Your Christmas Budget is Crap

Friday, December 1st

What is the appropriate amount of money to spend on family during the holidays?

You try to stick to a budget, but how often does that work out?


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We have that too is possible the budget for Christmas if I don't think it's physically possible you get. Best intentions and their buddy tip offs this is considering all at winners theater gives potential life. Lindsay the man a great day. If it is article in New York State is most expensive states who haven't yet there it was the highest taxed state killing which isn't saying he'd. Based at this article was put out kitty the average. American which we're supposed to spend the average New York State resident spent how much for everything for Christmas is everything included I believe it was 800 dollars 300 bucks American for presidents food. Potential travel. Decorations. Seen you're doing what everybody or most people don't travel I mean I don't think it'd be run in order Matt how good. You don't everybody you think they've had a box of people at the summit Colombia a what do you think about everything that goes easy to. The qualities aren't aren't the parties that you are gonna go to our got bigger that was pretty at a go to parties isn't everything. Ordered a white partly party. NATO and fell reported that. The blues you lose workers so for example if you had to get what's that gonna cost the president joy spread on the can the president is going to be debate ruin. I don't know it's a New York hosting dinner which the question I mean it even happened a couple of people gonna run the couple hundred blocks. But doing it is that like a failing gagging day like they'll pay everybody stay home music is one of the unity thrown tree would you do on Christmas. I like what I did my as a kid. Now not my parent does yeah the kids over an extra costs to catch. Up. True she's tree bark off is that which we but it. And resentment for the main especially appears to grandkids are nieces and nephews things like that you know hangers on I think the more kids the more you're gonna spice boy yet but it's all predicated straight that's gotta be the bulk of his get well little ones and. You think it's just going to be for the kids that then like if somebody gets you something I get them early I think like the cost cut adds up like. As it goes on site you. Aging in you know the delegates bigger like your viewers are expertise that out by your brother's wife Obama. So we stopped all the adults stuff years ago on my says the family. Is it just got to think and everybody had kids they can go broke. So old. We only did for like our media it's in my parents and that was that is if you don't like you gets if you start going down that road of you've got to get every niece and nephew something dear it's ridiculous. What is he can't handle 2226000 you folks with kids maybe grandparents to and what is the appropriate amount of money to spend on your child for Christmas presents it it's always. Did you expect is they get older includes fewer things that don't bury evidence now more sophisticated crap it's not a you know a point truck technology that you can't. Way. Windy and it's six to take your kids fifty bucks Christmas gifts. Showed sixty cent and sort of something cool for her to talk to you you are right father and you have to put it. All the can fifty dollars to chew out there are hoping that. I like to toys are basically averaged 81 and delete this I walked around with Toys 'R' Us yesterday it's time to go just deuce look at this and ever hear it seems like dashboard more expensive it's let's say why is the expenses. My girls got the date it was arrest those evil bastards. And they sent home that brochure the it's a catalog gets it to book your ticket there's places we could mark what they want. Outlook so ever in biggest spectacle that's essentially have yet to figure that the kids my kids really want to keep that. All the heat and you're gonna get it. Q you caught up with the best intentions we budgeted for the holidays it's easy to budget for Thanksgiving because it's a one trip shot. You go into the top secret afterward showed up did you get a good potatoes were at Christmas. Trickles it in lake. All of the Prez job once you're at the hands of the foolish capital into your cooking. All the Busch shop once so if you haven't had a gonna spent 5060700. Dollars. You're going over because he's got that at. And by the way. Now you get and who does politically correct crap rate. The toys got way more selective Barrett. On like that with the Barry used to be like standard Barbie and standard dissed on Nidal. When I get this kind of dollar nagged headed down Disco ball's gonna look like you see you play when it does and those are all the same prices eased just makes gives mark Charlie candidates vibe which they jacked up the price we don't know is that Jesus taught at a price of barbies has risen over the last five your present just like seven Asian. You got black barrio reread a Muslim barrio and there you went Jewish Barbie you wanna lay my duties for the cost of toys increase. Don't bevy because they've armed with the because of the diversification. From Morocco. I think it is there's too many choices out there and everybody wants everything was going to be included in any one Franken Barbie you more choices actually make things cheaper I would think so it is in the beginning with an approach gives up. Is they've monopolize. You'll and you have to step kids they're adult. You can get to gifts. My wife and I do so like whatever they need but it's more in things they need it's a league luxury item. It's called gifts yes there's still spend spend money here and have great kids and did you understand what I am saying to you right now I have read what you go through the toys to light and all of that knowledge of that at all did that click the grandparent at a fixed income. Can afford. You can't she can't. She's usually affixed to Kindle or on extinct I can eat too much it's my Social Security check is Anadarko roll it could also security and everybody being easier to your generation oral advocate he says Chris it doesn't. So they keep you. Even if you put a budget on things like travels try to stick around this budget like I don't like just in my family like if somebody's. Girlfriend or you know like if people are being introduced into the family that likes. Who wish but what if she gets something then it's gonna look that we don't get her some things we got to get her something to them like. It just keeps extending. Because you wanna play it safe. So my parents are great about this and its harsh but it works soul. They would never get a girlfriend a present. Once viewed became adults did know how on this bros gonna stick around so my father reveal lake. Candidates have days of two gonna bring in a dinner yet but don't don't expect much. I guess you get Deborah my bum my prayers are gonna buying. My dish chick companion may be for a month a gift rate. She makes it to dinner yes you have to buy an early dot pitch she shows her with something for you in about my parents. Really picked is that to be in my finally showed respect to the families that dynamite Taylor springs was odd ball kinda that sets is still in you know he was Cecilia is that so they thought but it's not a bad idea because. What's so it's again in this. This self lose unity you said maybe bank of for a month and he's gonna move on to an extra feature. Paula did so because they elicit the US to bring her that's fine okay. Are now fine line. Now here's a thing in their day kills you every time whether you were on vacation. Or it's the holidays. Or it's a birthday or special occasion you. Is very expensive. It's holly is say let's say it's the holidays you can't get on somebody's got to you know what. I'll always have a price tag they act like this that that that. The save money ninety related you know but I don't candidates holiday goodness that statement never Benny says people on vacation adds everybody. It's bloody April comes as we can hang. I guess they'll bow but also lead see your budget it trickled to drips all these states. Also iTrip so drown your age group liked it okay or consolidate those that don't care come January and I do I get stressed out shopping for these presents even try to keep this together and I get the public's whenever disk out faster. This App Store faster but it's getting Killian income January February when your Lou it's dead a winner here on the god damn bills have meant much when you have an N can you keep an 800 dollar budget for everything for Christmas or on that didn't. Declarations presents everything tell your kids editor you'd paid analysts had slipped to deuce bags in my table not feed him an American in the guide him gifts cities in the breaker let's see an ice in the. Hey that's Gary got council. About the guy that. Well 800 dollar bush yea it kind of arts program are bad guys because Brad Pitt and I'm like everybody out midweek that debate Jack. But we have I grand babies we have our children. And we had three grand babies they have birthday pat. He's allowed to hit it eight. And the other one is. Jane very. Easier second job histories got the and kids. Exactly like Rudy incidents so much money per kid and that they didn't you're seeing that are out these are our Halloween now yeah. That it you'd be given out how me. But they go ahead in the dude you're weeping because it it can't go merchandise. And that it. Well all of his jolting honey this appreciated. We're doing these that the little ones rip open the gators have broken a goddamn now already moved on to the next toy. Coming over that is actually don't listen doer Dicey question atomic Dicey question when's the last time you bought a little kid at Christmas present. So Ottawa a lot X thirty years now I get my nieces and eyes sender I don't seem. Like she goes on right she's there is right. Are pretty surely give bend over backwards for these people these these grain and by the way you can I cannot always give it about this huge that you and you don't. People you don't you don't what you do when they show what I'm gonna ask them that don't they were. You know husband at a fixed income. Concentrate keeping a low you don't dig you can stay on 300 dollars. Aren't well you know in my head I think it. They're hole mediocre at that there are out that it was the urge you to try. And it should abandon built around that the debt being bad I ain't it you have let alone get them one right. Hack in and let their BS now has got to be all over you know. Let's work this out let's go to set screens at the bridging. The license state 800 bucks. There are quick to bring stuff that's. Expects some oil they have decided to rule and it's another great rule. The mailman institute I know it's harsh it's a little rough to work OK so as bank and I everybody's gonna my parents house for for Christmas and bank of dollars. But then my father goes okay Lewis and I'm sixty I'm retired. It's on UK's now will come to your house over you know recommended. But we're too bold to do so rebuilding Europe I don't think it's reasonable to have doubled and a lot of mom a lot of grand parents and everybody still to come to the house and you know keep a violent mild it was you don't want. It's too much work. I'm exhausted by the end you don't appreciate to you know what he think this is so much fun Briscoe during your house. And he's right. Nobody wanted to step up to play because they don't which will work you wars in knowing your your dad and Mike Richards general I think like ages delicately hospice. Do you I don't know how to drink your bossi was finally went on a jacket and tide of over drink and stuff where only a CU missed six of the out of vehicles that Taylor and it is what it is I think it's a great idea because. It ain't brake shoe after awhile. 2226000 to one more before monkeys stay under 800 dollars which is what the average New York spent on Christmas every that presents food potential travel decorations Dave I got. Like thirty seconds brother when he got four. Ignorant. Cracker Barrel this have been. Just give your life running. Don't know what. Evidence so going to be broke. President openly going to be broke it that way it's. There that's an excellent blitzer every guy does you hate it the money energy goes it does you have no say. Mentioned it to Peru. What are warm out tutored her current fight against it got to try to fight against us. Yeah no. You're gonna can't control your. I'm happy life ambulances date yet that's also met with Dave thanks buddy of president. Here right.