Post Game Monday with Former Bills WR Donald Jones!

Monday, December 4th

It wasn't pretty for the Buffalo Bills at New Era Field on Sunday..

Not only did they lose 23-3 at home, but there were injuries to a few key guys that don't look well for the remainder of the season..


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About receiver goes John Murphy joked on our sister station at about seven ESPN. To a command Donald Jones. I would not. Did you see okay to this agreement you do. Now the about it between the victory but after the person. Are they now as a guy who has played the game before a guy who has been in these locker rooms a guy who I'm sure has been any practice or two after a cheap shot. Are you judging those other bills players for not going right at gronkowski after what he did. Will work well. You know we need to talk about not where it. OK with it later read that yet to. No doubt about. It and it is not. That it. Outdated. Ultimately it probably wouldn't go on. And probably. You know a lot of it in me that would but that it received a bird. The mentality on the you know I'm I'm out of that the players at the players and I don't think they should have them out there at about. It's funny you know it works by this year to last two years what's available to these personal ultimately all over the place folks hate it guys the top here yesterday. Keeps it cool these tries to this happens that it would criticize him for doubles is happy medium war. It's something like this happened to you EDT guys that punch faces at least for the dvd and yeah. They. That included in this war. Or something like that. At least at that each. Senator Arlen. Are that it yeah it's. Now. 9:12 of the morning we got to eat. The bullet Cheerios and home. Brian Donna it is and it's it's pre requisite data. Hundred. You're a doctor for gods how. That. Does. He brag about this live from the cafeteria. Where Neil where he skipped the early breakfast that I Don let me ask are you supposed to get free breakfast or they just let you with their cause your on the show with. Now let me knock out often it. Yeah it is one of the pertinent not regret this the much. So lake if Tommy can be like to visit you when we three rebroadcast. That we are those camp we also get free breakfast now. Soon. Approximately. This weekend training camp and we can't use the bathroom. With Jack. Hi I have a limited access all access hands and says I can night go anywhere near that were the bills go to the bathroom. I don't know will. You gotta go in the World Series and men like. I got a you know you're not allowed. If you don't do. It would hesitate to tie the game with a knee injury in the fourth quarter it seems like he tweaked that neat. On the first play of the game he can play through it we don't you understand a guy like Tyrod. Knowing what happened two weeks ago not wanting to leave that field but it begs the question. Did McDermott city Tyrod down two weeks ago hurt the team yesterday because Tyrod who obviously wasn't playing a tyrant standards. Didn't want to leave as he knew that it be replaced he might never get his job back. Did he. Did that hurt became a topic that hurt the team I mean. I rather know. For the last two years that CD's of reform or do Luke is up you know he especially with the way that they've structured outright over the let a leader. You know when they do let's leave it near data will be your job out before he had a the other report. Masters. You know my Quaker. That being said we don't know the extent of his knee injury and we haven't seen anything hot if he can't go let's say it's a two week injury might as well be rest of the season injury. You got too long games coming up Donald you have to have you get a stake in the hunt for playoff contention. Didn't eight Peterman go out and beat the colts and the dolphins at home is this media blessing in disguise he we can really do. I think. I think it is the let the and the guts or the scene and for the future of the team when you talk about this year. Is now. I think he'd been the most decent that to be honest with you decently. Well yesterday you know you know patriot that's when it report if you can't beat a team. We knew that as president patent and ultimately their pointy you don't deserve the when they gain that some are on opposite side of the ball. So long that the defense. Played like you'd be yes they'd like to do that we still view would be typical of the it would be adopted. Nate Peter minute mark Needham broke out of that took. We have. Are gonna wash is blind Dick threw the ball next week in your sock you throw the ball actually coming a bit targeted stuff too. Yep probably that's your I just ain't right thing I'd bet you take anything earth. Techniques. That are. Does obviously I got that John Murphy joked today started new and existing genetic activity has PM we may get. A lot of tweets and call Richard you're gonna get the same figures shall start to new Donald. We've seen Peter men let's see the guy who also threw a pass yesterday Joseph Webb Webb and amid. Is that. I don't know god obviously knows it. Couldn't make me. Dragnet she gets. To work for you right dead. Dragnet I could appetites for the trip with it. It ends Joseph went even an option to raising Doherty quarterback for the Buffalo Bills towards the end of the season. Now I'll think about it you know we may need a minute because. You know they drafted him immediately picked her up and Burnett you're elected it was so they want to make sure that Egypt's reps and get planes. Well as saying. People's another move Maurice just horrible. Anke setting another record in the wrong direction today you tell me that kill stay in the whole damn game and that input does web getting. Something like that hole. And yet you got a bit about the money I'm I don't I don't know it's Jim Kelly easily and again decides. He picked it but it. Who gets a hearing basically here because. It would there but. Maybe it is legitimate them well. Bill. Let's let them isn't realistic option it may lead to legal they're truly that but ultimately what does he need it and it. Let's finally do these cavity in San Diego immediate yesterday Peter didn't look great 653. Averaged we woody at 34 outs at the end of the game I mean. I would have to think that. You're gonna sign another quarterback know that the potential for ring last year it happened healing now and last night he still on the giants are sunset around yesterday I'm talking like this is doing nothing this week who hates the giant to. Hedge your bet this gets to do and. Has come him. What do you do it I don't know who. But he's come and I doubt you have to think it's gonna be a quarterback showing up one bills drive this week right. Yeah I guess. I am unsure of this says anything about Barack. Not what there was a national our last night that said there doesn't put a major knee injury but you know Donald would be even minor injuries can be 23 week he'd you know the oh and it's the season. Well at that we tasting it got to pick stupid grant them audience. But they do and deliberate where users can now. He's probably suit up that tobacco. I'll pick it up there. And looked great idea right now. There's going to be in the that it doesn't make sense to bring the quarterback bill that know nothing about the ball go to. Here to get detonate you know rent is you know he's just not the end. The picture I've and so. It is that it. But here's the problem I mean John that you see this even the most popular guy the team's backup quarterback Joseph Webb goes like he's the backup quarterback now the nightmare scenario Donald. Would be is if Peter goes down god forbid he gets yanked it Joseph Webb goes in it plays really well. But now you have to keep Joseph let out because fans be clamoring for quarterback Joseph Webb taxis. You are close to let let's think he got a job for God's really actually it sets up. So you guests today I think they switched over rather sort of watch in the saints game is at the same so I have a backup quarterback and also complain on special teams 'cause he's so fast yes that's. So how does what team like have played this unbelievable they're back up could do like multiple things. We don't even have a quarterback that can do quarterback that's what she'll web page you idiot no but I what I know is that highlighted yesterday Joseph Webb this seven children. Hundreds say it's still there he's still that he's running concessions daisy Sylvan T shirts and he started his own business. We got like three idiots. Three quarterbacks a cubic Wendy's and gore should do you let it proceed. Well then the doctor Jason he's not he's not that good. Don't listen to a Doctor Who ruined you. Army you. Your whole mentality they're so different from last week you know last week your so upbeat in the it is slowed down. I'm an alcoholic. My urine damn business. It was a total legislated. Showed it and they. It. It was called the way let's see a bill suit tumbled I was expecting Gregory was like 35 points then. Chile most are going to be I got a New Jersey yesterday's bats were yet it is so. I'll get other there have an ideal world junior hockey championship that you're field on hand where's my letter in the mail it's your it's an outdoor hockey game bunker and the jerseys hockey jerseys look real and not allow. I would go anyway but I got to sort it out. It's hockey Jersey when he does that play Iraq I don't they would sell it gives it was calls like Boca looks super cool and and people boss calls on Twitter about it. It's unique to determine our leader yet. You should we can actually be grocery jerseys. It would vote and I'll get to seems to. Though but it security. Titled the and that it says is the sister station here start at Q what are you talking about. Sort of free breakfast again. It's about regrets that they'll talk about doing the starter. Tom. If we don't date coach McDermott. Press conference at Chris Brown on the show it is inside but maybe we'll. Get some new book tyra don't expect it but we waited that. We gave me here and head coach McDermott talked for ten minutes nothing about his quarterback who he doesn't know anything about it and get ready and that's the press coverage. They that it but it don't make the equipment right. Yeah I mean I don't lobbied for your summoned. I joked he takes the time that we appreciate it looked like it actually guard. It's over bills led the America cup this is best for each.