Buffalo Bills - 12/3/17 Post-Game Hour 2

Sunday, December 3rd


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Does scored three points to go do their job. Not to sugarcoat that and I'll go to score more than three points and great defense under pressure and I thought we had a good first drive and then we get the ball up there you can't do that in film particularly in the red zone so to come away with no points felt was although it was a good drug it was a good. Back at 500 they get the win last week in Kansas City lose today here to New England it's not so surprisingly. 2323. The final score. Which over the bulldogs in the broadcast Booth here at new airfield. We're here until 6 o'clock eastern you can reach us 8030550. Or 1888550. 2550. This portion of the bill's post game show along the bills radio network Bulldog mobile August 2 he's vacuuming could probably hear him back at brought to you by independent health. Front door every day to you or unexpected independent health's Red Shirts are here to help at a party. Some of these sort of these booths when we leave power the incredible 40 he'll be there or would it shall. You know I don't think this what is so bad at these and it'll look like protocol is in here. Duke usually you're looking in that this that CBS or the fox. All my goodness like there's just no regard or are you for cleanliness of their all the stuff that sandwich wrappers and a bottles herders like all over the place. Some people travel like they think they're in The Who. I don't know what the discourage rash of like a hotel room. Yup I mean I just pull out good reverently about the little Rolls Royce in the phone. Oh the other should be weird be reference workers ago. New Orleans is back ahead of Carolina Mark Ingram gets this audits Camaro and that it's Ingraham 147. For the saints. And I made the rounds have gone ahead or. Scored a touchdown called hopping. That don't like is that charges that your that you more on that. Giants and raiders are 77 geno Smith with that game. Derek Karr. Three for 523. And the rams lead Arizona sixteen nothing they have a defense of touchdown there OK here is bill without solo bill. Well. Bill yep they already didn't you guys say I did disagree with you on your Peterman assessment I think that. Indian out. Fire around cryptic and Tom Brady deserves a chance and you seem to be stuck on the fact that because I want to enjoy a lot of interceptions Nixon. A more adequate corporate. That Nathan Peter and got some chances. You do you think I think the only reason why Tyrod Taylor is probably better than even Biederman is fixable that's a good. I know I'm not saying that understand that you go well on Matt. On I even really know Romo and also to charge her name because you listen to roll border in the game was medical quarterback by the way it connects. Arm he said repeatedly played against charges he had zero blocked. So I don't know how you can keep dwelling on why interception loose millions on the career. Okay bill well I hope for your sake and I guess for mind too that they can Peter ring goes in and is clearly better. So it the the thing that I really can't deal with more than anything else. Which is these conversations about all these twisted arguments about why he probably is stop. That's what I'm looking forward to I'm looking forward to when that stops. And I guess that's when this season ends. Seattle's that'll stop next year now Ari I'm longing for the dad and all the power but it is no problem talking about the big the big picture. You know. You we got. On some level. Whatever frustration fans have with Taylor bean I understand is more by eight might buy area than yours. Mikey you've frustrated me I think I. I wasn't upset about him getting benched because these shortcomings. Are on display often that he doesn't throw the ball on time. There are a lot of games where the passing happens it's muted and let that bother now want them to be better. The thing if they tried that in the bar at the app so it didn't. Oh come out of this. If if you still are hoping for the playoffs you're you're hoping Peter means a better. But he was against the chargers because spell. Because you don't have any other alternative but suppose it's just it's just insufferable what are we trying to prove. Who's better okay for what reason for what for what purpose who plays next week Taylor's injured. Will say I've been shocked once already this year but I would like to thank if he's healthy given what happened in no way that he would start the game which it is an important program. We're what else what else could we possibly be trying to broker that the bills won today. I doubt argue I don't know what are what is the point. Is the point some out here that Nathan Liederman. It's probably good enough that you don't have to draft a quarterback next year or is the poitier the patient keep Tyrod Taylor round picture thinks they will. Like why are you trying to argue trying to prove. In this conversation. People keep bringing in Peterman up why is the point. I not toting. It Dwight dwell on it I don't know you. Baby I dwell on it you know wells wells on picks every coach. The football he interception every 68. At. You know luckily the guys accused me of dwelling on how Taylor doesn't throw interceptions. Every culture so at the same thing we like he doesn't throw it asserted I I admit I'm not I'm not including any interceptions he might throw in his two Robles. Like I gotta be honest. I'm not including nose. I don't have the total there were ready. I always though got fewer this year than urban head in and thirty minutes that's right. Is that dwelling on it. Wanna talk about his running mean what what what they want and oh what are we trying to prove. Are we trying to prove something important in the next person who wants to talk about Ethan Peter and in this thing explain what the point is. You try to you think you would have beaten the patriots. I mean I don't know. This game was I mean. You you play new England and hold them only three points. That's a that's about as good as you can hope for him that way if this is a plus rating outcome. That that that's about as good as your gonna do against them. And all I could Muster was a field I agree. You know so that that is an and Taylor played most of the game so blackberries. Don't keep bear responsibility for that. I just I wouldn't want to make the same sorts of assumptions in the states that were made after his last bad game. Because the next time you got back in they wanna game in which they were almost nine point underdog to work nine point on the last week in any. So like I I don't know I I am I but it it nearly jump on the sludge report. It. This way. I'm done with Taylor. I don't want to be the bills quarterback next your I don't think he's going to. I also happen that they can give you the best chance to make the playoffs if you can these LPI II think you should. Expect that that gives you a better chance to make the those two things are at odds with one another are recognized when I I think I can rectify that. They don't wanna be better I don't have better here right now. Soul mate about it that's where I met. I think what we're here at today's he had a bad game today and Peter men will be better. And I think that's hard to well to stand up for after what happened the last time we did that and that's. Me too Kevin is next hi Kevin. Hi guys. I a question quick comment my question is this particularly acute. Deep cultural look for yelling something at a refereed whose ten yards and lays out what happened I don't know. Could it could clear the broadcast it as we get the. Got got a penalty for something that's again if you are you implying that he didn't deserve it involved an official whenever whether it was contact with the official abuse of official globally and they showed that penalty was was to lay it all but official that point was made I'm Michael. In the stadium by a report. Did they compliment I was and such a sort of a paraphrase of a guy who's coached at high school and college level. There's only so much you can do. With the axis and arrows academic and found that the Chinese NGOs. And we don't have. Thanks Kevin. Let's go to will next I will. They get paid on. That event. They had a particular brand I really don't like in the first app there are a lot of creativity and don't let that play on it happens I'm there all year and I'm quite excited that appeared back. Do you guys agree with the matter. It'd from the wildcat anymore in the second half. It's pretty much it is not that that's really get right. Because that is that the creativity. That was different. I mean Marcelo like that the budget this year and he got out why they get by. I don't know I mean I'm I'm a believer I understood the need to Peter but I knew what jeered at by greedy guys they're by. The timing was terrible at. Yeah time it was terrible. The timing was terrible they had a good record and they ordered a guy who clearly demonstrated in my opinion that he did not deserve to start. I think that cleared. Cleared by the organization that they are thinking and dock at port or at least that authentic period they don't want them. Built not on tiger you know that call. And I agree I don't think that the quarterback of the future and keep it that the quarterback you have you. Think he you have to build your pocket around him here at the well. Well they they and gas. I don't know what next year is gonna mean like that but. This this franchise. Which is tripped over itself. Countless ways in the last seventeen plus years. Has had a good offense in the last two. And he was the quarterback has been the quarterback they had a ball or wherever defense and finished with an average record in this season. Is different the offensive stats are not as good. But they also have an average record in the last three years 43 plus. You're talking nine and seven. 887. And 96 and six right down the middle they are and they have not been that far away. And I don't know right now widely at this point. Mean it. But I would be here to secure. I don't know I don't know like that I got awesome I don't know I've made it right. Yeah but this but it is it is so it is so quickly or not. Right it's a point about the off Taylor could have he has played well enough to get to the playoffs. It's you know here. But it's not to say that's not. I know somebody's here and thinking like I'm thinking he's amazing not sings amazing saying he's played it'll level. Respectable group level that could have been good enough. For the playoffs under different circumstances did it play for Rex Ryan. Who offenses are traditionally a joke. The dead anyway he did that he went those records on a team that has had poor defense. And you know like I just. I think he deserves more credit I always have upset him. I guess I I'm on the whole I think that's great today he's the quarterback of a team that's scored three points in the game that was notable is the only one game could be. I think that I don't think that's unfair. If they take about the ball after that drive. And it'll be the quarterback. You know I admire him for for playing through it injury that. Ended with him you know that that resulted in leaving the McCarty and yup. But you know the result of the results. You'll going with a 23. That I took a look at your gonna have. And you know I don't look at it might have been or the Pentagon words we will meet it that's right to do more right they might it you don't wobble that social thrown in the fourth quarter. In that let this play work luck codes the people's elbow on today obvious why it happens in this game is over. And they are still chalk it up sidelined the grounds that it. You know soul what they want primary what I wanna say that. Don't whatever point or points it's a it's a great job by the deep I'd really. Why wonder what Taylor's injury is what the deeply through today insert on the first play. And he played until the fourth quarter but he also was carted off and they announced immediately he was our order to play through we don't Malia. 8030550. Is our number which opened the Bulldog here post game talk continues. After a traffic here's Neal. Hope things are starting to clear out a little bit around the stadium but you know what that means. Other points north then east are going to be a little bit more can just we're seeing them along with 219. Wherever on the Miller's port area you're gonna see your heaviest congestion. Then under the 9 PM seeing a lot of brake lights. On down through the 400. 19 B and William. Good to be tapping the brakes a number times through that area we've got some slowdowns along route five. Through would Lana over the skyway and third take a look at some of the border crossings as well for a Canadian fans headed back home. The Canadian plaza the peace bridge that is filling up quite quickly. Your best but right now has told the rainbow bridge or boosting queen's then do you wanna make a little time off. Traffic being brought to you by Geico fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance call 180947. Auto or visit Tyco dot com today. Ideal McManus on the Buffalo Bills football network. The Buffalo Bills post game show. Being brought to buy northwest. 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As scored three points to go do their job you know not sugarcoat that at all and got to score more than three points and great defense under pressure you know I thought we had a good first drive and then we get the ball up there we can't do that in a film particularly in the original and so to come away with no points I thought was although it was a good drive that was in good enough. That's bill's head coach Sean McDermott Stephen how's he gave buffaloes their bottle their only points on the day with the 49 yard field goal only the second quarter. In the third quarter patriots running back Rex Burkhead gets two rushing touchdowns put the game. Well out of reach perhaps the biggest news for the bills Tyrod Taylor left the game in the fourth quarter with a knee injury and had to be carted. Into the locker room head coach comic German team deal latest on his starting quarterback after the law. Saratoga hit early in the game there and some come out later in the game I was being evaluated. And that remains a case like any in the next week and all this point one know that more medically at this point. Taylor went nine of eighteen for 65 yards and in interception before early in the game in relief between Peter and went six of fifteen for fifty yards in three rounds of action on offense. Tom Brady goes 21 of thirty for new England and for 250 yards and an interception on earning forty. Seven of those passing yards went to Rob Gronkowski alone one of their injury no from the scheme bills rookie quarterback treaties way. Now with the Contra pro caught particularly hit along the sidelines from gronkowski after making his fourth quarter interception. Bills now 66 with the three and nine Indianapolis Colts coming to town next Sunday for Muirfield. Kickoff is at 1 o'clock right here on Buffalo Bills radio network as for the colts people the jaguars this afternoon thirty to ten. Elsewhere around the league the ravens who the bills are still trying to stick with and it's a playoff picture they dominate the line that home 44 at ten. The jets they get in late touchdown to go up thirty to 31 on the chiefs. The vikings they grabbing 149 win over the falcons on the road currently in action right now the charge dropped nine to seven halftime on the browns. The raiders will attend seventy on the giants that monthly the second quarter and the saints for the 217 million and the Panthers that would also late in the second quarter. The sports update is brought to you by north town on a noted sales service and selection to the nth degree that's north town automotive. Ivory walls of the global Buffalo Bills radio network. Fred wars around the stadium. Things are definitely easing up around new error field. You look at the 219 year hitting the breaks only for miles stripped off the bridge road. The ninety once you get there and do some heavy congestion away from the 400 up to Walden. Were five for those of you thinking that way home to slow go from would law and all the way ended down home over the skyway. Also seeing right now increased volume on the 190 north right around church street to get peace bridge tags speaking of these birds. That clauses packing up quite nicely right how you may wanna try and get over to lose than to find you way back over the border. Covered being brought you my career will make the right decision insist on group a collusion. I Neil McManus on the Buffalo Bills football network. And I think that's. There's two weeks ago. And kind of just moved on and had him come full resolving what I was doing and who won here in. You know come my purposes could chapel we had last night to and it helped that. As well so. You know it just kind of moving on and known that things happen sometimes in. You can be ready every time. Think that Peter and got in today again after Tyrod Taylor left in the fourth quarter with an injury. Biederman six for fifteen and fifty yards bill said there were a go away. From a touchdown and Biederman threw back left corner is a Jones to bundle more broken. There Edmonton. Two wars. Good he's been working out better it looked like it and robbery victims well and it was an injury but don't they complete one pass on animals reviews. Received an. Update on an epic match today two over what it long. Ago. There. Rob Gronkowski with a cheap shot on tree light at the end of the game toward the end of the game. The patriots took a mile. Apparently. There's video of Bill Belichick apologizing. For a two McDermott. It's hard to hear. The caption on the tweet that I saw says Belichick says he's sorry. About the play. And but the audio is to sketches that meeting at midfield shake hands. It to orbit. It is almost sounded to me upon listening to a couple of times that it to orbit says some of the Belichick about him taking. Out. Like making it would take him how I think because he worried about someone on his team to what's on them. And Belichick says the worst effective I'm really. So so OBB McDermott said the first yeah that's right yeah. When it released it really brought it up it's hard to Ali can I I could not myself here both men clearly but. At the end of it you can hear Belichick saying I'm Lisa. And Gradkowski apologized for it to the media. At least. At least that one time after the game said he was frustrated. 233. With 23 months ago for a probably desperately in the game and it's. Twenty Europe point points in your bed at 920. You know I was frustrated. Us our rights. Are. Who's frustrated Rob Gronkowski is frustrated Anderson we're just sitting in here are hearing about rich. Flawed quarterback. But that's what you know that that's might white is a low point. A pretty bad even for me. Regardless. Of yup all right here's Jeff next I Jeff. They gonna a burger bar and put her well and one who could. We. Don't go to a show its roots of what was you know I we have cope with this already. It that we. Could put the little guy killed this new law. What was. Relevant that for. It's her artwork into the I don't have I couldn't quite well this went on without our group was wins. That was once owned mostly go. That equipment that Leo. Because actually could play whether that because. It is looking reported that it should put if Moody's I think it will put it well. I'm going to see Oakland while he says. Global. Could you support that we are part of apology would click. All right thank you Jeff politic to Micah Hyde. After the game and he's got the Gradkowski play on his mind to. Tour and circuit this is something that. Will be remembered a couple of weeks and guys who play them this is something that will be talked about in the couple weeks where he has played the play. Well I'm sure you have to talk about it so you know going go in the third game. All week that this you have the masters about it so. This stuff fumes of the wooden thing that your version so. Why didn't I didn't see it live on in the middle field. But there was over an income remember the which was I still don't know why. To this point. So in our graph like two for. I don't know I prison in Baghdad on and on. I'm confuse them about him before as this is dirty noses dirty football on. There's nowhere in our game for that. Change your perception as player. Music he's apiece on the field. I don't know wolves when you've heard that word. In my opinion as a matter. You know on him either league excellent football player. Beast on the field you know we saw today. Good lawyers and there's no room for 23 surprisingly. I was. There's rights. I felt like. Just seeing on the replay and seeing him you know. She Davis on the ground and the item item off he just he looked right at him and I don't for the shoulder elbow and usher when it was good. It was those very good you know and I'll they did it. You know after the flail that's rep but what I do. And I just got an explanation you know the play was over. Eighty solar cells hold them you know even if I was. Indeed definitely was overly concerns in the united just was there to have to push back against who he was you know remember these so. I got no explanation that whole play was this I'm confusing although it. Just spoke to ground in the locker room he said it was a a frustration. Penalties that he just took down countrywide because of being held all game. What do you make of his apology apologist as true as well. It's dirty foot apology and it's it's very put. Note to do is there's two sides the stories you know being pushed off you know so. Is it is assuming a few weeks and like you said you have to make this story you know with been part of putting games. Whatever sport may be the gun's been dirty plays on his professor of hazard and forget about that I would think right. Because you guys because you guys are gonna forget about it so that's my that's my answer to the. Is there any sense of the defense getting worn down a little bit because it's ended up on the field here at the very end of the first half then they get the field goal and they open up the second half of the touched about long and that's what they say seem to do bomb. The offense has struggled to stay on the field. You guys get worn down a little bit on defense all. And I think his stuff is for us often that seem like. You know we knew coming in how good their office wasn't. They have a three headed monster in the backfield along with the weapons of outside. Enough like reduced. Pretty good job the first I've never give big play with a guy on the reds on the future rules. Political will in a big stuff and resultant force in the Cape Fear rules. But in the second half did they are just they're driving on us mattered in other and in a few times and you know it's just. Kind of wears on his defense. Immunity when I get out there and and gulf of June you know for some printouts for some some takeaways and weren't able to do so. In August it was him again a few weeks ago we made some adjustments going into tonight's game. Micah Hyde I will blog that. It's too a couple of different times there. You won't forget about this will you could we we like that we write about sports talk about sports is point basically is you won't let me. Maybe I would I've been in its a bit in sports at that there are dirty plays and I can't think of that I forgot those. Who. But you guys pulled out let us forget it because we're gonna play them again in your going to be asking us about it and he's right is that he. Whether you wanna forget about it or not what what does it mean to to not forget about it where you have taken these out like what does it mean to not forget about it. But I liked his answer. The post game locker room report bull dog is brought to you by life's storage tour life. Story with care. I'm story with all this is that this is the fifth successes this desert blues. Let's get to a break here or more the post game show next Mike show the bulldogs this is the Buffalo Bills radio network. It's easy to cross the border for football game but if you're crusty and a quarter for work. US immigration laws can make it pretty complicated. Don't try to deal the paperwork on your round call birdied immigration lot with the you're helping a new hire her just been hired yourself for Marty immigration law has the answers you need. 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Hi I'm Tina beverage founder and master distillery and Tito's hand made vodka in 1997 we during the first marker distillery in the state of Texas and we're still making the same smooth starts after all these years Priscilla tell you in the pot still working with our dogs virus sides having fun intention batches and I'm still wearing the same hat even after all these years cut over to Tito's vodka dot com to learn more about what else were doing on the same cheers Eddie proves Tito's -- vodka distilled or bottled and Austin, Texas Tito's vodka dot com. Baghdad we're real bills all the patriots 233. Four games left Indianapolis here next Sunday one Miami. That's it for the whole schedule last two games at New England Christmas Eve at Miami and New Year's Eve. Let's go to bodied excite body. Are you doing certain. Boot scoot scoot through this. Home. Have a care home predicate a lot different religion which has watched again but I looked at highlights in the one word actually about the bills now. It is pitiful. That's the one word to describe the bills right now is just pitiful. You got that from a highlights the score might have been enough. It feels so. App that you. Absolutely. What but what we're simply just the thing I'm concerned about. The thing I'm concerned about with with four games left. Okay in which. Our division games. Bush would four games left. I order you know obviously in relief. Really believe. This is so real yeah. If the rebels. Just went out the next four games and finished second in six. Chance they make it to the playoffs yes but. Wait a minute call to talk. Because let's sit well I carry this into the NFL won't more dedicated to make it to the playoffs what that it was six record. Know what they probably would. That's what you're asking right right. Okay that they probably would yeah it's gonna be much harder for them to get to that in six that it will be to make the playoffs if they are tennis ex right. Yeah I'll I would sit your chances of beating England in England won four games after. We just want to they eat in those chances are. Not not high ball well. The question really is unique it's nice that can win the games. That walk easier. And then get whatever whenever operation. And either that's Tennessee losing. Baltimore losing. Whatever it is in any tie breakers on people. Soul that's that's a that's the most realistic scenario I think you can next week the bills have winnable game. Winnable I guess. By definition but no almost Indianapolis in the should be favored I'm thinking like if Tyrod Taylor plays at least. So they'll have a good look at winning next week Baltimore. Which is one game ahead of the bills is at Pittsburg next Sunday night will be an underdog they're. Almost for sure. The titans and jaguars are both eaten Ford out Tennessee is at Arizona next week. Jacksonville hosts Seattle next week so. That might beat top spots. You need all of it and then we'll see what happens after that. The moon Bulldog easier. Oh is that which are all morning at the move I can't Greg you see the moon from my angle like Nancy that's a cool picture it was is that this is simple I think it is at a super elected to two. I was going to ask you either either tonight or or actually that a reflection. It's over the tunnel and I could see that a reflection output lassie here looking at left. I think I'm looking at the actual moon okay yeah I what you're looking at General Motors driving back evident Ronald. Yesterday. And driving back the wars. The great move right there that was super. We have about a very little. About a space between the a huge suites like about it and then the top of the you know whatever the upper deck I guess of the stadium it's just fits in there for its own patio dining and it. Chargers take a 167 lead over Cleveland an element touchdown catch eat for 96 of the touchdown it's early third quarter. Early third quarter rivers 44 for 34 to 98. Were world those yards were they going sixteen points. The two departures are just killing it. On offense lately sixteen so that's what they scoreless game was like that in Dallas something's got it at a only yards at halftime were quick three up. Right he was over 400 in the end that day and it seems likely with these stats so far with what's left. There you'll be able to do that again and he canal is number one guy. Other games at halftime raiders over the giants and seven saints over the Panthers went on fourteen Ripley cardinals halftime nineteen to thirteen. Thanks for listening today this is much open the bulldogs' 433 pats the final. And you have listened to the post game show this is Buffalo Bills football.