Week 14: Indianapolis Colts vs. Buffalo Bills

Sunday, December 10th

Highlight reel from the Week 14 Buffalo Bills overtime 13-7 victory over the Indianapolis Colts.


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Percent to one game. And he stopped anything gets the ball he's going nowhere in the late second and ninth in the point 13 wide outs over the record over the rights and it. 45 yard. At night he got 184 yards he jumped over one tackler quietly pushed out of like any more personal buffalo at their own 42 yard line but we still in there. The lone setback to receivers right wonderful. Even in Texas man. McCoy broke down. Darius Butler the safety snapped up first down at the 32 yeah. Who pulled into the right side. The 49 yards behind the notes at no time out he went down in bounds the clock is running. That didn't help put all 4644. Seconds left in this first half. You'll have a second in nine at the 35 Tolbert still in the October 2 in the second or third and six. The thirty yard punt snap. First and goal from the. Yeah. Be an adventure we saw Vinatieri missed one earlier this head this way. It's good. And seconds left in this first day he second and ten from the when he went through to. I'll pull for quite some. They do at about the forty yard line Mike Tolbert with a hole in the middle of the fumble was recovered by the defense first. Indianapolis Colts come up with a the 43 yard line they are going forward toward these six of the thirty yard line data from Oregon out there for awhile with. He's expected to sideline to will be percent. Want them. I. Pass. Pass downfield protester Rogers. We got tangled up for the clock to slow down there covered by Mike hi Paul started over on down 1441 left to play build widgets that nothing is his Buffalo Bills when. Atlanta will be. Behind the 70% of first. You by Ryan Davis. Reluctant big yard person team the people who voted for instance three minutes left receptive to listening and he could score. Inside the fifty yard line right down about thirteen yard line twelve yard gain Micah Hyde and the stop the colts now threatening. With 243 left to play market it's definitely probably doesn't look so safe anymore yet doesn't looks a little to build that got to give up was not. Percent what's left notes in the field fires right short cut by the running back man. Mac heads up meal breaks one tackle that it's a first down inside the five in about three Lorenzo Alexander you've saved the touchdown in the first and goal from the war. Jacoby percent hearing impressive on the strive to snap you can throw it into the right side quite quite excited. Game zone touchdown Jack Doyle with his third touchdown over the years this what do you do what comes with 116 left. On the clock seven to six probably. What do they do earmarked for the go for too would he try to kick that they're gonna go into that situation. Mac in the backfield. Percent hang onto it now quietly into the end zone for Dario not a two point conversion is good. Oil all alone for the two point conversion catch. All of the play that was tough as it passes affairs. Wow and now the colts are gonna go for one point. And Adam Vinatieri will attempt the buy here because the penalty moves it back so far. It's 42 yards offensively for the extra point for Adam Vinatieri. And slippery roads he gets snapped back there have been terrorist hit into the way and 42 yards from Adam Vinatieri did just barely cleared the crossbar this game is time. With 116 left to play second 225. Went back to throw Richard Myers short it is intercepted picked up by the colts around midfield and Turkey to the public territory goes Matthias Farley. He is knocked out of bounds. The team that's going to be you've knocked out of bounds at about the 26 yard line of the bills. The colts have no timeouts that the 52 seconds left in this game now you're them Vinatieri who attempted 43 yarder. In the middle of the field he barely made a 42 yarder second ago the extra point this one would be for the win. Tampa's down Vinatieri kicked its long enough and 12 left on the clock incredibly. Well the colts got a gift from a Joseph Webb with the interception in the bills don't take chances here with 12 left. In a tie game. Went in there to deal with down in there you go where did the overtime for the first time this season titles rated don't 35 from their own court. Quick fixes snapped looking down the court tops and talk to. We'll. Visit yeah. Do you take it. The defensive back went down let's see with the play games. And I thought it was done warned that they're good solid avoid his there was this confidence defense. And it's interference declined. The bill now the chicks won 52 left to play he had Dick Thompson makes a great catch over his left shoulder. The sick the builds up here where it's down at the NT 26 yard line between the backfield quick fixes that. It's appreciated. Almost the first down sticks at sixteen yard yeah. It is 3307. Points when he wandered down to a minute forty left in overtime tied at seven snap. Brilliant victory for the Buffalo Bills weren't still alive.