Thursday, December 7th

The guys are upset with Kimmy for the way she reacted to their kind holiday gesture...

Maybe they should've followed the rules some companies are abiding by to avoid this situation completely!


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Very futuristic happening on our FaceBook page it sooner when it comes to gets your color. The break let's disclose act that 65 to BC MF. A lot of guys and them. Looking like old school guys in Manhattan they're saying if you as for somebody were to get it for every day ago. Levy but it keeps the peace that's the problem like. You gonna do is we don't get it somebody's answer 980 you do display and and everybody's cool keeps the peace and it prevents you from looking like creep. I seat is bolted to 6000 just recap and I ate last night on the air for a holiday party Tommy I tried every Christmas gifts yeah. To a 200 dollars cold hard cash crisp. 100 dollar bills and this is keeping them reacted to who's never got us prisoners to ask you beat her to college is doctor what happened last night. To open it it would take kissed him media seeks one through this proved we got you I'm glad it okay. It pretty good history cash. Oh my god seriously though this weird idea I never been handed cash by our viewer complaining about money. Dress up more. He can love or money on. Well we know what to get you this year so we got you can't. Deal but I feel very awkward accepting cash bull what would. So what you gonna. Do sees Q8 I get it Dicks about it. It's just display I hit some bodies of green and they go your beat McCain hate it can somebody please go minister to be mean to me. Don't let you could be neat to me live my hands up with some dollar bill you just called. It chimney sweep. And then hitting it better dollars I'd sell it to try to deal about didn't do it for being confused. As is committed we get every year from our company exits out. If you buy a Christmas gift for anybody you have to buy that for everybody. Trouble for by need to be Christmas gifts you have to do off property at happy hour in dollars isolated. It's not right and having it got to play the game it's politics I just in the I find your guys Aden. People say happy holidays Mary is that take. It back. Roll over for days ago the out of everybody get to president. Well I think because is federally amount. Who helps who at that point is just a Christmas present isn't. You're confusing at Christmas present with a bonus OK like I understand somebody getting bonus because you went above and beyond me you know this project. This has nothing to do that this is just a blanket Merry Christmas here's again. Pentagon who it's coming from I mean if if this gift is coming from a boss or somebody. That's about viewed in yet what are the lady that he had everybody else I've started save them now have for everybody who bring you top diary your down to bottom but here's a big. Everybody has some work with and who is more important some deals as you can win a point that out and that's what that does that get. That's that's not what a Christmas gift it is I'm sorry this is about the birth to Christ can mimic goddamn top scholar of suffocation. Well yeah I think top there was a guy here who he said pot for everybody on the show. And just because Tommy didn't accept it he ruined it for everybody actually Dixon is now. That guy doesn't bite for anybody here because he can't just exclude you this so there's a guy he has to get bottles of wine for everybody to say thank you and Andy guy can run all the studio get Italian. About the wide it is Tommy in front of this man like David to Billick gave it to somebody else death of Billy's wife. During wild dream the president wait a funny story but he was so hurt he stopped by his wife for everybody that that gift kinda pissed me. We crushed me for not except accepting it your way. And this gift is due obvious to bottle line where here's the BOO Craig because he. I'm a Scotch guy I I've been talking about Scotch on the airs is that dale so you shouldn't have gotten used something different. Well you're saying hey you know like you sell for a guy you know hey echo Alex touched. He had a bottle line. They wouldn't really don't get even more extended regular Chris and a yacht with this thing broke you sound like you're still we're security right now. Don't we why would you give another man and wise because he was doing well and I say yeah. See you this is why the candidate usually the colors will give go to Bristol records but ultimately minutes a military indicate mailed on except. Well I got when it that I didn't they're relatively non Jewish. Oh what they're. I got to go to and stop your art or group reviewed all of our copy your always thought I thought could look at ladies your quarter bulk or. Oh cash you don't want cash. Yeah. Here and you go to who could garner that our or our government and what about two dollars and Erica and her entire yeah. Our after the laughter but here's the deal hammer. Ram and let amateurs and that's. You know your vote at all. I totally agree we gave her gift cards before we were just like we've been down a short so many times that. We got a part that allies of white rediscover cash to kick and go do what she wants and and the same. I don't care at all or ultimate insult me ultimately we'll look at that I wouldn't it follow that she can't do you own the loud and then go and then. It got cold and worker so don't fire occurred while membership who have been there barber thought they haven't figured out. I reverend. It was this fight you don't want cash call my sixth. When I had impugning. And that there aren't all do. We will do you want to hear your oh. It's all gonna do you can't remember what ten miles are you on the corner it's a guy didn't give them a thought yeah you said he's been. And it probably in your video work was giving. You many. It's the owner I would go but flush journey got that Carter are you Tony and Helio has delivered another woman they probably. I reverend let you go what David did it every domestic here's a titan which makes it complicated to shop for camp in Missouri we got a gift cards several of restaurant restaurants. Were ordered big girl recurrence never once. As Sheikh summit after she's gone instead I liked that restaurant did that Tommy was there at the same time. You're not never let your you'll we are all there Friday we know that yet. Okay what time but we. She's what she likes she is making it says thank you that was delicious associates confused when she goes as restaurants if she keeps looking for the train. Where's the lines start. Stays as is -- particularly because at that easier to have the break group FaceBook page titles got any physical altercation Jesus would I had a coworker who was upset that I got somewhat give it didn't want for him I hardly knew this guy he started off the off -- started out the back and we ended up chest to chest that sensitivity. On the dating when it comes to presidents in the dolphins if you can't be it was someone else to be give to the duke it makes you. Learn. I just guy got yelled at by a few different people on the phone saying you never buy booze for somebody unless you know what they drink. Okay so you've given other I guess that I mean with Tommy broke don't give a man whining. You did exactly what she needed pitcher killed cal. I didn't and I actually read gifted at the bill. Seconds. To do well I was rang and rang and I that was its most of them is about a special type of mechanized line. I can talk a little out you keep it pretty and he Dexia to a money might know what a horrible thing I did such a different way I still think he gets older. Morning shows. Yes he does during the for this room. And yet here and yes it appears that bush used you know what you sign up for why this they did this happen before you were a year. And this letter I just. You criticized me for exactly what you did exactly what you do is almost worse because it's not I took my gifting gave it to somebody in front of your face but. It dead did watch it here it's such a hundred dollar bill down really have a man and noise and then you yet yet. She did not. It's catchy universal man it's it's yet it's how we do everything ray doesn't add it up a bus that's for cash and villages and the economist of America. It's how we view every week British do we get cash or dead in the water row. And you can't yet make this situation different just based on the type of gift either way you didn't accept the gift either. Boy is gonna that he is innocent FaceBook got BC for the breaker FaceBook page TE's right to be suspicious of you guys to. I don't eat your body you lean kidney all the time you two were up to something I know this woman by the way courses well why. But I do we busted balls as we were friends with her that her when I guess it's okay but. Just the way this went down I thought there was some kind of like stipulation no I noticed you felt cheap. Who we believe it is and you think we all know that you guys are very general manager guy. Related Selig got thrown out here that are so that's the window of the car are ever eaten it in nick. Avis presented as a challenge and that's why a little little weir okay. That's fine. Soviets unfortunately don't bet on dog and I am done with it gets. Don. You prick but I dig your understood that your rights here because again what are we doing it for an architect and I want out of my way to do this he was so excited to keep crisp hundred dollar bills in the okay. I went that a banker at the AT and that I got one sided with the broadening goad him likable nice is for gift card. Because it does pretty. You and building a millionaire walked out of that bank.