Buffalo Bills - 12/3/17 Post-Game Hour 1

Sunday, December 3rd


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This is the post game show which show open the bulldogs. Brought to you by northwest make the switch to northwest and get back to living. Hello again from new air field much over the Bulldog here on the official Buffalo Bills post game show the bills lose to New England today. 23. To three. Dose drinkers that I thought that was interesting that elicit what happened in fans are so used to with that they're. It was an overreaction in all I think. Well. Mean I. Not a hawk but I think that. But what happened in this game that is wasn't predictable or. Was interestingly our New England is always good. And you're trying to get good but you're not in their league and you had a game here where that was evident I think the most interesting thing that. Happened in this game is what developed early in the fourth quarter when Tyrod Taylor got carted off. Yes like that's that that by a mile the most interesting development from this game doing better in the bills news. All right you know they they could rolled it could run they really pretty much ready to no offense. That was not. You know the foreseeable come into this game that that it could be off. Slotting for the bills on offense but Taylor. Who appeared to hurt his leg on the very first play from scrimmage in this game when he scrambled out to his left and his V kind of got caught up on on the tackle. The hobbled a bit after that. By then seemed. Show really know facts and I did not notice. If something else happened to him prior to. He is being carted off and suddenly the car was coming on the field and where is it became apparent it was for Tyrod Taylor and my reaction was wow. Not total shock because again you've been on it looked early. What that it every week we were thinking about that knows right from that plus drive on moving forward here you know losing this New England game deleting the New England game click often happens here in the regular seasons. Is something we're kind of Acosta who sadly. Their fortunes moving forward. You know I think now hinge on whether he's gonna be over covering actively Indianapolis Miami in the next couple. Weeks and he was ruled out right away yes he's on the cart they have yet it's all over his head and in the press box they make announcements about injuries and feel like they they're pretty cautious teams are pretty cautious with that stuff somebody you can see get hurt really badly. Looks like it's really bad or call it questionable his return is questionable but in this case they announced right away is out. They do that they did that also I don't know I think you were already walked over to our our broadcast from Loc location from the press box. When Rob Gronkowski channel his inner. WW Ian went all people's elbow on two previous white they also do the same thing with white. He was being walked off the field is that previous white views being evaluated for add injury to. Right like he wasn't even in the tunnel. I want to know that I wonder if Taylor played this game with an injury from the first like mean he was. He was struggling for the first few plays because at first plates of scrambled left sideline he's taken down out of bounds. But I don't know we'll see if Sean McDermott has anything to say about Tyrod Taylor's injury here post game the gronkowski plate was upsetting. Mean what what what you need that for it was it was Britain he he. To be there should be no question. Could see that it teammate idol no laws had touched white now. Right in front of and an almost as if I mean really it was like a wrestling and he almost took like cartoonish. Right big steps and then went with the elbow with that big bulky brace he wears on there in the whole league was just. It was built. An idiotic. It actually completely unnecessary. So hopefully. We white is not seriously hurt. Because that's another player you know if you wanna still invest in. Arrested this season I know. You know this gonna be probably a frustrating couple hours I think there will be venting about the office and Taylor and at what ever they vent about after these games. You know the big picture here is still you need to win three these final four teams against beatable opponents and make you give me your best guys to do that. And if Taylor's out he's not hip to it that's your best guy sorry. He is and traders wait I mean he's been outstanding as a rookie point whose team. So those those two things are whereby attention is going to be here I doubt McDermott will be that forthcoming at least. We've with the media when he meets with them your shortly about their status and begin to meet. But I think the best I could write out cross country. Yours. Taylor that first drive. The interception and that first drive is just about the worst play I've ever seen him make again it'd be it makes me wonder did that in if if the was hurt. You know he wasn't thinking that way the whole day really at that after that right yeah he via a couple of ice on that yet but you'll find me I don't know. But that's upon it's better players he's ever made for the bills he's got he can under the right its first own they are they've got a great job. To that boy they've taken six and a half minutes or more off the clock. And it's you know first and goal from the six to start the games like your perfect you know first drive of the game. And he's trying to get the ball LeSean McCoy got four patriots around him is just not fair aid is getting hit like. Taylor's. Strength is doubled once strike is not doing that and then. They'd ever got the end zone right. So will Woolsey what we hear. Time now for the express march that's the game check it out express mark not your average convenience store. For buffalo Taylor nine for 1865. Yards an interception. Nathan Biederman six were 56 for fifteen for fifty yards. And no turnovers. Bulls did not get in the end zone it's worth pointing out I don't know I took my time with the public confessions that they have with him on the field in total over right. And on Friday at a local show. You know with the penguins and then the penguins again in the patriots champion's. Weekend for sports teams we both. Agreed one win would have been great. The sabres get outscored nine to one in the bills get reports trials here McCoy fifteen for 93. Taylor three for 32. Joseph Webb. The Joseph Webb game. Three for 27. And a near miss on a pastoral traverse cadet. In the first half they could have meant something. At that. And Charles play lead the way for the bills with three catches yardage leader is a Jones at 22 yards in this game doing. Brady 21 for thirty to 58 and the traders like interception no touchdown passes for Brady just nine points in the first half. And it's 43 overall the only touchdowns in the scheme to rushing scores by Rex Burkhead Dion Lewis fifteen for 92. Burke at 12% and Yates of England goes those two guys combined 27417. The about 200 yards rushing to short that. On the date for the pats gronkowski ninth for 147. Was that it had to settle right quietly in my. So right but if I hadn't. Brendan Pappas that is part of the I think and I had not looked yet that that number would surprise. But it did systolic such a quiet passing gave the Brady but you know there there's eighteen here eighteen medical aren't you know on meters just. There's one play in this game where he's one on one down the bill sidelines of the last I'd like going like you know what what are towards the tunnel. And it'll perfect coverage. Oh the white is on them they are and you know they'd both go up for the ball and grunt just. So. Yeah. Ritson. Just to catch. These amazing is the best I'd rather play the game I think he makes makes a great player like that I don't know I kind of what like him. Usually just from here but that amounts of that yet that was really bad it sold so. The bills now six and six and the playoff picture is still relevant here this game was you know they were obviously an underdog today in any. Looking ahead. From last week you know has been. Try to get tonight at seven if you can beat the patriots once great if not you couldn't. Hope to make it anyway if you win your three games. Baltimore won its game today. Over Detroit the team ended 4420. And so they go to seven and five Tennessee. Is in the picture to Tennessee is seven and four. In the AFC south in Tennessee is leading Houston's 1713. Houston has the ball fourth and fourteen. That the Tennessee 46 with under two minutes to go Jacksonville won its game over Indianapolis according eaten for. AFC west Kansas City trailing at the jets at the two minute warning 38. To 31. And the chiefs have the ball on the road half of the field there with in hopes of tidy game and poll that came out people six and six if they lose. After being five and oh. The dolphins are five and seven they won over Denver. And the jets would go to five and seven game behind the bills that they were to beat Kansas City to chargers later. Readers later. We are waiting on Sean McDermott 8030550. Is our number 1888. 550 to 550 told free. Let's. Take a call what we do apple you know. That happens sometimes you know us now before the coach no I was thinking what should we yeah you can tell Biden Jim. Jim. I don't like. It. Well I'm 31 years old might rhyme there though usually at what he's done in the game. Etiquette to you know point respect and a very comes out. There Saturday. At that point I thought that I do yard work. Domain. All want. The bill lose. But when you point. The drug thing. And I don't think it'll change it to that guy goes and again. Our 2000 thank Jim 2011. Is the bill holes the new England and you have that season opener win EJ Manuel debuted that was a close game but. Between them since today is these games. It's you know not competitive not competitive today it was we do it was likely the and really annual mirror. I was sort of racing is the second half was starting at nine degree. He is hitting the ball. And you know we're talking this this this week about some of these games which ones stand out and one that Mike it sort of gets swept under. It is the 2012 games year where the bills handle lead in and we sort of X fixed rate second half possessions and just bills. I would sort of but I hit my arms up and I expect congress is the breeding for that happened and they sort out their first production app. Anthracite put put this game down. But it never got stupid really it is but nor was it ever close you know tickle your blowout. That's what it's like when he scored three points it's a professional when we got it right the other team the losing team. Does soul little. That even old. The team on the way to the score all we its point three they still want you. It was never really. The never really was in much doubtless you considerate in doubt it 63. Nearing the end of the second apple completely out of a field goal at the end I have to make. But it it's sort of very nondescript guy I think. See how much want girls to sign with the dominance of the hatred out where he all of a that this game will be hard to remember. And if you eat enough and not data is pretty short of because I it is right must be injury. Or injuries that we talked out of pocket tailored white. Are serious enough that. Be it remove any chance of the bills winning three of these final four and sniff the playoffs it could notes that could be it for Taylor who knows like. That that subplot this year is that will this be his last year with them what they wrapped his replacement will lead the Peterman take over one ever. And you know that just comes out of one his injury is like. There's that possibility is four days left right to Kelly just explained I hate even guess. At least that's what people. Say these are about the start guessing you're going to be good today but it could be in doubt you know any kind of sport in your well we. Multiple weeks in a joking a little bit like helping management at rice four week injury. The kind of injury it's usually a four week injury anyway in the polls here not call him day today apparently. You know with Taylor is her like that thirty to quarterback for their roster. And I don't it's going to be Joseph Webb might have to designate Taylor we'll see like elvis' is premature. I met. She Jack game 3831 jets 119 left chiefs deriving. That's latest there. Let's go to. Anger has argued door. Ate it while you guys. After a loss like this which that are being talked about. The important vet Bill Belichick pulled apparently from our partners wat he tore up as well they're true do we really disappointed or frustrated me from Sam's. I think we're guttural uncle and these people as coordinators and a good game plan remote part opposite corners start out that he. He cooled down pretty quickly but Mitt human. I think there would be pretty good this week your time that. You like you're like the coordinators good plays but not so much is that. That one's. That's that's Richards elements here right Jake like you like the coordinator when it was working and then not but it wasn't working right. And on the other words there's some things were half time adjustments December they're really show outlook on record that he had. The again the first quarter of their offensive coordinator Jerry took everything the whole bunch of wildcat formation December I was impressed by that. And that they did more than just in the first drive. You know it's a snack and Lou was likely to be a winning strategy but there might be one in this older. Right I don't know it has been the story that they route coaches and a story that there weren't halftime adjustment to play knowing what to reach them. Not things like this right but almost as a matter what. You know you're head Coke stuff though I think I shouldn't say that it does matter. It does matter you can't win these games. You can but I mean your just I just think you're really into your your your your outclassed us. The coaching deserves to be lumped in with that. Detail wise the gap is just it's just bear. The bills passing game for example it is these games where. You know in the stadium I think given your perspective depends but you're afforded the opportunity to kind of scanned the field with Taylor if you want. While he's trying to find what what's available to him. And I mean I. I have not been. His biggest offender. That's more the more you'll. And guys guys don't get open is something that is settle lot by you when other people. And I sometimes fight against it today I would not get in the way of anybody who wants to tell you there was nobody opens game. Because. This numerous. Double digit amounts of times that I I booked that. In quickly on a quarterback analysts doubt but it looked at appeal. At the bills' receivers out there in Edmonton went like I don't. Right now. Yep that's all the. It to me updates we have. The jets stopping the chiefs on downs that jets beat Kansas City that is now final 3831. Kansas City 66. Ball below six and six incidents and for boys is charters get to 66 noted later right. If they beat Cleveland holder to talk out favorite. That game is scoreless for 35 left first quarter LE driving and Tom savage threw a pick at the end that happened last week to. So Tennessee. Used as timeouts here but Tennessee with the ball again minutes ago. Leading Houston seventeen to thirteen but we're still waiting on Sean McDermott. We have traffic to do we've got more. We got everything Aaron hardly anything has been double culture oh here. All right so let's let's take time out here and we'll get Sean McDermott as soon as he's ready 233 New England is the final. Which opened the Bulldog here this is the Buffalo Bills radio network. Football Sunday afternoons or hockey nights it doesn't matter what day it is it's always. Sure is every day is game time thanks to 515 game time. The brand new sports group grew especially for buffalo sports fans tailgating taking an in line. Watching on TV or just hanging out with your friends it's always 550 somewhere 515 game time 515 game time is a refreshing American oil it's got bright waves of traditional American cops. And the flavor of dedication and a perfect five point five ABC it's flavorful and easy drinking so you can grab a brutal sport to Bora view anytime you like. Got game. Get game time. 550 game tonight the brand new sports through. Through especially for you by Hamburg brewing company no matter how long good round you'll never go Thursday passed for 550 game time on draft head JP FitzGerald. Hey we buffalo. Roy crop in the anchor bar and bottled up. Tyrod your turrets again. I hit early in the game there. And you know we see some come out later in the game I was being evaluated. And that remains the case unlike any in the next week and all this point one know that the more medically at this point. So that'll open to questions in. I was nearly. And speedway here. What's your security software that motto here. We talked about it and said he think he could continue at that time so potentially tough until they couldn't. That's created. Who would you concur. He was hurt grab it but you you can't. Offense looked. Well we gotta do their job this you know think it says it has scored three points to go do their job and you know not sugarcoat that and Olga. Can score more than three points. And and put it defense under pressure. You know I thought we had a good first drive itself and then we you know give the ball up there you can't do that in a film particularly the original. And so you know to come away with no points I thought was. Was. Although it was a good drive it wasn't good enough. What it looked like he was almost trying to stop. Michael McQuay. Ran around the wrong way to do you know what actually happens yeah latest film the notes and a little bit more but I think they took away his. First or second read in there and then you went to. As an extreme. Form. You don't like it did have. You know I don't I don't know as much that really jerseys that is that we can continue to get better. As a football team and all three phases. And so we rim. Learn from this game or low vital lessons in this game. Some of which were protecting the football as was mentioned earlier. And an execution and doing our job and when you go up against a team. Like the patriots in there are exposed to exploit you when you when you don't do those things anything you want tray like this it would who's coming off. The Asian concussion protocol. Well I thought it was a good play by trade we'll start off with the play itself. Wasn't happy about. Who ensued after that and and and tough start with a mind you know viruses world that we had some. Some situations come up there which we can't let that happen on our society that are going. You understand why would you. Fifty perfectly message wherever they happen. For what well hopefully she can. One an explanation more than anything. Obviously that conversation between between the myself right now so. Which they say. All right I'm glad I let me use it would have read visual. I'm glad IT brutality. Stuff personal situation where it would turn. That Bolden. Was. Well number one thing we've got to do is keep our keep our composure and our poise and execute in those situations and then after that. You know I understand what you're saying I don't disagree with you as far as technology you you'd want guys to defend one another. Within the rules. After halftime that the first well it's what you the first drive of the half was how to interview you Helen. Nine points in the first half but what drives my. Yeah I think there's some good things defensively and special teams also end and you know we did some good things in the red zone in the first half and and and then the first drive after have your point that first third down. We and execute like we like we have and and so given the credit they get key first down right there went on the score we can do better job and that the situation to educate. You. Once. Feel like a game here. Graduate I felt like hey. You know we knew they are getting the ball after half coming out and another we've done some good things then you know when you look back and it it was there's some opportunities in the first half we know we're down their early on the first drive. You know opportunities to get off the field defensively. Some opportunity special teams wise. And I thought we if we can now after half from Jerry get off the field early that would be. That would be key drugs for us. Yeah I just thought situation that in. Hey look at and you say hey you know I thought he dumped the ball a little bit there in and obviously you know and he was down and and it's not situationally it was there was. You know I didn't I didn't see too much the downside and doing his roots are in that part of the game there in terms of the situation so. Nice led them to take a little bit longer look at the entire. Entire situation more than anything. Sat. Are. Not lose it again just looking at the big picture sometimes and and and we talked about on the field those things move so fast that. For the guys out there that one I wanted them to take a longer look at it. And anytime you can get quarterback I get behind this fixes it usually works to your van pension and you know obviously they're forced to clean up force it upon themselves. One would. Third quarter it was hard drive was converted a third time. It looked like it was going to be a measurable situation you have to really play it really trying to get emotion or that they did not graduate went through what he. The officer got out. Right look I mean when you look at it. I was trying to get a little bit of both them and any time a team substitutes. And changed personnel. The defense decided this is. By rule is allowed to match and I think we are given that opportunity. Other dollar. So there has a good football team not that I mentioned this to their coaches before the game I felt like it's you know it's more the strongest teams and I've seen. And now they're good team and I give them all the credit that they they beat us today and and I would Baylor from and there's a lot of Bible lessons we can learn from this from this. Game today and taking sporting news or use them to to grow and learn and build. Like we're doing here. For what. Well I mean there's that they did a variety of things really wasn't just one thing ended in a variety of things had a good plan schematic they're defenseless. Well and I just I just don't think there's any place. In the game for that. There's unfortunate and I know he's a better player. Than that. And over out beautiful and the play calling strategy here. Take its. I. Well we dialogue about a lot of things communicate. Not only offensively but defensively and special teams and and and so there's there's good communication healthy communication there on a weekly basis him. We'll hear us up. You guys. Portland's. Search. What's it ended and that trended. Tim get away from that your question we when we look at everything. And all three phases and and you know obviously like I mentioned earlier to cells point. We've got to score more than three points and and I expect this to go back to the hard look at it as a staff. And and and from work at getting corrected. Joseph Webb today in the fashion that you used and feel like you've got what you were looking for an error whether there is some. Creative looks that we were able to give. And Jolie's brings an added dimension. To the position back there whatever position he plays so. So unfortunately had an opportunity with cadet downer on the scene there that we overthrew. I thought I like collective energy Joseph brought to this to the offense there. So. What was. Sport. Well again I'd you know I just think you know looking at Jolie brings to the table and using all our resources. And their strengths and bring players in position. And putting players in positions to succeed in Joe's. Does some good things him and he's. Got a multi dimensional what he does and so when I always felt like. That dimension would help us. I think that it. Sean McDermott says great beginning there we caught most of it that Taylor indeed was injured on the first play. Running to the left sideline you could see him struggling after that physically ended up being the bill's best drive of the game at Yankee gas production by. So why am. His status remains to be known for now next week against the colts and beyond McDermott said also that the they discussed. Maybe all afternoon. Taking them out before they finally did bought Taylor laws game and wanted to stay in one. So that was why he made in the game. In the quarter and 233 New England let's check traffic leaving the stadium here is Neil McManus is a. There were you go there are slow down scoreboard around Newark field avid fig tree and southwest are all clogged up with this morning heavy congestion on mild stroke from eight to nineteen all the way over McKinley. Seeing some slowdowns on itself apart as well with 219 a long line of headlights look at our cameras right there. All the way up for the ninetieth and ninety is slowing down. Always through the 400 William and Walden third one point that's not clogging up right now that will be ruled five if you're heading north. Into the city and beyond you may wanna trying to scoot over that way. And taken five over the skyway. Covered being brought to you by Google collision make the right decision insist on Gruber collusion I deal with members on the Buffalo Bills football network. They can kill this is our first. 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I think going olive oil I'd also like to thank the other brands in this category I need to know going ahead bold on the lever but we ever judge superior overall. Yeah we're making family fed sees a chicken and reach for the stars and going on oil in the section. Brady in the New England offense opened things up in the third quarter and the bills come away empty handed. For the 23 to three loss. At January field the bills only scorn that it was a 49 yard field goal from Stephen how Philly in the second quarter well 31 half field goals from Stephen Gostkowski. He's the patriots 93 lead at halftime in the third quarter the patriots began to open things up as. Rex Burkhead gets two rushing touchdowns on the day including this one from fourteen yards out. Second one from the fourteenth. It's meant for. We're expert yeah. His second of the game this one for fourteen yards down. That made the score 233 and that's how things would and the big story in this game with Tyrod Taylor. Leaving the game with a knee injury after having to be cut and had to be carted off the sidelines in the fourth quarter and coach John McDermott says tyra. Injured the knee on the first play of the game but stuck it out until we agree knee injury in the fourth. He only had nine. Nine receptions on eighteen attempts for 65 yards in interception up to that point. No further update was given from McDermott it's postgame presser he competed and came on in relief when six of fifteen for fifty yards in three rounds of action on offense. Here's a look at the rest the express Marx that's the game expressed are checking out accurate with convenience or Tom Brady goes 21 of thirty or New England. For 250 yards and an interception that Shawn McCoy led the way and the ground for the bills with 93 yards and fifteen carries Rosie Jones is Buffalo's top receiver going 22 yards. On two catches Rob Gronkowski led the way for New England catching nine balls for a 147 yards when other injury you know from this game is built rookie quarterback. For eighty flight is now in the concussion protocol take you only had one silenced by compels you after making. His interception. Bills and I'll 66 with a 39 Indianapolis Colts coming to town next Sunday from your field kicked off is that 1 o'clock right here along the Buffalo Bills radio network. As for the colts they faulted the jaguars this evening. Thirty to ten elsewhere around the leaked the ravens who. The bills are trying to stick with in the AFC playoff picture they dominate the lines at home 44 when he jets Italy touched down. To top the chiefs' thirty to 31 in the meadowlands. The vikings got a 149 and hit an engine problem gets his first touchdown or first win as the starting quarterback in San Francisco 1514 Chicago. The phils game rap has brought to buy independent help from your every date you're unexpected independent health Red Shirts are here to help. Every Wilson for the Buffalo Bills for you network network traffic here is you witness. Okay where you go there are slow downs the war around Newark field avid big tree in southwestern all clogged up at this point heavy congestion on mild stroke from the 219 all the way over to McKinley. So in some slowdowns on South Park as well the two in nineteen. A long line of headlights look at our cameras right there. All the way up to the ninety's than nine he is slowing down. All the way through the 400 William and Walden. There is one point that's not clogging up right now that will be route five if you're heading north. Into the city and beyond you may wanna try and screwed over that way. And take root five over the skyway. Trevor being brought to you by Cora collision make the right decision insist on Gruber collusion by Neil McManus on the Buffalo Bills football network. His second of the game. Bake for 43 pills three bill six and six Indianapolis here to start the fourth quarter this season. Next week mics open the bulldogs have been anger wireless and McDermott and giving public traffic reports and different things. Let's take some calls why not yeah. That's airport that's really the best part. All I ever an old John is with us on the post game show reload job. Royal seat. The world can you I giants scooped us. He's. I mean. What you're paying any any big bird one point oh now I mean. Joseph I I don't expect Joseph Webb here it is next in the depth chart if Taylor is injured would be Peterman got a 100%. It was funny to hear McDermott put it this way with web he gives us an added dimension at his position whatever his position is. The to kick coverage. Today it was so wildcat running back slash quarterback. Yeah so I mean it was it was in the little wrinkle that it that it produced a couple of a couple of moments. You don't want 11 which. I don't know what I very rarely. Catch anyone reacting. Of wildly in the press box but that play were he misses cadet. Down the middle for what maybe it would have been touched down as a patron depended closing bats so maybe maybe he doesn't that guy with a big play. It would allow guests from the hotspots like. It was virtually actually it's a very foreign content they have bet that kind of reaction up there almost like being at a football game and yeah. Rare is it is yet just doesn't it just does not happen apartment. Yet LP Peterman irreverent and if if Taylor can't go from humans. Jay is next to LoJack. I the question really does the other day and our Jack Clayton you're OPEC for our current it was. I didn't get a little or if you're telling climate change. Heart or mind on the opinion that dude does a better chance to win. I understand that. Oh I don't bulldogs are at all. Know what you wanna do that after one game that he played her throw against New England is that it seem reasonable to do. I'm not saying that it was so awkward to line them it looked okay and ensure his purpose and looked okay standing in the pocket and scrambling when he had to. Armed when they needed. That's essentially what let me get into a prototypical quarterback is eager to do in those nine became a regular democratic and determine who couldn't. Practice with a one goal each and a. Ari NTELOS lost the garbage time stats are I just know it I think it's. I think it's crazy to do that. How many years of watching sports do you need to understand that. Going scheme to green with stuff like that is wrong to do almost always I'm not gonna do it. And he looked good in the pocket I guess he was Turco right they may be put. He looked okay over there the guy left the game in the fourth quarter and durable for about. Maybe it was credit. For played injured I'll look that first play of the game the guy goes down and plays through it I don't know being the stats are obviously bad but yet but yeah. Then a horrible they are confident and there is no arguing that. That maybe even reminiscent of what they did against New Orleans just not a crook to score. But you know how does that work out the last time we all tell anyone who wanted him replaced with Peterman. Going to Google you know that hurt amount of public debt that has to be taken into account when you're trying to drugs this. I think. There there will always beat us a couple of things I think are true Taylor. Yes it's bad games are bad. And you know not promote her oversee imports not crap storm of ineptitude. It would make mistakes there's just this can vary little. Yardage. And you've got one of those games today just like you've got to get world. But his what games. That to leave you wanting even more rightly last week was a good game for Taylor right it was a 180 yards. And a touchdown in there a couple of scrambles. And you know you play good defense and run the ball you get out of it that's that's the game that's the game script for the bills. And him being in the lineup gives you your best chance to have that game I think I could sit here and things like well what do you do you're gonna hold. Sure that Peterman. Moves the passing offense in a way that Taylor did not today or against New Orleans Hornets the jets you can hope that. But I think it would be reasonable against an inferior opponent maybe three inferior opponents coming up that you get. More. Closely that Taylor could gain which gives you I think your best chance to. In a tournament comes out and plays like sultan. There's some great game or something and then great that's wonderful but I would not predicted sitting here today. So I think Taylor. Decidedly gives them their best chance and I'm hoping he's helping if you wanna consider the playoffs I think that's what you should be opened. I think the right try to try to look at this like someone who doesn't just law the bills are always side with them go to regular football fan who doesn't. Just while the bills. What you want which which you have with Peterman is a player who will have to show. So what should work you'll have to show it NFL games plural. Not just when you're down by twenty points in the fourth quarter like in the game today or is war which was forty some points. In in real action the left of the you'll have to prove. That he deserves to play in the NFL his draft status status does not all by him for that. If your track in the fifth round pick it like you but you're not going to be around you're going to be in the league if you can't. Prove that you can do it so. I think the objective position on Yzerman was. Which was mine and is still. I mean it's just gotten no real reason to think he's going to be good here. Meet meet you well Trent Edwards was like that why are the it's that's ten years ago but those sort of matter what are the odds. Are against it. And like. Garbage time we had you had Elliott spike picks it just I'm not optimistic for that it does happen. Of course seeker tell me it's always gonna want only that the got to play yesterday was picked in the sixth round I know the look yes. Look at the history of sports stretched maybe. It's just not likely so. When when people are thinking about Tyrod burst Biederman and I guess that's. What most do. Your Peter it is going to be different then people don't love the bills probably. Because what are the chances that he's actually going to be a good NFL quarterback America. 8030551888550. To 550 much over the Bulldog more the post game show here from new airfield shortly. This is Buffalo Bills football. I. Do what goes down at the courtyard he may be banged up a little bit. He stepped in front of them sensitivity around what else you. An awful cheap shot by gronkowski. Is a blow out what was the point. You have a guy here who. Mean. It he's he's an all time great. Hands his team is killing at. What was are some that for devious white get under his skin today somehow. The just what an awful low. Maybe the most memorable moment from this game was that pretty that in. You know Taylor leaving on the car early in the fourth quarter it's obscene on Twitter. Gronkowski began. Meeting with the media by apologizing. Saying he made a bad play out frustration. If you may have been benched after that. What he did not only to return to the game after that Brady did it mean. Some of the starters now at least treaty was on the field after that that now or else you're measured once football is not. Like hockey in this way not really has been. What men mean I thought that was so egregious but I don't holes we're wonder if Belichick doesn't pull him. Maybe he didn't appreciate play it problem sold it probably wouldn't look at it may be needed and appreciated maybe he also wanted to protect. As it that sold sold dirty I think it would have shocked me. If somebody on the bills or use someone would've gone and tried it did take a shot. When the game ended. Gradkowski slowly as the players older two walks. Toward the center of the field just slightly diagonally toward the locker room we didn't hit it to the locker room but. There were no bills players had in his direction and the revelry. Genes they're torque got it right up. To gronkowski. And he had a conversation lasted. Thirty seconds or longer than there was another official there whom. Greco he might have been arguing with which might have had the two officials there explaining to him what they saw I don't know I don't know what was said but. Indiana's Gradkowski left the field no bills player ever shook his standard outs and the media as a rooting section here for. Our franchises to have. Whoever were like and guess who's coming here it is these games and it's all their fans. You know with a pet penguins are now that the patriots the saints were that. Anyway so the eventually made his way through the tunnel but there was no that I saw any interaction with anybody from the bills. We will get your calls again in a moment eagle 30550. Is the number Mike show in the bull blog here before we do that. We need to take ten seconds for our network affiliates to identify themselves here on the Buffalo Bills radio network. All right that seemed to go well. I hear is John because hello John. Our guys and good afternoon. Worked her the ball and I mean you've got a sister and I can too and any time. People need a call an up and making this year until we're going to quarter. I wish you brat. About stop the beating up and critical question you guys. Awkward position or anybody else with that party moron third quarterback. Well handle it. The quarterback they're getting kind somebody already discriminatory it. I appreciate that but the the the question. Immediately year. Is now it's it's it's knots for fans to be pondering I mean it could be out. The bills could be left with Peterman. And there was a swell of support for Peterman before he had applied such an example ball so. It DB futurist somebody's got to like this team that's trying to make the playoffs again in the big scheme of things coming out with you. That's why I didn't really mind the switch even though it turned into a disaster. Because. I think what it signified to me was there on Taylor I think that still holds. It is I think if you wanna amnesty in the rest of this season and then try to make the playoffs I think you'd want to read one. Yeah the second thing I don't want to police stopped executing. I mean. Kind of why he didn't prevent even word count one we like our it would help clients. Commend the ground play I just became triggered I did my blood pressure finally down a little bit I'm. Which he'll be about I mean trade quite a while players. I love and being around him element here these are. You had a big game you'd worked on one play and that's how you're gonna react to. Leak yet here is number three. That he lost today and I know it to the left field with what they're free while we're getting their pay. I mean it helped out awhile maybe the Miami and Indian market to begin these. Maybe Arctic is gonna be better to dinner right. We have treat white and and they don't work McDermott tied in light bright Seattle bowl event in the anger and regret coming up what they get. War I victory it in the top seventy tribe or whatever it's going to be. The op OK let's move on let's all relax. I mean it is what it is. It and and it just the aisle at the state for the afternoon and that game. You made a lot of good points that you were the guys say I'm not the guys ago on his post game shows and they use the caller John knows there's it is what it is let's relax. About it net so you know. But it's not how this works for but yes yes will they get their guy. I don't know. That's been up. Thing about this season all year. Is the draft that that Kansas City pick is great to have. Like with as early as quarterbacks goal how early will you need to pick. And this team. Established real in September. That they were not going to be drafting early that was pretty much a given. You know bye week. I buy the Tampa game you know four to five and two we are not drafting in the top five. That was one of those wins. Or it was three at one and is now three and nine payment. Date of the top five. San Francisco wet one today. The chiefs are real story. From five and older six and six moves into the jets. That they are real story. Bottom. Yeah well we'll see me right now the royals and the chiefs again. Today bowl losing at the same record a quick update on the lake games the rams are in the end zone again on a pick 615 in the offing with the extra point coming up. At Arizona the giants are personal one in Oakland trailing seven nothing out of Marshawn Lynch 51 yard TD run. The chargers lead Cleveland when it's not going that easily prevent three nothing they have a field goal attempt coming up it seems leak in the first half. Panthers seats 77. Lee in the first. Michael is whether a solo Michael. Well. My question is earlier you said that what kinda he beat Bob Brady. What kind of quarterback he Brady. 115 yards per game over the past or being with two of those under seventy yards. Is it questionable even bring up hitter man ever on crass question how is tied in garbage time that. Well a 150 of those yards Tyrod Taylor came in garbage time against the San Diego Chargers but it kinda make quarterback change. Obama. He just. Has just its offer at this point is just insufferable. You think Nate and Peter it is going to be good NFL player I just think it's totally insane to assume that. He's got to approve it is a low. There is no investment in him he's just got to approve it or track. Our best and biggest of all England rhetorically which I think seen people can understand who each New England. Is the next person to tell me actually Mike they have lost two games. I know they hardly ever lose. What kind of what quarterback each way and no problem. That's the same answer not problem. Likely to you know it was important to point out that Tyrod Taylor is a good not to beat Tom Brady. Mean like what if you played your dog in checkers. If the dog only wins once in awhile is that like we did you go around all that that's part of dog. Just what are we talking about you're the last guy said at all. I don't if it's almost like that last guy did you watch the percent to. And let me come up and you wanna extrapolate. What Taylor's darn. Mental outlook it was he who is he did not do anything. Substantive today nor against oral. So that extrapolate they'll do but the last four games gathering to me that. He doesn't go by pitch and a half. That's forty topic yeah yeah thrown five picks all season mean I don't know I I think. Nothing is really surprising about this. As as much as time with a guy who led off the hours the segment. You know moving forward because in the big scheme of things I do think. I like the track this organization is not I honestly really do it in the short term. You wanna still try to end the drought. I I think if Taylor can't help you do that. Your chances are decreased significant despite how today despite Alvis. I I would say that I am no where near its biggest. I just think objectively speaking against Indianapolis and Miami I would like my kids more by. I had him I mean. How could you not see that. As I. And I did say the same thing before he went in and out like what how could you poke it you think this should be an upgrade. And but but we had out like what he said at the beginning to that you have that game at that did happen that was not garbage time it was important. You didn't have that soul. Yeah. 433 New England we will take time out and have more of post game show I had also some sound from the bills' locker room. Mike show the Bulldog here this is Buffalo Bills football.