Week 16: Buffalo Bills vs. New England Patriots Highlights

Sunday, December 24th


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Second night Hilton room 31 yard line. Another threat to us he left side of the block to productivity it's good yardage. Across the 35 optimistic that he made an a for the first down he goes down right across the forty yard line and lived in Roberts here. To make the tackle. Recently spotted flirting up quickly go to build them out of the bottle and spread out now they go conventional information with DeMarco in front of the court. This time I can't hit the city budget all of them got the first out and he has brought down at the 48 yard line partnered inform. And while the bills and five yard line. And I want to play host to the formation. Takes the snow looks who's left now expression. I'm 35 to the sidelines stepped out of bounds gets the first down. And it didn't wiggled 29 yard line now what's he birdied three of the 22. Jack Johnson. Combine attributes many Florida he's got enough I believe for the first down down to the ninety yard line reported run it down there almost to the eighteen. It is a bubble first down this drive is still alive month time of the model for the bill's big play here released third and eleven. At the patriots nineteen yard line no sports including one leopard. Time out of the shotgun. Takes the snap hits he was right three receivers. Get wrapped up in the back of the 21 yard line Dietrich wide second. A loss of a couple of yards so it is a 41 yard field goal attempt. Stephen how skewed towards the right end zone. He's got plenty of leg in the pits these good. The built on the more. With a 41 yard field goal by Stephen coached your house your hands the ball teed up ready to go Dion Lewis who were returning important wings and chicken here in government to guarantee. And whispered to them again looked like this and crossed the 10 o'clock. Hammered down to the ground. Knocked down with a ground by bit sloppy get bit he got away from a block by premier specialty humor. Matthew Slater mark Lafayette pitch to shut down field made a big hit. Yeah I really did look like lacy thwarts them inside a little bit and went the other Lewis changed directions that's when Lothian pit. Came off that block in hopes later it was they would rather be shorter on the. There than third and six for the patriots and second possession 36. The 35% of them. It Johnson a gain of fifteen yards and 36 wins those whose. Severe ballplayers knew inside this stuff like this could sit back and tackle. Running down the inside line. He's probably brought down at the buffalo 44 yard line what are we are picked up Micah Hyde staff he may have been pulled the jets into the lineup. Little setback would win and until those who go to news. Was right now fired back the other way a couple of good. I'm like that's enough for a first down low seventy yard game. Third and two patriots not for the adorable little three yard line. Penske on the left side really motion to a little closer to. Line of scrimmage and Brady walks planned for the quote McNulty did complete. In the end zone it is a chip shot field all the different guys 51 yards from the left next relative to the up rights in this game is I read it rebuilds the patriots. Early in the second quarter this is only Buffalo's second. Possession of the game. And it comes from their own 25. Right Taylor motions to the left side Anderson. It's just that likely sets up deep looks deep downfield when that critique yet taken up next we can't expect to win the 45. On the inside. And shut out of them deep in patriots territory. And authority. Them on the mound but not important not to go all the way over the patriots wanted to. The bills at the oftentimes on the field here on fourth down fourth in tune with the six John McDermott strolls down the sidelines by the way. To his right back in there. More than two at the patriots six yard line. Tyrod takes the snap looked at the end zone pressure rolls right. Still under pressure now we have to drop back headed to the sidelines Tyrod. Don't wanna gamble there. That is markets to be a big step for the buffalo defense today and get 37. It's definitely did what. I can always look it's got to start at the tent at the thought. Buffalo. Picked up to operate. Here comes out here. The point attempt at duplicate its. And it is but he snuck in seconds and now that you're gonna Padilla was doable with a look at which one would. One still on his feet right detectives all the witness under the buffalo sixty yard line that's an eleven yard run we'll deal with and another New England would close down. They pretend that the buffalo seventy. Maybe spread to about influence in the back you Wear them. The snap. Much more creative fires were right county and yes touchdown he just went 75 yards the points up for the 706. Way. In the first game. I run. It's the president. Part side that might. It's definitely the wind than 42. That your game no one knew what was the government for the bills who wanted to be with 33 seconds left and looked at the burden to. Which it acquired the rights not like that might not make any well. And now the third and goal from the 56 seconds left pulled within the buffalo back. I'm ready to go. It is now Myers today and build a broad sentiment index to catch in the end nothing yet and that's. What's up hello. I'll buy touchdown dance he picked up front more a perfectly thrown ball by top. The ruling on the he'll hasn't changed. You guys you've got to be kidding me. You'll cry it's not it's good if he decides who's down into the wind than forty. Like me Kyra except that he looks now feel about Clinton short complicating the line of scrimmage that the mayor admits now in the in the territory inside the forty. It's not the thirty foot putts up the middle of the bloody still. Edit my. Shave it by walking is meant to melt them Butler saved the touchdown he read it all the way down the tenure. 39 yard completion to shady recipient of the yard attempt. Not a factor. He's on the way it is but. The bills get the lead back again on the second pick up they move and all the way down field for a thirty yard bugle from Steve announced that it won't now coming out. He stopped them to shore. The patriots rush right back with a line of scrimmage which. Way to get to lined up support for the fourth. A puck down some ground. They stopped them short mental. Well they stopped a month fourth and a foot putt at the bit to blame the bills afternoon. Luckily the wind game. I. Back president's. America is doing it. The packages are blowing for the doing that make you this afternoon 34 yard attempt or discounts you for the tie. But it it's not the way and the kid is good. That game is tied again with my goal at the plate third quarter it sixty all the bills from the patriots this is Buffalo Bills football. Senator Clinton this. Sixteen yard pickup I brought him down and hide his banged up on the play. It's a first down for the way. The couple of thirty. Tailback spot reveal the seven. It signals into the right side of the Brady maybe seven. Inside tip of the late clock. A flag is wrong. First down and now it's good to go from just inside the one yard line I formation Devlin in front of Mike Gillis and put the kind of emotion it's time. His hammered out of the crowd like Jerry. The line of scrimmage. Tom Brady goes down never saw you stop on third down coming up patriots at the buffalo well. From Tom Brady. Second and goal from the five there goes T I'm Lewis again and handoff from Brady repeatedly through traffic into the end zone touchdowns. Touchdown to win them with 358 left to play here's the extra point went just announced he gets hit with on the ways and means he is good. Though the patriots and do their lead now up by 21 points in just 37 to sixteen when the nonstop. With three minutes and 58 seconds left to play in.