would go to Pittsburgh. And then New England will play the winner before five that's how that shakes oplink Joseph. Jody B does she's here handling the updates on the bill radio network. We'll take a quick timeout here I am the Bulldog more calls are on the way we're going to be eager on the network until about 930. I think Nate and maybe Ryan are taking over then and were spent a lot of time here locally after the network ends but. So if that were folks want to you know switch over hit the apple at the website and don't listen that way. We would encourage you to do so if you dig in the vibe here tonight so far the bills have ended the drought with some help from the Cincinnati Bengals. The bills are traveling to Jacksonville next Sunday at 1 o'clock I am the Bulldog in this his Buffalo Bills football.