Buffalo Bills - 12/17/17 Post-Game Hour 1

Sunday, December 17th

Buffalo Bills Radio Network post game show. Hour 1


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Welcome back to new airfield and happy holidays much over the bulldogs from the northwest broadcast who. Coldest I've been sitting here. 4416. Bills over the dolphins in the game that. They had to have but really that's been talked about. Obvious all season. That if this were gonna work out this would be like last week. A game they have to have so beaten six to laughed at new England and at Miami with a chance. Right. And in L not a game that. I USB a few weeks ago like mr. It is indeed memorable about this game that was Tyrod getting hurt right gronkowski with the chief rapidly in game two weeks ago. This game and have any of that the cattle chippy. Will see. Or what. That dollar comes to punch Tyrod Taylor and ahead at one point went undetected by officials at the not a not a real memorable game play the game the bills pretty much had to. In their control. Poll time it got a little tight when Miami recovered I'm psychic what that only lasted as long as a third Jay Cutler reception. So just like I don't know is Workman like OK we our hockey games I don't know we usually sit notable football game is what this was the solid Workman like effort you were the better team and you like. I'm OK with a lot of work like a sort picture might that the my mouth is going to be keep moving your cup a today really cold. Never close the windows Ralph Wilson right there ultimately after Ralph died there and they'll it's almost Ralph never pulled the windows these windows were open we wanted but there are willing to stay open. A might have to back up though a Leo so. 86. Last night you read. Kansas City beat the chargers. To go to 86. There's a scenario I think maybe. This will be important bring up. Because news. If I had to guess fans overall bills fans overall I thought Kansas city's win was bad for them. And it's still could end up being that depending on the combination of results here that come in the next couple weeks but. There is a scenario where if the bills. Titans. And chargers. All landed nine and seven. But the bills would make it right it's kind of funny because the chargers beat the bills but if Tennessee. Or end up in the tiebreaker with. Elway at buffalo the my understanding is it would be to. Bills they're all right in the opposite is true if Kansas City wood and up in that same three way tiebreaker. The situation where a few feet and amateurs just don't know you know before this game three games to go lower before last night's game three games to go. Head to head to get it up in a two team tiebreaker with the chiefs that score 33 team bad. The opposite is true OLA the team that you get that and a three way with Tennessee and you're in good shape. Has he had had obviously if you were to start with them they'd have bed at a new. So it it it can be confusing but I ideally yesterday was apostle. As soon as to what. He would have preferred happened because you don't know what else can happen around you. And others can be a two team pirates three team ties so I was like it pointless argument will. Ultimately. The draft pick would be the only other implication and you know at this point. If you're thinking can't city's economy playoffs anyway I'm not really that tuned in to the epic. If that really is really close and we met with that win last night the city is all with good to win that division. And be home in the playoffs and that would happen if they won one of their last two games that's home to Miami. And that at Denver is what they have laughed so the bills are beaten six. The ravens where it's at 86 with a win a pretty easy win in Cleveland today because that's not too surprising. Cleveland now or fourteen. Tennessee plays at San Francisco it's a game at 445. And the patriots in the Steelers at fort 45 today to expect. So we'll take your calls or shouldn't be that many because the bills 1803055188550. 2552 lottery just like Sean McDermott Sony traffic. As well let's give you the express mark stats of the game check it out express mark not your average. Convenience store one of the big stats from the scheme would be a career stat right. It was shot McCord need 39 yards going into the game and got it. In the first half. Didn't do much after that actually really Corey had dumb things that 42 yards at halftime and up with fifty on the day. Twelve carries for eight yards in the second half this game but he got his 101000. Yard there on a play that he got her job in the local maybe he'd be. Lol but seriously hurt actually but he returned we usually go after it seemed finished the game Biden on the day. McCoy twenty carries for fifty yards Taylor passing seventeen point African 24 and one touchdown that to LeSean McCoy. Who had four receptions for 46 yards and that score Charles clay was built we receiver in the game. With five catches for 68 yards. On the I Miami so RJ Cutler in the twenties to forty metric ton 743. Interceptions all coming after halftime in this game canyon Drake. The Miami running back sixteen carries or 78 yards Jarvis Landry was leading receiver for Miami with ten receptions for 99. Miami was exactly what I expected. The running backs nice the running back was second or even third on their depth chart earlier in the year they traded dry in the Dini Williams went in he got hurt. Landry doses. Slot dance and he's he's nice but they'll thing. Too big their Kenny stills as their big play they went to that a couple times but it that it. Julius Thomas drops the ball and he got a couple of sloppy throw from Cutler. Yup and Bobby Parker you know they really don't throated and that was one thing that was different about the dolphins today. Bills passing game one let me play had a couple of moments. McCoy right vice plate from Taylor to McCoy for that the other touchdown pass. Taylor mean. What why would this be surprising. Our misses but there are also. A couple of jobs from him his touchdown run as a great run that past detail to what McElroy is a great place. I played the got them set up for their first touchdown. Floated a ball in to nickel leery. Rolling towards the right sideline and O'Leary I think out of bounds before the two were created up but that was an open nice little roll. To me by Taylor gonna crop to it was a super tight coverage pretty solid drop but it any older rated stride that once an alchemy to. All right we will be ready for Sean McDermott here shortly but let's either take a brokered its traffic first. Let's go to break here and as soon as McDermott is ready to talk will be here for a Mike show and the Bulldog. 2416. Bills the final this is the Buffalo Bills radio network. Free checking accounts had a great until I found hidden fees NET interred here a paper statement be there and suddenly my free checking account wasn't really free it all. And northwest free. Mean streak. 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The makers and moments of buffalo sports. Your history museum's front of people who have business part of their wounds their customers the community and our sports teams. Welcome back to Newark field here is Sean McDermott. You everyone again they got the stadium ready to play both in the stadium and outside the stadium. It's great team effort secondly in. And not to be outdone. Our fans tremendous job this year at home six and two record to step in the right direction we establishing who we are and how we play at home. And and that was big force in and finally congratulation on the cool down 101000 yards thirty declared natural history great accomplishment. Tremendous development. Certain here for business. First kind of what I think that's a weird you know we are dynamic in terms of that the knicks are run past them. And I'll open it up you know down the field a couple times which is which is kept them. A little bit off balance at times so you know we run the ball effectively and in the play action is working so. Tara did a good job really getting a lot of people involved in the passing game as well so I thought Ricardo really good game. And it was good to see you know in particular. You know scored three times in the first half I think it was those days. Inability to really put them away again. This season could definitely. Earlier. Good for us. I just think overall really shallow there was a lot of opportunities. Whether situationally. We had a penalty. Then that we are on discipline. And that in that area there so there's there's some opportunities you know it's it's a challenge in the leak. To do that to teams this is in a felon. And I give credit to them they're good football team well coached football team. No but there were opportunities we got sloppy. Yeah they'd be doing. Now we take them 11 at a time I was here we do I thought we respect your question no this is a team are gonna face in two weeks here again and and other good football team so we've got a lot of work to do as you saw and now we're gonna get back to work Monday. The leader. I keep everything from the view if they really have too many big plays obviously wanna stop at every week but just how were you able to kind of hold them down. To keep them from getting anything cheaper. I thought you know Leslie Frazier in the defense is that pretty good game plan together again and and you know we've got got some key turnovers which are big for us in terms of taking the ball away and then. The reds on stops were also key. Offense that we get a good job in the red zone defense who. But also get a good job in the red zone. And I think that was you know the part of enforce. Leslie. It was crazy Republicans who would listen is there a particular reason why we kept. Yeah other quarterbacks. No not necessarily mean like a so they're good football team we just felt like we had to you know get our guys going a little bit and in some Jews. That was about it. I went on plus. Else. Almost that means you really. It's huge that's that's you mean we know how important winning at home is the guys talk about a lot we talked a lot about defending our dirt that's something that's out there that's just saying that's out there now. You know playing in western new York and you've heard me say before it's a special place to play in the stadium. And from our fans here's oh I can't say enough of about it in terms of the F that the defense put forth to come and supported since stuck by us all season long and you know so. You know crowded a great job last night talking to the team about what it means to play here. And I think the players took it to heart to a lot of pride. Is it that you haven't seen his personal success against Miami prior to this year but has he ever told you just that he just likes playing in this team because. His personal numbers are. Off the chart against these guys just seems to do well. Yeah we haven't had that we haven't had a conversation. We have other conversations that we haven't had that one yet. Does is like this and you know our guys continue to grow each and every week it better. And elevated again emphasis this week that we. You know focus on us focus on what we've got to do to get better and grow and and I thought like this in earliest populated in the game and we can afford to do that. This was six. It's replaced morality of what their drive. You guys put together right there for sure hey your favorite almost as good if you really that's going to be driving without going. In the game. It was it was a known for our office to come out and I thought that the run pass you know the place election there was phenomenal. You know they did have the momentum a little bit there. And and we kind of we kind of took it back which is good to see them scored again I think on this. Maybe next driver or to dress from that so I'm no good to see you know I think our offense again had a good read into it in particular the first half. There we ran the ball well which is key in every game. And you know conversant critical third down. Important part of the game. An important part of the game got to get takeaways on defense and special teams and then protect bald that's that's that's seems so. In those key for us now see when the game at begin at the end I was interception and and playing Smart football this time going down. And we know what you know about to finish off again. -- that conversation hit me in the myself at this point it just wasn't happy with that. With what ensued with the penalty. We Adam and what I believe we've been a fourth down situation. Can't do that can put this. They're both real really don't morsel EJ. Currently being evaluated. Challenges. It was working off of coming off that injury in. So you know who's had a good week of practice and we gonna continue to get stronger every week in and feel good about the way came out of the game. This week. And so you know that's something we can build on at least going in next week's. Exactly. He did he did I thought he played a game. You know electricity spread the ball around it was he was. Decisive when he needed to be decisive. And then he took off when he needed to take off with the ball and aids anytime you can do that and makes a defense that's an eleven to all eleven guys on the field that becomes an catastrophe. Get the sense coach. We got guys weren ten KT shirts and I know it's about team but it just seemed to be a team. Support kind of behind. McCoy and what he achieved today that was so unbelievable achievement. Unbelievable and I'm just you know fortune that good myself to be part of it it seemed to have watched it take place. Misses that's one for the ages right there at that type of accomplishment so. Hopefully everywhere everyone got to my expert at it that those those courtesy. All. One game. These two games ago he's quote what birth. What do you. In play. We plan. Told us. Well and I think we embrace people talking about that's that's good. And that's how polite we embrace that that say we have to focus on. Our process them and what has gotten us to where we are and they continue to grow and if you stay the same in this league. We question was asked her if she stayed the same this week. You know you're hearing it the and so we have to continue to grow. As coaches as players staff and and and that's what really focused on four. I. Yes on the over your shoulder it there so. Yeah which I think your piece here a minute. Yeah thanks. All right that's it Sean McDermott and the bills over the dolphins today 24 to sixteen. He's press conferences. Sometimes. If you talk to Tyrod Taylor about his career against the dolphins. Know. We've had other conversations though. Mr. Erma niche and make sure you do all that even though I haven't had a conversation with Taylor about his history against Miami such as it is. We have had other talks about all the photos that was left. That was left outside. I don't wanna make any assumptions. Prop eight that don't. So their chances and doing. Are they worth. But for the most optimistic fans. Are they worth pondering. Will anybody. Who doesn't love the bills. Talk them up going to Foxboro with the patriots scheme that based tool that we I ain't if we did. Another outing where Brady sort of looks. Ordinary. This he didn't look great against the bills they won comfortably by twenty points but he didn't carve them up. And you look very good on Monday night and in an if if he were to have a half day. Against. Pittsburgh just walking up but it just scored a touchdown England for it okay. Yet short on. If he struggles again then maybe around the country people will wonder if he's he hit some kind of a patent may. Manning late season wall or something. And that would a case that I I would. Mean they helped they helped the weight of 23 points I said here two weeks ago and said you can game with Tom Brady on the other side of the field in your defense holds and 23 points. But let's get a chance to have to beat them. So if they can do that again and find their way to some kind of offense you know it's not insane. It's not that wouldn't be the biggest upset ever or anything but I'm not take it seriously right now there are double digit underdog but it adventurer yeah. I think what you just said what you just said it would have to have the day. For the bills to not be double digit underdog they're now in Miami Miami goes to Kansas City Miami six and eight. And will be an underdog in Kansas City they lose that game six and nine the bills at east and seven. If they were to lose in New England. Would. Probably still have playoff like I don't seek definitely buy it might be definitely. Release be probably. And whether their favored or not I don't know but they obviously have a legitimate chance of winning there. And hopefully that would try to get if they were loose and New England hopefully then. You know that that would be a really highly anticipated game. They were beaten 63 years ago. Going to Oakland. With Kyle Orton as the quarterback and they lost that game in Oakland that was a big ego let down and warning New England but it did matter. Might and it went well bull and maybe I remember correctly it was a title would be that was a real I was a real let down right that was after the Green Bay windier. Boy I was off. So. Not exactly unchartered territory. Here for the bills would be with this record this really mean this is you know. This is in the months in L. Although it's funny CBS might be confusing fans. Because they they keep showing the bills in the six spot and I think if you get to world all the on a tiebreaker or taken into foul trouble which you can't do yet because of these mostly common game you can't do yet because. Baltimore at buffalo haven't played it a comedy they will by the end of people Baltimore if they end up same record so. It's between those of Baltimore is sort of technically ahead of the bills. But that's probably keep showing it on TV. Anyway. Thirty help probably unless you can fight your way to handle a significant ups. That's that would be the biggest thought that the world but it would be significant if they went in with with something on the line for both teams. To Foxboro and beat them here on questions. 8030550. Is our number thoughts on today's game and what lies ahead for the bills out eight and six. After winning over the dolphins today 2416. Healthy lead in this game. And held onto where that much over the bulldogs from new air field in nice cushion and. That's the yeah it would send Obama. McCoy had fifty yards rushing 46 yards receiving with two touchdowns on the day. Tyrod Taylor toward the 224 yards and a touchdown he also added a rushing toss some of his own. As for the injury report cornerback EJ gains was carted to the locker room in the second half of today's game he's being evaluated for a knee injury. The wind gets the bills six in two. At January field this season the last time that the team went six into a home 1999 the last playoff appearance. Next up for the bills doesn't get any easier they had to Gillette Stadium to appease the patriots on Christmas Eve asked for the patriots. They're getting started in Pittsburgh the patriots having seven nothing lead on Rex Burkhead touched on other games and action right now. Todd girl. It's touched on the rams thirteen nothing lead over the Seattle Seahawks. San Francisco 49ers up three nothing on the Tennessee Titans. Sunday Night Football like cowboys and raiders that starts at 830. Scores from earlier today the Baltimore Ravens keeping pace with buffalo winning 27 to ten in Cleveland the vikings clinch the NFC north. With a 34 to seven beat down of the angles. The Redskins beat the cardinals twenty to fifteen Jacksonville blowing out Houston 45 to seven. The saints they defeat the jets' thirty once in nineteen. The Carolina Panthers running Aaron Rodgers is returned to lineup picking him off three times in 3124 win over Green Bay. The Eagles needed a goal line stop to win 34 to 29. Over the New York Giants that helps Philadelphia clinched a first round by. This bill's game rap is brought to buy independent health premiere every dates your unexpected independence Red Shirts are here to help. I'm Dierker for the Buffalo Bills rated network now we know traffic but Neil McManus. Know plenty of traffic trying to get out of the lots at this time up have at southwestern. And South Park too we're seeing so much. Added volume there around mile strip. Mile strip starting to fill up very nicely as well California drive you're seeing delays all the way between. Big tree and southwestern. Do nineteen starting to fill up seeing a few more headlights on our. Area camera C a number of delays along McKinley. Rate of two mile strip heavy congestion in that area. You may wanna try to scoot over and he waved through over the roof five and make your way up into the city if you're heading north right now. Trevor being brought to you by group a collision make the right decision insist on horrible collision I'm Neil McManus on the Buffalo Bills football clubs. Yeah it would yeah Obama. Isn't. Bills over the dolphins 4416. Much over the bulldogs knew where field the home. Finale taking your calls eagle 30550. 1888550. To 550 happy holidays everybody. The Steelers are even with the patriots in the first quarter responding to new England's Rex Burkhead one yard touchdown run. With a TD pass Ben Roethlisberger to. Know Eli Rogers. So 77 in that game the bills could use tennis Seagal Lou is probably. Yes it's possible at the end of the way. This game they could lose it and it would turn out that their winning it because a tiebreaker would be better but. I can't help you 66 nothing San Francisco in the lead over Tennessee San Francisco bottle one point favorite earlier today. And the rams lead in Seattle thirteen nothing they've scored three times they have the ball crystal first quarter. Nice for them via. John is whether a site John. I don't. OK John thanks for calling us. Yeah. I wanna talk about. Don't place okay. In good teams. Only lucky. If they win and they have a lot of bad place. Today. We are very lucky. Because him and own place. That we could have turned the ball around and we could have them up losing very simple. Washington was one good example OK there a couple of others about. Upload continually done that my suggestion that the McDermott. Would be at the end of every practice. Before they got home slipped around and watch. About a half hour just play is the way home. And they can pass out troops of boxes Padilla meet the parents are two boxes all the players. McDermott as coaches go I don't know if you noticed as coaches go he is pretty severely that. Mean he is not. Treating them like six year old switch I would not criticize him for. But he is pretty strict like that and he's not Pete Carroll I don't I don't think it's accurate to say that they do this all the time. Either. Jury uses had a certain kind of reputation and that it almost seems like it's. Mobile. Now and maybe that's because this coaches had an impact on him. There today got stupid that the Washington penalty was don't. I mean it was just dumber than you got that fourth down and it was just don't have been before he was even really provoked. It is game this game did get chippy. You know I've mentioned already that sue looks like he went right crossed Taylor's head that went undetected. We go about Jarvis make request your air Williams I don't know whose teams over allotments that Obama bad blood there still be problem that. By you gotta be better control in Washington today and I preclude wouldn't be surprised if there is some discipline. Is that they've playing time next week. But to think that this is like a deals problem. That that's accurate I mentioned Pete Carroll in Seattle on the Super Bowl they worldly they they took the most penalties. They ones that all you how you win is not by avoiding. Bad penalties penalties really don't correlate to winning at all. Tiger's caddie next I can. Can. I thought I can thank you. They re. That in didn't work at a couple points about today's game without his initial days of party then underscored. That meet cute as much is it an important land a very meaningful way you learn. Can't be you know picky about went late December when you still have a playoff holes and built at every bit of that but on the other hand. Is it good employee skinny. A full forty minutes of football acumen partly. Our sixty minutes are slow thinking and partly sixty who wins. You taking their record fifteen minutes four quarters and sometimes like last week war. Now. It exactly that but you can't you can't have you know it's an area where you're hot off with a do you not you can't be in New England pages and well liked and. Oh there's all almost nobody beats them anyway. No you lose they lose very few games. Burden we have talked for a minute for many years about how how can the bills beat New England this week I'm sure there will be talks this week it will present so how can the bills were in this game just one. Ironically while it's really hard to know right there it's a good idea to pressure the quarterback blitzing don't blitz and now. You know not take thought the last guy would say don't take dumb penalties candid fury if your point here is that they will need to play better on Altman's. And they did today particularly in the second half percent I don't know what you'd have a problem with these were one point two touchdown burst that. Objects by Microsoft and the standard what that looked. Com. Maybe by any authentically want points that happens is vice myself. They think they'll sleep in the second half an apple need to put that to be weak because that we in the lead in Miami. So you know I I don't disagree with what you're saying that just on the old one. What would motivate you to be critical about it. They're not a team that's really in the week of class so if they somehow managed to. Watched their way up to that last week then that'll be great if they don't I'm not going to be surprised they have not won a meaningful game. Against New England in at least forty years. And they've barely won many games against England at least forty years so I just hope I have the at least with the game a week away and having just watched them win a master I have the the capacity fortress like how that will go or what they will be to do more to win the game than what that it'll be a big underdog that's that's what should be. And if they eat. Shock them it will be amazing. Jockey it would be shocking if a -- but nothing against juice boxes by the way all through up there pace that is juice and there. That's not to be scoffed at will straw thing. It'll rappers that the straws are in the polls mean I don't know what your current slate might it would and boxes are posting. And it static. Visual you go to pick them up need be to god and and and actually you don't expect your sweater. He. Series that McDermott is taking the bills for ice cream right now he's happy with today's today's win. 8030550. Is the number much open the bull by your bills over the dolphins 2416. They have a chance it's the patriots and and the dolphins again. And it's still possible that a split of those two games in a 97 record. Would be good enough but they'll need a lot of things to fall right. Including the results the titans and meet the ravens and who knows who wells chargers probably sell. Battle is yet to play out titans trailing in San Francisco six nothing leaked in the first quarter going with Pittsburgh still 77 when it. Back to newer appealed for more of the official Buffalo Bills post game show coming up. This is Buffalo Bills football right. Came in for the injured EJ gains gains is being evaluated by team. With a knee injury awful finishes their season at home with a six and two record the last time there are six and two at home was 1999. Up next for the bills it's the AFC east leaders the New England Patriots speaking of New England there in Pittsburgh for a while hyped game. That game currently tied at seven as a second quarters getting started. Meanwhile other games in action today. The San Francisco 49ers up six nothing on the Tennessee Titans as the second quarters under way there. The sequel excuse me the Los Angeles rams up thirteen nothing on the Seattle Seahawks as that one has 1044 left in the second quarter. Source from earlier today the Baltimore Ravens keeping pace with awful they won 27 to ten in Cleveland. The Minnesota Vikings clinching NFC north with a 34 to seven beat down of the angles. Washington Redskins beat the Arizona Cardinals twenty to fifteen Jacksonville blowing out Houston 45 to seven. The saints to beating the jets 31 to nineteen the Philadelphia Eagles needed a goal line stop to help. Ensure a victory 34 point nine over the New York Giants that helped Philadelphia clinch a first round bye. The Carolina Panthers drew and Aaron Rodgers returned to the Packers lamp that the Kamal three times in a 31 to 24 win. This bill's game rap is brought to you by north town automotive nor town automotive sales service and selection to the nth degree. Under credit for the Buffalo Bills radio network now we go to traffic we knew McManus yeah. We really count your blessings that goes a lighter than usual crowd out a new error field today for the big bills when seeing heavy congestion all around the stadium has a lot start to clear out California drug and see some heavy traffic there between. So little western and big tree and southwestern just a logjam at this time same for habit. Miles you're you're seeing building traffic there McKinley parkway. Seeing some heavy delays especially right when you get to mile strip what you get out of the uniting not too bad seeing moderate congestion all the way up to the ninety's they served together really packed off once you hit. The 400. In that area around the 190 break. Then heavy congestion on the ninety all the way up. Too bad Walden avenue area at this time traffic being brought you by Geico fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance call 180947. Otto or visit Graco dot com today ideal McManus on the Buffalo Bills football network.