Dangerous Decorations

Wednesday, December 20th

It's supposed to be the "most wonderful time of the year", but if you're a guy putting up that holiday decor, it's not so wonderful.


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If all of the things you have to think about during holly snow might be in the budget to get the president to get the food get the time crunch family all that stuff safety is something that falls towards the back you'll get. But as we know how dangerous things could be no talks about that your wife doesn't care about it whether or not you are okay where did you are setting up a decorator or whatever like that she wanted to. And what he puts it makes it is with all of the things I could go wrong especially from your white side how every house in the neighborhood doesn't burned out every game. The break rocks is classic rock many 65 WC NFB. Consumer products safety commission. As is every year they cherry tree catching on fire that. Turkey pursuit of planes it's friars that would be part of the frying turkeys they warn you about to like. It right. Highlights of the drug treatment and be real and I've never done the real trees and yeah due to the retreat into. Chemistry catch on fire. You say it's pure fuel. Scuttle. Its final I don't OK on all. Like you put it the other recommendations. Nobody ever takes care of that is giving QB for example. They recommend to Consumer Product Safety Commission if you put light to your house or future whatever to individually check every all for shorts and sparks exposed way peso and if you wanna get that done by Christmas yet it's two. Years. Of course this is an excellent he's like a thousand little twinkling lights on the certainly nobody's doing right. Senators in the media that has been like this have to strand is I got to figure out attacks wrong but he can still. Yeah and and all the time now people's toss it gain an island but it did you forget with the three bucks and thrown at them. I'm looking at videos of lights that are working sparking because of shorts and setting houses right you got that and the other thing. Super dangerous that nobody ever talks about a on the holiday season that handles your wife puts William quick handles these candles on candles pungent gets. Eagerly real attic analysts are you honestly ethics thing -- him touches on fire this I don't look at maybe someday. Maybe this is just my home but my wife will late twelve candles that. Well how I get all the holiday have seance agencies say like symptoms Jamaican food production to want it to kitchen counter. We well it is weird like what I analytic handled like there are other channels in the room I can't just light line not realize. It just bothers me is that Jackson around me so all of the candles have to be live at the same time delicate you're gonna light a candle he had dual boot. So I like the late candles and internally it's down right. Can't find a remote. Think it's like excuses and it's nice now I can't secret every chance I got better legs. A goodly trip over the dog I can't seem to we have electricity right thank you would only need to candles for American allies also don't have a horse outside the you want to smell like pine now but he always like beyond beyond delights down the candles on okay. Can I ask you question Jimmy I'm answer to you have a kid did you wife do you can we have eight handled roar of course okay. And you get when you're married. Actually had a candidate its. Like it did not like it's like a small band full lake view is that did it spins old spice is on and what we bottles for candles just candles I didn't know how much candles were rights yet but it's also want to and then give it some of these capacity and can usually. Fifteen blocks to cheat you shepherded the chief candles in that regard she. I went to go on Saturday Yankee candle at a confederate cam with the I went to Yankee candle device family member of mine AT and then. I don't think they're 3030 for thirty dollars to Illinois originally announced at the jar you know. To get doing it in the candles dot. This is ajar and only a thirty dollar jar has anybody ever gotten to the end of a jar candle. Yeah yeah kinda if I give up on it what you can't like reached wake anymore might. If it's still like to travel and I'm pretty sure that I've been married almost eight years now we have seen candles for when we first got married we have now and nearly half sweeper. To study man believed to be the most dangerous part of Christmas decorating these things that your wife is doing its debt to worry about it. Did you get your ass about the lights should address by being careful let's have a little late 2000 candle to just see what happens and then forget about we just got another thing. Did you have your Evan folks over for Christmas and cut. Does your wife have those statements plugs in the wall it lit a little dig in it that you turn on it heats up and makes its moments. Oh yeah oh yeah that is likely descend here is yet it's not it's not glitch for the rapper yet but might it hasn't all over the house. I think I think I think now it just puts on right in the bumper. Okay as the minister of leisurely needed like OK I'm leaving my house of his can be ripped an answer details more likely it's like like I actually. But I mean most people hold their rectum the league can idea how to excuse me my whole months CIA I have good rectum attic it would go to somebody's downs that's what my wife flew Levon is I will wake up to find links are dripping out of his highness and sacred that is supposed to leave them. Like Dan visuals Jamal for it eventually become employed crap. The amount and on plunder your drug and it rendering bug them. All right what I thought I thought there is closed all the state or grow. Thank god you don't have kids still like and we get a bet on my template of such as well you don't delete them. You know and let them play got to go again she got unplug things it's still on the issue is do you unplugged it's closer to your music. And it put away no you don't know used to decently stop plugged in it's a toaster me I don't cabinet post or gets hot it's a push it down. I play everything diet I'm on upload. Your coffee maker. Definitely put a low maverick. I extended replies that he's an unemployment refrigerator but they. It's certain things have been using like these are places you don't normally used them much unplug it put one. Manager is your public service announcement of David W they were talking about the these changes have Christmas Consumer Product Safety Commission about the dangers holiday decorating look at it bring up which is super dangerous triple and all the others that know they're the the actual kicking down out of the Christmas decorations outside did and it has its icy units coal let's just it would normally doesn't here. Well that's it for years somebody takes him down right away like there's some people that lead those things up to a spring that I can't you can't go to Stanford. Tread serious. Who has a funny can't see. I don't watch it Milt underlying usually as soon as I get to go okay. I'm monetary anchor step down what's the OK Susan it that the economic of this stuff down so you tell you today on Tuesday. As is Barack usually New Year's Day as way it was I can't because of the snow but it it's like it is like a normal you know it didn't get it out on a done. All right so normally in Rochester to put up the lights and decorations if you do that kind of thing if you do it early December there's not that much snow maybe none at all and so it's okay get a letter nothing that's what you meant jittery first is gonna be snow there's gonna be ice. So why would you risk your health. I can't look at it betrays me not much we know that I can like extension Corcoran and mountaineers have the votes are hopeful bill. I don't need it on an out and finally I got. She's got to do your wing and a trip to weigh in the backyard and wean the backyard secondly as sixty foot extension cord. Okay we look back on what you can't even see the gods in U of. A lot of Lorca wanna get it done OK and and by the way. Your wife doesn't wanna see there's a factory issuance of that tunnel a bubble my wife says it's my safety securely C is a caricature signaling in the -- man is an honest it was a number private Ryan it. Meridian regional scene at the day when the first guys should get not the landing revenue or just get mowed down. But like they had to do that radiate those guys. But fortunately. These guys acted then because you know the big they got their routes that those other guys who get out the boat's safe of business first got the first use it to discover mowed down to your dad duty in your house like. She doesn't care she just a Cisco at campaign was like stand music if you slip and die. Getting this I essential just fine another husband to come up and finish it is just another guy behind a Jewish school and do it which shut the hell do you disagree and run a beach looking for his arm. That's it that's a good guy trying to find the extension cord. In his yard underneath us now. Do love the sixty Dave Dave. Monte Dei isn't dramatic consistent. Excellent. Let's say to eager to arrive at your comparing yourself to World War II guys store regarded the overburden or who were in all garbage or connect to the OK. Sears help our I think I. It walking that year all the way to the back of his yard he sees himself silly. Todd take his own as someone went and just when the year she's had it for ever really going back when the kids are little right so the kids are grown lax at all. And she's like oh courts are missing aways fall apart the attention put this thing back together with tape. And might. Bungee cobra does zip ties and stuff but this thing looks like it got hit by a truck. It's its mission in here but I still gonna put it up Maria and McCain stand on its own. Psychedelic lashes to crown should you essentially that there and I noticing an electrical hazard but she's Cecily put up because. It's from that the children of always. Wanted to she's given you one and a half we probably by notes. So we went to BJC some on Thomas got another BJ's ready for guys thanks. But I love that place I haven't pledge peg or two different honor boxing consider that a score. So I think Connecticut into new deer again persona sold this is old specialist literally Bono is still out there man. It's got like when it it's like to twinkling lights. I don't you bitch because you'll other reason I'd like you to regions that are rooting me right now and what could we break. A couple weeks ago I said I don't do Christmas decorations you. You know you accuse you went a little ones and in Europe all the memories it's quite heard that and it's got to my crap so I went out and I got a little Blake says no. Oh hello hello no keys and with. You don't get their inflatable does your dad gets it might ago. I get a by the inflatable you have to fight we just leave America male I would got a dozen others can't seeking lights and super BA's second might go adrenaline you got it tonight I got to sign. I would to one of those big box tourism and it looks like a lantern is currently a post it lights up its excel gold or fuel but that's pretty standard sixty dollars at sixty dollars at the sense that that my sixty dollar Uga tech. I put it the ground I go to sleep wake up the blue over me again it's counted in the ground so. Dignified and I can't get out the rubber hammer out. Graham go to sleep. Wake up beat tipped over it would stand up. Epic did what stand up if he is breaking let's keep putting it back together but I already bought it's gonna scrap it might wait no I spent too because I spent that much even though she's. That would until people get this thing so every day every day three quarter and again in my car to drive it in wanna look at seek a broken stupid every Christmas decoration that you lately get that I have to fix that's going to be a testament. Go bankrupt. In Ankara thing that's so secret. I well I do get on anchor things okay election in a nice equivalent. Brody row open spiked. There and they're good. It's so frustrating to us and now we got to do it because I didn't have to stress like like this the simplest of Christmas decoration I did not have is that this is what women want. Tell a year certain. Take Tommy out of it you would substitute for your kids anyway right I get to capture your kids won it I never until this year until Tommy did his little speech about Alley need to think of the family who never was asked to put up anything on this year because mister Christmas spirit it's also flooded trek deep down dissidents are gonna help until it is stupid day yeah I mean if Tommy does it yet to do it about the signaling of your neighbor puts up some stuff. They're over shamed into it because you know the casino resorts in the the neighbors any side do these massive obnoxious Christmas display that he dial it back a little bit to get the candy canes will sign him it's due to put objector thing they'll feed to projectors at but ballot lazy. You pop one thing and I also went up in front OK so my he neighbors behind us yeah in my house have the projector in the angle that they've put that. Each translated my window so tightly in my bed it's a perfect angle and every seven seconds shoots right I got the. Again freely sixers can't sleep I had to get a curtain to put up over my windows when it gets shot at least I'm a little night. Given the projector movement why I don't even know these peoples of the get this new project Cory age shoot out the window so looks like they're centered on which one. Creepy creeps man. Yet that would come and he's walking around how exactly did this gigantic Santa Claus in a reindeer in your house I think they're getting it. I don't do that stupid stuff and it's all stupid and it's all necessary to keep things we talked about menu you inept to spitting image you need if you record and shut up and let things happen. I can listen my wife went to stuff so we got a putter out. It's about safety and there are some folks are better jobs so long we can get away with things that folks just started came out and ultimately jobs along with what they do these things. Might seem out of place someone you'd try to. You look at it going to give you pass I would think this guy might be one of those things that Tommy let me ask a question. If you haven't surgery and him and you all the sudden heard the doctor talking to someone that wasn't in the room. That freak out who you are talking so when a cell phone. He's doing surgeries on his phone would get a good exit breaker very 65 BC have.