Post Game Monday with Buffalo Bills Sideline Reporter Sal Capaccio!

Monday, December 4th

It wasn't pretty for the Buffalo Bills at New Era Field on Sunday..


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Joining does it a great group of men was there for all of yesterday a man who like myself insurer was feeling pretty optimistic would have to captain. Sale let's go on brother. Edgar Allan it's hearing optimistic I I I didn't know how they were gonna get down once they once they had that first drive went so well. You kind of knew they had to score there and then. Later on it such a struggle the rest of the half to move the ball like I and and results latter topic going to be those court touchdown I thought I thought it was over want to get the 163 and that's. I've got us citizen to countries like because you bring up that first drive it appear as the interception yeah they Drew Peterson the only drive with the ball well make it appear sale that Tyrod. Is beyond that first play from scrimmage and try to play the rest of Vickie hurt I mean it almost appears like that interception which he never does me a better result of what the heck was going on his body writes out. Credit Ben yes I don't know he didn't see. The linebacker lead because it was a big body that's they was getting kind of high in Iraq in two car push a little bit Ollie. Navy throughout the back foot maybe that no. Her because it is the way his body was aching at that moment not really sure. I knew it either way whether you're currently not currently you're hurt that much hurting Eric my outlet. Our biggest they have no someone said he passing game and that 2017 NFL announced it's not a recipe to win any game. So he brought out of the that I 100% agree with what they're hurting the TV got to take yourself up and he said he could understand why a guy Tyrod Taylor's possession with what happened two weeks ago or is going around yesterday everything he can stay in that game right. Of course of course I mean yes you're right I mean I just think it yes I here's the thing was you know anything and he understand. Your opening. I don't I don't know how much injury in Pakistan but even without injury they're incredibly limited in the passing on to say so either way. I don't I never knowing about it what while they could get into because pirate get hurt in the first played out through that you don't have much of passing. Her Turk. Are all right so that being said we're waiting to hear the results of the MRI anti writes the there's a national report that says there's not much damage but I need cell. It's did not spec everything but not much damage could still be a three week injury with a neat. I would seek Sal and you're around this team way more than we are that. I mean wouldn't it Germans look for any reason this would be a reason to go with Peter read on Sunday to get a better look at them I mean yes nobody thanked. I think that's a real possibility I thought. Without knowing her I was hurt I didn't mean and remember. After the first series to get looked at both trainers in the American medal that's important to note he did it looked at in the tent real quick you name it Beckett. I thought in the fourth quarter that very thing I thought myself you know. They might dislike it kind of in the Arab all the without knowing about the injury at the time I well you know we mayors Tom McDermott they've we're gonna innate goodness aren't we getting. All right so that being said all the men out of the way I mean tubby guy who's all about you talk it was football Davis trying to. They are good entertainment at Toyota tried to it and that's how much casual fan that's why I was so shocked might take a task that even a guy like you says that was unbelievable with such a Dick move. It was like a murderous bidders at the Mike at this slow clay. You look like NS RIA or tournament Evernote that looks like an assault charge to. So sell it we see. Oh I can remember a and out of bounds hit. Before but sell. Knowing what you know but the league you would have to think there was more punishment coming for gronkowski greatly minimum of five and a suspension is not a question. Correct but knowing what I know about the league I would not bank and a suspension I would hope they would give one that he deserves one. I just. I don't know it's somewhere in Italy that late chew up for everything you do wrong that this doesn't. This is skits and what not than especially sell an injury debris which has been such glitches this year which is kill her league. But the guy you know well I mean they've history. Being very consistently called on the kind of thing so I wouldn't be surprised. If he suspended it he deserved it totally wouldn't be surprised if he's not he'll get a fine. They may say well he's not I think what may help them actually get suspended ironically is he wasn't ejected. If you're ejected from the game kind of like what AJ green was rejected further fight they didn't suspending the city guy get to connect in anyway he missed the rest. How is that not an injection automatically with everything right after the does like. So of they switched to another game. And I wanna say it was the Kansas City game and it was like multiple flights of one of the dues to Kansas City takes the flag chalks it. And off in the stands like any immediately realized he was in trouble is just starts to go home. What you just want to thank you get yeah I screwed up a manager Mike. That guy knew he was in trouble gronkowski is like on the sidelines I five minute Reba. Usually at the gate video and after the game like to do with Arnold he's sticking his tongue out John again I liked it it means you're giving them I was out kind of argument. Or give them what to garbage tonight. The most clicked eloquent I didn't. And negative locker mate remorseful he says yeah I don't believe and it's like that Ari the meat and what you're going to it's not a guy that. Is known to be like that you know and and that's what kind of sucks is you know yeah you know that he's not. It would be so much easier it is Rodney Harrison did that. I mean kick a guy out for five weeks I mean it is we will that we didn't leak was that you use it a cheap shot guy speak it and but. Robert I'll keep that pretty clean record. Eric what he did that from heat seeking same elegant than without it I would not pass up but it doesn't matter what you better not and are good. Person or whatever and what if a clean record that have to be punished there's no place for that and sometimes good people make that decision and then mystic. I tell the budget I. Hospitals that reported beat guy writes I need to do something because I beginning tweets and texts my friends as the quarterback situation is up yet this week a lot of if people aren't sure you heard it on our sister station WGR last night I'm sure you're getting here today what you do when your shows they want. Third row third string quarterback slash slash guide slash special teams guy Joseph wed to get running quarterback this week please call web editor for six played my that's a terrible ideas fail. Double booted out of that benefit this scene of the organization and anyways you'll ever going to. Possibly are in 2008 U quarterback no. I mean. You know first of all hey you are still I agree that I understand the chances are lots liver now. We are still involved in the playoff race we won my year with fourteen still the play. And on top of that you have. A situation at quarterback you don't know who's going to be here next year I don't think Kyra well you better get a look at computer and because it certainly not going to be Joseph let a stupid idea. Eighties that beset our beach Edmonton it's guys like obviously before you play quarterback in college do you think they use is the back. They go science when this week eat. It ago. Our. ID think they would probably roll it and that it. I think they would. Science somebody. Yes it is big into one week injury or I'll let it ago. I I don't I wouldn't be that because he could he could quite a comeback and in Dayton you know you he would be year. You beer guy needs a tree at a rosters so I think it went on that they'll light that the injury one week. Is probably like your doctor if anybody that's longer and that would be surprised. I said the budget does beat guy silent report you are. Our nets G on television started at 10 o'clock this morning zone. I will be there absolutely we like you all keeps radio today to talk about other traffic it. I. Mean it is amazing man sell after the patriots gave it is such a kick in the nuts like he just needs to just everything mind everything is. So how this was a game we were talking about earlier in the week like that. Nothing can go wrong we could lose this date has to be okay and then we lose aesthetic quarterback and one of the bright spots in the defense how does happen. I'll. Or porch and I thought I. And he thinks it's a point to it takes a dive buddy address the day. That goes out but you.