Buffalo Bills - 12/10/17 Post-Game Hour 1

Sunday, December 10th

Buffalo Bills Radio Network post game show. Hour 1


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There's going to be some regret priority Phelan for not having been there were. I was the littlest bit and we made that decision. You know it was a little voice in my head going this could be really cool day I mean I certainly didn't see. Overtime and Joseph Webb in the county Thompson and plenty of people it's 41 deformities to go to overtime when it I really hurts. Audience yelled at comedy. Decide you know snow game you never know as a potential to be memorable I think. You know will will see in the context of the season right now. This is a of her memorable day. And even if this season ends like so many before. Coming today will probably stand out because of hull and it got pretty dramatic this game was just so funny. So let's watch it was fun to watch. And funny might show the Bulldog here even if we are not at the stadium in our studios in Amherst instead which by the way I mean it's barely spoke at all. Whatever whatever snow we've got today let's look very pleasant and harmless. This is the official bill's post game show bills over the colts in overtime thirteen to seven the record now seven and six. We will get your right now the express march stats of the game check it out express Smart not your average convenience store. Starting quarterback Nathan and Peter man who left the scheme with a knee injury. Five for 1057 and a touchdown Joseph Webb in relief too for six and 35. Tyrod Taylor and active LeSean McCoy threw 32. For 156. And the game winning touchdown he goes over a thousand yards for the season on that play. In the Frank Gore 36 for 130 I think it's the most carries by a player his age in NFL history. Jacoby percent at eleventh for 42 and 69 a touchdown reject oil two point past jacked oil. That would have given the colts the lead in the fourth quarter was over turned. And then use. The ancillary us anything else today that Adam Vinatieri extra point. Curl Lenny had to see that on TV to to appreciate that kick it looked to be like a four iron you'd hit off a tree root. I'm Richard's book look at who's going wide right and sort of miracle its way inside that operate and it was good. And then. I don't although the kid he had to win it at the end of regulation. I think may have taken the same trajectory just hit more towards the middle and medical lapin. That was at third and overtime right so the bills got it we'll hear from Sean McDermott as soon as he's already Mike's over the bulldogs here this is the Buffalo Bills radio network. 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Moisture over the bulldogs were in our studio today we avoided the stadium because of the weather congratulations to you if you went and you made it. Please be safe leaving let's check traffic and who knows spears Neil McManus. Well no two ways about it is going to be a very slow ride home for those of you were exiting the game at this time. Heavy traffic and slow traffic all around the Orchard Park area. Especially in those clogged areas that include Abbott road southwestern and big tree. Coming up sell part you're gonna run in. We'll get traffic got going again for you right now Sean McDermott. Youngest daughter with you know just again appreciation that the fans sticking it out. To support us through this type weather buffalo weather right. Good to get a win at home. Again appreciation. In his thanks big time thanks to all the people that contributed to getting the stadium ready to play. Sure it was a big challenge. And then also the grounds crew for keeping the field playable. In this type of weather so. But the staff did a good job adjusting throughout the game to the conditions. The conditions that were out there and end. The players remain mentally tough throughout. Four quarters and their overtime period when things kind of went back and forth little bit there in the fourth quarter so overall who went. Oprah's questions. My. In terms of whether really haven't torn some years are on the NFL really haven't I've been part of some wind and some rain so we had I think we had all but Sunday we had some lightning and thunder. And and a lot of snow and wind so. But I guess nothing actually stuck it out and they just of the game plan throughout the throughout the day. The weather changed that this wasn't the weather which quite expected. Last night we went to bed and woke up and and Hillary were adjusts pretty quickly here. On overtime. Well field position. Nine that was that was big in this game Jerry with with the conditions the way they were. Felt confident our defense if we would have had him deep that we could get off the field get the ball back which we were we were able to do. Up. Thought we're his game. His career as a whole story like this. Phillies he is from Pittsburgh area so that bodes well so. Harrisburg area so. He's a PA guy down you know like I remember watching that game. Actually on film a few years ago so I was just waiting for him her to rip one off and in need any did. Too good to see what you're. Almost impossible. Look like. What walk out. Yeah I mean hey we did some good things you know I thought. The hardest part is probably calling game and those types of situations because you wanna be able to and you say used to you know. Certain down and distances throwing the football we've got to kind of make sure we played it Smart game as opposed to. OK let's go because let's look at the first hour rather let's let's make sure we get field position and then you had to win. Going one direction I'm pretty significantly and it would. There with stop and go the other direction so. I thought the coordinators off three and a great job of just. You know really managing the game from that from that standpoint. And then as you mentioned the show on that. In his day was big force. That's huge blue yes that's huge I mean to be a good looking around the ball we were able that we we were able to run it. We do get some chunks in there and then we did state after state after state after. And that's really where the game was one up front and even on Joe's long pass you know to Dionte there's that was a big time play. And these types of conditions. And Joseph was able to have time in the pocket to get it done so well done. Error. And over at this point. Basically Nate is in the concussion protocol right now. Calvin is still under valuation right now. It's. Fool's game. Joseph well the stuff you guys brought it. Or before. Its economy. An eight week but give credit to Brandon being and his staff obviously I was there in Carolina with shelves like the new show a little bit Daryn that. It's overall a great great win a lot of hands involved in this win here and I'm here prematurely with all just getting getting this place ready to play and and the fans you know what can. What more can you say these guys came out here sleep overnight this type of weather. The night before and then sticking with us through four quarters and overtime which was awesome and then as you mentioned sounding. Joseph wed you know we're down or third quarterback in morning gutsy performance has some key first down. Conversions with his feet in them and then had a couple with it with his arm as well so big time performance. But what you do and plus. Death and that was I thought we executed well thought Rick caught a good game as far as that goes we got the ball to. Too but Kelvin and head matchup situations there which is they force before half. You know there wasn't a whole lot of the ball moving prior to that on their side or our side. So I thought that was key to score before half an attempt to drive that type of execution in those type of conditions or is this pretty impressive. Pretty. Which would be terrorists in its. But that's the problem. I mean you know again you two minute situation those traffic conditions. Is it really two minute you know or is it hey let's run the ball that's who we can get. And then and then go from there based on the new situation we found ourselves. I was collective effort defensively which is. Malan just seem to keep popping up on an awful lot of plays they just get to places. In a hurry to make stops. That's our I thought Matt did and then and then he Ramon. Combined for some really good really good play from our land back in position. On the communications. You know on the way. We had to communicate the way we were challenged just that the communication was they also impressed round as a really good job of that. Along with our safeties in the but it all starts up front you know we if we play well up front. And you can give yourself more than more than not a chance to win so. Our defense left a pretty good job as well after the two point conversion code it just looked like there was some. Indecision on the officials part did you have any conversation was any officials close to either. Kind of prompt them to take a look at that another thought they made me the right call. Two plays in a row that. Intent that they ran the same type of play and but that you can job. They're the best. From where I was standing yeah it was hardly what I remember coming in before. Or after pregame warmup and looking back. Just to get a feel for what our receivers would be. We'll be looking into going into a certain direction there and used the visibility was hard. Was this tough I mean so. And then. Just playing field position trying to play the wind. I thought it felt like that was important. We were out early and our players throughout their early today because we talked about it all week making sure that we understood that the conditions as best we could. All always thoughtful. Those lovely when I could see across the field to the other to hit to the others the other side of the stadium. It was about midway through the second quarter word died down slightly for small. Point in time that I can actually been seated crowd across from me which resolves. I think it's fast it's. Sean McDermott in the bills beat Indianapolis in overtime thirteen to seven Mike show and the Bulldog on the post game show so that Ponce. The funny thing about it. Is that when two teams two coaches. Each misses most coaches. Each just don't understand the probability. One albums gonna win. We got one always wins where I guess we almost had a tiger one of them almost Wednesday. To say it worked. For the bills ponting. Fourth and one at Indianapolis 41 lead in overtime. Is to say that. Give up a touchdown Indianapolis works because you won the game with. Everything that went wrong for you also works because you won the game. Is it right to say it works it's always about everything is always about was this the right decision based on the probabilities. Not. Based on whether it is based on whether it works. What happened after you can't know that it was incredible. People wanted there it wasn't. Desperately frustrating. Reminder of how last year on Christmas Eve Rex Ryan. In an overtime game at home. Not apparently aware of how tough it would be worse for him. In the playoff picture than a win would be good. Ties more like a loss when you're chasing like this. Is having a seemingly oblivious to that. Putted anyway in that game bill didn't get the ball back. Chalk O'Donnell wasn't thereupon the ball back to them you know out of courtesy or whatever he was throwing for three in nineteen unbelievable. But somebody wins these games every one of somebody they're just Sean is good strategy wins. And that is the bill today yeah. I mean at least the colts where did it big men are and what. Do they were written they were not anywhere near sighted view it on the colts were fourth and four at their 31 market after the bills were fourth and one that Indies forty and you're giving yourself almost no chance to win the game at that point it your Indianapolis some. Oh and I mean I'd I guess you could make the case which is but if you hit it Rick it's been reported what are you doing I'm kicking it to you and hoping you. Make a mistake and give me the ball back rather than giving the ball on my 34 yard line I think McDermott it's value upon considering also. The state they have been colts. Is calls have nothing to play for so they should school for all the time probably but. McDermott Scott still a playoff race to keep in mind here and giving the ball away on a daily today where formatted drives are the norm or more than that. Is just. It's not match yeah I mean my head was in my hands in your. And he spent a time out right when he wouldn't need it later if you can reconsider. That's means children that's what you inside that I think he changed moderate changes minds changed by realized that its fourth and once somebody's in here going. 41 its fourth and one there's four minutes ago you have to goal for us. The bills don't have anybody in the organization even with washing everybody lecture room who gets in the coach's ear like everybody. Everybody knows this except that the bill some power to put the people coaching and running the bills that it's inexplicable. I guess if you have to say it worked because they won the game go ahead I mean they did win the game but it just can't you like that it has to be. What what was this right at the time of the decision. And that was just. All time bad it and it's it's important to me to save that. When they win because. It wasn't last year that they lost that made it bad it was that they did it and today is really no different this is. Is worse this one is it might have been later in overtime their bowl if that's what it. It might have been leader overtime but it was farther up field you of this weather mean do you expect to be able to make a field goal in this game like at the end. You expect this does me I guess he didn't get that question does know kind of sure that's that's that's for sure. Mean there's there's also the way you can do you have any kind of normal. Idea of the percentages and think like oh yeah we we got this from. Like what what's my yard line nearly twenty yard line up on days where they can use that imagery on TV and tell you what the target line is this target on. Aren't just like I don't know. What's the target quite a number of people today I mean I just decided no idea. Did he get better at I TV it looked like may be the snow had. Had begins to dissipate. Had begun to dissipate by the time we got overtime here the the the players in the first quarter. Watching this game on TV is I know many of you did you could almost make anybody out like it was just almost impossible to see anything. And Biden late in the fourth quarter when the colts were tying the game it was quite different than that no bills red uniform Julie popped. Now at the end of the game I think it it it it let up and off that yet it looked like it was almost kind of like bright with the lights on but. They there was one point there where Indianapolis was either in the process score it was it was the scorer did. The lining up to go for two hours after that lineup to take a long extra point try that cup was sideline shot and McDermott still look what you was. Standing on a snowy street corner boss or so. Depending on the angle but from all I think it is slowed down. And all that you could see the field clearly mean for the first time all day but he was still snow. And affording certainly it's. It's garbage that was inches of snow on the field. Well a classic game in bills history in the history this playoff drought one minute have they lost which looked. Likely for a bit there. When the colts have the 87 lead before a committee went five for you realize there was a flag on the plate may be done was that time. It would've just sought out is like an all time incredible day for this team to lose may end up winning it so it's a happier day. They are still in the playoff picture and if Baltimore loses to Pittsburgh tonight which they're favored to do the bills will be tied with Baltimore. For the six seed with each team having three games left and we'll have the same conference record to if the ravens don't pull the upset tonight. 8030550. Or 188550. To 552. We want traffic there or break first run and tell us. Traffic here's Neal. Well no two ways about it is going to be a very slow ride home for those of you were exiting the game at this time. Heavy traffic and slow Trevor all around the Orchard Park area. Especially in those clogged areas that include Abbott road southwestern and big tree. Coming up South Park you're gonna run into a bit of congestion there as well the 29 team. Lot of headlights all up and down there at the snow seems to be lightning just a little bit but still there's plenty of slick spots out there. And all the way through the ninety if you're heading south you're gonna Havel long long haul home as well. One cheer heading eastbound on the nine B you'll start to open up a little bit. Once you get near the gallery a mall Walden avenue area. Traffic being brought you by Geico fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance call 180947. Auto or visit Geico dot com today I'm Neil McManus on the Buffalo Bills football network. All right Mike show in the Bulldog your bills over the colts in OT name very memorable game out at the stadium in the snow. We will look for your phone calls shortly this is Buffalo Bills football. The Buffalo Bills keep themselves in the AFC playoff race with city's thirteen to seven win over the Indianapolis Colts in overtime the big story of the game with the amount of snow. That was dumped onto air field all afternoon. That caused both offenses to go to their ground game how ever the bills got their only touchdown it right in regulation through the air. Of the ball from. The court itself. That. Benjamin's first touchdown as a bill gave the bills a seven nothing lead going into the second half. Eight and Peter man was hit with a helmet to helmet hit in the third quarter he left the game and did not return Peter and finished the day five of ten for 57 yards. And a touchdown he is in concussion protocol. Joseph Webb came on in relief with Tyrod Taylor inactive. With his knee injury web in the bills' offense struggled in the third and fourth quarters loud and colts to tie the game in the final minutes the two yard touchdown pass from Jacoby percent. To Jack Doyle. After penalty on the two point conversion Adam Vinatieri barely made the extra point tied the game. And Terry were then missed a field goal as time expired. That was set up by Joseph went interception and an overtime wed hit his biggest pass of the game 34 yard connection to the rocky Thompson John McCoy followed that with a game winner. We're down to a minute forty left in overtime tied at seven snapped. McCoy was the star of the game 32 carries for a 156 yards and that touchdown. Next up for the bills next Sunday and another home game in their first meeting of the year with the Miami Dolphins. Around the NFL the browns were so close to getting their first win of the season but the Green Bay Packers comeback to beat them in overtime 2721. The 49ers have won three of four they beat the Texans 46 to sixteen the cheats Ricky four game losing streak they top the raiders 2615. And Panthers give the vikings their third loss of the season 31 to 245. Games and action right now in the NFL titans up seven nothing Arizona. In the second quarter chargers having nineteen to six lead on the redskins' ten minutes ago in the second quarter. Also in the second quarter Denver up ten to nothing on the jets Josh McCown left that game with an injury brace patty. Should be on in in a quarterback. Jacksonville three to nothing on Seattle in the first also in the first rams Eagles are tied at seven. This bill's game wrap up his brought you might independent health premiere every date your unexpected independent health Richards are here to help. For the Buffalo Bills radio network I'm Jody the Osce enough for look at traffic here's Neil McManus. Soon. What conditions all in the work through our area as we look at the map right now southwest stern and have a big treat all clogged up at this time off has seen heavy traffic along 400 mile strip. On the moon to nineteen. To nineteen your only having a few spots of stopping go traffic. And then everything start to clear out once you get under the nine B and out of that band area. As many of us know Lou Reed lake effect snow bands when you get clear things are gonna be pretty easy move for real long in ninety. As long as you're heading eastbound ninetieth you're going westbound back into the air and not so much. But for all those had ignored. And east you're going to be looking pretty good right now your best let me be than that 190. North found that you hit bad interchange with the ninety ditto for over five. Over into the city coverage being brought to you by group a collision make the right decision in systems group a collision. I'd be on the friends on the Buffalo Bills football network. Forty it takes is now looking downfield courts often tough to. The defensive back. It went down. Pretty good. I mean the bills a wide receiver or not much Benjamin just. He mattered today they might not win this game without his plays at the end of the first half. But heard again. Rosie Jones did they throw the ball with saint John's and all the guys like health check the box but I did not think that there's a target they're proceed Jones in this game. Job it was it was Benjamin in clay O'Leary had a catch. Read your reserve it is it is Gambia nothing happen in there. And to have. This bet that play it's Joseph wept when Dionte Thompson. Is. So when you weren't expecting to be a factor at all Abdul season I think. And you don't eat eat eat it is not the first I wasn't expecting him to be a factor in the bears seats right. So he shows up here makes a big catch against Tampa that that helps you poll that came out. Sir but through here he is and it's. A day where. You've already bitten the roller coaster you would have been on just the last. The last half an hour forty minutes of this game. Where the colts look like me may have a ten minute drive. The want what they've got a two point conversion to be you know wait they don't now they're gonna try to 43 yard kick in these conditions all the major hit. Then you give them of all that when Joseph the senators Jim and able look at the same pickle we gave regulation missed it. Then there's the punt in overtime I mean there's there's in on him pulled out of your career you think for the bills who were ahead all day. It felt we don't lose the game. Emanuel hit a 34 yard pass whatever was from jewel web but to captain Thomson. It's still like owns 34. Too early to be about field goal here these conditions colleagues. And according boss one opponent for point one yards and game for just a bottle wild wild just. We're while 345. To four of twenty yourself. Yeah. And it's rather than the discount how old how bizarre you know the weather made the entire game. Up to that point. 8030550. Our number here's Corey on the post game show like Corey. A little I don't know I it was. Carrick pardon the phrase and back here. He think we should take a mop and maybe draft a quarterback analyst at our anchor hurdles I don't know you know. I hate this idea. Not my view in my opinion on Kirk cousins is spend your money elsewhere. I don't think you're Smart money's gonna meet you become the highest paid player in the league in free agency he's been productive. Are not a huge fan and I think got even bigger mistake given MO 120 million dollar contract. So I don't wanna do that. Drive carefully. Cory here is John Nextel John. When he's it's like oh won't be taught in a (%expletive) you're electrocuted. After seeing the game I'm in BC. So yeah. Don't think the Joseph Webb is the answer. You need to see that today and confirm that is it was was he your consideration for being the answer. Do you want. And the environment non roster food. I get a cover kickoffs. And on the wildcat. Mean he was in me what. One usually use at Joseph Webb is not going to be their quarterback next your you know what I agree. It is that they're that they didn't need an honorable. Yeah. It's not a question of whether he's the answer he's next fifty if they've three quarterbacks if you include him and two of them are injured. So he went in because of that and if the don't have anyone else healthy next week maybe he plays next week. I mean what else to video I don't know. Sonny isle street debut sykora was Tyrod Taylor possibly a little bit close to being able to play today. You know right now may be he's the best bet to play next week but you're destined. I think if you're like dawn really. Take a run at things you might want I don't know. Don't want your extra tight ends who doesn't dress for games and you know give an honest in his quarterback who isn't someone placed special teams on your team in case you need him. That's me. You know whatever. Joseph Webb did start an NFL playoff game at quarterback for Minnesota. Three or four years ago that was way than. With the kids named Christian Ponder had when some quick easy boom and managed by separate company and it just could not that it was like daily gain surprisingly I didn't like Wright and Joseph Webb did play a game the vikings lost. Our I think John here is there with a solo Dan. I don't like super you man. I'm great on the big note here. I blocked souls who is undefeated although. And I've got through the last Graham Beckel. What they are looked at night and that was kind of what else is saying. Really had a better chance. You'll Steelers win tonight's of the the ravens are tied with the bills you know what you meant. Outside of the ravens yup root for those dealers bravest lose touch as well. Could make a run at that than personal the Redmond. So you re against. I'm a man you're having that throw a technical. Whether it's realistic theater are. Well what the running game what the welfare mom thank the general Abbott bought and built beat the ravens for the all diplomat. They have a chance to do that yes they have a chance to do that. Will they I have no idea of it's not likely yeah I wouldn't bet on but it could happen. I mean I just then the ravens are really operate with Joseph Flacco and bulldogs' most ball. I don't think they're overrated I don't think anybody thinks the ravens are old are good solid on the ravens could be overrated. Fighters met next solo met. Take wreck I got back at our urgently party such a bit but the art in overtime on fourth and short. I swear I just sitting there in the though it over on eighteen. Technically we're putting the ball right now and then the amount of or not I mean that got that added a lot to talk about there. We did touch on it yes but it's okay sports show what the same things do you generally come up many many times over the course of a couple of hours. So don't feel bad that you were scraped your car often missed that part of the conversation thought it was very fortunate. Which is a politely applauded but I'm employed mood right now very fortunate that they were able to overcome that. Wonder by the coach and when the game what percent of you is disappointed that you were not at this game. Because we decided to not go to with the weather. Hide on the fourteenth I was gonna say hello swept under under twenty I got you know what I ever would it would have been cool biewer. No question there's a look a badge of honor he. He pulled on we don't get that if we'd be in the press box and what that is not a bad one of the best Bonner is it your sitting there in areas like. Our our ice crystals hanging from your beard and then your drive home run that we would have had to do that that's the same guy for us although it's usually thinned out. The traffic but as we gonna he's right on a daily gonna you never know I mean even with a sparse crowd. That was probably dispersing intermittently throughout the second half just because like not. But mad at the game necessarily but I aren't sure plenty of people probably be looked at went on and on. I'm freezing this is stupid it's gonna take us four hours to get out of here. This is doled out and got to be exaggerated that timeframe but whatever it could take awhile solicit beat it. I think that was happening. So maybe the traffic is and as bad as it would be normally puts little. I mean I probably missed a good launch you'd like to you've gotten now maybe now. We didn't we were not there to see what Indianapolis theme food item would be on the watchman. Not that there are many Indianapolis. The food items I'm aware of we have to do that last week spine to think about it. It was peanut butter and Albert Q known well it was Peter Mueller and so. What was it that some putting on popcorn it's kind of a tradition there and Peter Lawler and some going. San coaches that I never heard. Can't remember. Here's Christen axle Christen. Ole. I kind of on a radio call that person. Yes that was one of the coldest game that I have ever bans do in my entire life. I'm so proud of the team and how they've played it was. Lot of the most amazing experiences that ever catch. Good for you all right thanks to a result now I wanna own up my percent is over twenty now. Because of that right because of course nor Christians feel yes I know you and she sort of more she swayed me it the next guy says are needed ditch. And I don't teenager is crying. Because we're stuck that Albert Alberta backed army number ten in the that would really be and apple are also will monitor this general Fisher oh really government either regret. Leader by the way we will be going until 6:30. Eastern today. So those of you who run. This show on. But our affiliates around the bills network just were to give an extra half hour you do what you think is right. Here in Buffalo Sabres pregame will be shorter and policy at 630 there in Saint Louis for game at 7 Middle Eastern time by the way. Here is normal this next hello norm. I our support that would do legally and be more interest in fossil plant them in the playoffs are Baltimore. So maybe just let us keep them. He would be unlike. While. What you asked it would be unlikely that they would face either team. Yeah or let's say yeah but it would be unlikely to try to figure out whether this would be a real thing it should it does matter whether it would be likely. Brighten the bill's gonna play at all. The bill is possible the bills play and are likely wildcard team with a six seed is gonna play a lower ranking team looked at. They're not that there are gonna have a look at the patriots to the papers can control that themselves and it's there's still time to revisit that staying until 630 fingers that would in stone was and I'm doing okay. I just wanted to raise but as I welcome easily naughty list it's the weirdest questions there that you can bingo there are ready for all of it may be the one I asked qualifies as I just felt right now for me it's Joseph is Joseph Webb the answer one you know. Are the ravens overrated too. With the patriots. When what was the what are basic point what bowl games let us win so they face offs in the playoffs instead of Baltimore three but you really put those in any order. Update from the stadium this important. There was no theme with the food today but it was good okay from the stadium and colleague of ours tells us no there was no attempt. To provide something that. Indianapolis media one of thought this reminds me of home like the clam chowder last week or the jambalaya when the saints were here early. Race car shaped chicken breast and there are currently no. It's apparent dose of that food has been really good this test it I missed it today where is next hello Larry it's public signal has its cans and poor. Or got a problem on the other callers all they want. Good luck don't don't. There are. You guys thought. The fact that he punted in any right. I don't understand. What that thought process while the only woman to go in the game and that's what the average driving. On ball. I didn't think they're while also I've got locked. It worked out. That is not the way out here are exactly are you lose my mind Bulldog that your hold your hand your head and I was doing it Ers. I think that really bothered me. Timeout after timeout in. But what we're really at that it was. Maybe you guys that I can understand. Why. They started series with Mike Tolbert and then you know second outbreak on. Well fumble I don't understand why this continually happens when that guy healthy when that Shoney's Marty back. While they have here here's the answer a pink regular I think I wanna talk Bobble things report the answer is Tolbert sod team why is he on the team. Cousy serviceable as football player he's important to McDermott to to provide to set up a standard you've seen all year all kinds of things the Eagles have gone to try to. Changed the the standard with in the organization including trade away good players like martial arts so that's why Tolbert for the you know for the most part if not entirely that's why I told us on the team while he played. Was on the team and they ran the ball on almost every play in the Iran cadet to pay ahead. The point at how many carries in this game like there were this was a game when you would use your backup running back or running backs so that's that's that. The punt. The polls unbelievable except that it's not because. This is the NFL and these coaches have no idea or no interest in what the Mets says they just don't care in the are usually coaching against guys who don't carry either. So it doesn't have to hurt him. The question. For Rick dormant after the game that was not asked is the same question after last year's game when Rex Ryan on an overtime. The bills eventually lost to Miami was not aspect either. Question is this did you know. That a tie would be bad for you in the standings. And if they say yes to that without explaining it and you can ask them bull can you explain that a cult cult so. You know figure out a way to ask a follow up questions of it you're not sounding just like a jerk probably because nobody wants to do that. But that's a question like it's it's more respect with racks and today in my opinion that's not. Any fourth and one at the other team's 41 before something left in overtime. It's that the pocket if you're Baltimore. A game upper Tennessee some team leading in the race it could be quite the opposite. But it's highest and offer Rossi Newton and we we what we would normally go for mobile and because sports IE is not bad for us it is not the case for the bills though they are trailing. In the race and Rex I think just did not know. That which is something that was talked about on the radio every day before that game was. One of the playoff chances and fans know all that stuff and somehow the coach didn't. And I think probably the same was true today I think. McDermott probably. Didn't know that thing about what the tie would mean in the standings which is incredible. If what you really get into the team because people who really know the team do all those things he goes over things we don't know. Doesn't that. And in in the press coverage just like last year with Rex Ryan that question was not asked did you know that tie would be bad for you he was asked about upon. He gave an answer about how field position matters and that was the end of that. 8030550. Is the number here is. Kress snacks like press. Yeah I gotta go and to plug a couple observations actually I'm Bert was that I actually thought it Peters and actually played pretty well. My thought they'd be you know they really you really course then you open up the outfield and at sports. The colts they respect the run game. Also. I'm what I thought that you know he was making them he made a couple and it actually been really difficult. Okay let me make you you can get them as many used to write a mini me that that the past two Benjamin. That set up the touchdown. Was ice packs and in the talks and a touchdown pass was always passed the the rest of it having on making them respect the game was like it would exit it's not on the appeal. There's no respecting any the passing game in those conditions. Just. Keep moving on Peter and hopefully he is not severely can cost that was what they'll be hit by the way. Cannot connect he said nobody probably sought because. The his head was buried in snow when the guy hit it. But the guy went head first ever a guy who was diving headfirst and hit the net completely unnecessary play by it was Morse in the guy's name. Did not need to be made me Pearman was going down any went head first Eddie's. Brady like there's a quiet on the field probably. But you know it's in the snow and nobody can see it's not even a flag and whatever and the announcers tell me while you know the rules are different if the quarterback doesn't vs medical speak first you can't blast that was your alma know what these dots. He has slipped well that's close golden gate. You can't hit it and it. It was groves. Two weeks I got its place in the bills' game so that I should be suspended toe but it probably won't because you don't have reasons don't nobody was watching. But it like this after he lost in the shuffle here because you know when I ever bought. Well I got to cited you you can't not only can united and that you can't early talks human rights became even just graze his helmet. With your hand so under the guise of a quarterback is in the pocket trying to throw the ball your hair raises his helmet. That can be fifteen my my anger about the play a distracted me from the overall point which is going to be hopefully he's not hurt badly and you get to see if he can play. Quarterback for this team and any. In any useful manner I think today is today he's got to wow I mean the conditions are ridiculous. To evaluate any players. Value moving forward off of what they did today is Stabile fools. Dead. Stupid. Sure the I didn't it was stupid to do stupid and it's better short our own pools or beaches and on. The fool's error as a kind of does that have any kind of fooled us as a kind of figured it programs used to what's a fool's Ehrlich went up but that when a full goes to the drugstore. That a pool where. What a fool goes out to get the mail is that a fool's errand. All those things are fools parents alike at Richmond Jeff is next or Jeff. Or. Anything else Jeff. I got a two point make 11 is not kill let it be answered and. OK Joseph Webb is the answer there is no way we're taking that seriously. Sorry it's really really mostly just your voice. Here's Brad I bread. Hello guys yes since my camera is certainly reaching here about this decision mean for now I have to. Now explain my feelings do you guys. We're here for you might assume most that it might assume that we would know them. You human human we hope the trend here is bothersome you know he he starts Peterson and obviously wasn't ready against the chargers. We knew we lose this guy out the the practice squad which may be dumb lock that he had a couple of great games but we will take out practice squad is now starting from when a player who really really well I'm. It in the in this decision on fourth down today it's that it's really getting to be a little disturbing. It's the practice squad thing really counts. A guy made an interception that was handed to him last week in buffalo but there's there's there's justification for a what is the guy's name Lee. We are there some justification behind he's playing really well for New England like is it really is there. They're ethnic. It could be that system. Usually is what I'm. Or it isn't just like he had one really easy play. I don't know I just never heard anybody else Avis. Right but but still you I don't like it deduce you know that he's he's very concerned you are about. You need to be a little more aggressive nowadays colt's 44 down do he seemed to be throwback. The I I think conservative is a nice word for what you're describing. What what it isn't conservative vs aggressive it's Smart verses doll. These decisions. Taken individually are either good decisions or bad decisions so that the person is smarter dom as the decision is Smart dog. And punting there in overtime was really dumb but it worked because as would probably. That would come all been ones defiance the other guy is the same way. Indianapolis. Is three and nine. And Danforth and what do we say four. All their bare fourth and four with two and a half minutes to go and overtime. They're almost surely not redeemable. At like. What are you doing. What is the point of that settling for a Tyrod. Than letting them I didn't ball maybe give him ball if you don't make it. During that close to your own and so that figured you're playing advertised that. I would expect some gobbledygook from the colts coach about how. You know we just thought we would be would probably we'd be in a position where we didn't make the first down there we would probably lose the game which. Daniel Bill Kristol et score and field goals. We're almost impossible here but okay. We're would be in that position and our men. Deserve a better fate. Today so what Thai coach don't wanna say things like we would've liked to tie because that makes them seem like they're being wimpy. But. We. We didn't want to lose. And we've been able to take something out of this game. What you've been able to take out of this game with three iron one can kind of like what is the point. The colts were bent the colts are better off losing all day anyway. Mideast over the bills but we can't say that ends are still on the race. The goals are better look at the colts are looking at the top what I want this win four of them like the players and the people who want to win but. What what what's the benefit of that's the coach is not in that place the coach is almost up only in different places sure which is like what what do we want. I think you really got to the the nuts of the that the question is whether or not McDermott. Is aware. And I'm assuming he's not. Aware of what a tie goes to their playoff hopes. And whether that weaves into the decision. You know may may it may be or will we know we'll talk with a tomorrow and and hopefully well we'll certainly ask in this quaint these questions. Unaware how far will get with them. But whether or not he things. I can't. I can't worry about the playoff chances I gotta just managed the game how I think I have the best chance of winning the game in Ponte when I. I'm wanna put that on. Four point being if you don't put that on the board is one of the possibilities I don't know it's going to be viewed what I think of my top possibility but it is possible that he EP makes. I can't. I can't think of I guess I gotta open a look at the game and I had just reported in a micro view not the big macro. Was my best chance to win this game. On. Us which I don't think is right but like I I think that's where local us. Yeah. Okay were to keep going. That the U abusive but that is what's happening we're going to keep going. We have Dennis axle Dennis. He guys. You're great where he brought the potters and I agree it should your thoughts. So we'll do the quarterback position so valuable averaged one of these quarterback. And it seems like our. Peterman is doing well and then he he really took an unnecessary risk way. He went in with this head putting themselves a restaurant I don't that's a coaching issue but reports that even a bad spot where the player to recover. Right it is a mistake it is a mistake plus mean not that it should matter this early but it was the case here that they are dollar quarterback. Sold out but it should be it it is a mistake if it I don't really feel like a wanna belabor that you've got hurt on the play. And the defense of player was a false. But you know it is a mistake. You don't need that extra. Half a yard. How will love pop I'm trying to remember the play and I wanna like I am I'm strictly confined to drive the two seed trying to get to the stick there. You know I mean what you say no no no no rush like a gain of two OK. So I mean just what are you doing there. You know yeah I mean around her that I still hold the defensive player more accountable. To that but. In all I don't I don't mind that but protectors know the situation will be here. You're you're down you're down our radio guy so yeah that's reasonable producers Josh is an excellent Josh. And you're good afternoon Mike I think you earlier show that you thought this was worse than Rex is. Part in overtime and I wholeheartedly. Agree with that I hit the reason why I think and I'm assume that Gergen does note that I killed a playoff chances here when you look at it. In in at least record gains of the bill were capable of running reel off like they're particularly make BK it it was horrible kick butt. If the bill to the ball back with a minute app lets you could at least make hate that they can go downfield quickly well he'll. However that also would be it would also apply to them making the first down. Oh no no doubt I mean that's you're you're treatment required here to meet our primary Tyler McDermott here I think. The fact that McDermott and there you have to look at it like your best pop and it is basically any amount recorded and running with wet you to look at it like. I'd yards a play and I can't count on Google or any field goal on the weather is bad. I don't hear it Idearc like snap hold kick everything that happened to go in that I don't victory lap still well in the bill. So is he here for more on the forty yard aren't accurate shot. And the fact that they pulled it out and they're gonna say it all worked out that you needed Jo etc. these are the heartache I'm. The poll app I'm never playing those are the rest of my life. And it happened at city kids in my mind I knew they are any like a rookie pat that are fair. Article itself and egregiously dumb on their turn it over for the win and they got lucky that it would alt click. Thanks Josh. We will now check traffic with Neil. Assistant there hanging around and slowing everything down in the Orchard Park area all around new wearer feel. Extremely slow along that northbound to nineteen right now on C a long long line of headlights even be stopping and going. All the way until you get past ridge road to 400. Could not get on the ninety and then to the 490. Under speed as well. All the way until you get to evolve William street and opens up a little bit at least the conditions are improving. Once you get on to the nine B and out of that snow bands. Through five may be a nice option it's under speed but nowhere near what the 219 is looking like at this point in time. Traffic being brought to you by Geico fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance call 180947. On or visit Geico dot com today. I'm Neil McManus on the Buffalo Bills football networks. OK Neal Mike show for the Bulldog here the bills in a memorable one that beat Indianapolis in overtime. Thirteen to seven will take more calls is posting show continues next this is Buffalo Bills football.