Santa Truth VS Sex Truth (PART TWO)

Thursday, December 7th


It's a nightmare scenario for a parent, your kid discovering the truth behind your parenting secrets before they're ready to handle it.

In this case, which would you be more prepared to handle in regards to your child, the truth about sex or the truth about Santa?


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Every day. Ice thank god that you never had children. Are they great oh my children would understand what love maize and and acceptance and how the cane to bing we're having a discussion of vote tasteless you got what would be worse again quick his view of kids in the car or let's talk about as a DA kind of weathered that he is our previous section. That move and he takes that. It would be worse tricky to find out that Santa was real it can walked it that you record presents the ticket I'll you you have XXX it's appropriate to explicitly 567 year old kid Toys 'R' Us on the regulars say something you make a bit of the line. She doesn't hold sit tight we have you watched your parents to be walked and your parents kid having sex FaceBook message from day. I remember I was four or five years old and walking in my parents having sex my dad told. He told me he and my mother were wrestling or yes a standard. I believed it. I also. The first set us up or not pornography when I was thirteen years old I instantly flip it back to what my parents were doing. I've read it right isn't telling you is it non realized that they had lied to go skews me resident didn't anger but in the mom. But it would be sent right to keep you. To which together eventually they can't moment sticks out your head and all the sudden the bullets dependency exactly this is like it was statistic. Not one drop. All these people did not one person says up FaceBook here. You should tell your 56 or seven year old about sex basics. Because you I mean here's a problem. Is that we were all warped as children and how are parents treated sex so now we just pass that onto our kids like it never changes in society. It is man. We they tell these war perverts out there that don't understand how to treat a lady. Maybe if you automatic young age that this is OK I diesel thoughts that are gonna pop in your head when your panel of yours sold. Are perfectly natural or either called natural urges him what you get hungry the same way you get you laughing crying. You'll also have a desire for a woman or man Oreo one or the other argument would be if you're exposed to six earlier you're more likely to have deviant sexual now seat I sit there you're listed Eller if you taught. Huh. Because that's the only the only time they say that is when some K god a finger blasted by an uncle and a editor at for the delights accurate she's such a responsible does say Rambis and yet you would probably and that's what you kicked punched a connected TV get a local 22226000. Caught wrapped presents caught baggage Steve's the break axiom that a lawyer. There are good guys. Appreciate. No aren't aren't you are completely. Delusional just what at a high. That why are you kidding I've got a whole new old girl. And my wife and I try the habit all where can we tried to make you saw he tried to make you look nobody wants. Oh. Well let Ahmedabad in your life that are important David are all about. All right. My eleven year old or other at merely mention of the word back I am happy go any further and that she's running from the wrong screenings bring her ears. It's actually go to our mission is conditional training men. It is you'd think you'd be bad or are. They're just not as good bad or what ever read and I saw him. It's religion in it's that we were total does your overweight out of shape or. Are always a complete crap got a little bit dead talking yeah. He's. Just yet and it. With nothing I was nine years old and I walked into my parent my mama alcohol and all of. It. The water. Sealer position. Well and he noted that. I take it won't fold or Mike audit act out or you're mad at. So I was only familiar with senate I was fully familiar what that he helped form Erica I would I would you know expect we'd. But a walk and a walk by Aaron doing it. Alms to shouldn't it okay. I know all look like and the way that I've grown or. Should I love you I you know I bet on artery. Sixty takes it call appreciated. Side there is Ellis heighten its Nikkei in Xiamen we do to each other it's it's it's it's counter productive to society at. Yeah exactly totally disagree with each change lives like pelicans are wrong evident to sing like. We were more open about this you have less problems I just recall how do you know because we haven't tried either side always worked with so far as fear and shame. We haven't tried love and accept that that's I'm all about that's why. When we started the brick it was about accepting people opening up Annika is gone doesn't eat except you retrieve the locals so. That I try to do directing mentally it's an uphill battle tickets to its. Let's is committed you can always get as at the BC after the break appraisal page privacy of their sit tight but he. When kids about sex that likely to trying to have sex we've had issues with kids at 1213 years old having sexual partners what happens if you're at it as sixty you got to have sex what happens you're Hitler did seven rate is expected experimentation. Earlier it's something you have to please god let that as a puberty. He's fine he doesn't have puberty thank. You can tell you I may get a good deal on puberty rug but I holders have in his second the seventy minute state Robbie LA but he. I'm trying to get a lot. I want your kid I. I love it not that bad a lot quicker although it will all sort it is that you're all right Obama. About Ayman Al. Olympic but up until that they look. Pregnant on our troubled world. Yeah a lot. I will say this rob I think there is deep fry it eat kids with the speaker on their own term so I. I'm convinced my seven year old and no listener but she speaks that if she tells that she doesn't that you will keep presence Smart move but we rob I take away the ability I can't figure it out ideally your Robyn Adams to earn. At oh. How I mean. They might let. Everything we would like you know that would differently but you know I didn't all look better at all. And their back up and let them and I didn't. Two of hanging. Out a little ball a little I certainly it would and I'll let her upper right. Both. Are predicted at all. I've got a base golf rather evident today and I think. I just a guy have a very healthy attitude towards sex and just really don't I think suing Kerry do not I think you are repressed sexual it. Tradition that should be a separation between that my parents like Ed I don't. I never need to combine the two you learn it took 35 minutes and we have finally found someone that agrees with Tom this point we have. Dozens of tweets from thirty FaceBook methane Tommy's greedy disgusting people what to call CPS and Amanda has no children. But Eric showed up to do scenario lady a really let up until labor that. Eric yeah. I can have a different I mean I don't think Tommy took you to sexuality are exactly healthy. But I'm a little different feel different than that we do have a new area your view of reality. And when I look at what new parent somebody gave me this book. Are about the body parts and I was like oh my god I cannot read this to my children in the the monsoon there are ready and how likely we'll read you know about their body parts. And educate them to grow older. You're all the little boy you. They are touching themselves and you have to do well try to steer the damage they want the whole thing you do that again I hear your Guerrero and we'll continue in the Ottawa duration between April. You know mom and dad he has a team you know. Sitting in its explain it to its. Are there are good job you sit there is after a quick good personal work they eat your chair right now Tommy illicitly did described as he is repeating back. He's right to think that you set again you are comfortable with. Our road what are Eric Mexico rather have a go to Sudan and the Victor. Are we get both knees that book and reduce your boy should I wish I had a video volleys I'm so uncomfortable. When you can never be open to do whatever. Would you want what's he so whenever you wanna teach your kids about instead by children will be touched themselves due to expire. They will be touching them so your children will at some point is Richard you have boys like you can guarantee the other son kick your girl walking away and they have him. Pleasure himself. Hope that never happened for W can't hope it never happens 'cause it's going to happen. Get like wish it away you'd hear about away that's a healthy thing for young I don't wanna walked in on an obligation like oh you should close the door. Protesters make of the sailors 'cause he's going to be tires and it is energy Becker and uncle bit of a power article has some now huge has got culture to protein up you just got to comfortable thinking about children that you've never met with a hole did you try select where he was eligible. Like I actually say it Mike Dee. More yet more tame way mar when he was there I haven't said anything bolder move it to break. Before that actually happens to be fired because we're pretty pretty tight right now I don't care.