Buffalo Bills - 12/10/17 Post-Game Hour 2

Sunday, December 10th

Buffalo Bills Radio Network post game show. Hour 2


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Heels ready to go 35 from their own forty. It takes is now looking downfield cortex and not to. He takes. The defensive back went. That was Thompson's only catch of the game was Shawn McCoy would follow that with the game winner down to a minute forty left in overtime tied at seven snap. McCoy was the star of the game 32 carries for 156. Yards. And that touched down next up for the bills next Sunday another home game in the first meeting of the year with the Miami Dolphins. Around the NFL the bears crushed the Bengals 33 to seven. Cowboys stay in the NFC playoff race for the thirty to ten win over the New York Giants. She's break a four game losing streak and improved to 76 beating the raiders 26 to fifteen. And the lions getting. You'll go with under thirty seconds to go to beat Tampa Bay 24 to 21. Five games in action right now two are at the half Tennessee up seven and nothing on Arizona. Chargers of 23 to six. On the Redskins in the third quarter Broncos a thirteen to nothing on the jets and it's two games in the second quarter Eagles a 21 to fourteen on the rams. And the jaguar still holding a 33 nothing lead on the Seahawks. This update is brought you by north tower automotive north tower automotive sales service and selection to the nth degree. For the Buffalo Bills radio network I'm Jodi kiosks in for a look at traffic here is Neil McManus. Local fans are persistent and they are hanging around slowing everything down in the Orchard Park area. All around knew where field. Extremely follow along men northbound to nineteen right now on C a long long line of headlights he didn't stop and go on. All the way until you get past ridge road 400. Or not get on the ninety's and into the 490. Under speed as well. All the way and who you get to about William street and opens up a little bit at least the conditions are improving. Once you get under the nine B and out of that snow band. We're five maybe a nice option that's under speed but nowhere near what the 219 is looking like at this point in time. Trevor being brought you by Geico fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance call 1800. 947 auto or visit Garko dot com today I'm Neil McManus on the Buffalo Bills football network. This is the post game show would show with the bulldogs. What do you buy northwest make the switch to northwest and get back to living. Welcome back it is 538. Here in Western New York we're going to be gone until about. 625. The whale looks to so our network affiliate producers know that and all you listeners. Sabres pre game will follow our show here in western new York and may be relived to. Bush over the bulldogs bills over the colts in the snow and in overtime. Thirteen to seven LeSean McCoy goes over a thousand yards for the season with a 45 yards 41 yard I think it was 21 yards for a touchdown run to end the game. Just game a lot off on the William. There in my personal position I don't know you know it's funny I I'd you see the players reacting after they win. There enemy may I can't wait doctor what about the made it look like they were having a blast down there. Indians take interns like him applauded it just looks like apart. And yeah I don't it probably doesn't feel that good for Indianapolis. Had to point out we think is it on the plane at some point I said view. Other young guys on the bills wondering when their contracts expire but you're just out there in the coal the most I guess it depends on. The guys. What kind of what kind of person you are what you embrace. Whatever the adversity. That's being presented by the conditions do you do you take that in just try to amp wit. When you guys look like they were doing metro debuts white guy I saw some footage that confirm this and Twitter was ablaze with him I think early in the game. Look at what he was just having a super one time out there. So why am I think mostly via our goods bought it it always was fun. When I was you know 1215. Years old Europe mystery plane and you don't succeed justice no big snow banks that that was the best. And there were plays in this game that really made me think of that the missed pass code percent to. Chester Roger thank you. He catches that ball but he's out of bounds and he went completely disappeared into a snow. Was awesome so. I don't know what he's having won in that moment. Right up close brush if you if he's if he gets his feet down it goes and that's all right that's one. The beauty in dangerous feat on it's a completely now it's got a peaceful snow maybe not as much if. If I live in a city where there reasons NFL team. I I have my fantasy players or whatever but like I've no allegiance to any one team but analog TVs arm and a bar something right there watching this is the game I watch. I wanna see whoever the two teams are they're playing in a blizzard all day. That's the game I want. I got to the I got the degree cup game. Is a few weeks ago because I I was seeing on Twitter it's snowing like okay I'm in I'm gonna bail out of whatever criminal with deep ones that date. I don't care and don't want this is what's awesome about army navy insurer and I didn't get to it but I saw highlights. Are watching soccer in this note today but it was predicted to be really bad imagine it was a great reunited in city were playing but it wasn't Moussaoui is maybe I'd hoped when I turned it I mean we're talking about all the artists now about the do they just can't I think they booted it's really like multiple inches of snow audited just call the game. But nonetheless they excel there was there was snow games all over the place. This game just looked impossible to the good guys trying to clean the field wanna jobs that was a mean really all day event over time. For that. Every everybody's. Work would have been different yeah be in their today the player and everybody else. Mean I know we saw that game in Cleveland in 2007. Where you don't be nothing bills lost and the conditions were horrendous. You know a lot to wet snow on the field and I think before recording wise this game looked comparable to that they do not remember. It walking that bad like as far as just your your ability to see. You know just it was really coming down in the first half this game in a way that made it. I had to be really challenging to take part in but we'll keep track of the game I mean. I don't know homer for him and market sell it managed to duplicate. Well you could see you barely see on TV. To the phones again here's frank without solo frank. Able Italian airline. What a great wins. We needed that in that blizzard in that garbage. We had to come out on top. I just they Bulldog I love you. And the ball to Mike like how big of a that the that you get when they pot. Oh my gosh a guy holes on for an hour and forty minutes. We want is going on in your life. Scott is Angelos got. Then you might not let this thing out you guys had that three. I call I reported that on the list your top three things the first one being Joseph Webb. Possibly being a starter prediction gear I have mine property. In India. From people would have called the show already you're making a list of takes. Jordan here here's my first one that fact that you two are being there questioning. Different decision to go when. What they want there with a coach that once coached in this league now coaches copy that had a day do you equate to winning. Oh my gosh thank you what you wanna listen to a show worthy host don't question coaching decisions or just not the ones you disagree way. I disagree with that and independent but my second one is the Peterman duck. Okay he would claim to win big English trying to make a point. Well if the quarterback gets hurt Scott and your down to a guy who's a wide receiver to be your quarterback your chances of winning did not get better. So you want it if you really have to take all this so literally maybe try to think about the other stop enough the importance of one ER. The second. Is that what he's that's got. What do you say that what was more important right there the extra blitzer it was a gardens and more that. The extra yard Peter and gain by diving head first there or. The fact that if he were to be injured in this game Joseph Webb would play the rest of what's what's more valuable thing you don't have an answer I don't wanna keep going here if you haven't answered that we're trying to answer your stuff I'm answering your stuff like that point. Until in my every reaction that what do you think it. I I think you're wrong because I heard you say when you're showed you ample adult. I heard you got criticized the quarterback sort of lap 811413. Yards shy of the mosque. A guy quits I'll play on fourth and one of it's important it's a little different than that so you can't tell. You can't tell the difference all your expertise you can't tell the difference what was down and distance on this Biederman run no guy is in fourth and one what was down and distance on this Peter Munro and Scott. Don't distance on the Peterman he can't even criticize us and throw it. What was the distance on that play it's not a show is giving up for a fourth and short. She is probably strong wind remember remember what I go to. You play to win big. Only thing your saying this memorable as this isn't even yours. It's just copying Herman Edwards thinking it's brighter something. Oh my gosh I mean. I don't know why shouldn't issue and even get action and react to this if you can't tell the difference between those two things you're you're walking around storing some point you heard also make I don't know years ago. And try to use it against us. You can't tell you don't know the difference. I said it was said earlier announcement be another thing what I said earlier was an early wanna criticized Peterman. He got hurt there is morbid that's exactly what I said earlier it's more the defense of players' fault. What happened on that play but in reality no you don't need that extra yard. And if you're gonna have a team is so dumb and guts in this Peerman but you haven't haven't seen it like this guy I would like that so don't think every yard is worth. Dramatically increasing your risk of injury then your you know what he expects it here and that's a Smart team is not a Smart play. But don't criticize the guy he got hurt there is not exactly his fault he got hurt but no it's actually not more valuable to have gotten one yard especially game like this. All brought it up and I said I think it's reasonable Bluetooth to say he should he should have been smarter they're safer there considering what what the stakes were with the situation was because it was already enacted in the game. That's all. That was after yelling loudly for quite awhile about. Powell dirty I thought the play was the ones by the player but I'm imagining you didn't hear that. But I don't did you like that because back I would probably going to win the game to. Even though we can cluster quarterback. For the record that play that Peterman was unfortunately injured and was second in eight he gained two yards. I'm. We're so you know if he were to slide he would have me be also gained two yards or one IV if you are looking for he's trying to win the game. If he's diving head first to get to a first down on that play. It's still not safe but at least make sense and I and I think I would not part of it. At all reasonable criticized. So that's it makes a difference to me with the situation is your reference it with us criticizing Kyle Orton for giving up on a plane in Denver three seasons ago when he slid went up first down at the guts it out is within his reach and the Eagles playoff hopes are Reagan in the ballots. It's a very different situation than second at eight ID to. Obviously hurt and that's the thing about these arguments were in the tavern on the show is like I can't believe there be five people. Agree with side of the point I mean maybe maybe there are five people loose. That's were talking. About football is to some people is just it's it's just you know it was me to think about. Literally bull I am I am literally Jordan on the tips of my fingers at. Are numb from listening to that guy talk. I'm sure he has the same reaction to us what what are you gonna do. Here is rob an actual rob. Are you got robbed or if I'm numb I just sent my fingertips or not I'm not animal. And I can't imagine you're appeared to have been now. I have a question. And even in the cold either right like I'm not even out there in the weather like you war. Yeah. Man you know whether any met a TI. All in and know what there is out of control. We've got we've got. We hit three people what's out of the roof. Well it's that they were there to help will be careful route. For real I mean what are you would think that. What else plot point aren't. Sorry well why and why are we go to what we do you know not the way to go yet that take away. We'd run around I really hope now driving bodies. No I'm not driving OK good other. Who who would who would it make that. What do you mean except to win who're you talking about your loss or yourself or people that pushed you out of the ditch. I'm Lipton airshow. My goodness I. All I did different Peter Brandt did that hit Republican caught. We don't we don't have. We don't have opportunity to make it to the playoffs. We do have the opportunity to make it to the playoffs Peterman was can cost yes that's right. Just recapping here. Rubber gonna let you go I don't know it is you damn well that sounds like you've had a longer I don't know it easy. So someone leaves with one can we just accept to win. I might I might be jumping to a conclusion here but I'm my assumption is that he's unhappy that anyone meet you. Wouldn't or callers would voice their displeasure with your head coach who you have to have faith in. To do great things for your team in games that will hopefully someday have much bigger stakes and even this one in which they do have a chance still to make the playoffs and they win. Punting them away on fourth down in their opponent's territory with mormons to go to overtime when a tie just about rooms. Well I mean I don't I don't think there's anything you're responsible about being concerned about that I think it would be. Myopic to not be worried that win you know. But if you don't get a 34 yard pass from your backup backup quarterback who covers parts. Normally as is they job. Two and three Donaldson in the snow. Yeah you're welcome live over. So you know in the big picture you that I think you have to take into account with this guy's going to be the leader of the team for a long time may be. And his decisions certainly should be scrutinized that's it. I accept the win at eagle. Criticized him doesn't yet to turn the win in that's how this works so they have their win and they have their playoff chances would still aren't great by the way but they have them. And to me they're fortunate to have them because of his decision. You know when when the bills are in the market for a coach and they constantly are. The only thing I think I really ever want is for the coach to be good at that. I want them to coming here and throw some how the bills to be impressed despite being history of being a team that is not a precipice. Every year at this point every week this point. I want time to hire somebody who knows. Probabilities. Who knows strategy. I didn't need culture. Frankly speaking only for myself but I'm not saying this is a personal criticism didn't need faith based. What I needed was do you know fourth down do you know to going for two what do you know that stuff. Because we've never had a coach that really knows that stuff. But for that to happen in. First what has happened is someone who's hiring these coaches has to be like that. And that is not where rat so. McDermott. Showed today that he's not a master at that stop is also it's it's an isolated. It's isolated just take it by itself but. You know if you hear him describe these kinds of things new seat body work it's always. Been I've always. Feared that there would be this sort of coaching. From him just because I'll always talks and you know it's the field position thing it's the momentum thing it's all the stuff that is annoying use but it for the guy. I guess maybe my frustration more one of my frustrations with the U played a win the game guy. Is he doesn't even know what either he has no use forty either he just. His his basis for whether you're trying to win the game or not is whether you would die for an extra yard or whatever. It comes down to strategy it comes down to know when this stuff. And one of these times the bills or every two or three years are hiring new coach. When one of them actually be good at that. It's not even that hard. You don't have to come from football it helps if you don't because if you do everybody around you is constantly telling you you're wrong. You didn't come from football you'd have good data. You wouldn't you need to worry about that we might need to worry about it if they head owners' favor but you really beat you he wouldn't. You would be right. Its coach after coach ever coach. Who screws that up. The bills won this game today because Indianapolis is coach was no different or better they do the same thing and he. If you consider there's like a defense for him more of a point in their favor he didn't have any playoff state all the guys is three and nine like. What do I need to get tied for right. When. Will the bills have leadership. That is saying. With with due respect all of all the stuff that is intangible or measurable just about you know getting through the press conference just about. You know sounding good for certain fans right like. The words he uses all the time when will we actually have a culture goes. Well are you kidding me a ponting here the ties that bring in the standings one yard with forty wanna probably nominate your field goal today. Apollo be really don't hear. That's playing to win for me that there's actually winning eventually. That's improving your chances of being good in a real tangible way. It's the opposite this usually golfing to meet opposite of that is all well colleges and a we trusted our defense or whatever just meaningless line. Smart. Is what we wanna be someday Smart right person to me. The guys the guys not interest in Smart he's pitched in pirating Herm Edwards quotes but even his quote he's not interest in Smart. United press what it is no use for it he doesn't even know what he sees. Rumble I'd be. Big when was it except to win. Well for one thing what could what it will would be nice is if or when we were really meaningful. Is this meeting Fuller was fun there was this great day don't watch it was a four point game to watch but yet meaningful that would be a start if you actually wanna game. That was meaningful. One of the easier. This improved their record to 1019. And five cents on six that would be meaningful. Right like winning in New England one of web does I would get if they win next week winning the week after that would be really meaningful. You know like that would be way to impress me be really some publicity what what they have on the field to try to win next week. When they go to Miami because data out how you don't Taylor did some homework at practice last week it was not active. Many Peterman got in cost than like one out that that's my quarterback doctor. And you know you're still trying to run a race sold a lot. Yeah may be Tyrod was close today may be close enough for them to feel like he could he could. Do this next week we'll see admiral oil spills are my talent I agree I even if Bieber were hurt I would probably still wanna say that are too much choke the Bulldog on the official Buffalo Bills post game show what's trek. Slowdown Mike let's check traffic again with Neil McManus. Operative word of the day trying to get home in fact from the stadium. Roads all around new air field clogged up right now laws and the worst part right now. The north prone to nineteen is just crawling along. Seal long line room lights on our camera. All the way from armored tools take it all the way up to the ninety's that's going to be the slowest portion of your trip out of the south towns right now. Rude five a bit under speed through wood long thought and block more manageable where the nine B a little bit more manageable as well low once you get past. I William Waldman that's where those slowdown start to dissipate a little bit the 19 be very manageable all the way up through into the north towns at this time. Traffic being brought to you by group a collision make the right decision in the third group a collision I Neil McManus on the Buffalo Bills football network. Now these words from Geico fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. 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Joseph Webb came on in relief with Tyrod Taylor inactive web in the bills' offense failed to score any points in the second half but still let for almost all of it at seven nothing. To go Weaver sat led the colts running nineteen play 77 yard drive to tie the game with just over a minute to play in on the following drive Webb threw an interception. On his own 28. Bucky for web in the build Adam Vinatieri missed a 43. Now here comes Vinatieri who attempted 43 yarder in the middle of the field he barely made a 42 yarder a second ago the extra point this one would be for the win. Tampa's down Vinatieri kicked its long enough and it is. 12 left on the clock incredible. That it Terry also barely made his 42 yard extra point after the touchdown. To tie the game and in overtime Webb had his biggest pass of the game he 34 or connection to Dionte Thompson Sean McCormack followed that up with a game winner. We're down to a minute forty left in overtime tied at seven snapped. Yeah. But yeah. Network. Of course it was the start of the game 32 carries for 156 yards and that touched down. Next up for the bills next Sunday another home game and their first meeting of the year with the Miami Dolphins. Around the NFL the browns they winless with a overtime loss to the Packers 27. It's when he won the cowboys stay in the NFC playoff race improving to seven and six of the thirty to ten win. Over the New York Giants. She's also improved to seven at six they break a four game losing streak by beating the raiders 26 to fifteen. And Carolina tops the vikings by score of 31. To 24. Five games and action right now Warren at the half or just about to hit the half Eagles up 24 to fourteen. On the rams. Four games in the third quarter titans still holding on their lead seven to six. On the cardinals chargers a 23 to six on the Redskins Rocco city 22 nothing lead. On the Jackson jaguar still holding on to a three to nothing lead on the Seattle Seahawks. This update is brought you by north tower automotive north tower automotive sales service and selection to the nth degree. For the Buffalo Bills radio network I'm Jody B Osce and offer look at traffic here's Neil McManus. Being the operative word of the day trying to get home and back from the stadium. Roads all around new airfields. Clogged up right now all of the worst part right now the north prone to nineteen yours just crawling along. Feel long line of the lights on our camera. All the way from armored tools take it all the way up to the ninety's that's going to be the slowest portion. Of your trip out of the south towns right now. Rude five a bit under speed through wood long but it's a lot more manageable where the nine B a little bit more manageable as well below once you get past. But William Walden that's where those slow down start to dissipate a little bit the 19 be very manageable all the way up through into the north towns at this time. Traffic being brought you by group a collision make the right decision and the third group a collision I'm Neil McManus on the Buffalo Bills football not work. So five point 76116. Left the two point dry people will be percent. Back in the backfield percent hangs on to what they'll quietly into the hands over the economy two point conversion is good. Jack Doyle poll alone for the two point conversion can. Safe when they ran to the other side for the touchdown and I don't know what happened between any big gains in my god let. Those guys could there asking brother Vick to play big guys I think what happened is eight he gave from the outside of nick Micah Hyde it lag. Now they're discussing it but that's an awfully late flag. I don't know if you can make Beckel it if you didn't see it live. Late flag thrown they're discussing it now. All of the play that was opposite passengers. Our products that collected so long in coming home. Frozen fingers. Would be one big theory came out it was buried in the snow immediately. Or else they didn't see it's wrong we didn't see it on current TV TV didn't have a flag betray any written on the screen. I think the rule is that. That's allowed if it's within one yard line of scrimmage the ball would've been on the two. For the two point conversion. And so is Doyle all at the one yard line or closer to the two or is he passed the one yard line I think. Is how they call when it comes down to may be. And federal might if our angle on TV was. Right for a but it would close you know. Maybe he was at the goal line but a woman Ehrlich is those conditions and gridlock. Find somebody who sat out having some bad egg in the balance in jail on genetic. More of these bills post game show or stay in a little late today with the game having gone to overtime is brought to you here on the bill radio network by independent health. From your every day it's your unexpected independent Peltz Red Shirts are here to help. Let's take ten seconds now for our network affiliates and ourselves to identify themselves here on the Buffalo Bills radio network. Every tackle everything looks down 965 WCI MF WC MF HD one WR OC Rochester. Our. What's the chargers have all the earth. But what. You know like Eagles on the here Eagles rams is good personnel but I don't view it. Watching the chargers v.s rival fans cast going where are like points are being tallied in my government and I don't Adam Davis he's dead to me. So why are now paying attention to the public to twit like that. I'm paying attention to it just because for some reason sneaky Joseph the update man decided to. Get an argument with me about who was going to win Redskins chargers and ice that the Redskins had essentially no chance at winning that game. He decided I mean two whole weeks worth of ringing in coffee to work. Every single day that women with the points at one per day yeah I I thought I was like oh offer you points even. And he still he's like now the Redskins are going to win that game and that's OK soccer's bad joke. Soccer's. Most thirtieth six starters right now rivers is over 300. Middle of the third quarter gallon. What happened there. They suddenly just start. Torturing everybody in in the where rivers wasn't. Very good. For most of this season and so old shortly before the bills went there many just. Turned into winners are here for he's always been good from its toes and kind of weird to Hewlett of those quarterbacks from that draft class that they haven't had. More success because aren't watching in my Beasley really impressed. By and and you know they they have a lot of detail. Most exposure those past Roger Busch Series so my money is still odd man they'd be in great shape to win here. Right but they had 36 yeah it's been great shape Kansas City won and beat Oakland so don't be tied with the chargers. 76. I would still bet on the chargers. I know the guy who bet a thousand dollars on the chargers to win the Super Bowl when they were three and six and getting ready to play the bills at 301. They're up to go what ambassador to go on the road the playoffs and twice and then when the Super Bowl after that. So we'll see if they can do that but they are doing it again today we have Eagles rams on your old books and it's really fun game 2414. Philadelphia at the half McCain's been on up pretty torrid pace. Denver leads the jets' forty nothing in the third. And the titans lead Arizona seven to six fit if Europe thinking about. The bills and their playoff chances Tennessee. Up 76 late third with the ball in Arizona territory. Here is Johnston actually Justin. I got power okay thank you. A I not do barber got up even to the days you'd also like you're the plane you guys that body user. Do we want you fire on a page in Guatemala. A bit I beg your pardon what what was the first part of that did you say you guys think Tyrod is the answer your. Yeah no I definitely don't I was done with America last season. Right yes so I've done my outlook is Uga got a lot draft picks are not in America don't make it play out this year. Yeah according going who's going to be back next year and I believe you can put him back the last item move beyond doc. I wouldn't count on according to be back next year. I like beyond our OK I think they do too don't they wanna they courted one who can't seem to stay on the field for them. That's saying that they've they've been good when he's been on the field just Israeli happened this year. And right SAL point blank during this week if he thought Corey go back on this team he was leaning no. And I'm inclined to respect that I read I don't think he meets the availability criteria. Right if there are a society we these days you're still that I have a lot yet ceased easy to hold it's I. Potential terrorist acts that are gonna start in your first second. In third round you trade up and get somebody like a baker mayfield or jobs throws. And you know guys or. I'm open to it from Yorker cartoon. I don't want Kirk cousins. Hugo are hot and a Justin what do you want rather than have Bulldog you go through his whole repertoire for you what do you want Kirk Barton wrote over 4000 certainly we know we know is that who you want. Yeah I would like a guy with a look at incessantly it went OK great well he hasn't won by OK I don't really want him either so nice you know. Thank you hear is John excellent job. Johnny there. Yes. OK good. I felt as though that an earlier you bring it not awful not going or port. The in overtime. Edit on overtime and just my question is what the hell up all. Because. I don't know enough to be able to read a piece of paper that tells me what my chances to win are given one decision or another and a football game and all that much you basically we have to be a child to know that much. The child can re a child can read would know that much. I I've grown up. Watching him playing football. That's your problem you haven't had to read that piece of paper you've had people around you coaching the game the same way your whole life probably and they would always pot or are the same reason why these guys are always ponting. It at all. What's called reading a defense what is fourth and one of the forty wanna taunting their do you take a timeout that you should expect and eat at a later. What's reading a defense here one of Imus. You go or I'll pour it down your nest. You're given out the opposition when you need points on the board. You are you give up field position is secondary to my chances of getting one yard. And I can tell you that as a fact because there have been the thousands of NFL games played. Where countless scenarios have occurred and people can know now what's really cold here in this century. People can know now. How are your chances of winning are affected based on either of your decisions either of your options it's really cool. What's great about it is you have to settle for a bunch of people who only think they know it because they played the game you know you can do better than that. This sport. Tends to not want to do better than that. The very protective of their knowledge. And their their authority. So there really wanna know. They just wanna be there's wanna represent that they would know what you do with your doing I would know because I played football you wouldn't because you didn't. In reality having played football is meaningless. To knowing whether going for it on fourth and one is Smart. And that's all I care about is it Smart I don't care about whether McDermott played I don't care about. Who played. Care about what you know. Now what do you think you know if someone told you. I'm sure you can think of examples in real life for people told you something. But then information came out that this proved it this is that. This is the NFL we know stuff. Teams don't just have to act like that's real they have to recognize it they don't want to recognize it. When you punt. On fourth and one at the other team's 41 yard line. With four minutes to go and overtime and game were Ty is bad for you you just simply don't know what you need to know there and I think for in a full coach that's really bad. No I didn't play the game and doesn't bother me at all tells me to be right about the stuff. Let's take a break bills over the colts in overtime thirteen to seven might show in the Bulldog here this is the Buffalo Bills radio network. 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Life story to tour life story with care Micah Hyde bill safety. You gotta be from the sound because it or not those the big plays that that you know. Spark a team and in this tough weather. You're right it kind of takes atlas is not a his vision you know the city does Camby should do you know them on the footing. Dealers that most people at a place. That's a matter you know that much and no real scenes the pregnancy and so on can do you still do and that kind of weather. The city man he's known for launch on a play against them hated it because that's when news or. Has become. Since it is now could you. You get it done yours anything about snow games before this because for years ago yet a huge day against the leader of a watch and l.'s Detroit. Detroit Philly. I was. Yeah I do remember that game. I don't know if you went off again. Couple. But I mean that he as a running back as a running back you wanna play in this game you gonna give Tony Tony cares very political guys in the locker room maybe over the course that we talk about. You know maybe tips to how to play and stuff for guys who had done it war. Are not helping anybody enough I think that the report. And other foreign things are staying warm you know. As far as please quickly so where did it matter. Clinton. Did you just you know putting it would put. To stay warm I want their pregame and and that win was just like Pierson my scandals OG than we put some. But for the bills the Sox sweeping I need those. Those group. The source of the week knows more about stay warm and into a comfortable theories. To players and seamlessly as they know going there first you gonna have to react more. Instead of you know just attacking is pretty much true. Yes really that's that's every you're. You know as the thought differently than the player in discussions whether having to to guard these these -- to evidence in the break in into all the stuff. You gotta have guys I discipline and its other games as you know we saw. Their rumble rumble rumble and then you know haven't made a few times I've kind of just assumed as of Iran play action also Shuler you bags so. Dead it's it was it's a game for. For your your footing as the late. India and you know we have you enter a plea for some time card and Green Day. What do you make of buffalo fans after turnout race causes those doesn't present and we do we. I think we all knew that. It did this come one of those games that you you you got experience you know you love the planet because this is memories. You go to places memories of fans overcome these games because it's. You know they can say they came to the bets no game back in you know throughout the sentencing so. You know we're glad to have them on our side that bill involved you know. Preseason. While the all that all of their utter downer for you if there ever. And that's a lot of people Micah Hyde their bills over the colts in overtime thirteen to seven. Much over the bulldogs thanks for listening this is Buffalo Bills football.