Santa Truth VS Sex Truth (PART ONE)

Thursday, December 7th

It's a nightmare scenario for a parent, your kid discovering the truth behind your parenting secrets before they're ready to handle it.



In this case, which would you be more prepared to handle in regards to your child, the truth about sex or the truth about Santa?



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OK I would get us I guess short term David vs long term damage in which would bother your kid war. Am a bit tired it's obvious which would shock you get more because he led the state would EC but I think it was the to the show that it wouldn't. That have had repressed memories don't Wear it later Robin lightly realized what we were 567 years old that they walked in their parents having sex with her and Beckett freaked out. It all comes down to wrap it. Persist in our break let's let's rack and it's it's not BBC about. Vote with there are folks who was with kids in the car near what do republics are underground we're about to talk about SK AN CAA and whether he is our EA. Al or dot so well give you second. Dad would click okay. Get a face mr. guy and he's being buried his secret. Season I get the impression that one of these two things happened and it started an argument with his we won't tell us which one now he's very it's very short space of let's put the crux of the issues. Which would be worse. If your kid a young kid clutch having sex with your wife what did you do with having sex and what did you when your wife wrapping presents. It's an interesting question because it comes down to short term vs long term damage for church. And they're so what do you think the long term that vision seeing. Your parents being intimately each other. Being in a normal loving relationship. Where you take a woman from behind and you gently yanked her hair. And caller. Sweet I think cute as a point. How do you think you got here. At five years whole partial at 56 years old I can't explain it all you do and you teach it might use to because we teach everything is dirty or I young young to ultimately still it's it's it's a teachable moment you could say listen. When. When daddy you lows moderating rate. This is what we do like she accepts me enter her little flower. And I and that's why you came here because that's how it all started a towel. That's how we made you what you look me in the face Roman turek and we've got great kids so this is hard for you to comment. There is no way. You can explain sex she can name your child get 56 or seven catches you mommy really likes how bad tastes. It's it's it's called mommy frosting I was frosting mommy for Christmas. It was frozen moon. Renewed for a cruise smooth obviously have that in the long term implications of your child the short term now did you bring this up. Catching you doing certain but the other hand if your child is really didn't shoot the big man in the register and he finds out that yielded critical time Erica. That is going to be a meltdown disaster the moment as well. It surely short term. And that's coming anyway I think debts that that day of reckoning. About Santa Claus is gonna come for junior yet so that's fine. I gave it finds little bit early socialist early may be a blessing to get this off the table. But the long term of how you teach your child about sex is extremely important event. Is everything you'll and I ain't were taught that one sex and our bodies were what. Result shape as we drove in religion and religion teaches everything is dirty and shameful you gonna burn and delicate touch yourself friend yet but. Which is all baloney. I think much of baloney I think you're confusing ages because at six and seven years old and I had no idea what you saw something. So I would not know what I had seat so for you to say explain it to your child. Easy Satan what are your child's. A horrible car accident when your car. It. Don't XY and forced to explain that I HL I tactic I sit rapper had a death easier than sex how do you notice I am just because no. You you're convene in the same. I thought it was conveniently claim navigate you don't wanna have did the conversation so you're you're you're my you're justify oh. They can understand a horrible car accident but a loving moment between two people I can't explain that you just say that gives you don't wanna add the other conversation because it's a cop out broke. Hearing Ural generations a project I don't understand it she has grandparents are here important that we had a discussion about death that help okay that they are. But now you see her grandparents died. But that's what you can listen to you'd died radio every day it's the print that that's my point. Is she already has a piece knowledge of death and so watching somebody die when she's also a mile admonished his bombing she doesn't understand sexy and way issues like sex is okay but okay but unfortunately she saw something you can't hide behind she didn't see before because. Now she's seen something nudist camp Russia the site is. I think that makes it worse for her because that in her mind. She's gonna start thinking all kind of crazy does is that you'd directing her to the truth that's my point and we took it to 6000 slightly what parent want to be such Harris you forced. We had that situation I don't Gillian mama now. Could you tell I'm not a parent and I wouldn't think that situation I would wanna be apart that it'll. Well we have some reward doubting you there would be some extremely good to deduce excels horrible car accident just occurred in the bedroom what is where's your child to see. Or rap broker with his worst he could to fight out of the age of 567 years old sex or the guy and degrade coat. Beaten Scots the breaker Muncie and that it's a rather. And got our guys really got. So I Maru her and let's see here is not. Oh yeah I'm up in the way it. I decided I think lately and by a worker is like that in if for larger. Than that the president now. Long story short they are cursed thing that you'll lose sight in there and I. And they they taking pick hours so they're they're Albanians are. Scott do you make of this story I hope so I sort of got. Okay military asserted it's got that it's because he may have follow through American music that's taking out trees you call him Gerry please don't be crazy Hillary but it. Did. It. Not a whole lot well I would by. Economic. I'm married to it. How about your IE. Eight real grew I don't. My own way. But I'm thirty L a topic had ever been more guarded. Army and that song. What's it was a huge too. Fraud abuse crawl out. Of the key. I have a one year old could you years from now explain sex to a child. And not. Would rather. Alone dream and have given him. Home mood curry human and a it's culturally Slaton and whether the minute before. But the Democrats whose approach we decoded you know history as the Aggies have a great group at lizard its which by the way we should genitals Twitter account. The city atomic talk about sex maybe throw open my mouth I thought he was a sexual until now has to Christmas room. Just so funny how we treat sex in the sky really is bad and it's a shame bro as we treated as this dirty secret. That nobody's supposed to know about when it's an all mad it's and it's as natural as a laughing. Or any other body at least function. It's so we do it's natural only treat everything so dirty use cannot explain sixty status of filth and it's a bet she and it's terrible. Releasing some beautiful in these are gifts from nature great gift of your white. Your mom and grandmother that she can say enjoy a a sexual fulfillment within cramped let me put this. My seven year old and it is pretty sharp. Credits and she is just realized before light I have needed other women and that's freaking me like bush responsible approaches to these career but plenty of its corporate and black child might separate your I I don't finance. But I am I gotta back out now like seven and have a hard time wrapping her head around that we didn't have a bit to do it for for a week and together. That being said it tells me as a rational human being would. With my child's best interest at hand. That she can't prepare and bumper and yes sex addict she. She. That's been that at that moment I think you can't sweep it under their car you have to do something which carpet. Your dad. So that's certainly carpet I don't go. I think you've got to set a tentative six does is execute blocking you back to your kid you wrapping presents and he needs to get to the breaker I see an epic there. It. I'm doubly worse as. Also buried at eight you can always do that air and light so way out cannot. And into you know against Iraq and then he can explain like caged edit so busy that you don't look at the president Charlotte but he ought to wrap you know like. And jet sale for 5670. They got them but they believe and I'll cheer but then you know. I actually got an instance would be get caught but fortunately a little seven year old they would slip up might. But it's just sort of accident sweaty and I resting on your moment bill that's ever gonna see it but I'd. So the gun on your knew who. They're kind of crisper okay. We're getting interest FaceBook messages. About people who walked in on their parents are what are kids and they remember it. Let's get right to be 182 seed as a holds it tight. Other people listening right now that Milwaukee and their parents when they were kitten. Ed what was the explanation given connect to right now they're pretty interesting either of them was explaining what was actually have which is terrible yet you right now. Regular sale like you don't go break room you gently explained the child how. When you love somebody this is completely natural and you'll do it too it's important to you would expose a young kid to death. I didn't expose they want to and so I I didn't force it on me it was just an accident but. At that point you can't you got caught the apparel it's got to say with what's going on do you remember walking and you parents already sick it's next to break lets the.