Picking The Right Friends

Wednesday, December 20th

Study says if your friend isn't doing THIS for you, it might be time to part ways!


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You know they say you can't pick your family that you can pick your for a yes. If that's not entirely true Reagan Purdue I don't he would deliberately but don't pick your friends lady lake. Your friend comes at a lot of different factors that make you put feelers out to find new friends rate that is gonna walk in your life annual organ of theirs and there are two kinds of people in this world folks who value relationships friendships and at folks who don't. And I skiing cross a man who's going to dispute the study it to others don't like fifty degree yet the breaker rats decries activities expired and you seek them out of the study sets. Bet if you pick the right friends that you live longer eat better and speak clearer the beauty things to look for when it comes to French Korea. So friends can cost you longevity. Right so folks that are found to have multiple fronts folks a lot of groups to live an average of eight years longer and having your second bag conversations the coffee shops and so it just seems longer they also say that now folks at have a lot of friends or less stressed. And depressed because they see that other people or to deceit that they thought they were the folks lift him up Taylor if you have a lot of friends that's a lot of stress. You do because like. You get on a Passaic Diallo is so as those birth to all I gotta meet this person. Her pain in the ass man they also say that good friends can drive viewed to achieve fitness diet and life goals is looking at how much of fat lazy friends. Where everybody differences olympians got the idea wondered Jerry a ticket to your buddies that are pretty good chip and yet we haven't talked to him could put the yeah I mean like that people a lot of friends always seem like happier people in mind it's morning there even more likable now the cover up several years of life parallels like so much sent it down there there's shallow empty people they get a fill that empty hole open leader friends. Fans the most alarming. Hole is meant for alcohol and drugs he goes alarming figure this study you just said. Too few friends can be incredibly damaging TU Donaldson that it actually said it would you have W a lot of strategy take bigger financial and personal risk yeah it's called fun. Because nobody's there to advise you -- -- that lead after trying to fill said hole he was talking about a few conversations of people that care about shoes to fill food food prepared to do group frozen to a person somebody who cares about your injury cures and adjusting others are but its operatives jerks and illegal I would much of this is what you believe and how much of this is people of push to Wacey you have to tell yourself this not to job win. So my father always had those big lot of how he did was talk crap on it dipped that like to be some chilly but but it doesn't really you. Know women are the worst at UN IC these. Oops eliminate Cecile when I was we were in a nightclub business so you is he's he's limit all hang out at at the comical about traditional remedies. Bachelorette parties or their fortieth birthday party craft break your if one of the brides gets up and goes and takes a scorer. All the other women talk about would appease secrete a bitch she's still she comes back and and she's like degrees so and in the other bench gets up on lost. And they'll talk crap on our I got going are you can you are a bunch of phonies they give a lot of friends Europe phony your. Coming from a guy talks crap of people every single day is your oldest and easily like having a straight up about it now yeah. I. Patched yet a you avoidable. And not like all of your friends all the time sometimes you reliance certain friends for support here that are friends that's all I need I don't need like a thousand friends that these people go. All of and friend heaven that's held me you know Republicans are you guys you get rid of drama how I got buddies you know August have a couple of solid guys talking just showing in many of those guys deeds that you thought was weird you'd get rid of that second. You know I I've. But they're all cool like I've I've I've invested in these guys have been around long enough for them pulled the move. That a fine stupid I just pulled back channels or what the oldest for you floor in three decades while he's doing which momentum. Bottom line and I asked him or want what's at Andy's got a agreement that's what. These and go political amnesia okay. And that he'd reach out to apologize he could have mended fences but you didn't need to sit down right inflicting yelled that OK so they only have twelve year old EU could say it's five have little kiss for a man the sun came up the next day. I want to work. That's all my life Israelis these people gotta cling to everything in your like a article on on life's ass but that's what's so funny here's exit you cite your father is a reason why you should have a lot of friends who put your father with one of the least healthy likes doesn't hurt actually gains from smoking. Rate eating terribly Oreo. You live to he began a seven. God is focused that if you have all these all these people pitcher Michael Fredricka zipped it. The only stresses like your head is broke and accused. Straight out of the logic and somebody like you will cool every day like you have your regiment in like an adult at an earlier this what do you have to look forward to if you don't have friends I have friends I got a couple of friends. Let's say you wrote a whole bunch of frenzied I'm ready all little calmer on you because they're always use may you make fun of them conserved for ugly. Nikki and even a pretty friendly community. You would even be able to recognize when my friend he I want to recognize him and I SARS are facing now as much an elephant and see so there you are nice looking and Amir you go like I mean. Avenue woman I am keys for an extra netted animal just if you don't have friends fly solo I don't know Gallagher CBC's Charlie your product Tonto for a I know that he had a. You could Dottie can have kids and are now I get your friends skate as Jimmie makes every bad decision don't you stand in tickets if. But keep saying. I think like I mean what you get like family mostly yes your friends kind of fade away but I think when you. You want to keep those people around because while the kids are out of the house like eating your gonna need people again near any friends again these peaks Al. Two guys with friendships Writely you I'll be up to maintain a relationship that's when you're all gonna have fun with the concert that's neat you can get a life a lot annoyed what did you write what I like the guys batted in he drinks to much rounder its got to thirty not to do now with him around and number on the from the he's like an hour or so all your friends go away because your wife OK but then it Kelly's back up again right yeah white guys. And if you start against. Inspect America we're talking about a study that the phrase that you decide to be charged with can help you and your health and financial will be. Lost it all Egypt completely disagree profoundly how old you wouldn't let you release running diaper don't fall to about green eulogized beavis and -- jerk you know it's all it's funny everybody says that you asked that I used I get 86 feet like another four years. Give me what's a cool four years back to stern at the war I just being alive having a chance to wake up every guess what happens pre gadget just look at that happens to nurse comes in give you pills the lecture as an issue leads to what did your father trying to kill himself. Was a great towards the end so eloquently to that as he was self preservation of the way her people you think Britain people wrote this with each. The other teachers to be about this is the idea of choosing your friends yes he is is what you believe that. We choose our friends well you you get that pick me out of the people you work with the meet you too kind of Akron and it's kind of like you'd gel because you're like that's the thing coming. But it's all can be used drugs and yes nothing changes from what you were typical. Year's bowl and when you press Friday. Obama email about a legitimate name that you were only friends in eight years old Bobby bell human neighbor exactly. Because he lived street you can hot wheels and it's a make our boys he was closest proximity which meet you my buddy Phil Hewlett street we were best friends because we were closest to president and this happens as you get older and seek out friends good friends list opt for notre Craig's list right guys that we are I mean we're friends you should be though. Wheeled and we're gonna show no none of a super LB front spring if you don't work with toggle fifteen you'd probably win guaranteed as we. Exactly don't have any friends that we didn't work units are with you wouldn't it if it's viewed at radio all the friends you have key to you for your radio career. Cecily gurus that's what I'd say is like this idea that we vault shows these people with but I like a conference of Wagner's. They're not friends who are having never been there how silly silly name tag so remember we talked about this before someone is trying to keep your money. Not action they are different though they're not pro that's a sadistic but percent I would say that don't don't think he. Literally are actually friends. Reverses the dice in Maine to get his room to Everett neighbor bridge over. The white middle outside the doors are always open point four hours of walking right then they approved weight on me that's of body. Let me ask you this kitrey. It's all about proximity to connect a lot of other. And what not so much like do you want your way to avoid it which he's acquitted of more selective of who there and. They need to. Because they think like oh your friendships a lot of tides start because of convenience. And like gay mean in this building like I'm friends with people. Because we worked together there this is like an acquaintance like I mean it's natural not to like somebody you don't mind and a few you named one of her friends outside. On her room. No I can't either. Trees she's ever mention. I get what she would when he had governments in the. Cause if I took about my friends you would tune everything I'm saying out anyways so it's possible that I have talked about my friend of but it could. I know my dad's name. Ole miss academy. Exactly who did it. Joint. Would you know make friendly to each don't even know. My parents' day and you met brag note. Frankie that's my mom. I'm callebs I don't know if OK I hustled and are bruised look at the details and don't know her phone number. I think it's ideal isolate myself as dangerous idea. Guys that feel like and I can isolate that don't get so scared that. They do that swamped who was friends they'll happen it is should happen naturally in what does that they come to Miami you go to like people covenant on your lives like her like a train station and some stick around some catch a bus let me ask you quite sincerely if something did this to happen you elect. You have a guy you can take the phone talking about it. Liberalism EU would you. Why we're. Why I don't like open to it looked at it's dangerous pose a danger is that the royal authority got Bob's injury sure out of it is a that's bad for your helpful at all that and scrap. We know what you can call it yeah I did was and I'm not okay I got like a couple of I would even tell my Brothers. Expect that its duties at bat prudent but we never should have somebody to problems I voted Bubba got his growth from my bullet. May be cancer. What Zack hall who I think it's got your head. Each update you want to do that but it's a US it is if I it's on the devastating happen tomorrow. The phone call you to talk about it is that you know you very long time there. You would be upset to a dose of Georgia so. I pat was gone out on your energy contract god. That is devastating to everybody has ears so I can't call you can confide no please Colin. Idea probably you know the problem is you've got oh why did Doctorow. What does it have something outside of your relationship to its. Just to have that outside perspective would just took a guy that's been divorced twice how do you you have your way to talk to what you go through divorced but your support and divorce means you close yourself awfully everybody's place where that person who you can fighting is gone. He to the silencing. Saddam you can drink do drugs. Watch a former. Can we got million outlets three's cell via video release of opera these pathetic people call on up. Although the African problem let's say I want to do was go out and I about everybody's problem to set I don't want to forget my problem at the air about. This warriors got prominence you don't love me in my kid doesn't listen with all these successfully diffused now they can't happy hour for reasonably good problems at the door. Okay well you you for that generation were opened up opened up putting you know I think he's kicked in and nuts. But it's gonna kick in the balls budding. Dan and during that. Yeah and a. I'm not saying W but he decides Dumont intelligent media say that every man has appointees like Reid has nowhere to go he has nowhere retired and if you have somebody go to that we can award itself out and just as Axl has done it non anonymous. The worst day your life you still hear you still have the right he got in here today this has got to come out and it's fine it'll work itself out listen to the man with no friends I have enough friends.