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Friday, December 29th


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This is the men's room. Hi got other got bad joke story Eric turn up dead vs the FCC another site ran a profile us yes we were very good toes with a shot of the day our men's or blank question today. Dumbest thing I've seen someone do with my own two eyes was blank 8449990. And where Mike Gunn why new totals while he was working its first double McDonald's his go to who was the hash browns in cream cheese combo but I'm sorry that's not actually why you call. Them. No I don't know how he got to Paolo. There are some crazy stuff I tell you about some don't like brick did you think that people are dying but. I mean yes it up for another call another time and she really wanna hear him bloggers miss one. One guy ordered a meat chicken and uncertainty backwards. You want an issue in which every continent that makes it slimy. Sly need. You mean like Sweden shall I lost the world what. Everything swings our socks match up man a catch up every thing and it would disc boxed it Ely Allen. I guess so we can't let. Attention should merge George you know every let me just slimy like you you're getting a gel which it's slimy at slicker acts each keeping it. Yes slimy is not a popular word in the culinary world he would food tunnels I dislike me that's good. Egg whites. But you still wouldn't Colmes you just think of a different word if you were trying to get a Sony really is he wouldn't be like I'll. Mega site from the back of finally decided to just after I want my eggs sunny side of our awesome real slimy yellow dumbest thing I've seen someone doing my own two eyes was a blank. The pitch no you're just Arianna. Are you originally were decoding and McDonald's down not eat again. I've been there like nineteen times I was gonna go for much when he third trip but eminently given notice who is similar to stay roughly and we don't like McDonald's and America you get into. You guys are entirely. Others just let out is because. The way that is we don't is situated is I traffic's don't go to one way to the drive through is going in the other direction which is important story. Jim Carrey auditioned right just after I'm not a high school and distort just recently converted to a 24 hours or so I'm out there doing the directory being. Like at 11 PM are. The lights. I don't react very hard. And Vince come to an end you know it's yellow are not LP are companies like how do you want to order to really emerged MI okay it's late. A dollar eighty or something like that. I need drug I've lost. I don't seem permanent and only earn their way it is just so I cheek out the window and like why did she I she just forty slick sounder RVs. Hitting trying to write around little corner trying to kick to the window the first when Hillary can pick. This guy not I mean look if you go to a drive through fast food you understand roughly how it works everywhere why would you think a forty foot long RV is gonna take the tar. I don't know it's clearly want you hamburgers and now he'll go to let something like. Like yelled bitch next stop and south east trying to drive overt. A little grassy lake a boundary in each now. Our store and the freeway. And down I sure enough she makes it past that first rounder I. She you know all these intently but will. The current overt though windows dullest eating and out through and play range that we don't get let her yet you market and he's still. Pressure just ignore it. Right. So. She he seemed like half way on the boundary his. And each chipped aptly a twenty sized dirty degree angle. Trying to shape Colbert are urged whenever they rich and my manager now. Oh or so we're just weeks there and and I meant a bigger renters what stunning trying to tell you that you can't you can't get this particular the insane. How long did he added I do do this how long did all the stake. Shapes up from what it started to Al pitched only about. China actually minutes or some bump from this point the story. Short when it started but for this sense that there's more. And it gets better pitched so. Eventually he realizes he can't make it right can't get under. That little clearance and worst. And IE ET I watch it every so it's only irons and fortunately for him at eleven and nighter though there's no traffic so he goes over the boundary. You know other entered into our highly don't apply only direction. And we're back into the early in Cuba parking lot for the dot. He's Smart and he hit. It. But almost nobody you and they Alley we have to get them and wreckage trying to get out of deep into the store which closed. Are disclosed at the time in 98 Nichols lobbies that like 10 o'clock or something to meet the director open and if he wanted him hammering each other manager get out there and I. I didn't see this part so I mean I'm not dealing with this treaty shot at mission Atlanta net night stranded at emirates. So the manager goes out there. And all that long story short all the cops get called and. Yeah. It's intensely you know you can playing Kansas long story short of those points. And waves went on to jump start on what is the guy got his hammers are. I know the only docket are energized you amber let's. I got I don't I don't want to ask. So generally understand the inside its clothes through this guy struggling that hard did you not maybe just like he did him some burgers out the window. You know I'm were I it hi I'm really I kind of want it you actually buy it though the managers like not knowing who is the statement. Okay and I Marley I mean look man. It's a McDonald's. And it's a drive through tree the only reason becomes difficult is if you make it difficult that was like eight of those Legos are using ways. You really got to go like fifty feet. The U gonna take me like 900. Miles to get there yet again. Care about that don't make it difficult to order your food grab it man that was they have seen someone do a violent July's was blank gave 44999. Nolan. I guess he got and the RVT can't go inside. And I understand there's rules like hey you can't serve people who walk up to the drive you. But I feel like if you saw a guy struggling that much from two hamburgers like the rules in on the burger I give them three. Yeah after the entertainment and out of me enough and hopefully I don't feel bad for you it's just of this member content type to. Hello Blake welcome to the bedroom. Yeah yeah. Staying away. My daddy got really big guy. Don't let the burger. The basic boot on the early dinner he'll. Of the Columbia. Us. Any count so hook they go to bed early get there we go to bed and we wake up next morning. I've read but there are alarmed. So. You make the ballot anywhere. You know getting dressed in all this stuff being the ice pellet out there lost the vote. Period third period an outlet that the drive in the and really want to get out there early you know video to be out there early to get fish or whatever groups and there are needed I think that it can't be you know basically at the follow beyond code all the way out there. And they're deleted let any kind of talk before back. Any help so he decided to make. How to crop the code here in the dead of all it ain't it and its chief medical. They're going world. He didn't look that is that you get if they could do it. There were looted after the death either. And and it we're gonna get clipped. Andy hit that Dan Barnes. And the fly out. A little bit but didn't ever go out in the boat obviously in anything you land on that and barge but being like the middle of it. Leone and eat it after it kind. And are back on that damn barge and whenever we hit my daddy headed is leaning on the cap and cared. And impact obviously pushing forward. And there at third. I'm inflated. Well the light jet that you didn't get cooler that the ball and Betty how it forehead that less wind of the I've. Story did you guys get all the sand bar in new what do you do not. Not OK oh see that's sorry yeah you know it's curtains when I have no idea to the boat house. So it with that I'd be on the back end and they love salt. And any athlete but I found out yells don't know. They are stories and it's his junior grandfathered add up and are calling up from the assembly house that just there and then here's a thing on that sort. It was it was when he said you know your granddad says that you have to get out there early to catch fish men okay that is a lie. I'm sorry like every fisherman doesn't I don't know what it is it just wanna get away from their wife a job and I'm on borrowing they wanna get out early in its the same thing and my. Every it's on to do. Fish fish typically do eat more so the morning and in the later writing but they eat all day long too so it's this gimmick that fisherman have like. There man who wanna get out there and buy again only about five no that's why you sit there for four hours then maybe like in the afternoon like other starting hit now. Think you don't know would've I don't know man I think you've got to get out there out of this that it same with hunting. We gotta get out there in the morning early before they can smell and cius or you could walk out in the middle of the woods nursed for beer and Freddie issue one of like Jay you could sit there all morning long to be quiet but you don't necessarily have do you could actually I think it would I've been fishing in the morning you get more actually go fishing in the middle of the afternoon. Just the tides and stuff it's gonna sit there and all depends on what your position. I think for the most part it is to get the F out of my house yeah I'd like it did yeah noted night with a legion spent all day at home and clearly that this that's never part of the thing you know we like. If it's about morning and night OK stay home all day and go fishing and pilots like. How well. They're gonna leave a 5 in the morning that there an idea would kids they're not they're on liberal tell is more to that right not to the fish are you feel about writing a book I think it's real and you pick morning overnight is because inevitably it's about getting man however it is still admit that they feed more and even in the morning. We still officially all the time of the night and catch a ton of fish if you wondering anytime during the day morning mid you do okay. But after midnight and you terror level goes. We gotta get out there about 1 AM and it's literally Biden good that's when guerrilla Biden about Brett but those are all day and oh yeah there's no fun. I do an overnight with you more so than I imagine that's a Kevin Durant and 11 o'clock at night mental patient I'm download that you'll be get up at 430 to be there about five. You know under the does benevolence if you efficiently and the only things up by getting up for a golf. Like golf dew from golf to Oregon road trip about a week you know of that age now my guard who's gonna guarding get their forwarded to draft. But I'm a kid behavior if you're gonna funeral for tomorrow we just viewed your job miscues we've been backseat a wake up from breakfast Jack yea what a tree fit your backpack. Those thing haven't seen someone do my own two eyes was blanket 449990. Lamar golf coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. We smiles. Well likewise in dumbest thing I've ever seen some undue in my own two eyes of those blanket 44999. All my years ago and Emporia. Early Saturday morning Tony three year old Dylan grow all of. Janesville Wisconsin walked up to two guys on the street and Madison who were speaking in a foreign language. It bottles manage and told him to speak English that he punched them both in the face. Only they weren't speaking Spanish they were speaking Hebrew so this is a rare case of a guy who committed a hate crime against guys speaking Hebrew. But who's not an anti semites he's just a racist. Although based on the little we know about and he's probably may be anti medic as well when the cops got there. He told them he attacked the guys for speaking Spanish even those Spanish in Hebrew sound absolutely nothing alike he is facing charges of battery. During a hate crime not the brightest a ball that he did get this guy just assume you're speaking any language of the English I could feel he just thinks that spanned the or just not American. Mercury's weak consumer. Our guys in those are now seeing someone doing my own July's those blanket for far 999 hole. You're seeing people talk about there's obviously it's probably not gonna happen that the theory of who would if it Latino people and immigrants just didn't all work for a day I mean I used I would love to see it up to be very hard to go to restaurant be very hard to do a lot of faith. Your groceries how much they accomplishment what was the state that Alabama and a well Eminem look man that's what we're gonna do. If you are illegal I don't care what your job vision out working in the field anymore bubble bubble bubble aren't fine so and and the things they owned up to it and they did it. They've very quietly. Back won't comment because it took about two weeks but people started going to the grocery store and LA Heyman. Why must robbers coffee fifteen goddamn dollars in count Carden. The reds in the former select. Bruce went on the economy were we don't plan on losing money and now we've hired people over the nobody wants the job one to the QB of the target we got to pay a minimum wage. Ever gonna make the same profits are now your strawberries are Mildred or peaches why all the stuff also did all right he's been in a dog my statements pretty much broke in the first place yet he's able to bring that was so they they've walked back on May see them made a big mess who announcement when they sent shock. No more of this Mallon lead changes that yet but let's bring in bags who can't afford to lay people to literally cannot go after the half a million to their economy because of if people were so scared of what you were illegal people started leap and then you forget like the Wal-Mart near town he's embody the program as another thing I've seen someone do in my own two eyes those blank 844999. Alone. Hello Robert welcome to the men's room. All is it. I'd dollar they are mile an hour rush I really in a turnaround beat Max factor around. And I would do it searched the back or church and discourse there. Station everywhere it might you know over the ground. And that really jump back they're going into the people who are around Baghdad bikes and order my friend decided that you guys had jumped off today. Not so great dangers and I'll let Steve bass or have to. Nod and she just doesn't ground. And pedals are you cared for about seventy electoral reveal rhetoric. Ten and are indicated he had diagnosed being united I don't look at my inaccurate it. Internet dot top of the ran lifted up as to how Lil. To back we'll never left their opinion just straight down. It's not a lot of the handlebar at all times just straight down in the ground. So you rant over go into each and that he had the line and dirt and blood straight down the middle of the save it's I didn't know the narration make that they're noted outcry against. And we were like right down the road from the house so we would do without prior notice how and they're old they lock device out there and I told our cabins are staying at bat generally locked up so that uses such a dumb act you know do it is. And that is the father Reese cellular the knock on the door that the things and aiko give us something back and play and you. The south you're trying to lax and they are your kids but there's just certain things. Unity war pain management and play outside and writer bites put on Janet and kids put your shoes on man in America today I. RI notified within what you meant someone who can go back and house man five minutes later. It comes dad he cried and his toe is bloody ran him out of that happened. To go through the explanation might you know. That would avenue but on the god and shoes and that's the beginning and end of conversation and somehow they understand like my sympathy is now but when I don't touch that Todd. Now the clear right away if you go to quote come around and you see him reach for that you hear the scream and I don't sit just. You know so that's not mountain bike race goes on with the united and heard how my kids and it I'd just have been told you this five seconds ago dumbest thing I've seen someone do in my own two eyes of those blanket 44999. Old. Hello William welcome to the men's room. Well gentlemen hello. Though you'd partying and McDonald's yesterday and got finished dish is the way. Yeah I wish you feel real lamb and I got fish landed at a big network and it. I could caught in a big Mac today and day on the double do you actually like the fish filet or do we inspire you to give it's like it's not the worst say whatever it's just that when I'm at McDonald's and let's leave nothing else on the menu I can't imagine. Dana time to order. Wish you know I wouldn't bat. And I gave me again. I don't don't don't want to look but the dog and I didn't aren't when you're much to settle a well. Or just McDonnell shaky at Wendy's twice a month it. Miami McDonald's on the ones Amal Ahmed on some McDonald's got too that's about my average is well and a good about a month and today was they'll walk Bynum might come on and that's all because we've been drinking us. Backward drinking heavyweight McDonald's three mornings a week oil book without it. Cute together actually equals the content and tone accident and I'm here this story I. We've Bellingham. Is there a little perk on what he called park. Alaska's north that is by the likes about the Bellingham. Are right so there is I don't know forty foot cliff that people don't pop culture in truth a little late. It is and they're what are they gonna jump over Federer at the bottom. They're leading look at fifteen foot cliff. That you can go to that that manage their. Yeah and oh yeah tried to be if I have to jump into the where you're pushing pushing. Pushing off of a wet slick rock right avoid the Iraq's below. Exactly but wouldn't you can do people do it all paid no big deal it's just you've got to do so this drunk guy. There's a tree at the top of the cliff for the 45 for park. And doctor applicable word and that you know to have macho guys can get up on the board and fleeing built over the rocks. The guy he called all the way out would shape up fish treat. Like a telephone pole to the first branch which is probably at least thirty feet. Twenty peak within twenty feet above were received it. Any climbed out on that bridge. Doesn't realize that we didn't body. Didn't lower the branch. So next thing you know people norm. And you can candor bonehead. Hold on to the courage and you're looking right out at. At our level. Going all. Because if you let go you Paul straight down to the rocks below. So my what do you do tickles our parents and do what you wanted in their momentum this well unlikely. Yeah our first to touch him yeah you can probably eat Shia. And there was no time I mean we want to thank him for letting go and I just really treated at a football. Tackle like in mid air and knocked him out over. All of us. Over the rocks and went below. You blame your parents spared. I mean did you consider although there. Mount Arafat to go only when you make impact of them obviously you slowdown right you might just hit like you last might and he doesn't like go in the and you just dropped right down on the Iraq War. I was scared I was so I. I hit him hard not I don't turn out strong unit it's he just didn't explode off for the wounded I played rugby for Central Washington University keep her. Well that's good enough time yeah if you're you're the guy didn't volley and yeah. Yeah I hit him so hard not to wind out of him. But he had just like it was like an explosion in midair. And I didn't think that I thought you know what's gonna happen and what it's like a poor law I'm gonna hit him I'm gonna stay he really don't. And I'm gonna called Iraq so I thought that happening in my good. Thank god it didn't vote. I'm really glad you did get I mean again if it's me I would have thought to do that. No delay I'm glad to watch him to drop and these rocks yet I mean I made you want to let go around looting Jacqueline knock him off with my mom say. Dan that that would not happen dumbest thing I've seen them on doing my own July's was blank gave 449990. I thought or I've been a solid guy Pena entered through branched into the branch broken he smashed into the rocks ten. Now bit my sort of a sailors it. I saw a guy climate free and on a river right and like but it giant ape. He had forty feet a year and he's up there food and hollering and you shaking the tree right. So the river obviously he must know that it's okay to do this I don't know if asset freezes I was not any sober state of mind from god so. He jumps off this massive tree does a flip word on the street was diverted dirt bike there. I think this guy was so cool right that other people keep jumping off the street into this river so my buddies freaking out easily beat their of one owns paramedic but they should not be diving into the river like this. And I look at my other friend again fact that I've never been no swimming hole with. For these the climate put into a stranglehold and what are Cuba what's the reason I favor that you're right this is done they're jumping forty foot double gainers into a river. Yeah how deep was the rivermen. I mean at that point. There was holes where maybe even fifteen. Either prone and until probably it doesn't remake. Overblown problem noted I don't probably go to bat diving but jumping yeah. At this those thing I've seen some and do my own two eyes of those blanket 44999. Nolan. Hello gonzo welcome to the bedroom. All up boot goes on top. You have men. So about twenty years ago. There was. Me and bring him up buddies then worry no. Huddled around the still take in nine nights it. I can tell you got that out of Maryland and around those dudes where hanging and I knew right away your slogan we you sell the turtle from finding door and you are so fried outing on my bed dude man I you even know man and have a barbecue you man at the media on there man who lunch flat ball you. Did anyways. That's been a bill. We're all you know they are not fit whatever and but he's. So you take the night it is. In daylight. Looked up was you know with loans although you know lead so. These stars you'll like these crazy like compulsion like Kiki now men and we're just like I urge all ball drops just there and Adam. Sydney I bought look at these darn it go down and that you like try to break this all but he put his hand right on the burner. It's still loading in the. Yeah. And stick your nickel. But. I'm right now they have this idea is these are some good. I don't know obvious. Signal right you know are big hit you know we're at satellite well. They do whatever you know. Never liked black dollar or eight things they don't go ahead to that there are you can't even explain is how you win. Comic god now IQ all all of his hand what's the biggest black blister or even low lying. Was it his dominant hand is right hand. I can't remember now how long they would last and I don't know Pete laughter that is. In this income almost gas it was electric C I think gas in the situation would have little bit better and hundreds. No no no intellectually old woman that's gonna start on us and then right now eggs against are all manual it only Darlene. And disagrees shoot cameras out of there with a circular did you just keep smoke amount. What set did you just keep smoking. Oh of course yeah now how long ago is that. All at like twenty years ago now do you still smoke. In all known all 41 now what does that edited. Law you detect a alert all right OK he's O eight. Did they think too because like look at it what Obama's super riser at a place where you know we frown on we don't Jeff Sessions or whatever and I'm gonna random lead a drug test people. First bowl you're name's Don though and you sound when you sound manual random drug test his every day. I mean you might not beehive and be like man I don't buy and a I don't I still saw you still talk like yourself. Gnawed at the though I am laid back. And I heard I you're doing here yeah drug does it every day exactly I had an on those high yeah granted he I don't know how we added bonus and. Random men you know I'm Adam Brandon yeah. I think if if they think the other thing I'm seeing someone doing my own two eyes is blank probably announce that the allied gowns and activities are smokes or not like us. Hello Matthew welcome to the men's room. All right our top. So don't McKnight he hit the women more than they actually gave you crack a local drivers license that's comforting. What do I yeah yeah Lou that's that's terrifying. Oh yeah they've managed to roll into Town Car but we love all of this what I gate in eight. Any W. What did you do in the Chevy cavalier. I put it on two wheels it permanently if that don't care how did you do this intentionally. No my Davis almost the papacy over 800 here. So I turned. Future gonna onto real healthy as you go get it at about it he beat out you know that of course on the turn. Jack is DN. 35. You know it was a wholly a little turned down to a pretty popular. You basically you should not be drowned his individually like the guy and a videos like how the hell they do that that you. Yet he's got the police say the new resolution Perez and Lara. Outs they'll grow about you Arnold alum normally they realize that you ever seen was a mirror and it's powerful are 999 cola. I'm going on the bank I don't know I'm an Obama admitted it after my final and humans are going to be easy these are built right now they use is like just going but and if you know what you called go our system is it that that could the whole thing is go on getting it tells story this is still yellow card to welcome to the bedroom. Oh god. I say the skirt. Our man I get there and today I got a suite resort Beatrice the Prez just up in the morning okay don't ice. So in the wee hours of the morning in about 1 AM I mean period of buddies did cohort mine. Decided to yank B transmission independent assembly out of a nineteen and nine date and to the PG pick up. I'm in the process so we managed to. Dropped out of also lead right on my right foot. It was early album were you higher drawn Woody's that'd be a good idea many nights business. No no I have been calling their word in carbon. Trying to get this truck up and I nature couple days now I just. Got it by a lot we are 500 dollars and a bottle or shut the street all this. Current OK automatically give us stuff president I don't know I am and are ideal and so I realized how much were calm and actually up to put into this thing in order to get a learning he. I'm on tour how much more do you think you have to do and how badly injured as your foot. Well luckily I want to witness in an unscathed. Are you breaking thing. I didn't break anything that's that's a president that they did you were yeah I really don't know how did you get the job done. We got the job done. And I was justice. Oh yeah it's a bread but I don't break anything that you guys are probably and John. Yeah but no what happened was I don't know either any of you lever pull an engine out of car orbit negative the proper way to now like avoided do you that deserve to buy a little bracket you've all but to the block their menu. You take it out with a oyster cherry picker wall we've decided do that we decided that we would just take a chain Rheinecker couple ball in the block and then. Put it on the hook. Which is super unsafe. And what we were yanking that thing out the Energy Department it shifted. Doesn't and we didn't board Donald and then it went to about a fifteen or twenty degree angle right down on my foot now than any cushion from the back so. Pulling your foot save the engine from having any further damage. Now now the engine came out unscathed both. The whole reason I did that was because one of my other good buddies thought it would be. A funny you know to scare everyone and on a on a cherry picker much like a Jack if you turn the handle one way or the other it'll either. Put a brake on floor at all. Let the hydraulic go down. And you thought it would be played at turn now little old lever about a quarter turn real quick so that. The whole assembly would. Jump down a little bit and unfortunately we're and a Greta my foot and I realities make similar to the way it scared cap might happen at the start to. Flailing at. To make you fill in a better your friend is an aren't the things we do find that kind of Jose Garcia on doing my own two eyes was flying game 449990. LaMarr your calls coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. I've heard turn up dead vs the SEC our men are blank question dumbest thing I've seen someone do with my own July's was blanking 844999. Cola. Hello four to welcome to the men's room. Other young guys on top. So my story started out about that you would like ten years ago out of college and I just won a best friend and I order at a party where. Well really throughout EG. In his head. It that you connect jump Bob's best second start bout but he don't Donna the ground floor. And to try to be this seminal to retreat I mean didn't you once he gets something in his jet ski and. All we're what was his deal he wants to landed on two feet B drives it two or three times housing failing because he did successfully jump off about gonna Somoza trying to do and that. There's just usually junk agenda like you don't eat down. I'll be at the top guy. Sorry guys like preventing him from actually making the jump. I know we need to pull back about do it on their onetime Eric turner. And you just gotten tonight we heard this like wet slap on the concrete. It's. I think it's a painful. She fell she'll first straight down but he didn't have any. He shouted at Hewlett alt key. I yeah that's why you guys have done a pullback I don't relish that was concrete Malone I'm doing grassy hillside something. Studio lights all screwed and double play and he's professor extra Halloween night here. Ensure that our. Our resurrect they'll awards alma well they should try to stop them for being an idiot and in Encino friends are trying to step it that you can't stop stupid miles cannot try as you might hello Matt welcome to the men's room. All obviously their own home. At regretted it later dude in her youth ball pretty terrible outburst at the oil. June I thought that story that first but at California earlier about order or. Although each well out there. And now I doubt that it let it go out there it is. All I know how they're out of it to their authority the other party her older brother that we got bell. Well thought out. That. Or authority. All the that's what I got out of that little bit about. You know are there is a bit ball. Movement but don't Obama and I'll start out there all got off a lot you don't you don't all of us for. Although they ought all of our wall got that circus now since they were better. Welcome all of you go to Ohio does look good. All over the Walt forty bit about what I doubt it but they are bad but I did that. So that's a little like that it won't let this Saturday called them the best sat out all of yeah of course. Either all our all 100 all. I don't think that's such yet. Well that's your call to the court or blow up there but that there all right well it. Room thought everyone was worried about trying to figure out what the electric car wash my track a mobile alert. Ought to order it all back. Each area. I've enjoyed it that's authored by that the movie all the straw. And yet. Yeah I. Karl Rove I know I know it did you grant money are upon a baguette and. You make it pay out that made her and Eric Roberts. Erica vs Korea I have seen the so new and made her yeah yeah. Eric that it that it ordered public jet set. What sort of popped back at all accept all federal without credibility they'll outlaw it and brought it up but that's all bad. I edit and let them. Ball I thought I got to believe that there's water just talk at all. For our older well thought of like their. Hurt. At all bought off the bat the ball there aren't at all old apple are about. Please save the day and how much did he scream though would you put his arm acting a lot. And yeah they're all out there that. Remarkable look at order order for all of that. But then Monticello but again you don't need is an art the next day but pellets at it with the Dodgers reds with a doctor would do it. Well up there. I don't have already got that out of that there are all pick up bad. Yeah you're a bone set man. But you've broken bone and and oh yes so not bad breaks and had to be reset yeah I wasn't aware that the sole nor Obama broken anything substantial as a little kid and I broke my ankle sledding. And a wonderful snowy expanse of Rochester New York it was our final run of the day we like got to sleep over I think the kid's birthday whatever so. We did I think they called that the train right there's three of us left. Anders won get a front on his left arm in the middle molding his ankles and the nerves get behind me and his lead holding my goals and we go to class well the bottom and there's a tree stump first Kidd missed it I don't gonna hit it I had my ankle lot of broke my ankle did I mean it is written. Whenever we went to the emergency room if you broken ribs my chip marine he said Merrill already was his parents. Item from the pain they open door. It would sound proof among what was that like we're sending his life and how they're. Let me how. The show and many things continue. I'm no men's room radio network.