Are You Suffering from 'Creepanoia'? Let the Break Room Help!

Tuesday, December 5th

Creepanoia: //noun// (Creep-a-noi-a) Definition: a mental condition characterized by delusions of being a disgusting, unwanted, creep of a human being, typically elaborated into an organized system. It may be an aspect of chronic old man syndrome, of creep cap abuse, or of a serious condition such as creeplexia in which the person loses touch with what women think of him.


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ED do we know what you're doing and having the thoughts that you are having just protest the duel and may be about. What other people are thinking he's making you look more casualties and prison got to read it and am wary rein it in read it and that. Excuse me. Creep you that your feeling when he's making it worse for that's what society is too intimate knowledge capture or kill your reporting on sale on television everything LT Arab -- every Eden. You're in other men listening to the she'll feel the same way you do and that you started Alter the way you're acting women in the office based on all the sexual allegation and doing nothing. But that's just it you're doing nothing and so word about the about a I'm doing Noth nothing constantly. And that's the problem the breaker rats to classic Iraq 86 but did you see up so you comment yesterday ranting raving commercial. Why I got a routine like everybody ready to work so every break I usually get a stress release and take a walk down all to the front or grabbing windows and there. So get a little vitamin. So that means ago whop has had a radio stations in particular PX YM PX YU she has young people in terms it's. People yet so Angeles art here to the one girl I think she does afternoon machines and I don't know more. I don't know urge you don't know me and then I guess and another young girl so there's like two young girls. In this room doing a radio show would decayed Corey. And I walked by and I don't think that's another but I do this every single break I'm the only one really in this room. In this building net every break gets up and strolls the same way soul. They don't nobody else is doing this so every title walking past. The window with a young girls that are right there though like 120 is a guess about being called the window with a young girls and we sanction. Yeah. Little Lisa viewers you we sell I got like a quarter they think like I'm want combine like me ol' guy checking them out. But that's why he keeps coming by he comes to and after the completion to Johnny offered to but the third trip. He's got to gonna stick to watch it right and I gotta go upstairs and go hey what's with that old guy look anatomy no nothing. About view continuing to walk by the window full of young girls in the climate that were in his any kind of suspicious. Agree UB creep annoyed not yet but I think I'm right. Because they may look at Decker why is that I can block in my in this kick Corey nightly me out why would. 0% Heidi re the PG glance. Did you 26000 do you guys seem to show you work it's an office with its job site went up. Are you out hypersensitive to women are thinking about the way you interact and I feel guy. I feel bad for guys and construction sites because like I'm canceling get on it's it's tough as scary as word and I think you'll like the one benefited that is watch and the young chicks go to work in the morning and in their mini skirts that chicken and operate and what ever else. We are still like that that's a good one let me get to check the bride's and the skirts or go by irate like. You can't even do that anymore he got to go back to Jack camera he came in my ego check things out. You need to understand button that UB creep and Lleyton is actually went negatives. That it'll be listened to be anything wrong. Are you ever done anything that a lot of these guys and seeing get lit up the funeral Obama. Wednesdays this out we don't know all. He did that. Hourly gal one guy Derrick but our guide era guys that right now are probably getting lit up the probably did do it god damn thing or. Didn't think it would dornin anything wrong did go another draw again we talked his wife and to deny all the allegations from split up famous wise Jereme Perry in the actor he wants Joseph for that. That all of the men. That a face accusations admitted to doing something inappropriate you're not doing anything pondering an eight under French and help you got to be. It's appropriate by U altering what you're doing it makes Morse is still what they say hey big guy down in that. Radio show and nobody listens to use blocking by the window and it's making me uncomfortable. You could go to Carter who usually has it always walk to Todd and it's done she's got my back home she can rerun part of bras and your idol began to pick your crossing any lines pages of doing your laps. So the old man laptop. Yeah. Couple of old man let the destruction of our legs. There are critics they. Gigabytes of hard covers about may have broad farce of ports are totally is but it's funny you bring this Tommy. 08 but creep like how what he's duped office it's completely innocent being viewed the girls because he's old creepy look at discussed and I did talk to these people. Yet but that are any all young people. I think that makes it worse I mean affecting your voiding them completely make you look suspicious who should make sure they going to say something would you say. I have no interest in new young girls could. I can't stay engine is the man who just said I'm an identity to start out like that I was say if I had my way you would be banned from the building and you music. It's funny it is comes up yesterday because last time NBC the story here is the headlines and in the wake up like the original guy who wondered. Wonder if pudge Whitman is still OK and no it ain't telling is you cannot hug it Chica work any I'd I'd there's no way. You can you can go up in just give it chick a hug were now being. What are you put your hand ice when all the time don't enjoy your idiot I'm not about it because there's no negative doesn't mean it's here's the thing. Make you say that in your head and I believe you but you know what she's sticky when you're hugging her like. She made a dig at it all but she's just sit there going this is grows get off a made women in this office and wander in you know wouldn't seek your worst it's very well this. Norway I have always done this with wrestling a hundred any woman while. I see no on eight hours ago by been sued so I don't touch it if I stop doing all the sudden. It makes my original touch look suspiciously is due to these the first place. During your that a bad roadrunner or put a stop at nothing now. Hi albums upload in gold and you've been around a girl who do. What a grand own news and appropriate and and to put your feet up coworker we've known for very long time. If you have a relationship outside of work like you know you've been friends for years and I would say Allah you torture. Like 34 years so few and are taking a picture in my armor around you would acting grossed out. He believes he's just disgusting hand and arm mainly just cheesy little rose baby are touching you. There are. It uses were taking a picture with somebody if it's not appropriate to like which armor round them like around the shall I beat temple mount to it it is funny you say that because I was I. I'll lock you out of work together today and ran into somebody if they were also locking out. And it's a really of note here for rapper. And they you know I can usher somebody out of the door and you kind of put your hand behind them again. And they accidentally like touched my back when they did that like pulled our relate really quickly acted Taliban. Immediately like I didn't mean to touch use Arden. Yeah I saw right more comfortable that would thought anything of me he doesn't know what you're thinking bright bright idea given that other person said that's what scares recently to meant my point. Those girls might think lake. Look at this ordeal creep when it alters and report him because I'm really uncomfortable and annexing it on in a meeting for taken a walk down all all I do think it helps if you have like a relationship with these people so they know you wouldn't know your intentions put your just kind of tie in the background cruised on around now call me anything you probably mile Herbie do this thing called a creep cap forum really discuss a meal like. The fact that I do what they do and radio ads and how no I don't at all it doesn't hurt just say hi to these people run as a high note. I don't know can be safe for the immediate IB CE mail and he hit it taped it would do what I like I economic that's my point is because you never Foster a relationship with anyone has built in a coherent and exact. So you would have been just a little high eight here what does that mean a little bit kind signal looking for single program but he did it 6000 in the later thirty grip on all of these sexy well. Misconduct delegation. Has become creek and they should hire these young people. Is the breaker let's get that they pay a lawyer. I'm. Well you know obviously but on net. I have a lot. He concerns. About the actually not that hard. It's three kids that you might have figured out that women have been but he looked at. Apps that work for a long long time. That he thought Katie Couric he could say about a big problem with that lauer these are inching my by. You know we've been pretty not put this up for a long time you're pretty simple now don't have the when you work land. And less like your coworkers that you have a really strong relationship without them. Don't touch when he worked well it don't show them your Tina. And I updates on map it out on dates repeatedly. You know smack on the and shot. You know really that. IG a magic things about our current CEO tuning out instrument. She's had a heavy everything today just all those early probably get. Beat us. All mature better in the inning and a window there. Her on and I eat the most part we're not gonna report anybody. I'm looking out at and that hasn't been a problem quite frankly I haven't heard one report where I gotten troubled. You can't hasn't heard about boats so relaxed get in Japan yet as you enter the moral authority the office's view you know but I don't know self I don't know that I'll follow every day it's as well yeah. Know that there is not one guy that had gotten in trouble are looking at. You're about dresses and I had I've never had a steal and are as stupid as woman she's. She's totally is that I don't like light years between them stopped hiring demand right hand side and worry about that. I feel and my own business when I allowed to Wear you know I did business are right now you know. Particularly to like to Mira yeah I don't units of I owned a business right now I would never hire any young good looking women because it's nothing but a ticking time bomb you do stand how suspicious it. I don't care I don't trust yourself. I don't freshman yes you're right so I would I would what the aggravation of dealing with. All chipper brawl on the so you know they do I hire anybody. Kevin here you've got game yoga pants with the happier as you know women are there any productive expert. And you dress like flu season it guides you look at these big you know I'm upstairs at HR try to explain myself. Because you wanna strung around it looked like a slut what's she up. Yes ice in his match I stand naked choke. On the naked Shepperd and other men okay you're the leader. It's I know. Like that a couple is in because of his Christian value to what you started with I don't look creepy technicalities with well they're dressed like that's an idea support which is. I said Friday it is Cuban curiosity crises of the attractive. No walks by Abbott look at that Tommy is creepy if you there is evidence of top BP creepy looking at what he called the young girl I have this these are the people yeah it's QBX looking at here. Oh the other picture yes so I get XY does like they're you know they put up those videos other personalities and I noticed that there was a strange man how wandering around aimlessly. That's kind of the videos that Photoshop cruise is actually decided to take screech out of said video. Cuban text media is pictures yesterday I've tried. Polo I was laughing so that Britain did you put them up in Europe you're gonna do not gonna Serpo ownership and you don't even need to Photoshop elements that stands or they will it's perfect stand on its own. You're fine and just relax now stood. Tall six tips. But that's been my oak river exactly donated of getting his job and it just keeps getting worst for you to stop talking. Everybody and holding and move on just relax man Ubisoft stroke which I would like it we can to a show.