Christmas Traditions You Didn't Know Existed?

Tuesday, December 5th

How many people have truly stuck to their family's holiday traditions? You try to keep these rituals going, but who has time to do the things that your parents, and your grandparents did during the holidays?


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Yeah you only know the world you grew up the Reverend Wright soul you'll assume that all the Christmas traditions that you have and have growing drinking fighting. With so everybody bitten and shocking when you find out that one you exit nobody else did. But he did a year that everyone else was doing that you didn't participate worried because you surely Islamic Christmas actually saloon. Yeah I went and our lives after discussion we had last week it was hilarious he tells the tweets appease a test we'd been given a how easy people's Paris and Whitney were kids on the aisle and break much it's classic rock and six but BBC so. Talk last week about my wife and can't have a real tree. Similar. And I never had a real tree when I was a key because my dad. It was a projected might like it's been spiked back and forth excellent sentiment but the thing trees the wind go out you don't want and I mean does a lot of work to literature I agree. Secondly she it's much fun as a kid and the tradition of going to get to treat kidney people realized that ammonia have a discussion. It's kids didn't know that was like and being normal family tonight I we saw like it was things people that in the past. But I don't think people still did that anymore Elena as a kid I ever did I can watch Christmas store or where they go to get yes and tree I just assume like as of the fifties when he invented fig trees. That's what they studied tree yeah I. I it's highly likely to it was a legit adult not late that people went and bought real Christmas what did you think those who were 20 heartless with a mystery I guess we're going to. And that was different than even like going cutting down the tree that I knew little arm and people at real treat but like. They just went to run out I didn't and it went cut it down brought it cited a clinic are everything after we had this discussion we should give this flood of emails and text messages tweets FaceBook messages. The people's parents didn't do when they were kids is it went straight up lazy. Compared to two to 6000 the tradition and you didn't know was tradition around the holidays because of your parents. And so I had a buddy. That he hated to assemble anything this is him back in right now hi you combine things and compare to have an assembling bicycles girl's house yeah so back in the day. He would assemble at Ole. Days after Christmas and skis we get so pissed off. Who in Philly Dylan and yet. Because they denies these stories drinking and and a day Abby doesn't wanna do and as people decide to do so like. Because this get a bicycle in May be after new years before they can actually got on said bicycle the kids nuts and a little lazy. I like senators and assemble. That's brilliant idea it is nothing worse a beach welcome Christmas at 1 o'clock in the morning usually treasuries have got him directions. Likes to sleep I get to sixty years trying to put this too good to get very little bad faith how match is so it's Florida you can bicycle or your round. I do when I think it's Cobo Florida you get a bicycle you can literally Jim Bunning go outside. Christmas Day and right which are buddies about known as you just got really out. Box yet your man up get this email we got the other day and my father told lead. The only Catholics in good standing could go to midnight mass he would love to tell me at my brother that we did too many bad things to be allowed if I have to Jews believe this until I was in college and went to a girlfriend asked me to go to midnight mass with the rights holder I had done enough things they wouldn't let me and she thought I was six W Brodeur but how easy is that to get stuck with him until he was in his twenties outlet that has to be one that a lot of parents have probably given up on it right now. As well amid investor just like Christmas mass in general because its soul and any acts of everybody goes. Did you get this budget but you have sought to stop everything goes alike if you got alike. Entertain your family or you gotta go to another fairly the next and you get a dual I seven yet. I doubt we're gonna stop and go to church that's like a three hour block in the middle of your doing that you had to stop. And do yet but we do it every year and every year might wait exco. Don't get man I mean when you tell you don't even go to the cool black church eagerness on a disk brilliantly managed church. I got I I church like I had to go to church. I would heavily go to black church because it's guitar man us. It's sitting in Eugene is not a jive talk and in their bodies and native it's thought it based on what you're saying it would totally want a mom base notice over The Blues Brothers suspected jump all the way touch to ceiling. Another -- we get lazy guys college due to do 6000. But other adult that Christmas cookies required a special Christmas a bit that we could afford. We ever ate Christmas cookies it was that I was in high school that I realized that she was too lazy to me Christmas cookies. You also risk here in the risky new to this all of your kid going to someone else's house and making you completed near us right. Special Christmas. We don't have that kind of and in our. Appears that they like never started tradition. Is in your stuck with a terror you think if you come to yeah did you become like that person that does that they once OK you're expected to do it that day he died. As yeah I think if you have some special cookie like to make. Again you're as a woman that you for a new laws that recipe meant that you ought to be doing it every year forever. You're out of percent right and my grandmother died. IA went years without the peanut butter with the in our area area and I I keep my wife the recipes here please please did you endurance in my Sunday yet be now but now she's gonna get calls that cookie lady for the rest of her life she's got to do to her she cooking me it is. Rookie of the real exit make cookies here's decreasing your own to wegmans in the arm that ran out of yet what's cookies cookies are they gonna bake rerouted from scratch me homemade from scratch also weighed in yesterday and they get this train it collected the Italian nosed bagel could be their beloved reverend Duncan a carpenter by what would you pay that. When you can just buy this tray it's ridiculously expensive is that they don't like. I had to go pile those ingredients to make those cookies I betcha it's about even older that they don't play is trapped put a bow on. Like my mom like she'd like to follow her grandmother's recipe like it's it's imitates at that it's carrying down that your grandmother didn't wanna do it should you don't like I am under my thumb admits that she hates doing the only Graham of the dedication no other options in line break. Which could vote shouldn't she couldn't speak up she was basically controlled by her husband Ike. That's all she could do was called cult plus external money and Christmas of and it's it's necessary to beat Chris and all the money on the magic government. Your parents are lazy to Christmas traditions you know traditions that you grew up lives bright group I see an elite. Or a bad guy I remember one year. Our own. Bed that I've taught my kids said that publicly voice that I bought my kids and those that 71 game table ready to air hockey dad all got. Well that might be kids are bad my wife and I start put together all of the stuff. Well I'm you know as in the bed that kind of put together this ridiculous. Tables. Said it was like nine billion pieces. And Rudy instruction not what dude dude dude dude you good. And of course you know. I'm heading into opening joke and I'll. Put together. I'm really argue. But I didn't let it be that call himself on the inside you feel the air with the air hockey table. And then get into it then then all my archives all like god that's going to the Kurds there were coming out of my mouth but it looked like it would look a bit by the way I don't think it would bump. It's unbelievable. I don't. Really don't you couldn't emerge they would not even had one that you would have been. Yeah. Knowledge and I hate Christmas. Nobody I appreciate it I got up Christmas morning while ice it you know on. We're really doing anything today so your body's gonna drinks and gone view what's in news read the paper that would be the greatest. Christmas. Have agreed inning happened but it didn't vote you can't do it yet kids you can't even if you have adult can take you wake up at a morning produces a list of rules and procedures. You're not allowed to deviate from you get lit. What's funny you say that would your story about that stuff together your body cannot with the story here face at least covenant we were told that if we wanted to voice and it required us to put the toys together ourselves to make sure we knew how to be good craftsman. And get every year we put we would have to put. Our toy together I'd make our kids do it too just because it's so hard but stopped again that's awesome was a key to quiet for a corporate tax lady's man I don't care janitors knuckles on Baghdad and them. You learn our caller my favorite one my absolutely favorite whether we got to leave out about after last week lazy parenting. I didn't know that Christmas presents had to be wrapped. Every year. My father would tell me that Santa had to deliver toys all the kids didn't have time to wrap the presents I was never in any one else's house for Christmas so I didn't know. It wasn't until I was in high school and gave my girlfriend had un wrapped Christmas present. Dead she got a seven report that I realized my dad had been lying to be all these times he had died three years. So every Christmas I'm always amazed at lake is wrapping paper to me looks ridiculous to 'cause Alicia like a little little kid like. Everybody my failing now knows what they're getting right toes to sitting there are so. Why am I wrapping this up just. It's underneath the tree you'll while obviously that's gonna be your thing go enjoy like like open but don't waste of a lake. When we get done opener of gives who's always think China norm is hefty bag of just wrapping paper and just you it and more than my wife 'cause save the bow. Yes that'll help the environment he killed about 75000. Trees to get this stuff under the tree plus the treatment saved that damn Bo. He needs just he's took to unwrap things in the tree can't you at ease for another two weeks Albert gods they usually don't orchard getting but I like we ended so late. He might like as what he went this year. Shop. Up so what kind of job that assured each other so hurt I am wearing got the shot back to editor and it's in the basement and she goes on got to write that damn thing I go wide. I'm in my mid fifties America to come running ministers in my Dejan mystic and sandal let me a shot back I said just wanted to date to treat. Chris' Mauritius. With that you don't have anything we hope and in open I'm gone. Don't fight with that man how we use such a miser that you don't get any joy of opening a prison but I don't how I can sum also I don't care I urge you mad. I don't know diocese San finger blessed at the mall I don't know actually what to expect and I probably could get away it would toughen it cannot yet say about a six so ridiculous. Well this Christmas traditions deputy now because your parents and he's you have your kid's point you're ready to be just exclude something from I don't know they have no idea feel like Castro running Cuba like that you control all the information that's actually brought up because you as both tallied again I I was old school it's difficult is it to a team high so my mom's a 100% Italian and I didn't know that this is an Italian tradition until it five years ago and immediately tell your family doesn't do that that's weird the the seven fish pieces haven't yet area. I regret that it might get at baggage that's one that I guess is really common and I'd never done it for the seven fishes so. Crude and the reason they did that I think was to get rid of them damn fish. Did you beast and I might wish buried in Italian family I had no idea that yes these seventy issues was the state it's four years ago. It's gross out there and by the way. The whole house stinks like a tuna boat ain't happy holidays. Mention that stink Kiev as fish or your second only gets up and that the people are so. Committed to those traditions that are doing anyways whether it's and it useful or not committed his what are those words that it's masking something else but. Control. We see the great thing about Christmas is. My wife your wife you'll grandmother Yunnan. She gets to control everything the meal the music. How you conduct yourself what we're doing them when we're doing it and how we're doing it. They've become Castro's Cuba you were very cynical. No I want JFK to come in with the navy and driver that allows the area said the fish's place.