Distracted Doctor

Wednesday, December 20th

People have left their doctors for way less than this, but if all goes well during surgery, do you care if your doctor was distracted?


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I guess what's it'll. Saying no harm no foul. Yeah right nothing went wrong with there's no consequence then go whatever I was doing well he was doing what he was to his palate couldn't. That being said Tommy if you found out a guy that was performed surgery argue and was also doing something else during said surgery. Would forget little bit of its not pretended in my adds that he has now opened yesterday at the breaker Rochus classic racked basics but to be CNET we've had discussions on the show before about who you put your trust and just died doctors especially. They view how you'll need an old white doctor. No restriction always go all wake I've ever okay. It is not necessarily turn around and it was it all Arabs that there are studies that have been. That have shown that the younger doctor Trish at a middle school. Our secret ridiculous mistakes because there even the most recent stuff is what this is that jive the medical community it was a push on Uga is the epic it's cheaper and profit don't wanna tell you story. Seven year old Mary Edwards. From downstate little she has varicose veins and if you want to see is too good to see doctored have a fair constraints they operated on take care. Well she was having this surgery she claims she heard the doctor who's not Mexican. Thirty speaking Spanish. To nobody. Usually poignantly canisters the year coming in now like now I mean he doesn't say. Doesn't say. But two shooters and speaking Spanish and yet she hassled going audience. Has. It turns out that the doctor leader explained while operating this woman. He was taking a Spanish proficiency test on his cellphone and take that course during the surgery don't test. Yes it's even worse he was he studying Spanish though he was taking eight harassed and got started on the soon okay now. Yet additionally right now probably government. Just say the F that mugging but that's just. There's nothing in the story that says he screwed out of it he's doing his he's honest again if he does the sterling. One of these times he's in his gruesome than OK a couple of the wrong Maine but it wasn't you so why are entitled to anything actually did the job the right way and. It's fair to be pissed but it if nothing went wrong am I gonna spend my money and time sue in the guy. And you need like if you don't have to fix any thing I guess I just continued. This TV that you start working on mainly getting to my total doctor. Listen man you're paying top dollar for the scrapbook later on divided tension on my hands and give ordered MIT. I'd Dong my leg I don't care. Pay attention there are people who say that when they are distracted from their primary gold they work better the more relaxed in Europe reported that which shot before work starts we talked about that given this is different this is dangerous. Life threatening we're gonna tell you why I in my head that doctor I have. Right now I don't discount for ever there's a reason why I was with him I went to some ideals first recommendation Fam. Okay so the guy at before this guy would only do one tennis in their development today that your life so. He. I go to his office and he's a good general Garrity in general focus or go under for fiscal and Iowa program for reporters. So he gets me on the table we're doing and do and in doing. He gets me down in the fetal position Rafe. Asked hanging out and get ready for the for the finger blast to deprive state news. The phone rings up front and just as she goes in my girls out right now I've got to answer. He leads me. With the increased chance. Or wide open. I'm just lay in there honest on this table. I hear. Can come back in a room. It ain't isn't this some nerves. So nurses and erosion room I gotta look over Rangers Ohio are you. That the doctor be back with you were a little short and I'm on. What happens store here Ronnie wood did you think it was weird though that your doctor is the best we Chinese restaurant. So hopes. I immediately be like leave the door wide. They didn't and I forest that was not a doctor. Just want to leave it that would Erica okay 50 regular cycle to this relative the marriage. I'm on. Separatist. There's our tech guy he's craze it's a small practice again it's so small he has to its original phone. While he's in a minute mental its economic prostate OK I just on the cellular records poking fun but nothing bad happened you right. But I mean Jesus Christ and how about a little privacy and decorum but did anything happen. Yeah I was embarrassed that my greased up answers exposes some middle aged woman. These race is a bad bill harm no foul the story talking about a originally seven year old woman who Salinas surgeon who's working on her varicose veins could he was that he admitted she later taking a Spanish proficiency test during the surgery speaking Spanish. Taking you test well Ortega tell us why you're driving. That's a good play it'll. You got my leg ripped open in your poll in Baines and MIA lately it's a bloody linguine. He can elation to pay attention to nothing bad happened god forbid something daddy and he does I'll know that looking picture what if he cut an artery walls and a bleed now. Did you indicate idol gods are bits of it back gonna happen did you lose it. We generally speaking your correct under U comes to medical situations. And life and death. I do not tolerate such. Wrong. Like a doctor that you loved for years and they did like. Isn't there a little like I eat out with this guy forever allow them man obviously the best so maybe I would give him a path. Just because I'm so like I'm so comfortable that gut. And pass like that. The he curses. Well you doctor purses are like advised de LA in. Makes you feel more comfortable this the thing though eight. I mean that this I get just a general guy he's just a general guide that would make most uncomfortable is expecting a professional race organizer told Oprah. He's pushed it. They have it's guy tart and how much do what is. I let's say hypothetically. Hypothetically this is rightly once you are what you go to business doctor teacher whatever for a long period time there's that comfort ability and right and the best putting is goddamn much like cursing so let's say dot do you have now that you love for a year and it's a few prostate again. Sketch on all fours all greased up phone rings and goes up save situation but you bet it for years years years you love them. Would that keep people we're back to back I. Nobody uses this point I'm too comfortable that's laziness on my part it probably be nude bothering her but it too is excellent for noted that does. Find a good doc thank you got a rapport with his top. I forgot troubled part this is not his office it's on the table his deck. Is there anyplace that Hewlett mean he sodomized a judge either Chinese restaurant my dock in fact. My dentist. Yeah like my dentist I got better with my guy. For years I've been with this guy to warning users but it is love that and we now have been going into what that dude in. He's a radio guys who listens to these shows would talks stuff and this is it just so comfortable day that. It would be very hard relieve that guy. OK so so what you say she is a little bit but these same people that's like especially she just go to one time you're done you don't go. Emulate those vein institute legislature. And yes like I specializing why you don't go to the vein institute guy for twenty year we access the worst being guy ever this is the second procedure she was having should consultations in both legs and try to do when my time you don't not a very. I have varicose veins and all you said and I went abroad you pointed it out and it runs in my family. Militants legs hazard is leaves on. You are in a position where you know did you do to do some doctor shopping rights and works its that the measure would rise like because you know you go oh you girls together. There aren't a lot of different doctors certainly got me out with these tougher abruptly you're gonna like this chick and astute. The only really comfortable it spreads relate to and an historic. Thrown all that hardware and. Yeah I don't know I don't I haven't doctor that I feel like I've aides like irreplaceable. I don't know maybe that's just like. Mir I don't I haven't had it have anything like serious done so maybe that's why but you're gonna have your girl structure yet it's all just like the basic. The big thing we get anywhere you know oil checked. Look like there's been quicker fluid. A loop. Yeah I don't know I I don't I don't like bravado than doubling. The twenty minutes and it out it. I'm kind of with Kelly it's either younger that two I mean. As you get older you start getting more issues so you want a guy your comfortable little I grew up you got it once daily duck your whole life record don't remember these are so growing up I went to. A practice been derelict for doctors would see a rotation and you know every year will be different doctor yet they were to the processor though is really my totally divestment I've never had that. We get beat you also want to bus and as free clinics only go to C clinics and not go to C 83 clinics bro. I'm telling you. And I think a lot of the times do with people when they're trying to squeeze a doctor likened their schedule the hunt a lot of time tonight we'll discuss an available but somebody else the practice can see of so. Yeah I am like fine whatever just get me and. That's opposed to when the doctor the practice trying to squeeze Tommy when he's on all fours greased up on his take the tables on his stick during a fourth of July party at. Either received bottles Kuroda. I just assumed that every doctor and who is that a practice knows what he's doing sheet here she's due. Kurdish and JR I mean. I mean as I read what is is that and everyone back guys so it was done. And to defer further at this point I would assume that if a guy's taking a Spanish proficiency exam while doing. A procedure that that procedure is so easy he doesn't need a voice harsh mean so much. That's argued is like this is so easy but you're gonna charge me like a thousand dollars again it got him being pulled out of mileage. Sucks I won't take it was unsafe. And Ireland united either your eyes are on your work OK that scares you when you get a scalpel in my leg okay. But he misses slices of my dog. Meat is in the main being that much better close I guess. Can you varicose veins there. Oh share from standing out minutes late. It's different got to get out of there goes speeding on at regular on May never had a varicose vein I don't know how old is sad mega hyped. My my rights pretty Bain. But I think it's just like that from just standard Asia like an old tree is a source of look at audio weathered yep yeah.