Buffalo Bills - 12/24/17 Post-Game Hour 1

Sunday, December 24th

Buffalo Bills Radio Network post game show. Hour 1


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This is the post game show which show that the bulldogs. Brought to you by northwest make the switch to northwest and get back to living. Just so I don't forget. Because I could forget Ameen here with a couple other guys who were working. Kind of secluded. Old blog is not here. There's no. Since Seoul was no tree. There's no any thing like elk football is and not. It's a wonderful life or have a daughter there no carols playing behind me. Happy holidays before start arguing. About all the stupid stuff that we argue about after for bills game Merry Christmas and Mike show thanks for being along it is Christmas Eve for the second year in a row. It's a loss on curse receive talking about a bills loss that we hated. Last year was the dolphins at the bills and it was an overtime game so we even stayed late. And at that point they were out of it and Rex Ryan was fired a two days later. And Tyrod Taylor was benched. This year is different. And as frustrating for different reasons as today's game would have done. If in the first place you decided to really care about the possibility they might be doing when the New England which. You know some people dead. There is hope for next week and you probably know that that is. What makes what will make today and this year different. Then now last year and see what happens. Bills could use a Tennessee Titans win today and where rat there is. The titans trailed the rams 4723. At the two minute warning. The titans have the ball second and ten at the rams 49. So they have a shot and if they win that game to go to nine and six. Hit some. Lol look rate just by the standings adultery and seven. The titans are 96 or would be if they were to come back and win this game. The ravens are already nine and six in the chargers won their game. At the jets fourteen to seven so very seven and still alive the chiefs won their game to clinch the AFC west. Or Miami. And the possibility that one a three way tiebreaker. That could save the bills. Woods still remain that would be the titans. Which would have to lose next week the chargers. Who would have to win next week against Oakland. And the bills who would have to win next week in Miami. All at nine and seven in that scenario we met one weird a three way scenario or all the teams didn't play each other. The bills would make it. Debts the case partly because they didn't play each other in the chargers have that one blowout win over the bills but Tennessee didn't play either team. So that's still out there I never took. Today that seriously. Doesn't just for the one person who wants to call me and yell me for that are not on the team this is a network production gas spoke to me that's different. I never took even. What was what was their best. To their what was their highest win probability in this game like sixteen all. I don't know some support this game the Benjamin touchdowns and more in this game could've been like they could win and I can ever know. No you're not gonna catch me not to catch me. Thinking like that about bills and patriots while Brady's on the field and is never gonna do it. And somebody to tell me I'm depriving myself of this this hope this whenever this. Optimism whatever I'm just not taking it seriously it's 48 and three. This guy against them and that includes. A team that he left at halftime because the patriots didn't need it it's the most there's Tony Romo or Jim Nantz put it. On CBS today it's the most dominant. Reign of one player over other franchise in the history of the league so. Whatever though doesn't matter what I thought what happened as a matter what you thought would happen matters is what did happen. And that was a 3716. Patriots win the game that was tied sixteen all. Let's see a minute left in the third quarter meticulously touchdown that put New England had to stay. One yard run after a pass interference in the end zone against gronkowski. Team with 55 seconds ago. In the third quarter. Lines are open for you 8030551808550. To 550. We'll go to Sean McDermott at the podium in Foxboro whenever he's ready. Before any thing more we'll give you the express mark stats of the game check it out express Smart not your average convenience store. For the bills Tyrod Taylor 41 for 38 to 81 no touchdowns no interceptions the bills did not score. And offensive touchdown in either meeting this year with New England the way to the patriots started the season on defense. Bottom. That's maybe some things if anybody had thought about that it would be considered a surprising. 41 for 38 to 81 Taylor did not get it going it all on the ground in this game. A couple of sacks were looked like. One play in the first half one big loss in the second half for a look like he might have been user used to him I'm sort of used to him breaking. Breaking free and making a play that didn't really not happen in this game and all for whatever reason. So three for sixteen is all I got from Tyrod running bushel on record seventeen for 71. And five for 76 receiving so McCoy get to 147 total yards the other to Thompson. Four for 91 receiving patriots Brady 21 for 48 to each morning for two touchdowns one to gronkowski once a Louis. An interception the pick six by Jordan's lawyer. Lewis 44 for once morning nine and one. It was not surprising to me that even without Rex Burkhead. The patriots would still be fine on the ground and as a team that has given up. Well least most fantasy points to running backs in the NFL this year. Like. The patriots come up with people that 95% of football fans never heard of and then a month later. You you can hear people tell you that there are big loss when they go by Julian Edelman is great and he's back out the whole year in today. Twelve and three in a quarterbacks the MVP favorite so it's just what. I'm used to with the patriots and maybe you are jealously six for 48 and one. Gradkowski fight for 67 and one there was no stupidity. That I'm aware of in this game stemming from a late hit. The cheap shot Gradkowski threw against previous white. In their first meeting it's a great one handed touchdown catch. By grown up in this game I Dion Lewis fight for forty for the touchdown his receiving touchdown which preceded. His rushing touchdown in this game. So we've got the playoff picture we've got the rafts we've got the quarterback thing that's got one more week. We've talked about that a lot just in case somebody who assuming his new and might wanna know or comment on this I think X for that with the slight exception of about the second quarter this season when the bills got to five in two. It Tom. Has been my expectation that they would not have Tyrod Taylor on the team next year it's remains so. I don't know what Nathan Pearman is worth he got that one start I'm assuming he will not start against the dolphins that once start wearing historically badly. And so I would think he would be something on their roster next year but I don't think Tyrod will be that's not thing official of course. So what do they do instead there's the draft and there's free agency and we talked about that many times even west. This season still being alive. I'm I'm sure will be talking about that a lot before the season ends and today. So in executed coupled ideas. Wraps. Can you say mean Seattle play in this game where. Instant replay is dubious. What's new you'll play in this game I guess the same play. The worry of whether catch was a catch and you know and even the Charles played played before that. Where he has the ball in the end zone and then loses it is he goes down. Walks no. I do not think those calls went that way because the patriots played in this game I am not bet sort. But. I I think you know what what you. All you need is. There are lots of these confusing. Moments are lots of these situations in football where you see one thing and it ends up being another. Where officials are bad you gonna play in this game where Dion Lewis. Reached for a first down on fourth and one. And was marked like a yard short. Committee reviewed that and changed it. It's not because they like to England it's because officials make mistakes are lots of mistakes is probably really hard and so I don't wanna apologize for them. Beat because I'm not really thinking or feeling that way. Just I don't have any time for these things happen this way because New England. Is somehow you know a favorable league or something like that are really good. A have good players there's a there's an elevated officiating. Where good teams are gonna get calls there's a certain sub conscious. Benefit of the doubt the good teams won't won't get an active exploits and it was not because they even like the patriots is because. That does happen in sports we know that whole teams give favored in sports we know that. But that's as far as all all all go with you. 8030551888550. To 550 V titans game is over. And the rams won. So I think today was the worst case scenario for the bills and their chances. Cell and I were working on Friday. And we talked about. The patriots odds. Ravens odds last night. The chargers and the rams. We figured out we hit a caller on the brought this up he said. Well the chances that all four of those teams will win aren't so good and he's right statistically was about 25%. That all for those results. Would happen but they old dead. Baltimore last night New England over the bills the chargers at the jets chargers won 147. And V. Rams beat the titans 4723. So. That was the worst case and air for the bills odds wise for next week. But it does not eliminate them and I try to figure out if you hear what they will need to have happen the titans are now. Eight and seven. You'll need the Joseph if you hear something you're there you think is not quite right please tell me. I think if you have got a New York Times up for this if Jacksonville beats Tennessee next week. Take a bills win for nine and seven. Take a Jacksonville win in Tennessee next week's other Tennessee is the may. If Cincinnati wins in Baltimore. The bills would make it. Or if the raiders won in LA the bills would make it goes those teams would get knocked down. A game I think you're OK there you're gonna need. The jaguars. To win and then it's either Cincinnati or Oakland. And if Tennessee beats Jacksonville your gonna need Cincinnati to one. I think that's where rent and bills of course we'll have to win their game that was always. You know that was always so. Everybody thinks that's wrong please let me know when will allow. Wolf exit all right 8030550. The number Sean McDermott and take a break come back and hear from the bills coach live in New England. 3716. Past the final I'm Mike show this is the Buffalo Bills radio network. Only AT&T gives you HBO included for no extra charge with a AT&T unlimited plans so we asked people what they thought about it. 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And you. It was close at that point one completely points. In the fourth quarter and simply gain. I want them with points. I was in. The sense that I really. Take account plant in its best quarterback of all time. And rhythm and seemed like it was like people. I'd like involved wanna come with point numbers where to who we're playing. Is there any consolation in the fact that you are still alive UWB after the game win or lose. Is pretty consolation corn wheat. And we've known that some good things. That today reported. That bad times and then there was a time in play well. Again this group points in the red zone them a good step to stop the run into run off cents. And and it's special teams moments on the too good and bad so. You know we we've gotten from this like to take away from this game move forward and and continue to grow get better. Disappointed frustrated where it is. On the management play which two former pageant officials tweaked it should have been overturned. And com I'm happy to talk this morning with that that with a touchdown but they took away from. Yeah or else. A loss for clues as to that's I was a touchdown. And now considered I'm lost for help militant overturned. Outlook cut Elton played her. Not those of great. Terms of in management of the clock and you know being able extra mile high level. In six seconds or less and good throw. And what would appear to be good catch. Points. Are about half way there thing. Keeping you guys down one on one thing. Let's go. Did we get we get the red zone get a score touchdowns against a good team and Gerri mentions a good you know good team. And two quarterback you have to be able to score touchdowns in the original. And we were able to do that today the we have some good drives and in the first three quarters of the game. And ticker going in after before have coming out after half we knew that would be important for us. You know almost a flip of the first game against against ruling or they had the ball going in before have came out after having on the ball again. And now we knew those jobs to be critical on them you know can Wear with. As opposed to two touchdowns can there was two field goals on it as simple things. And that they have for. He joked. That is sometimes that's up. You know I'm I'm confident players in the locker room Salant. And we're continued down into the grow and improve. And that would is some good things like you mentioned. You know through three quarters and and the game got away from us and now with a look hard at that particular make appropriate adjustments. Get this team electric oil was reversed after two years. All Justin. Turner around here. Well that's where we've got to make sure we look ourselves in the collectively and say what can we don't matter look at them that are. And and then make sure we move forward also Jerry. Because it is a critical week force. It's. You know give credit to the players they've hung together to be in this position to be in the position we could find ourselves in going in the last week. What we would like to do a better position and get me wrong that's it. Getty. Critical week for us moving forward here and and and so. I continue growing that are. That traverse. Fractured his ankle. So we who. You know evaluate and and certainly wish him the best in history to recover. Merry Christmas guys. I'm pretty short from Sean McDermott today's asked about might have missed the very beginning he was asked about. Kicking that fifty yard field goal attempting a fifty yard field goal. What city. 2316. Is the score on fourth and one. At the New England 32. And he's just wrong I mean I don't know what this is every week with a us this is every week every year. With the bills and bad strategy puts it in these the sort of framework. Where it's like I know it didn't work. That you had Indianapolis in the snow we'll play you the plot where they ended up winning the game anyway. If it doesn't come down to what happens after her. Whether these decisions are good or bad. Dislike him life it doesn't come down to what happens after comes down to what do you know at the time about your percentages. Points. He he tells you how it's important to get points. And then not even a minute later. He attributes some of the losing to they didn't score touchdowns in the red zone where they kicked field goal hole which is at a meeting you you're not gonna beat them with field goals. And when you need one yard. Anywhere on the field let alone a new England's 32. Just bad. Strategy. It should never happen in NFL teams should never be so bad when it comes to basic. Probability. But they are so many of them are which is only reason just perpetuates whose coach after coach to coach against each other one of them wins. It's McDermott against chuck McConnell and it's great to go against chuck McDonald because he's really getting very close at bat do you in overtime and you wait and see. You what I Elvis. Some how. One. Week away from an eighteenth straight season without a single playoff game they don't. These answers are not satisfactory. The questions are burly good the answers are not satisfactory. And we just sit here we watch these game watched them kick on fourth and one of the 32. And pawn. That in these forty in overtime whatever that laws when they go to Janet. I've been saying for literally. Ten years. In this chair at least. You know look here's the thing about the bills that other eight year playoff drought. Whatever order bam and I started thinking this way you are. Now you are an underdog. And you'll never not be one. Jordan buffalo. You're not a big market got a marquee franchise. You're going to be an underdog getting players is going to be harder for you. Early disadvantage is being you what you need. Don't say a gimmick. We donated gimmick pursue a beauty and edge. You need to find an edge if you're going to be buffalo and beat teams like that. We just don't even. What they determine notice. Less sure on Christmas and watching them plugged in overtime. And the coach lied when he told you that he thought a tight if he knew what I would be bad for them. The is strategy was he was playing for one. He didn't even know and I think this is happening again. So. It's why should happy holidays the beginning. Destroyer was able to have the presence of mind. To not forget to say it this whole day we argue about dumb things we watched the bills lose in New England for the fifty millionth time. Everything else went wrong for them today the chargers won. The titans lost. And the ravens won last night that was close game but. You know. Home teams in penalties couple pass interference calls like today right. You get that you're used to that and you're regard other bills will need. Pretty big upset it's been true it's still true they're gonna need some help. Next week plus beating the dolphins witches and we know given have been thinking all week that they might not even be a favorite. Four they came in Miami I would still say that. All right here's Jerry and post game show I Jerry. Hey like that particular call you know I wanted to talk about this whole. All the quarterbacks in book you know what you just talked about you know bad coaching or no confidence in. I I really wonder what the question this is it really bad coaching or is that the reality that this culture is gonna stand up there and tell everybody that. I really don't have the confidence in my team took a lot of mic calls that I want to. All is not a question does that not no word here's our bet is is it a matter of confidence. This is not a matter of confidence is a matter of knowing probability. And knowing that. Try to fifty yard field goals like where it was when they made kicks in Atlanta this was true even though they made them when they put against the colts have won this was true even though they won. This is what its with a look a little confidence. Iberia is about opening a book. It's about some day one person in charge of the bill's opening a book that's what it's about. And and that I I can agree with because I've been watching football since the seventies. And I cannot tell you how many million times I've seen play action passes on the goal line and I can't remember the left on the bottle bill to try to. I have no idea I have no idea I mean were they on the goal line today. There they were I have no idea that that's of this you've you've sold me on the island journal talking about anymore. Ray may do the same point I rent. I. We can go with the floor that want and and the terrible call there there's no doubt it was a horrible call absolutely terrible about that there until. Wait a sight there. I'm third out and they get back to school board and a fourth down why not get on the ball until place. This is the same sequence then they run McCourt left on third and so. They're before that the before that there was a third and so that would then would within. The patriots here. And they made it or didn't they rule or. I I don't know what you're talking about what happened here. Or leave it at the a guy sorry Rick I just don't know what we're talking about so are good luck I got to move on I don't know what play you're talking about China's next I can. Yeah exactly. And and. Unless a good afternoon on it. That that was our last week and I hadn't yet to say a cab that got the buildup between the fourth quarter of the group bought a beat to take that kind of goes without and not do that. It does we really goes without saying. Yes you're right about that. Fact that they gut it out recorder is commendable I don't think that that's should be dismissed that the developments. They would sold itself. Would detain that it's clearly the most superior in actual full blog world in that it is poised to win another post I think that's. There's a lot of now that being ship hit some glaring concerns about what they couldn't sleep woke what are the full box and it goes the opposite side of a lot. All that talk about Tyrod Taylor happened to go there haven't been that talk about the need to pot with Rick and he is deplorable his play calling in the red zone interest actually. Unsettling this big Eagles with. DiMarco two weeks you know actually he can't go to bought at a mock each and deter. And couldn't make like each other screen caps weren't that day he drew the seven and make that investment caught a slant and Mike Tolbert and are you kidding me. It took them badly to discover Calvin Benjamin. OK this guy is ridiculous this is in the other pocket percent to I get a display clocks is that they've done it well over roaming. Because not that he gauntlet was in her rent a note Greenpeace in August by the back either that. Open so well in big game got it on about bill but in the game nobody like. And over the better appreciate. There are certain problem that being hit. Directory. And what they did was terrible business pages go all the jobs. That they didn't they didn't let that has now spent the calendar that caught that significant momentum going into halftime. Not really about not really need if what do what do matter why it matter was points. You have read for more points. Than economists momentum the bill's got to feel the bill took the ball. In the second half and went right down to score a field goals are because they were bad. That because they were they were scared of losing they still did that has the momentum this or what points they could've used for more points. That is here's the big secret they never tell you on TV when you watch sports it's not about momentum it's about points the value of the Benjamin play was that they would have scored four more points with a of one. Erica. 8030550. Is the number I'm Mike show you take a break on the post game show here 3716. Is the final thanks for the call Ken this is Buffalo Bills. All eight and seven as the buffalo bills' record after today's 37 to sixteen loss to the New England Patriots in Foxboro. Patriots sweep the season series for the eleventh time. In the last fourteen years. First half like few weeks ago went pretty well for the bills they got their first and only touchdown of the game. In the second quarter and it was the defense to put up six had. It's not that it did what I thought I'd point of Mike knows what he's got his start at the tent at the putt. Jordan Porter scores his first touchdown of his career on his fourth interception of the season on the next drive patriots drove down for Rob Gronkowski touchdown. Take their first lead of the game Tyrod Taylor in the bills' offense did put together a great drive at the end of the half which appeared and an Kelvin Benjamin touchdown. Aren't ready to go. It's since been acquired through the end zone would have prevented many Mexican at the end no signal yeah and that's. Not that buffalo. I'll buy it now touchdown dance he beats the punt Gilmore a perfectly thrown ball might not want to. That touchdown would be controversial we reversed to incomplete in the bill would settle for 23 yard field goal but we're still tied thirteen to thirteen at the half. However the patriots would run away with it in the second half thanks in large part to long drives ended in Dion Lewis touchdowns Lewis finished with a 153 total yards. And two touchdowns. Tyrod Taylor in the bills' offense struggled throughout the second half they failed to score off to touchdown all game. Taylor did and up 21 of 38 for 281. Yards. With the loss the bills are still alive in the playoff hunt to make the playoffs the bills need a win next week against Miami and need either a loss by the ravens to the Bengals. Or losses by both the chargers and titans to the raiders and jaguars. Around the NFL the bills did not get help on out of town scoreboard the rams beat the titans 27 to 23 and the chargers barely edged out jets fourteen to seven. Other scores include chiefs over the dolphins 29 to thirteen the dolphins have been eliminated from playoff contention. Panthers getting late can do touchdown to beat the Buccaneers 22 to nineteen. And the browns they went list of 115 after a loss to the players they'll be the second team to go O and sixteen in NFL history with a loss to Pittsburgh next week. And is currently three games and action right now the forty niners are up ten to nothing on the jaguars that would just getting going in the second quarter. Cardinals just kicked a few ovals go three up three to nothing on the giants' five minutes ago in the first quarter also buy and it's so the first quarter. In Dallas where they are scoreless with the Seahawks. This bill's game wrap up is brought you by independent health from your every date your unexpected independent health's Red Shirts are here to help. For the Buffalo Bills radio network I'm Jody B Osce. I'm ready to go. It's now required to build a broad agreement makes that catch in the end nothing. Affects the below you got a cute moment there's not enough and it still without. The rule is that it hasn't changed well. Two issues here when dvd control and keep people. You can control the football before we went out of bounds and the left foot deep red. But didn't drag while he had control what was the foot off the ground after review the call on the it was overturned again. We'll be overly technical when you look at the ankles that were available there's nothing clear and obvious to overturn the call on the field. In our estimation here the coffee was a touchdown there was nothing clear and obvious the call on the field should have stood. This is dean blamed genome there why is with the music what do see who's he broadcasting to. Is that just like it on Twitter something. Yes yet. What why does he have his own background music for that. It sounds like. Like mom is in the next room and he doesn't want mom to hear him or something like a little kid with sort of like when I was a kid I wanted to be in broadcasting and it. I wouldn't want my parents to hear me so I would do he runs and 3220. I would do it like that he's ugly he's sort of tried to whisper social. Of course it's still technical. Replay of course to attack and what doesn't work never that it doesn't work. Hockey has this problem footballs at this problem this just in. Whatever happened to obvious whatever happened to clear evidence right Ed Ed worst. On the bench been played. You could possibly. Possibly make this argument in the league made it. That that what they said it was what they overturned it was the case. But it was just like the might nudist detail there like whatever revenues. We don't know if you play and call on the field. How many millions of times OK sorry animal fired hundreds of times got to be in the hundreds at least in the hundreds. We hundreds of times you heard announcers tell you well. The call on the field if they don't know for sure it's going to be they're gonna go with the call on the field. We're target and get that like why can't you just look at the replay and call it but that's what they tell you they tell you. That if it's really close they will go with the call on the field which I thought that was really close. Okay. The bills host the patriots 3716. Everything went wrong for them today the yum O -- league Baltimore's win last night eight. Tennessee's loss today and the chargers win today at the jets. I think so great now one thing gonna need next week. Is watched at least it's possible you wouldn't need this technically. But what next week is for Jacksonville to win in Tennessee. The Tennessee would go to eat meat. If the bills were to go to. Nine and seven. And Jacksonville is playing now. They're playing in San Francisco we're losing time and authoring. What is there an update on that. Portals just threw a pick six for the jaguars blocked the extra point in return for touchdown sort of sixteen to two. Giving you the two points for the us. Boy like one minute to go with tendon off thing and you're looking at mile there was an update I never thought it would be sixteenth through now sixteen but put a basketball game could go from ten and loving the sixteenth two were one minute. There was a sixteen to two Jacksonville has clinched the division already today because of Tennessee's loss. And so I think if Jacksonville loses. They have nothing at stake next week. Ten and 53 see the bits of Pittsburgh wins tomorrow night. Pittsburgh would need to win or tomorrow afternoon. If Pittsburgh wins tomorrow afternoon they're twelve and three New England is twelve and three. And Jacksonville loses today that's ten and five they have nowhere opt to go so they're playing at home in the first round if that holds. And they might have no. No state. Next week at Tennessee so if you're the bills wanting Jackson bowl win that game that would probably be bad news. Let's go to Jay and Axel OJ. I adored OK the let them that the first you wanna talk about Islam or in and they they do this all the time. When it coaching Tom offense coordinator you don't support here how we don't make adjustments first sort where. Skewered the state with a with a first. He's sensibly would around doing things from and then of course shocked to hear from there and some of the you know up front court airplay is patrol work. I mean the only guy couldn't catch he didn't run very well probably didn't look very stressed and in my opinion today. Well Kirk a cook. They are I don't realize even that he's here and he he's just being put so little lethargic Raikkonen but sort of that October but it is what it is. We felt lethargic like the nicest comments have been made about Monday show me in Europe and apologized the question is why is he on the team the he's on the team I think. And I haven't ever had I've said this a lot I've never had anybody like dispute this to me these on the team to be a role model. They got rid of good players. Like Aureus and Watkins not a middle order. And brought in Tolbert went abroad and other good players too like Micah Hyde for instance but Tolbert I think is part of this shift. To be a different kind professional operation. The problem is each place. And then went to that got hurt he's the backup running back at least mid season and they made a move to him but then he got hurt today so it was more Tolbert and Lego. Just seems. The seems insulting. To the whole operation that he would get the ball so the color shouldn't feel bad because I think might my analysis of it is probably. Worse for him. You you do like I can appreciate why the bills were one like McDermott one. Two. You know for the whole thing to shape op and he he seems like somebody that. Could help McDermott accomplish that but. I want I want I want ball players right like speed BC teams and have these. Super fast guys that are change of pace running backs in the bills are just never bothered with that they'd be caught. So more of a talent and Jonathan Williams for the season. And we can really really never had that change of pace speed option on the team the receivers don't get open and are kind of slow. So album and you know so this has been true I think all year that. Welcomes the skill positions you have been a leading player in McCoy and that really drops off school to see Benjamin to a couple things for them one play on the left sideline was really good. That 35 yard catch and run touchdown could've counted so there a couple of highlights there and that's what you want mean they'd. They traded for him written would like to see highlights here at some point. 3716. Is the final. Roth second half at least for the bills of hung in there for a while today in New England they fault 87. And erect Miami next week as of now that is a 1 o'clock team there's the possibility. The next week's game gets moved back to later in the day. The legal wanna do that sometimes. Goes there could be. A perceived advantage if the team. Knows it's fate by virtual what's happened earlier in the day we could end up. Moving the bills' game to lineup with the chargers game which is later we'll see if I find out of course I'll tell you. I'm Mike show happy holidays Merry Christmas thanks for listening more of the post game show ahead this is Buffalo Bills put. All the Buffalo Bills dropped to eight and 72017. Season following today's 37 to sixteen loss to the New England Patriots. In Foxboro the patriots clinch a first round bye in the AFC playoffs with a win. First half of the game like a few weeks ago what was going pretty well for the bills. They got their first and only touchdown of the game in the second quarter it was the defense that put up six. But my point of Mike knows what he's got a start at the tent at the thought it. Yeah. I doubt about 08 picked up to bring. Jordan Porter scores his first touchdown of his career on his fourth interception of the season on the next drive. The patriots drove down for Rob Gronkowski touchdown to take their first lead of the game. Tyrod Taylor in the bills' offense put together a great drive at the end of the half. Which appeared and 84 yard Calvin badge touchdown. That touchdown would be controversial he reversed to incomplete and the bills would settle for each point three air field goal but we're still tied thirteen to thirteen at the half. However the patriots ran away with it in the second half thanks in large part the two long drives and did Dion Lewis touchdowns and. It's third and eleven patriots and buffalo well. Touchdown doing a twelve yard touchdown pass from Tom Brady did he have moved us. Lewis finished with a 153 total yards and two touchdowns for bill Mike ghostly added a touchdown of his own. Tyrod Taylor and bills offense struggled mightily throughout the second half they failed to scored off a two touchdown all game. John accord was a bright spot he carried the ball seventeen times for 71 yards and had five catches for 76 yards through the year. Even with the loss the bills are still alive in the playoff hunt to make the playoffs the bills need a win next week in Miami any other lost by the ravens to the bagels. Or losses by both the chargers and titans to the raiders and jaguars. Around the NFL bills and get help help on the out of town scoreboard either. The rams beat the titans 27 to 23 and chargers barely edged out jets by score of fourteen to seven. Other scores around the league include the saints topping the falcons 23 to thirteen. The bagel sic the winds playoff hopes of a 2617. Win bills fans hoping the Bengals do the same thing next week at Baltimore. And chiefs top the dolphins 29 to thirteen. Three games and action right now 49ers have taken a sixteen to lead on the jet or seven minutes to go in the second quarter. At the end of the first quarter the cardinals up three to nothing on the giants the cowboys also up three nothing on the sea hawks just getting going in the second quarter. This update is brought to you by north tower automotive north tower automotive sales service and selection to the nth degree. For the Buffalo Bills radio network I'm Jody B Osce.